Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1; 100 mission battles
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: none
Glitched Trophies: none

[top]Tips & Strategies

double jump
(Hold) Chakra recharge
throwing tool attacks
chakra dash
chakra charged throwing tool
ninjutsu attack
ultimate jutsu attack
team ultimate jutsu attack
right team support call
left team support call
substitution jutsu
+ grab
use items

Finish the Main Game First
Completing one runthrough of Ultimate Adventure mode will give you lots of combat practice, which you will need for the new boss fight and a few of the challenge missions. You will also earn quite a bit of cash playing through the story which will allow you to purchase the best items thus making your DLC experience even easier.

Hero Item Palette + Bento!
The Hero Item Palette allows you to bring goodies like health and chakra recovery potions into battle. You should work on ranking up your Hero Item Palette as high as you can so you can equip the maximum amount (5) of the best health (Secret Elixir) and chakra (Best Chakra Recovery Potion) potions in the game. You will certainly need them in the boss fight against Kabuto and on some of the challenge missions.
Bentos are items that you use before you head into battle. It fully recovers your health and applies a buff to your character that will last throughout your next battle. The best Bento to use for most battles is called Thunder Lunch, and can be purchased in the Hidden Cloud Village or in the Challenge Mission menu shop. It boosts both ATK and DEF by a huge amount.

Create Presets in Free Battle
If you have a character + support combo you particularly like then making a Preset will save you time when you are selecting your characters before a mission battle. You can press while in the Free Battle menu to edit character presets. You can make up to five different presets so go ahead and make a few for different battle situations. To select a Preset on the character selection screen, select the icon all the way to the bottom-left of your screen.

[top]Introduction to Full Burst

Extra Story Chapter
- Sasuke and Itachi take on Kabuto in a nail-biting confrontation!

New Playable Character - Kabuto reaches sage mode for offline and online versus battles

New Missions - Test your skills with 100 challenging missions

Character Costumes - Includes 38 costumes from Storm 3 DLC packs

Director's Cut - Beautifully enhanced and revamped cinematics


Complete Brothers, United
Brothers, United is the new boss fight. It is in the new chapter Fragment: True Legend - The Uchiha Brothers. In order to unlock this chapter you must:
  • Beat the Final Chapter
  • Play through the special mission event Residual Chakra Collection until you unlock the chapter called Fragment: Eternal Mangekyo.
  • Complete this chapter by playing through Sasuke Charges and Glare of the Avenger.
Now you can finally fight Kabuto in Sage Mode! S rank this fight and these two trophies will be yours.
Wondrous Vision
The Dragon-Slayer Brothers

Complete the Challenge Missions
This is where most of your time will be spent. Play through all of the challenges and you will acquire the rest of the trophies.
Proof of Growth
The Hero's Long March


Wondrous Vision
Got A rank in Brothers, United.

See "The Dragon-Slayer Brothers "

The Dragon-Slayer Brothers
Got S rank in Brothers, United.

While in Free Roam, open up your Ninja World Timeline and press to quickly scroll to the last chapter titled Fragment: True Legend - The Uchiha Brothers, and then select Brothers, United. Go to your Hero Item Palette and make sure you have full stacks of your two best healing potions and a full stack of your best chakra potions. The last item you equip is up to you. You can equip an offensive tool or your third-best healing potions if you feel you will need them. Next, press and consume a Thunder Lunch bento because you will most certainly need as much ATK and DEF as you can get. Start the battle once your preparations are complete.

After a long introductory cinematic, Phase 1 will begin. You are in control of Sasuke and can call on Itachi for support. This phase is a standard boss fight. Kabuto has three bars of health and does not pose that much of a threat yet. Use support whenever you can, use your substitution jutsu, and look for any opening to use your ultimate jutsu. You should be able to make it past this phase practically unscathed and with all of your items. Once Kabuto's final health bar is below 50%, his portrait will begin to flash, signalling the start of the QTE cinematic. Stay alert and try to earn as many stars as you can. Refer to the video below for all of the QTE events if you need help.

Phase 2 will begin immediately after the QTE cinematic. You are now in control of Itachi while Sasuke is now your support. Kabuto has fully healed and now has 5 health bars. He is also permanently in Awakened mode. His attacks in this phase can be devastating if you expose yourself, so it is best to mainly play defense and look for your opportunities to strike. Make use of your Support whenever the cooldown is up so you can build up your Support Drive meter (so you can use your team ultimate jutsu!). If Kabuto does land a combo on you, immediately heal yourself with one of your potions. You want your health to be above 60% so you can earn the Bonus Requirement. Once his first health bar is gone, phase 3 will begin.

Phase 3 is basically fighting Kabuto until you remove half of a health bar. Then he will retreat to a tall rock and use one of his many jutsu. After that, you will fight him until you remove another half of a health bar. You will do this back and forth four times and each time Kabuto will use a different jutsu. These are the jutsu in order of appearance:
  • Kimimaro - Kabuto's hand becomes a huge drill. He will then dash towards you, trying to hit you with the drill. It can be avoided if you dodge at the right time. He will dash towards you three times.
  • Jirobo - Kabuto summons a wall of boulders and tries to slam them into you. Stay by the edges of the cave and you can easily move in between two boulders. If you are not able to move out of the path of the boulders, you may want to use a substitution jutsu or guard because they can do a lot of damage.
  • Kidomaru - Kabuto will shoot spider webs on the ground, attempting to slow you down. Then he will jump to you and raise bone spikes in an attempt to damage you. The spider webs can be easily dodged and a large red ring will form where the bone spikes will land. Get out of it.
  • Tayuya - dragons spirits will try to hit you. Before they do, a red ring will appear beneath your feet. Dodge left or right and you can avoid the spirit. In case you do get hit, however, stay on the ground as long as possible. If you are down the spirits will not be able to hurt you. Kabuto will then try to hit you with the bone spikes again so get out of the large red ring ASAP.
After he uses his fourth jutsu, a Secret Action prompt will be displayed on the screen. You need to chakra dash towards Kabuto in order to initiate the Secret Action and then follow the on-screen QTEs.

Phase 4 is very much like phase 3 except that when he retreats to the rock he will use a combination of jutsu, one after the other. He will retreat to the rock twice in this phase. Once you get Kabuto's final health bar below half, his portrait will begin to flash, signaling the final QTE segment. Get past this cinematic and the fight will be over. If you managed to keep your health above 60%, completed the Secret Action, and unlocked the Secret Factor, you should complete this Chapter with S rank.

Boss Battle Video

Toggle Spoiler

Proof of Growth
Collected 10 Image Pieces.

You are rewarded with an Image Piece for every mission that you complete. Once you complete a set of 10 missions, these pieces will merge to form an image. There are 100 total Image Pieces you can earn from completing missions. But, you only need to acquire 10 for this trophy. All you need to do is complete the first set of missions and this trophy will pop.

The Hero's Long March
Completed 50 Mission Battles

To earn this trophy, you need to complete the first five sets of challenge missions. Select "Free Battle" from the game's main menu. Now choose "Challenge Missions" and then "Mission List." You should now see 10 scrolls at the top of your screen and a wheel at your left. The scrolls at top are the 10 mission sets. You will unlock the next scroll once you complete the current one. The wheel represents the 10 individual missions that are within each of the 10 mission sets - there is an outer ring containing nine missions and a final mission located in the center which will only unlock once the first nine are completed.

See "Enlightenment " for more info on mission battles.

Completed all Mission Battles.

Challenge Missions are essentially team battles with some additional objectives and/or conditions. You have to defeat a computer-controlled character while dealing with these battle conditions. They can range from 1-hit K. O. to the enemy resurrecting itself in Awakened mode. None of the 100 challenges should prove difficult as long as you keep your Hero Palette stocked with health and chakra potions (and possibly offensive items if you want). The challenges increase in difficulty as you work your way up to 100 so I suggest using a Thunder Lunch bento before each battle when you feel it's needed. The Challenge Missions also have Bonus Requirements but they are NOT REQUIRED for this trophy.

Mission Battle Conditions are mostly self-explanatory and can be dealt with by bringing lots of potions into battle but there are a few that can be tricky.
  • Defeat all enemy Support Characters and win - The easiest way to meet this condition is to allow your opponent to build up their support gauge by allowing yourself to get hit by their Support attacks. Hit them with your ultimate jutsu when you see the words "Support Drive" come across their portrait. Your opponent's Support character(s) will step in front and take the hit from your ultimate jutsu. You will need to do this twice to fulfill the condition (either your opponent has two Support characters with one health bar each, or has one support character with two health bars). Time could become a factor if you dodge your opponent's support attacks or if your opponent dodges your ultimate jutsu so it's best to kill their Support character(s) ASAP. You can move onto your main opponent once they are out of the way. If you happen to kill your opponent before their Support character(s) you will fail the mission and will be forced to restart.
  • Strike final blow within (x) count - This condition affects the time duration you have to defeat your opponent. Missions have a count of 99 by default. Having less time to battle means you will have to focus on offense. Most Count missions can be completed easily on their own but these conditions are typically paired with other conditions that affect your offense. Eat a Thunder Lunch to gain a massive ATK boost before you try these missions.
  • Can only defeat enemy with Ring Out - Imagine that the arena is in a glass dome and you need to bust your enemy through it. You need to forcefully send your opponent into the wall in order to crack it. Then another time in the same spot to shatter it. Then one last time to send your opponent flying. The best way to do this is to use a character that has a ninjutsu that sends your opponent flying back, such as Naruto, Minato, Sage Mode Kabuto, or Deidara. Support characters can also do the trick, as well as some characters' Awakened modes like Itachi. Stock up on DEF and health/chakra potions because you may have to take a beating to lure your opponent to the edge of the arena. If you happen to kill your opponent before getting the Ring Out, don't worry. They will just revive themselves.
  • Evade for (x) counts with health at 1% - This condition is actually incredibly easy. Make sure to have some health potions equipped and pop one or two at the very beginning of the battle. Your health will no longer be 1% and now you can just evade your opponent until the count ends.
  • Enemy's attack will "seal" you - You will not be able to cast ninjutsu for several seconds after an enemy attack lands on you. This effect refreshes every time you take another blow and this even extends to your opponent's support attacks. Try to get in close and beat up your opponent or evade all of your opponent's attacks because you could easily end up being sealed for an entire match.


Credit goes to ShonenGameZ for the Boss Battle Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBhe9M2BnOw

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