Players: 1 player SP, 2-8 players online
Online Trophies: 4
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-5 hours (depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: No Difficulty settings available
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

Woah! After NFS Hot Pursuit came out, Criterion and EA quickly released this magnificent Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit's 1st DLC Pack also known as the Super Sports Pack! This pack features 13 brand new Events across the Seacrest County, both Cop and Racer, as well as 5 new cars for both Cop and Racer. Whether it's Maxing your Bugatti Veyron SS or smashing racers in your Gumpert Apollo Interceptor, I am sure this DLC will be as much enjoyable as the game, adding more difficult missions, thrills and challenges into the game.

Here is a breakdown of what's new:

5 Events - SCPD:
  1. Duty Calls - Rapid Response
  2. Show of Force - Hot Pursuit
  3. Any means necessary - Interceptor
  4. Lockdown - Hot Pursuit
  5. Cut to the Chase - Interceptor
8 Events - Racer:
  1. Wing and a Prayer - Race
  2. Awe Inspired - Time Trial
  3. Pushing the Envelope - Gauntlet
  4. Fast Track - Time Trial
  5. Haunted - Hot Pursuit
  6. Rocket Science - Time Trial
  7. One Step Ahead - Hot Pursuit
  8. Redline Racing - Race
New Cars:
Key: Racer/Cop
  • Gumpert Apollo S/Gumpert Apollo S Interceptor
  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS/Porsche 911 GT2 RS Interceptor
  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport /Bugatti Veyron 16.4 SS Interceptor
  • Dodge Viper SRT10 Final Edition Convertible (Racer Only)
  • Bentley Continental SuperSports Convertible (Racer Only)
Handling Tips:

As you may know from playing the game, the best speeds aren't achieved with constantly using as your brake. You need to master the (also known as E-Brake or Handbrake) technique where you will lightly tap square to slow down the car and drift inside corners, also making sure you maintain the fastest speed possible in the corners, but if you've got Platinum on the main game and spent a lot of time racing, these shouldn't cause you much of a problem. Also use Nitrous whenever possible and always use the fastest car available or the one you like the most.

If you have problem with the online, you might want to consider visiting the Boosting Thread which is linked here. This could especially be the case with the Recommendation portion of the game or the winning online factor.

If you think due to the speed of these vehicles and the brilliant handling the challenge is gone, well then you're wrong because this DLC will make anyone step up to their best to achieve Distinction/Gold on these Events!

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Trophy Guide

By mritual

Trophy Guide for the Main game

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Porsche vs Lamborghini DLC
By Ultradog177

Trophy guide for the Porsche Unleashed, Lamborghini Untamed
and Armed and Dangerous Packs


These can be done in any order you choose, and in any way you pick. This is a guideline I have chosen to do for this Guide as I think it's the fastest.

Section 1: Single Player Events
You want to get rid of these first. This means getting Distinction and Gold on all events and grabbing the 7 trophies that are achievable through offline play. You will be wrecking in the Gumpert, Taking pictures of the Porsche, and spike stripping enemies. These are the easier ones and can easily be achieved in a couple of hours with some skill. They will set a minor challenge to those familiar with the game style, and are not really difficult. Should you choose to, you can do these after the online but I prefer to get these done first, as they're easier, and you can do it while you're looking for a boosting partner or anyone to race with. Also try and get Slip and Slide, but you can always go back and get this one later.

Preferred order:

1. Show Off
2. Fender Bender
3. Moon Shot
4. Land Speed Record
5. Slip and Slide
6. Sting in the Tail
7. Swift Justice
8. Untouchable

Section 2: Online
Here you will need a boosting partner to do the online, unless you feel you're skilled enough to do it without one. Complete an Autolog recommendation in the Bugatti, win online in certain events with certain cars, and complete 5 races with the Gumpert Apollo S. These will take up much more of your time if you choose not to boost it, but will be quick and easy if boosted. The hardest is probably beating the recommendation as it could cause a problem due to the recommendation being too difficult. You can easily boost this by getting a friend to set a crappy time and you can beat it, so then he beats it again for the trophy as well. Please refer to NFS:Hot Pursuit Boosting Thread for help with partners.

Preferred Order:

1. Hot Shot
2. Blast Off
3. Bite Back

Section 3: Clean-UP Time
Clean up after trophies you have missed... Easy.


Fender Bender
Wreck 5 cops in the GUMPERT apollo s

This isn't really a difficult trophy, it's just about playing with the Gumpert Apollo S as the Racer, and paying Hot Pursuits in order to wreck some Cop cars. This should easily be achieved through normal play by just doing the Hot Pursuits from the new DLC as the Gumpert but you can speed it up by just doing the same Hot Pursuit a couple of times to get that 5 wrecks. The cars wrecked have to be Cops and it has to be done using the Gumpert. You can also do it online with a friend or against people you play, it shouldn't really take long and will come from normal play. For the easiest way just play through the first Hot Pursuit event in the DLC and repeat it wrecking the four Cops that will come at you.

Beat a friends recommendation in the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

This one could be quite tricky if your friends are amazing or if you don't have any, as you will need to beat a Recommendation that your friend has set. You need to be using the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport but your friend can use any car they want. To unlock the trophy just beat the time set and the trophy will pop. The best way is after completing the main game you will have autolog recommendations that your friends have set, just go back and beat one of them, but make sure that the Bugatti can be used in that event. It doesn't have to be from the DLC nor do your friends need to have it, but the friend must have challenged you before you beat the recommendation. To speed it up visit the Official Hot Pursuit Boosting Thread.

Show Off
Take a photo of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and share it with your friends

The easiest of all the trophies in this DLC, as you may know there is an option to take a picture of the car you are driving. All you have to do is select the Porsche 911 GT2 RS on either Racer or Cop and then press to go into photo mode Take a dreamshot of the car and then return to the main menu, inside the autolog on your wall, find the picture and press on the picture to share it with your friends. If you want to do it while racing, just go to any race with the car (quickest ones are probably Show of Force as a Cop or Wing and A Prayer as a Racer) and then visit the start menu and take a dreamshot there. Same process really, just the first option is a bit quicker, but it doesn't matter in the end.

Or as seen in the video after 1:29.
Video Help

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Blast Off
Complete 5 online races in the GUMPERT apollo s

Fairly easy trophy to unlock, just finish 5 online races as the Gumpert Apollo S, and the trophy will be yours. You don't have to win these races, you can come in any place you wish as long as you complete these races. Just hop into a short race 5 times and get the trophy. Not really much to say, if you cant find anyone online, get a boosting partner, but anyone online will do really.

Slip and Slide
Do a 1000 yard (915 metres) drift in the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Another Trophy requiring the use of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, this time you need to do a 1,000 yard/915 meters drift, which has to be completed without stopping, so in one go. The easiest and the best place to do this, is the loop area of the Seacrest County where you have two loops you can easily drift on, each giving a total of almost 1,200 yards each if done successfully. To do this quickly, in the Map Menu Event selection screen, find the Racer event called Oakmont Valley, but instead of going into it, press and enter into Freedrive Mode, and select the Porsche 911 GT2 RS from the Speed Enforcement section. This can easily be achieved by using the handbrake/e-brake method of drifting round, which you should be familiar with from getting Distinctions and Golds on challenges, and so this one should be fairly easy. The trophy should pop after you have drifted around the loop successfully.

Video Help

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Land Speed Record
Hold the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport at top speed for 2 seconds

This trophy requires you to use the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, and hold it at it's max speed for more than 2 seconds. The speed that you are required to achieve is 258 miles per hour, and can easily be achieved in many places in the Seacrest County, especially the highways. Make sure to use your Nitrous to boost yourself into higher speed, and use it to maintain the car at Top speed. You don't need to do it in the events, but it's easily possible in many of the events available in the DLC. The easiest way is to Pushing the Envelope and go into Freedrive, select the Bugatti and max your speed on the highway.
Video Help

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Moon Shot
Bust a racer in the GUMPERT apollo s Interceptor at night, online or offline

Luckily you are given a choice here, as you can do it either offline or online. I recommend offline as you can just easily get it in a SCPD event called Lockdown which fits the criteria, and there are multiple opponents to take. The Gumpert can easily receive damage and be destroyed so time your attacks wisely and use all the weapons available successfully. When ramming, use nitrous and you should easily get this.
Alternatively you can get this online when boosting with a friend or while getting the other online trophies, as it shouldn't be too difficult, though since I recommend doing Single Player in the Roadmap first, this is why I suggested it here.

NOTE: People might think or be miss leaded that this has to be done in the Interceptor event, but thats not true. The Gumpert Apollo S Interceptor is the name of the SCPD version of the Gumpert, and this does not have to be done in an interceptor event.

Sting in the Tail
Get 5 spike strip hits with the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Interceptor

This one is fairly simple, you have the spike strips available in most Cop events but the best one is the Show of Force event, as it's fairly early on and you get 10 spike strips to use. You only need to get 5 hits and these can be used on multiple different cars or all on the same car, and must be classed as successful hits for it to work. There is a big amount of enemies in this event so you have many chances to use up those 10 spike strips. This doesn't have to be done in one event and you can probably get it through normal gameplay, overtime. Make sure you're using the SCPD Porsche and that it is the Porsche, as no other car will work for this, you can hit any car on the track that is a racer (so normal road cars dont count). I don't recommend doing this as the same time as going for the Gold due to the fact it might not work. Just do it while playing and restart after the trophy pops. You can also do this online with a friend.

Win an Online and an Offline Interceptor event in the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Interceptor

This trophy requires you to win two Interceptor events, one offline and one online! The one offline is easy, just do the cop event Cut to the Chase, and it should be easy. The one for online you will need a partner for so just visit the Trophy Boosting Thread. Make sure you play as Cop in both cases, and that you use the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport! It shouldn't be difficult to do if you have a boosting partner, but otherwise it may take a while on your own.

Get gold in all the Super Sports Racer events

To get this trophy you will have to get Gold in all 8 of the Racer Super Sports pack events. None of them are too difficult to do, the only challenge will come from Time Trials and the Gauntlet. There is not much tips to give here as these events are pretty straight forward, and aren't that long overall. Make sure you use your weapons successfully, as well as make sure not to wreck some of the cars, especially the Gumpert which wrecks easily. Also practice in the Porsche due to the bad handling and Learn to drift in the Super Sport, which isn't easy with a spoiler.

  • Wing and a Prayer - Race
  • Awe Inspired - Time Trial
  • Pushing the Envelope - Gauntlet
  • Fast Track - Time Trial
  • Haunted - Hot Pursuit
  • Rocket Science - Time Trial
  • One Step Ahead - Hot Pursuit
  • Redline Racing - Race

Swift Justice
Get distinction in all the Super Sports Cop events

There is only 5 events here, most of them are easy, except the first Rapid Response, which will give you some problem. This is due to the Porsche being awful and having terrible handling, and you need to be able to avoid enemies and walls as much as possible. If you get a penalty of +5 seconds or more I suggest you restart as I found it difficult to achieve this time with that much penalty. It's best if you practice using the E-brake technique as well as learn the way the car will respond to the corners. To make your job MORE difficult there are also cars coming out of multiple directions and out of nowhere, so you need to be careful and be as reactive as possible while doing this event. As I said the rest are all straight forward Interceptors and Hot Pursuits, that aren't really too difficult.

  • Duty Calls - Rapid Response
  • Show of Force - Hot Pursuit
  • Any means necessary - Interceptor
  • Lockdown - Hot Pursuit
  • Cut to the Chase - Interceptor

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