Players: 1-8
Online Trophies: Yes (1)
Online Pass Required: Nope!
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes available.
Estimated Time to 100%: 2+ hours, depending on skills at racing games.
Minimum Playthroughs: One of each series.
Collectible Trophies: No, it's a real life racing game!!
Missable Trophies: No, you can always replay the series.
Glitched Trophies: Not to my knowledge.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Most tips I can give you will be listed under the guide itself, so yeah =P It isn't exactly a difficult set, but if need be, there isn't a difficulty setting requirement, so use that towards your advantage. If you can complete normal career, this isn't so different (=
Just take your time, and you should be good.
If you have an questions though, just message me!

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

As for right now, no cheats are available, and no glitches can be abused, that actually allow you to accomplish something. Sorry =P


Step 1: (Optional) Get used to the exotic cars you will be racing in, so you can preform better in them!
Step 2: Online. Achieve the Exotica trophy, as to get it out of the way. You shouldn't have to much trouble, but you could always find a boosting partner if you can not get it.
Step 3: Complete all series races in 1st place, and beat all times in the time attack.
Step 4: Star cleanup, with the bonus objectives.

And then you have 5 fun trophies (=


Hot Lap Champion
Complete every event in the Hot Lap Competition in 1st position.

Race 1: You take it with the Alfa Romeo BC. A super short course, in which you shouldn't have a problem beating it. Wide lanes, and basic turns, it should only take you a lap or two to get the goal. My lap- 50.524
Race 2: You take it with the Maserati Gran Turismo S, which is comparable to the Alfa Romeo. Again, a really short course, and you have a nice leeway on the score. Maintain a steady speed, and you should be fine. All it should take is one to two laps. My lap- 1:04.518
Race 3: You take it with the slowest car of the lot, the NSX. Again, insanely short. The shortest, honestly, if calculating by time. Nothing is hard on this track, and the NSX has fine handling to get you through. My lap- 46.563
Race 4: This race is with the Mclaren MP4, the fastest car in this series. Compared to the other tracks, this one is also completely basic, yet does have a few harder turns in the beginning. Take your time on those two, and then gun it to finish. My lap- 48.671

Complete an Online Race or Time Attack in all the Exotic vehicles.

Honestly, not much I can really say about this trophy. Everybody plays differently, but for me personally, I just use one car until I win in it, and then go to the next.
I suggest you play on the really small track in Japan, that is literally a circle. Sorry I can't think of the name.
Also, you could probably pick up someone on this site that would be willing to boost this trophy, as it doesn't take very long. And you also don't need to be racing against someone who is also in an Exotic car, just anybody.

Time Splitter
Beat all the lap times in the Exotic Time Attack Competition.

Race 1: A nice sweet and simple track. I used the Gran Turismo S for this race, and after the 2nd lap I had the time. For the points, all you really need to do is lap them over again, and either cleanly pass or viciously ram by them all, but it shouldn't be to difficult. My lap- 49.466
Race 2: Again I used the Gran Turismo S for this race. This one has a few harder turns, but nothing you can't handle. The other racers are some poop, at least in my race they were. Everything is basically the same as the last race, except, expect a slower lap, because it is obviously longer =P My lap- 59.169
Race 3: I likewise used the same car, because you are forced to use a 2-3 tier. An irritating course to say the least, with a hairpin, and 2 small fat hairpins, I guess you would technically call them. It is much farther than the other courses so far, and takes around 30 seconds more to complete. Take your time, as the challenges are the same this whole series, and hitting your competition or whatever pleases you, works just fine. My lap- 1:29.170
Race 4: This course was the 2nd longest, being under the last course by about 15 seconds. Pretty straightforward though, not many turns that should give you a problem. All in all, you shouldn't have much difficulty with this race, but with the stupid turns that look like this ( around the track, make sure you don't fly into them, because they are freaking annoying.

Scenic Route
Achieve 1st place in all Riviera Tour events.

Remember that you don't need to collect all stars for this trophy! So just relax a bit.
And even after I completed this series, I forgot to write down the final times for each race, so I can only give my best lap. Sorry D=
I used the beautiful Gran Turismo for this series, because it pumps out the iron like a mine.
Race 1: Thank goodness that this race is quick, and you don't really have anything to stress over. Take it easy, and you really shouldn't have any trouble what so ever when it comes to this one. Make sure you don't try to over juice it and fly off the road. Just saying. (;
My best lap- 41.118
Race 2: THIS IS THE WORST RACE IN THE WHOLE EXOTIC DLC. I can not stress how much I hate it, nor can words explain it. There are stupid blue barriers that are supposed to prevent you from crashing or something I assume, but they are more a pain then a pro. Like, Every time you hit them, if you have any speed behind you at all, you barrel-roll to the other side of the track. Honestly though, could they have put them in worst places? Nope, they honestly couldn't have. But, besides that, I can't really complain with this race. It's pretty straight forward, besides as I said before, those blue things. Keep an eye out on the racing line though, it comes in handy a lot. It's the worst to be cruising having a beautiful run on the 4th lap, and then crashing and losing. Lol. =P
My best lap- 1:27.747
Race 3: Still, with these stupid blue things, right on turns that SHOULD be easy, they put them there, to mess your life up. It seems like they take up like half the whole track, because I must have hit a set once a lap. It must just be that I'm so good, my speeds are insane ;D It isn't so bad in this race, but as always, just take your time. It might get a little repetitive, but I could be worse. (=
My best lap- 1:08.839
Race 4: Alright, only one set of those idiotic stoppers in this one, but of course it's right in the beginning when your going pro, passing everyone, and life is going great, when you smash into them. Right when you gain speed. Right when your in the zone. It could just be me, but this series was the worst in terms of stupid object placement. Albeit the only. I'm pretty sure this is just the last race, except reversed, and with a few add-ons. But nothing to hard, just a few minor hairpins, etc. (= It will practically double your time though per lap, so it isn't a very short race.
My best lap- 2:03.291

Exotic Tour Star
Achieve all Stars in Exotic World Tour.

For this series I recommend using the McLaren MP4-12K.
This series consists of 5 races!
I don't go into much detail about the scores you need to get, because it's pretty self explanatory, and if need be, just ram some people. Hehe (;
Race 1: This first race is tedious, repetitive, (like every race in this series) and has some stupid bumps sticking out of the side at times where it's likely you'll be going off-road.. -___- The threshold you shouldn't have many problems with, because your likely to be hitting every care in this race twice if your not careful. And the owning the race line for 75% of the time isn't hard, because I'm pretty sure it's only for one lap. Once your in the lead, you need to be super careful that you don't go off, because with the condition of this track, the car then tends to skid out again, once back on the road. But your competition isn't very fast, so it isn't hard to catch up. My finish- 8:07.046 My best lap- 1:30.617
Race 2: Whoopie! A race longer than the last! Almost the same concept however, but this track is much more stable, and shouldn't give you a hard time. Watch the hairpins, but if you check your race line, it shouldn't be to difficult to easily complete this race in 1st. Drifting you can easily do using the button. (= My finish- 10:13.957 My best lap- 1:57.085
Race 3: Not so long, but very high paced. Watch out for a few turns, mainly this little bugger near the end which is sudden, and has very little room to turn, take that area slowly. Don't worry at all about the condition of your car by the end of the race, because once it was over, mine looked like a black cube more than anything.. ;D If you get a huge lead, the clean lap shouldn't be a problem if you take it slow and steady, while maintaining the lead. Another method would be completing the lap in last, and then coming back to win, as the competition is absolutely terrible on easy. My finish- 7:52.841 My best lap- 1:26.627
Race 4: In my personal opinion, this is the easiest race. Obtaining the points are ridiculously easy, and being a head for one lap is a walk in the park. Just don't get cocky and try to be Mr. 50 second lap. Take is steady, and remember that when your going for the lap ahead, you must be in the lead from the start of a lap, to the end of that same lap. My finish- 7:36.987 My best lap- 1:00.658
Race 5: To me, this race was AND felt the longest. It was quite boring, and once you took the lead, it wasn't very much fun. Just stay focused for one lap on the race line, but just because you go off for a few seconds doesn't mean it's over. But I guarantee, it's pretty hard to miss, when you have nothing better to do than just actually try to go for it. D= My finish- 12:04.296 My best lap- 2:27.776

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