Approx. Time for Completion: 60+ Hours (epic badges take some time to obtain)
Trophy Kind: 30 offline (online play will be needed to obtain stats for epic badges)
Playthroughs Needed: 1
Missable Trophies: 0
Hidden Trophies: 0

[top]Tips & Strategies

Game Breakdown:

Need For Speed: Shift is the newest addition to the series and, man, is it different. We have all loved the NFS series for the underground street racing and the "pimp my ride" abilities. Well Shift goes a completely different direction. It's more focused on track racing, legal cars, and somewhat of a sim feel. Now don't get too stressed out because it is no where near as in-depth as something like Forza or GT. Think of it as a watered down sim racer that can be very addictive. To better show you, here's a video review posted on Youtube from IGN.com.

*Now before I get started I want to let everyone know that the trophies are very generic, as most of them are level-up type trophies. There will be a lot of "see this trophy" in this guide. However, I did not take the easy way out and skip on detail on this guide. What I chose to do was take the highest level-up trophy and explain in detail how to get it and, of course, unlock the lower level trophies on the way. Again, this game has very generic trophies and I put as much detail into this guide as the game would allow.*

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Platinum Trophy
Unlock all Need for Speed™ SHIFT's trophies

Self explanatory.

Trial By Fire
Complete the NFS Live Pre-Race Event

As Soon as you start a career you will be doing a practice lap to have the game adjust your settings. After that you will be starting a race automatically. All you have to do is finish the race. This trophy is obtained simply through progression of the game.

One Small Step
Win your first event

This is a very easy trophy and you will most likely get this on the first race after you complete the intro. This has to be obtained in career mode because it will not unlock if you just do a quick race. Again, this is really through natural progression of the game because if you can't win races then you won't this game. If you're having problems, just put it on easy and take them out.

Road to Success
Reach Tier 2

See The Final Countdown

Chance of a Lifetime
Reach Tier 3

See The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown
Reach Tier 4

During your career you will obtain stars from your races that are used to help you reach new tiers. In every race you will get 3 stars for a 1st place finish, 2 stars for a 2nd place finish, and 1 star for a 3rd place finish. In addition to these podium finish stars you will also be able to gain stars by performing certain tasks related to each course. These range from getting driver profile points (see Driving Legend), beating a certain lap tap, and many others. Before going into a race you can push to preview the event details and see what the extra tasks are. Once you start the race you will see the exact requirement to the middle-left of the screen.

I obtained this trophy the second time I played the game. To be honest, it really is through natural progression of the game and you will get it very quick and easy. Just make sure to have the game settings set to easy and you will have no problems.

NFS Live World Champion
Win the NFS Live World Championship

This is the "Main Event", so to speak, and is the last series in the career. You will unlock this and be able to race it and complete it way before you finish all other races. I actually had this open for me before I even finished the tier 2 races. As a matter of fact, I didn't even complete all of the races. You do not have to do that in order to obtain the platinum. It contains 2 series races and 1 stand-alone race. Win them all to unlock the trophy.

The car that I used to win this event was the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. In my opinion it's the best overall car for career and is very strong once upgraded all the way. It's a tier 3 car that will become open to buy once you unlock tier 3 from obtaining stars. The best advice is to pay attention to your map and be prepared for the corners and play dirty. Knock those other cars out of your way and get that win. Not to mention you get more driver profile points for being aggressive. Follow the green line and let off the gas and maybe tap the brakes when it turns red, and slam on the gas again when it turns green.

Driving Rookie
Reach Driver Level 2

See Driving Legend

Driving Amateur
Reach Driver Level 5

See Driving Legend

Driving Semi-Pro
Reach Driver Level 10

See Driving Legend

Driving Pro
Reach Driver Level 20

See Driving Legend

Driving Veteran
Reach Driver Level 30

See Driving Legend

Driving Hero
Reach Driver Level 40

See Driving Legend

Driving Legend
Reach Driver Level 50

In order to level up you will need to get points by performing certain actions on the track. Here is a list of some, but not all, actions that will earn you points:
  • Perfect Launches
  • Driving on the green race line
  • Mastering comers
  • Racing a clean section
  • Clean Overtakes
  • Trading Paint
  • Drafting
  • Corner Slides
  • Spin Outs
  • Dirty Overtakes

You will in fact obtain most, if not all, of the points you need to reach level 50 by the time you finish your career. However, if you wish to speed the process up and want to push the issues and make it happen quicker, then I have the solution for you. Keep in mind that any race you take part in, whether it be online, quick race, or in your career, will earn you points toward your level. Go to quick race and select the following:
  • Mode: Race
  • Laps: 20
  • Car Class: Identical Cars
  • Opponents 15
  • Time: Midday
  • Track: Hazyview Oval

This is a very small oval track and will only take about 6 minutes or so to complete a 20 lap race. Since it is such a small track you will be constantly surrounded by opponents that you can spin out, trade paint with, and get dirty overtakes to gain points. And since you will be gaining points the whole race, your multiplier should never go away, giving you a X2 for the rest of the race once you have it. On average I was able to get between 8000 and 10,000 points per race. It only takes 500,000 to reach level 50 and of course on your way here you will unlock the other level trophies.

Bronze Earner
Earn 5 Bronze Badges

See Epic Master

Bronze Hunter
Earn 10 Bronze Badges

See Epic Master

Bronze Collector
Earn 15 Bronze Badges

See Epic Master

Bronze Master
Earn 20 Bronze Badges

See Epic Master

Silver Earner
Earn 5 Silver Badges

See Epic Master

Silver Hunter
Earn 10 Silver Badges

See Epic Master

Silver Collector
Earn 15 Silver Badges

See Epic Master

Silver Master
Earn 20 Silver Badges

See Epic Master

Gold Earner
Earn 5 Gold Badges

See Epic Master

Gold Hunter
Earn 10 Gold Badges

See Epic Master

Gold Collector
Earn 15 Gold Badges

See Epic Master

Gold Master
Earn 20 Gold Badges

See Epic Master

Epic Earner
Earn 5 Epic Badges

See Epic Master

Epic Hunter
Earn 10 Epic Badges

See Epic Master

Epic Collector
Earn 15 Epic Badges

See Epic Master

Epic Master
Earn 20 Epic Badges

There are a total of 341 minor badges that are split into four main groups. They are "track", "race", "career", and "online." Within these four main groups they are further divided into the individual epic badge category which will be broken down in just a moment. By performing certain tasks you will earn a minor badge in that category. Earn enough and it will turn into a bronze, silver, gold, and then epic once you complete all tasks under that badge. Keep in mind that you will be working on multiple badges at once and will want to keep up with your stats so you don't have to do anything over again, as well as to make sure you are on the right path. At anytime you can view your Driver Profile by selecting that option from the main menu and then pressing to be taken to the badge area.

The good news is that there are 27 different epic badges that can be earned. And seeing as how you only need 20 for this trophy, you have the freedom to skip on 7 of them. Those can either be ones you just don't want to get, or maybe can't. But you do have options. The following breakdown will be of those 27 badges under the 4 categories, with tips and tricks on how to earn the them:

  • Epic Badge: Clean Race Europe Tracks (16 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: Clean Race Japan Tracks (7 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: Clean Race US Tracks (14 minor badges)

In order to obtain these epic badges, you will have to race and win on all tracks and it must be a "clean" race. What the game considers to be a "clean" race is that you do not hit another car, wall, or come off the track into the grass or sand. I have found that the game can be forgiving if only 2 wheels go off the track. But if all four wheels come of the track and you go into the grass or dirt, then you might as well start over.

What you do is go into quick race, select the track you need, and set the laps to 1 and opponents to 0. Since you are not racing against anyone, you will automatically get 1st place upon finishing the race. Take your time, drive slow, and cruise on to 3 easy, but time consuming, epic badges.
  • Epic Badge: Europe Corner Master (15 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: Japan Corner Master (16 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: Us Corner Master (11 minor badges)

In order to obtain these badges you have to race each track and "master" certain corners of each track. What this means is that when going through certain corners you will have to meet certain requirements for the game to consider that you have "mastered" that corner. You have to follow the green racing line, hold the gas through the turn, not hit another car, and not go off the track.

These are tricky and are actually some of the ones I skipped. If you want to get them then what you do is buy a tier 1 car and upgrade the handling as far as you can, but nothing else. Make sure the game is set to easy with handling model set to casual. By doing this the game will basically brake for you on the way to the corner and then if your angle is right, you can just gas through the corner.

In the bottom left hand corner where the map of the track is, you will see the number of corners in the track and how many you have mastered. You will see a check mark next to the corner on the map as you drive through it if you have mastered it. You will see a gray diamond with a black dash in it if you have not mastered that corner.

  • Epic Badge: Trading Paint (10 minor badges)

This one is very easy. All you have to do is hit 250 cars and this epic badge is yours. You will get this badge through natural progression of the game, but you can also use the method in Driving Legend to speed up the process as well.
  • Epic Badge: Clean Overtake (10 minor badges)

To obtain the epic badge for clean overtakes you will need to get 500 of them. What would be considered a clean overtake is when you pass an opponent on the track and don't touch them at all. You will get this badge through natural progression of the game, but you can also use the method in Driving Legend to speed up the process as well.
  • Epic Badge: Dirty Overtake (10 minor badges)

To obtain the epic badge for dirty overtakes you will need to get 500 of them. What would be considered a dirty overtake is when you pass an opponent on the track and ram into them. Either by slamming into their side as you pass, or hitting them on their bumper to move them over so you can pass. You will get this badge through natural progression of the game, but you can also use the method in Driving Legend to speed up the process as well.
  • Epic Badge: Drafting (10 minor badges)

To obtain the epic badge for drafting you will need to perform this act 250 times. All you do is drive fairly close behind an opponent while in the middle of a race. You will get this badge through natural progression of the game, but you can also use the method in Driving Legend to speed up the process as well. Here you will want to change the track to Dakota Tri-Oval as it's spread out more like a Nascar track and will provide better options to draft.
  • Epic Badge: Perfect Launch (10 minor badges)

To obtain this badge you will need to get 250 perfect launches. What the game considers a "perfect launch" is when you start the race with your RPM's in the green. This one is easier than people think, it's just time consuming and may not come through the progression of the game unless you are constantly trying for it. The best way I found to do this is by watching the lights as the race starts. There are 3 red lights and one green light that flashes on the screen as the race starts. Hold the gas until just after the 3rd light comes and then let go of the gas. When you see the green light come on and here the horn then floor the gas and get a perfect launch. Also keep in mind that as you get better cars and upgrade them, the timing will be off just a little so you will have to practice with each car you drive. You will know if you did it right because you will have anywhere from 15 to 45 driver profile points right after the race starts.
  • Epic Badge: Difficulty (18 minor badges)

This one is broken down from winning races on easy, medium, and hard. The best way to get this is set the difficulty to hard while you work on your clean race epic badges for each region. That way you're working on more than one badge at a time and will have this badge after you complete 1 1/2 of the clean race badges. And of course since you can put 0 opponents on the track, this one will be super easy.

  • Epic Badge: Iron Man (10 minor badges)

This one is all about consecutive wins. You need 10 straight 1st place finishes to get this one. You can not get this using the quick race method. You will have to get these in career. As long as you have the difficulty set to easy you should have no problems. If you see that you are not going to win the race before you cross the finish line you can always restart the race. It's best to go after this as soon as you start the game because the first tier of races are very easy.
  • Epic Badge: Star Collector (23 minor badges)

This is another one that I passed over as it requires you to get all stars in all races. Seeing as how I beat the game and got without even doing all the races says enough right there. My tip on this epic badge is to skip it because you will probably have the anyway before you get this epic badge.
  • Epic Badge: Endurance (15 minor badges)

Once tier 3 is unlocked, there are 5 endurance races that are opened up. In order to obtain this epic badge you will need to finish 1st in all five. My tips here are to of course have it on easy, and use the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. It's the one I used and got 1st place on all endurance races the first try. Just make sure to have this carefully upgraded.
  • Epic Badge: Series (19 minor badges)

Throughout tiers 2, 3, and 4 there are multiple series races that have to be won. Series races are events that consist of 2-5 races and points are awarded to the place finished of each race. After all races have been completed in the series, then all of the points from the individual races are added together to declare the winner. This epic badge is really a part of the progression of the game. If you don't win 1 race then that's okay, but keep in mind it's a collection of races that make up a series. You can always restart a race if you don't win, but with the difficulty at easy you should have no problems at all.
  • Epic Badge: Mixed Track (6 minor badges)

All of these are in tier 3.They are similar to series but with different races mixed in between. Follow the tips mentioned above and again, this should be considered natural progression of the game.
  • Epic Badge: Defeat Rivals (10 minor badges)

The rivals are scattered throughout all the tiers and can be picked out by how many stars the event offers. The rival battles will not only say "rival", but you will notice you will only get 3 stars for the event. Also they are locked until you do all the races in front of them. You will be placed into what is called a "duel" with the rival, meaning you will be the only two cars on the track and it will be the best 2 out of 3 rounds. You start at the same time and in order to win you either need to reach the finish line ahead of your rival, or get 5 seconds ahead of them.

In the early rival races you can very easily beat them to the line no problem. As you get towards the end of the 10 rivals it will get a little harder. My method to winning was basically wrecking them and getting 5 seconds ahead. Once you do that, the round will stop and you will get the win for that round. The easiest way to wreck them bad enough is to drive right behind them and hit their bumper as hard as you can. If they don't spin out then they will flip over your car and you're home free.
  • Epic Badge: Us Manufacture Loyalty (14 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: Japan Manufacture Loyalty (14 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: EU Manufacture Loyalty (14 minor badges)

Basically to get these 3 epic badges you will need to drive a total of 100 miles in 3 cars of each region. So 3 American, 3 Japan, and 3 Euro cars need to have 100 miles on them and in your garage at the same time. Don't do like I did and sell one of your cars because all of those miles will disappear and you will have to put them on another car. You can view the miles on the car under the garage option and choosing "view my cars."

If you keep up with this and use different cars to win races and know how many miles they have on them then you should get this through progression of the game. If not you can do the following:
  • Mode: Race
  • Laps: 20
  • Car Class: Identical Cars
  • Opponents 0
  • Time: Midday
  • Track: Dakota Tri-Oval

This is the NASCAR-style race track and you will get 31.2 miles for finishing a 20 lap race. It can take some time to finish these types of races but again if you keep an eye on your cars, you should be able to get this while working on other things.

  • Epic Badge: Online Domination (15 minor badges)

This one takes a very long time to get as you need 250 online podium finishes to obtain. Now, you will get most of these with a boosting buddy when you boost the other online badges. You don't have to win, you just have to place in the top 3. So if you're boosting and it's just you and a buddy then you will add 1 win to the total of 250 that you need. Even though I was trying for this badge, I got the before I reached 125.
  • Epic Badge: Online Europe Champion (16 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: Online Japan Champion (7 minor badges)
  • Epic Badge: Online Us Champion (14 minor badges)

In order to obtain these badges you will have to place 1st in either a race or time attack on all tracks online. These can all be boosted and that's how I got them. One person will go into versus under online option and then pick ranked. From here they will go to create match and begin the boosting process. Once the room is setup, the other person will go to custom match under ranked to put in the settings to find the correct room. You may get dropped into someone elses room; just exit and try again. The settings you create will be what your boosting buddy uses to find your game. They are type of event (race, drift, time attack), type of cars (mixed or manufacturer), distance of the race (short, medium, or long) and level of cars that can be used (4.00, 6.00, 10.00, 14.00, or unrestricted).

The good news here is after an event is complete, then you and your boosting buddy are placed back into the same room. There is a 2 minute countdown that begins. Keep an eye on that because at 1:30 of that countdown you can hit to lock the lobby and start the race. Just take turns winning and make sure to keep up with what tracks you won on so as not to repeat anything.
  • Epic Badge: Online Drift Champion (12 minor badges)

There are 12 drift tracks to be played online and you have to finish 1st in all 12 in order to get this badge. Just follow the same boosting tips as stated above and boost your way to another epic badge.
  • Epic Badge: Driver Duel Championship (15 minor badges)

This one is set up like the rival races in career. However, unlike the other online badges, this one can not be boosted as it finds you random people to race against. This is the last one I skipped because it's a mix of luck and skill. My tips and suggestions here would be to skip it as well until you have , and then can come back and enjoy it without worrying about trophies.

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