The Italian Pack is the second DLC to be released for Need for Speed: The Run, but it is the first DLC to be released with trophies. With two new Challenge Series and a new playlist, you can unlock new Italian cars that are exclusive to this pack to beat your friend's Recommendations and show off when racing online. The classic Lamborghini Diablo SV, Pagani Zonda R, Masarati GranTurismo MC, and more cars are available for you use throughout The Run and the new races to conquer! The current US price for the DLC is only $6.99. Here's the trailer:

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Refer to the Need for Speed: The Run Trophy Guide for the main trophies written by me (DaRe_xLw) and ChrisValentine.


Players: 1 Offline, 2-8 Online
Online Trophies: Italian Guide | Italian Scout | Italian Tracker | Italian Hunter
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Complete: 10+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

The Tips and Strategies for this game applies to the DLC as well. If you've played The Run prior to this, you should have a better time getting through this DLC than someone who went to this straight away. However, you might still struggle on certain areas, so here's some tips to hopefully ease your struggles when you get to them:
  • Picking a Car: When you choose a car, you might decide which you want to use based on how good it looks. That won't always be the smartest idea. I recommend you pick a car with the fastest 0-60 time, decently high top speed compared to others of your selection, and a decent handling. The top speed won't matter too much if you can't handle your car, so if the handling says "Normal" or "Easy", it would be a good idea to use those cars. The longer it takes to reach its top speed, the less important the top speed becomes when it comes to technical races. However, top speed becomes more important in highway races when there are a lot of straightaways. Whenever you're looking for a car to drive, take that into consideration for that is the recommended suggestion I can give. Here's when it gets better. Most cars allow you to change it's body kit. Just press if that option's available while picking your car and choose which body kit you want to use. It doesn't have any effect on performance, so choose what you think looks best for your car.
  • Nitrous: Nitrous can be received easily. You can earn it by simply accelerating, and the faster you go, the faster the nitrous meter will fill up. You can also earn nitrous by driving on Oncoming traffic, Near Misses, Drifting, Jumps, shortcuts, and taking a position in a race. If you want the most out of your nitrous, drive on Oncoming traffic when you get the chance for the majority of a race so your nitrous fills up faster. If you punch your nitrous then, it will deplete slower causing you to get more boost for your buck. Straightaways where there are no hard corners are the best times to use them. If you're trying to catch up to a racer and you're low on nitrous, just keep using the small bit of nitrous to make your car go an extra few miles per hour at a time. It might not seem to make a big difference, but it actually does if you maintain your best line.
  • Handling: When you're in tighter turns, don't be afraid to use the brakes. Brakes are your friends and they will help you out and can make a difference in you winning or hitting walls or falling off the track. When you're about to approach a corner, go to the outside lane of the corner, use the brakes to slow down and turn without the use of the handbrakes with an attempt to almost cut the corner. Use the handbrake on minor turns where you don't need to slow down that much, however you don't always need to use the handbrake. If you use the handbrake at the wrong time, you will potentially drift more than you need to slowing you down or totally spin out when you go to accelerate again. For best performance, pick a car with "Easy" or "Normal" handling unless you're confident that you can use more difficult cars. Speaking of, sometimes the handling description can be deceiving. A car labeled "Challenging" handling can still be pretty easy to use, if you know how to use it of course.
  • Traffic: This is one of the things that can be tricky to do in racing games: not hitting traffic. The best way to avoid them is to look at the road and pay attention to where the traffic car is at in immediate sight. You might also need faster reflexes to be able to master it. When you're about to hit a car, brake and turn away from the car as best as you can. If you have enough rewinds, you can go ahead and wreck so you can rewind the race from where the last checkpoint was. However, don't make this a habit and find ways to dodge traffic if that's something you have trouble with. The best way to avoid them is to stay on the right side of the road, where it's easier to dodge cars since they're not coming at you, but you lose the bonus of topping up your nitrous.
  • Playing Online: This game online can really be fun and worth playing for long hours. Other than the trophies, you can unlock prizes that includes new cars that you'll like, profile icons and profiles, and other prizes. Complete as many Solo Objectives (See Italian Hunter for more detail on that) for you will be awarded new cars for completing certain amounts of them and the trophies. If you gain these extra cars, they will give you a much better edge in this game.
  • And most importantly: Have fun!

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are currently no known cheat codes that work or affects trophies.



This small little trophy set is very straightforward. I recommend you do them in these steps.
  • Step 1: Complete the Italian Challenges and Italy vs. The World Challenge Series. If you're experienced in this game, these Challenge Series shouldn't be that bad. However, there are some tricky ones that will keep you on your toes. You should earn these two trophies in no order:
    • Roman Gold

    • Global Gold

  • Step 2: Go to the Italian Motor Racing Playlist Racing Online. Now that you have new cars and a new playlist to race in, join a lobby and complete solo objectives for that playlist. If you want, you can do this with friends by joining playgroups with them, however they can't contrinute to any objectives except for some situations. See Italian Hunter for more info on that. Here's the boosting thread in case you want to race with friends. Need for Speed: The Run Boosting Thread You should earn these trophies in this order:
    • Italian Guide

    • Italian Scout
    • Italian Tracker
    • Italian Hunter

And now enjoy your small but new set of trophies


Roman Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the 'Italian Challenges' Challenge Series

The Italian Challenges has a total of 5 challenges, each with a car available to use that was made in Italy.
  • The Running of the Bull: This is the first event of the challenge series, and it's a timed challenge at night located in New Jersey. You, using the Lamborghini Diablo SV, have to clear checkpoints in a timely manner, and the cops decided they wanna play with you too. The car is not so easy to use since it likes to slide, so you have to be careful about how you turn. After clearing the first checkpoint, there's a straight away with four roadblocks. Go to the left lane before the first roadblock, the right before the second roadblock, the left again on the third, and squeeze through the middle lane before the fourth roadblock. Don't forget to use the brakes on the upcoming turn, and after another turn you have a couple more checkpoints to go. Make sure you go through all shortcuts, and your target time for the Gold Medal is 2:25:00.
  • World Rally Reunion: You are in a rally race with the Lancia in Nevada against two other rally racers. This car is fast and can be a bit fun to use at first, but don't go crazy with the speed. You can cause yourself to crash and destroy your chances of beating your target time, which is 2:38:00. If you somehow manage to go off the track, just use a restart and drive more carefully where you went off.
  • Autosprada Attack: This is another timed challenge where you have to keep your eye on the road and your foot on the pedal. You have to drive in oncoming traffic on the highway with the Masarati GranTurismo MC. Clear all of the five checkpoints by 2:30:00.
  • Family Business: This race has alot of tight corners, so even though this car has "Easy" handling, don't go crazy with the speed or you'll lose control of the car as well as time. Again you're going against two other racers, and they seem to enjoy rubber-banding a bit like everyone else. As long as you hit the throttle when needed and releasing it and braking when needed, you should be fine. Win and beat your target time of 2:05:00 for the Gold Medal.
  • Neptune's Wrath: It's you head-to-head with another racer in the valley at night. You are racing with the MC12, and it can go pretty fast and hit high speeds. The car is pretty long however, so the handling can get a bit stiff when you're going fast. Be careful as you're trying to maintain the lead against your rival. Win first place with the time of 2:30:00 to get the last Gold Medal of this series.

After getting the Gold Medal on all challenges of this series, this trophy will unlock.

Global Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the 'Italy vs. The World' Challenge Series

The Italy vs. The World Challenge Series has a total of 5 events.
  • Land of the Raging Bull: You remember that one race after the Yosemite Mountains where there were about 10 U-corners? You're in it again. This time, you start in 7th place ways behind from 1st place. You have a choice of a few Italian cars, and I suggest you use the green Lamborghini Gallardo. Take the only shortcut out of the whole race (towards the end of the race), and win with a time faster than 3:15:00 for the Gold Medal.
  • Shore Runners: This is a race right before you enter New York against 5 other racers. Again I suggest you use the green Lamborghini Gallardo for this race. It's a fast and effective car to use in technical tracks like these. This challenge shouldn't give you many problems if you recognize this track pretty well, and your target time for the Gold Medal is 2:35:00.
  • Autobahn Attack: You're in the highway at night, racing other drivers with low traffic. It's a nice race st first isn't it? About 15 seconds later you hear the cops as they appear on a small roadblock. Now you're racing with cops after you and, here's where it gets better. Roadblocks are in your way within the last couple checkpoints, trying to get you to hit them. Pay close attention to where the openings of the roadblocks are. They are typically in the middle, but look for the headlights of one of the cars of the roadblock. Slightly turn away from the car with visible headlights, but if you turn a little too much (which even a little can be a problem), the car next to it could end up being the car you hit since that's the car making the narrow gap. There are four roadblocks that are like that towards the end of the race, and you still need to win! The time you're looking to beat is 2:10:00. I recommend using the car with the highest top speed that you can access.
  • Bangers and Smash: There are up to 9 cars to choose from. In this Battle, you are racing in the farm and there are quite a few shortcuts to take. Take on as many shortcuts as possible (except the first one) and drive carefully but quickly. You can easily run off the road or cause your car to wreck if you're not careful, so be prepared to use a reset or five. Being in 1st place isn't as tough as beating 2:15:00 in this race. Release the throttle without the use of the brakes or use the handbrake to make beating the target time a bit easier (depending on the car that you're using).
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici: You have a choice of the fastest Italian cars in The Run for this snowy race. There's alot of tight turns in it, and the hard and shiny snow can make handling those turns more tricky. Make sure to always shift down gears on the outside lane before a corner, and get out of a corner on the inside lane. The time is not very easy to beat either, so pick a car with "Normal" handling. Win first place, beat the time of 3:20:00, and now you are the Global Champion! (of the challenge series of course).

After getting the Gold Medal or Platinum Medal on all challenges in this series, this trophy will unlock.

Italian Guide
Complete 5 solo objectives in the 'Italian Motor Racing' Playlist

See Italian Hunter

Italian Scout
Complete 10 solo objectives in the 'Italian Motor Racing' Playlist

See Italian Hunter

Italian Tracker
Complete 15 solo objectives in the 'Italian Motor Racing' Playlist

See Italian Hunter

Italian Hunter
Complete 20 solo objectives in the 'Italian Motor Racing' Playlist

Solo Objectives are Multiplayer Objectives that can only be earned to the racer striving for them. There are a total of 20 Solo Objectives in the playlist Italian Motor Racing. You need to complete all objectives in order to earn this trophy. Some are not very hard to complete, and some are, but it all depends on your Internet connection, skill, and luck. You start out with three objectives unlocked, but the rest are locked. To unlock them, complete one objective for the next to unlock. If you want to have some fun, you can play online with your friends in playgroups, however they have to do the Solo Objectives themselves while racing with you. They can let you win a race for some objectives, but the actual objective they can't contribute to, for example drafting behind racers for so and so seconds with a specific car. Here are the objectives in this order:
  • Vincitore: Superleggera - Place 1st place with the Lamborghini Supperleggera in any race.
  • Vincitore: Alfa Romero - Place 1st place with the Alfa Romero in any race.
  • Vincitore: Diablo - Place 1st place with the Lamborghini Diablo SV in any race.
  • Vincitore: MC12 - Place 1st place with the Masarati MC12 in any race.
  • Vincitore: Zonda R - Place 1st place with the Pagani Zonda R in any race.
  • Vincitore: Lancia - Place 1st place with the Lancia in any race.
  • Oppurtunista - Accumulate 6 seconds of drafting with the Masarati MC12.
  • Catapulta - Pass 5 racers with the Pagani Zonda R.
  • Campointe: Stradale - Rank 1st place in any session with the NFS Edition MC Stradale.
  • Campointe: Diablo - Rank 1st place in any session with the NFS Edition Diablo SV.
  • Campionte: Alfa Romero - Rank 1st in any session with the NFS Edition Alfa Romero.
  • Fortunato - Finish a race without damage to the NFS Edition Alfa Romero.
  • Rispetto - Complete 10 Clean Passes with the NFS Edition MC Stradale.
  • Spericolato - Accumulate 20 near misses with the NFS Edition Diablo SV.
  • Campionte: Lancia - Rank 1st place in any session with the "MUD".
  • Scottatura - Complete 15 passes using nitrous with the "SUNSPOT".
  • Velocita Della Luce - Maintain top speed for 15 seconds in "SUNSPOT".
  • Campionte: Superlaggera - Rank 1st in any session with the "CRIMINAL".
  • Angelo - Accumulate 5 jumps with "MUD".
  • Delinquente - Complete 20 Dirty Passes with "CRIMINAL".

Completing all 20 of these objectives in this playlist, the trophy will unlock.

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