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Need for Speed: The Run is the 18th installment of the Need for Speed franchise developed by EA, Black Box. In this game, you play as a street racer named Jackson "Jack" Rourke, who is trying to get out of a life or death situation, from letting his arrogance cause him to owe money to the wrong people….. which he cannot pay on his own. Everything is bleak for Jack, who wakes up…. well, just as he's about to die. The only way he can pay his debt, is by winning an "illicit, high stakes race" called The Run, a race across America, from San Francisco to New York with the prize money of $25,000,000. Oh, and don't think it's going to be easy. You have 199 other racers, just as desperate as you are. You'll be dashing from one city to another including cities like Las Vegas, Detroit, and many more. You'll also be running in and out of the car in different scenes for the first time in a Need for Speed game. Here's the launch trailer:

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**WARNING** This guide may contain mild spoilers in the chapter trophies, however major spoilers will be covered in spoiler tags. Still, please read at your own risk.

Refer to the Need for Speed: The Run - Italian Pack DLC Guide for the DLC trophies.


Players: 1 Offline, 2-8 Online
Online Trophies: What else you got? | Show Off | Current Events | All for one | Choices... | One for all | Bonus Wheel | King for a Day
Platinum Difficulty:
Estimated Time to Platinum:
20-50+ hours
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies: No
PSN Online Pass: Yes

[top]Tips & Strategies

This game can be moderate or easy if you're skilled at racing games and gotten used to this game. However, this game can also be difficult for those who aren't so experienced in racing games and this game only gets harder as you progress. I for one am decent in racing games and I picked up a few tricks in my time of playing this game and writing this guide. If you're pretty decent in racing games as well, this might not apply to you as much, but here's some tips for those who might need it:
  • Picking a Car: When you choose a car, you might decide which you want to use based on how good it looks. That won't always be the smartest idea. I recommend you pick a car with the fastest 0-60 time, decently high top speed compared to others of your selection, and a decent handling. The top speed won't matter too much if you can't handle your car, so if the handling says "Normal" or "Easy", it would be a good idea to use those cars. The longer it takes to reach its top speed, the less important the top speed becomes when it comes to technical races. However, top speed becomes more important in highway races when there are a lot of straightaways. Whenever you're looking for a car to drive, take that into consideration for that is the recommended suggestion I can give. Here's when it gets better. Most cars allow you to change it's body kit. Just press if that option's available while picking your car and choose which body kit you want to use. It doesn't have any effect on performance, so choose what you think looks best for your car.
  • Nitrous: Nitrous can be received easily. You can earn it by simply accelerating, and the faster you go, the faster the nitrous meter will fill up. You can also earn nitrous by driving on Oncoming traffic, Near Misses, Drifting, Jumps, shortcuts, and taking a position in a race. If you want the most out of your nitrous, drive on Oncoming traffic when you get the chance for the majority of a race so your nitrous fills up faster. If you punch your nitrous then, it will deplete slower causing you to get more boost for your buck. Straightaways where there are no hard corners are the best times to use them. If you're trying to catch up to a racer and you're low on nitrous, just keep using the small bit of nitrous to make your car go an extra few miles per hour at a time. It might not seem to make a big difference, but it actually does if you maintain your best line.
  • Handling: When you're in tighter turns, don't be afraid to use the brakes. Brakes are your friends and they will help you out and can make a difference in you winning or hitting walls or falling off the track. When you're about to approach a corner, go to the outside lane of the corner, use the brakes to slow down and turn without the use of the handbrakes with an attempt to almost cut the corner. Use the handbrake on minor turns where you don't need to slow down that much, however you don't always need to use the handbrake. If you use the handbrake at the wrong time, you will potentially drift more than you need to slowing you down or totally spin out when you go to accelerate again. For best performance, pick a car with "Easy" or "Normal" handling unless you're confident that you can use more difficult cars. Speaking of, sometimes the handling description can be deceiving. A car labeled "Challenging" handling can still be pretty easy to use, if you know how to use it of course.
  • Traffic: This is one of the things that can be tricky to do in racing games: not hitting traffic. The best way to avoid them is to look at the road and pay attention to where the traffic car is at in immediate sight. You might also need faster reflexes to be able to master it. When you're about to hit a car, brake and turn away from the car as best as you can. If you have enough rewinds, you can go ahead and wreck so you can rewind the race from where the last checkpoint was. However, don't make this a habit and find ways to dodge traffic if that's something you have trouble with. The best way to avoid them is to stay on the right side of the road, where it's easier to dodge cars since they're not coming at you, but you lose the bonus of topping up your nitrous.
  • Changing Your Car: Certain races has gas stations, where you can stop and change your car during a race. You have to enter the gas station from the entrance in order to be able to change your car. Once you're in the car changing menu, the race will pause, so you won't lose too much time of the race. After you finish changing your car, you will return to the race and the AI will slow down for you to catch up. Sometimes changing your car might not be worth it, but it's up to you to decide if it is.
  • Playing Online: This game online, if the servers are treating you right (which is no longer a problem) can really be fun and worth playing for long hours. Other than the trophies, you can unlock prizes that includes new cars that you'll like, profile icons and profiles, and other prizes. Complete as many Multiplayer Objectives (See Choices... for more detail on that) for you will be awarded new cars for completing certain amounts of them. If you gain these extra cars, they will give you a much better edge in this game, plus it will help you level up (See Legendary for more details on that) for getting this platinum trophy. Definitely take this into consideration!
  • The Cars You Got Aren't Good Enough For Ya?: You got a few options to fix this:

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  • And most importantly: Have Fun!

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There is only one known cheat code in this game. Cheat codes can be used in the Main Menu > Extras > Enter Cheat Codes.

Unlock AEM Challenge Series

To unlock it, type in aemintakes. Once you type it in, it should unlock the challenge series. The series only has three small races, but it has a few new rewards with it, including new profile icons and a new car. Because there's no trophies concerning this challenge series, it's up to you whether or not you want to gold/platinum these three events.

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Note: This does not affect trophies.



  • Step 1: Start on The Run. I recommend you start it on Easy or Normal difficulty, depending on how good you are in racing games to start with. If you want a real challenge, play through it on Hard. Extreme difficulty will unlock once you beat The Run once. There are 10 stages in the game and each stage takes place in different areas between San Francisco and New York. You should unlock the stage trophies in this order:
    • Welcome to The Run
    • Walk in the Park
    • Vegas Baby
    • Cop Out
    • Mr. Plow
    • Thunder Road
    • The Windy City
    • Got to the Chopper
    • Hot Pursuit
    • Coast to Coast
    • I Heart NY

  • Step 2: You can do these two things in any order:
    • Do Your Second Playthrough on Extreme Difficulty.You can get this trophy by only playing the last race of Stage 10 on Extreme (see Win at Winning for more detail), or play the whole Run on Extreme. If you're brave enough to do it, it will be much tougher than before, because you only have one rewind, timed challenges gives you less time, and the AI is more advanced. Also the rubber banding in Extreme is bordering ridiculous. If you feel that you're ready to tackle on this difficulty, then feel free. If not, go to the next thing before continuing this or use the easy method. If you do go through this playthrough, this trophy should unlock:
      • Win at Winning

    • Conquer the Challenge Series. The Challenge Series is located in The Run and on the main menu. There are 10 series of challenges necessary for the trophies that requires you to earn a Gold Medal or Platinum Medal for every challenge in each series. Some challenges will be easy, some will not be as easy. Upon completion, you should have the following trophies in no specific order:
      • Gold Rush
      • National Gold
      • Nevada Gold
      • Valley Gold
      • Winter Gold
      • Interstate Gold
      • City Gold
      • Industrial Gold
      • Rural Gold
      • East Coast Gold

  • Step 3: Multiplayer Online. If you need to boost with a partner, I recommend using this thread Need for Speed: The Run Boosting Thread. In no specific order, you should earn the following trophies playing the multiplayer online:
    • All in one

    • Choices...
    • One for all
    • Bonus Wheel

  • Step 4: Clean Up. You should now have most of the trophies excluding the leveling up trophies. Don't worry about that right now. Go after Friend Recommendations, taking a pic of your car to send to the Autolog, etc. while at the same time slowly leveling up. In no particular order, here's the following trophies you should earn:
    • What else you got?

    • Show Off
    • Current Events
    • King for a Day

  • Step 5: Level Up to Level 30! The leveling up trophies should be the last trophies you need for the platinum trophy. You can earn XP from multiplayer, The Run, Challenge Series, Stage Select, practically everything. By now you should be around Levels 15-20. See Legendary for more details on how to earn XP. You should earn these trophies in this order:
    • New Car Smell

    • Street Racer
    • Professional
    • Champion
    • Veteran
    • Legendary

And enjoy your deserved


Platinum Trophy
Earn all Need for Speed™ The Run Trophies

Just like on any other game, get all the other trophies to be the owner of this very rewarding platinum.

Welcome to The Run
Complete Stage 1

In the beginning of the game, you wake up and find out that you're taped onto the steering wheel of a car that eventually falls in a crusher in a junk yard.. Now you're struggling to get out of the car as you're being closed in by the walls, crushing the car. At this point, you're introduced to the new interactive Story Mode and you are to press buttons to escape from the car before it closes in and crushes you with the car. Once you manage out, you have to drive a white Audi to escape from the mob. Once you pass the ongoing train that nearly hits you, you lose the mob and another cut scene starts. After that cut scene where you're given the story and basis for the game, you're taken to a garage with six cars. After you pick your first car, you immediately drive through the streets of San Francisco to reach the start of the race. After that point there are three races in which you're trying to get out of San Francisco and making your way to Las Vegas. After you win the third event, Altamont Pass, this trophy will unlock.

Walk in the Park
Complete Stage 2

The second stage, National Park, has a total of five events, one of them with a gas station enabling you to change your car. Once you choose the car you want to switch to (optional), you will continue the race. The very last race event is Tioga Pass. Your goal is to overtake the racer in front of you and stay ahead until the time runs out. You have to do this three times with three different racers back to back, and if you don't overtake the racer when time runs out or clear the checkpoint before time runs out, you'll be forced to rewind back to the previous checkpoint. After you clear the third checkpoint, the race will end and this trophy will unlock. HINT: Use the shortcut for a helpful advantage on the last racer.

Vegas Baby!
Complete Stage 3

The third stage, Death Valley, has a total of seven events. On the fourth event, you meet two women who you're competing against at a gas station nearby Las Vegas. Which understandably catches Jacks attention. After Sam snaps you out of your daydream, she reminds you to get back to the race.The two girls immediately drive off and the race begins with you in hot pursuit. Beat the two racers and don't let the cops interfere with you too much, to win the race. After you win, you unlock a new car (the loser's car), but the stage isn't over yet.

**Story Spoilers**

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Cop Out
Complete Stage 4

This stage, Desert Hills, has a total of five events. The first event has a gas station in the very beginning of the race, so if you want to change your car, slow down and drive through the entrance of the gas station, not at the middle of it. After you change your car, you will continue the race. (Again, all Gas Stations are optional). After you win that race, you have three more to win and the last one is an event called Million Dollar Highway. Overtake the three racers one at a time and run from the cops to complete this event. Once you complete it, this trophy will unlock.

Mr. Plow
Complete Stage 5

The fifth stage, The Rockies, has 5 events, all in which you're racing in the snowy mountains of Colorado. In the last event; called Summit, Independence Pass, a racer passes by nearly running you over as you debate about going through a Road Closed sign. Not only are you trying to beat him, but you're also trying to escape the mountain as avalanches falls on the road, and if you're not fast enough… you. Make sure you're paying close attention to where all of the rocks that fall on the roads are, and dodge them while still trying to maintain the lead. By the last two miles of the race, it gets real tricky. If you go too slow while the snow falls on you, you'll get buried and automatically have to rewind. If you hit a rock, don't panic. You hitting the obstacles should be used as a learning opportunity, so when you get back to that point, you'll be better prepared to dodge them. Remember, you only have 5 rewinds (more or less depending on the difficulty), so try to use as little as possible. (Plus the less Resets you use, the more EXP you gain at the end.) At the very end of the race where the avalanche is closing in on your only exit, hit the nitrous! If you go too slow, you'll get buried and have to do the last two miles over again. You don't want that! After completing this event, this trophy will unlock.

Thunder Road
Complete Stage 6

The sixth stage, The Plains, has a total of five events, which take place between the city of Denver to the plains of South Dakota. There's a gas station in a couple of the events, including the final one, Lismore. In that event, you're racing against Calvin, through the cloudy and rainy plains. Calvin has everything to gain and nothing to lose… So watch out!!! There are precious shortcuts that you do not want to miss, and he might take at least one of them. When you win that event, this trophy will unlock. Be careful about thinking you are so far ahead not to be troubled, he will pounce on you in the last ¼ mile, seemingly out of nowhere!

The Windy City
Complete Stage 7

The seventh event, Chicago Approach, has five events, one of them with another interactive cutscene, where you're out of the car. On the third event, you're battling for 50th place after a small incident right before you arrive to Downtown Chicago. After you win that event, you still have one more event to beat.

**Story Spoiler**

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Got to the Chopper
Complete Stage 8

The eighth stage, The Great Lakes, has a total of 6 events. Taking place immediately after you picked your previous car. Now you're driving from Chicago to Cleveland. However, the mob is still after you throughout most of the stage. At the final event, you're goal is to escape the mob with their SUVs and worst of all, that damn chopper. When you see the mob's cars come next to you, get behind them. They can't really shoot you from behind, but you're better off doing that than letting them stay next to you and you getting wasted. At the last event, dodge the bullets of the helicopter and all red containers you see, which are explosives. Do not drive through the fire either, because that will almost guarantee you being wasted, forcing you to use a rewind. As usual, you have 5 rewinds (on Normal), so this event can get a bit tough. Dodge through the obstacles and all explosives as you drive through the streets of Cleveland. At the end, the helicopter is destroyed and you need new wheels. Thirty minutes later (in-game time frame), Sam directs you to Uri's Garage, in Cleveland. After nearly getting your ass kicked again, by a dog… Uri decides you are a friend and he sets you up with three exotic cars that are faster than all of the other cars you've driven previously. After you pick your next car, this trophy will unlock.

Hot Pursuit
Complete Stage 9

The ninth event, State Forest, has a total of four events. There's nothing really special in this stage, unlike some of the previous stages... except for the third event. In there, you're racing against Mila again (Remember her from the two female street racers in Las Vegas). You and her are racing in the forest of Maryland and the road is relatively thin, so make sure you use the brakes on the turns to avoid going off road. Dropping down gears helps tremendously too. After you win, you earn her car. The event after is the final event of the stage. Make up for lost time by clearing five checkpoints before time runs out. Oh… and the cops have tuned Lambos that are trying to bust you in the thin road. Once you manage to beat it, the stage ends and this trophy will unlock.

I Heart NY
Complete Stage 10

The final stage, East Coast, has 6 events, and it's definitely the grand finale of the stages. The very first event, you're racing out of the forest against Eddie (a legitimate racing driver) to be in the Top 10. Then there's two other events where you're trying to pass by 6 racers to New Jersey. The fourth event comes Cesar. Defeat him in a race in New Jersey. After you beat him, you'll in the top three! But… Calvin is back, and as you're getting closer to New York, you have to race against him to gain that important 2nd place. Beat him, and you only have that one racer to beat and he's been trying to stop you throughout The Run… Marcus.

**Story Spoilers**

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Coast to Coast
Complete The Run on any difficulty

This trophy unlocks right before I Heart NY. To get it, you have to complete all 10 stages of The Run on any difficulty, so you can play all 10 on Easy and still get this trophy. I recommend you play this on Normal unless you're not that good in racing games or this one in particular. If that's the case, play on easy, then go to Normal, and work your way up in preparation for Win at Winning.

Win at Winning
Play through The Run on Extreme Difficulty

There is an easier way to get this trophy. After you beat The Run on any difficulty, go to Stage Select. Scroll down to Stage 10, pick your car, and once you load the first event, change the difficulty to Easy by pressing > Options > Gameplay > Difficulty > Easy. You don't have to change the difficulty when doing this stage before the last race, but it will make life easier if you change it to Easy. Once you get to Marcus, change the difficulty to Extreme as soon as the race finishes loading. This will be more of a challenge compared to other difficulties, so be very cautious of oncoming traffic, trains, and even walls and big crates. Once you beat that event on Extreme, this trophy will unlock.

If you're up for a real challenge, re-do The Run on Extreme after beating it on one of the other difficulties. Straight forward things like, "Make Up Time" are incredibly hard in Extreme Mode. I really wouldn't worry about how your car looks, get something that's quick. To beat checkpoints, you're going to need to keep your nitrous topped up, which means taking the fine line between "Near Miss" and wrecking your car. But it's a risk you've got to take. Stream as much as possible and do everything you can to build up your nitrous… Apart from Drifting, as I find that slows you down too much and is a lot harder to properly control. If you're coming up to a tight corner, best option is to change down gears and use the brake, tapping the handbrake if you need to get the back end abit further around. Also, obvious, but I'll add it anyway. Check what's in front of you, not the car in front, but as far as you can see, check the mini map to try and judge how much you've got to slow down for corners, whether you've going to need to brake hard, or whether just letting off the throttle is sufficient. Good Luck… you're going to need it.

Also refer to Tips & Strategies for more tips on getting this tedious trophy. (Thanks to matt6skills for giving us a heads up on the rumor that's now confirmed.)

What else you got?
Beat a Friend Recommends

A Friend Recommendation is when a friend have beaten your time, a time your friend still has over yours, or in the Challenge Series, when you get a Bronze or a Silver on a challenge and the recommendation is to get the gold (without the use of any friends' records). All you have to do is beat them. You can pull it off by either beating your friend's recommendation, or if you got a Silver or a Bronze Medal in an event in the Challenge Series, get the Gold Medal. Either way, this trophy will unlock once you've done it. Recommendations will be represented by the NFS logo by an event.

Show Off
Post a photo using Photo Mode

At any given time during a race, press for the pause menu. Then scroll down to Photo Mode. Set up the camera at any zoom and angle as you wish, and press to take the picture. Wait a moment for the picture to upload to Autolog, and this trophy will unlock shortly after. You can also get this trophy in View Cars in the Main Menu.

Current Events
Read a News Article

When you're in the main menu or on The Run menu, press and press until you get to the News slide. Wait a moment, and the trophy will unlock. Simple.

All for one
Complete a Group Objective

See Choices...

Gold Rush
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the “Coastal Rush” Challenge Series

The Coastal Rush is one of the Challenge Series in The Run. In the series, there's five challenges to do. You only need to get at minimum a bronze medal on one challenge to unlock the other.

  • What a Rush: This is the first event. All you need to do is win the race with a car of your chioce. The time for the Gold Medal is 2:00:00. If you want the Platinum Medal, which is not required for this trophy, the time is 1:55:00.
  • Urban Muscle: You have a chioce of muscle cars to drive through San Fransisco with checkpoints needed to be cleared before time runs out. The Gold Time is 2:10:00.
  • The Pretenders: Another race that you have to win in San Fran. Gold Medal time is 2:12:00.
  • The Hunter: You're using a very fast car called the Hunter, and you have to swerve heavy traffic on the highway and clear checkpoints before time runs out. The Gold Medal Time is 2:13:00.
  • Midnight Rush: You get to use the Aston Martin One-77 to race in the dark night. Be extremely cautious of what's in front of you. It is pretty dark out in the race, so your headlights is your only guide to not running off the road. The Gold Medal time is 2:55:00.

After you complete all 5 challenges with a Gold or Platinum Medal, this trophy will unlock.

National Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the “National Park” Challenge Series

The National Park Challenge Series has five events.

  • Mountain Men: This is a race in the National Park, and there's no traffic. Win the race before 2:25:00 to get the Gold Medal.
  • Offroad Mayhem: This is a race that's mostly off road at night, and you have to finish in 1st place before 2:35:00 to get the Gold Medal. In this particular race, it's very important to slipstream every chance you get, because your opponents will catch up to you while your car doesn't go as fast due to the dirt. The car that you choose might or might not apply in this case.
  • Ford Challenge: This is a timed challenge where you only have a choice of Ford cars. Unless you're skilled in handling muscle cars, do not pick either Ford Mustangs. Use the Ford Focus, and complete the timed challenge before 2:08:00 for the Gold Medal.
  • Tioga Run: This one a little bit challenging. Not only are you supposed to win the race before 3:00:00 for the Gold Medal, but in the middle of it, you have to go through through alot of sharp turns... on muscle cars. Make sure you brake before you hit the corner and turn from the outside of the upcoming corner before turning near the inside of the turn. Don't cut corners, because if you go too far off the track when doing that, it will automatically cause you to rewind. Don't worry about using the handbrake, because you don't really need to drift. Most importantly, go to the two big shortcuts, because it will help you win significantly, however you could still have a bit of trouble making the Gold time.
  • King Of The Road: You have a choice of a couple of fast cars for this challenge. You're racing one on one with a racer as you're going up the mountains, and like on Tioga Run, you have to deal with sharp corners. Win the race and beat the Gold Medal time of 2:55:00.

After you get the Gold Medal for all challenges, this trophy will unlock.

Nevada Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the “Nevada Dreams” Challenge Series

The third Challenge Series, Nevada Dreams, has 5 challenges.

  • Dry Heat: You have to battle three racers in the desert highway in Nevada. Make sure you're ahead of the racer you're battling against when the timer runs out. The Gold Medal Time is 2:55:00.
  • Outrun: The cops are trying to stop you and put you in your place. Dodge the cops, especially in the last mile of the race, take them down if you have to, and clear each checkpoint before the tier runs out in this timed challenge. Your Gold Medal time is 1:35:00.
  • Vegas Velocity: Using a muscle car, this timed challenge entering Las Vegas has it's fair share in traffic. Dodge them and make your way through each checkpoint. Finish this challenge before 2:28:00 to get the Gold Medal.
  • Sin City Street Race: There's alot of cops making an attempt to run you off the road. Not only do you have to shake them off, but you also have to race against a rival who's also trying to shake off the cops. The Gold Medal time is 1:45:00, so make sure you watch where you're going for upcoming cops making small road blocks later in the race.
  • Lotus Battle: It's you and another rival 1 on 1 against each other in a race outside of Nevada... with a Lotus Elise as both of your vehicles. That car has very good handling, and you don't need to brake as much as you typically do with other cars. Your rival, however, didn't quite realize that. Use the good handling as an advantage and defeat him with a time faster than 3:00:00 to get at least a Gold Medal.

And of course this trophy will unlock after all challenges in this series has been completed with a Gold or Platinum Medal.

Valley Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the “Desert Valley” Challenge Series

Desert Valley has five challenges taking place going outside of Nevada.

  • Feel the Heat: This is a simple race in the valley at night. Win the race and aim for the Gold Medal time of 2:40:00.
  • Hell on Wheels: This is isn't really hell if you know what you're doing in the tight corners. Pick up an exotic, and drive to the finish line before 2:50:00 in 1st place!
  • The Edge: Another timed challenge that you have to complete with a muscle car. Do not use the handbrake, because it's definitely not needed. It will slow you down when making turns, and you need to get out of corners in the most efficient way possible to get the Gold Medal. Also, there's traffic that can get in the way of your best line, and it can get a bit annoying if you're doing this challenge more than once. The time you're looking for is 1:40:00.
  • Rally Challenge: You're offroad in a rally race 1 on 1 against a rival, and what's a good rally racer without a Subaru? The car handles very well in the dirt, so this race should be pretty easy. Win it faster than 1:47:00 and you're good.
  • Dust In My Eye: This race you're using a fast Mercedes-Benz in the sand storm of the valley. There's plenty of racers to catch up to in the dusty road, but other than it being dusty, this race isn't really hard. Win and beat 1:55:00.

When all challenges has a gold or better, this trophy will unlock.

Winter Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the “Winter Blast” Challenge Series

Winter Blast has 5 stages, each being in the snow.

  • Snow Battle: You're battling against three opponents in the snowy mountain, and it will get a little slippery out there. Make sure you pick a car with good handling, because you're going to need it. The time you're looking for is 2:45:00.
  • Ascension: A typical race with snowy and icy roads. There are some sharp turns in this race, but overall it's not a hard race if you choose the right car with good handling. The time you want to beat is 3:00:00.
  • Double Black Diamond: Use your favorite muscle car to race in the slippery roads of the snowy mountains. There will be tricky corners, so watch out for them and don't fall off the road for not using the brakes properly. If you manage to win, the time targeted is 2:35:00 in 1st place.
  • Black Mountain: It's a 1 on 1 race going down the snowy mountain on the oncoming lanes. Because you're in the oncoming lanes, your nitrous meter will fill up faster. Use that as an advantage to use alot of nitrous for this race. Also, may more attention to traffic, because they're coming at you to make it a bit harder to dodge. There might me a little bit of traffic, but there's still traffic nonetheless. At the end of the race, your Gold Medal time is 2:40:00.
  • Just Drive: This is a 12 mile time challenge, and you're using a Pagani to complete the challenge with. The handling is Normal, but the terrain makes it a bit tricky to use. The car is fast, but don't go all crazy with it. Remember, use the brakes when you need to, and when you're on straightaways, punch it! Your best luck is to look on the minimap and see if you need to brake or just release the throttle on a turn. After you clear all checkpoints, the challenge will end, and the Gold Medal time is 5:10:00.

When you get the Gold Medal on all 5 challenges, this trophy will unlock.

Interstate Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "Plains Interstate" Challenge Series

  • Dirty Drifter: In the plains, you're racing in and out of the track, so you'll drive into some dirt. With that in mind, drive steady when on the dirt, because if you steer off the road, you could potentially have to rewind to the previous checkpoint or miss your chance in beating the Gold Medal time of 1:30:00. It's you and 5 other racers, so pick up your Tier 4 car and win.
  • Road Runner: This is another timed challenge. When you clear the first checkpoint, slow down or you'll run off the track and be forced to rewind. There's another turn right after that you should be aware of and slow down on. And another heads up, there will be cops in your way. With corners you will need to use the brake on, complete all 5 checkpoints before the time of 1:47:00.
  • The Gap: This race doesn't seem so bad at first (if of course you know how to turn corners of narrow roads), but at the last mile of the race, because the roads are narrow and traffic decides to be a bit busy, this can be a bitch. At that end, drive by the edge off the road on the right lane and use your nitrous. You don't want to slow down much, because that will determine whether or not you make the Gold Medal time of 3:10:00.
  • NFS Edition Showdown: It's you and this one other person head to head in a race using only the NFS Edition cars.This race is mostly full straightaways, so it's mainly about who has the best top speed... and who can dodge traffic the best. That being said, don't get too happy with the acceleration, because a car can come up and you have a small chance, if any, to dodge it. Take that into consideration as you race. Beat him, and your target is 2:55:00.
  • Locals Only: This one is pretty easy compared to the harder challenges. There will be a few cops in your way, but it's a short timed challenge with only 4 checkpoints less than a mile apart from each other. Using the Porsche 918 RSR, your goal time is 1:10:00.

Once you've earned the Gold Medal for all challenges or better, this trophy will unlock.

City Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "Windy City" Challenge Series

  • Hard Action: This is a battle of three racers, and there are plenty of shortcuts. It's very important that you use them and not mess up on them, because if you miss the biggest shortcuts, you miss the Gold Medal time. When you're battling the second racer, there's two major shortcuts that you will need to successfully drive through. Those shortcuts are surrounded by tress and green. The smaller shortcuts, the ones surrounded by yellow/orange, are not so important to go through, but if you can drive through them quickly, feel free. The time you're trying to beat is 2:40:00.
  • Oncoming: This race can get tricky with oncoming traffic headed your way as you're racing 1-on-1 with another racer. This race takes place at night, and dodging traffic will require you to have faster reflexes. Look what's ahead of you at all times to help dodge traffic. Also, the once chance you seem to have to switch to the other side of the freeway to the right side will force you to rewind. Looks like this challenge is about dodging cars when they're coming at you. The time you're looking to beat is 2:45:00. If you can dodge traffic efficiently, this Gold Medal won't be hard.
  • Lower the Wacker: This is another timed challenge in the city of Chicago. This may seem easy at first, but at the last mile, after the final sharp corner, there are cops aiming to block you forcing you to wreck and rewind back to before you hit that corner. This can get annoying, so when you see cops, go to the left side of the road. You can then slow down a bit in preparation for another block. Once you manage out, floor it and finish the challenge beating the time of 2:00:00.
  • GT-R SpecV Showdown: With only a chioce of one car, which the name of it is in the title of the challenge, the Nissan GT-R Spec V, you have to race on the highway while maneuvering a lot of traffic. Your other competitors are using the same car as you, so there's no real advantage between the racers other than rubber banding. After swerving through traffic and winning the race, you'll earn the Gold Medal if your time beat 2:32:00.
  • Street Legal: Using the green DRAGON, you're racing in the City of Chicago while trying to win with the time of 2:00:00. This isn't really a hard race, but I recommend you take the small shortcut in the race.

Of course this trophy will unlock once you get the Gold Medal or Platinum Medal for each challenge.

Industrial Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "Industrial Run" Challenge Series

  • Lakeshore Battle: This battle will be a rough one. Not only do you have to catch up to all of your opponents and overtake them, but you have to deal with the meddling cops making roadblocks that can or will mess you up for the whole challenge. There's also a bit of traffic towards the end to deal with, so make sure you focus and watch for open spots on the roadblocks while overtaking your opponents. Beat the time of 2:15:00 to get the gold.
  • Interstate Loop: This is actually a circuit race, meaning that the whole race is in laps. This one is in one whole lap, and it's in the highway. Dodge through a bit of traffic and race your way to first place before the time of 3:15:00.
  • Industrial Run: There are plenty of racers in this race, so get your best car and drive! There's nothing special about this race, so just take shortcuts and take first place. Your target for the Gold Medal is 1:40:00.
  • Tunnels and Train: This timed challenge is very much like the last event of Stage , but without the mob being after you. Dodge obstacles, especially the red barrels that will cause you to get wasted in the middle and the end, to clear all of the checkpoints to complete this challenge. There are also a couple trains you need to watch out for in the railroads, so keep your eye open for them when you get to that part. There is one train that you have to get ahead of to make a left hand turn, so if you're not fast enough, you won't be able to make the turn and have to rewind. This is right after the first checkpoint, so if you don't get passed the first checkpoint going at least 150mph, you're pretty much doomed to missing the turn unless you have alot of nitrous to use. Beat the time of 1:24:00 to earn the Gold Medal.
  • Industrial Strength: This challenge is another 1-on-1 race, but this time there's two problems: The police and the traffic. Just like on previous challenges, maneuver through the traffic and stay ahead of the race as well as the cops. There will be enough traffic to make you wreck more times than tolerable. Your target time is 1:40:00.

After you get the Gold Medal for all of the challenges of this series, this trophy will unlock.

Rural Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "Rural Track Attack" Challenge Series

  • Hazard County: This is a timed challenge with shortcuts that can definitely help you complete it by 2:30:00 for the Gold Medal. The shortcuts seem duable when you see it on your map. However, you're using a muscle car to complete this challenge, so you can easily lose control of your car while in the middle of the off road shortcuts. And if that's not bad enough for you, try dealing with the cops. They want you to g off the road so you can use a rewind. Be aware of that.
  • Traffic Jam: Fast car, heavy traffic, that doesn't sound like fun. This timed challenge is on the highway, and you have to dodge traffic while running across each checkpoint. I recommend you drive on the edge of the road when you see alot of traffic in your way so you can reduce the need to slow down to dodge them and the risk of actually hitting them. When all is said and done, you've earned the Gold Medal by beating the time of 2:35:00.
  • Porsche Attack: This is a Porsche only timed challenge in the mountains. You're driving on a huge lap that ends past the first tight corner of the challenge. You have to learn which turns to brake on, which turns to release the throttle without the brakes, and which ones you can just run through. If you use the brakes on every turn, you'll the long goal time of 6:30:00 for the Gold Medal. Be warned that the road is narrow.
  • Lost Serpent Pass: A race taken place at night, you're racing in the mountains with tight corners and narrow paths. Make your way to first place and win the dark and slightly dangerous race before 2:05:00 for the Gold Medal.
  • Panic Attack: Again, narrow roads on this mountain forest, and this time you and the cops are going to have a bit of trouble here. Like most of this challenge series, this is a timed challenge where you have to clear the checkpoints while the clock is ticking. Like on the previous challenge, this one is at night time. Get your Pagani Zonda Cinque ready and beat the time of 2:45:00.

Of course, this trophy will unlock after the fifth Gold Medal you earn.

East Coast Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "East Coast Express" Challenge Series

  • The Jersey Double Back: This is basically driving around in New Jersey in a timed challenge. There will be some traffic, but it won't be so bad compared to more difficult challenges. The time you want to beat is 2:50:00.
  • The Situation: The situation is critical. You have two racers to battle, and you have to do it in an orderly fashion. Defeat the two racers, and finish this run by 2:00:00. Let's move out soldier!
  • Drive Hard: In the city of New York, traffic isn't as bad as people think it is, at least here in this challenge. Sometimes when you go through the narrow paths of the race, some cars might get in your way with little to no chance of dodging them, so watch out. Also, the first and only shortcut, the turn, is worth slowing down for to take, as long as you use nitrous to catch up to the others' speed. You'll gain positions, and the rest is straight forward. Win this race and beat the time of 1:58:00.
  • Drive Hard with a Vengeance:This race you can easily wreck and have to rewind, so I suggest that you take it easy on the very narrow paths of the park that you'll eventually get to and do not take the shortcut of that park. It's actually a longer path. There's also a shortcut at the end of the race, where there's a turn and the shortcut is a small path that let's you pass through the corner. I strongly suggest you use that, win the race, and the time you're looking to beat is 2:45:00.
  • Live Free or Drive Hard: Getting the Gold Medal for this might be a bit hard to do. You have to battle against 3 racers, and it's the same track as the previous challenge reversed. When you get to the narrow paths of the park, you're going to have to slow down by releasing the throttle instead of using the brakes. When you're in minor turns, whether keep throttling or release it and use the brakes only on turns you truly need to use them in. I'm not saying hug walls, but I'm saying that you have to make fast turns in order to beat 2:20:00 in order to get the Gold Medal. Choose a car with Normal or Easy handling for better cornering.
  • The Final Event: This is the very last event. Are you ready for this? Good. First you have to worry about the heavy traffic. Soon after the first checkpoint, you have to drive in the subway. Don't worry, there won't be any trains in the subway, so all you have to do is drive fast out of it. After the third checkpoint, go to the far left on the edge of the track to go faster than you would on the tracks. After you manage out of the tracks, you have to drive through the infrastructure that narrows the rest of the track. Dodge the obstacles, which will be the walls, and finish the final event beating the time of 3:00:00.

After you get the Gold Medal for all six events, this trophy will unlock.

New Car Smell
Reach Driver Level 5

See Legendary

Street Racer
Reach Driver Level 10

See Legendary

Reach Driver Level 15

See Legendary

Reach Driver Level 20

See Legendary

Reach Driver Level 25

See Legendary

Reach Driver Level 30

You gain EXP for basically everything you do:
  • Top Speed: +10xp
  • Clean Pass (passing a racer): +50xp
  • Dirty Pass (hitting an enemy as you overtake): +25xp
  • Defeating Opponents (in Battle events): +200xp
  • Rapid Pass x2 (overtaking two cars in rapid succession): +200xp
  • Rapid Pass x3 (overtaking three cars in rapid succession): +300xp
  • Rapid Pass x4 (overtaking four cars in rapid succession): +400xp
  • Rapid Pass x5 (overtaking five cars in rapid succession): +500xp
  • 5 Resets Remaining (in Normal difficulty): +100xp
  • 4 Resets Remaining (in Normal difficulty): +80xp
  • 3 Resets Remaining (in Normal difficulty): +60xp
  • 2 Resets Remaining (in Normal difficulty): +40xp
  • Perfect Run: +500xp
  • Cop Takedown: +100xp
  • Bronze Medal (Challenge Series): +100xp

  • Silver Medal (Challenge Series): +150xp

  • Gold Medal (Challenge Series): +200xp

  • Platinum Medal (Challenge Series): +300xp
  • Autolog Recommendation: +250xp

XP is also rewarded for Drifting, doing Jumps, reaching Top Speed, Near Misses, and driving into Oncoming Traffic. The faster you do each checkpoint, the more EXP you'll gain also. Also take note that you don't earn any XP based on resets or Perfect Run when you're playing on Easy.

Ways to level up when grinding:
  • Re-play The Run: You can earn XP for going through the Run as many times as possible. Unless you're trying to beat your Run time against your friends, you might as well go to the bullet point below since it's more convenient.
  • Stage Select: Basically you can re-do any stages you've already completed in The Run on Stage Select. In the beginning of the stage, you get to choose the car you want to drive in, and you can win races in each event in the stage for XP. Rinse and repeat.
  • Challenge Series: There's plenty of challenges to do and you can re-do them even after you completed them. Since you're doing all of that, you might as well go for Platinum Medal for all challenges while leveling up if this is the strategy you want to use.
  • Playing Multiplayer: If you like playing multiplayer, bring a friend and race against other players as well as complete Solo Objectives and Group Objectives. There are tons of rewards to earn online, so go ahead and bring you and your car to the competition! Playing Multiplayer generally gives out the most XP in the game.

Complete 15 online objectives and unlock all Playlists

Multiplayer Objectives are little tasks that can be completed when in sessions online. This is not part of any specific trophy after 15 objectives done, but you will earn new rewards and cars for completing a certain amount of objectives in certain playlists and cars. There are two types of objectives:

  • Solo Objectives: These are Multiplayer Objectives that can be done when you're racing in sessions online without being in a playgroup. A playgroup is when you and your friends are in a group of 2-4 players that joins sessions together and goes where the group leader goes. Playgroups can complete both Solo Objectives, and the next type of objectives on the next bullet point.These include winning a race, making a certain amount of near misses, winning races with certain cars, etc.
  • Group Objectives: There are objectives that can be done in playgroups with friends. You can do these, and they will add to the amount of multiplayer objectives you complete. Some objectives all members can do to contribute, some all members have to do to complete them. This can be from one person in your playgroup winning 2st place in the race, two members making it to the top 3, the group as a whole doing a certain amount of clean or dirty passes, etc.

You can check Solo and Group Objectives during sessions by pressing until you see a screen displaying Solo Objectives and once more for Group Objectives.

Playlists are divisions that are separated by car classes. Those car classes are the type of cars that will be used in all races in each session in that playlist. There are several playlists, and they can all be unlocked by completing multiplayer objectives. Once they're unlocked, you can play in those unlocked playlists, even though playing in all of them not required for this trophy. Once you completed 15 Multiplayer Objectives and unlocked all playlists, this trophy will unlock. Now have fun racing people online.

One for all
Complete 5 Group Objectives

Group Objectives are multiplayer objectives that are to be done in playgroups. When you create or join a playgroup and join a session, press to the last slide. That will show you Group objectives. These can be completed by all members of the group, so if you're not that good at doing one thing to complete a Group Objective, hopefully your group member(s) are. After you complete 5 Group Objectives, this trophy will unlock, and a new car will as well.

Bonus Wheel
Win this Bonus Wheel reward in Multiplayer

This trophy is a little bit based on luck. In the beginning of a session after a vote for the upcoming races (if you join on time), a wheel will spin. The bonus has to land on the Gold Trophy. You then have to win the most points out of all of the other racers you're competing against online.

In each session, there's three races before another vote is needed to start the next three. When it's time to race in the first race, you pick a car that you've unlocked previously. Choose wisely and quickly, because you only have 30 seconds to pick which car you're going to race with. The car you start off with in the session you'll end with. In other words, the car you choose on the first race you'll also be using in the second and third race. Points will be awarded according to how well you place on each race. What you need to do is make an attempt to win every race in the three. If you don't win, at least somewhere in the top 3. Playing with randoms will make this trophy a bitch to do if you have issues beating the randoms. Even having a full Playgroup wouldn't really help since that's at most 4 racers including you. This might require hours of playing multiplayer before finally getting this trophy.

King for a Day
Become a Stage Leader in The Run

This trophy can be a bit difficult, depending on whether or not you're good at this game and how good everyone on your friend list who's played this game is. To unlock this trophy, you have to complete a stage with the fastest overall time than your friends. If you don't make the fastest time for one race in a stage by a small difference, don't panic. As long as you do make the fastest time on the stage timer as you go further on with the stage, then you shouldn't have much to worry about. The cheapest way to get this trophy is by deleting everyone who has a faster stage timer than you from your friend list, and add them after you unlock this trophy. It may be kinda harsh, but it's one way to get the job done if you really need to. Other than that, just keep trying until you get it.


I want to thank the following people:

ChrisValentine, my co-writer, for his help making this guide what it is today.

redcell89, Compalicious, and NeroRadec707 for giving me some good advice on how to improve my very first guide.

And let's not forget Fox again for the awesome banner.

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