Online Trophies:
Yes, 6.
Online Pass Required:No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum:70+ hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1(difficulty trophies stack) + clean up.Or 2 if you want to with two playthroughs. (see Road map)
Collectible Trophies:1,The Great Collector
Missable Trophies:N/A
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Buy Damage upgrades as fast as possible.(if your doing Hardcore from first run)
-Always be on the move never stay in one place.
-When your dismembered never stop stop pressing to roll and gather yourself up..Literally!
-Always break everything around you to gather points for both Insurance Fraud and Criminal Damages
-Always stay close to Arcadia so it will be easier to revive her.
-Keep an eye on anything glowing yellow on bosses that is their weak point.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

BowGun : After Finishing the game you will unlock 2 guns that shoot spear bullets with infinite ammo and no reload.


First playthrough - Do it on hard if you are willing to do the clean up on this Difficulty(No you can't change the difficulty once chosen it).In this play through you will most likely get 40%-45% of the trophies.

Second playthrough - start a new game and choose easy.In doing so you will loss all weapons and upgrades unlocked,But it is not a total loss as all the exp points of will be refunded for those abilities you have purchased plus the Exp points you did not use.In this play through if you still didn't get the following trophies aim for them.You and whose army? ,,Boulder Dodge ,Antiquarian ,The Great Collector and Endangered Species .But you will not get Big Spender even after 2 playthroughs so since its on easy mode it wont be a problem to go through some levels a lot of times before you get this trophy.(see reason in trophy guide.)

Online Multiplayer : All Trophies are easily boostable with 1 other player except for Completist ,Which is in doing hardcore difficulty requires 4 players to combine effort in three modes Civilian rescue,Onslaught and arena Onslaught(trust me when I say you need 4) .If you can't find anyone to boost just find someone playing it online and send them a psn message for help.(That's what I did ) But all in all it wont take you more than a day or two(depends on the availability of the games).


I'll bite your legs off!
Get all trophies.

Self explanatory.

Take a trip down memory lane...

Story Related can't be missed.Pops-up after finishing the prologue level.

A pain in the ass!
Defeat the Sword Pig.

Story related can't be missed.Pops-up After finishing Asylum mission.

Four-to-one Odds
Defeat Quad Jaw.

Story Related can't be missed. Pops-up after finishing Museum mission.

Serve and Protect
Save Nikki.

Story Related can't be missed. Pops-up after finishing Police station mission.

Tower'n Inferno
Take down the water tower.

Story Related can't be missed. Pops-up after finishing sewers mission.

Sangria, on ice
Defeat Sangria, Duke of Hell.

Story Related can't be missed. Pops-up after finishing streets to church mission.

Womb with a view
Defeat Sullivan.

Story Related can't be missed. Pops-up after finishing the boss of mission 6 at the start of the level.

Tumble Dried
Get caught up in the whirlwind.

Story Related can't be missed.Pops-up after finishing Destroyed streets .

There can be only one!
Defeat your nemesis.

Story Related can't be missed.Pops-up after finishing off your arch-nemesis Alex at the end of chapter 8.

Eye for an eye
Defeat Astaroth, King of Hell.

Story Related can't be missed.Pops-up after finishing off Astoroth at the end of level 8.

Ever Dead
Complete the game on easy difficulty.

see Never Dead

Rarely Dead
Complete the game on normal difficulty.

see Never Dead

Never Dead
Complete the game on hardcore difficulty.

Self explanatory.Finish it on hardcore and this will be Rarely Dead and Ever Dead if you decide to do it in one run.

The Great Collector
Find all Major Collectibles.

Must Collect ten golden angel child statues in each level.To know how much collected in each level out of the ten of that level press start and it will be under the exp viewer.

Toggle Spoiler

Funky Dunker
Put head through all basketball hoops.

There are 8 hoops you must dunk with Bryce's head and their location are as follows :
1- Asylum level - In the area where there are a lot of explosive barrels, right after the introduction of the spoon demons(ones with blades).It will be on the right of the entrance surrounded with explosive barrels.To dunk this one you must finish the game first to you would be able to use the head dismemberment ability.
2-Museum -It will be located at out side the museum at the start of the level.When you go upwards try to notice a red tube which you would throw Bryce's head in it to get the gold statue,it would be considered a hoop.
3- Police station- At the end of the level where Nikki stuck in a train cart.This hoop will be northwest from where you enter look for a yellow Number 5 sign on the wall to its right is what it looks like a balcony and on the top you can see two doors.In between those two doors is the hoop and within it is a red orb.
4-Sewers - When your doing the puzzle after the boss fight.You should adjust the puzzle in a way that you would get the golden statue.That will be considered as a hoop.
5-Streets to church - It will be in the area where you fight a panda bear.The panda bear will break the gate on your right to enter the area to fight you and the hoop will be on your left side.
6- Agency HQ - It will be in the area after you take the elevator with Arcadia and it crashes and then it will look like a half broken tube which you need then to fight off some demons then turn right to progress the level.In this room there will be a water tank on your left on your right some fire and explosive barrels and right in front of you are some stairs and shield demon.Kill the demon and head few steps up the stairs and you should see 3 hoops attached to the wall above each other.(It seems only required to score 1 hoop which is the top most.)
7- Destroyed street - At the very end of the level before you jump into the whirlwind/tornado.After clearing out the area from enemies don't go towards the whirlwind.When your facing the whirl wind in front of you that it will look like big black smoke turn left and try to spot a big broken billboard of a demon in the background, it will have red/orangish color.In that area right below it is the hoop.
8- Demon's nest- When you first enter the building in the reception area head northeast till you reach the dead corner of it. Once you do turn around and hold the left side and head straight and you will see the hoop and within it a red glowing orb.
Here is a video done by VGMMDI for it:

Toggle Spoiler

Explosive Personality
Blow up 35 enemies in the Asylum using barrels.

This is best done in the inner asylum garden where the Hives and demon seals first introduced.Just let the demon dog enemies gather around you close enough for the explosive barrels to hit.Do that and keep restarting last checkpoint till it pops-up Note:Use checkpoint restart before destroying all hives in area.

Destroy less than 25% of the museum exhibits.

Do this on easy playthrough makes things much easier.In the museum mission, try to making it through the mission with least amount of damage to the surrounding. So mostly you will be using your blade.Focus on destroying hives first ,always swing your sword up and don't at the enemies and not sideways to avoid unintended environment damage.Locate open areas mostly far away from walls, if it so happens there have been destruction on the environment around you stay in that same spot and finish off the demons so no more damage is caused beside that spot.

Mind the gap
Lure Panda Bear in front of a train.

At the Police station level half way through, Bryce will face a hulking boss called Panda Bear.To get this trophy you must be in the second phase of the fight.Where there is a mid-fight cut-scene and Both Bryce and panda bear fall to the lower floor. Here you will notice trains coming in and out in the area of the boss fight try to fight the panda bear on the train tracks till the train hits the panda bear and ends the fight,Resulting in getting this trophy.

Let There be Light
Light all the sewer barrels.

In the sewer mission there must be 30 barrels light up to get this trophy.Some already lightened up but the "30" just for you to know how many barrels you will see lightened up.
- 13 barrels must be lighted by you before you jump down to Arcadia and Nikki as they call Bryce names.
-The rest will all be down in the dark where you jumped down to look for Arcadia and Nikki.
- make sure you count as you go so you won't miss any.

Don't Stop, Look or Listen
Dodge the traffic on the bridge.

At the Church level right after the Panda bear smacks you to the lower level of the bridge.The trick here is to stand away from the taxi that has smoke coming from it as it will make it difficult to see and just stand far away as possible and just shoot at the demons till they are all dead while dodging taxis.After all the demons are dead it should be easier for you to just dodge traffic.If you did all this without getting hit once,You will get this trophy.

Evacuation Plan
Get all the civilians to the chopper.

On mission 6 Agency HQ at an area where there is a big balcony.By clearing the area of all enemies without getting a civilian killed in the process.A helicopter will appear and a cut-scene will show civilians getting on it.This trophy will pop

Premature Evacuation
You win some, you lose some...

On mission 6 after you see the civilian ditch Arcadia a demon will blow up that helicopter and this trophy will pop-up.

Out of the Frying Pan
Lure Panda Bear into lava.

On mission 7 after clearing out the demons in the first area at the start of the level.Two panda bears are going to break and entrance, go to that area where they have entered from and there will be a slopping broken road into the lava.what you must do is stand at the tip of that edge leading to the lava best spot is next to that spiral security fence away which is on the left as you entered that area, shoot the panda bear in order to get one of their attention.Once provoked the panda bear will try to attack you with sliding it's hammer fist at you if you timed it right and used the sixth sense upgrade to slow-motion the attack,you could dodge it leading the panda bear to fall into the lava or fall with it either way you get the trophy.

Boulder Dodge
Dodge the boulders.

On the Demon's nest mission you would have to get up to the upper level of the building and as you do so demons and boulders will try to stop you.You must reach the top level to the elevator without being touched by the boulders. A nice trick is hold a post in a corner where no boulders might reach you after learning each ones path, Use the grenade launcher to attack the hives then target the rest of the demons.If you clear all demons the boulders will stop rolling down in that area.Do this in 3 areas and it won't be a problem all except the 4th area and the last just hold left side and go really fast upwards as most of the focus of the boulders are on the right side.Then when you reach the top clear out the enemies from a corner with a grenade launcher.

Curiosity Killed the Cat
Explore all of Arcadia's Apartment.

To get this trophy you need to interact and look around for the hidden red orbs in Arcadia's apartment the 3 times during the story as you finish sewers level(first time),Streets to church level (second time) and Agency HQ level (Third time).
You will need to Interact with following all 3 times :
1- The washing machine.
2- The fridge.
3- The magazine located opposite where Arcadia and Nikki are seating the first time.
4-The bed.
5- The drawer on the left side of Arcadia's bed with her panties inside.
6- The shower.
7-The toilet seat.
8- The toilet sink.

The following will have those red exp orbs hidden in them but not all of them will be there at the same time some will appear in the first ,second and third time you go to Arcadia's apartment but just go through all of them just to make sure you won't miss anything.
1- Under the bed
2- The vertically long mirror between the toilet door and the bed, shoot and a red orb is hidden behind it.
3-The mirror on top of the fire place, shoot it and toss Bryce's head in.
4- The vent located under the clock.Dismember your head and take a bit of a distance from the vent press and hold till its fully charged then click while still holding mid air release and you will break into the vent.
5- Take Bryce's head and toss in between Arcadia and Nikki.
6- Dismember your head and roll it behind the chair where Arcadia and Nikki were sitting.

If you done all this and found the red exp orbs you will get this trophy.
Here is a video done by VGMMDI for it:

Toggle Spoiler

Shock and Awe
Kill an enemy with Electricity.

Buy Electro Bullets which grants you the ability to shoot electric bullets when Bryce is electrified,Equip it in the slot(2 slots required).Once you see electricity is around Bryce just shoot at any enemy till they die and this trophy will pop-up.

Kill an enemy with Fire.

To do this you first you need to purchase the ability to shoot fire bullets when on fire and slotted in the slot spaces(requires 3 slot spaces).A good spot is in a closed area after Bryce falls down a lift in the asylum, there will be a hive there and next to it is a gas tank which will throw flames if you attack it.Just hit it with the butterfly blade,get caught on fire and shoot at the demon dogs.The trophy should pop-up.

Endangered Species
Kill 8 panda bears.

In the first playthrough Bryce will face off against 4 panda bears.If you would like to farm it play chapter 7, at the start of the area there will be 2 panda bears to faceoff. After defeating them restart the mission and do it one more time and you should get this trophy.(Killing them in multiplayer also counts towards this trophy)

Swiss Army Bryce
Kill an enemy with every weapon.

To get this trophy kill one kind enemy (most likely the dog demons) with the following weapons:
-Butterfly/Firefly/Dragonfly blade.
-Hand gun.
-Assault Rifle.
-Grenade launcher.

Insurance Fraud
Destroy $100,000 worth of objects.

This trophy will be achieved naturally through your first play-through.Just break all breakable environment around you on each level and you should get it before half way through the game.

Criminal Damages
Destroy $1,000,000 worth of objects.

The best levels to do this trophy are Museum and Police station missions as they have the most destructive environment. Equip yourself with the bow guns and spray everything you can see

Hop, Skip and Jump
Hop, roll and jump...

At the asylum level the first time Bryce losses a leg, make him hop once by moving Bryce towards the leg and then press to roll on it and resemble it and then as soon as Bryce finishes rolling press and jump. If done correctly the trophy will pop-up.

You and whose army?
Shoot 50 enemies with dismembered limbs.

(do it on easy it will make your life much easier as enemies get easily killed by guns )Kill 50 enemies while your arms arent stuck to you body.So it will be annoying and time consuming since there is no aiming,but there is an easy and fast way to get this. What you do is finish the game and dont bother with this trophy yet, finish your first playthrough and you will unlock guns called Bowguns.These guns will have infinite ammo and does not require reload. So take these guns and head to the asylum level to the inner garden area where wombs first introduced. get your self dismembered and as you are a head pick 1 or 2 you hands only and shoot away as the infinite number amount of dog demons attack you.The trick here is the head will attract them to you and the bow gun will shoot at them with infinite ammo and it will still count as a dismembered kill.

Group Hug
Kill 5 enemies with a single limb explosion.

Self explained.Just gather 5 enemies aroud you and throw Bryce's hand at them and then detonate it with.You have to buy this upgrade and slot it in order to do it.Also a good place to do this is next to a hive with the dog demons, they will play fetch with your arm as you throw it and gather all around it.A good spot is on chapter 8 as you are going up the first stairs from the reception hall there will be a hive spawning the normal demon dogs and the explosive demon dogs whom will make it easier to get this trophy as they also explode when they die causing more damage.
Here is a video done by VGMMDI for Group Hug:

Toggle Spoiler

Level Up
Purchase 50% of the abilities.

Purchase any 33 abilities.

Big Spender
Purchase all abilities.

Purchase all 66 abilities .This trophy will take alot time so be sure to buy the extra XP(20% more exp),XP+(50% more exp), or XP++(70% more exp), to help speed things up and you must slot them for them to work!.
The total exp points you need to collect is well over 13,000,000 exp, so alot of farming is required.The best place to farm alot of exp points will be on the final mission "Demon's nest" where after playing through that level till the end will get you an average exp points of 130,000.

Complete an Arena Onslaught Challenge.

In online multiplayer, this challenge requires players to face off certain number of waves of enemies and clearing them out under a time limit.It is pretty simple and you don't have to face off other players just co-operate and you should get it.For hardcore difficulty missions you do need 4 players to make your life easier.

Complete an Onslaught Challenge.

This one is very similar to onslaught except that it will have a couple of areas open to each other and not just facing off waves of enemies in on area.So it will require from players to run around really fast to locate the enemies and take them out under a time limit.For hardcore difficulty missions you do need 4 players to make your life easier.

Complete a Search and Rescue challenge.

In online multiplayer, this challenge requires players to go rescue certain number of civilians and get them o he safety drop zones.Do not let any of the civilians die.If they die you fail the mission and wont get this trophy even after you continue on and save the others.

Tip : Buy the Healing bullet ability which allows you to heal civilians when your shooting at them.There will be an improvment of this ability that can be unlocked as you progress with the story.

Frail Friend
Win a Fragile Alliance challenge.

In online multiplayer, this challenge requires players to race to yellow circle checkpoints.The first to go through 20 of those checkpoints wins the game and the trophy.This is easily boosted with one other player, let the other player cover you and take care of the demons as you run for the checkpoint spots.
Tip: Slot Sprint ability to move faster.

Easter Bunny
Win an Egg Hunt challenge.

In online multiplayer, this challenge requires players to collect 10 golden eggs before the other players.The first to collect all ten and place them in the drop zone wins the game and this trophy.You can carry 3 eggs at a time till you drop them in the drop zone. This is easily done by Boosting with 1 other person.Just let the other player wait around while you snatch the eggs as fast as possible.
Tip: Slot Sprint ability to move faster.

Unlock all Prestige Badges.

In online multiplayer, you have to complete all 13 challenges on both Normal and hardcore difficulty.So it will be a total of 26 challenges to complete.
The prestige badges are unlocked as follows :
Prestige 1- Finish 3 challenges.
Prestige 2- Finish 6 challenges.
Prestige 3- Finish 10 challenges.
Prestige 4- Finish 14 challenges.
prestige 5- Finish 20 challenges.
prestige 6- Finish 26 challenges.

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