Players: 1 - OFFLINE, 1-8 - ONLINE
Online Trophies: Yes
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 80+ hours, depending on skill level for all trials and online play.
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 playing each difficulty. 2 playthroughs possible with trick. Refer to Roadmap section for details!
Collectible Trophies: Yes; Walking Dictionary, Spice of Life
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: Yes; Lone Ninja
Game Review: Ninja Gaiden 3 Official Review By Nero Radec

[top]Tips & Strategies


There are two paths and the steps don't really matter much except during step one. Just read through the roadmap and choose how you want to complete the platinum run of Ninja Gaiden 3. Good luck ninja!

Story Mode: 2 Playthroughs Technique
  • Step One: Start by playing the main story of the game on Hard Mode and complete the game. During the boss fight, die several times in a row and you will be prompted to change difficulty to Normal or Hero. Change it to Normal and finish the final battle. Now reload again and get here and die several times and change your difficulty to Hero. Complete the game and you will achieve these three difficulty trophies, simply with one playthrough and completing the final parts of the game on each difficulty.

  • Step Two: Complete the main story on Master Ninja difficulty and you will receive your final story related trophy after this.

  • Step Three: Complete all the online trophies required. Also, during this step, finish up all trials you have remaining.

  • Step Four: Clean Up. Now you will want to go after any trophies you have left or didn't acquire when playing through the game.

Story Mode: 4 Playthroughs - Normal Way
  • Step One: Start by playing through the main story of the game on Hero Difficulty. Complete the game and then start a new game completely to play on Normal and finish it again.

  • Step Two: Complete the main story on Normal Mode now and you will achieve another trophy.

  • Step Three: Complete the main story on Hard Difficulty and you will achieve another trophy. Also, you will unlock Master Ninja mode to play.

  • Step Four: Complete the main story on Master Ninja Difficulty, which will require your final time through the Ninja Gaiden 3 story.

  • Step Five: This step is where you will play online and complete all online trophies. Also, you will complete each of the trials required. These trials level up your ninja, as well as the clan battles.

  • Step Six: During this final Clean Up step, you will go after any techniques such as the Izuna Drop, completing any difficulties you have skipped and finishing the trials. Whatever trophies are remaining for your platinum.

Trophy Collection Map
Completing the Main Story Line on every difficulty will obtain you the following Trophies:
  • Falcon Dive

  • Sliding

  • Kunai Climb

  • Wall Run

  • Kunai Climb

  • Flying Bird Flip

  • Rope Crossing

  • Ultimate Technique

  • Inferno

  • Steel on Steel

  • Grip of Murder

  • Mind the Gap

  • Bumpy Ride

  • Through the Flames

  • Antediluvian Slumber

  • Abysmal Creations

  • The Great Escape

  • The Acolyte

  • The Karma of a Shinobi

  • Evil Twin

  • Waiting

  • Ahab

  • Advent of the Goddess

  • Atonement

  • Hero

  • Shinobi

  • Mentor

  • Master Ninja

Completing all Ninja trials will obtain you the following Trophies:
  • Master of the Katana
  • Hayabusa Style Grand Master
  • I Got Your Back
  • Initiate
  • Veteran
  • Prestige
  • Overlord
  • Lone Ninja
  • Walking Dictionary
  • Ultimate Ninja

Completing all Online objectives will obtain you the following Trophies:
  • I Got Your Back

  • Initiation

  • Teamwork

  • One Against the World

  • Shady

  • Sneaky

  • An Honorable Death

  • Master of the Katana

  • Hayabusa Style Grand Master

  • Snowman

  • Guardian of the Village

  • Observer

  • Spice of Life

  • Walking Dictionary

Completing all Other optional/Miscellaneous skills and achievements will obtain you the following Trophies:

  • Steel on bone
  • Izuna Drop
  • Master of the Secret Arts


Master of the Secret Arts
Obtain all trophies.

Simply obtain all other trophies to acquire the Platinum Trophy and become a Master Ninja

Falcon Dive
Learn the Falcon Dive.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

At the beginning of the story, you will begin Day One. Here you will begin perched on a ledge and be prompted to press . Ryu Hyabusa will leap down towards an enemy and you'll be prompted now to press just before you land into them. Click the button to perform the falcon Dive move. This is merely a QTE to complete and will occur at several points through the game.

Learn how to slide

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

In Day One, shortly after battling past the first wave of enemies, you will need to cross under a truck and be required to slide under it. You are capable of sliding at any time by pressing and moving the left analog stick in a direction you want to move.

Kunai Climb
Learn the Kunai Climb.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

In Day One, after you escape from the Steel Spider enemy, you will flee to a location and have to climb up a wall. Here the game will prompt you to jump and press both and together simultaneously. Now you release either button and press it again, tap it basically and hold, then repeat with the opposite button to climb up the wall. You will acquire this trophy after completing this once and will be required to perform this move several other times through the story.

Wall Run
Learn the Wall Run

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

In Day One, you will learn about the Wall Run technique and be required to use it throughout the story to clear certain obstacles. To perform the wall run, simply move along side a wall where you want to use it, and simply press as if to jump. Ryu will automatically perform the Wall Run on any surface he's capable of. You will use this to get across jumps and you can use it in your combos and fights with enemies. You can also, Wall Run up a surface for a short distance, and this will be mostly used to reach up to a Kunai Climb area. Perform a Wall Run during the game and you will achieve this trophy.

Flying Bird Flip
Learn the Flying Bird Flip.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day Two, Ryu Hyabusa will learn the Flying Bird Flip. This is simply the wall jump between two surfaces that Ryu needs to reach the top of. You will rapidly tap to jump off a wall, onto another and then pressing again jump back until you flip to the surface overhead. You will continually be required to reach new sections in each mission throughout the story using this technique.

Rope Crossing
Learn how to cross a rope.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

In Day Three, you will venture into a facility and have to battle through some enemies up a spiraling tower. At the top, you will reach a rope and have to cross over it.

The Rope Climb works exactly as the Kunai climb. Simply press and when prompted and you will jump and hold onto the rope. Release and press it again and hold to move forward slightly on the rope. Now repeat the same action with the button. Release and then re-hold it. Repeat this process until you reach the end of the rope and then you will be prompted to press to jump off. You must continue holding both and here or you will fall, so keep that in mind.

Izuna Drop
Learn the Izuna Drop.

On Day Five, you will acquire a new sword, the Blade of the Archfiend. With this sword, you will be capable of more combos and a few new attacks, including the Izuna Drop. The game won't prompt you about this technique, but you may unintentionally perform it during your normal combos. It consists of Ryu Hyabusa, knocking an enemy into the air, slicing them a few times, and then grabbing them and slamming the enemy back into the ground.

The easiest way I found to perform is was a combination: - - - - -

Izuna Drop Technique Video by Youtube user - Edonakadon

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Ultimate Technique
Learn the Ultimate Technique.

During Day One, Ryu will learn his Ultimate Technique. This is performed by holding , your power strike, during combat after Ryu's arm begins to glow. This will occur after you have killed several enemies and becomes useful for clearing out groups and hard to kill foes. Ryu will charge up the arm and a red aura will surround him until you release , at which point, he will leap between enemies slicing them down with ease and instantly killing most affected. As you upgrade your sword through the game, you will be able to jump between more enemies while using this technique.

Learn Ninpo.

During Day One, you will learn how to use Ninpo attacks early one. As you slice down enemies, a meter underneath your health bar will slowly rise during combat. Once it is filled, you will be prompted during Day One to press both and together and Ryu will unleash his Dragon power Ninpo, grabbing all enemies in the immediate area and eating them. Doing this Ninpo technique will recover a portion of health of Ryu Hyabusa and is the only way to heal during combat as well so use it wisely.

Do keep in mind that after all your enemies are slain, the meter will empty again, so make use of the Ninpo as you can during battles so it's not wasted opportunity.

Steel on Steel
Destroy the Steel Spider.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day One, you will be chased off in the opening segments of the mission by a Giant robot spider creation. Finally you will come to a part and Ryu will stand to fight it. It's attacks will consist of firing missiles at you and machine guns. It will slowly rotate around firing at you. It's weak spots are it's legs which you will need to strike enough times to weaken and then finally slice them off by tapping when prompted in the QTE for each leg. After you have severed all legs, you will be able to strike at the back and finish it for good. Just keep moving and dodging using to block and slide as needed and transition to a new leg if you get under too much fire. Watch for the blue aura that may light up underneath the spider as it's about to blast a wide range arc around itself. Move away to avoid this and then continue. Each leg will also blow up as you destroy it so move away quickly to avoid getting damaged by this.

The Grip of Murder
Finish Day 1.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Day One plays as the tutorial and opening for Ninja Gaiden 3 and is where you will learn several basics about the game and how to fight properly against basic enemies. Throughout, you will constantly be fighting numerous enemies with guns and in a few segments have the option of stealth to sneak through some fog to stealthily kill your enemies. Also, there are some shielded enemies, that you can only really damage by moving behind them or by using to knock away their shield, leaving them vulnerable to all attacks.

You will learn the Kunai Climb through this level and be able to battle the Steel Spider mini-boss. To defeat this foe, simply damage each of it's red armored legs and then complete the QTE near it's back on the weak point to destroy it. Afterwards continue fighting through your enemies and you will finally enter inside a building. In here, follow the blood trails until you run into the Alchemist.

Regent of the Mask
During the fight, you will need to quickly dodge and evade his attacks as he is very powerful and agile. He will parry your strikes if you're too sloppy and can perform several grab attacks, dealing a great deal of damage to players. Watch for his glowing hands and lightning fast attacks during the battle and keep tapping your to damage him after a strike and he's left open. Finally you will reach a checkpoint and have a QTE to complete and you will be thrown out of the window with him.

Repeat the same strategy as before, outside and complete each of the QTE's as they occur. He will begin using his grab attack much more outside, so watch for his glowing hand as it will inflict massive damage upon Ryu. After you defeat him, you will walk slowly and afflicted by the Grip of Murder curse. Walk to the end of the alleyway and you will view a cutscene and achieve this trophy.

The Alchemist Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk

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Mind the Gap
Escape from the monorail.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day Two, Ryu Hayabusa will enter a train car. Here you will be attacked by numerous helicopters and have to fire back at them with your bow. Finally, however, the train car will be destroyed and you will have to complete a quick QTE to escape it.

Bumpy Ride
Finish Day 2.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Day Two opens up with you acquiring a bow and learning how to use it. Holding will bring up the bow and you fire it by pressing . Highlight over enemies to automatically target them with this new weapon. Also, you acquire a new sword from Ayane.

You will begin getting attacked by enemies on motorcycles so target and defeat them using the bow and continue on. During this level you will also learn the Flying Bird Flip. Continue through all your enemies in this level and you will eventually come to a train car and begin riding it. It will be attacked and you will be ambushed by several choppers in this level. Shoot them down using your bow and finally you will have to escape the train. Quickly jump off and successfully complete the QTE here.

Helicopter Battle
During the first part of the helicopter battle, you will jump back and forth on it, destroying the turrets that are firing at you while killing the enemies that are also attacking. Wait for the turret to finish firing and a small light will light up on it. Now attack as much as you can. Repeat this until it gives you a QTE to destroy it and then you will repeat this on the other side.

The second part of the battle will consist of you being on a platform surrounded by ninjas and getting shot at by the helicopter. You will need to fire when you're capable and dodge the helicopter as it flies in low to knock you around. Defeat the enemies and keep moving by tapping . Watch as the missiles come in as well from the chopper. Refer to the video for more help and details.

The Helicopter Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk

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Beyond the Flames
Make it through the fire.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Through Day Three, you will ride a truck into a base and then get spotted and attacked. Defeat this group of enemies and afterwards, they will send attack choppers after Ryu. This will begin the next part you need to complete in order to achieve the trophy and further the story.

You will begin running away from the choppers, staying out of the highlighted spots where the missiles are dropping down onto. Also, burning logs will begin falling in your path so tap to leap over this and keep moving away. Shortly the camera will turn back around and you will need to keep running. Watch ahead as a log falls that you will need to slide under. At the end of the path, tap to leap and glide off the side of the cliff and begin a QTE and tap to cut through the helicopter.

Now on the ground you will have to fight 3 choppers firing machine guns and missiles at you. Use to dodge or slide away from their attacks and hold when you have an opening and fire your arrows at them. Defeat the choppers and you will achieve this trophy.

Antediluvian Slumber
Finish Day 3.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Day Three will consist of exploring through the Abismo jungle mission, starting off with you jumping out a plane and needing to use QTE to dodge missiles and then fight some more enemies. Watch out as each section nearly has a turret firing missiles and machine guns at you, so eliminate these quickly. Also, you will begin fighting little bug creatures and armored dogs in this section.

Midway through the level you will ride a truck into a military base and have to escape from some helicopters. Be careful through here and take note this will also net you another trophy.

After the battle with the helicopters, you will have to wall climb up to another section and need to wall run first and leap off to reach the wall as it's blocked by a tree limb. Be careful as up ahead you will fight more jet-pack enemies and turrets in addition to your normal plethora of enemies and ninjas. Keep progressing and you will find another base. Kill your enemies here and you will enter the facility. Once inside you will battle more ninjas and run into the shielded enemies again as well as the alchemist ninjas with their magic. Here you will also come to a spiral stair care and find a rope that you will need to traverse across using.

Rope Climb
Shimmy across the same way you perform the kunai climb, hold both and together and release one and press it again and repeat with the opposite button to climb across. Once across, while still holding in both buttons, tap to jump off back onto a ledge.

After this segment you will begin fighting ghost ninja enemies that will be nearly invisible most of the time, however can be seen by targeting them with your bow. Fire your explosive arrows at them and go in for the kill. Be care they don't parry your strikes and throw you around as they will do massive damage. Also, as you attack them, they can drop grenades to watch out for too. Fight past these enemies and the alchemists and keep journeying forward.

T-Rex Battle
In the next segment you are attacked by a T-Rex that the Alchemist has unleashed on you. Attack at its legs and move away and dodge as it charges at you. After two charges it will fall down and you can strike at its head. Repeat this process, beware of it's tail swipe as it gets up and stomping if you are slow attacking it's ankles. After you do so much damage, it will begin glowing a silver color and you are unable to damage it with your sword. Attack its head until a cutscene triggers and you will begin getting chased by the enemy.

Run down the corridor, dodging as needed and jumping over the fossils laying before you and watch out for the missile that you will need to slide underneath. Tap to slide under it and quickly press and fire at it whiles it's in the dinosaur's mouth. After this continue forward and you will be attacked again by it as it erupts from the floor. Repeat the same process as you did before in this battle and finally finish tapping in the QTE to kill it. You will achieve the trophy after the upcoming cutscene with The Alchemist and Mizuki.

The Gigantosaurus Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk

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Abysmal Creations
Escape from the Chimera Disposal Facility.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day Four, you will come to a room full of mutant humanoids that will slowly shuffle after you like zombies. Defeat these enemies in the chamber and they will mutate into 2 other forms of creatures, resembling a snake like body with long claw arms or a brutish skinless bear that is highly resilient to your normal attacks.

Evade the quick attacks of the snakelike enemy and use your combos , , + to defeat them. After this, the floor will open up and you will be dropped into a contaminated area that you will need to quickly dispose of all your enemies in before your health drains away. Defeat them and you will come to a part where you are required to Kunai Climb up a wall. Follow the section here climbing up the wall and wall running to another wall then jumping off to kunai climb up again. Here you will then need to swing across and finally rope climb across to safety. As you are rope climbing, throw your kunai with to the 2 nearby guards and continue on. After you escape this point, you will achieve this trophy.

The Great Escape
Finish Day 4.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed.

Day Four opens up after Ryu Hyabusa is captured at the end of Day Three after being shot by his friend and you wake up with a woman in front of you in a field. She explains you're in a simulation and are being tested. Shortly, the area around you will change and you'll be surrounded by ninjas and enemies. Kill these guys and then jump off the platform as it changes to another wave of enemies in a flashback from previous games. After this, you will be confronted with a section from Day One of the game where you battled The Alchemist. Defeat him again in similar fashion as before and you will escape through the simulation. Battle through the enemies once they realize you're free and you will eventually come to a large bridge full of enemies. Kill these guys and then the bridge will collapse.

Slide down the bridge and jump off at the end and press and to kunai climb up the wall. Continue on through the level and you will get attacked by a new form of enemy, a humanoid like zombie creature. Defeat these guys and they will transform into a mutated state, becoming more powerful. You will face several snakelike creatures with long arms and claws, or a form of skinless bear brute like enemy that will be slow but extremely powerful. Dodge and evade their attacks and defeat them. You're dropped down now into a contaminated area full of poison and will need to quickly defeat many more of these same enemies.

After this, you will have to escape and be forced to quickly evade the rising poison. Wall climb up and then wall run across the gap to jump off and then kunai climb up another wall. Jump across the gaps and then rope climb over to escape this area. Through the next few sections you will battle more of these same abominations and they will begin changing more, glowing red and gaining more power. Be careful of this and eliminate them quickly.

In the final moments of Day Four, you will find Canna and have to carry her through a few hallways to get back to Mizuki. Down the hallway with the abominations, you will have to hold and tap to cut them down off you all. Finally you will come to a large chamber and meet back with the Alchemist and his new creation that you will have to fight.

Prototype Goddess Lovelace Battle
The monster will use several attacks in addition to it's resiliency and quick strikes and kicks. It has a purple three shot orb attack it will fire at Ryu so quickly get close and behind it to dodge these attacks. Also, it will fly up into the air and try to smash you. It's strongest attack is a grab attack, characterized by it's red glowing hands, so stay away and evade if you notice this.

After a few strikes, you will slice off it's arms by tapping when prompted. Now it will kick much faster and do a spinning attack. Shortly it will regrow a new set of arms that you will need to cut off, these being long tentacles. Repeat the same process to defeat it and then you will again cut off this pair of arms. Finally it will grow another set of muscled bulky arms to smash you with. Dodge these and watch as it jumps in the air to crush you again and finally damage it enough for it will run away triggering a cutscene.

In the final part of the battle, it will begin with it's big arms and fight the same way. Slice these arms off and it will regrow it's normal arms again. After a while, you will repeat a very quick process of slicing off each pair of arms and it quickly assimilating a new set immediately. When you have finally damaged the monster enough, it will leap onto Ryu and you must tap repeatedly to cut it's throat, severing it's head. Just as you leave though, it will attack you one last time requiring you to tap to slice the head in two.

God Prototype Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk

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Now run down the final hallway stretch to escape the facility pressing to slide under the doors as they close and tapping :3: and to escape the enemies grabbing you. Finally you will watch a cutscene and be captured again, this time by US forces.

The Acolyte
Successfully clear the Sanji event in Hayabusa Village.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day Five, after several battles of ninjas from the Black Spider Clan, Ryu will ultimately become afflicted by the curse over his arm and you will have to slay a few in this weakened state. Then you will need to continue walking slowly and holding your arm towards your destination. Near the end, Ryu will fall down and you're forced to crawl the rest of the way before succumbing anyways and watching a cutscene.

You awake in the Hayabusa Village and then are allowed to walk around to go see what is happening here and meet up with your old friend Momiji. After a brief trial after you reacquire your bow, Sanji, a kid in the village, will pop out at you and you'll be prompted to press . Quickly do so and then tap to block his next strike. After this segment with Sanji, you will achieve this trophy.

The Karma of a Shinobi
Finish Day 5.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Day Five opens with Ryu Hyabusa revisiting some old places and reacquiring a new sword, one from an old enemy of his, Genshin. After this your combos will increase and you will have a more powerful weapon, the Sword of the Archfiend. You will have to battle through rival ninjas of the Black Spider clan. After a few segments, you will come to a bridge that will be destroyed and required to rope climb over across and then climb up yet again another part of the bridge that the new enemies will damage. Kunai climb up this section and dodge left and right to dodge the fire around you.

You will continue through battling more segments of the Black Spider Clan's ninjas and ultimately you will succumb to the curse over your body. Complete the next section crawling to the Hayabusa Village and you will be completely safe to walk around with no worries for the most part. At one section inside the village, Sanji will pop out at you and try to catch you off guard. Deflect his attacks when prompted with and and continue on to meet up with Momiji. You and her will then continue down the path to see what the rival clan is up to in their endeavors.

You both will battle through more Spider Clan ninjas and Ryu will continuously become afflicted with the pain in his arm. Hold off the enemy until Momiji recovers you with her spells. Tap to see where the nearest enemy is and quickly tap to kill them in this state. Finally you will come to an area blocked off by a purple energy field and and forced to battle a few more groups of Spider Ninjas. After the battle, a cutscene will play and you're attacked by the Black Spider Clan Witch.

Obaba, The Black Spider Clan Witch Battle
During this battle, it's a lot of moving around and fighting the Spider Clan ninjas and performing QTE events. In this first section of the battle, you will fight a couple groups of enemies and have to attack a red glowing orb on the Witch boss's arm. Every few moments she will raise her other arm to smash you and you need to quickly hold and fire your bow to stop her by shooting her hand. Continue this until you destroy the orb and are falling.

You will be prompted to grab onto the arm using your Kunai Climb, pressing both and , and climbing up. Be quick to evade as tentacles will erupt from the arm to attack you. Simply flick the analog stick left or right to dodge and evade these. When you reach the top, tap to cut through the glowing orb here and then you will be flung to the other arm, where as you fall, you will need to tap again in another QTE.

After this, you will be on top on flat surface again, this time with Momiji as you are both surrounded by enemies you need to slay. Also here is another orb you need to destroy. Kill your enemies and damage the orb as you can, bewaring as the battle goes on, the Witch will shoot forth purple blasts from her mouth. Dodge these and continue attacking the orb when it lights up. Finally some tentacles will come out of her skin and attack you. Destroy these and repeat. Once this orb is destroyed, you will slide down the Witch and have to tap to leap off at the right moment and then tap to cut through the orb on her head to defeat her.

In the next cutscene, Momiji is falling and you will need to tap : near the end of the fall to catch and save her. Afterwards, you will be back in the Hayabusa Village and achieve this trophy.

Obaba Boss Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk

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Evil Twin
Defeat the Epigonos.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day Six, you will be confronted by an evil clone of yourself. He will battle identically to Ryu, using his same moves and tactics and wielding a katana. Be quick and agile during the fight to evade his attacks and quickly counter strike. Unlike most bosses, you are capable of juggling him in the air a bit to keep him off the ground and cancel his attacks. Be quick with well timed strikes and you will make short work of him.

The full battle takes part in two sections, but you will acquire the trophy after killing the regular clone version of Ryu.

Finish Day 6.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day Six, you will be deployed into a snowy area to continue your hunt for the LoA. You will have to navigate through very difficult to see areas as the snow is blinding here and enemies will pop out at you so stay on guard through the beginning of this section. You will eventually come to a segment where you fight more of the abomination creatures as they erupt through the ice. Kill the first wave of them and you will notice a wall that will become uncovered with ice and the floor shattering. Quickly wall run up here and Kunai Climb to the top. You will battle through more of the bugs from the Abismo Island section and more abominations.

Fight through these and you will come to a trick part where you begin falling down and have to catch yourself on a wall and then dive down through off a cliff dodging and evading the pillars of ice as they fall. Tap the analog stick left or right to dodge out of the away of these while holding . Finally you will reach a safe area and begin fighting some new areas outside a door. Ryu will make the comment "fiend" at this point. The head on the door will eventually light up as you kill the new creatures that will assault you. They are weak, but will swarm over Ryu if you're not quick and dodge out of their mob. The head will also come to life and you need to shoot it with your bow, and it will then turn into a spider creature. hack away at it quickly and destroy it and finish off the rest of the enemies here. Now proceed on through the door here.

Past the door, you will battle more of these nimble little creatures and another one of the fiend spider head enemies. Wait for it to attack down with it's scythe weapon and is resting and strike back against it. It's very resilient to damage so be care and use quick timed strikes as you need to. Continue through the door marked ahead and be careful as you head up the stair case as the creatures are hidden on the walls to attack you. Keep moving through these areas battling segments of these same enemies and you will find yourself in a large opening.

Here you will be confronted with a copy of yourself. He will use many of the same moves as you so dodge and strike quickly and you can nearly escape this battle with ease. Finally he will drop and hold his arm and you can go in for the finishing kill. Afterwards, a cutscene will trigger showing Cliff and the leader of the LoA together and you will realize you are betrayed. Now your copy will become reanimated again with the curse from the LoA leader.

Epigonos Battle
This battle takes part in two forms, one being the normal clone of Ryu and then a fiendish demonic and enhanced version that is resurrected by the LoA leader. During the first part you are easily able to out maneuver the clone and as long as you strike quickly and dodge him as he strikes, you will be fine. The next part of the battle is where it gets a bit trickier. He has the power of the ultimate technique when he glows and you will have to use yours in order to deal any damage to him. Also, he will switch between a katana, scythe, and a pair of claws so watch and change tactics as he does his weapons. Stay alert and dodge his moves the best you can as he can deal some damage. After a few QTEs of tapping you will defeat him.

After the battle, you will need to quickly run and escape and ultimately Kunai Climb to the top of the building and jump onto a helicopter. Battle the turret as you did in Day Two. Dodge the shots until it ceases firing and overheats and then attack when the yellow light comes on. Repeat this and then tap again to destroy it and leap off the chopper. Now quickly run and find the wall you need to Kunai Climb up to. Be very quick as the wall is slowly falling. Dodge over to the right and grab a hold of the next section and climb up until a cutscene triggers. You are saved now by Ishigami and will achieve the trophy.
Epigonos Boss Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk

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Attack the Black Narwhal.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

During Day Seven, you will be dropped off onto several ships around the Black Narwhal and have to destroy turrets on each one. After you finally destroy the last of them, and land onto the Black Narwhal, you will achieve this trophy. To destroy the turrets, simply kill all enemies around them and when you're able to destroy them, tap or on each and you will slice it down.

Advent of the Goddess
Finish Day 7.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Day 7 will consist of fighting many ninjas back and forth between the ships surrounding the Black Narwhal. Once you have finally landed on the narwhal and defeated the ninja group here, you will be attacked by Ashtear, the Chairman of the LoA himself, in a robotic dino suit.

Ashtear, Chairman of the LoA Robot Dino Battle
There are several things to watch out for here in this battle and it will take place through several forms. Firstly he has two main attacks, in addition to the constant barrage of missiles that don't cease dropping on you. He will either attack with his flamethrower arm, or his other one where he slams down and creates an energy arc. As he attacks, you are capable of attack each arm to destroy it. Repeat this process on each arm, watching when he holds it down after an attack until both are defeated. He will now begin flying around as a jet.

In this form, use your bow to shoot at him as he flies over head and aim for the glowing sections on his belly. Finally you will knock him down and be able to attack again before he transforms into another form where he rolls around on the ground using bladed pinion wheels. Use your bow again to aim at one of these and destroy it while pressing to dodge out of the way. Finally once you have defeated him, you will walk slowly over as he rants to Ryu about his plans and the world. Stab into him with and finish this segment. Now continue on through.

Ashtear: Robot Dino Boss Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk
The last part of the video contains an upcoming boss fight, so keep in mind!

Toggle Spoiler

You will have to battle a few segments of a variation of ninja and enemies through the next two chambers down inside the hull of the Narwhal. Once you battle past these enemies, you will reach Canna and the Reagent of the Mask again. Prepare to face him once more.

Reagent of the Mask Round Two Battle
This battle will play out exactly as the previous ones have except you will finally be able to defeat him this time.
Reagent of the Mask Round Two Boss Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk
Keep in mind you will need to skip the first section as it contains the fight with Ashtear as well.

Toggle Spoiler

The sibling rivalry comes to an end.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Cliff - Mutated Boss Battle
During Day 8 you will achieve this trophy after you complete the battle with Cliff, after he has transformed into a more perfect being. He becomes an abomination, growing and mutating into a four armed clawed demon like creature. He will attempt to claw at you and shoot orbs of energy out so watch for these attacks as you battle him. His biggest attack is the ability to grab Ryu and he will snap him around before throwing him to the ground. Keep tapping to dodge and slide away from these attacks and keep your attacks quick and well timed.

Eventually you will cut off his arms by performing a QTE. He will simply grow it back and at times he will kneel on the ground after a big attack. This is your opportunity to go in and strike him, which will trigger the QTE you need. After you have done enough damage, he will begin levitating into the air and summoning the abomination creatures against you. Defeat this and fill your ultimate attack up and then execute it with and . Ryu will leap into the air and slice through Cliff. Repeat this process until you have defeated him. Enjoy the cutscene that follows.

Cliff Boss Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk
Video Also contains the final battle with an upcoming battle!

Toggle Spoiler

One more death to make amends.

This Trophy is Story Related and Can Not Be Missed

Reagent of the Mask - Theodore Final Battle
Near the end of Day Eight, you will reach upon Goddess Canna with the assistance of Theodore, the Reagent of the Mask. However he wants one last battle with you since he is her father and can't allow you to hurt her. Ultimately, he wants to die and atonement for all the trouble he has caused since being revived and to successfully remove the curse from Ryu.

The battle with the Alchemist will play as the previous ones have, except he will be quicker and pull out all the stops this time around so you will need to be quick on your toes to defeat him the final time. Defeat him here and you will achieve this trophy and be capable of stopping the Goddess Canna!

Reagent of the Mask Final Battle Video by Youtube user - TommyTrashTalk
NOTE: You will need to skip ahead as this battle contains the previous fight with Cliff as well!

Toggle Spoiler

You will achieve the trophy after defeating the Reagent of the Mask, but to complete the game and the final boss, refer to the next section

Final Battle Goddess Canna

During this battle, you will need to successfully complete a few QTEs in the beginning, which you will remember from the opening segment of the game. Complete each of these and you will end up eventually on top of a building where she is smashing down on. Keep attacking her hand and completing the QTE on her head to defeat her. Watch the floor of the roof as once it starts cracking, she is about to slam it and you will need to move over to the right side. This will able again as you do more damage to her, except now you need to evade to the left side of the roof.

During the finally moments of the game, you will be thrown numerous creatures to fight and have to build up your ninpo. Once you have, activate it on the Goddess and complete the final QTE here to ultimately defeat her.

Goddess Canna Final Boss Battle Youtube Video by user - TommyTrashTalk

Toggle Spoiler

Clear the game on Hero.

You will acquire this trophy when you complete the story mode on Hero Difficulty. Difficulty trophies do NOT stack.

Clear the game on Normal.

You will acquire this trophy when you complete the story mode on Normal Difficulty. Difficulty trophies do NOT stack.

Clear the game on Hard.

You will acquire this trophy when you complete the story mode on Hard Difficulty. Difficulty trophies do NOT stack.

Master Ninja
Clear the game on Master Ninja

You will acquire this trophy when you complete the story mode on Master Ninja Difficulty. Difficulty trophies do NOT stack.

Steel on Bone
Cut down 100 enemies with Steel on Bone attacks.

You will acquire this trophy as you normally play through the game. Simply kill your enemies and chain combos together and Ryu Hyabusa will automatically attack and slow motion slash through an enemy, demonstrating a steel on bone attack. These will occur automatically as you play so you won't even need to get this trophy.

I Got Your Back
Play a Co-op Ninja Trial with a partner.

For this trophy, play online and co-op any of the Ninja trials with another player. Once you complete any trial, you will achieve the trophy.

Play a Clan Battle.

Self explanatory, just go into clan battle and play one match. Complete a match and you will achieve this trophy.

Win 10 team battles.

Simply successfully win 10 team battles through online play on the game and you will achieve this trophy. To do this you're gong to have to win 10 separate clan battles, you should get this with little trouble however if you're finding it hard you can always boost it in private.

One Against the World
Win a battle royale match.

Self explanatory, win a battle royale match. Play clan battle and sometimes towards the end of the match a battle royale will randomly trigger, simply get the most kills and once the time runs out you will win the battle royale match. If you find it hard to do in a random match you can always boost it in private.

Perform a betrayal.

Perform a betrayal, in order to perform a betrayal you must play clan battle and get the contract. The contract is given to you randomly and you are asked to kill a teammate so you can switch teams. Once you get the contract, go over to the player you must kill and press, + After you perform a betrayal you should get the trophy.

This trophy was a pain for me and most people, I didn't get the contract until I was at level 99 but by then we figured a way how to boost it.

Boosting method:
Play a private match, set it up as 2 VS 2 and try and complete every contract you get and it should appear eventually. It took me about four matches to boost and I finally got the contract.

Here is a video to show you how performing a betrayal looks like by Youtube User - nonoNT

Toggle Spoiler

Perform a ghost kill.

Perform a ghost kill in clan battle by walking slowly towards the enemy and pressing You will know if you are doing it properly when you see that you are invisible.

You will get the trophy soon as your enemy is killed. If you are finding this difficult to do you can boost it, also it is a contract so you will get instructions to.

Here is a video to show you how performing a ghost kill looks like by Youtube User - nonoNT

Toggle Spoiler

An Honorable Death
Perform harakiri.

You won't be able to do this until you are level 26. Performing a harakiri is basically killing yourself when your health is low to stop you enemy from killing you. In clan battle, get your health really low and then hold to perform a harakiri.

You'll know when you can perform a harakiri because it will tell you on the screen and because you can't walk or fight very fast.

Here is a video to show you what performing a harakiri looks like - by Youtube User - nonoNT

Toggle Spoiler

Clear 10 Acolyte Trials.

Clear ten acolyte trials, there are ten to start off with but each dlc adds five more so that is ten out of twenty acolyte trials. These trials should be easy to do. There are two DLC packs available.

Clear 10 Mentor Trials.

Clear ten mentor trials, there are ten to start off with but each dlc adds five more so that is ten out of twenty mentor trials. These trials are slightly harder than the acolyte trials, but you should be able to do them by yourself. There are two DLC packs available.

Clear 5 Leader Trials.

Clear five leader trials, there are five to start off with but each dlc adds five more so that is five out of fifteen leader trials. These trials are slightly harder than the mentor trials and can be done by yourself, but if you are finding it hard you should ask a friend to join you. There are two DLC packs available.

Clear 5 Master Ninja Trials.

Clear 5 master trials, there are five to start off with but each dlc adds five more so that is five out of fifteen master trials. These are harder than the leader trials and can be done be yourself if you are really good, however I recommend you do these with a friend. Also, by now you should have your main weapon at level 10, which is max level, making sure you have learned all of the skills. There are two DLC packs available.

Master 02 and 05 is easier with the Scythe, and 04 is best to be done with the Claws.

Ultimate Ninja
Clear 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials.

Clear 3 ultimate trials, there are three to start off with but the dlc gives an extra two trials so that is three out of five ultimate trials. These are the hardest trials to complete in the game and you should only attempt these with a friend and have your weapons at max level.

Ultimate01 is the hardest out of the three and is best to be done with the sword, you need to kill the fourth and fifth Genshin at the same time because as soon as the fourth Genshin dies, two Fiend Genshin will drop down and then it will make the trial a lot harder to beat. It takes five Izuna Drops to kill Genshin, so you must perfect this otherwise there is no point in trying to proceed.

Ultimate 02 is the second hardest and the best weapon would be the claws. Make sure you know how to defeat each enemy on this level and don't waste your time to finish the enemy off, especially on the first wave... use this time to kill another enemy before others spawn, that is the key to this trial. Killing off a dying enemy will just make the others spawn faster, and unless you know what you're doing it will be too much to handle. On the last wave, make sure you or your friend walks the two bosses while the other kills the alchemists, then once you have both of you can fight the two bosses although it is best if one of you continues to walk one boss until the other boss has been killed.

Ultimate 03 is the easiest, and for me was the most enjoyable too. You can use any weapon but the Scythe make it fun to do. Just hold block and then perform a Izuna Drop anytime you can. For the last wave there will be three Fiend Ryu to take on. One of you must walk two and the other kills one boss, and then you can both take down the last two. Take advantage of the wall, run up it then jump and press triangle once they attempt to do an ultimate attack or a ninpo to evade.

Master of the Katana
Raise the katana to level 10.

Raise the Katana to level 10, which is the max level. It doesn't take long to level it up and you can do so by playing clan battle and the ninja trials, once you get the Katana at level 10 it will become the Dragon Sword.

You can boost this trophy by yourself or in private doing the trials, you should use this time to learn how to fight and get some experience in trial mode.

Here are a list of skills you will learn as you level up your Katana, credit to Platmatika412

*numbers indicate required levels*

1 - Technique Level 1
2 - Flying Swallow
3 - Technique Level 2
4 - Ultimate Technique Level 1
5 - Izuna Drop
6 - Technique Level 3
7 - Ultimate Technique Level 2
8 - Technique Level 4
9 - Ultimate Technique Level 3
10 - Dragon Sword

Hayabusa Style Grand Master
Reach level 50.

Reaching level 50 isn't as time consuming as you think if you plan on going for the platinum. You gain experience by playing clan battles or trial mode. Simply keep playing these modes until you reach level 50.

Play the Snowfield stage 10 times.

While playing online in clan battle, play the Snowfield stage 10 times for this trophy.

Guardian of the Village
Play the Hidden Village stage 10 times.

While playing online in clan battle, play the Hidden Village stage 10 times for this trophy.

Play the Watchtower stage 10 times.

While playing online in clan battle, play the Watchtower stage 10 times for this trophy.

Lone Ninja
Clear 10 Solo Ninja Trials.

NOTE: This trophy is known to be Glitched for some players!!! Complete it first before attempting any other trials online with other players!!

Simply complete any of the Ninja Trials alone and you will achieve this trophy. Try to play the Acolyte or Mentor trials alone as these will be the easiest to complete.

The Spice of Life
Get 10 customization parts.

You unlock items by completing a clan battle and by completing trials, there are various ways to unlock them and there are a lot of them so unlocking 10 won't be a problem.

Here is a list of items in the spoiler and other unlockables, credit to Plazmatika412.

Unlockable Gi (outfit) colors *numbers indicate required level*
  • 2 - Earth (Brown)

  • 5 - Ash (Grey)
  • 10 - Ice (White)
  • 15 - Sand (Yellow)
  • 20 - Fire (Reddish Orange)
  • 25 - Blood (Red)
  • 30 - Toad (Light Green)
  • 35 - Forest (Green)
  • 40 - Sky (Blue)
  • 45 - Twilight (Bluish Purple)
  • 50 - Amaranth (Purple)

Unlockable skills
  • 4 - Ghost Kill (Clan Battle only)

  • 7 - Ninpo Level 1

  • 11 - Falcon Dive (Clan Battle only)

  • 16 - Ninpo Level 2

  • 21 - Ninpo Level 3

  • 26 - Harakiri (Clan Battle only)

At levels 8, 12, 17 and 22 you unlock 2 more arrows each time for use in Clan Battle
At levels 9, 13, 18 and 23 you unlock 4 more shuriken each time for use in Clan Battle

The Adept and Mentor Armor and Headgear are the only level based unlocks, the rest of the Armor and Headgear are objective based.

Unlockable Armor and Headgear (Alphabetical)
  • Adept Armor and Headgear - Both unlock at level 3.

  • Bandage Armor (No Headgear) - Successfully betray your team one time in Clan Battle mode.

  • Black Spider Armor and Headgear - Clear one Ultimate Ninja Trial.

  • Crest Headgear (slightly resembles Ryu's forehead protector from Sigma 1, also no armor) - Clear 10 Acolyte Ninja Trials.

  • Crimson Demon Armor - Win one Team Battle in Clan Battle mode.

  • Crimson Demon Headgear - Win two Team Battles in Clan Battle mode.

  • Dark Ninja Armor and Headgear (VERY closely resembles Genshin's Mask, it just looks... softer and has the same 3 blades on the forearm and an eyepatch for authenticity!) - Clear three Ultimate Ninja Trials (WHAT!?).

  • Hanya Headgear (No Armor) - Clear five Leader Ninja Trials.

  • Hyottoko Headgear (Hard to describe, kind of like a surprised old lady with her lips perked off to the side, weird.) - Clear one Master NInja Trial.

  • Magojiro Headgear (No Armor. Another hard to describe one. I don`t even know I would describe this one actually) - Clear three Master Ninja Trials.

  • Mentor Armor and Headgear - Both unlock at level 6

  • Nioh Headgear (No Armor. Angry looking mask thing...) - Clear five Master Ninja Trials.

  • Okame Headgear (No Armor. A chubbier, happier looking version of the Magojiro Headgear) - Clear two Master Ninja Trials.

  • Old Man Armor - Kill one leader in Clan Batte mode.

  • Old Man Headgear - Kill two leaders in Clan Battle mode.

  • Regent Armor and Headgear (Can you guess what it looks like?) - Clear two Ultimate Ninja Trails.

  • Scarlet Headgear (No Armor) - Clear one Mentor Trial.

  • Shuriken Headgear (No Armor) - Clear ten Mentor Trials.

  • Tengu Headgear (Shame it doesn`t look like the DOA Tengu. No Armor.) - Clear four Master Ninja Trials.

  • Three Strokes Headgear (Looks like a solid metal forehead protector with holes arranged in various rows of three. No Armor.) - Clear five Acolyte Ninja Trials.

  • Trainee Headgear (Hard to describe. No Armor.) - Clear one Leader Ninja Trial.

  • Wanderer Armor - Win one Battle Royale in Clan Battle in Clan Battle mode.

  • Wanderer Headgear (Looks like Raiden hat from MK) - Win two Battle Royales in Clan Battle Battle mode.

  • White Fox Headgear (No Armor. Looks like an Anbu mask, if you`re familiar with Naruto) - Successfully betray your team two times in Clan Battle mode.

Walking Dictionary
Get 100 kanji.

A Kanji is a system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters and you can earn these symbols by completing a trial, online or offline, and by completing a clan battle. You might get two at once but no matter what you will always get one by completing a clan battle or a trial. You don't have to worry about getting this trophy, you should get it eventually.


  • My Guide Writing Partner Dragon1Ninja

  • Youtube User - TommyTrashTalk, for the creation of the Boss Videos on Youtube.

  • Youtube User - nonoNT, for trial and online videos on Youtube

  • Plazmatika412 - Trophy tips for Dragon1ninja

  • Ballz - Trophy tips and Ninja Gaiden 3 Discussions

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