Eat Your Words
Eat the words NOBY NOBY BOY within the manual or in the staff credits

Press select to enter the manual and scroll down to the table of contents. Press to allow the character to eat the letters by pressing (L2) and eat any part of:
1. About NOBY NOBY BOY in the table of contents to go to that section. Once you are in the section carefully eat the words 'NOBY NOBY BOY' in the title, nothing else. If you mess up just press select to exit the manual and then select again to re-enter it and try again. Once you have successfully eaten the NOBY NOBY BOY words you will get the trophy.

Report a Length of exactly 765m to GIRL

Basically stretch yourself out by holding the L Stick and R Stick in the opposite directions. Shrink yourself by pressing L3 and/or R3. Check your length often by holding the L Stick up and pressing start, it will say your length under the 'Report' option at the top. Once you get to about 750m shrink yourself all the way down and carefully stretch yourself out a little at a time and let go and check your length. If you go over just Report whatever length you are at and try again, may take a few tries.

The Prince
Take the Prince for a ride.

Go into the BOY House and keep going through maps until you find a map with Katamari in it. Once you get to one search around for Prince. Get Prince to hop on your back and walk around to get the Trophy.

Update: I've been told by many people that the Prince is always located somewhere on the newest planet reached, I haven't touched the game in forever so I can't confirm this.

In case you are unsure what Prince looks like here is a picture of him:

Make BOY's body grow thicker while keeping his head small.

Basically what you have to do is stretch out BOY and then eat until BOY is full to his head. once he can't eat anymore hold L3 until he is back to his smallest form then stretch him back out again. keep doing that and after a little while BOY's rear will be bigger than his front, might take 6-10 times of doing this buy you will get it.

Combined Character
Create a combined character by eating an animal and a human or a fruit and a human.

Find a map with Humans and fruit/animals. make sure your stomach is empty then eat a human and a animal or fruit. once you have those two things in your stomach (nothing else or it won't work) press R2 to poop them out and they will combine into one creature.

Take 10 inhabitants for a ride.

Find a map where there alot of animals or people or some other living things wandering around and stretch yourself out as far as you can go[/SIZE] and just sit in the general areas where the living things are gathering and wait for them to hop on you. Best done on a map where there are little to no vehicles.

Eat 20 inhabitants.

Easiest to do on a highly populated map, make yourself really long and eat as many people and living things as you can until you get this trophy.

Stretch BOY to a length of 100m.

Just keep holding L2 and R2 in the opposite directions until you get the trophy.

Bye-Bye BOY
Meet up with Bye-Bye BOY.

Enter the BOY House and go to Quit Game and select yes. Bye-Bye Boy will show up and tell you to press the PS Button to exit the game. You should have gotten the trophy.

The BOY House
Rotate the roof of the BOY House.

Enter the BOY House (walk up to it and press R2) and spin the roof with the R2 stick.

The Space Squirrel
Find the Space Squirrel.

Hold the L Stick up and press start and submit a Report. while it is submitting a little squirrel will appear in the bottom right corner.

BOY Quiz Expert
Answer all questions correctly in the BOY Quiz.

When you first start the game Fairy will quiz you on the controls of the game. You can't get a question wrong so go through it and at the end you will get the Trophy.

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