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1 or 2 (Depends if you would like to play on Hardcore mode in the beginning. If that is the case then remand yourself to only one playthrough.)
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Heralder No More
Destroy a Heralder carrier on any difficulty

The easiest way to accomplish this is on the first mission. One of the secondary objectives is to destroy the Heralder ship. The best way to approach this ship is from behind. Also, you can use the right analog stick to fire a second shot while firing your primary weapon. You have a limited time to accomplish this mission so quickly fire, retreat fire, retreat and repeat as necessary.

Broken Falchion
Shoot down a Falchion destroyer on any difficulty

The Falchion is found on the second stage. As with the Heralder ship, it would be prudent to allow the ship lee-way until the Falchion has left the island where it began its flight. Once again attack from the flanks and back.

Champion of Praxor
Finish the second stage on any difficulty

Complete all primary objectives in order to finish the level.

Destroy 500 aerial opponents on any difficulty

Aim for any and all flying opponents. There are plenty enough flying enemies to where you need to Rambo every stage.

Defender of Khara
Finish the fourth stage on any difficulty

At the beginning of the level head North, and in a clockwise motion begin to complete each objective highlighted with a red arrow. Avoid the suicide planes through the mid-point of the stage and you should come out with only a few dings.

Ground Sweeper
Destroy 200 Draelus ground structures on any difficulty[/SIZE]

Using , fire upon all turrets and enemy structures and over time you will achieve the trophy.

Searer Extinguished
Destroy the Searer on Tolak on any difficulty

The Searer is the final objective on Stage 5. Use all of your Level 3 weapons and take the Searer one side at a time.

Master of Arms
Unlock the final ship on any difficulty

You must not die for little over two stages to acquire all Level 3 weapon upgrades.

Savior of Tolak
Finish the sixth stage on any difficulty

This stage is quite difficult. Focus on eliminating the enemies near the teleporter first and protect those transports.

Defeat the game on RECRUIT difficulty of higher

Pretty simple on Recruit mode. I would recommend doing this first in order to understand the gameplay, and you can achieve 50% of the trophies by playing on this difficulty.

Reckoning Force
Defeat the game on SOLDIER difficulty or higher

Self explanatory. Refer to "Legendary" trophy.

Defeat the game on VETERAN difficulty or higher

Self explanatory. Refer to "Legendary" trophy.

Defeat the game on HARDCORE difficulty

This setting is very difficult. The best way to do this is to fire, retreat, wait for shield recharge, and attack again. Take your time and use your higher hitting weapons when cornered to secure an escape route. The difficulty trophies do in fact stack once you finish the Hardcore difficulty stages.

Don't You Die on Me
The friendly rebel Heralder must survive through the end of Khara (Stage 3)

Play Stage 3 on Recruit and once the Heralder arrives eliminate all enemies surrounding the ship and move ahead of the ship a little bit to preemptively eliminate enemies before you and the Heralder are surrounded.

Abrupt Ending
Prevent the Harbringer from reaching its final destination

The Harbringer is by far one of the most annoying enemies in this game and it is difficult to destroy him before it reaches the checkpoint. Here are some general tips to get you through him. Be aware that he needs to be defeated in phases because of his armor and the other airships that will surround you in a heartbeat.

1. Use your heavy rockets at the very beginning to take out the outer shell. You will see the Harbringer disperse some enemies but if you use your electric mines properly then the enemies will continue to drop more ammo for you.
2. Destroy the shield generators as quickly as possible to force it from the its first stop to the second while so you can take down its three primary weapon locations.
3. It will regain those shield generators so continue to attack them and any turrets you come across using the electric mines. The mines will harm any enemies that get near it so keep that in mind when moving around to dodge attacks.
4. Be aware that the Harbringer has 8 outer shell areas (weapons, hangars, and the shield generators). The hangers will replenish your ammo with the enemies it spews out and the weapon portions of the ship can be avoided without too much trouble. The only kicker to this whole process if trying to destroy it before it reaches the fourth stop. It will take a couple of tries but if you use the Heavy Rockets and electric mines you will defeat it in time.

Finish the game without failing a single objective on any difficulty

The trophy may be achieved by completing all of the objectives on the first playthrough on the Recruit difficulty. This trophy will be in conjunction with the "Heralder No More" trophy.

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