[top]About this game

One Piece: Unlimited World Red is an Action / Adventure video game based on the famous One Piece manga and anime. This is the thirty-sixth video game based on the series, and the fifth title in the "Unlimited" sub-series. Published by Bandai Namco Games.

The unlimited series brings a mix of sandbox type freedom of gameplay with a Dynasty Warrior type fighting system. There are also many mini games, which help reward you with daily rewards of pirate points and materials for crafting. The PS3 version was released to North America on July 8th 2014.

Playable Characters:

[top]Controls & Basic Info

Normal attack. Each character has a different punch, kick, or slash.
When not in a fight, you still attack trees, crates, etc

Heavy attack. Each character has a different attack.
Holding this button does a different attack.
Holding this button as Franky will make a barrel tank.
While in town, used to propel yourself around town

While in town, this is used to enter or interact with things.
While in a mission, used to dodge, block, chase, or roll out of the way.
Specific characters can repel projectiles, pursue (or chase) a enemy on the ground, or steal items or money.
During a mission but not in a fight, if you are a specific character, you can use their special skill to reach a high area, run through water, cut a gate down, dig, attract a bug, or read a artifact.

While in a menu, this is used to make a selection
While in town or missions, you can use this to jump
Combos Mixing and : different patterns of attacks.
Mix to dodge and zip to the next enemy
Mix in with your or to do jump attacks.
While in a mission, this button switches characters
Pauses the game
Brings up your special attack menu. Holding this button down and pressing another button, it will do the attack selected
If a ally says a strong word, the prompt will show up. Pressing it will give a answer and benefit you in some way, whether its a small heal or stat boost.
While exploring town, if a villager tells you something, this button will answer them.
Brings up your special attack menu. Holding this button down and pressing another button, it will do the attack selected
Special Attack By holding either or , it will show a small map with different options. There is a level 1 special if you press , level 2 special if you press , a link attack with , and a special skill / attack if you press . Sanji has a healing skill, while Luffy has a attack for his special
Some characters need to obtain their action word before doing certain attacks.
Moves your camera around
& Used to move the camera angle behind your character
When held down, it will focus your aim toward a enemy
Used to move your character
& While in a mission, cycles through your items
In a menu, can be used to change the selection

While in a mission, pressing these will use the item you have selected.
In a menu, can be used to change the selection

[top]Read Before Buying!

This section is for commonly asked questions. If you were on the fence about buying this game, hope this helps!
  • This game has Japanese language only. There are english subtitles if you don't know Japanese.
  • When jumping around town, beware of which direction you're facing. It gets annoying when you start going past your target area.
  • In order to get the platinum trophy, you will have to do alot of grinding.
  • If you're not familiar with the story of One Piece, you will still find this game enjoyable. I do suggest you find out more about the characters, as their abilities are explained in the story line.

[top]Related Games

One Piece: Pirate Warriors
Dynasty Warrior type of gameplay.
Dynasty Warrior type of gameplay.


Players: 1-2 players
Online: No online
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 Playthroughs
Collectible Trophies: 4 (collect entries for all characters, sea creatures, animals, & collect all the word entries)
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Battle Tips & Strategies
  • Invincible player: Although playing with 2 players makes the screens smaller, the second player is immortal, taking no damage. This makes missions easier when player 2 can do all the hard work with no risk of losing health. Player 1 can still die, and if there are no other characters, player 1 has to be present, taking over any characters left, and pushing player 2 ofline.
  • Use your allies: While in a mission, you can take up to 3 characters. You can switch control of who you'er playing as with . When you're low on health, let your allies do all the work or switch to another character. Your A.I. allies are immortal, so they won't take damage. Any characters the A.I. controls will do half the damage then if you was controling that character
  • Offense is a a defense: Many instances, hitting an enemy first will stun or push them back, making their attacks useless. Also, some characters can give the enemy a negative status.
  • Dodge and weave: When in a fight, always be ready to dodge a attack or press the prompt to teleport out of the way. You can also dodge attacks by switching characters. If your character is caught in a special attack and cannot get away fast enough, switch characters and hopefully they are out of the attack range.
  • Use your words: Before selecting a mission, check the custom and item words you have equipted. While in a mission, you can use your item words before the enemy even spawns. Also remember that most item words you use benefit the whole team. So stacking attack bonuses will make your characters do massive damage. Every mission you play, you will obtain newer equitable words. Double check what you have selected.
  • Have a balanced diet: In addition to your equitable words, you can visit the restaurant to beef up your characters. Different recipes will give either a permanent boost to health, attack, or both. Just like crafting anything, it will use up some materials.
  • Shop around: Among the different shops and restaurants, each location sells certain items. Check each to see which materials are on sale, and if you own less than 10 of that material, buy it. Some materials will resupply in between missions, while a handful disappear after a certain amount of time.
  • Daily rewards for mini games: Located on every stage and around town are mini games that will reward you with materials. In addition to the animal catching or fishing mini games, there are 4 more located in town. The prices to pay are really cheap, and you could win pirates points once a day for each game. The materials you get are usually useless common items, but each day a specific item will be your reward. Check back daily to find out what that reward is, then if it is an item you need, go ahead and replay for more.
  • Mission Strategy: The special attack meter is located under your health bar. It will fill each time you hit enemies, get hurt, or will recharge if you have a custom word that has that effect. Save your special attacks for specific situations. Do link attacks to clear all the normal enemies, and use your special attacks to target large enemies or bosses. Each character has unique special attacks. Experiment to see what they do, and figure out which characters you prefer to play as. When you time your special attack correctly, it can stun the enemy generals and take out massive damage.
  • Get to know your character: There are 9 plalyable characters to get used to during the story mode, with a handful of others specific to quests or the coliseum mode. Get used to your character: their range of attacks, which attacks give knock the enemy down or stun them, the type of special attacks they can do, and how they dodge. Some characters jump backward instead of completely dodging, or have a jump attack that is better than their regular attack. Just be ready to experiment.
  • Character Strategies:
    • Luffy: Use his jump attack when far away from the enemy, as he will teleport close to the enemy. From far away, use to grab an enemy and throw them without having to get close. His level 1 special attack is good against bosses, and his Grizzly Magnum attack works well on large groups of normal enemies.
    • Zoro: Good upclose attacker. Has the best attack boosting item words.
    • Nami: Best character to get money. Her attacks arnt powerful, but her combo is easy to control. She also can set up a cloud with , and to spring the trap press the same button.
    • Usopp: Long ranged attacker. Best character to collect animals
    • Robin: Her attack will stun enemies, and you can keep mashing it to kill off large groups.
    • Chopper: One of the only characters with a healing special attack. His attacks are strong, but he is better as an ally, not playing him directly.
    • Sanji: One of the only characters to have healing special attacks. His attacks are quick but his combos are hard to control.
    • Brook: Has some quick attacks, but his combo is hard to control.
    • Franky: Best long range attacker, and his nukes (last part of his combo) does the most damage. He also has a good jump attack, although he isn't very useful against fast moving bosses. He can build a barrel tank, which does ok damage to bosses, and has the best defensive item words.

Collecting tips
  • Collect items: Almost everywhere you go, there are items you can collect. Items drop from trees, weeds, enemies, etc. You can also collect bugs and fish by capturing them. In many cases, these things will respawn within a minute, giving you an unlimited supply if you have the time to wait. Many items are needed to upgrade places in town, upgrade your fishing pole and insect net, and the "words" that strengthen your characters.
  • Money Problems: Easiest way to get loads of money is to replay the mission "Wandering Barrels". In this mission, you have to defeat Caribou, a pirate that hides in a barrel, 5 times. Using Nami (Orange hair girl), when Caribou is on the ground, mash to steal. Caribou drops old coins, an item that can be sold for 3,000 beli.
  • Always check your equipment: When going back into the feld or doing a mission that the goal is to collect stuff, check what custom words and item words you have equipted. Some words give better chances to find collectable items or bonuses when catching animals, giving you an advantage)
  • Collecting using characters: Most of the characters have a special skill that gets them access to hard to reach areas. Examples are Luffy can propell himself up certain cliffs, Robin can read artifacts, Brook can run over water, Usoph can attract beatles, Zoro can cut down fenses, and chopper can dig. In addition to these special traits, certain characters have a higher chance of catching animals or getting money over others. Nami is a theif so she gets more money, and Usoph seems to have better skill at catching animals.


Step 1: Start a new game
Start going through the story, completing at least the first chapter (after you fight Caesar on that giant pink slime.) This will get you a few material items, and free your captive allies (Zorro and Franky). From that point on, you can explore the town and replay the first area, with 2 crew members to accompany you.

Step 2: Finish Story mode

I recommend you finish the main story (all 8 chapters and defeat Red), to get the story trophies. You will fight Red if Pato the raccoon is outside your Inn. By now you should have some characters trained, and a handful of words that will come in handy when you start your new game plus. After the credits roll, you should be at the main menu. From there, play the coliseum mode.

Step 3: Complete Coliseum mode

In coliseum mode, you get to play through different scenarios. There are 1 vs 1 character duels, 2 vs a handful of normal enemies, boss rush, special fights, and a few more playable characters than in story mode. During your playing, if you complete certain conditions, you can unlock characters, missions for story mode, or items for story mode. I suggest you play coliseum and achieve all the rewards before starting the next step, New Game Plus

Step 4: New Game Plus
After you beat the last story mission, you get to start your new game on a harder difficulty. Everything stays unlocked except you lose all your playable characters and have to redo the story missions to unlock them again. All battles will have harder enemies, with more health. It will be harder, but not by much.

Training will be easier now that they give more exp. You will also want to collect all types of materials to upgrade your words, cook dishes, or to craft items. Once you redo all the chapters and beat Red again, continue your main story and move to the next step.

Step 5: Quests
Head over to the Tavern, and start completing quests. There are many diferent types of quests, like collect items, defeat a specific boss, defeat enemies, or race to the exit type missions. If your running into problems, leveling your characters usually helps

While in the Tavern, complete the Boss Battles as well. There are only 16 of them.

Lastly, complete scratch cards. If you're short on a specific character coin, use them in your missions. With all the quests you went through, you should have a nice collection of coins.

Step 6: Clean Up
By now there are only a handful of trophies left to work on. Pick a trophy, then work on that till you obtain it. Look to the specific trophy sections for help. If a trophy is still giving you problems, PM me here so I can help update any info to better help you.

[top]Collectables: Strong Word Collection

Below are links to a separate thread, each name linking to a different entry within that thread. This seperate collectable guide's info was created and and collected by myself, including info such as: all the words that character has to obtain, and Some helpful tips or hints on where to get it. If you need more info or help, Pm me here.

Monkey D. Luffy
Roronoa Zoro
Tony Tony Chopper
Nico Robin
Team Words

[top]Item Finding Help

Among the many items you will obtain naturally, there are a handful of hard to find items throughout this game. If you're having a hard time finding a specific item, Pm me here. I will add that info to the table below, to help others with the same problem. Also note that some of these rare items can be obtained through quests, crafted in the Factory, purchased from stores, and unlocked as prizes in the coliseum. I do not reccomend powering up each and every word for your characters. Just upgrade the words you have equipped.

Item Name Type Known Locations Helpful Tips
Cow Bull Insect Punk Hazard: Left part of fire map
Alabasta: City stairs
This is a rare drop, and can be caught anywhere a orange porcupine animal can be caught.
Rarely can be purchased from the 2nd General Store.
Dragon Bird Beetle Punk Hazard Punk Hazard, where you run into the barrier. Check on the tree.
Treasure Pearl Clam Fish Town Center Dock This is a rare find, although if the mini game buttons are really spaced out, it could be a clam. Upgrading your fishing pole may be required
Don Praying Mantis Butterfly Fishmen Island Although this is a rare find, it has a better chance if you're catching it on Fishmen Island.
Land Gator Lizard Alabasta Alabasta city outside the city stairs

[top]Boss Fight Help

This section is for those that need help defeating a specific boss character. Each of the names below will be linked to the thread with their information. The link will lead to either a description on this guide, or my Boss Fighting Guide in the forum.


I Will Be Pirate King!
Earn all voyages.

Congrats, me hearty!
Ye 'ave completed all th' challenges 'n achieved th' platinum trophy. Ye may be on yer way t' becomin' th' Pirate Kin'!
Time t' do a dance 'o jig t' celebrate!

Congrats, my friend!
You have completed all the challenges and achieved the platinum trophy. You may be on your way to becoming the Pirate King!
Time to dance a jig to celebrate!

Prologue Complete
Finish the prologue.

~Story Related~

Start a new game and get past all the cut scenes. Once you have control of Luffy, run forward and talk to any villagers. Around town, wander forward till you find the town center. You will recognize it as a large round area close to the water. Up some stairs is a building with a bed and you have to talk to the guy outside to move to the next story related scene.

After getting the hint from that person about the inn keeper, head to the town center and complete your first fight. As a reward for saving the inn keeper, she will feed you and let you stay at that inn for free. This is your first chance to save. After, Pato will come in and let you know that your friends are gone, then you regain control of Luffy.

Prologue Completed

Episode 1 Complete
Finish Episode 1.

~Story Related~

Head out to the Thousand Sunny, the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates (has a big lion head). From here, select the first story mission, Punks Hazard.

For this first mission, Luffy is followed by Pato, the raccoon. In the story mission levels, you don't have to fight every enemy you come across. You will know if you're trapped in an area if you're surrounded by a purple invisible wall. To get past this point, you have to clear the area of enemies.

It is recommended that on your first playthrough, you collect any items, break any crates, and defeat all enemies. Stop every now and then to fight and gain experience and collect items. The experience will help you level up, making fights easier, while the items you obtain will help upgrade different things, which can also make fights easier to survive. Both will come naturally, but some training / gathering is needed. Skipping over all optional fights will make your characters at a low level, and make boss fights difficult.

Here are the steps to progress through this mission:
Defeat the dragon. Pretty much rush up to the enemy and start hitting it with attacks. When the prompt to dodge comes up, mash the button to avoid any damage. The dragon has a few attacks, like a tail whip, rushing forward, flying up and dropping down, and a bite attack.
At some point there will be a wall with an X in it. Getting close will give you a prompt to press and check it out. To progress further, you have to follow the riddle and find a key "word" that unlocks it. The key usually will be obtained after a fight, so back run around a bit and see which group of enemies respawn.
Get to the end of this map and continue to the second part of the stage.
Run straight and don't make any turns. You will find yourself in a open area.
Defeat the boss, Caesar

Caesar is an odd character, and will be on top of a slime, called Smiley, most of the match. He will have a laser beam attack, rushes forward to ram you, and if the big slime gets the candy, a wave of poison will fill the map. In addition, the stage will have multiple small slimes spawn.
Avoid the slimes and their attacks, which poison you, and jump to hit Caesar. Jump attacks are the way to hurt him while he is on the big slime.
After a while, Caesar will fall down to the ground. Rush in and give him a few combo hits, or use your special attack if you can. Special attacks take out large chunks of a boss, and stuns them if timed correctly.

After this fight, a scene will play out. Trophy will pop up shortly after.

Episode 2 Complete
Finish Episode 2.

~Story Related~

Second stage, Alabasta.

Going forward, stay along the right side. You want to head towards the water. You will hit 2 groups of enemies that need to be defeated before advancing. Check the map often, as some parts of this stage lead to a dead end.

You will have to jump on a few stepping stones to get to the middle island, then more stepping stones to get to the third island.

Again, stay along the right side, and you will find another group you have to defeat. From here, if you're looking at the map, in the upper left corner, you will see odd shapes. That is a small ghost town. Continue to the top of the map and you will find a blockage keeping you from the next area.

This barrier requires 2 key words. The first can be found by the ghost town. The second will require you to backtrack to the middle island and defeat the group of enemies that show up. Once you have these two keys, go past the barrier.

You will end up in front of the city steps. Run through the city till the end, where a large group keeps you from progressing to the 3rd part of this level, a desert field for the boss battle.

This is the boss fight against Crocodile, a sand user. He usually just stands in one location, and when you get close he will teleport away from you. You will know where he is because he turns into a ball of sand and floats to where he will appear next. Every now and then he will rush forward and slash with a sand sword. You can tell when he will do this attack as he will be holding a sand blade in his hand. He may also teleport towards you, then use this slash technique, although he usually targets your allies.

He also enjoys making a sand twister in front of him, so attack from his sides or back to avoid getting hit with it. You will know when this attack shows when he starts the twister in his hand before deploying it.

If he teleports to the top of a building, run either to the left or right. He will create a large sand sword, and cut the field in half. Which ever side you are on will be where he spawns. After a while, he will disappear again, a large twister will appear in the center, and rejoin the two sides.

The best way to damage him (or any boss) is to power your attack with everyone's item words, then hit him with your special attack. Wait for him teleport and then reappear before using your special attack. If you time it right he will be stunned. If you time it wrong, he will teleport away and you will miss.

Defeat him to complete Chapter 2

Episode 3 Complete
Finish Episode 3.

~Story Related~

Third stage, Enis Lobby

This stage is one of the largest stages, having about 10 different areas. You will only need to run through 5 area for this story mission.

First part, you're outside the town walls. Just keep running toward the building, and enter the front doors

Second part, you will be in the empty town with houses to your left and right. Head straight and take the next left available (all other paths are blocked). From there, fight a group, then progress up the stairs. At this point you will find a barrier, which requires you to backtrack a bit to find the key word. After getting through the barrier, jump down, go down some stairs, and you will run into another group you have to defeat. After, there are a few different stairs to run up. After finding the correct stairs, you will be prompted to "move to the next area". Press and project yourself to the roof.

This next area is on top of the building. You will have to defeat all the enemies to proceed to inside the tower. If you have Usopp, this is where you shoot the flag with a fire bird seed.

The fourth area is inside the tower, where there are multiple rooms to fight people and collect materials. From here, go right and down stairs running to the end of this area. Lucci will give a small animation, then jump upward. Go to the center of this room, and jump upward as well (another prompt will show when in position) and fight the boss. If you go to the door behind him, thats a different area.

Lucci is the boss, and has this area all to himself.
Lucci turns into a Cheetah half breed, and his moves make him look like he is teleporting. One of his attacks (that he does alot) is he jumps into the air and hovers there. While he is off the ground, behind him cannons fire large projectiles on the stage. They land at the very front and continue towards the back, away from the balcony. You will see a shadow before it hits the ground, so avoid dark areas.

He also likes to do rapid fire punch, so just dodge backward if he lands and starts to do a flurry of punches.

Lastly, he likes to teleport behind you, kick you up, then push you against the back wall. If you think you're gonna get hit by this, try to switch to the weakest character. You might miss the attack completely, or if it does hit, at least its not your strongest character.

He likes to teleport, so like Crocodile, just be ready to attack when he lands. If you have a special attack ready, wait till he appears then use it. Timing it too late will mean he moved already.

After you beat this stage, you unlock Robin, Sanji, Nami, and Brook. Chapter 3 complete.

Episode 4 Complete
Finish Episode 4.

~Story Related~

Fourth stage, Fishman Island

This colorful stage is filled with half breed fishmen pirates. Pretty much keep an eye on the map, because you can tell which way you're going and if thats correct or not. Head to the top of the map, and the barrier will give you a hint. Pretty much go around the loop once more, and get the key word by defeating a group of pirates.

On the second part of this stage, you will be clearing areas, then teleporting to another section via waterfall teleportation. You will see the barrier, on the second section, and run into the key word on the third. Head past the barrier and past the gates to get to a small circular area, with Hody.

Hody is a half shark, half pirate person. He only has 3 different type of attacks. His first is he makes a ball and spins towards you. His attack, while spinning, only goes straight and continues to the edge of the map, and he continues to do this for 4 to 5 times. His second attack makes water sharks that fly towards you. Lastly, he creates a water column come up from the ground, usually where you were standing.

His attacks arnt hard to dodge, but he moves very fast so sometimes its just better to dodge the whole time.

After his defeat, you will talk with Red for a bit, then he will summon Whitebeard

Whitebeard only has only 3 attacks, and doesn't move away from the middle. He either does a back to front attack, a left and right attack, or a smash attack that hits where ever you were standing. All these attacks continue to the edge of the area, so be sure to dodge completely, not just in the same line of attack.

Episode 5 Complete
Finish Episode 5.

~Story Related~

Fifth stage, Drum Kingdom

This snowy wonderland is where Chopper first came into the story. The first half of the stage, you're running through a forest and ending up in a deserted town. Just before going to the next area, you will face Wapol.

Wapol is a character that uses his mouth for most attack. This whole fight you're avoiding Wapol's attacks and fighting lots of normal enemies. The boss fight will win if Wapol is defeated. He uses his mouth for all his attacks.

He really only has 2 attacks: A rush forward with his mouth open, and a disappearing move. He will dig into the ground, and reappear to ambush you. After he disappears, he will create multiple mounds of snow. He will be under one of them, and if he appears near you, he will catch you in his mouth and chew you. Any time you're caught in his mouth, he is doing damage to you.

Second half of this stage, you're at the base of the mountain, and you need to hike up. Again, check your map, because there are sections that are dead ends. At the very end of this first area, the blockage will ask you back track to the base of the mountain to obtain the key word. After you get through that, you're going to fight Blackbeard.

Blackbeard starts by jumping into the center and creating a purple quicksand area. There are large pieces of rock that will drop, and it is best if you stay out of the sand. Once he makes the purple sand disappear, he will send whomever he caught into the air for some massive damage.

In addition to that attack, he runs up to you and sucks air in your direction. To avoid damage, stand behind one of those large rocks, and he will suck that up and take damage. Lastly, he will jump up and land close to you. Just avoid standing still if he is in the air.

After you defeat him, chapter 5 is over.

Episode 6 Complete
Finish Episode 6.

~Story Related~

Chapter 6, Skypiea

This fluffy tropical area is where Enru, a god, rules. The first area is pretty much running along the beach. Not very difficult

The second part, you're running through the forest. Check the map to make sure you're not running into a dead end, but if you follow the purple statues, you will be going the right direction (just keep going straight the whole time.

After you exit the second part, you will be fighting Enru.

This fight, he has changed into his large god form, while you're stuck on a small floating platform. His attacks are hard to dodge, but if you have Franky, you can block it all instead of running away.

Enru is far away from the platform you're standing on, so use projectile attacks most of the time. Only time to attack him close range is if he is reaching his arms towards you, or if you jump and Luffy can stretch a bit.

Attacks to watch out for is his laser, which starts in the center and goes towards you. He also summons thunder from above. You will know where it will land as the ground lights up before they strike. Lastly, he tries to crush you with his hand, which is easy to dodge and leaves him open to attacks.

Beat him and chapter 6 ends.

Episode 7 Complete
Finish Episode 7.

~Story Related~

Chapter 7, Mt. Corvo

This first section, there is only one way to go, to the top of the map (going left is blocked for now). There will be a barrier, and the key word in inside a barrel around one of the houses.

After proceeding to the next section, you have to run through the winding routes till you get to the large open area. Here is a mandatory fight with a group of wild animals. Continue onto the third section.

You can recognize where you are if you have to cross a bridge. Stay along the left side, and you will find a barrier at the end. The two key words you need are obtained on the two right fields. Get those keys and then continue past the barrier

Last area, boss fight. This time the boss you have to fight is Ace, Luffy's (adopted) brother. This will be a 1 on 1 fight, as Luffy wants to take him on solo. Ace has fire based attacks, being quick with his kicks. He also does a special attack, where he creates a large fireball, and throws it down. you can avoid damage by just running away from where you were.

The main strategy to defeat him is to do your combo. Continue to press till Luffy does that 2 hand punch. This will result in a jump attack, ending with Luffy punching him to the ground. If you start this combo before he gets up, Ace will stand just in time to get pushed down again. Keep him from doing attacks, and use special attacks to take out large chunks.

After this battle, there is a nice animation. Chapter 7 complete.

Episode 8 Complete
Finish Episode 8.

~Story Related~

Chapter 8, Marineford

This is the last area and one of the easiest. The first part is a large map filled with deserted land and broken ships. As a story mission, you can't get lost.

The second section is also predetermined, and you can't get lost.

After a scene plays, Ace will reappear to help save the day. the first boss fight is Ace against Akoji. You get to play as Ace for this fight. Use aces quick kicks and special attack to defeat this dude. Ace's special attack is similar to Franky's, where its a long range attack. Keep some distance between you and your target, and make sure your aiming straight. Activating the special attack will stun Akoji, but it is still possible to miss. If anything, aim for an area on the ground, because once it hits the ground, it will cover an small area.

He uses ice attacks, which can freeze you in place for a short amount of time, so if you do get in close, retreat after the combo. To get out of there quick, use Ace's jump attack, which will make him a small fireball speeding off. Also, Akoji can teleport a bit. Not as much as crocodile.

The second fight is Luffy and Ace against Akinan, a magma user.

He has a flame punch, a jump up and punch attack, and a attack that he teleports to the top of a wall and sends magma fists rain down. He also powers himself up by putting on magma armor. When he does a regular punch, if you dodge it and he hits a wall of ice, it will shoot anyone down with water, stunning them. Use this time to do damage and any special attacks while he is stunned.

Final Episode Complete
Finish the final episode.

~Story Related~

After you complete chapter 8, you will end up at the town inn. Save and leave the inn. Prepare your characters for a boss fight and then talk to Pato, the raccoon, who will be standing outside the inn and will have a orange bubble with a !

After a short animated scene, you will be fighting Redfield. This fight has 3 parts

Part 1
Redfield will be half vampire. He has a small handful of attacks, but he projects his intentions and is easy to read his next attack.

His regular attack is just him rushing forward then swinging his umbrella. Jump or dodge to the side to avoid damage
He will sometimes make a black fog, which makes it hard to see anything. Depending on his form, if he isnt a vampire, he will throw a leaf and do this fog attack. Look out for his red eyes and just keep attacking in all directions. Best way to get past this is use Franky's build a tank skill (hold ) and then jump in with . Once inside, aim where you think he is, and fire off all 10 of your rounds. Each shot will do damage in an area, so if red is nearby, he will take damage. If the tank is hit once or runs out of ammo, it will fall apart. This will negate an attack, so if your hit with something strong, at least you didn't take that damage.

If you hurt him enough while in the fog, he will go into a stunned mode. If not, he will jump up and do a smash attack on the ground. Just run away from where you used to be.

He sometimes sends out projectile blades, which look like lances. These can be dodged by pressing , although there are multiple and if you dodge the first, you can still get hit by the second or third. You can tell its his attack he brings out his umprella open, and ends up his umbrella pointing in your direction.
He also can make clones, which turn into blades towards you. Just follow Pato to find the real one, and dodge the others when they turn to blades.
He sends out umbrellas spinning like little shields, but after they get far enough, you can get in there for a few hits before he moves again.
Lastly, he absorbed part of Enru's thunder attack, Akoji's ice attack, or Akaina's meteor fist attacks. When these attacks come out, just keep running around the outer rim till its over. Akoji's attack will be recognized by him standing here with his umbrella open, as if it will rain. Around him will be a swirl of blue ice. Stay away from him during this time, as it will freeze you, then damage you again. Enru's thunder attack will aim for where you are, with multiple bolts. keep running around. Jinbe's water attack.Later, Pato turns into a pen, and he uses it like a sword. If you don't damage him enough, he will use the pen to create a large ship, which will drop on the stage and instantly kill your character.

After you get him close to defeated, he will regenerate all his health. Another scene will play where Luffy gives up his youth.
During this portion of the battle, just wait till he gets close and punch him. Your punch will be weak and do almost no damage, but it's a story related battle. After you get a prompt to catch his punch, he will return your health to you and the fight continues.

On this third part, it pretty much is exactly the same as the first. Just beat him down till he is defeated.

Good Timing
Perform an action correctly.

Throughout the many fights you will face, there will be many prompts telling you to dodge, counter, etc. Pressing the button will do that action, and get you this trophy.

This trophy will be one of the first you get, and is no way missable.

Made of Rubber
Perform Luffy's Deflect 100 times.

Luffy has a unique ability: deflect

Playing as Luffy, when a larger normal enemy shoots a cannonball at you, press the button as the prompt appears. This will deflect the ball back at them if it hits you while in deflect mode. Even if the ball isn't deflected, if you do the action (bloat up) it will count.

There are cases where you can grind this, by running to the side before doing the action. If you're playing on a stage where there are stairs or different level platforms, you can deflect from a different height and can continue to do so until the trophy pops.

There are a few quests that have these types of enemies, but can mostly be found in Punk Hazard, the first level.

The Sword Master
Perform Zoro's Cut Off 100 times.

Zoro has a unique ability: cut down

Playing as Zoro, when a larger normal enemy shoots a cannonball at you, press the button as the prompt appears. This will cut the projectile in half, stopping it from doing any damage. Even if the ball isn't near you, if you do the action, it will count.

There are cases where you can grind this, by running to the side before doing the action. If you're playing on a stage where there are stairs or different level platforms, you can cut it from a different height (missing it), and can continue to do so until the trophy pops.

There are a few quests that have these types of enemies, but can mostly be found in Punk Hazard, the first level. Note that to play as Zoro, you need to finish chapter 1 at least once, as retrieving your allies are part of the story.

The Cat Burglar
Steal items or Beli 100 times with Nami.

Nami has a unique action: steal

Because of her background as a thief, she is able to roll over enemies on the ground and steal items or beli. After a enemy falls to the ground, a prompt will come up. Pressing will make her roll in the direction of the enemy and if you stole anything, it will show in the upper right corner.

Doing this action on the same enemy doesn't count unless you stole something.

Also note that if you time it wrong, she will just jump back, her normal reaction to dodge.

The King of Snipers
Land 200 attacks with Usopp in Sniper Mode.

Usopp has a unique attack: Sniper mode. In order to get into this mode, just press .

In this mode, you cannot move but instead move the aim of your slingshot. Pressing in this mode shoots a projectile, while pressing will sent out a fire bird. Holding your aim on an a target will lock on a enemy, and send up to 4 projectiles at that target, depending on how long you hold it on target..

Run as far away as you can, then go into sniper mode and start firing away. For this trophy, you don't have to kill enemies, but instead damage them. So an average enemy can take up to 10 hits. Larger enemies or bosses can take more.

The Master Chef
Perform Sanji's Cookstrike 50 times.

Sanji's unique action is his cookstrike.

When his special attack meter has 1 bar filled, he can use this by holding and pressing to do this move. It isnt an attack but instead a healing move, healing everyone in the party's Hp and Sp.

Because this is dependent on your special attack meter, you can actually go into Alabasta and stay near a well. Refill your Sp, use your move, and then redo it all until the trophy pops.

Panacea Maker
Perform Chopper's Create Remedy 50 times.

Chopper's level 1 special attack is called Create Remedy.

When his special attack meter has 1 bar filled, he can use this attack by holding and pressing . It isn't an attack but instead a healing move, healing everyone in the party's Hp and curing them of negative status ailments.

Because this is dependent on your special attack meter, you can actually go into Alabasta and stay near a well. Refill your Sp, use your move, and then redo it all until the trophy pops.

The Archaeologist
Get 30 items using Robin's Read Tablet skill.

Robin has a unique skill: Read tablet.

In your travels around the stages, there usually is a stone column somewhere. If Robin is in the party, switch to her and go up to these, pressing when prompted, and you will receive a random item. Usually the item you get is common, so its not worth all the trouble, but grind this out, at least for the trophy.

To get through this quickly, grind this on Alabasta. Start the stage as close to the middle as possible, and look for the stone column. Read it, leave via the bouncy plant, then redo it all. Redo over and over until the trophy pops.

The Shipwright
Build 50 cannons with Franky's Place Cannon skill.

Franky has a interesting unique ability: build a barrel tank.

You can build this tank any time you like by controlling Franky, then holding down .
After he completes this tank, jump in and shoot the 10 tank rounds till it falls apart. Then redo it.

No special attack meter needed.

The Soul King
Perform Brook's New World skill 50 times.

Brook's level 1 special attack is called New World.

When his special attack meter has 1 bar filled, he can use this attack by holding and pressing . It isn't an attack but instead a supporting move, refilling everyones Sp and boosting their offense, defense, and speed.

Because this is dependent on your special attack meter, you can actually go into Alabasta and stay near a well. Refill your Sp, use your move, and then redo it all until the trophy pops.

Helpful Neighbor
Finish 60 quests.

The tavern is where you receive and complete quests. Before you can do any quests, you need to build the tavern (story related after completing Chapter 1)

Most of these quests are easy, either collect a item by defeating enemies, collecting them from around the stage, or defeat a specific type of enemy.
More quests are available as you finish off specific quests or obtaining a certain amount of pirate points. If you are running into problems, check the tip section. Most problems can be fixed by just leveling up your team.

Finish the "Beyond the Strongest" quest in 3 minutes or less.

Beyond the Strongest quest is the first available in the Grand Line. To unlock this, you need to have 5000 pirate points.

For this quest, you need to beat Mihawk in under 4 minutes. Once it starts, look at the map and get to the boss fight location. Mihawk will be by himself, so just defeat him as quickly as you can. Simple enough.

Check my Boss Fight section for tips.

Speed Queen
Finish the "Strongest in the World" quest in 6 minutes or less.

The strongest in the world quest is unlocked by getting 7500 pirate points. It is the first quest in the New World section.

This quest is a battle between your 3 characters against Whitebeard and Ace. The battle isn't that different from battling these two bosses individually.

The main thing to remember is that Whitebeard has only 3 attacks, and doesn't really move around. He either does a back to front attack, a left and right attack, or a smash attack that hits where ever you were standing. All these attacks continue to the edge of the area, so be sure to dodge.

Ace is the main one to worry about, since he will be there following you, and pushing you into Whitebeard's attacks. Pick one of them, and use your special attack on that one boss. Once that one is dead, defeat the other how ever you like. These bosses arn't at their strongest level, so if your characters are leveled enough, they will be stronger.

If you need more info, check my Boss Battle Section.

Speed King
Finish the "Proud Pirate Crew" quest in 6 minutes or less.

The Proud Pirate Crew quest is located in the Four Emperors difficulty of the quests. It is the first quest of that difficulty, and unlocks the other quests.

This will be a difficult rematch battle against Red. Although it is technically the same battle, you will have to be careful, since his attacks are stronger.

In preparation of this fight, have allies that are at least level 40, and hopefully maxed out in health and attack power. From the start, he will do his fog attack. Just keep looking for his eyes, and as Luffy, jump attack towards his direction. Luffy's jump attack kind of propels him toward the enemy, and end with a attack that knocks down people.

Only use your special attack when the enemy is stunned, and while the enemy is attacking, run around the outer edge of the field. Let your allies chip away at his health, occasionally stopping in close to deliver a combo attack only if you dodged and can counter. If he starts to summon that large ship that smashes into the field, switch to any other character (hopefully Franky, because he has defensive item words, which might keep him alive).

After he gets to his last bar of health, he will start doing attacks that will kill a character in one hit, and any special attacks you do on him only does small damage. Just do your best.

If you should lose, consider leveling everyone up, changing your equipment, or going to eat at the restaurant to beef up. Every little benefit helps.

I'll Take You All On!
Defeat a total of 5000 enemies.

It is believed to only count how many enemies you defeated in story mode. Does not count if your playing Coliseum.

Defeating regular enemies are probably the easiest way to get this trophy, although any large enemy or boss character will also count. If you're playing story mode and still didn't get this yet, revisit any level and clean out all the enemies thoroughly.

There also is a way to have unlimited enemies. Run into a area and a group will spawn. Kill all but one enemy, then run out of range. The enemies will disappear, but if you re-enter that area, they all will spawn again. As long as that group isn't totally annihilated, it will register that the group isn't defeated and respawn them.

Enemies you didn't damage once will not count towards this. Your defeated enemy count is accumulative of your whole play time.

Miracle Comeback
Perform your characters' special skills a total of 100 times.

Each character has about 3 special attacks / skills and 1 link attack.

Remember to hold and any of the buttons to do the special attack selected. Each special attack or skill you do counts toward this trophy, and i recommend you use your special attacks often. link attacks don't count.

Complete a strong voice sequence.

See the "Chatterbox " trophy

Complete 300 strong voice sequences.

A word sequence is when your allies say something and you press to answer them. Once you answer, thats a complete sequecne. You need 300, which happen random when you play quests or missions

Travel a total of 50000m.

Just run around alot.

There is no real way to grind this unless you want to run around alot. But you naturally have to run through quests, so don't waste your time worrying about this one.

Insect-Catching Phenom
Catch 13 types of insect.

Before attempting for this trophy, upgrade your net to a higher level.

Each story stage has many different animals. They can look like orange lizards, orange porcupines, green frogs, yellow butterflies, or brown beetles.

What also helps is getting the item packs as a reward from the coliseum. If your having a hard time finding a type of animal, check the item help section.

Fishing Master
Catch 14 types of fish.

Fishing at the different docks of each of the stages is the best way to get 14 different types of fish. Upgrading your fishing pole makes it easier to catch everything.

What also helps is getting the item packs as a reward from the coliseum. If your having a hard time finding a type of animal, check the item help section.

Nature Lover
Complete a full insect and fish collection.

To have the complete list of fish, sea creatures, animals, bugs, and amphibians, you need to pretty much own 25 land animals and 25 sea creatures (in your inventory). There was some confusion, but you don't need to have one of each in your museum, but have had one of each at some point in your inventory.

As you play the story missions, keep track of places to fish or an animals to catch. This will help you remember where to find animals if you do decide to catch them yourself. Check my item help section for locations on the rarer animals.

Remember you are looking for green frogs, yellow butterflies, orange lizards, orange porcupines, and brown beetles.

Technically, you can get one of every animal if you get all the animal collections as rewards from the coliseum. You can also get rare creatures by buying the DLC pack: Quests for bugs and fish. This pack includes the quests: Kings of wildlife, Legendary beetle, and Lord of the seas

The animals need to be in your inventory at least once, and only count in your inventory when in town. The list of animals below.

Name of Animal Name of Sea Creature
Transponder Snail Bluefin Elephant Tuna
Gold Transponder Snail Panda Shark
Hercules Beetle Shark
Atlas Beetle Sky Fish
Golden Hercules Fork Tail Killifish
Thunder Beetle Glistening Saury
Swallowtail Butterfly Balloon Catfish
Cross Bone Butterfly Adventure Fish
Honeybee Bone Fish
Doctor Hornet Gastropod
Tree Frog Treasure Pearl Clam
Red-Eye Warted Toad Armored Crab
Rockin' Lizard Smiley Jellyfish
Tempest Rat Skull Knight
Mole Old Deep-Sea Fish
Don Praying Mantis Marine Flounder
Mountain Emperor Gyoriiza
Army Ant Kragen
Dragon Bird Octopus Balloon
Land Gator Sandora Catfish
Cow Bull Sky Lobster
Death Squirrel Hammer Sea Anemone
Kung-Fu Dot Sea King Family
Tailed Frog 3-Fork Tail Killifish
Stag Beetle Lovely Angel

Rogues Gallery
Complete the full Character Gallery.

On the second half of the town, there is a shop that lets you look at your collection of words and characters.

Your character collection will automatically update after you beat a new type of enemy, you unlock one of the Straw hat pirates for play, or face a specific event. In this collection includes each normal type of enemy.

Smoker event: Around town you will fight off pirate groups, marked by a cloud of black smoke. The 8th time you run into the smoke, it will be marines instead. After you beat this group (you will recognize this even because there is no timer), you will run from Smoker and his assistant.

This is more like a quicktime event, where you press the prompt with the right timing to get through it. All prompts are , so don't look for any other buttons. Also, pressing it at the wrong time will make you lose health. You only have 3 chances to make mistakes.

I suggest you save after each encounter, and restart that save if you mess up on this event


Every 8th event is the one with Smoker, but in order to do that, you need these events to spawn. Stand around in town and wait for about 20-30 minutes. Your free to move around, but don't talk to anyone! If you still don't see smoke, run from one side of town to the other, and if still nothing, wait another few minutes. There are 2 locations that i found this event (the smoke) to occure, but reguardless, there still will be a message when these events happen, and you will still see the black smoke. If you are still having problems, PM me

Quote Keeper
Complete the full Word Gallery.

On the second half of the town, there is a shop that lets you look at your collection of words and characters.

The word collection is very extensive, with 351 words in total to collect.

Check out my separate collection guide, linked here, for the words and info on where to obtain it.

You Heard Me!!
Complete an expansion.

See the "Build Master " trophy section for info

Budding Development
Complete 15 expansions.

See the "Build Master " trophy section for info

Build Master
Finish all expansions.

There is a total of 31 expansions for the town.

Many expansions will be story related, which means you cannot miss it. An example is the first expansion (the Tavern), as all the materials you will need are given to you after completing chapter 1. These expansions are :

Develop Land
Open Pharmacy
Expand Pharmacy Space
Hire New Pharmacist
Open New Pharmacy Location
Develop New Pharmacy Goods
Open Restaurant
Expand Restaurant Menu
Conduct Restaurant Food Research
Open New Restaurant Location
Build New Restaurant Menu
Build Factory
Support Factory Research
Hire Factory Researcher
Upgrade Factory Machinery
Open General Store
Add Shelf to General Store
Expand General Store Warehouse
Open New General Store Location
Expand General Store Suppliers
Expand Garden 1
Expand Garden 2
Build Museum
Expand Museum Exhibit Space
Remodel Museum
Upgrade Poet Level 1
Upgrade poet Level 2
Open Bookstore
Open Venue
Build Theater

If your having a hard time with finding an item, check my item help section.

Eat 100 dishes from the restaurant.

There are 2 restaurants, each is located on the either side of town, closer to the waters edge.

Like many other shops, you can craft things, and buy or sell materials. For this trophy, you need to craft 100 dishes (doing the same dish still counts). Dishes are immediately consumed after being made.

Restaurants are great in addition to words, because they raise a characters health or attack. If your in a rush to finish this trophy, get lots of mystery eggs and cook them into Fluffy Omelets. Mystery eggs can be found around high locations around town, and can also be bought from the restaurants.

Try to feed these dishes to someone that doesn't have the max health of 9999

Harvest 30 times in the garden

The Vegetable Garden is located on the roof of the Inn.

There is a older man who stands by the garden plots, and talking with you will give you three options: Check your field, exchange items, or look at your collection of plants.

Seeds can be found as a reward, or you can exchange random materials for seeds and if your lucky, a hard to get material item.

Before going into a quest or mission, make sure your field is full of seeds. After you return from a quest or mission, the plants may be fully matured, from which you harvest and plant new seeds.

Craft 100 items at the pharmacy.

The Pharmacist is part of town and is only available if you renovate it from the inn.

While at the Pharmacy, you can purchase items, materials or craft a specific item using other materials. I personally never used any items other than revivals. If you want to grind it out, go ahead and start crafting the cheapest and easiest item.

The materials for all items are easy to find. Make sure to have room for what ever your crafting. Also, before crafting you need to find recipes.

Develop 100 items at the factory.

The Factory is part of town and is only available if you renovate it from the inn.

While at the Factory, you can purchase materials or craft a specific material using other materials. I suggest that you avoid crafting materials if you can find them on a stage or as a reward. If you completed the main story twice and still didn't get this trophy (and want to grind it out) go ahead and start crafting the cheapest and easiest item, big wood.

The materials for it are easy to find. Make sure to have room for what ever you're crafting.

Money Maker
Earn 50000 Beli from the museum.

The following is a set up is designed to get the maximum amount of bonuses in the shortest amount of time. For this trophy, you just need to check back at the museum often. Regardless of how much you get each time, its all accumulative. The better your combos, the less times you need to collect.


(S) Transponder Snail
(S) Gold Transponder Snail
(S) Golden Hercules
(L) Cross Bone Butterfly
(L) Swallowtail Butterfly
(L) Dragon Bird (Size 1111)

(L) Adventure Fish
(L) Adventure Fish
(L) Adventure Fish
(S) Adventure Fish
(S) Adventure Fish
(S) Adventure Fish

These are the bonuses I get for my set up:
Huge Creatures (3 Large animals)
Huge Fish (3 Large fish)
Cute Creatures (3 small animals)
Cute Fish (3 small fish)
Survival of the Fittest (6 Large animals)
Sea Creature Carnival (all 6 of the same sea animals)
Transponder Snail Gallery (A snail and a golden snail)
Golden Creature Gallery (A golden snail and a golden beetle)
Butterflies of the World (cross bone and swallowtail butterflies)
Matching Numbers (animal with all digits the same)

I get an average of 2700 Beli. It doesn't matter the length of the quests you play, each time you're back in town you get this much.

Power of Words
Power up 100 strong words.

The older lady that powers up words is located on the bridge between the first and second halves of the town.

Talking with her, you can select a equitable word and power it up if you have the right materials. For this trophy, each time you power up a word to the next level, that counts as 1. You don't have to power 100 words to max.

I suggest you power up all skill words, since those have passive effects (passive means you benefit from them without doing anything), and only the words you have equipped to your top 5 characters. Save your materials for other things, and only if you need it.

A handful of characters have a solo quest, but wait till you fail that quest a few times before wasting your materials on the word.

Say hello to townspeople 300 times.

As you run through town, the townsfolk will greet you or ask you things. A prompt to press will show up, and if you press it in time, Luffy will answer them.

You have to do this 300 times for this trophy. The good news is you can grind this out. Just run through town, looking for the routes with the most people. As you pass them, randomly people will say things. This will take a while though, because it's random and not an exact science.

You also need to keep track the best you can, since there is no place to show how many you have already gotten.

High Flyer
Use Gum Gum Rocket 500 times.

Gum Gum is the name of Luffy's abilities, turning his body into a stretchy rubber.

Gum Gum Rocket is what Luffy's ability to reach out and propel himself up into the air around town. Mash to fly up, then press it again to get another hold. Doing this 300 times isn't hard because you use this to get around anyway.

You can grind this out by flying around town, but don't waste your time doing it in one go.

Complete 10 scratch cards.

Scratch cards can be found in the Tavern.

In addition to quests, you can play scratch cards. The cards vary in size, but the prizes arn't very useful, so for this trophy just go with the smallest one. To scratch a section of the card, play quests. Usually the coins will be rewards for completing the quests, and coins are usually random. Each coin has a character on them, and you need a specific coin to scratch a specific section of the scratch card.

If you're finding that you're short on a specific character coin, play a quest with only 2 characters (the one you need, and a strong one). It just means you have a 50% chance to get that character coin.

Fruits of Training
Reach level 50 for any character.

50 is the maximum level a character can obtain.

Pick a character that you enjoy playing as, and in any mission, take that character along. Luffy is probably the easiest, since most of the story missions require you to have Luffy anyway. That means Luffy will have a couple of levels above the rest.

After you complete the main story twice, and completed most of the quests, you should at least have Luffy at level 40. To grind the rest of the experience, pick fighting quests where you have to fight enemies, not bosses. Restaurant Rumpus is one good choice, since its a small area and 150 enemies.

If you're having trouble with a quest, double check your equipment and plan to train your characters.

Latent Ability
Reach level 40 for all characters.

50 is the maximum level a character can obtain.

This trophy will be a grind, because there are 9 characters, and you're not gonna enjoy playing as some of them.

Pick 3 characters, and take them everywhere you go till they get to level 30. This should be where you are after completing the story mode on both difficulties. Now, when ever you play a quest, use 1 to 2 strong characters, and the 3rd can be anyone you want to train. When you finish quests, that 3rd character will start gaining levels. If you start having problems with a quest, double check your equipment and use all 3 of your strong characters.

After you complete the main story twice, the best place to train is the Tavern, picking quests that require you to fight normal enemies. It will be a pain trying to get the rest of them experience, since the normal enemy fights take longer. Pick fighting quests where you have to fight enemies, not bosses, because you get extra experience depending on how you defeated them. Restaurant Rumpus is one good choice, since its a small area and 150 enemies.

A tip to make it go faster is save your special attack meter till you can do a link attack. Use the link attack after a new wave of enemies spawns. Only exception is if your character has a special attack that hits a large group, not an individual person. A example is Luffy's Grizzly Magnum, which is similar to his level 1 special, although it hits everyone in front of him, not just a single target.

Have 100000 Beli in possession.

Beli is the currency in One Piece

You collect money from defeating enemies, selling items, and as a quest or mini game rewards. The hard part is not using your savings up on stuff in town.

Best methods to speed this up:

Quests give beli as rewards, but the enemies in these quests also drop larger bags of Beli.
Nami is a thief that can steal if an enemy is on the ground. This just gives the same amount as if they dropped the Beli, but they still might drop more when they are defeated.
The Wandering Barrels quest has the boss pirate Caribou, which looks like a dirty barrel with a pirate inside it. The quest actually has 5 of this pirate, which drops old coins (which you sell for 3k). If you use Nami on this quest, you double the chances of getting a old coin, once when you steal and once when he is defeated.
The museum, once you open it, gets an attendance collection for you each time you check in on them. Having a good group of interesting animals on display will get you lots of money fast. Only down side is you have to check in to get that money. The amounts arn't huge, but you still need this for a different trophy anyway.

Rookie No More
Have 5000 pirate points in possession.

Pirate points are obtained by doing quests and playing mini games. They are also obtained when fending off pirates in town.

These points unlock more quests in the Tavern. You don't really have to go out of your way to collect these, since you still need to play all the quests anyway. If you want to work towards this, play mini games. You will get points from each game, once a day. There are a total of 4 mini games, located all around the second part of town.

Collect the balloons
Luffy catch the food
Card match game
Chopper walks the plank

Eagle Eye for Items
Break 300 crates.

This one is a simple trophy that will just take alot of time.

There are many items that can be broken in all the stages. Crates are something you find around town, Punk Hazard, and Enis Lobby. I am pretty sure those 3 locations have the most concentration of crates.
The thing with this trophy is that only crates count toward this one. When ever a mission takes you to Punk Hazard or Enis Lobby, go ahead and break any crates you find. After that quest or mission, run through town destroying any crates you find. Check on roof tops or hidden around on ground level.

Friends on My Side
Finish a quest in multiplayer mode.

One of the easiest trophies to obtain.

Pick an easy quest [A Fluffy Cloud] and before it starts, pause the screen and enter your second player. Make sure that second controller is on, and press to join. The screen will split to accommodate both players.

In this quest, just stay along the right side and step on the tiny clouds. Each cloud drops a few island cloud fragments, and you have a minute to collect the goal amount, 30 of them.

Once the quest is over, the trophy will pop.

Declaration of War
Use Fire Bird Star to hit the World Government flag in Enies Lobby.

First, you need to have Usopp unlocked.
You also need Enies Lobby unlocked (you can do this during the story, any quest, or revisiting the stage.)

Now start in the Tower of Justice, and go back one area. This is the top of a building with cannons and all those enemies. Once you clear the area of enemies, turn to Usopp and go into sniper mode. Aim at the single flag on the large building (a large tower that says Enies Lobby in capital letters).

Aim at the flag at the top with and shoot a fire bird at that flag. Unlike the other flags, this one will burn.

Trophy unlocked.

Height of Piracy
Finish the Difficult Main Story.

After you beat Red the first time, the credits will roll across the screen, then you will be back at the main screen. Select Difficult Main Story, and you will replay all the story missions once more.

The only thing that resets is the story missions, so you keep all your items, experience, and town upgrades.

You will also notice the difference in enemies: There will be more enemies, some Pacifistas will be in each group, they will have more health, as well as a few extra boss characters attacking you throughout the story missions. Any key words to unlock paths are reset, so back track to where you got them last time, and get the once more.

For tips, check the "Tips" section of my guide.

For my playthrough on this difficulty, I ran past all enemies I didnt have to fight, got the key words as quickly as possible, and powered up my Luffy to do massive damage to the bosses.

Finish the Battle Coliseum.

From the main menu, after loading your save, you can either choose to play story mode, or battle coliseum. Choosing coliseum will go to a separate story where Luffy, Law, and the gang enter a contest to fight Doflamingo.

There are multiple types of battles to choose from:

Duels (One on one fight, your character against a random boss character)
Scrambles (You and an ally fight normal enemies, usually waves of 50. Higher difficulties mean more waves)
Battle Royal (You and an ally fight against a boss character and some normal enemies, or 2 boss characters)
Boss Rush (You and an ally fight against 5 waves of bosses. Some fights are against 2 boss characters)
Special fights (your character is predetermined, and they fight a predetermined boss character)

Your goal is to play which ever type of battle you like to get to A league - Ranked #1. Each type of battle will give points when completed, and harder difficulties give more points. Here is a break down:

C league - Any fight you do will give lots of points. You won't be in this league long.
B league - Fights don't really seem different from the previous league.
Cheated! - You will lose this rank match because of Doflamingo. Now you have to restart!
C league - Same as before. Rank match is against 5 of the 7 Warlords (Luffy and Law being the last 2)
B league - Same as before. Rank match is now against Akainu and Aokiji, a magma and ice user combo.
A league - When in this league, it doesn't matter what difficulty you play on, you will still get a average of 2 points per win. Just stick with easy and do scrambles. Slowly chip away till you get to rank 2. Ranked Final Battle. You first fight against White Beard, then against Doflamingo.

Don't forget to check the Reward List. Completing these challenges unlocks characters (grinding scrambles are fun when you play a boss character), unlock quests or item packs for your main story. You don't need to complete each challenge in the Coliseum, but all the quest and boss fights are needed for the platinum.

Finish all boss quests.

Boss Battles are a reward, unlocked from the Coliseum. When you have unlocked them, you can go to the tavern (in the main story mode). They are in located among the quests. There area total of 16 Boss Battles.

There is no special conditions, just complete these battles.

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