Players: 1
Online Trophies: Zero
Online Pass Required for Platinum: Nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheatcodes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 (longer if "I Regrow Nothing " glitches on you)
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: None - although note the amount of things that warrants Quarma
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: 15 (They are all marked)
Glitched Trophies: 1 (I Regrow Nothing )

[top]Tips and Strategies

In general:
  • SAVE A LOT! Quick save is your friend. Use it. Save before every battle.
  • If there is a lot of enemies coming up try to posses one of them. If there is a flying red-eyed robot you can't do it.
  • Some enemies will stupidly follow Munch into the water.
  • If there is a vendor there is a 99% chance you're going to use it.
Good Quarma:
  • Quicksave. I can't say this too much.
  • If you're exploring an area, don't take your comrades with you.
  • Zap vendors and Speed vendors are there to help you battle the enemies.
  • If you approach the enemies before any of your companions the enemies will go after you, and that makes it easier for your friends to kill the enemies.
  • Be careful around mines.
  • If there is a dangerous area, pick them up one after one and carry through the area.
Bad Quarma:
  • Quicksa- yeah I know. It's getting old.
  • There is a time and place for everything, but it's not always the best time to kill. Sometimes you need Scrubs or villagers to progress. Make sure to first kill your comrades after you've maken sure that they are of no use.
  • Cliffs, mines, enemies, exploding barrels and water are good ways to kill.
  • Speed Vendor (both): Makes you fast for a few seconds. Really helpful for enemy filled areas.
  • Bounce Vendor (Abe): Makes Abe jump high.
  • Water Bounce Vendor (Munch): Makes Munch jump high when jumping from water.
  • Invisibility Vendor (Both): Makes both Abe and Munch invisible, so they can sneak past guards.
  • Zap Vendor (Munch): Drinking it, Munch will gain the ability to shoot electricity to defeat enemies.
  • Health-up Vendor (Both): Restores full health.
  • Crane Vendor (Munch): Munch can control a crane to pick up and drop items.
  • Snoozie Vendor (Munch): Munch can control a robot that can shoot enemies (it can't kill them though).


Oddworld Munch's Oddysee is a bit special when it comes to the trophy hunting. You'll have to beat the game at least twice (and you're lucky if you are able to do that). What I basically recommend is doing this:

Step 1: Good Quarma Run

In this part you should go through the game and carefully try to save all of the fuzzles, Scrubs and Eggs, while also keeping all of Abe's friends alive. See "Angelic Gabbit " for more tips and tricks, and check the checklist at the bottom of the page for a full localisation of them.
Going through the game with good Quarma gives you all of the story-related trophies (since bad Quarma run stops at chapter 23). It is also the highest likely to give you the SpooceShrub trophies (Spoocaholic ). You should also try to get the "Hopping Mad " trophy and the "I Regrow Nothing " trophy (although with the glitch that might not be certain). For Step 3's sake you should also create and individual save file at the beginning of following locations.

Fluoride Tanks
Snoozie Lab
Sloghut 2813
Boiler Room
Flub Fuels Scrub Pens
Loading Dock
Vykker's Suite

Step 2: Bad Quarma Run

It's time to be evil. This time, whenever you see a fuzzle, Scrub, Egg or one of Abe's friends... kill them. See "Demonic Gabbit " for more tips and tricks, and check the checklist at the bottom of the page for a full localisation of them. There will be a few guys you need to save in order to progress, but you should still be fine, if you kill all the others.

Step 3: Mopping up the misc. trophies

You made the correct saves in step 1? Good, now go back to these chapters and get these trophies at these places.

Fluoride Tanks - "Mineswimmer "
Snoozie Lab - "Intern Annihilation "
Sloghut 2813 - "Slig Subterfuge "
Splinterz Boiler Room - "You Snooze, You Lose "
Flub Fuels Scrub Pens - "Slig Slaughter " and "Sligicide "
Loading Dock - "Intern Imitation " and "Eggs Termination "
Vykker's Suite - "Vykker Masquerade " and "Vykker Evisceration "

Step 4: Clean-up playthrough(s)

If you missed either "I Regrow Nothing " and "Hopping Mad ", do another runthrough the game to get this. "I Regrow Nothing " is glitched and may not even work second time around.


Platamire Munch
Unlock all other Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD trophies.

Snatch them trophies, to get this 'ere platinum.

Start the Harvest
Grab your first SpooceShrub.

This is really easy. Once you start a new game, right in front of you will be a weird seed/ooze looking oddity. That is a SpooceShrub. There are a tons of them in this game, and they are the game's main collectable and collecting them is the main goal to end levels. You pick them up, simply by walking into them, and boom a trophy appears.

Vacate the Cave
Leave Raisin's Cave.

This is the very first level and it should take you a maximum of 3 minutes to complete it. It basically serves as a quick tutorial on SpooceShrubs and SpooceShrub Gates.

Note: This is the only time in the game, you are required to regrow a SpooceShrub and therefore these two regrows will not make the
"I Regrow Nothing " impossible.

Outta Spooce
Reach the tunnel on the other side of SpooceShrub Forest.

This level is pretty long. You will learn how to makes group of friends follow you and work and attack for you. Remember to keep them all alive for the end of the level. You will also be able to pick up over 300 SpooceShrubs (without regrowing) in this level.

Labrat Liberation
Escape through the Fuzzle Testing area.

Okay, now we will be playing as Munch. Munch is a bit slow, not being in his right element. There are these little furry guys named Fuzzles you have to save. The cages they are in, can be opened by pressing near them. Remember to quicksave before battle if you're being on good.

Marrow Wa-Wa
Escape through the Hydroponic Vats.

This is much better! Munch can swim really fast in water. There are nothing to save here, so just make your way through the level to the best of your ability. One thing to note is that Munch has no direct means of attack, so you should probably just dodge the enemies.

Flouridate Hate
Escape through the Fluoride Tanks.

Another just-get-from-point-a-to-point-b kinda level. There are a few Fuzzles that will cross your path, so be aware. Also avoid the mines, they pack a punch when activated.

Remember to make a save file for later!

Narcotic Robotic
Escape through the Snoozie Lab.

In this level you will take control of big fighting shooting robot! Make your way through all of the interns and then jump through the level while they are unconscious. There are a good amount of Fuzzles to save/kill. Use this combined knowledge to fight through the level.

Remember to make a save file for later!

Mudokon Dis-Pens-er
Get through the Mudokon Pens.

Abe and Munch is now united. You should use Abe for controlling the friends and do most of the platforming. Munch is good for swimming around and saving Fuzzles. Munch is also the only one who can control electronic devices like robots and cranes.

Slogging Through
Leave Sloghut 1027.

This level is annoying. In the giant machine room, you'll have to first eliminate as many enemies you can with the nearby crane, and then have Abe drink up a speed energy drink and then carry all of the Scrubs one by one through the laser field, even if you're on a bad Quarma run, since you need them to open the door for you.

Keep the Peace
Pass the Mudokon Fortress.

This level is structured around a big island with a fortress in the middle. Fuzzles can be found at metal walkway. There are shamans and tomahawkers everywhere, and you should gather some, before venturing onwards. Use Munch and the nearby crane to defeat the laser guardians at the wooden bridge, but you need to raise the water first. To get to that area, you'll have to gather a lot of villagers and bring them to over the bridge in the fortress.

Kennel Favor
Leave Sloghut 2813

I'm having a hard time deciding which Sloghut is most annoying. In this one there are enemies dropping bombs. Get the first three scrubs and the next Scrubs on the bomb field and get them to the end to open the door, first there you can decide to either kill or save the scrubs. Behind the door there are two vendors, invisibility and bounce. Get the last Scrubs at the last enemy platforms and get them to the end.

Remember to make a save file for later!

Paramite Runner
Survive the Paramite Run.

I really like this level. You need to drink a speed drink as abe to get to the end. Collect 99 SpooceShrubs on the way. There is like 110 SpooceShrubs in the level, so you need to throughout.... oh did I mention the Sligs? There tens of them and they all chase you down. For Munch you either need to use the Wheelchair or make Abe carry him.

Glukkon Dressed as Meep
Shut down and leave the RuptureFarms Meep Ranch.

A level where you have to herd sheep. They're afraid of Munch and will run away from him. Abe can pick them up, but it's faster to use Munch, especially if you use the wheelchair. The rest of the level is kinda standard.

Shut down and leave the SoulStorm Micro Brewery.

First you need to get the three scrubs in the Brewery in the middle of the level, so they can open the pens. This is a bit annoying since there are no sure way to kill the enemies. You can trap the outside enemies in the other pens.

Fuel Feud
Get through the Fuel Fields.

This level can get a little tedious. Not only, do you have to transport Abe over a long jumping section, but there will be a good chunk of going back and forward to either kill or upgrade your villagers. Be careful at the last bit, even with your newly acquired shooters, there are still a ton of enemies.

Drive Away Business
Shut down and leave Magog Motors.

Use Munch to swim and gather the vendor abilities so he can zap the enemies off the pedestals. After everything is safe, Abe can jump on the boxes. If you're on a good Quarma playthrough, don't throw the Scrubs down from the boxes. This will make you carry each individual Scrub through the minefield... and that is not fun.

River Reviver
Restore the Dead River and enter Splinterz territory.

My least favourite level. I got texture glitches, and the level is basically a long tedious escort mission, where you awkwardly have to guide the villagers through the level. At least there is nothing to save.

Over the Top
Get through No Muds Land.

The quirk of this level is the big labyrinth like contraption at the beginning. You'll have to kill the enemies as Abe by either posses them or drop the explosives barrels on them. The Big Bro Slig should be possessed and make him kill the others in that area. Now open the doors for Munch. The rest of the level is standard procedure.

Da Boilah? Da Boilah!
Sneak through the Splinterz Boiler Room.

Hard to describe. It's a pretty standard linear level. Just remember to posses the Big Bro Sligs or else you and your followers would probably get your ass kicked. Seriously.

Remember to make a save file for later!

Splinterz Sell
Bankrupt Splinterz Manufacturing and leave the factory.

This level is a bit finicky. Take out the two enemies on the top platform by going the long way around. After that posses the security guard and kill all enemies. Save/kill the Scrubs and proceed. Posses the security guard there and use any of the gamespeak options to open the door. Posses the manager as always.

Justice Awaits
Settle the Reservoir Row and enter Flub Fuels.

This is a fun level. You need to keep the raising the water by finishing off the managers. There are 4-5 managers and it's mostly puzzlebased. At the end it is more battleoriented, so be careful there.

Scrub out the Enemy
Get through the Flub Fuels Scrub Pens.

You can screw yourself on a good Quarma run here. When you get to the Scrubs posses one of the Sligs on the left hand side and follow the corridor nearby and take out the security or else you'll have to battle your way out, and it is near impossible to do that without losing any Fuzzles so watch out for that part.

Remember to make a save file for later!

Glockstar Games
Bankrupt FlubCo and leave the factory.

There is a long section where you have to speedrun on a walkway. Get to the end and prepare for Munch to jump and zap all enemies. This level is kinda long but not that difficult. Don't be too alarmed.

Watching the Tide
Flood and flee the Loading Dock.

This is probably the hardest level in the game. There is sewer, where Munch needs to reach, and here is a really tough part. There are way too many Vykker's and armored Interns. Quicksave a lot and try to take them out one after one and jump down to replenish your health when needed. After that you will reach an area where you'll first see Labor Eggs you can either carry them or use the crane to put them in the whirlpool. You can also just drop them to break them.

Remember to make a save file for later!

Great Eggscape
Leave Vykkers Labs Labor Egg Storage.

This level is good Quarma only. I will also describe the next (and last) level too, since there is no trophy to it.

This level is kinda hard. First speed through the game, get the invisible drink, jump up the ladder, and kill the enemies via bombs. After that use Munch in a wheelchair and his zap ability to kill the enemies in the canyon like area. Rest is standard.

The next level is pretty easy. There are two puzzles and it is the same solution for both. Posses a Vykker, get a gun, go on a shooting rampage. The second one you'll have to backtrack the Vykker to the previous area. And you're done with the game.

Remember to make a save file for later!

Quarmer Harmer
Finish Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD with 10%30% Quarma.

This is a trophy you should be getting on your bad Quarma run. See "Demonic Gabbit " for full information.

Gabbiar Savior
Finish Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD with 30%95% Quarma.

This is a trophy you should be getting on your good Quarma run. See "Angelic Gabbit " for full information.

Angelic Gabbit
Finish Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD with more than 95% Quarma.

This trophy basically require you to complete the game while saving all the Fuzzles, Scrubs and Labor Eggs. Try to save them all, but there is room for error. I accidentally killed three Fuzzles and two villagers and still got the trophy. With that said, this is probably the hardest trophy in the game to get. I recommend to quicksave a lot throughout the game. There is a total of 310 things to save. This does not include villagers which can't be saved, but you need to keep them alive anyways. If a villgare die, you can go back and revive him at a resurrection place to regain half of the Quarma you've lost. Remember to check the Quarma meter to see if everything that can be saved is saved.

Check the "Tips and Strategies" section for tips on the game.

Demonic Gabbit
Finish Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD with less than 10% Quarma.

In this playthrough you have to pretty much kill all Fuzzle, Scrubs, Labor Eggs and villagers to get all of this negative Quarma. Most of these are easy to dispose off. The Labor Eggs can be picked up and thrown anywhere to make them break. Villagers and Scrubs can be picked up and thrown in water or off cliffs or into explosive mines.... Fuzzles can be hard to kill. There are only a few ways to kill them. Send them one by one to try and kill an enemy is the method used most often. Other than that possessed enemies and explosives should also do the trick. There are 310 things to kill plus a good few villagers. Remember to check the Quarma meter to see if everything that can be killed is killed. Please note that in "Fuzzle Testing" you have to save 10 Fuzzles, and in the level "The Loading Dock" you have to save two Scrubs at the beginning.

Check the "Tips and Strategies" section for tips on the game.

Spooce Collector
Collect 600 (un-regenerated) SpooceShrubs.

While this is missable, if you are going after "I Regrow Nothing ", you will get this too. If you try to get as many as possible, you will get this around the Fluoride Tanks level.

See "Spoocaholic " for full information.

Collect 1250 (un-regenerated) SpooceShrubs.

While this is missable, if you are going after "I Regrow Nothing ", you will get this too. If you try to get as many as possible, you will get this around the Modokun Fortress level.

See "Spoocaholic " for full information.

Collect 2500 (un-regenerated) SpooceShrubs.

While this is missable, if you are going after "I Regrow Nothing ", you will get this too. If you try to get as many as possible, you will get this around the Dead River level.

This is really not that hard, there are well over 2500 (there is like 3000-3500 of them), and none of them are particularly well hidden. You should get this no problem. The energy you get from saving things does not count towards the score.

Slig Slaughter
Kill 300 Sligs.

There are A LOT of Sligs in this game, and you may get this trophy before finishing the game, but if not reload the save you made in Flub Fuel Scrub Pens and get to where Abe for the first time sees a Slig. Posses it and make it go on a killing spree while traversing the corridors. You can scrape around 15-20 enemies that way. When there is nothing left to kill. Pause the game and press restart level to repeat the progress.

Intern Annihilation
Kill 80 Interns.

The game isn't exactly filled with Interns. So you'll have to grind (surprise) this one. The easiest place to do this is Snoozies Lab. Basically knock out all of the Interns (you may even be able to kill some of them via the explosives). Once all are knocked drink speed and zap drinks, and release Fuzzles. Zap the Interns one by one, waking them out so all Fuzzle begin to attack them one by one. When the rest of the interns begin to wake up by themselves it's a sign to press pause, and then pick restart level to do this procedure until the trophy is gotten.

Vykker Evisceration
Kill 35 Vykkers.

There are exactly 35 Vykkers in the game if you follow the good Quarma run, and it is very possible to kill them all. You can't really complete The Loading Dock or The Labor Egg Storage without killing them all, not unless you want to complete the level while running like cowards and not being sure if you're going to be killed or not. The last level has the most Vykkers and it's here you should grind this trophy here in case you do not get it on your good Quarma playthrough. Posses any of the Vykker's and make it kill the others by picking up a gun and make it shoot the others. You could also regrow SpooceShrubs and posses each of them individually. This will also help towards "Vykker Masquerade ".

Eggs Termination
Destroy 75 Labor Egg Crates

There are exactly 75 of these darn eggs in the games which kinda leaves you with a paradox. To unlock all the levels you need to have good Quarma, but to get ahead you need bad Quarma. Oh, how problematic. Yeah, there is no way to really do this, while playing through the game. There are two ways to get it done quickly. Both require a save at The Loading Dock, but one of them requires it to be on a good Quarma run.
The first one (that requires good Quarma) is to basically to play through the last three levels again, destroying all eggs.
The second one is too just repeating completing The Loading Dock (you can also grind towards "Intern Imitation " at the same time).

Slig Subterfuge
Possess 200 Sligs.

Reload the save for Sloghut 2813. Regrow as many of the SpooceShrubs at the beginning as you need and try to posses as many of the relatively many Sligs that are in this level. The reason you should use this level is because it's easy to posses the SLigs without them noticing. When a Slig is possessed press and to dismantle them in a horribly gruesome way. Don't try to posses the 4 enemies on the pedestals that are not connected by the metal walkway. As soon as you try to posses them you're invisibility power-up vanishes and you're exposed. When you've killed every Slig you can, go to the pause menu and select restart level to repeat the process. 200 are a lot Sligs, so this should keep you occupied for quite some time.

Intern Imitation
Possess 10 Interns.

The Loading Dock is the only level where Abe meets interns so grinding for this trophy can not happen anywhere but there. If you've already made an external save file there you should be good. The easiest way to do this is by gathering a few SpooceShrubs by saving the Scrubs and then try to posses as many of the four interns that circles the starting room. If you're skilled you can get all four interns. Make them kill themselves by pressing and simultaneously. Pause, press restart, rinse and repeat... although you could also go for "Eggs Termination " while at it.

Vykker Masquerade
Possess 30 Vykkers.

There is only 35 Vykkers in total so it's totally out of the question to do this on one playthrough. If you have save from your good Quarma playthrough on the Vykker's Suite level, you should be able to grind this easily. There are some SpooceShrub in the level regrow a lot of them and posses each and every one of the Vykker's individually and kill them by pressing and simultaneously. When all of them are killed press the pause button and then select restart level to repeat the process.

Escape through the Fluoride Tanks without touching a single mine.

Reload the save you've made on Flouride Tanks. It doesn't seem to work too well with saves, so to be sure pause and press reload level before each new attempt. Now carefully travers the level without setting off a single mine. You can knock enemies into mines as long as Munch doesn't get hit by the blast radius. But if Munch is kinda close to mine or he is being attacked by an Intern while the mine is going off he will be affected, but does not display any visual cues, so it's best to try and avoid knocking enemies into the mines. Platforming wise it's not that bad. You can't quicksave throughout the level. It has to be done in one take.

You Snooze, You Lose
Kill a Big Bro Slig in his sleep.

The best opportunity for this is in the Boiler Room. I hope you have a save for that level. The second room you enter the is a small wall as you enter. Behind that is a sleeping Big Bro Slig. At the opposite side of the room is an explosive barrel. As Abe pick it up and throw it at the Big Bro Slig. This will not kill it, so hide behind the small wall, since it of course will notice it getting exploded in the face. Wait for it to fall asleep again. Repeat this procedure twice more to finally kill it off.

Kill 20 Sligs while in possession of a single Slig.

You don't actually have to kill 20 Sligs with a single Slig. You just need to get 20 kills while possessing Sligs in general, meaning if you kill 3 Sligs with a single Slig, it would count later on. If you need to grind this, you should do it on Flub Fuel Scrub Pens. Get to where Abe for the first time sees a Slig. Posses it and make it go on a killing spree while traversing the corridors. You can scrape around 15-20 enemies that way. When there is nothing left to kill. Pause the game and press restart level to repeat the progress.

Hopping Mad
Finish Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD without having used a wheelchair.

The wheelchair is a tool for Munch. Munch can go near this wheelchair, and press to sit in it, this makes him jump higher and run faster. For this trophy though you must never ever sit in the wheelchair... like never... ever. So you sometimes have to change your strategy. Here are all of the levels with the wheelchair and what to do without one.

Mudokon Pens:

This is really just to speed up the level. This can get quite boring without using the Wheelchair.

Mudokon Fortress:

This is to get around the island faster, so this one shouldn't be any problem.

Paramite Run:

This one changes, by not using the Wheelchair. Instead of having Munch sit in the Wheelchair, you need to have Abe drink the speed drink, and pickup Munch and carry him to the end. There are some ledges you'll need to throw him over, and if you die, they both die, so maybe quicksave midrun would be a good idea.

RuptureFarms Meep Ranch:

This is to herd the Meeps faster. Munch lures them away, while Abe can pick them up. The fastest way to herd them without the Wheelchair is to use Abe to pick up Munch and lure the Meeps into the fenced area.

SoulStorm Micro Brewery:

This is used to lure the enemies into the pens. This can be done by Abe, but there is a way bigger chance of him dying, since he actually can't outrun the enemies, which could be problematic.

Fuel Fields:

This is mostly for convenience. Don't mind it.

Dead River:

The Wheelchair makes Munch's part not only faster but a bit easier too, but it's really nothing problematic.

No Muds Land:

Convenience... really. Try to survive the boring walks.

Reservoir Row:

There are bit of easier parts, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.

Labor Egg Storage:

This is the hardest level to beat without using the Wheelchair. It is used to easily kill the enemies in the canyon like area. The first three enemies can be zapped normally with a bit of skill, but the next parts are a bit tricky. You have to get Ave to pick you up and throw Munch over the little wall, then make Abe throw Munch on the ledge with the crane vendor. Them killing Abe gives Munch a bit of time to activate the vendor and kill the groundfloor level enemies first, by picking up barrels and drop them on enemy heads. You'll have to do that on the next crane. This one isn't on a ledge so it's a bit easier to access.

I Regrow Nothing
Finish Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD without regrowing any SpooceShrubs outside Raisin's Cave.

This trophy is glitched!

First off a warning...

You cannot get this trophy while being on a bad Quarma run! There will be levels where your only means of collecting SpooceShrubs is to either regrow them or saving animals.

With that put of the way let me tell you how to get it. When you collect a SpooceShrub you leave behind a SpooceShrub Sapling. If you as Abe press and hold or at the same time Abe will regrow those Saplings to another SpooceShrub. You can't do that in the runthrough you want to get this in. That means that your only sources of energy is to pick up not regrown SpooceShrub and to save animals. The only place you can do this is the very first level, where you're forced to regrow two SpooceShrubs. If you're going with good Quarma this would be an easy trophy.... unless....

The trophy could be glitching on you... in fact, it has on a lot of people. Why this glitch happens is not really not known. There has been some confirmation that backing up all of your saves on a USB gets you this trophy easier, although it's not really sure.

[top]Quarma Items Checklist

This is kinda a guide for finding every saveable thing in the game. You know a way to check if you have everything, and see if you've checked these places if you missed any. They're pretty much all very easy to find, but it's there.

Note: This checklist does not contain villagers, since you don't have to save them. Just make sure none of them die, on your good Quarma playthrough.

Fuzzle Testing

Fuzzle 1-5: Gotten at the start.
Fuzzle 6-10: At the left side of the starting room.
Fuzzle 11-18: At the right side og the room.
Fuzzle 19-21: At the first section at the big descending spiral.
Fuzzle 22-24: At the next
section at the big descending spiral.
Fuzzle 25-27: At the next section at the big descending spiral.
Fuzzle 28-38: At the the bottom of the big descending spiral.

Fluoride Tanks

Fuzzle 1-3: After going through the level a bit, you'll see an intern. There are three Fuzzles nearby.
Fuzzle 4-8: Another intern (two actually) will soon show up. Here there are four more Fuzzles.
Fuzzle 9-13: Four interns now, and six Fuzzles to help your quest.

Fluoride Tanks

Fuzzle 1-12: They are all in the big area with all of the interns.

Mudokon Pens

Fuzzle 1-12: After crossing the first river with Munch, there are 3 individual pens with 4 fuzzles in each. One to the immediate right. One is up ahead and then to the right. The last is to the left up the big bridge.

Sloghut 1027

Scrubs 1-3: At the starting area, use the crane to retrieve them.
Scrubs 4-9: At the next area, trapped in an obvious area. To actually deliver them, you'll need to use Munch to kill the enemies in the third section of the long hall, and then use Abe to drink an energy drink and manually carry every. single. Scrub through the laser section.

The Mudokon Fortress

Fuzzles 1-6: This level centers a big middle island with a fortress on top of it. If you follow the edge of the island you will see at some point a metal walkway. Follow it to find these.

Sloghut 2813

Scrubs 1-3: In the first area. Use the crane to lift Abe to the right places, and then make him throw them down.
Scrubs 4-7: On the big field with the bombs in the next area.
Scrubs 8-11: There is one on every of the foor platforms with the enemies that drops bombs that are not connected by the metal walkway. You'll first have to get all of the other Scrubs to the end of the stage and have them pull the levers to have two vendors. An invisibility vendor and a jump vendor. Use these to reach the platform and throw the enemies off.

SoulStorm Micro Brewery

Scrubs 1-3: In the big hut in the middle of the level, that only Abe can enter.
Scrubs 4-15: When having all three Scrubs at the top of the hut and make them work, to open a pen with all of these Scrubs in them. You need to lure all of the Scrabs into the pens to traverse the plains.

Magog Motors

Scrubs 1-4: On one side of the upper path of the long hallway. You need to take out the enemies using Munch's vendor abilities.
Scrubs 5-8: On the other side of the same room. It's just a question of going through the vent even further.

Splinterz Boiler Room

This one is kinda hard to explain. There is a lot of them in the open, with the exception of two places.
The first one is up the ladder in the first room, and then to the right.
The second one is in the beginning of the second room. Use the barrel at the left to explode the nearby wall.
There are 13 guys in total.

Splinterz Manufactering

Scrubs 1-10: In the main area, at the beginning. Posses the guard and get him a gun at the vendor and shoot the enemies to dispose of them.
Scrubs 11-13: At the guard with the voice recognition go below to see a lot of mines and these three Scrubs. Carefully get them to the portals.

FlubCo Scrub Pens

Scrubs 1-6: In the room with big upper walkway system. They're in 3 separate pens. Do not pull the Flood Control lever before having saved them all.
Scrubs 7-20: These would be pretty obvious later in the game. There are two walkways with these Scrubs. To get the Scrubs from the left side to the right side you'll have to throw them all.
Fuzzles 1-17: On the big giant platform that connects the two previous mentioned walkways turn around and see a small corridor. All of the Fuzzles are in there.

FlubCo Executive Office

Scrubs 1-6: At the very beginning.
Scrubs 7-11: On a metal walkway at the other end of the big room.

Loading Dock

Scrubs 1 & 2: At the beginning.
Fuzzles 1-6: In the tower filled with enemies, you will later come across.
Scrubs 3 & 4: Get abe at the tower filled with enemies (well, not anymore), let him drink the bounce drink and jump on the pedestal next to it for the first one. Jump from the target-looking platform on the outer walkway to the platform in the corner for the second Scrub.
Labor Eggs 1-22: You will be able to get all of them with the crane. 18 at the pool, 4 at the water bounce vendor.

Labor Egg Storage (Only on good Quarma playthrough)

Labor Eggs 1-9: At the upper floor of the heavily guarded room. One is hidden away to the left hand side.
Scrubs 1-4: In the small siderooms in the heavily guarded room.
Fuzzles 1-12: Spread in the big canyon-like room.
Scrubs 5-14: In the canyon-like room, use Munch controlling a crane to get Abe to ledges above. Do that with both cranes.
Labor Eggs 10-36: At the end.

Vykker's Suite (Only on good Quarma playthrough)

Labor Eggs 1-17: At the end of the level. Abe will have to throw them in the whirlpool.

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