Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-18 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.5
Missable Trophies: Mo Moolah, Free the Meat, Findings, Filchers, Crystal Mess, Hidden What?, Grubb Idol, Go With The Flo..., Too Big for your Bridges, Dirty Water, Farmer Harmer
Glitched Trophies: Free the Meat

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Cover is very helpful on the harder difficulties. You should use it whenever possible in order to force outlaws and enemies to come to you in order to hurt you. This will give you the opportunity to take on a single enemy at a time instead of 3-4 in a group.
  • An excellent way of conserving ammo is to use charged Zappfly shots to knock regular enemies unconscious.
  • If you do not feel like taking on certain enemies, you can use a Bolamite to wrap them up so that you can suck them into your vacuum without a fight.
  • Whenever an enemy is near an explosive canister, use a charged Zappfly shot to blow up the canister and (most likely) taking the enemy out with it.
  • Whenever you see a suicidal outlaw charge at you, knock him out with a charged Zappfly or wrap him up with a Bolamite shot to make them explode away from you. If they hit you, it will automatically kill you on hard mode.
  • Stingbees and their upgraded form can home in on enemies. So take advantage of this when fighting a large group by hiding behind cover and coming out briefly to shoot off around 10-15 rounds before going back into cover.


In order to get the platinum for Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath without too much hassle and grief, you need to do 1.5 playthroughs.
  1. In your first playthough, I recommend playing the game on Easy in order to get a firm grasp on the controls. You should try and make sure you capture all the bounties alive for Mo Moolah since you will not be able to spend any moolah on anything. During this run, you should be able to get all of the missable trophies besides any that appear after leaving for Doc's place. You only need to play the game up until you reach Doc's Mongo Retreat; after that, you should start a new game on hard mode.

    The missable and collectable trophies that you should get during your first run on easy mode are: Mo Moolah, Findings, Filchers, Crystal Mess, Hidden What?, Grubb Idol, Too Big for your Bridges, Farmer Harmer

  2. In your first actual complete run of the game, you should be able to speedrun through most of the areas and past most of the extra enemies. It does not matter this run if you capture bounties dead or alive since you only care about finishing the game and not saving up moolah. You should use all the moolah you are rewarded to increase your stamina and health and to buy upgrades for your crossbow. If you have previously missed a trophy on your first playthrough, you should make sure you get it this time. When you beat the game during this run, you should get all three difficulty trophies and the platinum.

    You should get the following missable and collectable trophies on your hard mode run: Free the Meat, Go With The Flo..., Dirty Water


Shiny Moolah
Get all other Trophies.

You'll get this trophy and a new shiny platinum once you get every other trophy in the game.

Bag Blisterz Booty
Bounty Blisterz Booty

This will be the first trophy you earn in the game. As you watch the opening cinematic, you will see Stranger outrun and eventually trap the outlaw. Once the movie ends you will be in control of Stranger. Walk up to the tied-up outlaw and press and hold to bag and capture Blisterz Booty. Once you have done so, wait a few seconds and you will get the trophy.

Starting the Journey
Complete the tutorial

The tutorial starts immediately after you capture Blisterz Booty. Over the course of several sections, you will learn the basics of melee combat, moving Stranger, the different ammo types and how to gather them, as well as bounty hunting. The tutorial ends and the trophy will be given once you reach town and Stranger’s weapons are taken away.

Wash my Hands of this Mess
Bounty Filthy Hands Floyd

Filthy Hands Floyd is the second bounty that you will go after in the game. After collecting the information from the Bounty Store, take the north gate out of town and follow the road until you pass a broken bridge (see Too Big for your Bridges) and get to a crane (see Free the Meat). Continuing past another Zappfly gate and a tunnel, you will eventually stumble upon three outlaws blowing up the pass with dynamite to stop the wagon train from passing. After making your way up and around the blockage, fight and capture all the outlaws while making sure to keep your ammo and health up. Once you have captured all the outlaws, a cutscene will play and Filthy Hands Floyd will appear with his last two henchmen.

While Filthy Hands Floyd's helpers are not particularly dangerous on their own, they can alert him to your position and if you are playing on hard mode, one burst from his gun will probably kill you. Lure one of his helpers out at a time with a Chippunk shot behind out of the trailers. Once Filthy Hands Floyd is alone, I recommend using Fuzzles to distract him and then follow up with Bolamites to tie him up. You can also use a charged up Zappfly to stun him long enough to capture him alive. Once he is captured the mission will end and the trophy is yours.

Clean the Water
Bounty Looten Duke

Looten Duke is the third bounty in the game and can be found out of the west entrance to the town at the water plant. When you first reach his hideout, he will announce that he will not come out until all of his henchmen are captured/dead due to wanting a challenge when he fights you. As you make your way down the ramps, take out the two guards patrolling outside of the compound and then break down the door. Once you are inside the plant, you will encounter fierce resistence from a number of gun-wielding henchmen. After taking them all out (using cover and hit-and-run tactics if need be), Looten Duke and two rocket henchmen will come out.

After reminding Looten Duke of his fun party times with Blisterz Booty, he will run away and his two guards will start fighting you. Turn around and run up one of the two ramps so that you are protected from the rockets by the roofs. Use the Thudslugs and Fuzzles to take out both of the henchmen so that Looten Duke will come out of hiding. Use the same tactics you used on the first bounties and Looten Duke will go down. Don’t forget to explore the water tower for some valuable moolah chests (there should be 7 in there).

Spank that Booty!
Bounty Boilz Booty

Boilz Booty will make an appearance after you’ve talked to Doc about your health problem. When you leave his office, one of the townsfolk will mention how Boilz Booty is coming to town to break his brother out of jail and tell you to go to the Bounty Store. Once you have done so and left to go back outside, Boilz will arrive with his henchmen and start destroying the town.

Once you have control of Stranger, turn around and head into the alley behind the general store to find crates of ammo as well as critters. After stocking up, start taking down Boilz’s followers one by one while using the buildings as cover for when you need to recover your health. Once Boilz Booty is alone, use Thudslugs to knock him out and claim his bounty.

Dumb it Down
Rescue Eugene Ius

To rescue Eugene Ius, accept the bounty (rescue mission) and go to the General Store. Talk to the Professor in there (he’s the one with the hat) and he will allow you to go into the Temple Ruins. Follow the signs to the ruins while cleaning up any stray outlaws on the way. When you reach an area with what looks like the frames of two buildings, aim toward the explosive barrels under the far one to collapse it and kill most of the outlaws.

When you reach a town-like area, you will not be able to collect the live bounties of the outlaws on the roofs. Instead, use the Zappfly and target the numerous explosive barrels around the area to kill the outlaws. Don’t forget to look inside one of the buildings for 9 moolah chests (see Finders, Filchers). Make your way out the back of the town towards another building that leads to the temple.

At the top of the buildings, kill the armored outlaw and take out the two snipers in the alcove. Before heading into the temple, check the nearby ruins for 4 moolah jars (the ones with blue crystals). Inside the temple, you will see a cutscene of Eugene Ius being held captive in a cage. After capturing all the outlaws, Stranger will free Eugene Ius and the trophy will pop.

Don't be Talkin' 'bout ma Mama
Bounty Jo’ Mamma

Jo’ Mamma can be found in the Sewer Treatment Plant. Talk to the engineer next to the doors and he will open it and allow you down. Inside the sewers you will face packs of rabid dog-like enemies that you cannot bounty, only knock out or kill. Once you make your way out of the sewers, you will come across the first of Jo’ Mamma’s outlaws. After taking care of all the outlaws on the ground, enter the mineshaft to reach the next area.

Jo’ Mamma will appear in this area and will initially control the crane. It is easy to avoid the crane because before it hits, there will be a red beam of light over the exact spot. Dispatching the outlaws, use the Zappfly on the switch to bring down the elevator to the second level. At this point, the only way across is electrified and if you try and turn the switch off, Jo’ Mamma will come and turn it back on. Killing all of the outlaws, turn off the switch and then use a charged up Zappfly to knock Jo’ Mamma unconscious, quickly make your way across the rope and defeat Jo’ Mamma to claim her bounty.

Go Organic
Bounty Meagly McGraw

Meagly McGraw can be found at Beek’s Farm that you passed on your way to Buzzartown. When you arrive, you will see that McGraw has killed and/or eaten all of the farmers and has fortified himself inside of Beek’s home. Carefully make your way through the farm taking out the outlaws. After a certain point, around 7-8 more outlaws will come out from the house so take cover before picking them off one by one.

Once you have finished capturing all the outlaws, McGraw will come out from behind a boarded up door riding on an outlaw named ‘Tiny’. You cannot bounty Tiny so you will have to kill him. I recommend using Stingbees from a distance and finishing up with a charged Zappfly to quickly kill Tiny. Once Tiny is dead, McGraw will jump off him and start fighting you himself. He is fast and likes to run around a lot so you will have to get in close in order for your shots to not miss. Once you knock out or kill him to claim his bounty and this trophy.

Junkyard Challenge
Bounty Packrat Palooka

Packrat Palooka is an annoying fight because you cannot hurt him right away, you must first take down his two shield generators by hitting all four targets with a charged Zappfly shot. Once he is vulnerable he will try to use the laptop to turn the generators back on. Use Thudslugs and Boombats to try and knock him off the platform so you can do a lot of damage to Packrat before he goes back onto the platform.During the fight, Packrat will fire groups of three missiles at you that will home in quickly, so be sure to stay in cover as much as possible.

After turning off the shield the first time, outlaws will start coming out of the doors under Packrat and two machine gun turrets will appear on the left and right sides of the arena. Take out the turrets quickly while avoiding Packrat's missiles and then hide behind the cages and take out the generators again to make Packrat vulnerable again. Repeat until he is dead or knocked out.

Mine your Business!
Bounty X’plosives McGee

The first stage of the fight against X’plosives McGee involves Stranger first taking out the outlaws on the platforms that are assisting X’plosives. Since X’plosives is safe inside of his cage, Stranger will need to find a way to get him to come out. Once you have taken care of the outlaws, wait for X’plosives to approach one of the switch points and fire a charged Zappfly at the receptacle. If timed correctly X’plosives should move down to a lower level of track. After doing this three times, X’plosives will reach the ground level and be forced to fight you in the open.

Once X’plosives is forced to the bottom of the track, he will be thrown out of his cage and call for his gang to assist him. Once the second phase of the fight starts, run into the area under the bridge to keep yourself save from the gunfire. Using this cover, take one side of outlaws out at a time while keeping the bridge to your back. Once it is down to you and X’plosives, use Thudslugs and charged Zappflys to knock him unconscious and bring him in alive.

The Sleg Adventure!
Bounty Lefty Lugnutz

Lefty Lugnutz can be found in the Graveyard in the Mongo Wilds. However, he won’t come out unless he hears the call of a wild sleg. In order to trick him, find the Sleg Hunter behind the General Store in New Yolk City and ask him to teach you the sleg call. He will refuse and say that if you find and kill the giant sleg in the Congo Wilds, he will change his mind (see Crystal Mess).

Once at the graveyard, go up to any gravestone and press to trick Lefty Lugnutz out of hiding. Before you can fight him though, you must take care of his outlaw gang. After doing so, Lefty will appear alongside a sniper outlaw up in the canopies. Take out his helper first and then start hitting Lefty with charged Zappflys and Boombats. After a certain amount of damage and time, Lefty will call out for some more of his gang. After a repeat of the first stage of this fight, Lefty will decide to come down and deal with you personally. Take him out and the trophy will be yours.

You Scratch my Back
Bounty Elboze Freely

By the looks of things, Elboze Freely has set off one too many fireworks/explosives and is now covered entirely in damage-proof armor except for his back. After making your way through Elboze’s suicidal and pyrotechnic outlaw gang, you will eventually confront Elboze in an arena. As you will easily see, Elboze is immune to all your attacks and will turn around quickly enough that you will not be able to attack his back. So how will you defeat this outlaw?

If you take a look at the arena floor, you can see that there are two air vents. If you jump onto one of them, they will push you up into the air where you will be able to land on one of the platforms. When you do this, Elboze will run and press one of the switches to bring you back down. While he does this, his back will be exposed to you. If you want to do the most damage in the short amount of time he is vulnerable, either use Stingbees or Boombats. Repeat this strategy until he is unconscious or dead.

Too Much Fuzzle Pie
Bounty Fatty McBoomBoom

Fatty McBoomBoom is one of the most annoying fights in the entire game on hard mode but is a lot more manageable on the easier difficulties. There is a secret to this battle that will make it go by a lot easier. As soon as the cutscene finishes, turn around and try to leave the way you came. While you will be unable to, you will force all the outlaws to funnel into one place to get to you, avoid the majority of Fatty’s missiles and prevent him from hitting you with his devastating body slam attack. As a bonus, there are Boombats and Thudslugs flying above you that you can use to take out the outlaws.

To take out Fatty himself, I found the Stingbees to be an absolute dream weapon. If you hide behind one of the rocks and fire about 15-20 shots at him, he will lose about 10-15% of his health and will retaliate with a couple of missiles that you can easily avoid. Simply rinse and repeat these steps and Fatty will go down.

You Know too Much
Take out D. Caste Raider

This is told from the perspective of hard mode, so your difficulty may vary depending on the game setting. This is an easy fight on easy, an annoying fight on normal and a nightmare on hard mode. Since the most difficulty is on hard mode (which is what I did) that is what I will explain. This might take quite a few attempts so if you are frustrated, don’t worry.

You start the fight with all of your equipment, crossbow and items taken away, so you are forced to fight off D. Caste Raider and his gang with your bare hands. When you have control of stranger, immediately turn around and start running in circles while jumping and double jumping. These movements will prevent the blade outlaws from ganging up and stabbing you (this is almost instantly fatal on hard mode). While jumping, constantly press so that you can knock the outlaws into the fires around the room. Keep doing this until only D. Caste Raider is left. When you have an opening, spin hit him into a fire and stand next to him and keep pressing to kill him quickly.

Giving a Leg Up
Get to Last Legs.

To get to Last Legs from the Grubb Village, paddle the boat out and down the waterfall. You will have to pass through two Wolvark gates in order to reach Last Legs. Each of the gates is protected by 10-20 Wolvark soldiers, but your boat has an auto-targeting gun on it. At each gate, land somewhere far enough away so that the Wolvarks will not notice you and aim at the explosive barrels on the boats. If you destroy them all (around 3 groups per boat) the boat will sink and kill all enemies on it. Once you pass through both gates, a cutscene will play and you will enter the shors of Last Legs as the battle is underway for the city.

Dam Sekto!
Enter the Lower Dam.

Once you leave Last Legs, you will reach Sekto's Dam. As you approach it, you will see a scene play out where the Wolvarks press two buttons to lock down the entrance into the dam. In order to unlock the dam and take down Sekto, you will need to disembark on both sides of the dam and take out the enemies and press the buttons again. Be careful as you get near the buttons; there are two turrets in the corners of the entrance into the dam and they can hit you from a long distance. After pressing both buttons, the entrance to the dam will open. Once you row inside the entrance, the trophy will pop.

Elevate Yourself
Take out a Gloktigi.

You will have your first battle against a Gloktigi after releasing both the green and blue locks inside of Sekto’s Dam then going back and opening the central steel door you saw all the Wolvarks run into before. The Gloktigi will quickly come out and almost immediately pin down Stranger. After getting away, the battle against the first of several Gloktigi’s will begin.

Gloktigi’s are really annoying to fight and have two attacks: a slime attack and a spin attack. The slime attack works exactly like your Bolamite so when you get wrapped, press and rapidly so Stranger can break free. While the spin attack might not do much damage to Stranger, it will knock you down and prevent you from avoiding its next spinning attack. The best strategy against Gloktigi's are to constantly fight from cover to avoid the slime attacks and to try and find higher ground to avoid the spin attacks. The best ammo to use against Gloktigi are Stingbees, Boombats and Thudslugs.

Regain that Spring in your Step
Reach the Upper Dam.

This trophy will be awarded after you have fought through waves of Wolvarks and entered an elevator. As you ascend, you will hear sounds of battle between the Wolvarks and the Grubbs with the Grubbs winning and beating the crap out of the Wolvarks. Before you reach the top of the elevator shaft, the trophy should pop.

Now There's Two?
Take out Sekto’s personal bodyguards.

Sekto’s two bodyguards are a pair of Gloktigi, so use the strategy you have previously used against Gloktigi. When the battle starts you will be surrounded by destructible bookcases as well as numerous ammo crates so if you are low on ammo, run behind the bookcases and restock your supplies. When you are ready, approach one of the Gloktigi and start hitting it with everything you have while making sure to duck behind one of the bookcases to avoid the slime and spin attacks.

On hard mode, this battle can be considered a race against time because if both Gloktigi are still alive after most of the bookcases are destroyed, they will both start doing their spinning attacks at the same time. If you do not manage to avoid this, you will die within seconds.

Smack Down Sekto!
Defeat Sekto.

The battle against Sekto is an absolute joke compared to every other boss fight in this game, even on hard mode. The battle starts out with Sekto inside a shield with two generators powering his guns and laser and Stranger safely behind a fallen piece of the dam. Without exposing yourself to Sekto’s attacks, peek out from the edge of the cover and use the upgraded Stingbees to destroy one of the generators. Eventually Sekto will use his laser attack, which will destroy the cover. Once this occurs, start running around to avoid the gunfire until a new piece of cover falls down. Repeat this until both generators are destroyed and the trophy pops.

Hidden What?!
Find the Black Market.


After you turned in X’plosives McGee at the New Yolk City Bounty Store, you will overhear one of the female Clakkerz mention a Black Market for hunters. Leaving the Bounty Store, turn right and you should see her in front of the next alley. After talking to her she will mention that in order to get to the Black Market you will need to climb the rope across the street from her as well as knowing the password. After she tells you the password, go up the rope and follow the rooftop around to the back of the building to find the Black Market and this trophy.

Grubb Idol
Find the hidden Grubb Idol


After rescuing Eugene Ius and making your way out of the temple, you will come across a village scared Grubbs. If you wait a few seconds, you will hear them mention an idol. Right before leaving the village, look to your right and you should see three wooden planks covering a hole in a wall. Use the Thudslug to destroy the wood planks. Turn around and look for a rope nearby and climb it onto a roof. Take the second rope and double jump into the hole. You should see a glowing green statue. Take it and the trophy will pop.

Dirty Water
Find the hidden entrance into the Wolvark Barracks


This trophy can only be obtained while you are first trying to enter the Wolvark Barracks. After crossing the second bridge back onto the first side, the path will split into a ramp leading down to the water and a path going into the barracks on the right. Follow the ramp down and take out the single Wolvark guard. Press the button and enter the now-opened sewer tunnel. Follow it into the barracks and the trophy is yours.

Back in the Village
Defeat the Wolvark attackers in the Native Village

When the battle against the Wolvarks start, you will be given an upgraded form of Thudslugs that will 1-hit KO most normal enemies in the game (except if you are playing on hard mode). After defeating a certain number of Wolvarks, a small cutscene will play out where 5-6 Wolvark reinforcements arrive by dropship near where you entered the village.

After you have defeated a certain number of the Wolvark troops, a small cutscene will play that shows 5-6 Wolvark reinforcements arriving by dropship near to where you entered the Grubb village. Later on in the battle, another dropship will arrive over the back end of the village. The strategy to use against the Wolvarks without the riot shields is the same as with every other enemy you face. The armored ones, however, use their shield to deflect your shots and can ram you with them. There are two ways around this. First you can use Skunkz to make them nauseous and then follow up with another attack or you can wait for them to lob a grenade and open a hole in their defenses. Once all the attacks are dead, the Grubbs will start cheering for you and the trophy will pop.

Get 'Em
Bounty 250 Outlaws

*See Get 'em Gooooooood!

Get 'em Goooooood!
Bounty 250 Outlaws alive.

Unlike Get ‘Em, this trophy requires that you bounty the outlaws alive. This is much easier to obtain on your normal or easy playthrough when the enemies have less health and stamina and are easier to knock out without killing them. When you knock out the outlaw, use to suck them up. You can tell that the outlaws are dead when they drop 2-3 bags of moolah when they fall to the ground. You should get this trophy if you bounty most of the outlaws alive somewhere about halfway through the New Yolk City bounties.

Too Big for your Bridges
Leap the broken bridge!


Right after you leave town for the first time to go hunt Filthy Hands Floyd, you will come across a house on the left with a broken bridge in front of you. What you need to do is run towards the bridge from a far enough distance so that Stranger starts running on all four. Right when you reach the edge of the bridge, press to jump and again in midair to make it across the bridge. I found through experience that it is easier to jump across the bridge back towards town then it is the normal way.

Mo Moolah
Have 20,000 Moolah when you take the barge to Doc’s Mongo Retreat.


The easiest method of getting this trophy involves playing the game on easy mode. Enemies on normal and hard modes are harder to knock unconscious without killing.

Boss bounties are the make or break criteria for this trophy. On normal and hard modes, bosses tend to die before they are knocked unconscious. If you add up all the Moolah rewards from dead versus alive captures, the difference between them adds up to around three thousand Moolah. While you can probably afford to bring in a single bounty dead, try to avoid killing more then one of them.

Go out of your way to collect every single Moolah you can find. Moolah chests and pots give 40-60 Moolah per chest, so find as many of these as you can. You may not think that bags of 2-3 Moolah are important but by the time you reach Doc’s Mongo Retreat, you will have found around 300 or so bags.

You also want to play on easy because you cannot afford to buy anything from the General Store. Items and upgrades cost Moolah, which you are doing everything possible to not spend. To put it in perspective, when I reached Doc’s Mongo Retreat I never bought anything and collected live bounties of every outlaw, but I still barely had 20,000 Moolah. So this trophy is going to be close.

Go with the Flo...
Find a hidden bottle of medicine.


Once you are inside the Wolvark Barracks you will soon reach the bathroom where two Wolvarks are having…slight digestive issues concerning their last meal. Right before the bathroom (do not go through the next door) you should see a large stack of crates with 1 or 2 ammo crates on top of them. Climb up the crates and you should see an entrance into the air ducts. Follow the ventilation ducts until you reach the end (do not jump out). Turn to your left and you should see several pink bottles of medicine on the floor. After a few seconds, the trophy will pop.

Crystal Mess
Collect 25 orange crystals.


This trophy can be obtained as soon as you are able to talk to the Sleg Hunter and can enter the Mongo Wilds. Once you are in the wilds and have defeated the giant sleg, do not head back to town. Instead, turn to the opposite direction and look for an island with skeletons on it. You know you are heading in the right direction when a message pops up saying you should go back to town. Ignoring that, reach the shore and look for a hidden breakable door in the wall covered by some bushes. Inside the cave is a bunch of glowing orange crystals. Use your charged Zappflys to destroy them and make them drop 2-3 shards each.

The first cave will not give you enough shards for the trophy but do not worr;, there is a second cave of crystals. Head back towards the cave where the giant sleg came from (the cave with the moolah pot in it). Continue past that cave and eventually the land will end and you will be forced to go into the water. Do so and hug the wall until you reach the next available land. Here you should find a second hidden door to a cave. Break it down and destroy all the crystals. After collecting them all, the trophy should pop.

Finders, Filchers
Collect 40 Moolah chests.


Throughout Oddworld you will encounter glowing yellow chests with moolah bills sticking out if them. When you pick them up, you will receive a random amount of moolah ranging from 40-60. There are approximately 50 chests scattered across the game with many of them found during bounty missions. Here is a list of moolah chests that I found in the following areas:
  • 7: Looten Duke
  • 3: Yo’ Mama
  • 9: Rescue Eugene Ius
  • 6: Meagly McGraw
  • 7: Packrat Palookah
    1 in the area of buildings
    3 after falling down to the river on the far side
    3 more on the other side of the river

  • 4: Mongo Pass
  • 3: X’plosives McGee
  • 2: Elboze Freely
  • 9: Fatty McBoomBoom
This adds up to 50 chests which is more than enough for the trophy. There are roughly 10 more in the environment that are not tied to a bounty so if you miss any of the ones above, don't be upset.

Here is a video walkthrough by MrReign420 of many Moolah Chest locations. Please note that this is not all of them, but still enough to get the trophy.

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Free the Meat
Destroy the 10 hidden barrels.


*There is a glitch involved with this trophy. This trophy can pop if you collect 10 total barrels across multiple plays.

If you are having trouble finding any of the barrels, here is a nice video walkthrough by MrReign420

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In Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath there are 10 hidden meat barrels. You can tell these apart from the normal barrels by how much bigger they are. The 10 barrels are found in the following locations:
  1. In Gizzard Gulch head towards the gate to Buzzarton. Just before you reach the gate, turn to your right. There should be an alcove hidden behind a breakable fence. Break the fence and you should see this meat barrel hidden in a corner with some crates.
  2. On your way out of town to go bounty Filthy Hands Floyd near the start of the game you will eventually come to a spot where two outlaws are debated whether or not to drive a crane to town. After either capturing them or killing them look above the crane for an alcove in the wall. Switch to 3rd person mode and shoot the barrel down.
  3. In Buzzarton, position yourself so the General Store sign is to your left and the Bounty Store is to your right. Turn right and head up the ramp until you reach a dead end. The meat barrel is hidden behind two smaller barrels.
  4. When going after Packrat Palooka after falling down the slide and going through the doors, you will come across a bunch of sheet metal buildings. After passing under the first bridge, take a look inside the first building on the left, the barrel is inside.
  5. In New Yolk City head past the “Welcome to New Yolk City” sign and turn left the first chance you get. In a corner you should see a dumpster with a bunch of boxes on top of it. Climb up the boxes and you should see the meat barrel hidden away on the roof at the end of a narrow alley.
  6. Once you get to the Upper Skycart Station, follow the ramp upwards until you see a pile of boxes in a corner where the ceiling opens up. Climb up on top of the boxes and turn around, the meat barrel is on the far side of the attic.
  7. In the Wolvark Barracks after the bathroom, you will eventually reach a ramp with a bunch of boxes at the bottom that force you to jump over them. Facing down the ramp, jump over the boxes and turn to your right, the barrel is tucked away in a corner.
  8. After passing the warehouse in the Wolvark Barracks, you will get to a large room with a rope in the middle and a spiraling ramp leading up it. At the top of the ramp, jump to the rope and climb up it. The meat barrel is to the left of the table at the far end of the platform.
  9. Inside Sekto’s dam after you open the two outer locks you will get to an area where there is a ramp on the right side. Keep rowing past the ramp until you reach the next pair of doors. Look to the platform to the left right before these doors and you should see the barrel on it.
  10. In the last area before fighting Sekto you will have roughly three minutes to race through the dam before it explodes. Eventually you will reach a part past two turrets where you have to go up a conveyer belt past two groups of enemies. At the top jump over the crates into the next area and turn to your left, the last hidden barrel is right there.

Slakker Clakker
Finish the game on Easy

*See Sekto Suicide

Stranger Danger
Finish the game on Normal

*See Sekto Suicide

Sekto Suicide
Finish the game on Hard

Hard mode in Stranger’s Wrath is actually quite difficult compared to the hard modes of other games. On this difficulty, your health is cut by 1/3 and your overall stamina regeneration is severely reduced. At the same time your enemies gain 1/3 health and their stamina regeneration is greatly improved. Due to this, bringing in more then the first few bounties alive is almost impossible due to their insane stamina regeneration.

Moolah is key for hard mode. You will want to go and buy as many upgrades as you possibly can to improve your ammo, armor, and stamina regeneration since you will be shaking off a tremendous amount of damage throughout the game. Any ammo that can temporarily remove an enemy from the fight is important (the Bolamite for example).

Be prepared to die a lot, especially against the bounties. Due to this, I recommend that your first playthrough (to get Mo Moolah) be on easy so that you can learn all of the boss strategies. Don’t forget to save often and this trophy will be yours.

Farmer Harmer
Kill Farmer Beeks


On your way to Buzzarton after capturing/killing Boilz Booty you will cross a bridge. As soon as you do so, two rocket outlaws will see you and fire at you, destroying the bridge and knocking you unconscious. When you wake up and take care of the two outlaws, keep making your way towards Buzzarton and you will soon come across a farm of clakkers that mistakes Stranger for their security guard. Ignoring his confusion, two farmers direct Stranger to their boss, Farmer Beeks, who has the moolah for Stranger.

Beeks can be found in the biggest house on the farm (the one with the barrel on it). Breaking through the window, talk to Beeks and he will ‘forget’ where he put the moolah. Look around for a rope and climb it up to the attic where there is a chest of moolah next to a crate of Fuzzles. Get back down to Beeks and talk to him again so that he will start following you. At this point save your game.

Make your way outside to the second floor balcony and switch to 1st person mode (it’s the easiest way to do this). There is only one way to kill Farmer Beeks and that is to crush him in his mill. The mill is easy to find, it is the building with the Zappfly switch on it. In 1st person view, start punching Beeks towards the mill while ignoring the gunfire. Once you get Beeks into the mill, Bolamite wrap him and then Zappfly the switch to kill him and get this trophy. If you take too long or mess up, Farmer Beeks will run into a safe house and you will have to load and try again. Once you get the trophy, just load the save file from before killing Beeks and continue with the game.

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