Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Online Pass Required: thankfully no
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-60 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, From Imps to Demons All Creatures Great and Small Leave No Chest Unopened, Sniff 'Em Out, Give a Dog All the Bones, Have Guides Will Travel, No More Fish in the Sea
Missable Trophies: From Imps to Demons, No Furball on the Menu
Glitched Trophies: none

[top]Tips & Strategies

Praise - Praise is earned by helping others, feeding animals, and restoring nature. Praise is how you upgrade your Divine Attributes and gives you your power.

Demon Fangs - these are used to obtain Holy Artifacts, I recommend you buy all of them as they will be extremely helpful. To earn demon fangs use Golden Fury, Brown Rage, and Floral Finishers. A Floral Finisher is when Ammy defeats a lower monster with a brush technique, Power Slash on Imps, Veil of Mist on wind enemies, etc. The easiest way to farm demon fangs is to first learn at least Golden Fury and head back to Shinshu Field. Just keep doing random battles, you can earn up to 5-10 depending on which enemies, by using Golden Fury then Power Slashing the Imps after defeating them except for Flying Imps which require Galestorm.

Holy Artifacts - These are divine items that you can equip to further help Ammy in her journey. All have to be purchased with Demon Fangs, except for the Fire Tablet, and you can only equip 3 at a time. Highlights are the Golden Ink Pot which grants double ink recharge rate, the Wooden Mat which allow Ammy to heal herself by offering yen. (useful for the Devil Gate Trials in between rounds), the Water Tablet which allows the godly power to walk on water (BADASS), and the Thief's Glove which allows Issun to steal items from enemies.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


1. Beat Lechku and Nechku - Defeating the Twin Demons guarantees everything will be ready to acquire all collectibles and the micellaneous trophies. You'll obtain all of the story trophies in the process. Remember DO NOT board the Ark of Yamato unless you have earned every other trophy possible because you can not turn back.

2. Collectibles and Micellaneous- After Wawku Shrine go and finish collecting anything you may have missed. By now the only thing you may have ignored is the Most Wanted Lists, digging mini-games, travel guide, treasures, and stray beads.


Top Dog
Acquire all trophies.

You know by now how to unlock this, get all trophies!

Learn how to use Rejuvenation.

After a 20 minute series of cutscenes you finally gain control of Amatarasu, enter the Cave of Nagi and after a short while you come to the river. To the right is a hill, walk up it to restore a constellation. You get a cutscene and the power of Rejuvenation. This Brush Technique allows you to restore objects that are broken or missing.

Learn how to use Power Slash.

The most versatile of Brush Techniques, both against monsters and outside of battle. You learn Power slash 5 minutes after Rejuvenation, cross the river and head towards the gate ahead to reach the next area, Don't forget the Astral Pouch. When in the next area follow the path, collecting the stray bead here, and restore the statue of Nagi to receive Power Slash.

A Village for a Peach
Return Kamiki Village back to normal.

After acquiring Power Slash exit the Cave of Nagi and cut down the fruit from Sakuya's limbs. A cutscene shows Kamiki restored and returned to normal, somewhat. Afterwards walk around the village and examine the "statues", Issun will then have you head to the highest spot. Now draw a circle in the sky to use Sunrise, after all you are the sun god. Kamiki will be fully restored.

Descending Descendant
Meet Susano.

Susano's home is next to the exit to Kamiki, across the bridge. First you must talk to the merchant pushing a large boulder blocking the exit to Kamiki. After battling the imp possessing him go to Susano's house, enter the basement, and then tackle Susano to wake him up.

Learn how to use Bloom.

After leaving Kamiki your first task is to head to Hana Valley, there is only one path to go due to the curse zone. Make your way through Hana Valley and once you return the sphere to it's shrine and use sunrise to grow the Guardian Sapling another constellation will appear. Now you can use Bloom and the first order of business is to use it on the Guardian Sapling.

Enemy in the Gates
Defeat enemies inside of a Devil Gate.

After restoring Shinshu Field it is time to explore and restore any nature that needs restoring and feed any animals, after all you need all of that Praise. There are three Devil Gates in Shinshu Field, one next to the Hana Valley entrance and two next to the Dojo. Enter a Devil Gate and defeat the monsters within, you'll earn Praise and a trophy.

Learn how to use Cherry Bomb.

In Shinshu Field there is the house of Tama the Pyrotechnic. From Hana Valley go forward following the wall till there is a ramp to your left. You'll face a new enemy here. Afterwards wait until nightfall, his house is closed up during the day. Talk to him and he will discuss his formula. When he attempts to launch his fireworks you must draw the object you saw on the wall, the Q. When done right you get a fireworks display and another constellation. Cherry Bomb is not on;y used for blowing up cracked walls but it is also useful in battle.

Learn how to use Water Lily.

This constellation will appear after you have restored Sakuya, A.K.A. Konohana. Restoring Sakuya only happens after you have finished exploring all parts of Shinshu Field, marked on your map as red circles, restored the Cherry Trees using Bloom, and help Mr. Orange in the Konohana Shuffle. Issun will take you to where a treasure chest lies after you earn Water Lily, draw a circle on the water and it will unlock.

Let's Rock, Baby!
Fight Waka.

Your introduction to Waka the Half-Baked Prophet as Issun calls him is right after you restore Agata Forest. Fighting Waka is simple, quick, and easy. When Waka throws his sword Pillowtalk quickly use Power Slash on it to send it back thus stunning him, then Power Slash him. He will do a combo sword attack as well, avoid it and his color will drain, letting you Power Slash him. After your battle the trophy will unlock.

Learn how to use Vine.

In Tsuta Ruins you will come across a room where you must use Bloom to restore dead grass. There is a pink, floating flower in the center of the room, a Konohana Flower. This is the room where you learn Vine, after restoring the dead grass and the water is flowing again. This is the last of the three Flora gods.

Big Ol' Flower
Exterminate the Spider Queen.

The Spider Queen is quick but you're faster. Use Vine on the hooks of her flower-like abdomen, three vines will do it. When she is stunned and her flower opened Power Slash the eyeballs till she dies, yes a very easy boss indeed. After the ensuing cutscenes the trophy will unlock.

Imp Exorcist
Defeat the imps that possessed Princess Fuse.

As you enter Kusa Village you will notice a foul, cursed air in the village. As you approach the inn head right up the ramp and follow it to where Princess Fuse is. Talk to her and then you will face a new enemy, a Flying Imp. They are annoying but are still no match for you. Jump attacks as well as Ink Bullet and Power Slash take them down easy. After the enemies are all defeated and your conversation with Princess Fuse is over the trophy will unlock.

Learn how to use Watersprout.

This Celestial Brush Technique is in Sasa Sanctuary. The hot spring is dried up and Mr. Bamboo will request your help to restore this, take note this is the first digging mini-game. Once complete Nuregami's constellation will appear, complete it, earn it, then test it and the trophy will unlock.

Learn how to use Crescent.

While hunting down for the last three Canine Warriors your next stop after Sasa sanctuary is Agata Forest. Head up the ramp next to the merchant to see Kushi trying to figure out how to get water in her barrel. Fill it with water using Waterspout. After all the cutscenes you'll hear a scream in the forest, it is Kokari! Run to where Kokari is to find he is fishing, time to fish again to save Ume again. After you catch Whopper Issun will notice the reflection of the moon in the water but no moon in the sky. Draw a crescent shape to bring out the moon and the next constellation. Afterwards you'll have to fight Ume, a Canine Warrior so prepare yourself.

Learn how to use Galestorm.

As you make your way through the Gale Shrine you'll come across an elevator powered by Cherry Bombs. First go on the second floor to slay the demons and get an exorcism key. Next go up to the top floor to go outside. Head all the way to the top. Now to use that brush to drive away the evil wind that prevents the Divine Wind from blowing. Once done you will learn Galestorm.

One Mean Dude
Defeat the Crimson Helm.

As the trophy name implies Crimson Helm is indeed one mean dude. First you must remove his armor to start actually hurting him, do this by attacking him. Rosaries are a good weapon against him as it gives you distance from him. Once his armor is off use Galestorm to extinguise his flames. Now he is open to attack, keep at it until his health drains. Susano will show up and you must use Galestorm to spin him around as he delivers the final blow to Crimson Helm. After the cutscenes the trophy will unlock.

To the Moon, Ammy!
Enter the Moon Cave.

After Defeating Crimson Helm it is time to go to Kamiki Village for the festival. When you arrive in Shinshu, I assume you used a Mermaid Coin to warp there, you will notice and even sense the presence of evil in the air. Head to the village and talk to the villagers around Susano's house. After the cutscene chase after Kushi. After talking to her head to the Moon Cave. Once there another cutscene, afterwards you'll be in the Moon Cave and the trophy will unlock.

Learn how to use Inferno.

While hunting down those secret ingredients for Orochi's appetizer You will encounter a room with a frozen statue of a phoenix. Examine it and you will be attacked by monsters. Kill them and the statue will melt and become ablaze. Another constellation will appear and you shall learn Inferno.

Serpent Breath
Defeat Orochi.

You will be focusing on one head at a time, dodge the attacks and when Orochi roars use Waterspout to get 8 Purification Sake into his mouth, you'll have to do this twice per head. You need to stun 3 of his heads then climb up the neck of the fire head to attack the bell on Orochi's back. Once it is destroyed it goes to the second phase. Repeat what you did before except this time you will attack the stunned head. Once its health is drained move on to the next one, etc. Once done, a cutscene. You'll have to guide Susano by using Power Slash on 7 of the 8 heads, surprisingly Susano takes the last one out himself. After Orochi is slain and you have regained control of Amaterasu the trophy will unlock.

No Furball on the Menu
Make your way to shore without being swallowed by the Water Dragon.

*WARNING!!! This trophy is missable!!!*

After obtaining the Lucky Mallet in the sunken ship just escape to the shore via lilypads and Galestorm. once you get close to the island with the dojo you are safe.

Learn how to use Veil of Mist.

While in the Emperor's Palace you will earn this. Once you come onto the Palace Vault enter the giant flask in the room then use Galestorm to blow the mist out of the room. Veil of Mist slows time for four seconds and is essential to defeating wind enemies and getting past blocking spiders.

Dominate the Indomitable
Defeat Blight.

Blight can not be damaged directly. Avoid him until he attacks with swords, use power slash to stun the real sword as the green ones are fakes. Now attack the sword to damage Blight, Steel Fist Sake makes quick work. Once he is defeated the vile mist over the city will lift.

Learn how to use Catwalk.

This won't happen until you gain access to N. Ryoshima Coast and have summoned Orca the Emissary of the Dragon Palace. To summon Orca talk to Urishima the Fisherman then head to the pier behind his house. Hop on Orca and head to the island with the huge tower. Prepare for a long climb up and make sure you have a Fish Feed Bag for the cat on the top of the tower. Once you reach the top and feed the crying cat you'll get the ability of Catwalk. This is useful in later dungeons and collecting treasures.

Dragonian Dilemma
Meet Otohime.

After solving the whirlpool riddle and entering the Dragon Palace just head to Otohime's throne room and talk to her.

Defeat Evil Rao.

After obtaining the Dragon Orb you will be shown a vision and it is not good. Head out and you'll eventually end up at the palace. There you'll meet Evil Rao, if you haven't guess the real Rao has been dead the entire time. Fight her, easy fight, and defeat her.

Learn how to use Thunderstorm.

As you venture around Oni Island you'll come across a statue of a tiger with a bow. Use Rejuvenation to fill in the missing lightning bolt to earn Thunderstorm.

RIP Tobi
Win the final race against Tobi.

Tobi is literally an evil paper slip who is a guard of Oni Island. You have to race him throughout Oni Island, basically the whole of this dungeon. The final race is the easiest and will likely make you sad, poor Tobi. Stay strong though as Ninetails is just ahead.

Fox-Headed Wench
Defeat Ninetails.

Ninetails can not damaged directly until later. Dodge her attacks until she raises her sword. Use Thunderstorm to shock her and she splits apart. Defeat the separate parts of Ninetails to weaken her. Once she has been reduced to just one tail unleash your lupine fury on Ninetails!

True Serpent Breath
Defeat True Orochi.

Not much to say, True Orochi is fought the SAME EXACT WAY as the last time.

Learn how to use Blizzard.

Shortly through Wawaku Shrine you'll encounter a machine blowing snow down the mountain. Use Inferno to melt the ice over the lever. Use Veil of Mist to slow the gears down to align them, once a gear is aligned use Power Slash on the lever to spot the gears to shut off the machine. The correct order the direction the eyes must face are Up, Right, Left. Once the machine is shut off you'll earn the final brush technique.

Twin Birdbrains
Defeat the twin demons, Lechku and Nechku.

To defeat the twin demons you first must stun either demon by returning their attacks back at them: Power Slash for the fruits, Inferno for the Cherry Bombs, etc. Once a demon is stunned press triangle to pull Oki back. He'll launch at a demon and then bring him down to ground level. Now ATTACK, once both are defeated you'll have one last goal before the game is over.

Board the Ark of Yamato.


Right after Wawku Shrine the Ark of Yamato will rise out of the lake. Walk across the rainbow path that appears to board the Ark.

The Dark Lord
Defeat Yami.

Yami the Lord of Darkness is oddly enough a spherical machine. When the battle begins you will have none of your brush techniques, Attack Yami to gain them back. He has 5 phases each one increasingly difficult. Once you beat his 4th phase you will lose your powers again. Enjoy the awesome and emotional scene that unfolds, believe me it will inspire you and drive you to slay Yami. Reborn as the divine and all powerful Amaterasu you can slay Yami and free Nippon of the grip of darkness and evil. To even hurt Yami use Sunrise to shine light on him, then unleash your fury on him.

Grab Life by the Leash
Increase your Solar Energy, Ink Pot, and Astral Pouch levels to maximum capacity.

These are what Praise is for, upgrading your Divine Attributes. The trophy description is decieving, you must fully upgrade EVERYTHING, Purse included, before the trophy unlocks. You will earn more than enough Praise to upgrade everything in a single playthrough.

No More Fish in the Sea
Complete your Fish Tome.

There are four fishing spots throughout Nippon and the Northern Land, Agata Forest, Sei-An City (Aristocratic District), North Ryoshima Coast, and Kamui. Take note Agata Forest is a temporary fishing spot but the same fish that are in Agata Forest can be caught in Sei-An City. While you can catch Agata Forest fish in Sei-An City I highly recommend you catch the Agata Forest fish in Agata Forest as they are harder to catch in Sei-An City.

River Crab Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Crawfish Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Black Bass Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Killifish Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Smelt Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Goby Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Sweetfish Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Trout Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Catfish Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Loach Sei-An City
Freshwater Eel Sei-An City
Huchen Agata Forest & Sei-An City
Robalo Sei-An City
Koi Sei-An City
Salmon Sei-An City
Sturgeon Sei-An City
Giant Catfish Sei-An City
Mountain Trout Sei-An City
Cutlass Fish Sei-An City
Giant Salmon Agata Forest
Whopper Agata Forest
Starfish N. Ryoshima Coast
Moray N. Ryoshima Coast
Loggerhead Turtle N. Ryoshima Coast
Sunfish N. Ryoshima Coast
Nautilus N. Ryoshima Coast & Kamui
Clownfish N. Ryoshima Coast
Scallop Kamui
Sea Horse Kamui
Blowfish N. Ryoshima Coast & Kamui
Monkfish Kamui
Octopus Kamui
Yellowtail Kamui
Flying Fish Kamui
Squid Kamui
Bonita N. Ryoshima Coast
Red Snapper Sei-An City & N. Ryoshima Coast
Lobster N. Ryoshima Coast
Stripped Snapper N. Ryoshima Coast
Supreme Tuna Kamui
Manta N. Ryoshima Coast
Oarfish Kamui
Marlin N. Ryoshima Coast & Kamui

Have Guides Will Travel
Complete your Travel Guide.

The Travel Guide consists of backstory, brush tips, and battle tips. Basically you'll have to upgrade all Brush Techniques to their max levels.

Name Location
Travel Tips You start off with this.
Greensprout Tips After Learning Bloom in Hana Valley bloom the cursed grass next to the bridge.
Digging Tips Slay the monsters around the campfire after restoring Hana Valley to make an island appear, the guide is in the chest on the island.
Fleeing Battle In front of the Shinshu Field Guardian Sapling
Feeding In Shinshu Field, next to the entrance to Agata Forest.
Legend of Orochi In front of Tama's house in Shinshu Field.
Enhancing Weapons In front of the Tsuta Ruins entrance.
Battle Tips Right next to Kiba, the demon fang merchat, in Agata Forest.
Enhancing Divinity Opposite the Origin Mirror in Tsuta Ruins.
Godhood Tips In Tsuta, base of the stairs to the dungeon boss.
Ink Bullet Tips Across the log in Agata Forest just before Taka Pass.
Brush Tips In the Gale Shrine, on the edge of the western path after turning the windmill platform.
Mother Tree Under the staircase in the City Checkpoint.
Land of the Gods In Rao's room in Sei-An City
Celestial Envoy Inside the Sunken Ship, in the first large room.
Veil of Mist Tech Purchase the Fog Pot from the Emperor.
Holy Artifacts Right before the lava in Queen Himiko's Palace.
Northern Land Outside of Himiko's Palace turn right to enter the storage room.
Inferno Tech Learn Fireburst in Yama Restaurant in Sei-An City.
Mark of Kabegami Base of Catcall Tower
Galestorm Tech Learn Whirlwind from Chef Umi in N. Ryoshima Coast after catching a Marlin.
Powerslash 2 Divine Spring in N. Ryoshima Coast, use Orca or the Water Tablet to reach the island to the north with an Iron, orange, rock and a huge rock with pots surrounding it. Power Slash the rock and enter, offer 60,000 Yen to the spring.
Cherry Bomb 2 Divine Spring east of the Power Slash 2 divine spring. Enter and offer 120,000 Yen to the spring.
Waterspout Tech 1 After learning Fountain in the Dragon Palace, you will earn this after the digging mini-game.
Waterspout Tech 2 After learning in Deluge in Sei-An City. Head behind Queen Himiko's Palace after defeating Ninetails and use Waterspout on all four rocks.
Thunderstorm Tech. Immediately after you learn Thunderstorm.
Another Civilization In Ezofuji, right next to the Origin Mirror as you enter the area.
Cherry Bomb 3 In Kamui, use Greensprout on a Konohona flower behind the Guardian Sapling to find a Divine Spring. Offer 300,000 Yen to the spring.
Tribe of the Moon In Kamui in a small cave on the western side of the map. It's on the platform inside the cave, middle of the pit.
Power Slash 3 Divine Spring in Ezofuji. Head towards Wawku Shrine but jump down onto the ledge directly below the giant doors. Offer 360,000 Yen to the Spring.

Give a Dog All the Bones
Complete your Treasure Tome.

Some treasures, like the Zodiac Treasures and the Tassels, are a one time treasure. Luckily none of them are missable, no collectibles are. You don't have to have the treasure in your inventory, you only have to collect it once. Below are the treasures earned only once per playthrough, the rest you'll find without trying. (There are two of the Rabbit Statue.)

Name Location
Rabbit Statue Underwater chest in Kamiki Village, under the bridge.

Gale Shrine, stand at the entrance to the elevator but draw a Cherry Bomb in the center of the elevator to make it go up then drop down into the room below.
Rat Statue In the cave you blow up after learning Cherry Bomb.
Tiger Statue In Taka Pass. Head to where the Guardian Sapling is and look up to see a Konohana flower. Keep using the flowers to reach a boulder with a treasure chest on it.
Dragon Statue In the City Checkpoint after dropping the bridge. Use Vine on the Konohana flower above and further to reach a ledge on the west side. Use a Inkfinity Stone to prevent running out of ink and frustration.
Monkey Statue In the Sunken Ship. After pushing the barrel back into place jump up onto the ledge above you.
Rooster Statue In a chest behind the Emperor after clearing the mist in Sei-An City.
Sheep Statue Turn right after getting past Himiko's guards, buried under a tree.
Horse Statue After restoring the dried pool of water next to the carpenter's house, more specifically the man who wants to catch the thief, in Sei-An City. Use Waterspout to reach the Tao Master's Headquarters, the treasure is behind the building.
Boar Statue In N. Ryoshima Coast next to the pool of golden water. Jump down on the east side of this ledge to find the cave, you'll have to use Digging Champ.
Cat Statue On Catcall tower on the final protruding platform, 8 red marks.
Dog Statue On Watcher's Cape, between three shrubs.
Snake Statue In Ryoshima Coast, between the huge rocks in the ocean with the rope between them. (Requires Water Tablet)
Bull Statue In front of Tsuta Ruins in Agata Forest, Digging Champ required.
Amber Tassels Just south of the Mermaid Spring in Kamui.
Amethyst Tassels In Kamui. Follow the frozen river north till you reach a frozen pond. Jump up to a ledge with Cranes and the treasure.
Jade Tassels In Wep'keer, immediately right next to the rabbits.
Cat's Eye Tassels In Yoshpet. at the end of the first area head in the direction opposite of the arrow sign.
Agate Tassels In Ponc'Tan near the entrance, use Vine to reach the platform.
Turquoise Tassels Hard to miss chest in Ponc'Tan.
Ruby Tassels In Wawku Shrine. Destroy the cannons at the entrance by first using Veil of Mist then Power Slash to return their cannon balls. the treasure is buried where the right cannon was.
Sapphire Tassels In Wawku Shrine. Melt the frozen chest in front of you once outside.
Emerald Tassels In Wawku Shrine. In the room with red hot spinning wheels head toward the platform with the chest that is on fire.

Sniff 'Em Out
Defeat all monsters on the Wanted List.

There are four Most Wanted Monsters lists each with five monsters to slay, the catch is these monsters don't appear until night time. The lists are Shinshu Field, Taka Pass, Ryoshima Coast, and Kamui. To obtain the Shinshu Field list make your way to the Moon Cave, enter the building next to the shrine gate and talk to the priest Mika inside. He will give Mika's Monster List. Once they are all killed return to Mika for a stray bead. To get the Taka Pass list head into the Kusa Village inn, big building right in front of you. Head to the second floor and headbutt the door down the hallway. Leave the building then re-enter the second floor and headbutt or Power Slash the screens on the right side. Talk to the woman, Haruka to obtain Haruka's Monster List. Same deal as with Mika, slay the monsters then return for a stray bead. After removing the accursed mist from Sei-An City head into the restaurant at night and talk to the traveling warrior Masu. He will only give you the list at this time because he'll be drunk out of his mind. Head outside of the city and the same deal as the last two times. In Kamui there is a house just north of the merchant at the base of the path to Wep' Keer. Go inside and talk to Wali to hear his plight and obtain his monster list. As soon as all monsters are slain the trophy will pop but don't forget to turn in the last list.

Leave No Chest Unopened
Collect all Stray Beads.

There are a total of 100 Stray Beads in the game but you only need to collect 99, the last one is earned after beating the game. Each area and dungeon has at least one stray bead to collect except for the Moon Cave. Below is a series of videos to guide you to them, excuse the video quality. Your reward for such a task? Not only do you get a gold trophy but you gain invincibility for New Game + as well as infinite ink and x10 attack power.

Toggle Spoiler

All Creatures Great and Small
Complete your Animal Tome.

Lucky for you that you do not have to feed every animal in the tome to 100%. All you have to do is feed each animal once and you can practically do this without trying. It does benefit you to feed as many animals as you can, shooting for 100% with each animal is a good way to ensure a Cherry Tree Rank for Praise Earned. Each type of animal is impossible to miss unless you diliberately avoid them, you will encounter every animal at least once while collecting treasure and stray beads.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Learn all god techniques to fill up your Technique Scroll.

There are three dojos, one in Shinshu Field, one in Ryoshima Coast, and one in Kamui. You can learn every technique in Kamui so only learn techniques that will help you or you need, like Eagle Jump, Fleetfoot, and Digging Champ are essential to continue the game. You will need a lot of Yen, roughly 3 million in total, before you learn everything. I recommend you, for now, only learn the battle techniques related to your favorite type of weapon to use.

From Imps to Demons
Complete your Bestiary.

You can earn this without really trying, while searching for beads, Devil Gate Trials and treasures you'll encounter every enemy in the game. Take heed, there is at least one enemy you can miss, it is the Fire Doom Mirror. It only appears in the Imperial Palace when you shrink down with the Lucky Mallet. If you enter the Emperor to fight Blight then you are too late. The Fire Doom Mirror is an optional enemy so purposely fight the Demon Scrolls in the Emperor's room. When in Shinshu Field (100 years ago) make sure to fight all the demon scrolls as the clay enemies are missable.

Barking Up the Cherry Tree
Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Total Results screen.

The Final Results screen involves Deaths, Enemies Defeated, Money Gained,Demon Fangs Found, and Praise Earned. The good news about this is the only concern you'll have it not dying which is easy. Make sure you have plenty of Vengeance Slips and Holy Bones to avoid dying when facing bosses. As long as you are cautious then you'll get all Cherry Trees.

Lupine and Divine
Earn a Cherry Tree rank for each item in the Results screen.

Easily done at the very first battle at the Cave of Nagi, just kill the Imps quickly and avoid damage as one hit will negate a Cherry Tree. Each battle you encounter has a ranking system in two categories, Time and Damage. Basically as stated You have to slay the monsters in a blazing fast time and with no damage, essentially like the god you are.

Out of the Gate Swinging
Defeat all enemies at all three Devil Gate trial caves.

When you find the chambers with the Devil Gate Trials you will fight against a Bandit Spider, they can be slain the same way as the Spider Queen. Once slain exit then re-enter the chamber for the Devil Gate to appear. The Devil Gate Trials consist of ten rounds each. The first 2 aren't too hard but the third is where you more than likely will die if you aren't paying attention. Make sure to have at least 50 Vengeance Slips and 50 Steel Soul Sakes for the third gate as the last three rounds have you fighting Wakas, Evil Raos, and the final round is against THREE Nagis that take almost zero damage. The first trial is located in Ryoshima Coast located behind the temple, you had to go down this path to restore the Guardian Sapling. It is an alcove with cows nearby, the digging spot is on the ledge. The second is in N. Ryoshima Coast among the cluster of islands where the fisherman is located, easterly from the fisherman. The last is in a cave below the entrance to Wep' Keer in Kamui, jump down then Cherry Bomb the wall.

Who Let the Dogs Out?
Defeat the Kusa 5.

After clearing Oni Island return to the Gale Shrine in Kusa Village. In the room with the pool in the center head right down the tunnel to meet Princess Fuse and the Satomi Canine Warriors. She will offer a challenge to fight the 5 Canine Warriors, be prepared that this is a tough challenge so make sure to stock up on holy bones. The fight consists of three rounds, survive all three and not only will you net a gold trophy but a stray bead and some Praise as well.

Dog Eat Dog
Beat Hayabusa's turnip-digging record.

After restoring Kamiki talk to the little boy Mushi, he's the only child in the village. talk to him twice to challenge Hayabusa's digging record. Take note Mushi's mother will clobber you while digging which will end the contest. To prevent this use your Celestial Brush to cover her in ink, this stuns here. Keep digging until you get the Oddly Shaped Turnip. Grab it then head back to Mushi.

Diggin' It
Complete five digging mini games.

Three digging mini-games are required to complete the game, only two of them are optional and the last one is the hardest. The first digging mini-game is in Sasa Sanctuary with Mr. Bamboo, you'll learn Waterspout afterwards. The second one, missable, is after you beat the Gale Shrine. Talk to Bingo, who is next to the entrance to the City Checkpoint, then use Galestorm to remove the pile of leaves next to him. Talk to him again to start the mini-game, you're reward is a sun fragment. The third digging game is Sei-An City, head to the upper-left portion of Commoner's Quarter and talk to the carpenter Naguri to begin the digging game. The fourth digging game is back in Sasa Sanctuary this time in the Bamboo Grove. Talk to Kaguya to begin the mini-game. The fifth and final digging game is in the Dragon Palace, the hallway to the right as you enter which also houses a Stray Bead. This one is odd as it is a reverse digging game. First you have to climb up to the top then dig back down to the bottom.

Eat My Flower Trail
Win the race against Ida and Hayate.

Ida is in Shinshu Field, Hayate in Ryoshima Coast. After restoring Shinshu Field go to Ida, North of the Nameless Man's Kiln, and give him a Traveler's Charm after the fight with the monsters. You won't be able to race him immediately but you'll know when you can race him when he has an exclamation point above his head. Hayate can not be raced until you lift the accursed mist on Sei-An city. Hayate is running around near the dock. To unlock the trophy though you have to do all 3 races for each of them, 6 in total. They aren't hard, just run towards then and tackle them as they turn.

Dog Gone Fast
Win the race against Kai.

After Wawku Shrine head back to Yoshpet and talk to Kai. Racing Kai is tougher than Ida and Hayate, especially at the last part with the snowballs. Beat her just once to unlock the trophy. Take note there are shortcuts that are marked by wooden posts.

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