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Players: 1-2 players offline, 2 players online
Online Trophies: No online specific trophies, but make some of the trophies easier
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum: 672 hours (approximately 1 month nonstop)
Minimum Playthroughs: Twice each level x 120 levels = 240 + 95 (play five missions as 20 different character on each) = 335 missions needed to play minimum. More for training your characters, replaying missions if you failed, and collecting more coins.
Collectible Trophies: Multiple trophies (collect all secret coins, collect at least 250 different coins, gather 1 million Beli, assemble all the crew members, and unlock everything in the gallery)
Missable Trophies: None, all levels can be replayed to get something you missed.
Glitched Trophies: He Already has so Many Wonderful Allies (It doesn't unlock when it should, but you still can get the trophy)
Do you need to know the manga to enjoy this game: No, but knowing the characters helps

[top]About this game

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is a One Piece related video game released for the Sony PlayStation 3. The game was announced in Shonen Jump magazine as a sequel to One Piece: Pirate Warriors, with Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei teaming up once again to publish it along with developer Omega Force, a subsidiary of Tecmo Koei. Koei is known for their Dynasty Warriors series, which this game is very similar to in play style.

The game features a new Partner system to replace the Crew Strike system from the first game. After the player builds up a certain meter, they will be able to use a special attack and switch to playing as their partner for a short amount of time.

HAKI: Also known as "spirit". This is a character's special abilities or attacks, giving each a unique skill. Usually, these character's gain these powers from eating a nut like fruit, that gives powers and makes them unable to swim, instead sinking in water like a stone.

There is a new Haki usage system and Style Change system. Characters with Haki can activate it to knock out enemies (Haoshoku), enhance the power of their attacks (Busoshoku) or to instantly chain into combos (Kenbunshoku).
The style change meter fills up as the player defeats foes. The style changes depending on the character's style type.
Every playable character in the game has an initial maximum level of 50, but the cap can be increased to level 100 by clearing levels on the very hard difficulty. The more levels are completed, the more of these items can be bought, until all characters' level caps are increased.
Players can also earn money in and after completing stages to spend on leveling up characters faster, or in an in-game store to buy movies, music and more.

Unlike the first game, the story mode does not follow the manga, but instead creates it's own storyline, called the Dream Story, which sees a three-way battle between the Pirate Alliance formed by the Straw Hat Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates, Sakazuki's post-timeskip Marine Headquarters and the "Great Pirate Alliance" founded by the ultimate bosses of the game Gekko Moriah and Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard), along with other past characters as enemies.

During a mission, you can fail if you lose all your health or if you take too long to complete the mission (90 minutes).


Regular punching, kicking, or slashing. Each character has a different looking regular attack with different ranges and strengths.
Strong punch, kick, or slashing. Each character has different looking strong attacks, with different ranges and strengths.
Special attack. If you have played Dynasty Warriors before, this is known as your Musou. This can only be used when the special meter under your character is full. Each character can have up to 4 of these special meters, and holding down the button charges their stronger special attacks. Each character has significantly unique specials. Some special attacks are stronger than others, as well as different ranges and animations. This also is cancel when not in a mission
Rush forward or jump. Rushing forward can evade damage, although each character rushes a different distance. It also helps you jump out of the air if you were hit upward, making your recovery to the grown faster. This button is also used to select missions or options when not in a mission
Combo attacks: Mixing the input of both and , your character can do different attacks. Look at the characters move set list and experiment with the combos. Some work really well on a group, others on enemies ahead of you, and others for a set area around you.
Attack and weave: Mix in the button into your combos to avoid damage and rush up the the next enemy.

Pause game
Taunt during a mission. Taunt includes dialog, or a change of appearance
Style chance: gives you a boost in stats, slightly different attack combos, and pushes the enemies back slightly when activated.
Unique action: Each character has a different action, which does different things. Check your characters move list to see what it does.
Change the camera angle
Pushing : Lock on enemy: This will make the screen lock to face the nearest enemy general. You can undo the lock and redo it if you want to pick someone else.
Look forward: Which ever way your facing, holding down makes your screen stay facing that way. You can move left, right, back, and forward without turning the screen.
Move in that direction
Toggle map from full map, to zoomed into your area, to off. Selects options when not in a mission
Toggle map from full map, to zoomed into your area, to off. Selects options when not in a mission
Selects options when not in a mission
Selects options when not in a mission

Character leveling: The different characters level up as you play as them. You can also spend Beli (your currency) to level them up to level 50. You will come across alot of money, so don't be afraid to waste it. If you ever start having a hard time on a certain level, raise your characters level. After level 50, you need to beat levels on very hard difficulty to raise the cap to 100. You cannot use Beli to level your characters higher than 50. The higher the level of your character, the higher defense they have; therefore the less damage you will take. They also gain more slots for skills and coins at a higher level.

Coin equipment: You should equip coins to your character if there are any open slots. Coins work best when the coin next to it has a friend, enemy, mark or weapon related to the coin. That means if Luffy is the first coin, having a friend, his weapon or hat, or his mark will give both coins a bonus.

Skills: You receive these from skill notes. If you get 3 coins in a row, a skill is unlocked. You will get a bunch, since coins will be obtained every mission you play. Read all the skills to see what fits your playing style. There are some skills that refill a specific meter automatically, some that heal, and some that are specific to the character your playing. I recommend defense raising skills, since taking less damage is a requirement for S ranking levels.

Crew: Make sure to equip a crew member, or switch them out if the current one is maxed level. That crew member levels up (by using their crew attack, or a special attack) and obtaining experience in the form of (!). Each crew member unlocks 3 skills that are set and equipped to you, as well as Beli, and character coins (of that character)

You can cancel your style action by pressing . This is useful when your crew member is playable character and you don't want to waste time. My canceling, you end the style action and can start recharging the meter again. Also helps when you come across healing items, which heal the current character your playing as. If your playing as your crew member, it's wasted since they will disappear anyway.

Characters to use (in no specific order):
  1. Teach (double ability): His level 1 special attack is hits a large range of enemies, and sends them up into the air, killing most weak enemies in one hit. His combos aren't that great.
  2. Crocodile: He is a very fast character that uses his combos to make tornados that damage weak enemies ahead of him. His level 1 special kills most generals and weak enemies. That special hits a large area.
  3. Buggy: When running, he turns into a fast race car. He has some great combo attacks, one of which goes forward similar to Croc's tornados. damaging people ahead while you attack people around you.
  4. Ace: Brother of Luffy, he is a great melee fighter, with lots of quick punching combos. He also controls fire.
  5. Marco: His attacks are quick, but he flies into the air alot, making him only good against large crowds
  6. Hancock: Her attacks aren't very strong, but many of her combos and special attacks petrify enemies.
  7. Luffy: The main character. His attack combos are fast and finish with a long reach forward.
  8. Usopp: His attacks are all long ranged, which keeps him out of danger. Not a bad character to start with.
  9. Sanji: He can only kick, and cannot fight girls. His attacks are quick and fun to play as.
  10. Law: A great swordsman, he has many great combos. his ability makes a vacuum room, which sucks in enemies and damages them at the same time. Great to use since you can make a room in front of you, then turn around and fight another group. The first group will die as you destroy the second group.
Each character has pros and cons. Some combos or skills will give you a stat boost, or have special abilities (like draining or regaining health, refill a meter, or freeze a enemy). Try them all out, and experiment with their combos.

Power ups: Obviously you want to save power ups for when you need them. In regular yellow chests, you can get attack boosts, defense boosts, healing items, Sp refills, style action refills, and coins. All the stat boosts last for 30 seconds, before you have to grab another. Before fighting a general, fill all your meters and pick up all stat boosts, and avoid picking up any boosts you don't need at that time. Boosts of the same type don't stack.

Beli grinding: Beli is something easy to come by, so you don't really need to grind it. If you want to though, there is this option.

Always set the difficulty to very hard (play online to finish faster) to get a higher boost. You can also spend money in the Beli shop, which amplifies the amount you gain. Select any crew mission (recommended Marco or Franky episode). Use your best character (level 100 Enel is recommended). You will get about 4 million beli for clearing the stage, more if you played online (online boost).

Local co-op: Player 1 should be the character for the trophies and to gain experience, while player 2 will be your strong character. Player 1 should hide somewhere safe (usually in a corner) and use your player 2 to clear the stage. This can also be used for S ranking missions. Downside is player 1 has to get the 1200 kills and then stay safe.

Dodge and evade: Dodge often and mix it into your combos. It's helpful to bridge the gap to the next enemy, and can be used to avoid damage.

Red style action: Any enemies that have a attacker type style action (turning them red) can bounce your physical attacks off and stun you. Projectiles and special attacks will still effect them. When fighting a general that goes into Style action, avoid facing them if you don't have a special attack or your own style action ready. Activating right next to them will stun them out of their style action.

[top]Gameplay Strategies

Style action: This is a Haki, or spirit boost that affects each character differently. While fighting, each enemy you defeat replenishes your meter. When the meter is full, pressing will color your hero in a specific color, and them a stat boost (harder Defense, better Health, faster Speed, stronger Attack). This boost's colors also shields you by taking reduced damage. When you first activate the boost, the enemies around you will be stunned for a second, which helps if you're surrounded. This mode is temporary, and there is a time limit (a meter that goes down), which ends this mode when the meter runs out. If you press anytime while in this mode, you will do a special attack that is stronger than your usual.

The enemies also have a style action, where it colors them the same way it does your character, and makes them invincible from most attacks while in this boost. The only way to get damage through is to be in style action yourself. You can also break their style action by using a special attack . This means that once they use their style action, if you use your special attack, it will cancel their style.

Crew attack: While in your style action, if you kill enough enemies within that limited time (a different meter located next to the amount of time you have left in that mode), when you press the button, instead of a special attack, you will do half an attack, and your equipped crew member will do the second half of your combo. If your crew member is a playable character, you will play as that character for a short amount of time.

While as your crew member, you play as that character like usual. When you press the button again, they do a special attack, that ends with your character finishing the combo, and you go back to playing as your usual character.

Special attack: Pressing while one or more of your special bars is full will make you do a special attack. Holding the button longer will use more bars, for a different special. Specials can go through most defenses, and some have a wider ranger than others. Experiment with multiple characters to see which ones you enjoy playing with.

Tactics: If you have played any Dynasty Warrior type game (there are quite a few) you will play this game the same way. With your character, go from base to base, defeating all enemies you come across. This gets you the most items, high number in kills, and hopefully help you win the level. Whenever a enemy general arrives or your ally general is low on health, drop what your doing and go to help them. Some missions require you to listen to the dialog, since sometimes there is a requirement to get past a door or an area you have to visit for the story.

Each base you visit has power ups, which help you gain stat boosts, money, or collectables. Obviously if you don't need a stat boost at that moment, leave it for later. This helps with healing items, since you will be low on health every now and then. Don't pick up health items if you can last without it, but don't fight a general with less than half (and use your judgment).

Also watch out, since some territories link to others, powering up the main base. Cut off these smaller areas, to weaken the area they power. These smaller areas can make another area gain healing (who ever owns the base gets their units healed slowly), attack, defense, or health stat boosts (again, whom ever owns the base gets these boosts to all their side's units), or just unlock another base's door when defeated.

Bottle neck: It is easy to be surrounded in this game, since enemies spawn out of nowhere, and you will be outnumbered often. Its best to lure the enemy away from the large group, or stay just outside of a door way. The enemies have to go through that doorway, so you can control how many enter that area.

You can also, when using your attacks, knock the enemy backward into others, damaging them both, or hitting them into walls (again, giving more damage). In some cases, the environment can instantly kill them if you knock them off the path or into water.

General fighting: When your fighting a general (usually any One Piece character, or larger normals) you want to start with regular attacks. Depending on how well or bad those go, mix in combos, special attacks, or style actions. You also hope that the Ai allies also followed you into this battle, because they do help distract or weaken these enemies. Lastly, make sure you're healed up, and picked up power ups before you engage. Power ups can boost stats, fill your meters, and give you an advantage.

Juggling: Like in many "dynasty warrior" type games, there is a tactic that is called juggling. You pretty much hit the enemy into the air, and do combos on them. When they are about to land or stand up, you hit them again, which stops them from hitting you and gives you more chances to damage them. Most special attacks hit them into the air.

Similar to juggling, some characters cannot hit enemies into the air. Instead, you can stun the enemy by either hitting them with alot of punches, or rushing into them. Some characters also have an elemental combo or attack that gives other statuses, like frozen, burnt, poisoned, or negative. All of these effects leave the enemy in a stunned state, unprotected against your attack.

Reviving allies: In this game, any Ai ally can be knocked out, but if your rush to their side fast enough, you can revive them. They don't come back with full health, but their help in battles do have a visible difference, and some characters are needed for certain events to progress or happen. As a basic rule, you don't want your allies to ever get there, as you should be protecting them as much as possible. In co-op play, you cannot revive your other player. If either of you fall, you lose the mission. Game over

Plan going into any fight: Start with regular punching. When an enemy is about to attack you, or use their style action, use your special attack. That is because you will have 4 special attacks (at max level) and these refill faster than style action. When your out of special attacks or a general is almost dead, use your style action. It shields you from damage and while in this mode you refill some of your special meter. You will also get your style meter refilled automatically, although it is slow. The crew meter will be automatically filled when you defeat a general, or defeat enough enemies. When you can, use that crew attack, to prolong the fight and hopefully level your crew member. After all that expires, avoid damage and look for chests for some power ups and refills on your meters. That is only if the general still isn't defeated.

Strength in numbers: During your missions, you will need to protect your allies and territories. Stay close to allies when a general is near, since reviving them is as easy as walking into their green circle. Remember that if you damage a enemy but the ally kills them, it won't count for your kills.

Online play: Be wary since some random players don't always help. First off, if they get disconnected, it ends the mission. Next, they could be inactive, meaning you have to do all the work, and maybe even protect them. Lastly, don't let the "ally" steal all your kills. If you can, get a friend to play with you. Get your 1200 kills, then let your friend do the rest. They don't have to worry since they can take all the damage they like.

Co-op split-screen: If your having a hard time to beat a level on Hard, or want to train your characters quickly, use co-op. Both characters used get experience, and you have one less ally that isn't stupid like the AI. You can still get an S rank, if your okay with sharing half the screen.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Online training: When you play online, you can either get partnered with a random person, or invite (or get invited) to a friend's game lobby. After each mission is completed, you have to redo the search or invite after each mission. Usually the people playing online play on hard difficulty, and may or may not have maxed level characters. If you join a room, and finish the level, you get all the experience, Beli, and coins that are rewarded for finishing the level (as well as your rank rewards and it counts as you beating that mission on that difficulty if you haven't already.

This is considered an exploit, since you can join a random room and literally stand in the corner. I have done this multiple times, leaving the whole level to the other player. Remember that if you die, both players fail that mission. If you get damaged, retreat and look for healing power ups, like meat, meat on a stick, or bentos. Also watch out for lag, which will happen when you play with people around the world. Lag can make you freeze while enemies surround you, or deal you phantom damage from no where.

Glitches: There are cases where your AI allies will run ahead or get left behind. Some missions a door will lock, which makes it possible for you to get locked out of a room or get trapped with no help. Other instances include all the enemies are dead but the next objective doesn't show up, leaving you stuck with no way to complete the story objective


Step 1: Play the game on normal difficulty
When you first start out, you will be starting from scratch.
You won't have any character levels, Beli, or Coins. Each character you play as gains their own individual experience, leveling up to a max of 50 levels. You can also spend Beli to level up. The max stays at 50, although there is a way to break that level cap, which I will explain later. Beli is the game's currency, given to you when you pick up coins during the missions, or awarded to you after each mission is completed. Coins (which raises ATK, DEF, or Health stats) are equitable to each individual character to raise their respected stat.

I suggest you play on normal for now, to gather some of the resources I mentioned above. Things to do while playing:
  • Gather meat pickups whenever you see them. Each map has at least 1 big meat.
  • Fight all enemies. Keeps you from being surrounded, and helps leveling you up.
  • Fight all character generals. They will usually drop a coin or big meat. They are also usually part of the story objectives
  • Break all chests, looking for pickups. Look out for all yellow, red, or blue chests.
  • Use your crew strike as often as you can.
  • Once a Crew member is at level 10, switch to another character.
  • Watch for story objectives. They will tell you what you need to do in the mission. Also, some of the secret coins are related to these objectives. If you complete a secret coin objective, a large blue treasure chest will show up (when they appear, the game will say where it is)
  • Use your Beli on coin boosts, experience boosts, etc. Using these will raise the chance for a specific type of coin to drop.
  • There are extra stuff like sounds, movies, and costumes. Buy everything as soon as they are available. Use the Beli on these first, then to level your characters.
Go through the story missions slowly, staying alive. Once you beat a mission level, you can go online to play that same level with someone else. Depending on how gutsy you wanna be, you can play on Hard and just stay in the corner. I will explain this exploit later. Finish up all the story missions and get three of your favorite characters up to level 50 (use up your gold, it's easy to come by)

If you take your time and get S ranks, you can skip step 3.

Step 2: Unlock all character levels and replay story missions on Hard or Very Hard
Like I mentioned above in step 1, you should play online as often as you can. Either host a room, where you get to pick the level, or just jump into a random room.

In this step, unlock the true ending. To do that, you need to complete each mission (story and crew). The crew levels are located from the main menu, and is similar to the story missions (same maps, different conversations and characters to fight). Some character levels are unlocked after beating a specific level. Check my "Unlock" section for information on how to unlock something specific.Then replay 4-2 to unlock the final chapter and finish those 2 extra episodes. With everything unlocked, you can now play on very hard difficulty. When you beat enough levels on very Hard, you will be able to level break a character to 100.

Step 3: S rank all missions
Replay all levels on anything harder than easy, playing solo (is preferred). Usually, in co-op the other player will steal kills you need. If you know your partner, you can make it work as long as they know to avoid fighting. The game has to be on normal, hard, or very hard, because anything on easy will still only get you an A rank. Aim to defeat 1200 enemies, avoid taking damage, and go as quickly as possible. Those are the 3 requirements for a S rank on any level. Some levels require you grind by beating all normal enemies, and run away from generals. If you defeat a specific amount of normal enemies in a "base", a base general will show up. If you defeat this base general, you capture that area. Captured areas spawn normal allies, replacing the spawn of normal enemies. Farming each base as much as you can helps get you to that target of 1200. Obviously the time requirement is hard to meet, but the game should give you some room for error.

Step 4: Survival challenges
This is left for last, although you can attempt it whenever you like. You will select a character, and go into a mission solo. Your objective is to defeat the generals they throw at you, and survive to the end. Some times these generals will be accompanied with normal enemies. These missions are hard, even with a maxed character. Look out for power ups, which will only drop from defeated generals. The enemy generals will do massive damage to you! Don't worry about getting an S rank on the challenges, since its almost impossible.

Going in with a maxed level characters ( lvl 100) helps. There are only 2 challenge missions.

Step 5: Clean up
This is where you finish up the trophies you didn't receive yet. Check the specific trophy information for help. If you need more info or have questions, feel free to PM me here.

This is the map section, with information about each story map. Information includes an image of the map, locations of the secret coins, any coins gotten from basic chests, locations of meat, etc. Other info may include best places for grinding enemy defeats, helpful powerups, etc. Not marked on these maps are locations of generals, which drop coins when defeated. Just assume every general will drop a good power up, and defeat them all.

Most of the crew maps are a variation of the same maps, with different story dialog. If you encounter a map that is in the wrong place or need more info, PM me here. Each map's name is what they are refereed to in the story missions. Some story missions are on the same map, so don't worry if you see what looks to be a duplicate. All pictures were taken by myself.

Prologue Episode 1: Assaulting Raijin

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Prologue Episode 2: The Straw Hat Pirates Split Up?

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 1 Episode 1: The Pirate Alliance Invasion

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 1 Episode 2: The Fist of Justice

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 1 Episode 3:The Lord of Nightmares

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 1 Episode 4:The Strongest Pirates

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 2 Episode 1:To Where It Began

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 2 Episode 2:The Revival of Arlong Park

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 2 Episode 3:Infiltration! The Stonghold of Hell

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 2 Episode 4:The Great Crash of Marineford

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 3 Episode 1:The Assassin from Blackbeard

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 3 Episode 2: An Onslaught of Swordsmen!

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 3 Episode 3:A Rival from a Desert Island

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Chapter 3 Episode 4: Break Free From the Spell

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Chapter 3 Episode 5: The Open Gates of Hell

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Chapter 3 Episode 6: Bring Back the Crew!

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Chapter 4 Episode 1:Rescue the Marines

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Chapter 4 Episode 2: Breakdown! Marines Vs Pirates

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Chapter 4 Episode 3: The Dark World

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Final Chapter 1:Shattered Justice

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Final Chapter 2:The Decisive Battle with Darkness

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[top]Useful Links

Google Doc- Pirate Warriors 2
This extremely thorough guide has information on each item in the shop, coin info, skills list, and much more. Although it doesn't really help you in the slightest, it can give you a list to check what items you are missing. I don't take any credit for the information collected on this document. I can however, add things to this document if there is anything missing. Let me know about missing things here

[top]Unlock Characters

Character name Unlock requirements
Ace Act 2-4
Akainu Final Act-2
Brook Act 1-3
Brook (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Buggy Act 3-5
Chopper Act 1-3
Chopper (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Crocodile Act 3-3
Eneru Final Act-1
Franky Act 1-1
Franky (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Garp Act 4-1
Hancock Act 2-3
Jimbei Act 1-2
Kizaru Final Act-1
Kuma Act 3-1
Kuzan Act 2-1
Law Act 4-2, Must Rescue Whitebeard
Luffy Available from the start
Luffy (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Marco Act 1-4
Mihawk Act 3-2
Nami Prologue-2
Nami (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Perona Act 2-2
Robin Act 3-4
Robin (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Sanji Act 3-6
Sanji (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Smoker Prologue-2
Teach Final Act-2
Teach (Double Ability) Complete all Straw Hat Crew Missions, then Teach's Crew Mission
Usopp Act 3-4
Usopp (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission
Whitebeard Act 4-2, Must Rescue Whitebeard
Zoro 3-6
Zoro (2 years ago) Complete Final Act-2, then complete Crew Mission

[top]Unlock Movies

Movie Name Unlock Requirements
01. Opening Movie Start the game
02. The beginning of a New Adventure Prologue 1
03. Maxim Surfacing Prologue 1
04. The natural enemy of "God" Prologue 1
05. White Hunter Smoker Prologue 2
06. Prelude to Madness Prologue 2
07. The Raging "Iron Man" Chapter 1-1
08. The Man Who was Admiral Chapter 1-1
09. Fist of Love Chapter 1-2, play as Luffy and meet Garp
10. The Marines' Greatest War Ability Chapter 1-2
11. Shadow Shadow Fruit User Chapter 1-3
12. First Son of the Sea Jinbei Chapter 1-3
13. Want to be a Monster! Chapter 1-4, play as Chopper and score 1000 K.O.
14. Phoenix Marco Chapter 1-4
15. Fire Fist Ace Chapter 1-4, play as Smoker and meet Ace
16. The Enforcer of Justice Chapter 2-1
17. Unexpected Helper Chapter 2-1
18. The Sand King Chapter 2-2
19. "Gatekeeper of Hell" Chapter 2-3
20. Love-Love Mellow Chapter 2-3, let Magellan invade home base(where Hancock stays). Don't capture any top area for easier invasion by Magellan.
21. Ace and Teach Chapter 2-4
22. Legendary Marine Chapter 2-4, play as Marco, and don't attack Marine/red faction. Attack pirate/yellow faction until Garp arrives and meet him.
23. Complete Justice Chapter 2-4
24. The Battle of Marineford Chapter 2-4
25. A New Threat Chapter 2-4
26. Feast of "God" Chapter 3-1
27. It's Now or Never Kuma Chapter 3-1
28. The World's Greatest Swordsman Chapter 3-2
29. Soul King Chapter 3-2, play as Brook, and face Mihawk when he becomes Yellow faction member.
30. Devilish Swordsman of the Triple Sword Chapter 3-2, play as Luffy and face Zorro when he becomes the victory condition(he shows up at enemy main base).
31. Raging "Devil Child" Chapter 3-3
32. Negative Champ Chapter 3-4, play as Perona and defeat Usopp when Moria tries to escape. Defeating Usopp and Robin will clear the stage.
33. The Legendary Buggy Chapter 3-5
34. Raging "Gatekeeper of Hell" Chapter 3-5
35. Raging "Pirate Hunter" Chapter 3-6
36. Ragin "Black Leg" Chapter 3-6
37. Even if I Die, I'll Never Kick a Woman Chapter 3-6
38. Light and Thunder Chapter 4-1
39. The Nefarious Couple Chapter 4-1
40. Raging "Whitebeard" Chapter 4-2
41. Whitebeard Dies Chapter 4-2
42. The Pirate that Spurs Corpses Chapter 4-2
43. I Lose to No One Chapter 4-2
44. The Strongest Paramecia Chapter 4-3
45. Straw Hat Pirates vs Teach Chapter 4-3
46. Continuing the Adventure Clear chapter 4-3
47. Whitebeard Lives Chapter 4-2
48. The Power of the Dark Dark Fruit Chapter 4-2
49. "Dial" Rampage Chapter 4-2
50. "Surgeon of Death" Final Chapter 1
51. Raging "God" Final Chapter 1
52. The Final Battle Final Chapter 2
53. Raging "Blackbeard" Final Chapter 2
54. Power of the New Generation vs. Teach Final Chapter 2
55. The Grand Finale Clear Final Chapter 2

[top]Unlock Music

Music title How to unlock
Gear 2nd 3-1
Agony During 3-6 intro text (don't skip)
Reforming Prologue 1
Pirate's determination Pre-skip Luffy episode
I can still be stronger Zoro episode
My beloved bastards Pre-skip Sanji episode
I'll never lose again Sanji episode
Don't make the navigator cry Nami episode
For those tears Hachi episode
Climb this mountain Lapahn episode
White demon 4-1
For her 2-2
For everyone Mr. 3 episode
Mystery 2-3
The woman who brings darkness Pre-skip Franky episode
I wanna live!! Pre-skip Robin episode
Leave it to us 3-4
Say you want to live Pre-skip Usopp episode
Rescue mission 3-2
Tricky guys Usopp episode
To the depths of hell 1-3
Escape from hell 2-3
Young and clumsy 1-3
Love is a hurricane Hancock episode
Whitebeard Whitebeard episode
Buggy's theme 1-3
What stands before us 2-2
A reindeer's courage Chopper episode
Agents of the shadow 3-3
Beauty and the beast 3-1
Marine Admiral Smoker episode
Magma 2-1
I will surpass you Prologue 1
Ill omen Prologue 1
Conflict and pressure 2-4
Her adventure 3-4
Bravery and strength Prologue 2
Requiem for him 4-2
Happy voyage 2-2
Happy ending 4-3
Enemy appears Prologue 1
Unrest Prologue 2
The voyage begins Default
Our story Prologue 1
The fight's over Prologue 1
I'm hungry 1-1 clear
To the new world Default
Fruit of darkness 2-4
The marines are here 1-2
Supersonic battle Prologue 1
In the darkness 4-3
What I saw in the new world Prologue 1
Submerge 2-1
A powerful enemy appears 1-1
Pitched battle 2-4
Predicament 1-1
Reckless or not 2-1
Today is a nightmare 1-3
Madness appears Prologue 2
The wakening blow 3-3
We're a crew Default

[top]Unlock True Ending

  1. Beat all story missions at least once
  2. Beat all crew missions at least once
  3. Replay 4-2. During the mission a new objective will come up, called "Convince Whitebeard". Finish the mission and 2 more episodes under a "final chapter" will appear.
Finish the 2 extra missions in the Final chapter to get the true end to the story.


Rise to the Top!
All Trophies acquired!

"Platinum trophies be only awarded t' pirates who have received all t' other trophies o' this game. Train hard and seek out this buried treaaye "
Translation: Platinum trophies are only awarded to pirates who have received all the other trophies of this game. Train hard and go find this buried treasure

A New Adventure is Beginning!
Cleared the first Episode.

Prologue Episode 1: Assaulting Raijin

Finish the mission objectives and beat Raijin, the boss, to earn this trophy. Simple enough. Shouldn't have any problems, even if your character is only level 1. I will have this map information in my "maps" section.

My Skills are All... Evolving.
Performed your first Style Action.

This can be completed in the first mission you play.

When the missions start, you have a full style action meter. Press to go into that mode, and start taking down groups of enemies.
Trophy achieved

Thanks! I Owe You One!
Performed your first Crew Strike.

This can be completed in the first mission you play.

Before the mission starts, go to Battle Preparation and equip a crew member.
When the missions start, you have a full style action meter. Press to go into that mode, and start taking down groups of normal people. If you get enough to fill your crew meter, press to do a crew attack.

Your character will do a special attack, which ends with a switch of characters (to whomever you have accompanying you) and you then play as that character for a short amount of time (till that meter runs out).
Trophy achieved

From Here On Out is the New World!
Cleared the Prologue.

The Prologue chapter has only 2 story missions, which set up the beginning of this Dream Story.

Beat these missions to get this trophy:
Prologue Episode 1: Assaulting Raijin
Prologue Episode 2: The Straw Hat Pirates Split Up?

Now It's My Turn!
Cleared the Second Chapter.

The Second chapter only has 4 story missions.

Beat these missions to get this trophy:
Chapter 2 Episode 1:To Where It Began
Chapter 2 Episode 2:The Revival of Arlong Park
Chapter 2 Episode 3:Infiltration! The Stronghold of Hell
Chapter 2 Episode 4:The Great Crash of Marineford

Obviously you need to beat Chapter 1 to play Chapter 2. You also have to beat Episode 1 to play Episode 2, etc

Getting Back My Captured Allies!
Cleared the Third Chapter.

The Third chapter has only 6 story missions.

Beat these missions to get this trophy:
Chapter 3 Episode 1:The Assassin from Blackbeard
Chapter 3 Episode 2: An Onslaught of Swordsmen!
Chapter 3 Episode 3:A Rival from a Desert Island
Chapter 3 Episode 4: Break Free From the Spell
Chapter 3 Episode 5: The Open Gates of Hell
Chapter 3 Episode 6: Bring Back the Crew!

Obviously you need to beat Chapter 2 to play Chapter 3. You also have to beat Episode 1 to play Episode 2, etc.

Victory is Mine!
Obtained a Normal Ending.

Complete Chapter 4 Episode 3: The Dark World
Obviously you need to beat Chapter 3 to play Chapter 4. You also have to beat Episode 1 to play Episode 2, etc

This isn't the complete ending, but to get that you need to unlock it first.

The Pirate King is the Freest Person On the Seas!
Obtained a True Ending.

To obtain this trophy, you need to unlock the True Ending.

First, you need to complete all story missions up to 4-3, which unlocks a majority of crew missions.
Next, beat all the crew missions. Obviously getting S ranks will narrow the amount of replaying needed.
Once you beat all the missions at least once, replay 4-2. During the mission a new objective will come up, called "Convince Whitebeard". Finish the mission and 2 more episodes under a "final chapter" will appear.

The true ending adds 2 more episodes to the story missions:
Final Chapter 1: Shattered Justice
Final Chapter 2: The Decisive Battle with Darkness

The actual map is the same you played during Chapter 4 Episode 3: The Dark World, although the story and objectives have changed slightly.

There's Only Room for One Pirate King!
Cleared all Challenge Scenarios.

There are only 2 challenges required for this trophy. Any other challenges are DLC.

Stylish- Style action lasts longer
High tension- Style action damage increases

Hyper tension & Stylish make a good pair of skills. One increases damage while in style mode, and the other makes style action mode last longer. You should be able to defeat both bosses with this combo. When moving to the next set of bosses, wait till your style gauge is full and repeat the same thing. If the style gauge is going to run out during the fight against a general, press to bring out a support character that you can fight as (like Kuma or Crocodile)

When there are 2 generals, take out the threat first. Usually the bigger threat (for example, between Ace and Crocodile, Croc has a larger range, making him more dangerous. If you lure Ace away, Croc is more likely to get back into range and attack you)

A New Challenger Enemies:
Moria and Perona
Ivankoff and Kuma
Garp and Marco (With a generic general)
Teach and Law
The Great Logia Showdown Enemies:
Ace and Crocodile
Akainu and Kizaru

Join My Crew!
Assembled 10 or more allies.

See the "You're All My Family... " trophy

Let's Adventure Together!
Assembled 30 or more allies.

See the "You're All My Family... " trophy

You're All My Family...
Cleared all Crew Episodes.

There are a total of 57 allies to unlock.
Not all of them are playable, but each enemy general you come across in the game can become part of your crew. You usually unlock them to your crew by finishing a mission, that character's specific crew episode.

Crew episodes are unlocked by finishing other missions (story or another crew mission).

Look at This Big Haul!
Acquired all Secret Coins in any single Main Episode.

Each story mission has 3 secret coins.

When on the episode select menu, press or to cycle through info like basic information, coins, and your best record. On basic information you can see if you obtained any secret coins for that episode. After you select a story mission, go to player data, where you can view secret coin information. There you can view the "conditions" needed to obtain that secret coin. Even if you do meet the condition, you still need to find the chest when it pops up on the map.

You will recognize this chest as a large blue chest. It stands out from the regular looking chests.

All the Treasure in the World is Mine!
Acquired all Secret Coins.

Each story mission has 3 secret coins
21 missions x 3 secret coins = 63 secret coins in all

Each crew mission has 1 secret coin
57 x 1 = 57 secret coins in all

So 63 + 57 = 120 secret coins
Each mission has 1 secret coin in common: Get an S rank. That means you have to get 78 S ranks in total

The 3 requirements for an S rank are:
*Don't take more than 1000 damage
*Finish the level within a specific time
*Defeat 1200 enemies

People's Dreams Never Die
Cleared all Episodes on the highest difficulty level.

The highest difficulty is Very Hard, unlocked by obtaining the True Ending.

First, beat all the story missions up to 4-3. This should unlock a majority of crew missions.
Next, beat all the crew missions. Obviously getting S ranks will narrow the amount of replaying needed.
Once you beat all the missions at least once, replay 4-2. During the mission a new objective will come up, called "Convince Whitebeard". Finish the mission and 2 more episodes under a "final chapter".

After you get the new animation, a new difficulty will be available.

I'm Ready for my Close-Up.
Unlocked all movies in the gallery.

There are a total 55 short movies you need to unlock and obtain for this trophy. Check my list in the "Unlockables" section for specifics, since some require secret objectives to unlock. Better yet, go to this google document.

Even after you unlock these, you are required to purchase them out of the Beli shop. To see your collection, from the main screen go to gallery.

We... Know Everything...
Unlocked everything in the gallery.

Unlock and purchase everything:

55 movies
61 musical songs
57 crew gallery actions
57 crew gallery voices
57 crew gallery facial expressions
57 other

Any items purchased from the shop don't count for this trophy.

To check what you already collected, go to gallery from the main menu.

I'll Only Grow Stronger
Acquired your first skill.

See the "You Can Count On Me! " trophy

My Strength has Grown!
Acquired 10 skills.

See the "You Can Count On Me! " trophy

You Can Count On Me!
Acquired 20 skills.

Skills are unlocked by finishing skill notes, which are a bingo board. When you obtain coins, if it is the first of that coin and it's on that board, it will mark the board. When you get 3 in a row (think tic-tac-toe), you will gain a ability. Some skill notes require a maxed version of that coin. Also note that there are a bronze, silver, and gold version of each coin.

These abilities are equitable to your characters, giving them advantages in battle.
Majority of the coins are secret coins. The handful that aren't secrets can be obtained through missions, certain missions dropping a series "type" of coin. You can also purchase coin boosts, which raise the chance to get that series type.

Each skill note has 8 skills, with a total of 17 skill notes.
17 x 8 = 136 skills to obtain

There are actually only 53 different skills, with many other duplicates on multiple skill notes. When you unlock the same skill again, it will strengthen the effect.

Good news: you don't need all of the skills, and you will naturally unlock a majority of the coins.

If you want to check what coins you still need, you can go to the gallery on the main menu, then go treasure gallery, then skill note. You can also check the skill notes by selecting a mission, and under "set sail" is "skill notes"

Alright! I Got It!
Collected your first Coin.

There are a total of 540 coins. 180 different coins, each with 3 different ranks (bronze, silver, and gold)
You will get this after the first story mission. There are 4 coins from chests (2 secret blue chests and 2 from red chest chests) as well as 2 from generals when they are defeated.

See the "Wow! He's Amazing! " trophy

There's Probably a Lot More of These.
Collected 100 or more different Coins.

See the "Wow! He's Amazing! " trophy

Wow! He's Amazing!
Collected 250 or more different Coins.

There are a total of 540 coins. 180 different coins, each with 3 different ranks (bronze, silver, and gold). Coins will naturally be obtained throughout your many missions. They can be dropped by enemy generals, awarded from crew, found in red treasure chests, unlocked through secret coins, and obtained at the end of the mission.

After you obtain a secret coin or crew coin the first time, those coins are added to a list of possible coins you can be obtained randomly. Once you unlock a high rank coin, it is possible to get another from just picking up coins.

Coins are used to equip to your characters, to raise their stats in Health, Attack, and Defense. They also unlock skills, from skill notes.
To level up a coin, collect another copy of that exact coin. After it has become max level, you will then get Beli instead of that coin.

Coin boosts (called Maps in the consumable section of the Beli shop) raise the chance of getting a certain type of coin. You can also buy a (Team map) which buys you that specific coin. Prices vary, and you still need to get through the mission to get that coin. Each map is used per mission, and if you buy a different map, you lose the maps you didn't use yet. Maps of the same type do stack.

What I usually do is jump online and let the co-op partner do all the work. If they complete the mission, you get the same coins that they earned. The rewards are random, but there is a chance you get a coin you was missing.

Bring On a Thousand More!
Total number of defeated enemies exceeds 100,000.

Comes naturally, although does take a while.

Each normal or general enemy you defeat counts towards this trophy. To get an S rank, you need to defeat 1200 enemies. So playing the missions on the different difficulties, replaying for S ranks or secret coins, you will get this sooner or later

This'll Buy a Lot of Meat!
Acquired a total of 100,000,000 Beli.

This trophy is accumulative.

Regardless if you spend your Beli or save it, once you have obtained your 100,000,000th piece of Beli, this trophy will pop. Will come naturally, so there is no reason to farm this. Also, there is no way to keep track of this number unless you hold back from spending until you get this trophy. That is doable, since Beli doesn't unlock anything necessary.

Beli is obtained in missions (they come in different amounts, the smallest being a small white bag of gold, to a pile of gold) when you break open a red chest. You also obtain Beli when you finish the mission, and if you already have a maxed level coin, any more of that type will be turned into 10000 Beli.

Big Spender!
Spent a total of 100,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.

See the "I Think I'll Buy the World! " trophy section

Business is Good!
Spent a total of 10,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.

See the "I Think I'll Buy the World! " trophy section

I Think I'll Buy the World!
Spent a total of 100,000,000 or more Beli at the Beli Shop.

This is accumulative.

It will come naturally, as there are alot of things to buy from the shop. You will need to buy all that extra stuff for a trophy anyway. You can get this faster if you buy coin boosts in between missions.

I'm Getting Fired Up!
Defeated 500 enemies while in Style Action.

This is not accumulative. You need to defeat 500 in one activation.

To keep the timer alive, first make sure you're at max level. At that high level (100) your meter will be the longest available. During the massacre, look for pickups that replenish your meter. Lastly, you still want to avoid attacking generals. You need the normal enemies to keep spawning, and hopefully keep running towards you.

Best map for this is Chapter 1 Episode 2: The Fist of Justice

On this mission, after you get to the center, all the enemies will rush out of the surrounding bases. Start killing enemies as fast as you can, and run around the outer edge of this room. The treasure chests in this large area will replenish your meter, as well as any enemy generals. Go as fast as you can though, since if you fail to get the trophy and this ends, you will have to redo the mission.

Like Some Sort of Legendary Monster!
Defeated a total of 10,000 or more enemies with Special Attacks.

This trophy is accumulative

This will come naturally, since special attacks are used multiple times during each mission. Some characters have better special attacks than others. You also fill this meter from attacking enemies or picking up power ups.

What!? I Missed!
Dodged a Style Action enemy's attack.

makes your character rush forward or evade.

When the enemy is about to use their special attack, dodge it by rushing out of its way. Some enemy's attacks have an animation, showing their intent. Although it is hard to describe how to dodge it perfectly, it is bound to happen sooner or later.

If you're having a hard time, just spam the button

Come With Me!
Cleared 5 stages each with 5 different characters.

See the "He Already has so Many Wonderful Allies. " trophy

Possessing Tremendous Power!
Cleared 5 stages each with 10 different characters.

See the "He Already has so Many Wonderful Allies. " trophy

He Already has so Many Wonderful Allies.
Cleared 5 stages each with 20 different characters.

This grinding trophy will be a pain.

Select any level you want, then jump online and finish that level.
Redo it again, this time with a different character.
Redo it over and over again. Same level, different character.

You need to play 5 different stages. I suggest you play this on:
Prologue Episode 1: Assaulting Raijin
Crew mission Franky
Crew mission Marco

As the first level, its probably the easiest and shortest level. Everyone online also knows all the story objectives, to progress through it quickly. Also, there is more online activity, since beginners need to start here anyway.

If this trophy seems glitched (you did the same level, 20 different characters) just keep playing. It will unlock sometime.

Got Something Rare.
Acquired your first Secret Coin.

This trophy is very simple. Finish any special objective and open the chest to obtain a secret coin.

Look into trophies "Look at This Big Haul! " or "All the Treasure in the World is Mine!" for more info.

It's Hiding a Terrible Power!
Acquired your first Skill Note.

Skills are aquired by playing BINGO with your coins. Each board has specific coins in a specific location, each board holding 9 coins. Once you obtain that coin (the first time) it will mark that section, and if you get three in a row (like Tic-Tac-Toe), it unlocks a skill. There are a total of 8 skills per board.

I'm Hungry for Some Meat!
Acquired 100 or more Giant Meat.

Giant meat is a power up that you can collect from the different maps. Usually found from breaking items lying around, some maps have specific locations where you are ensured to find meat. Meat, when collected, heals your character. Generals will also drop this, but on average there is 1 big meat in a chest and 1 from a general per mission. You shouldn't actively farm this, because through all your levels, you will need to heal often. That said, you should pick up any and all meat you find.

The best map to grind this on is Chapter 1 Episode 1 The pirate alliance invasion.
On this map, you will get 1 meat before Kuzan appears, and one after you're trapped in the large room with him. There is also a general that will drop a big meat. Thats 3 meat in one mission!

Unbelievable Power...!
Stunned the enemy 1,000 times.

Stunned enemies will have a "!" above their head. They usually get stunned if you sneak into a base, do a combo attack, special attack, style action, or crew attack.

At the end of the mission, all those stunned enemies "!" will turn into experience for whomever you have equipped as your crew. Comes naturally through playing.


Luffy's True Allies...
Defeated 10,000 enemies with Crew Strike.

This trophy is accumulative.

Each time you use a crew attack, those kills add up for this count. Any defeated enemies during the time you play as your crew member or do a special attack before or after being that crew member counts.

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