Players: 4 Co-op/ 8 Multiplayer
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 1 Co-op/ 1 Online Boost
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
Time to Platinum: 15-20hrs

[top]Tips and Strategies

Bonus Mission Codes:
RaidT18Z - Night Raid
StrongM577 - Coastal Stronghold
AmbushU454 - Ambush
CloseQ8M3 - Close Quarters
OFPWEB1 - Encampment
OFPWEB2 - Debris Field


Platinum Trophy
All Trophies Collected

Collect all the trophies in operation Flashpoint.

Without Warning
Destroy Radar emplacement

This is the easiest mission by far. When you first start you will go up a hill with a defensive position on top. There are 2 PLA troops there kill them then head up the hill towards the Radar site. Once you crest the hill look for 3 to 4 troops at the actual site once they gone plant your C4 make sure you move back and your fireteam is away before detonating it. After the Radar is gone it will say that fleet is in position and you can now have access to artillery fire. Look down the hill and you will see the other Recon team firing into the village target a group of troops in the village fire the artillery. Once that is done it will tell you that the LZ needs to be clear this is the only difficult part of this mission. There are 5 or 6 troops waiting at the LZ which is also the point where the mission started. Watch your left flank i had 2 troops try to get me. Once they are gone the helicopter will land bored it and congrats mission successful. Now before you think " WOW this game is easy" yeah that's what i thought too and boy, was I wrong.

Saber Beats SAM
Disable the SAM sites

This mission can be a bitch because for some reason the helicopters will always find you. When you start the mission hold at the side of the road a convoy is gonna come by let them pass then cross the road. Run across the field and up the hill to the field. Now this is where it can be tricky, you will notice a ton of bunkers now you have to work your way inbetween them without being spotted. While moving between them if you hear one of your men say "There searching for us" immediately go prone because if you don't all hell will break lose and i guarantee you won't survive. Once you make it to the OP open fire on the men guarding the sunburn missile. Once there gone knock it out with some C4. Now here is where it gets hard. You will have EVERYONE looking for you and for some reason you will have this STUPID helicopter shooting at you. But here's the way around it the little village off to your right. You get "Ghost Ops" here head up towards it kill everyone get your DING and most likely you will have a helicopter shooting at you take cover in a building. Wait for the helicopter to fly away and start to move. Now head through the trees don't move through the field. At this point make your ROE return fire so you don't alert more enemies now when you get kinda close to the SAM site you will see towers now when you get about 500m away aim at the ridge line right at the towers and select artillery and scattered shot. Now hopefully the strike took it out worked for me both times i did the mission if not you have to fight your way up there and plant a charge. Then just haul ass to the last way point. You should have no enemies in your way after that.

Tide's Out
Successfully hold the beachhead

This level is the hardest of them all it will take you multiple multiple tries to finally get it. Just stick with it and don't give up or get discouraged. As soon as the mission starts run of the left side and get behind the wood pile. Throw a grenade to the next wood pile and you should kill the first AT team. Take there rocket launcher you may need it. Now stay in the woods and move towards the village. Engage the other AT teams and the defenders from inside the woods. Now if the AAV's don't take out the tank thats what you have the rocket launcher for and you will get the *Get Creative trophy. Make sure you eliminate the AT teams in the little village before they destroy the AAV's if you lose any of them restart the mission. Now one there all gone a mortar team will take out the lead AAV run up the hill with the radio tower there a 5 PLA up there 2 at the building before the tower and 2 at the base of the tower and 1 behind it down the hill a little. Take them out quick and again if you lose an AAV restart. Now this part is a little tricky. Head towards the barn on the left side of the field next to the town. Take out the AA troop and start engaging the troops in the town from across the field. You can also take out the 2nd team from across the field now once all the PLA that you can see are down head into the town and eliminate the last team. Sometimes the chopper does it for you. Now heres the really hard part which i can't stand. You now have to hold the town and more than likely you will fail. But if you follow what i say and with some luck you might get it first try. Run to the red smoke that is the point you need to defend even though the other sides of the town will be overrun so watch your back too. Tell your grenadier to use the .50cal at the sandbag. Have the machine gunner defend the right side of the barn facing the closes woods and your medic cover the woods on the right side of the road. Now look behind you if you did everything quick you should have an AAV behind you. Get in the gunner seat
and hit to turn on the thermal vision with this you will better see the enemy remember that it has a machine gun and grenade launcher and you need to use the HE grenades not HEDP "those are for light vehicles" now make sure when engaging the PLA you target the ones with AT rockets first "you can't miss them you will see it on there back" and once you hear that they have broken thru check you left they will be coming through the town to get you. Hopefully everything works and you can hold off the attack until they retreat. When your done grab a beer and a cig and celebrate.

Runway Relief
Capture the airfield

This mission is pretty short and easy but at the airfield its pretty easy to get overwhelmed. Once you start the mission and head up the first hill look to the right theres a single .50 cal gunner at some sandbags take him out or he will light you up. Now proceed across the field to the hill, stop and take out your SMAW. Peek over the hill and take out the first APC, go back down reload and take the 2nd one out. At this point and trophy opportunity comes, *See Hip Shooter. Now head across the field and take cover at the sandbags with the grenade launcher. Call in your mortar strike at the group of troops at the checkpoint. Wait until you see the first APC then head across the field and across the road and over the hill. You wanna assault the control tower from its west side using the buildings a tents for cover. Be careful some we will hiding in the builds and will fire at you from them. Also if you see a red barrel shoot it, because if you enemy shoots one it could take you out. Now tell your men to assault the control tower and hold back theres no reason for you to get killed. When they take it run in and grab the SAM launcher from the crate at the bottom floor. Use this to get a trophy soon *See Clear Skies
Now the tanks will start to assault, Stay out of the control tower they shoot it and the whole thing will collapse killing your men so stay near the tents. Wait for the tanks to stop and call in a airstrike. They will stop just east of the Control tower if you wanna get a jump on the airstrike so it hits right when they reach the spot. Now after the first wave is gone the attack helo will come shoot it down and get your trophy. Now the last wave likes to stay on the road and by the time i got over there the cobras showed up and took them out so I'm guessing that's what is suppose to happen. There you go easy fight.

Sandmanís Saviors
Extract the downed air crew

When the mission starts sprint to echo's location, next to the Hummer there's an ammo crate grab the marksmen rifle and engage the troops to the north and northeast there's about 10. When you move out to the PLA checkpoint don't take the hummer because they have AT soldiers along the way just move on foot through the wooded are you will have a field on the left and a road on the right when you move watch the right side there are defensive positions there once you get up to the checkpoint clear out the fighters and jump in the PLA jeep. Head to the crash site once you get there get out of the jeep and engage the positions to the northeast. Once they are silenced head up towards the AA site theres about 8 PLA troops up there it best to wait for half of them to head down there hill and then roll up and kill the others. You don't have to destroy the AA vehicles just all the troops. Now make your way towards the crash site you will run into 4 PLA troops when you start down the hill and a truck will pull up with 4 more. Once you reach the crash site start to engage the checkpoint on the road just infront of you take out the machine gunner first. Now work your way into the village there will be about 10 troops in there most of them on the east side take them out and quickly get to the aircrew this will be the point where the attack happens *See Hitchhiker. All attacks except for one will come from the west 2 helicopter will land troops which will attack from the west and move to flank from south and an APC will come from the north and northwest. Once there all gone head to the LZ and your done.

Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul
Get to the extraction chopper

You will get this trophy at the end of mission 5 when you bring the downed aircrew to the LZ.

Resource Management
Secure the fuel depot

When you start the mission activate your NVG's and head ESE across the fields avoid the woods there will be patrols thru them you will see a jeep and a machine gun nest with the gunners back to you. DON'T KILL THEM just walk by after the machine gun nest you will see some woods enter them. Then head across the field towards the OP which is a building next to the facility. One PLA soldier will man it make sure you kill him silently if the alarm is raised restart the mission. When the diversion starts enter the facility and try to work your way through without killing anyone. Now heres the hard part tell your men to stay put and JUST YOU go to the generator and plant the charge. Go back to your men and exit the same way you came in now head to the house you killed the man at and head back the way you came. Now when you get to the 2nd field set of the C4 sometimes it doesn't work and you will have to back track until you are within range. Then start to run towards the LZ there will be TONS of troops around coming from all angles and directions and some will be at the LZ just kill the ones that are in your way and sprint to the LZ and hold it until the helo comes.

Heroic Rescue
Rescue the hostages

When the mission starts you need to quickly run towards the convoy the attack on the lead vehicle will start without you and it will be the POW's battling the PLA until you get there. We you get there eliminate the PLA there's about 5 of them. Now the POW's will follow you and everyone and there mother will be looking for you. Start to make the long journey to the LZ don't sprint the whole way or you leave the POW's behind. There are only 2 groups of PLA that will be blocking your way and in this case that you will have to take out ignore all other troops if you see some 500ms off the the right just run and go down a hill they don't move as fast as you do and you will quickly leave them behind. Reach the LZ and board the chopper to finish the mission.

Uphill Struggle
Eliminate the PLA mortar site

This mission is pretty damn hard too. When you start the mission get in the hummer and drive to the wooded area to the right of the road. You will see the first AT teams off in the distance, there are a total of 3 teams and 2 tanks target all of them you can call in multiple mortar strikes at the same time. Once they are all gone get in the hummer drive to the checkpoint and retrieve the marksman rifle from the ammo box then drive to the oil works when you get their drive on the right side of the wooded area and get out and assault from the woods there is one AT team at the end but it does not show them as an objective but they will take out the tanks. Once that is clear head up the hills to the next AT teams there will be 2 fireteams that you will run in to along the way. Take the left flank so you will be on the high ground when you come into view of the AT teams there are 3 total take them out and grab some ammo. Now comes the hard part, now you have to eliminate the spotters and to do so you must go through the valley dodging mortar fire. There is a secondary objective of eliminating AAA threats which you can do just grab some AT weapons before you hit the valley. Taking them out will bring the cobras in. Key thing to remember when facing the valley is move DON'T STOP run in large zig zags, When you see a single round hit that is where the barrage will land in about 2 seconds. You will be under constant mortar fire and i guarantee you will have to do this level a couple of times go around any resistance don't stop to fight until you hit the defensive position on the road leading to the spotter teams take them out quickly and assault the spotter teams. Once the spotter teams are down assault the monastary and kill the remaining spotter teams.

Bug Out
Reach the extraction point

I personally think this mission is the easiest of them all. Make your way to the first OP as you go up the hill silently take out the PLA troop on the right. Now stand their and watch General Han. Now when he moves head to the next OP and wait for him to do his thing then he leaves. When the patrols clear move across the road and wait in the wooded area on the right there is a sniper in the bunker on the hill and General Han will stop their next so do not approach. Now make your way to the last OP there are 2 soldiers there kill them then pull out your binoculars and watch the radio station. You will get permission to use the JDAM. And if all went according to plan and you didn't raise the alarm you will be getting the "Two Birds, One Stone" Trophy. Now call in the JDAM and make your way towards the LZ. You will find alot of PLA troops are in your way but you Night Ops Barrett will make things pretty easy with its thermal scope. Make it to the LZ and your done.

Ship It
Assault the Naval base

This mission is pretty long but imo the first part is the only part where i truely died other than that the mission is pretty easy. Head up the left flank and enter the wooded hills you will see 3 AT soldiers take them out then move onto the road you should see a tank about 400m away. Pull out your javelin, (ive been seeing alot of threads about how to use it i will explain) To use the javelin you need an unobstructed view of you target, you then center it on your screen and you will see a flashing box around it. Wait 5 seconds and crosshairs will appear on the target, you can now fire. You don't need to keep the crosshairs on it since it is a fire and forget weapon. Continue along the right flank and take out the 2 machine gunners on top of the hill. After that head to the town you need to take out the AA before the choppers arrive you have 10 mins to do so. As you head thru the woods you will have multiple enemies to deal with including 1 bunker with a .50 cal. When you get to the edge of town you need to watch your right and left flanks there are about 20 enemies in the town. When you approach you will see a long building infront of you with a tractor outside. There are 2 spec ops in it kill them, go inside and take the AT launcher from the ammo box. The first AA gun will be in the center of town. Follow the road and stay on the left side of the buildings. Set up the launcher behind a building before poking around the corner the AA guns will fire at you poke out and shoot the first one. Quickly switch to your rifle as there could be a few coming around a corner after you. Now continue down the left side of the buildings the last launcher with a few spec ops is at the end of the town again load your launcher behind a building pop out and fire, switch to your rifle and finish the rest off. Now at this point the choppers will land in the field and you can now get the *Vertical Envelopment Trophy. Take the choppers to the landing zone marked by smoke now on your way to the naval base you will run into alot of defensive positions and patrols theres no easy way around them you will just have to go thru them but due to the hilly terrain its pretty easy to surprise patrol and wipe them out. Largest one I saw was 10 men and we got them all in 10 second from 50m. When you finally get to the entrance of the naval base move slow and from cover to cover watch the hills above the base for enemies. Don't move to far ahead. When you get the artillery strike target the end of the base and move forward when the assault starts. Before the bend there will be a building on the left there is 1 PLA that likes to hide behind it so check it before moving on. You really don't need to go much further than that if you wait there the rest will come to you. Kill them and then move forward until you see the general and the mission will end

Skirinka Island Tour
Find the PLA helicopter and fly it around Skirinka Island in Dragon Rising

NW of your starting point there is a long beach. At the northern most point a little inland from the beach is a SAM site GRID REF 20N X7Y1. Take that out along with the SAM site at the northern point of the island GRID REF 22L X0Y8. Then go back to the SAM site on the western edge of the island and on the beach next to it is the PLA chopper board it and do 2 laps around the island to get this trophy.
*Can also get "The Sky Is Falling" Trophy

Ghost Ops
Eliminate the PLA Commander in Blinding The Dragon

East of the Sunburn Missile Launcher there is a small village GRID REF 2C X7Y9. There are 6 - 10 PLA Troops in the Village the officer is one of them. Hard to tell which one since you are using thermal scopes. Eliminate them all to be sure, but your fireteam will help you out by identifying him as Officer and giving his distance and direction

Get Creative
Destroy the PLA APC at the top of the beach in United We Stand

When you start the mission immediately sprint towards the first AT team. Kill them and take the rocket launcher, Now sprint north ignore anyone shooting at you. You should then have a field infront of you will a road running along it. The APC should start heading down that road shoot it before the AAV's take it out.

Hip Shooter
Destroy the fleeing PLA transport helicopter in Eagle Offense

This one is based off of just luck because the helicopter will fly at random heights sometimes crash by itself. At the start of the mission you have to take out 2 APCs immediately reload the SMAW and head into the field. Make sure you are facing the next objective. You should see the helicopter coming towards you. Take aim and shoot it down you might need a couple of tries since the SMAW isn't a heat seeking rocket.

Destroy the PLA armored units around the village in Powder Trail

There are only 2 APC's, 1st one appears on the north side of the village when you are being assaulted by troops from all sides "NICE" . The 2nd one appears on the Northwest of town in the field either during the assault or as you move to the LZ.

Fuel the Fire
Destroy all of the PLA fuel trucks in Hip Shot

They are located all next to each other in the depot. Place a 2 charges inbetween them and set them off sometimes gun fire from the enemy will blow them up so be careful that you don't stay close to them for long. I had the trophy pop when i only took out 1 of them so maybe you will get that lucky too.

Ruthless Efficiency
Eliminate the remaining troops on the second line with one mortar barrage in Bleeding Edge

When you assault the first Spotter position you will see another spotter position across the road to the north. Target them will the artillery and make sure you choose Scattered spread so you will get them all.

Perfect Rescue
All hostages must survive in Looking for Lois

At the beginning of the mission run as fast as you can to the convoy because they will start the attack when your still pretty far away kill all the troops and the POWs will start to follow you. The key here is to keep the POW's close they can defend themselves but if outnumbered they will die. Don't Sprint the whole way to the LZ because they will fall behind and easily get killed. Also ignore any troops you see in the distance unless they are a direct threat or blocking your advance to the LZ then its just wasting time and just one more chance for a POW to die.

Keep 'em Rolling
Ensure all of the Abrams reach the supporting fire position in Trumpet's Sound

You need to quickly call in the mortars on the AT teams. Big hint here is that you can call in multiple strikes so once you call in one target the next team and call another one in. Use Scattered fire since some of the teams move and use the hummer to get ahead of the Abrams but don't use the road since the first AT teams have tanks too but don't worry about the tanks the Abrams take care of them. There are about 3 to 4 AT teams in the first part. When you reach the 2nd AT teams you can easily take them out with your fireteam no need for mortars you will be pretty close to them.

Two Birds, One Stone
Eliminate Han and the radio station with one JDAM in Decapitation

At the end of the mission Han will be arriving at the radio station when you finally make it to your OP. When prompted aim at the largest building in the center and call in the JDAM. The blast will take both out pretty hard to screw up in imo. But if you had sound the alarm Han will not go to the radio station so keep it stealthy. You only need to kill 3 enemy total in that mission 1 in the beginning and 2 when you get to your OP.

Vertical Envelopment
Pilot an MH-60S safely to the designated landing zone in Dragon Fury

After you take out the AA guns in Skoje. Helos will come to pick you up in the field behind the town. When they land tell your troops to board and run up to the pilot door and select pilot. Take off and follow the markers you will then see smoke in the road, Someone in the helicopter will call it out land there and you will have an easy silver.

Dragon Rising
Complete the campaign on any difficulty

Just beat the game on any difficulty i suggest doing normal first so that way you can focus on the trophies for each level and learn the best way to complete each level before attempting hardcore. One important thing that I have found is that in some missions you start with a weapon that have no optics on it just iron sights. It can be pretty hard to hit a target with them so after you see an enemy killed run up to him and check his body you wanna find either a sniper rifle or a marksmen rifle. You can usually find the marksmen rifle your first minute in a mission.

Dragon Rising - Hardcore
Complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty

This is the king of all difficulties. Heres why with some helpful tips.

*There are NO checkpoints: When you die you go right back to the start of the mission. Keep it slow use your fire team SUPPRESS! SUPPRESS! SUPRESS! And always use cover "A bush is not cover"

*No HUD: Keep your weapon on single shot and count rounds so you don't go walking into a firefight with a dry weapon.

*No compass threat indicator: Your fireteam will still call out threats direction so always make sure you know which ways is north, east, etc.

Other than those things the AI difficulty is relatively the same. Just take it slow and use your fireteam and cover. But you will have to do missions multiple times so don't nerd rage.

Shock and Awe
Call in your first air strike

Done in "Eagle Offense" Mission, After taking the airfield you will be told armor is heading your way and that air strikes are available. Activated the same way as artillery strike.

Hard Rain
Call in your first artillery barrage

Done on Dragon Rising, After you destroy the early warning system you will be told you have access to the artillery barrage. Simply select the binoculars and press target some troops in the town below and unleash the STEEL RAIN.

Low Blow
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT mine

This one is the ONLY trophy thats needs to be boosted. First start a make and make it so you and your friend are the only two people. 2nd both select the combat engineer class they have anti tank mines if you select mines and hold you can select the AT mines then both of you meet and the center of the map. Then take turns placing the mines infront of you vehicles and just drive over them pretty simple

Scrap Metal
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT weapon

Can be done in multiplayer or in "United We Stand" mission
*See Get Creative

Clear Skies
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AA weapon

Can be done in multiplayer or in the "Eagle Offense" Mission. When defending the airfield an attack helo will come which you will be prompted to attack. On the bottom floor of the Control tower there is a white ammo crate, the SAM launcher is located there.

The Sky is Falling
Kill an enemy with a helicopter without using its weapons

Can be done in Dragon Rising during the "Skirinka Island Tour" or in multiplayer. It is most easily done in multiplayer since you can respawn. Get in a helo and find a large number of enemy soldiers then just simply Nose Dive into them, You Must KILL the soldier.

Squad Slayer
Kill or incapacitate 25 enemies

*See Company Killer

Platoon Pounder
Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies

*See Company Killer

Company Killer
Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies

The "Kill" Trophies are for total kills from Campaign or Multiplayer, You can find your count in the stats tab. Easy way to tell if you have gotten a kill is when you fire you will see a red X.

Unbloodied Hands
Complete a mission without directly killing anyone yourself

Best to be done on the Dragon Rising mission, There are only 3 enemy patrols to deal with during this mission largest one consisting of 5 men. Use the Supress and Assault Command to eliminate threats with your fire-team. This one is very easy your AI can handle its own, Just sit back and chill and DO NOT kill anyone no matter what.

All Patched Up
Apply a field dressing to an injured friend in Co-op

You will get this within the first minute of a Co-op game since you will probably get stuck with a n00b. When you see him fall and his status red, Run up to him and select the Med kit out of you inventory. Put your crosshairs on him and it will say APPLY DRESSING. Hold to apply dressing then DING!

Florence Nightingale Award
Apply the field dressing to other wounded soldiers 20 times

This one you will get by the end of the campaign since your fire-team will be doing most of the work. Or you can boost it, Simply shoot your teammate, Not in the head and don't use your knife for these will instantly kill him "you can't heal a dead body" when he falls and becomes incapacitated heal him and rinse and repeat.

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