Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: Yes I One I With A Little Help
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40 - 60 hours. Depending on skills.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None - chapter select.
Glitched Trophies: None.

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Step 1:

Start with clearing the campaign. Learning the game, controls and missions.

Step 2:

Getting gold medal in the 10 campaign mission to work towards the trophies Lifer & Outlaw 2ís Hero, getting gold is all about time, kills and completing optional objective and donít make friendly fire.

Step 3:

Completing the 4 modes FTE missions, both maps, getting gold in the all.

Step 4:

Grinding the FTE mission combat sweep to get all 4 characters to level 20 to get the Outlaw 2ís Hero. Each character takes around 3 to 5 hours to get to level 20, depending on skills.

Step 5:

Play online with 3 friends. Of course this can be done in any of the above steps. Getting gold medals on the campaign and FTE mission is easier if you have a full team you are playing with.


Platinum trophy
Obtain all trophies in OFP: Red River

Obtain all other trophies in Red river to unlock the

Rule #1
Donít get shot

The first rule in Red River is ofcourse not to get shot. The best mission for this trophy is the first mission "Welcome to Tajikistan" as you are in the learning steps of the game, so there are not that many enemies to deal with.

Rule #2
Short, controlled bursts

For this trophy you need to kill some enemies with 3 shot burst. To set your rifle to use burst hold down and you will see in the lower right corner that the rifle are using 3 shot burst. There are only 2 weapons that can be used in the game to obtain this trophy, as the. You are most likely to get this trophy within the first two mission if you keep using 3 shot burst.

The weapons are: M16A4 (assault) and MP5A4 (submachine gun)

Rule #3
You discovered what Knox's Rule #3 is

This is the very last Rule trophy that you unlocks as Knox will tell your squad what the rule 3 are when you completed the game. so don't worry it will without a doubt unlock if you manage to complete the campaign.

Rule #4
Watch your bullets drop

For this trophy you only need one kill, but needs to 1 KM away, a 1000 meter, on mission 6 you get the perfect chance fot this, at the start of the level you can grab some of Alpha's supplies and yes there is a sniper that can okay make this shot without having the scout in a high level. So once you regrouped again with Alpha and Charlie you need to cover them and here aim for an enemy that is very far away, your aim should be over his head as the sniper wont kill or hit the enemy if you just aim straight at him. so just try as many time as you can and once you get the trophy load checkpoint and start killing the enemies that was meant for you first.

If you still have doubt, check the Youtube Rule #4

Rule #5
Patch your wounds

When you get shot, you need to treat your wounds. there are two stages here, you can bleed so first you need to get patched up and then treat your wounds after, or you just treat wounds. if you only patch bleeding you wont get the trophy, you need to make sure that you are all fit again. You do this by holding down until its gone all the way around and said wound treated.

Rule #6
Keep a full mag

Keep reloading your rifle before the mag is empty or it wont count towards the trophy. Also not only do you have a full mag but if you reload before the mag is empty, it wont take as long if the mag is empty. So keep reloading your weapon and at some point in the game you will get the trophy. Doesn't say anywhere how many times you got to do it, but you will have this trophy long before you even completed the game. no need to focus on this.

Rule #7
If in doubt, fall back

You will get this in mission 5 The wrong way when you are falling back from the 4. position. no need to try out for it. You will be told in the mission about throwing smoke grenades to decrease the enemies sight on you, but you don't need to do so to obtain the trophy. Just keep going to the new defending position when told to and when you fall back from the 4. the trophy unlocks. Simple.

Rule #8
Keep the enemy suppressed

Suppressing an enemies means that they wont move forward, they will try and back out again and find cover, so if you ever are in trouble order you team to suppress the enemy. This can easily be done in mission 5 The wrong way as you defend 4 positions in the mission and have plenty of time to order you squad to suppress the enemy.

To order your squad to suppress, you hold down then highlight the enemy, the white ring will turn red, then press and you will shout suppress enemy, do this as many times as possible and at some point in the mission you will unlock the trophy.

Rule #9

As long as you control your team, ordering them to suppress, hold position, hold fire, ect. ect. there shouldn't be any porblems with this trophy. I myself got this in mission 7 Line in the sand so before you completed the game you will have this trophy if you use your team orders. so keep ordering the squad and the trophy should unlock around mission 7.

Rule #10
Beware of confined spaces

This trophy is regarding you clearing all building in a mission making sure that you killed them all, once you are in a town make sure that you checked all possible buildings that you can enter, also 1st floor if there is one. at one point in the game you will unlock the trophy. I got my trophy in the mssion The human terrain so its comes okay quick. Just makes sure that the town you are suppose to clear that you looked inside and around every building.

Welcome To Gissar
Complete Welcome To Tajikistan

Story related

Recommended character: Rifleman

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission: Of The People, For The People Rule #1 Rule # 2

Walkthrough: Mission 1

You start learning the game, training and other things, just do this. Regroup after and mount humvee, now the mission really starts, but its not that hard, a few enemies needs to get killed when you dismount the humvee, the point is around 120 meters northeast. Once you enter the town you need go to left and there will be 4 maybe 5 enemies in an okay open area so take them out, one more is behind the house still forward once they are killed you will regroup and mount the humvee to continue. A humvee will be hit by an IED and you need to defend the convoy, order the squad to defend building, once defended you will be allowed to continue. You come to a bridge that you need to get over, but before that you need to kill the enemies to do so, the easiest way is to follow the optional objective use footbridge to flank the enemy, once done you need to clear out the rest of the village, once the village have been cleared you need to go the convoy. Mission completed.

Protection Detail
Complete Meet The Neighbors

Story related

Recommended character: Either scout or auto rifleman.

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission: Rule #10

Walkthrough: Mission 2

The mission starts of with you need to set up some defence and your position to do so is the north east sector, now wait for the enemies, and keep watching over the land to the north east until the enemies show up, regroup with outside the village and start overwatch on EOD team. Your team is going north west now and just as you go up the hill you will get in a fire fight, once the village is clear, start moving up the hill to the overwatch position, if you follow the road you will see a small house with a ammo crate near it, refill ammo. Once at the overwatch position, the EOD will get hit and you need to defend it now, start moving towards them and on your way down there you will encounter a sniper, the rest of the enemies are in the village to the north east, now follow the EOD team that you still are defending, moving north west on foot. Once you regrouped with Alpha you need to watch the west side of the village for enemies, defend the village while the IED is destroyed. After the enemies have been killed you are ordered to regroup with the rest outside the village to the east. Now there is around 1000 meters to the nest objective and its on foot so start running, you will be clearing some house on the way, you need to order a combat support around 350 meters from your location before you can move further. Once in the town head towards the school and eliminate any enemies you see, once the school and surrounding areas have been cleared you will need to head over to the extraction, around 150 meters south west from the school

Venomous Bite
Complete The Human Terrain

Story related

Recommended character: Scout.

Walkthrough: Mission 3

You start with a drop off from the helicopter and need to move to the convoy, once near the convoy, you are ordered to clear the village, once the village is clear, the convoy will start to move. Mount the humvee to continue the mission. Once the convoy stops you need to clear the village to reach the center building, once there you need to clear the remaining enemies in the area, once cleared, you need to wait for the convoy and mount up to continue. Once the convoy stops you need to move around a 100 meters up the road and hold position, once all enemies are killed move 300 meters south east. Now you are ordered to clear the roadside compound, once cleared move along the road until you see the convoy, once you see it you need to stay ahead of it, moving towards the next objective around 400 meters south east, start clearing the compound, move over the hill to the north east, you will encounter a RPG team here, so take them out and continue towards the next objective, now move to secure the ridgeline, once the ridgeline is cleared you need to hold it so the convoy can pass it, now you have combat support for this part so there isnít anything here that will cause any problems, once the enemy personal truck have be dealt with you are order to move to another building to hold it, around 150 meters south east, once at the building you will have enemy RPG and snipers north east to deal with fast. After this little fire fight again move 150 meters south east to hold the new building, mount the humvee, after the third building have been defended.

Doing It The Hard Way
Complete Almost Too Easy

Story related

Recommended character: Grenadier

Walkthrough: Mission 4

You start with a helicopter drop off and clearing the hill side, moving up and clearing it as you are getting closer to the top, once at the top, you will need to clear the small village and you need to start moving down the mountain again, once you nearing the bottom you are told that you have combat support JDAM to destroy (this is optional). You will start moving from house to house until you get to your main objective and once the village is clear you are told over the radio that you again have combat support, this time you have 3 villages that can be destroyed and have 3 combat support for it. After this you need to go down and help the main assault, on the way down you will encounter some enemies, so donít sprint for too long. Once at the main objective, start clearing the village, once done your next objective is the lower base, once you are at the end of the road before heading up the hill again there is a ammo crate near the house with the RPG enemies, fill up and move up hill, once the enemies at the housing on the hill is cleared, you need to move towards the upper base to help out the rest of the teams with holding the upper base, once this base is clear move to the extraction point to mount up the humvee.

Work Your Bolt
Complete The Wrong Way

Recommended character: Scout

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission: Rule 7 Rule 8 Buzz kill

Walkthrough: Mission 5

In this mission you need to get in and rendezvous with gunslinger 3. This is located 440 meters east from your starting position. You will start by following team Alpha and Charlie, once you get to gunslinger 3, you will need to defend the frontline center, team Alpha will move towards north, left from the position you need to hold while team Charlie is to your right, now the enemies will attack you from the east side, so set up your team to defend the position, a good idea is to order one of your teammates to use the weapon on the roof facing east. Now start defending the position and once you are told that the enemy AT team has been killed, you will get ordered to move to another defence position. Around 170 meters behind you, now move to this position as soon as you are told too. Again you will need to fall back and set up a new defence position around 200 behind your last position, this is the third position you will be defending. Now you will need to defend one more position before being able to out of there, there will be coming enemies from north, northeast and east so make the bullets counts, once you are told that the people been secured you will need to get going, you have around 700 meters to cover before you are at the extraction point, so get moving. Once at the extraction point you will need to secure it before you can get out of there, you will have enemies from southeast and east. Once this is done you will need to wait for Charlie to repair the humvees and now you need to defend the position, from the humvees you will see a house direct west and there is ammo in the middle. No doubt that you will be needing ammo at this point, so stuck up and get those enemies killed. Once the first humvee is repaired you will be told that enemy vehicles are coming, now go to where you picked up the ammo and you will see that there is a Rocket Launcher, now take this and run between the buildings to get close to the vehicles, the first two enters from east and the last will come from southeast on the hill that you killed the enemies when Charlie started to repair the humvees. Once you completed this you will be informed that Alpha will drive out first, then Charlie and last you will leave. Now drive to the FOB, and when there run to the right corner, will be marked if you donít play on hardcore to refill ammo and prepare for another fire fight. You will be attacked from the northeast, so stuck up on ammo and take the SMAW to destroyed the 3 APC that will attack shortly after, once these three have been destroyed run back to get the Stinger instead of the SMAW, to shoot down the helicopter that will arrive later, once the chopper have been destroyed run back and pick up the SMAW to destroy a tank that will arrive later, the tank will take three to four rockets, there will be two tanks, but just one is needed to proceed in the game, move to secure marker now and start defending until your escort lands to get the heck out of there. Mission 5 completed.

Devils At The Crossroad
Complete Careful What You Wish ForÖ

Recommended character: Doesnít matter, you can get the sniper Model M107NO at the Alpha supply. Remember night vision there too.

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission: Rule #4 Danger close

Walkthrough: Mission 6

At the start of the mission you can get the sniper rifle for the 1000 meter kill Rule #4 go to the Alpha supplies and find the sniper named Model M107NO, you need it anyways. Now you got to go break the defensive line 300 meter northeast from starting position follow the road. You will encounter 2 enemies that you either can kill or sneak around, its up to you. You will be informed that you have airstrike but you need to go to the mark and use it, if not go to the regroup marker, this is the first part of the defending Alpha and Charlie. As you take out enemies for the two other teams slowly move forward, following the markers, this shouldnít cause much trouble at all. Okay now its time to hit the convoy and you have two choices, the first is to hit the convoy just before the enter the town and the enemies wont have any cover here, the second is in the town and here its hard to see much and the have plenty of cover for the enemies, the objective here is to destroy the supply truck, I will advise people to go for the suggested ambush location 1, as you wont as much trouble killing enemies as at the location 2, but is also easier for the enemies to hit you, so get it done fast, remember to order your squad to hold fire hold then after the convoy is destroyed you need to get the heck out of there fast as and attack helicopter is coming, follow the marker to the places, stop to kill the enemies near the house as you will be using the as cover from the helicopter as its nearing you, when gone start moving to next point, then cover again from the helicopter and after it behind you again, start moving, do this until you get to the extraction point. Once you are the top of the hill again, you need to defend it before being able to get out of there, start shooting enemies and when you are order to move further back do it fast and find a good position to defend the new position. Now you need to cover team Charlie for them to there move and when done you are told to move to extraction vehicles. Now mission 6 is completed.

The Alamo, Vahdat
Complete Line In The Sand

Recommended character: Grenadier, the grenade launcher is very good in this mission as many enemies will be standing close.

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission: Rule 9 Pride Of Taylor Operation Unbroken Resistance

Walkthrough: Mission 7

From the start of the mission, you are told to drive the humvee, now follow team Alpha and Charlie. Once at the point where you need to eliminate enemy AT team you need to head west along the road and the enemies will rush at you, so order the squad to suppress hold then , once you killed all enemies head to the 2nd Recon team location, northwest to continue, now you need to engage the 2nd PLA recon team, they will be standing in the middle of the road so get a bit close as possible and order the squad to suppress and you move slowly on the left side to flank them, for easy kills, but donít go to far left as you have team Alpha flanking from there, just move so you donít get in the line of fire from your own squad, once the enemies are killed there is a ammo crate on the right side of the road before entering the town, stuck up on ammo. Now you have to get 1 click to the bridge, on the left there is a humvee you can use to get to the bridge faster. Once you are in the town around 200 meters from the bridge, leave the humvee and continue on foot as there are enemies along with an APC here to the north and enemies on foot to your northwest, focus on the enemies to northwest. Now once you at near the bridge you need to hold the line for defenders to fall back, the enemies will come from northeast, again order you aquad to suppress enemies here, there is ammo crates on both sides of the road so stuck up once, still need to defend bridge until reinforcement arrive, cover fire for Alpha and Charlie to fall back, now your team is the last to fall back, do so when you are told, around 700 meters. After you crossed the bridge you make your stand here you set up your squad in a defensive position and when the APC starts coming, you will be ordered to fall further back. Now you are in the village and defending it, enemies will come from northeast and east, they way you come from too. So get on the roof of the 3 floor building for best possible view over the land. There is a sniper next to the building, take that, now start killing those enemies. Once you hear that the escort is coming to fly you out, it gets shot down and now you are the team to take out the AA teams, they are around 650 meters southeast from you, once the AA teams have been killed, run back to mount the extraction helicopter, once in the helicopter you completed the mission

Keeping It Simple
Complete 1st & 10, Letís Do It Again

Recommended character: Grenadier (for grenade launcher), Auto Rifleman (you are support, LMG weapon) Both will do well in this mission.

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission:

Walkthrough: Mission 8

The mission starts with you running to the convoy and mounting the humvee to the east. Once the humvee stops you need to clear out the PLA forces around the town and there are plenty of enemies here. You are clearing the east side, so order your team to suppress the enemies and try and slowly move left killing the enemies from a better view and having the squad draw their attention. Once all PLA enemies are killed you will be told to return to the humvee, to continue. Now you need to destroy the compound defence, around 170 meters northeast, try killing thoseat the 2 floor house first, then move slowly towards town, to clear the rest, once done you need to head back to the humvee to continue. Now its time to destroy some PLA emplaced weapons, around 300 meters northwest from the position the humvee sets you off. After team alpha calls in airstrike, you also get one so call it in to kill as many enemies near the destroy marker, once all enemies are killed, return to the humvee to continue. Again when you leave the humvee, its time for another destroy the compound defence, move around 320 meters east this time, you need to capture the PLA tier, destroy the attack helicopter and clear the buildings for PLA forces, once you go through the gate try left and there will be a rocket launcher to destroy the helicopter with, after that start killing enemies on the northeast side, moving towards the objective to the east, once you assisted team alpha with clearing the buildings, move to kill enemies on the hill side up to the fort, at the top of the hill, there is only clearing the fort left, there are plenty of special forces here, they hit hard and hit good. Once fort is clear the mission is over.

Freeing The Eagle
Complete Vantage Point

Recommended character:Rifleman

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission: Catch This!

Walkthrough: Mission 9

This mission starts with clearing a recon point around 350 meters to the north, clear this position and move onto the next one, this is the second recon point you go to and its around 400 meters northeast from the first recon point. Now once the second recon point have been cleared, there is a PLA checkpoint that needs to get cleared, but before going further at the end of the recon post on the left side near a house there is an ammo crate, refill your ammo. The checkpoint 420 meters east, follow the road, as you clear the checkpoint there is another ammo crate on the left is as you just enters. The next objective is to clear out the PLA barracks, 300 meter east from checkpoint, once at the top of the hill and have cleared out the barracks you need to defend it, after you defended the house, there are 4 things you can do now, donít worry about the attack helicopter as its an optional objective and the same with the sniper nest, now start to run down so you can destroyed the missile truck and after move in and clear the observatory there are a couple, but easy to spot as they look the same, they are also near each other. Once they have been cleared, you will be told that the objective have been completed and need to go to the extraction point for mission completion.

The FGM-148 looks just like the Javelin, just got another name in this game

If do you want to take out the helicopter with javelin to get the optional objective do it first, then do the sniper nest after and return to the two primary objective. If you havenít got the trophy Catch This! save the javelin for a vehicle, there are two near the missile truck, that you need to destroy and donít worry the javelin canít lock onto the missile truck.

Shock And Ore
Complete End Of The Beginning

Recommended character: Rifleman (level 8, marksman scope)

Trophies that can be obtained in this mission: Rule #3

Walkthrough: Mission 10

At the start of the mission you need to get to the overwatch position as the first thing, this is located 200 meters northeast. Now the fire fight starts, you need to eliminate the AT teams in the compound and any PLA enemies. Oce you are in the compound all enemies are in front of you, so donít worry, as you are moving forward, move to the 2 floor house on the hill as there are AT team right behind it and so more enemies, you can sit behind the stairs and kill them all, no problem, now advance to new position, now as you move towards the hill you are order to clear all PLA enemies from the building compound straight ahead you have around 350 meters from the hill to the buildings and there are snipers, so be aware of this, once you cleared the building, move on towards the next building that looks the one you just been clearing, be aware that there are still enemies between the two buildings, now that you are near the second building, start clearing it, once cleared you need to hold the building, there will be a lot of enemies here, and I mean a lot, this next part you have a combat support and a lot of it, so use it, there is a machinegun on the top floor on the right, order the sniper to use it, this is done by pressing to only speak to him. After a good among of time your team, Alpha and Charlie to fall back, and as always alpha goes first while you and Charlie still holds the building, once Charlie move you will then be told to fall back, run to the building in the left side of the road and, when getting there, again set the sniper to use the machinegun, set the two other individual on both side of the machinegun to hold position and find yourself a good spot to shoot from, 1st floor was where I was on the balcony, here you still have combat support, keep using it, after some time and a lot of enemies kills, the armour finally gets there and things start to get easier, now you got to retake Gudovgrad and escort the LAV to the ore refinety, once taken you now got to hold it, just use Rocket launcher and combat support, the support have been upgraded to heavy now, there will come a lot of enemies, just keep destroying APCs and infantry with launcher and combat support, when they call over to say that they are retreating you have completed the game, just one thing left and that is you are told rule 3 here, so listen and you will now know all 10 rules.

Complete one of the combat Sweep FTE maps

The FTE mission Combat Sweep is all about killing enemies and destroying the caches. now there are 3 caches everytime, but at random places so search for them, along with killing the enemies. its very simple to do and if you should die you can respawn so no need to restart, to respawn you press

There are 2 mission under Combat Sweep and you need to get gold on both to get the Lifer. The 2 mission are, Counter Insurgency and Ghost Town

Recommended character: Rifleman.

Now both these missions you need to get gold on. To get gold you need to do the following:

Kill all enemies.
Destroy all caches.
Don't die.
No friendly fire.
Fast time.

As its random everytime, so there isn't really any walkthrough. Points is giving for kills, headshots, explovise kills, vehicle kills and destroying the caches, you get minus points deaths and team kills.

Complete one of the Last Stand FTE maps

The FTE mission is about you and your team defending a main area, where you can find ammo for your weapons too, and then there is two area that can be lost and gained back where the enemies will be pushing from. now you can keep killing enemies for quiet some time, but for the another trophy regarding this mode Get To The Chopper you need to keep defending until stage 4 wave 4 is done, the first stage and waves is okay easy, in the next part things will get harder, as there are coming vehicles and more enemies than before and from more than a couple of spots, but there is a stinger to shoot down the transport helicopters down with, but only carries 1 missile at the time, and there are 3 helicopters so you need to shoot down one as they deliver enemies to make the defending a bit easier. now you can always get out of there by running to the extraction point, but before doing so make sure that you have the requirement for gold. When you do go for the extraction point do so in the stage 5, wave 1 to ensure that you get the Get To The Chopper first. This mode also have two maps that needs to get old on.

How to get gold!

Order your team in a hold position individual so they can see as much as possible, find yourself a center spot for view. Make sure that between waves you go to the main point as its the only place that you can load up on ammo. if you got them set some AT mines at the end of the hill as vehicles will come towards you this way. In the later waves there will come both APC and attack heli, so start with the stinger to destroy the heli then pick up launcher to destroy the APC. if getting puched further back then area 2 order the team to defend the building, once you obtained enough points for gold extract to chopper.

Complete one of the CSAR FTE maps

You will need to get to the Pilots before they are killed, make sure that you do the opnional objective to get gold, both pilots survived and downed heli destroyed. there are a lot of enemies and you get points for kills, headshots, exsplosive kills, rescuing both pilots. once the pilots have been regrouped with go to the heli to destroy it and fight your way back to the extraction. Getting gold on the mission, meaning bith pilots were rescued and heli destroyed and you unlocked the Package Delivered

Complete one of the Rolling Thunder FTE maps

The objective here is to get a convoy safe through the level. There are plenty of enemies here and you need to clear the small towns and houses before the convoy gets hit. There are RPG, snipers and IED mines here you need to kill as they destroy the vehicles. Holding and pressing you order the convoy to hold or drive, depending on the last order. before letting the convoy drive forward make sure that you have cleared the area of enemies and that you have a good among of distance down to them and keep running towards the next town while the convoy is driving. keeping them at distance is good but not too far as if you missed an enemy he can mess it all up.

Points giving in this level:

Explosive kills.
Keeping all vehicles alive.
Keeping all allies alive.

You lose points while the convoy is waiting.

Complete and survive a Combat Sweep mission having killed all enemies and destroyed all caches

See the Sweeper above for more information.

Get To The Chopper
Complete a Last Stand mission to stage 4, wave 4 and escape alive

See Defender for more information

Package Delivered
Complete and survive a CSAR mission, rescuing both pilots

See Rescuer for more information

Thunder Run
Complete and survive a Rolling Thunder mission with the entire convoy surviving

See Protector for more information

Operation Enduring Shield
Complete Act 1 of the campaign

Act 1 is the first 4 missions. once you have completed the mission Almost too Easy you will unlock the trophy for completing the the mission along with this trophy for completing act 1. Quiet simple.

If you have any doubts the mission is named:

Mission 1: Welcome to Tajikistan.
Mission 2: Meet the neighbors
Mission 3: The human terrain
Mission 4: Almost too easy

Operation Unbroken Resistance
Complete Act 2 of the campaign

Act 2 is the next 3 missions. once you have completed the mission Line in the sand you will unlock the trophy for completing the the mission along with this trophy for completing act 2. Quiet simple.

If you have any doubts the mission is named:

Mission 5: The wrong way
Mission 6: Careful what you wish for...
Mission 7: Line in the sand

Operation Dragon Slayer
Complete Act 3 of the campaign

Act 3 is the last 3 missions. once you have completed the mission End of the beginning you will unlock the trophy for completing the the mission along with this trophy for completing act 3. Once this trophy pops, congrats on completing Operation Flashpoint Red River, but wait there is still a lot left that needs to get done.

Mission 8: 1st & 10, let's do it again
Mission 9: Vantage point
Mission 10: End of the beginning

Max out one core soldier skill

See the Lifer for more information.

Max out three core soldier skills

See the Lifer for more information.

Max out all core soldier skills

Under Player Progress you will see in the top that there stands Core skills and if you press you go to summary. now under the core skills you have 6 different skills and in the right side on the core skills you have campaign mission awards and FTE mission awards and at the bottom of the both you see that it says points total. Getting all the points you need to get gold on all mission in both campaign and FTE maps, there are a grand total of 54 points that can be earned in the campaign and FTE maps. 30 in campaign and 24 in FTE maps.

The 6 Core skills are:

Battle Readiness.
Assault rifle handling.
Assault rifle training.
Tactical awareness.

The requirement for getting golds on mission are:

The mission need to get done as fast as possible, time depends on the mission.
Go for the optional objective.
Avoid getting shot as much as possible.
Make sure that team doesn't die.
Make sure no friend fire.
Kill as many enemies as possible.

Outlaw 2ís Brave
Obtain the highest level for one character class

See the Outlaw 2's Hero for more information.

Outlaw 2ís Finest
Obtain the highest level for two character classes

See the Outlaw 2's Hero for more information.

Outlaw 2ís Hero
Obtain the highest level for all character classes

The highest level for all characters is level 20, this takes time do, but not much grinding. As an character levels up, you get new equipment for them, new rifle, scope, perks ect. Now doing the campaign play as those you perfer and get use to the character, now once the campaign is completed, start working on getting gold medals on them, once this is done, move to the FTE maps under Fire team engagement to get gold medals on those, after this there is a little grinding, the best mission to level up characters is the FTE combat sweep, it takes around 8 to 10 minutes to complete, getting all the all caches destroyed, again avoid getting shot and get as many kills as possible, heals also counts to the levelling.

So to summon it all up. Play combat Sweep.

Kill as many enemies.
Destroy all caches.
Avoid getting shot (don't die).

With A Little Help
Play Red River with three other friends

This the done online and it is the only online trophy in the game, you need to play as a full squad, that all are on your friend list. You don't need to complete the campaign or FTA mission, just as long as you are in a game together the trophy unlocks. Quiet simple.

Catch This!
Destroy an enemy vehicle with the FGM-148 Anti Tank Weapon

The FGM-148 looks just like the Javelin or is the Javeln, just got another name in this game

Mission 9 If do you want to take out the helicopter with javelin to get the optional objective do it first, then do the sniper nest after and return to the two primary objective. If you havenít got the trophy Catch This! save the javelin for a vehicle, there are two near the missile truck, that you need to destroy and donít worry the javelin canít lock onto the missile truck.

Buzz Kill
Destroy an enemy aircraft with an anti aircraft weapon

In mission 5 The wrong way you will get to the FOB, almost the last thing you do in the mission, now once some APCs have been destroyed a helicopter will come and attack, so now in the right corner as you enter there will be ammo and Rocket launchers, there is a SMAW and a stinger, its the stinger you need to use to destroyed the helicopter, as its the only one of the that can lock on for an easy kill. Don't worry the team will shout out that an attack helicopter will come, so lock onto it and fire. BOOM trophy.

Driverís Ed
Drive a humvee

In mission 5 The wrong way you will leave a town at some point, when Charlie team fixed the humvees packed there, you will be the last to leave the place and now choose to drive the humvee and the trophy is yours. nothing hard with this trophy, simple

You are told in mission 7 to drive the humvee from the start of the mission so if you didn't get it in mission 5, you have another chance here.

Danger Close
Call in Combat Support within 300m of your location

Any time you get told that you can call in a airstrike, call it in within 300 meters of your own location, to call in a combat support hold down the for orders, then hold down the you will then see that you can navigate like when you shout orders, choose the highlighted combat support as there is never more than one form of combat support at the same time. nothing hard here. Through the campaign there will be planty of chances to get this trophy.

Pride Of Balletto
Complete a mission as the Auto Rifleman

In the campaign choose to play as Balletto, press or to choose what character to play as, his is the auto rifleman, he carries LMG weapon. Now complete a mission as him and you unlock the trophy. quiet simple.

Pride Of Kirby
Complete a mission as the Rifleman

Kirby is the rifleman and mostly the character I started with. he carries the assault rifle (M16A4 or M4A1). complete a mission with him. Again quiet simple.

Pride Of Soto
Complete a mission as the Scout

In the campaign choose to play as Soto, press or to choose what character to play as, his is the scout, he carries sniper weapon. Now complete a mission as him and you unlock the trophy. Mission 5 is a good use of him as the start of the level almost demands a scope that can see okay long. quiet simple.

Pride Of Taylor
Complete a mission as the Grenadier

Taylor is the last member of your squad, trophy XMB wise , just like any of the other complete a mission with him, he carries assault and SMG weapons, can max have Holographic sight on his primary weapon. can also have shotgun when level 6.

Customize a weapon

Doing campaign you can enter class setup, from here add something to a weapon of yours, silencer for the gun, red dot for rifle, just do something to a weapon and the trophy unlocks. Very very simple.

Of The People, For The People
Pick up an enemy AK

This can be earn in the first chapter after you killed an enemy, his weapon will be near his body, so just look for it and pick it up, doesn't have to fire it, you just need to hold it in your hands and the trophy unlocks, pick up the weapon you dropped for the AK as it doesn't jamm as much as the AK. it doesn't matter if it have scope or not, as long as its an AK you pick up.

For those that doesn't know what the AK looks like:

Old Enemies Die Hard
Kill your first PLA soldier in Red River campaign

This trophy will unlock in Mission 5 The wrong way its the PLA soldiers (enemies) from the Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising.

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