Players: 1
Online Trophies: YES, 2 of them Leader of the Pack, Legend
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 8-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 4
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

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1. Step one: Do the required playthroughs first. Go for the, Technologique, Stick Shift, 1.5 million and 2.5 million in each outrun modes respectively.

2. Step Two: Go for the harder trophies next including; Passing Breeze, Cardiogram and Gumball King as those 3 trophies alone will end up taking up most of your time.

3. Step Three: Finish off with the multi-player trophies and as I stated earlier you may have to boost and you can setup a private match and it should not take you too long to boost these ones.


Reach any goal in automatic transmission.

This is a pretty easy trophy which you will probably get right away. Upon entering the single player mode outrun, select automatic transmission (pick the car you are most comfortable with, I chose the Ferrari Testarossa, nice handling). You will receive this easy trophy at the end of the race.

Stick Shift
Reach any goal in manual transmission.

Same as the previous trophy, instead of selecting automatic transmission, pick manual. You will receive this easy trophy as well at the end of the race.

Grand Tour
Arrive at all Goals (A - E)

All you have to do for this pretty easy trophy, is make sure that you take all routes possible. What I mean by that is that, if there's a route you have not taken yet take it. You can easily get this while going for Technologique and Stick Shift trophies. If you went right the first time go left and vice versa.

Frequent Flyer
Complete 50 Single Player Games

This one will come in time when you go for the other trophies. Just finish the race and that will count. If you restart your race then it won't. It's only single player game, not multilayer ones. If you don't get this during your hunt for other trophies, then just keep playing single player games and it will pop up at the end of the race.

660 Horses
Drive above 300km/h (186.4mph) for 10 seconds

This is another easy trophy to get. I recommend doing this while you are going for you 15 continuous time attack run. That you can easily maintain the speed of 300km/h. I don't know if this helps any but I pushed up on :Left: analog stick. Don't hit anything. As soon as you maintain that speed, the trophy will pop up. You don't have to wait till the end of the race like the other ones.

Leader of the pack
Be first at all junctions on a multiplayer match

This is a pretty straightforward trophy, be first at all junctions in a one multi-play match. If there's no one online you may need to boost. I have posted a link to the boosting threads at the top of the guide.

Finish first place in 5 mutiplayer matches in a row.

This is another pretty straightforward trophy. Finish first place in 5 matches in a row. If all else fails you may have to boost this one. Again, the boosting threads are listed at the top of the guide.

Millionaires Club
Score more than 1 million on OutRun Mode.

As it states you have to score more than 1 million points in Outrun mode. Some tips and advice that may help:
Slipstream is kind of like drafting. What it does is that when you behind a vehicle it will give the extra added boost to over come you opponent. Try not to hit anything, run off the road or hit another car as you will be deducted points as you will need them all. When you overcome a rival opponent (they are the orange guys) and you pass them cleanly you receive 50,000 points. Last thing you want to do is stick to right side as it's easier to pass everyone. It took me a few tries, once you know what you are doing it's not that bad.

Passing Breeze
Complete Time Attack Mode in Under 4'30"00.

This is one of the other harder trophies in the game. Like it states, you have to complete time attack mode in under 4'30"00. This another trophy that is going to eat up your playing time. The tips and advise I can give is do not hit anything and drifting is the key. Always select Tuned car for this either the F40 or 512 BB will work. Select manual transmission for better results.

Here's what I found to be the faster routes:

Right, Left, Right, Right.
Left, Right, Left, Left.
or you can just take the easy route: Right, Right, Right, Right.

Here's a video showing on how it can be done. I don't take credit for making these videos. Credit goes to seizuristic for this one:

Risky Ride
Score more than 2.5 million in 15 Course Continuous OutRun Mode

Just like in Outrun mode where you had to score a million points, you have to do the same there here. The only differences is; its longer. That's ok, though at this point you should pretty familiar with the game by now and have a good feel for the cars. I switched from Testarossa back to the F40. You can easily score over 2.5 million in your first run.

Gumball King
Complete 15 Course Time Attack Mode in Under 14'30"00.

The same thing as in the previous trophy. For this though you have to complete the time attack mode in under 14'30"00. With a little practice, patience, both these trophies are attainable. Again, do not hit anything or crash. Select manual and tuned cars as before.

Score an overall AAA in Heart Attack Mode.

This is a tough trophy and will take up the bulk of your time. In all sections you have to score AAA in each one. What I mean is that you can not get this trophy by having one section at AA. You might as well start over and try again. Patience and knowing which route to take is the key. I have found the easiest route which is list below:

1. Left-Avoid Cars, Drifting.
2. Right-Hit Ghosts, Drifting.
3. Right-Avoid Convoy.
4. Right-Collect Stars.

That is the best way to get this trophy and it will pop up after it shows the leaderboards.

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