Players: 1-2 Players in Co-op
Online Trophies: Yes, 1
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 10 hours including collectibles
100% Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Mark of the Gods and Doubloons
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None to my knowledge


Outland is an arcade game from Ubisoft that was delayed due to the Playstation Network outage from late April to the end of May.
It is set around a hero that has to restore balance to the world because all entities entrusted to save the world peace broke their word and battle for the world.
You have to fight 4 guardians and the legendary sisters of Day and Night to restore the status quo to the world of outland.
Outland was rated the best PSN Game to be released this year by IGN and Gametrailers and severel other known entities.

I hope you enjoy the game as much as all the critics and I did.

[top]Tips & Strategies

The only tip to give is: donīt get frustrated.
The boss fights are sometimes hard but after dieing you can try another way to beat him.
The regular levels are somewhat easy with some reaction.
Have fun with this great looking arcade game.

The best combo to get rid of the warriors and spiders is sliding into them hitting them upwards and then finish them off in midair.
No opponent is worth getting frustrated over.


There is no reason for roadmap to reach the 100 % in this game as you can do every trophy at will an not one is missable.
That said it is best to play through the main story and get rid of the trophies that you obtained by progressing naturally.
Backtracking makes the forgotten or missed trophies easier and collecting the marks makes the final boss easier.

After finishing the whole story or just part of it and you feel well and ready to do the arcade and co-op challenges finish them and get those two trophies.

If you didnīt get the million doubloons through normal progression (which is highly unlikely ) grind them out or just have fun with the rest of the game.


Environmental Exterminator
Destroy a Spider using spikes (General)

This trophy is obtainable from the very first Level on.
When you get near a spider it gets out of the earth to follow you and there you can lure them to any spikes.
In the latter part of the game you get the ability to switch between red and blue and in some levels you can control colored spikes.
So this trophy is easily obtainable all throughout the game.

That’s Teamwork
Destroy an enemy using a Kamikazer (General)

First up kamikazers are the little rats that explode when their nose touches either you a wall or at best an enemy.
The latter needs to happen for this trophy.
The more you progress in the game the more kamikazers will appear at some point.
The moment they see you they charge in your direction and when they initiate contact with anything they explode.
Every enemy hit by a kamikazer dies immediately.

Arcade Master
Complete any Arcade Chapter below the target time (General)

An arcade chapter is a complete world of the game that has to be finished under a special time limit.
The first level has to be done under 20 minutes and is absolutely the easiest arcade chapter to beat.
The Golem the final guard in the jungle takes about 3-4 minutes to beat so you have plenty of time to get the master key and get to him.
How to beat the golem the fastest is explained under Untouchable.

Defeat any boss without taking damage (General)

You can do this Trophy either in singleplayer or in the arcade chapters.
I advise you to do this trophy during the fight with the golem since you only have to beat some crawlers and avoid the golems attacks.
Phase 1:
The golem throughs his "hammer" to the ground and some spikes show up.
Jump over them and jump up his hammer to hit his head with your sword.
You can easily get in 5-6 hits in and that equalls a fifth of his overall health.
Phase 2:
Additionally to the groundspikes some spikecrawlers appear after you hit the golems head 5-6 times.
When you jump of the golems hammer you can use your sword to destroy some of the cocoons in the trees.
Phase 3:
In phase 3 the golem now showers the ground with blue and red orbs.
Since you are without the ability to switch your color at this moment you have to evade the red orbs and run to the blue ones.
They canīt hit you so you are safe but beware of the groundspikes.

After Phase 3 the fight is over and if you didnīt get hit you can now call this trophy your own.

Don’t Go Alone
Complete any Co-op Challenge Room (General)

To achieve this trophy you have to go online and find someone to complete one challenge room under the time limit.
Either take a friend or just search for an open game and rush through the level.
All level are equally easy so just enjoy it and this trophy should come on its own.

Collect 10 Marks of the Gods (Single Player only)

See Collector.

Collect all Marks of the Gods (Single Player only)

There are 42 total Marks of the Gods and after collecting them all you get a more powerful sword and the ability to see all doubloon vases on the ingame map which is pretty helpful if you donīt want to or donīt like grinding the 1mio doubloons out.
To get every Mark of the Gods you need to unlock every ability.

Here is a list of how many marks are in what level.

Toggle Spoiler

Collect 1*000*000 Doubloons (Single Player only)

If you donīt want to grind to reach 1.000.000 doubloons you have to run across the game and collect vases and kill enemies.
Have fun at that. After on run of the game you are at about 500.000 so only fifty percent left to go.

Grinding can get this trophy out of the way fast.
In an area in The proving grounds of the sky level there are a lot of flowting fishes and you can kill them off for easy 3000-8000 doubloons a run.
After killing every enemy run to any savepoint and save your progress then go die so they all respawn and you can get another 3000-8000 doubloons.
Then rinse and repeat.

Two Birds
Smack a bomb so that kills two or more enemies (Individual)

To get this trophy you have to hit two enemys with one single bomb and they have to die the same instant.
The best and probably first place to get this is The underground River level in The Underground.
Right after you get to the level youīll get to a place where to spiders spawn and bombs drop.
Lure both spiders to the central bomb and slide into the bomb to trigger an explosion and if you hit both spiders they die instantly and you get this easy bronze trophy.

Kill 20 enemies in a row with only 1 health left (Individual)

This trophy is obtainable everytime you get down to one heart.
It is easy every time if you preceed with caution and kill 20 enemies.
If you switch the area or warp to another level or even worse collect one heart your progress is reset to 0.
Easiest done in the first areas when the enemies donīt have so much abilities or even easier when you backtrack with every power.
If you can switch your color this trophy is as easy as pie in the first levels.
Another good spot to get this is in the Proving Grounds area of the Sky level.
There are nearly 18 fishes and some jellyfish. Be cautios and you are a survivor.

Destroy six enemies with one Beam Shot (Individual)

Easily done at the first Yellow regeneration rock in the level city after you learned the beam shot.
There are 8-10 jellyfish flowting in the air and you only have to aim and shoot them down in sixes to get this one.

Another easy place to get this is in the Proving Grounds area of the Sky level.
There are nearly 18 fishes flowting and you only have to get near 6 of them at a time and unload on them.

Grand Master
Complete the full game (Individual)

The game in itself is not hard because of a whole lot of savepoints along your way.
The only nagging part about it is the boss fights since there are no savepoints and if you fail at any boss you have to start the fight over all again.
But all in all the only really hard boss fight is the final one against the Sisters.
The fight has 7 different phases but can be beat if you react fast to color changes and use your sword effectively.
It is also good to have found all lifeupgrades and Mark of the Gods as you then get a more powerful sword and need fewer hits on every enemy.

React adequately and you will be the grand master of fate.

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