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100% Clear
Unlock all Trophies available in Overlord II.

Get all the other trophies, that means, this does not unlock until you have all the other trophies listed below.

Rescuer of Kelda
Rescue Kelda from Nordberg.

This will happen as you advance through the game, when you reach Nordberg and kill/subdue Marius she will automatically become your mistress.

Juno's Champion
Rescue Juno from Everlight.

This will also happen as you advance thru the game, after you've rescued the Green Hive at Everlight and done a few more things, she'll become your mistress.

Corrupter of the Queen
Corrupt Queen Fay to turn her into Dark Fay.

You'll fight Queen Fay, after beating her she will turn into Dark Fay (you should use your target spell on her to charge your Tower's heart thing), you'll have 2 choices, to kill or to subdue, just subdue to get this trophy (killing her to get the Ghost Bringer).

Ghost Bringer
Ghost Fay has become your Mistress.

Kill Dark Fay, if you don't kill her she'll never become a ghost, "Ghost" Bringer anyone?

Tyrant of Nordberg
Complete full Tyranny over Nordberg through either Domination or Destruction.

Your choice, destruct or dominate. What I did was to dominate first, THEN I destroyed everything, that got me the four trophies related.

Tyrant of Everlight
Complete full Tyranny over Everlight through either Domination or Destruction.

Same as above, just either way, does not particularly matter.

Kelda's Special Friend
Buy gifts for Kelda and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

You'll have to buy Kelda stuff, until she wants to play naughty with you. You can't do this until you have Juno as a new mistress.

Dark Emperor
Kill Solarius.

As you proceed through the game you will defeat Solarius, he's the last boss.

Perfect Horde
Fully upgrade all 50 Minions in your Horde.

I was never sure about this trophy, but what i did was to fully load my minions with swords and stuff, either way breaking boxes or after dominating a town going to the blacksmith to make your minions happy, blacksmiths ALWAYS make new stuff

Industrious Magic
Achieve 50 kills by overcharging your Evil Presence Spell.

I suggest doing this one after you dominated both towns and ready to kill-em-all, just hold until they die

Big Chopper
Achieve 50 melee kills.

Easy as hell, I did this without even knowing it existed at the start of the game, just kill 50 times with your own weapon,

Red Rescuer
Find the Red Minions.

This will happen as you proceed through the game, you'll meet them while you're in the Nordberg plot

[trophyinfo]Green Grabber

Minion Gatherer
[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Gather 250 Lifeforce orbs.
Find the Green Minions.[/COLOR]
This will happen as you proceed through the game, this little bastards are in the Everlight Jungle

Blue Bringer
Find the Blue Minions.

This will happen as you proceed through the game, Wasteland after a lil crane stuff

Master Builder
Build 50% of the Tower buildables.

Upgrade all your minions to Lv2

Tyrant of the Tower
Build 100% of the Tower buildables.

Upgrade all your minions to Lv4

The Dominator
Achieve a 100% Domination Tyranny rating.

When you press start you see this blue bar things, you have to make em fully blue. WAIT: If you upgrade your spells at max > will cause to kill anyone, unable to subdue, so DON'T do it yet. Just try to subdue ANY important character, the yeti at the arena counts

The Destructor
Achieve a 100% Destruction Tyranny rating.

Press start and you must have all your bars in red. That means KILL every basterd on your way, and destruct towns
Quote Originally Posted by bodigard
"There exists a problem with the Destruction trophy that I discovered. In order to fully receive the trophy you must upgrade ALL spells, (this is accomplished by finding all of the spell stones and all items) killing all villagers, and destroying all of the buildings. You will be stuck at 99% Destruction if you do not find everything in the game."

Treasure Hunter
Collect all tower objects.

The Life upgrades -

(1) Nordburg Town - Near the southern Netherworld Gate (gate 1). You find it
around the time you get the first spellstone, right behind a wood barricade.
Get it before manually returning to the tower for the first time.

(2) Everlight Reef - North edge of the map, near the Reef's northeastern
Netherworld Gate (gate 1). Take the item on the ship and transport it to the
island with the more accessible center gate (gate 2).

(3) Nordburg Town - The ice lake at the north. Use blue minions to bring the
item to the raft and ship it over to the tower portal (gate 2).

(4) Wasteland - At the small magic pool near the zombie shire (northeast),
there is a stretch of blue pool to this item. If you come here after the Tower
Heart quest, the endless magic snails will stop (to be replaced by endless
zombie hordes). Simply use blue minions to dry off the magic goop to the tower

(5) Empire Hills - Past the second Netherworld Catapult, destroy the aqueduct
barricade. One of the side barriers leads to the life upgrade. Unlike the
nearby dark crystal, you do not need wolf mounts to get this item

The Mana upgrades -

(1) Nordburg Sanctuary Cave - At the statue of Queen Fay. Destroy the magic
stone that falls from her statue and take the tower object to the Netherworld
Gate (gate 3).

(2) Everlight Jungle - After defeating the Spider Boss, this tower object is
at the top of the long lift ride back up. Use the Overlord to open the secret
room. Incidentally, this secret room is one of the best methods to cycle gold.

(3) Nordburg - Unlock the green hive and lead the green minions destroy the
poisonous wall in the town's western quadrant. This lets you access the tower
object you can see outside of town, but could not get to earlier.

(4) Wasteland - Near area dotted with magical pools at the Netherworld Gate
(gate 1), use the red minions to navigate past the fire and around the magical
goop to this tower object.

(5) Wasteland Sanctuary - Go to gate 2 with blue minions. There is a pool
northwest of the Netherworld Gate (gate 2) that has this item. Easy to miss on
the way in and out because you are fighting the King Salamander the second

The Minion upgrades -

(15) - This is the defaault horde size required to beat the game and is
available once you start the game as the adult Overlord. Each additional
command object you acquire will increase your horde size by five.

(20) - Nordburg - Near the bridge overlook over the town where Gnarl remembers
the town 13 years ago, shortly after you recover the spellstone in the
Nordburg Sanctuary. Make sure to stop this item from reaching the warpgate
until the spellstone cut-scene ends, or you get nothing (bug).

(25) - Nordburg - After unlocking the red hive, you will be notified of the
dig site (and Borius, that fat bastard). Near the mine cart track connecting
the Netherworld Gate to the dig site, there is a pile of rock rubble that
hides a tower object. To get it, stop the mine cart at the track curve and get
the red minions to fire on it by putting them on a banner near the cart. If
there are no enemies nearby, the red minions auto-target explosives.

(30) - Everlight Reef - The center island's inner dock. Increase the ship's
speed to maximum and ram the rocks blocking the path. You must take the item
onto the ship to warp it out at a waypoint gate. You need the elven ship
instead of the Nordhaven whaler for the ship's ram. Now if Rise of the
Argonauts' ship had been treated like this, it would've been a better game ...

(35) - Everlight Town Resort - North of the Netherworld Gate (gate 3) where
the spider mount icon is on your map.

(40) - Empire Harbor - Near the Netherworld Gate at the slave camp.

(45) - Wasteland - At the zombie shire in the northwest quadrant, just past
the rotating stone. This zombie village is near the wastelands sanctuary

(50) - The Infernal Helmet increases horde size by five. This is the only way
to complete the mmaximum Horde level challenges (the trophies and achievements

Guide taken from: IGN Advertisement

Spell stones (3)

* Target (Nordberg) This is the first you get, the game walks you through
it early on in Nordberg and its unmissable.
* Halo (Everlight Jungle) - After you get your green minions return to the
nethorworld gate, there are two green poison barrier blocking your way that
you can now get through. One leads to the next area, the other to this
spell stone.
* Minion (Wasteland)

Forge Stones (3)

* Nordberg - After you get the red minions and return to conquer the town
this is behind the first fire barrier you come to, just after your first
fight with a Centurion and an Empire formation. Very close to where you
got the first health upgrade.
* Everlight Jungle - Just after you find the Netherworld gate, this stone
is down around the corner from the two green poison barriers sitting in
front of the mother godess statue. Almost impossible to miss.
* Empire Harbour - After disguising your minions and entering the fort with
the catapultthis stone is up the stairs right beside the catapult, almost
impossible to miss. Dark crystal[18] is also in this area on the ground


* Unique item found on Nordberg Sanctuary, fairly near the end just before
you reach the second Netherworld gate and have to use the second minion
control stone to raise the lift. Hard to miss.
This guide was taken from Secret Achievement in Overlord II

Crystal Collector
Collect 50% of all Dark Crystals.

You need to collect 15 out of 30 dark crystals to get this trophy, which are needed to forge stuff

Ultimate Collector
Collect 100% of all Dark Crystals.

JUST GET 'EM ALL, they are not that hard to find

Dark Crystal Locations

There are 30 Dark Crystals in the world; some hidden and others in plain sight. Dark Crystals are the rarest of treasures, and used to forge weapons and armour, as well as upgrade your Minion barracks. Furthermore, acquiring 15 Dark Crystals will unlock the Crystal Collector achievement/trophy, and acquiring all 30 will unlock the Ultimate Collector achievement/trophy.

Dark Crystal 1
Region: Netherworld Tower (Throne Room)
Requires: None.
Location: Start up the steps west of your throne and keep an eye on your left. When you are about mid-way up the steps, you'll be able to turn left and follow some attached steps down to a walkway. At the bottom of these steps, turn right to spot the urn that holds the Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal 2
Region: Netherworld Tower (Private Quarters)
Requires: None.
Location: On the balcony at the south end of the Private Quarters. Upon entering the Private Quarters, follow the passage off to the right, through the Magic Room, and you'll reach the balcony.

Dark Crystal 3
Region: Netherworld Tower (Minion Burrows)
Requires: None.
Location: Follow the path to the right of the Brown Hive; it's in the small area just before the bridge.

Dark Crystal 4
Region: Netherworld Tower (Minion Burrows)
Requires: None.
Location: At the edge of the broken bridge between the Graveyard and Red Hive (the south-most point on the map)

Dark Crystal 5
Region: Netherworld Tower (Foundations)
Requires: None.
Location: Along the path left of the machinery used to upgrade the Minion barracks

Dark Crystal 6
Region: Nordberg Sanctuary
Requires: Overlord status.
Location: In the area where the Red Minions are first found, which is reached by sliding down a mudslide. There's a body of water that only Blue Minions can cross; trudge through and once on the other side, turn left. The Dark Crystal container is in the corner here, beyond the trapped man.

Dark Crystal 7
Region: Nordberg Town
Requires: Red Minions.
Location: Inside the town, surrounded by some boulders near the town gate (across from the steps that lead up to the town wall). After destroying the town gate, head back down the tracks to fetch another mine cart. When your Minions push the cart down the hill, it will roll through the gate and come to a stop near the boulders. Have your Reds set off the explosive barrels in the mine cart to clear away the boulders surrounding the container.

Dark Crystal 8
Region: Nordberg Town
Requires: Conquer Nordberg Town quest completed.
Location: At the end of the trail at the very north end of town.

Dark Crystal 9
Region: Everlight Reef
Requires: None.
Location: On the island with the Yellow Gate Key slot (southwest corner of the map). Head down the steps north of the Brown and Red Minions. At the bottom of the first set of steps, turn right and sweep your Minions over to the container that holds the Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal 10
Region: Everlight Jungle
Requires: None.
Location: Beyond the area where you must kill two Elven Priestesses (the fat elven women). When the second Elven Priestess has been taken care of, head through the gate at the west end of the area. Keep an eye on your right as you walk down the path beyond the gate. When you can turn right, do so. Walk straight to the edge of the water and turn right to spot the Dark Crystal container

Dark Crystal 11
Region: Everlight Facility
Requires: Possessed Minion.
Location: Near the Green Hive's initial location (at the west end of the facility, just beyond the opening used to enter). Stand on the pressure switch in the corner with the rest of your Minions to open up the nearby gate. Make your way to the end of this corridor to discover a Dark Crystal container and a couple of Treasure Chests.

Dark Crystal 12
Region: Everlight Facility
Requires: Possessed Minion.
Location: In the northeast quarter of the facility, on the walkway at the north end of the area, head through the opening at the east end of the walkway and turn left. Turn right once through the second opening to reach an outside area. You'll see some jugs and containers; smash these up, and cross the narrow, wooden bridge over to a Dark Crystal container.

Dark Crystal 13
Region: Everlight Facility
Requires: Possessed Minion.
Location: In the cage that can be entered after releasing the pandas at the north end of the facility. Send your Minions onto the nearby pressure switch to open the cage.

Dark Crystal 14
Region: Everlight Temple
Requires: None.
Location: Once you've managed to use the pressure switches to power the lift to the very top of the Spider Queen Temple (after two stops), head into the next area and up the curved steps. Stand on the pressure switch at the top of the steps to open a door along the walkway. Head through the doorway at the north end of the walkway to find a Dark Crystal and a bunch of treasure chests.

Dark Crystal 15
Region: Everlight Temple Outskirts
Requires: Mounted Green.
Location: Teleport to the Everlight Temple Outskirts gate. If you have access to Spider mounts for your Green Minions (after defeating the Spider Queen), you can reach a Dark Crystal near the Netherworld Gate. Call forth some Greens from the Green Minion Gate, and look to the map (press the Back/Select button) and locate the nearby Spider nest. There are three Eradicators between the Netherworld Gate and the Spider nest; the first is likely facing the steps, so set your Greens on a Guard Flag and lure the Eradicator over to it and they will attack.

When you have a mounted Green, return to the Netherworld Gate. Head up the steps north of the Netherworld Gate and look to the right. Send your mounted Green up the web-covered wall to retrieve the Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal 16
Region: Empire Harbor
Requires: None.
Location: After taking over the Catapult in the Harbor Fort and using it to crush the approaching waves, look next to the steps near the front gate for a Dark Crystal container.

Dark Crystal 17
Region: Empire Harbor
Requires: None.
Location: The Gargantuan used to destroy the Sentinel tower on the main road will yield a Dark Crystal when killed. To kill the brute, stand behind the broken tower base to trick him into charging into it. Then, while the Gargantuan is stunned, sweep your Greens behind him to have them latch on to his back and begin chipping away at his health. Do this a few times to drain the Gargantuan's health completely, and then pick up the Dark Crystal he drops.

Dark Crystal 18
Region: Everlight Reef
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: Walk west from the Brown and Red Minion Gates on the large island near the center of the map. Sweep your Blues through the water to the Dark Crystal container by the rocks.

Dark Crystal 19
Region: Empire Sewers
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: Below the grating west of the Netherworld Gate. If there is a raft there, use your Blue Minions to power it and move it over to the dock on the north side of the Netherworld Gate. Sweep your Blues through the water to destroy the container below the grating and retrieve the Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal 20
Region: Empire Sewers (Arena Dungeons)
Requires: Blue Minion Hive.
Location: Return to the wheel that can be used by your Minions to control the crane-arm (the northwest room on the map), and send 20 Minions onto the pressure switch in the northwest corner of room to lower the gate. Head up the ramp beyond the gate and kill the two Eradicators along the walkway. You'll find the Dark Crystal container at the end of the walkway.

Dark Crystal 21
Region: Everlight Town
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: Make your way to the beach at the south end of Everlight Town. Cross the shallow water to reach the small island with your Blue Minions. Send the Minions through the narrow passage along the rock wall to reach the Dark Crystal there.

Dark Crystal 22
Region: Wasteland Main
Requires: None.
Location: Tucked away by some rocks in the nook north of the Minion Gates as they appear on the map.

Dark Crystal 23
Region: Wasteland Main
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: In the north-eastern mutant village, head up the steps at the north end of the village. Look for the unmistakable glow of a Dark Crystal container in the ruined house on the right.

Dark Crystal 24
Region: Wasteland Main
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: In the northern mutant village, head up the slope at the north end; look for the Dark Crystal container under the tent across from the Command Upgrade. If you've collected the Command Upgrade already, the glow of the crystal will be clearly visible if you inspect the tents.

Dark Crystal 25
Region: Wasteland Main
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: Grab this one while Florian is pointing out the Tower Heart shards stuck in the giant lake of magic goo. Make your way to the northeast end of the lake, and around to the back of the rock that has poison emitting from it to discover a Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal 26
Region: Wasteland Main
Requires: Blue Minions.
Location: This one can be grabbed while fleeing from the Empire after collecting the final Tower Heart shard. When you reach the curved mountain slope and are the target of many archers equipped with flaming arrows, keep an eye on your left when you reach the end of the slope. If you come to three soldiers, you've gone too far; head back down to the start of the decline and look along the trail there. The Dark Crystal is just before the mudslide that leads back down to the Sanctuary. You'll have to sweep a Minion in to grab it. Don't fret if you miss grabbing the crystal during your escape, as you can always return for it at a later time.

Dark Crystal 27
Region: Wasteland Sanctuary Depths.
Requires: None.
Location: This one is only reachable on your way back to Sanctuary Town, after having charged the Tower Heart at the fourth and final shrine. The room with the Dark Crystal is connected to the same room where you first faced the Salamanders in the fire-encircled pit, but you'll have to wait until the Tower Heart has been fully charged and there are Empire archers and soldiers in the pit instead. The container is at the end of the path in the southeast corner of the circular room.

Dark Crystal 28
Region: Wasteland Sanctuary Town
Requires: None.
Location: This Dark Crystal can only be acquired during the quest to revive the Tower Heart. If you complete the quest (by sapping Fay's power to conclude the revival process) and you don't grab this Dark Crystal, it is then unattainable, as you can no longer return to the Sanctuary Town area.

At one point, while on your way to see Fay, you'll reach two statues that your Minions can push to shield you from a barrage of flaming arrows. Continue up the curved steps once the Minions have pushed the statues in place. At the top of the curved steps, head straight across to a second set of curved steps leading up. Take the steps up to reach a platform that is covered with baskets and other objects. Break open the barrel by the pillars at the back of the platform to find the Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal 29
Region: Empire Hills
Requires: Mounted Brown.
Location: Found shortly after the second hill and Catapult. If you don't have Kelda set as your First Mistress, use the Waypoint Gate by the second Catapult to return to the Netherworld Tower. Once in the Netherworld, set Kelda as your First Mistress; you can find her in the tower in the northeast corner of the Private Quarters with the others.

The Dark Crystal is on a platform beyond the grassy field, where you must use thrown bombs to destroy the barrier and flatten the legion formation. Use one of the thrown bombs to destroy the barrier at the top of the stairs that lead up onto the wall so you can reach the bombers and take them out. Then, send the Wolves across the gap to attack the bombers there. The Dark Crystal is by the rocks on the platform across the gap; send one of your mounted Browns over to collect it.

Dark Crystal 30
Region: Empire City
Requires: None.
Location: Before entering Solarius' palace (which is only possible after having destroyed the four temples to lower the magic barrier surrounding it), head up the steps west of the temple doors to spot a Dark Crystal container.

taken from: Overlord 2 Guide - Dark Crystal Locations Walkthrough by Michael Monette

Gnome Grinder
Kill 1000 Gnomes.

Just let the game flow, when you have the chance make a gnome killing spree, the DLC is really helpful with this trophy

Collect 50,000 gold.

I hated this money trophies, just don't use ANY of the money, pretty time consuming if you're like me: getting a weapon after you're able to
What i did was: after dominating Nordberg, at your Nordberg portal there are like 6 chests containing money, i just came back and forth for the money

Quote Originally Posted by bodigaurd
"Needs to be done during the second playthrough as grinding this trophy consumes way too much time. During the second playthrough the player needs to destroy everything and buy absolutely nothing from the store. During this second playthrough the player should know how to use the minions properly to allow for maximum destruction."

Juno's Special Friend
Buy gifts for Juno and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

Same as Kelda, buy stuff for your hot mistress

Rock On
Kill 15 or more enemies with a single Catapult boulder.

This is pretty easy at the start of the game before entering Nordberg, or at the end when you're catapultable

Dark Fay's Special Friend
Buy gifts for Dark Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

Same as the others, make her woo by buying her stuff

Ghost Fay's Special Friend
Buy gifts for Ghost Fay and woo her into becoming your 'special' friend.

Same as the others, buy her stuff

Win one Pirate Plunder map.

This was pretty difficult to me, cause almost none plays this game ranked online, you'll have to boost for this as i did (if you're as unlucky as me)

Win ten Pirate Plunder maps.

Just win 10 baby, keep it on

Win one Dominate map.

Win a Dominate map, suggestion: BOOST

The Big D
Win ten Dominate maps.

Just win 10 baby, keep it on again

Kill an opposing Overlord 20 times in one versus match.

THIS NEEDS TO BE BOOSTED, I had such a hard time with this, the overlord that send the minioins first always wins, but, damn, i had to boost

Armed and Dangerous
Forge one weapon.

Easy, just forge one weapon

Blue Steel Look
Forged the Elemental helmet and armor.

I dont know at what part of the game i was able to forge this, but before the end I realized I could

Elemental Armor: 25 browns, 25 reds, 25 greens, 7500 gold, 25 gems, 1 dark crystal

Elemental Helmet: 25 browns, 25 reds, 25 greens, 4000 gold, 20 gems

Minion Captain
Rescue all the Minion crew from the spider webs.

Proceed through the game, this is in the Everlight Jungle, just follow the "!" icons

Weapons Nut
Forge three weapons.

Just forge 3 weapons baby, pretty easy

Kitted Out
Forge the Infernal helmet and armor.

This is a badass armor, it upgrades your health and minions

Armor: 100 browns, 50 reds, 50 greens, 50 blues, 10'000 gold, 50 gems, 3 dark crystals

Helmet: 75 browns, 50 reds, 50 greens, 25 blues, 6000 gold, 40 gems, 2 dark crystals

Mayhem Maker
Cause mayhem during the Prelude.

Easy, in the prelude just destroy everything you see

Minion Harvester
Gather 10 Lifeforce orbs.

EA-SY, proceed through the start of the game to get this, while chasing the yeti you'll get to a place full with baby seals, KILL EM

Just proceed through the game, there's a helmet that for every orb you grab it gives you two, and that's a recommendation

Minion Hoarder
Gather 1000 Lifeforce orbs.

Proceed through the game, this is not that hard, youll realize the "toorooree" trophy sound is the meaning of victory

Minion Lover
Gather 5000 Lifeforce orbs.

Proceed through the game with a bit of frustration, well not really..., just kill and kill (especially baby seals, gnomes, and some humans also give you)

Mount Master
Discover and use all Minion Mounts in the game.

Browns: Wolves, Reds: Salamanders, Greens: Spiders
Just proceed thru the game, you'll get it before you expected

Town Razer
Destroy one Town.

Destroy a town, easy, send your minions to the houses and they'll do the work

Walking Apocalypse
Destroy both Nordberg and Everlight.

This is difficult to explain, just destroy Nordberg and Everlight

Enslave one Town.

Just dominate a town?, DON'T kill/destroy

New World Order
Enslave both Nordberg and Everlight.

DOMINATE THEM BOTH (then destroy them both for the other trophies)

Ladies' Man
Find a way for you and your three mistresses to become 'special' friends.

This took me a while to realize, but you have to buy one bedroom object for each and one throne room object for each

Seal Slayer
Kill 100 baby seals.

Easy, kill the most you can in the lifeforce orbs gathering while following the yeti at the start of the game, when you dominate Nordberg there's a place where baby seals spawn. But well that's what I did
Well, I hope this is helpful

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