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[top]Tips and Strategies



King of PAIN
Get all Trophies in Downtown plus Trill and Grenade-A-Maid


All of the trophies are explained in game, go to the Trophy Room and select Downtown. you will get this trophy once you have earned all the trophies in here plus Trill and Grenade-A-Maid.

Here are some videos on youtube on how to get some of the more difficult in game trophies Video's created by 78211carlos and used with permission


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Affliction Addiction
Get 100,000,000 points in Downtown

This one isn't all that hard, it just takes a long time to get. Just get 100,000,000 points in downtown over the course of playing the game, doesn't have to be all in one round, it collects the points cumulatively.

Rodeo Clown
Use Ed to explode 500 barrels in Clown Toss


Easy but repetitive just like most of the trophies! Choose Ed as your character and start a game of Clown toss and smash Ed into 500 barrels, you will get this trophy halfway through your 42nd game.

Harder Dick's Balls
Get all of Dick's Balls in the Block Party Dumpster without resetting the scene

See that big billboard labeled Dick's Ball Mighty: Ball Emporium? you have to knock the Golf ball, Soccer ball, Football and Tennis ball on that billboard into the two trash cans behind the billboard WITHOUT pressing Select (resetting the map). Yeah, they all have to be in the trash bins at the same time. Easier said than done.

1) Let's start with the golf ball because it's probably the easiest. Launch yourself over the billboard and reach down and grab the golf ball and put it in the trash bins; you have to judge yourself so you don't over/under launch yourself.

2) Next is the soccer ball, slightly harder than the golf ball but still quite easy. It's on the corner so just grab it wherever and ooch yourself in the direction of the trash bins and you should get it it, if not looks like you gotta start over.

3) Now things get more difficult. The tennis ball is next, and has to be done in two launches. On the first launch you want to grab the ball by it's side and set it down on the roof of the building in the space between the billboard and the grab-explosive crate. Press L1 (or wait for the timer to count itself out) and launch yourself again. This time you want to grab the ball and take it to the trash bins.

4) Now for the hardest ball of all, the football. As you can see it's positioned in a way that makes it seem impossible to get it OVER the billboard. but wait... is that an explosive crate I see directly behind it? why yes it is. What you have to do is grab the football and fall backwards onto the explosive crate and hope to hell that the crate blows you over the top of the billboard. And then you have to hope to hell that you get blown enough that you actually make it to the trash bins! This is by far the hardest ball; if you get this trophy on your first try, congrats, but I almost garuntee that you will get to the football and fail many times over.

Here's a video showing all four balls being put into the bins in one launch, It's not the order I described above, but it helps in case you don't understand the descriptions:
YouTube - PAIN - Harder Dick's Balls Trophy

TIP: The ball doesn't have to stay in the bin, if you here a ding when the ball hits the bin then it counts! This may make things easier.

Get PAINful Bullseye Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo


People say this trophy is difficult but I got it quite easily. First off you have to unlock the PAINful difficulty in Mime toss by getting the gold time on Normal (1:00) and Hard (1:30). Once you have done that PAINful will be unlocked. You have to have either Scur Dogg (Pirate, bottom left; $0.99) or Hung Lo (Ninja, end of the third row, $0.99) to unlock this trophy.

What constitutes as a 'bullseye' is when you throw the mime through the general middle area of the pane of glass, you'll have to judge on whether or not YOU think the mime is going to hit the middle. If you don't think he is going to hit R1 to retry, don't want to hit the panes of glass that are easy to bullseye now.

on PAINful difficulty the 5 pains that I found to be easier to hit are:
1) The pane just down the stairs, next to the wooden balcony with the two sideways panes.
2) The pane on the Moonriver Proctology billboard with Dr. Fistingheimer.
3) The pane directly below the one on the billboard
4) The pane directly below Dr. Fistingheimer.
5) The pane of glass on the Train track, the one pretty much directly in front of you.

2 Mill Club
Get "PAIN in the Park" and "D-Town Destruction"


Get the PAIN in the Park and D-Town Destruction trophies, pretty straightforward. See the respective trophy to see how to get it.

Ninja Pwn
Hit the Target Stuffed Ninja in every Abusement Park mode


Best to free roam to determine exactly how to get at the ninja's, they are little stuffed plush ninja's hidden around the various modes of the Abusement Park add-on. hit them all for this trophy. I'll list where they are:

Abusement Park: See that hole where the Roller Coaster comes out of? below that and slightly to the left is a water tower with a silver pointed top. knock off the top and get inside of it and you will find the Ninja in there.

After Hours: On the back of the volcano about halfway up on a ledge is the Ninja.

Call Da Shot: the ninja in this mode is in the Security booth just to the right and back of the big green Alien Invasion ride.

Fun With Explosives: On the ledge behind the FUN SPOT sign at the park entrance.

Clown Toss:
Normal: Behind the vomiting boy on the Tilt-A-Hurl.

PAINful: The ninja here is standing on the roller coaster tracks in that first little dip right where the roller coaster comes out.

Hard: The ninja here is to the left of the launcher in that Entrance to 'The Fast and the Prepubescent' racetrack.

Platinum Club: The ninja is right by the wooden pathway and the lightpost above the Deuces Wild sign.

Hot N Cold:
Normal: To the left of the Likasaurus slide (big green frog/dinosaur thing) is a small hole with hay bales in front of it. the Ninja is in that hole.

Hard: Above the Park Entrance (Big sign that says Uncle Jimmy's Fun Spot Amusement Park) in between the two big fans on the right and behind that white metal tube.

PAINful: Directly below the launcher is a little racetrack, The ninja is hidden in the "rafters" of the entrance gate (looks like a little stable)

Platinum Club: To the right of where the roller coaster is a big 'COMING SOON' sign, the ninja is behind that.

Trauma (multiplayer only mode):

Abusement Park:
Over by 'Da Bomb' ride there is part of the log ride that is unfinished and blocked off, the ninja is at the bottom of that.

After Hours: You have to go in the top of the Volcano. While in free-roam you can see that the volcano has 3 chutes inside of it, if you look at the top of the volcano with the bottom of the screen being the part of the volcano that opens up slightly you have to go in the bottom left chute to hit the ninja.

If I missed any please tell me and I'll add them, pretty sure I got them all though.

Dude Abides
Use "The Dude" to score 30 Strikes in Bowling

In the multiplayer Bowling mode in downtown use Jarvis's last costume to get 30 Strikes, easy to do once you get the costume. You get the costume while getting the Constipated trophy so once you get that one go for this one.

D-Town Destruction
Get 2,000,000 score in PAINdemonium and Aftermath

Exactly as it says, get 2,000,000 points in PAINdemonium and Aftermath. Good luck!

PAIN in the Park
Get 2,000,000 score in Abusement Park and After Hours


Same as D-Town Destruction except for the Abusement park levels. Good luck!

Combo Mambo
Get 15x Combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition

Don't know how to describe it any simplier, get a 15x combo on these four levels.

Horsin' a Clown
Take the Clown for a ride on the Roller Coaster


Start up a game of Clown Toss and toss the clown into a few barrels to earn some Pimp Slaps, do not use a single one. once you have a few what you have to do is grab the clown with your left hand on the right side of the clown's body and ooch once to the right, at the right time let go of the clown so he hits the spinning rocket ride and it propelled into the air. Once you get high enough use the Pimp Slaps you earned to get the clown onto the Roller Coaster tracks and wait for him to be hit by the coaster.

Make 30 "Eat It!" shots in "Call Da Shot"


Pick 2 things close to each other, shoot, reset fast, and choose "eat it". After this, with the other player, hit both of the things in the same shot. Do this 30 times for the Glutton trophy.

100th Strike

Pretty straightforward, get 100 strikes in multiplayer bowling.

PAIN and Mane
Play 100 games of Trauma or Horse

Hurrah for repetition. Easy way to do this is to start a game of horse and instead of using the word horse, change it to the letter 'A' or any other letter and play through 100 times.

Attention Spam
Get every type of PAIN (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot and Body) combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition

Exactly as it says, this trophy is rather easy. I made a chart on a piece of paper to keep track of what body parts I had hit but it's up to you.

Get Exploded 200 times in Downtown Fun With Explosives (single or multiplayer) playing any female character


Pick a female character (All female characters are add-on characters and have to be bought from the Playstation store for $0.99) and smash her into 200 explosive crates. Another repetitive trophy.

Gettin Hoff
Use Tuxedo Hoff to get 69 million in any PAINdemonium Mode


To get the Tuxedo Hoff character you need to score 6.9 million points with regular Hoff in one shot. You DO NOT have to get the 69 million points in one shot with Tuxedo Hoff though, it's cumulative.

Score 60 Monkeys in Spank the Monkey Painful with Buzz


First you have to unlock Buzz you first need Afterparty in the Movie Studio by destroying all the Movie Lots without resetting (pressing select). Once you have Afterparty you need to et a score of 3,000,000 points to unlock Buzz.

Here's a list of the Studio's needed to be destroyed:

Car Crash
Mid-Evil Tower

After that it's easy, fling Buzz at 60 monkeys in Spank the Monkey to get this trophy.

Helmet Pi
Give the Gladiator a ride in the Sports Car


This trophy is quite easy to get, switch to the launcher by the Colosseum and see that little man riding around in circles on the horse? knock him onto the road and wait for him to get hit by the Red Sports car.

Camera Boom
Hit 50 Cameras with Explosions


In the Movie Studio over by the Colosseum studio there is a camera on wheels and an explosive crate at the end of the track. what you do it grab onto the camera and ride it until you SEE it hit the explosive crate. Reset and repeat 50 times.

Glass Lass
Break 500 panes of glass with any female launchable in Mime Toss


Yet again repetition. Female character, mime toss. fire away.

Use a tank to blow up the Castle Tower


[SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]One of the easiest trophies in this game. In the Touchmounds level of the Movie Studio. Press to go to the second launch point and turn left until you see the tank. launch yourself at the barrels above it and they will hit the trigger and fire a shell at the tower and destroy it. First time you do this it even shows it in slow mo!

Sore Spotting
Find and hit the alien artifact in both PAIN Reunion and Sports Day and the sports trophy in both PROBE and Afterglow


Took me a few hours to do this mostly because I was uploading these videos in the process, not really all that difficult. I have the locations of the Artifacts and Trophies in the videos and how to unlock Sports Day. I don't have a video for unlocking Afterglow but it's easy, you just have to break one of the little aliens out of the containers and drag a big alien from the movie lot pack under it and get it sucked up. there's one close to the launcher to look but it's easier to do in the back left area where the big alien is behind the medical curtains.

Sore Spotting Videos:

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Secret Santa
Open all the unlocked lockers in PAIN Reunion using Santa


This is quite easy, using Santa you have to open all the lockers on the upper floor of the gymnasium marked with skulls. They explode when you hit them, this is probably the easiest silver trophy in the game and takes around 2 minutes. The skull marked lockers are on both sides of the gymnasium.

Complete Mad Science! PAINful without grabbing


Well, first off you have to unlock the PAINful difficulty by getting gold on both easy (1:30) and hard (1:45) difficulties which isn't too hard. Then you have ti beat Mad Science PAINful without grabbing which, is a pain. At least you don't have to do it in any time frame, take as lon as you want! First thin I recommend doing is getting all the gas containers to the gym floor that are up on the track floor and the other various places not on the gym floor. after that just ram into them with your body and ake the correct colors hit each other and watch them explode. You can still cannonball and all that you just can't grab onto ANYTHING!

Lo Touch
Grab teleporting Hung Lo in PAIN Reunion


Another easy trophy, Hung Lo (little ninja) teleports around the gymnasium and spends 7 or so seconds in each spot. find out a spot where he teleports to and wait until he pops up and grab him. Easy spot is if you turn the launcher and look towards the girls locker room he will appear on the bars right there.

Everyone's a Winner
Get a negative distance on the Anvil Toss in PAINalympics


First off, if you can't find the PAINalympics they are in multiplayer mode.
If you are trying to grab it from the front and throw it back that won't work. You have to launch yourself up and grab onto the pipes in the roof and ooch yourself back so you hit the back of the anvil and knock it towards the launcher.

It's Full of Cars
Send the black sedan through the portal in PROBE


The sedan is on a ramp next to the UFO to the left, clear away all the toolboxes and other things in its path (they explode on impact) and grab the lever holding the car in place. The lever is on the right side of the car facing away from you.

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