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Payday: The Heist is a first-person shooter putting you in the shoes of Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains. Your mission is to complete various jobs (Heists), which require you to do various tasks, such as rob the bank step by step or take a certain hostage to extract information. With the air support help and communication of your operations leader who will lead you through your objectives while dropping off needed equipment or information as well as supplying your getaway. Through Payday, you are always fighting off "The Law", which contains various units of law enforcers, such as police, SWAT and the FBI, there are also "special" enemies that are tougher to fend off and make the game difficult while increasing the fun and thrill. The game has various play options and a ranking system through "Reputation" which you earn by getting money for completing objectives, challenges and heists. The higher your reputation the better weapons, upgrades, skills and equipment you have to help you complete heists on higher difficulties. The game offers solo play, Single Player with 3 AI partners or Up to 4 player online where you may add AI until you have 4 players, or just play by yourself with one friend. Below is the trailer for the game which was released October 28, 2011 on the PlayStation Store. It is currently available for $20 on the PS Store and is also currently available for free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers.

[top]Related Links

Payday: The Heist Wolf Pack DLC by Rowdi
This DLC features two brand new heists and a new class with more reputation and unlocks to achieve to help you earn your Payday. The heist Counterfeit takes you to an urban area where you are trying to access a huge money counterfeiting setup beneath two homes. Your goal is to steal their money plates, which you can do guns blazing, or silently without detection. The next heist is Undercover, this puts you in an old apartment building where you are taking an IRS employee hostage in order to hack into the IRS and steal $25 million. You can unlock various weapons, a toolkit upgrade, Big Game Hunters crew bonus and a sentry gun for equipment through the new class. The Wolf Pack DLC is available on the PSN Store for $9.99/£6.45. Any trophies that are not heist specific from the original game can be earned while playing new heists.



Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: 2 Must Be Done Online (Left For Dead and Noob Herder)
Online Pass Required: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40 Hours+ Depending on Skills
Minimum Playthroughs: Many, Many Heists
Collectible Trophies: Isn't really applicable, but these three could be considered: (Are There More Than Two?,Are those the blue ones?, PAYDAY)
Missable Trophies: None, Heist Select and Stat Resets (But Crack-bang and Lay On Hands should be gotten out of the way at lower levels)
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Important: Use the Boosting Thread if you can't find partners to help you. The Official Payday: The Heist Boosting Thread
  • Important: Throughout the guide I will collectively call your "Enemies" The Law. But I will mention if a specific enemy is needed for something. Check below at The Law section for a quick enemy guide.
  • Important: All trophies, with the exception of PAYDAY, are unlocked via in-game challenges. This means that most challenges will NOT unlock if you are in custody. I believe the only exception is Left for Dead. Many challenges are also collective from the group. By this I mean one person may complete the criteria of the challenge, but it will unlock for everyone. A good example is Windowlicker.
  • You always will want to play with partners, whether A.I. or real partners, trust me, do not overlook this and try to play One vs. The World.
  • With the said above, I recommend almost always playing with real partners, either boosters or friends you know in real life, this will greatly increase your odds of platinum and completing heists especially on overkill.
  • Try to always have hostages nearby, you never know when you'll need them, remember you can also get The Law (Non-Special) to give up and handcuff themselves becoming a hostage.
  • When using real partners, try to even out your support bags by having 2 people use Ammo Bags, while the other 2 use Medic Bags. Or switch out an Ammo Bag for a Trip Mine or something, but in most cases the above is the best combo.
  • Play every Heist on Easy or Normal before trying on Overkill, learn your partners, learn your heists so you will have an easier time completing them on Overkill.

[top]The Heists

[top]First World Bank

"Time to cash out."
  • Find the Bank Manager
  • Get the Drill and Thermite from the copier machine
  • Place Drill
  • Erase the Security Footage (Delete the evidence about the crew)
  • Protect/Restart Drill
  • Pour Thermite out above the Vault
  • Wait until the Thermite is done
  • Enter the Vault and take the money
  • Get through the Lobby
  • Blow an escape route through the wall of the upper bank
  • Escape
Specific Trophies
  • Windowlicker
  • No photos
  • Needed For Don't Lose Face

[top]Heat Street

"Stay off the streets."
  • Chase down Matt!
  • Meet Bruce
  • Continue chasing Matt
  • Reach the crash site
  • Light the van on fire!
  • Force Matt to the parking lot
  • Force Matt up the hill
  • Wait for the helicopter
  • Clear the zone of cops
  • (Optional) Move back down to the helicopter
  • Force Matt to the helicopter
Specific Trophies
  • Stand together
  • Easy Street
  • Needed For Don't Lose Face

[top]Panic Room

"The definition of safe house is changing."
  • Entrance (Back Alley)
  • Drug Deal (Lobby)
  • Start The Heist
  • Locate The Panic Room (Floor 3)
  • Find Chavez
  • Get Into The Panic Room (Floor 3)
  • Detach The Panic Room (Floor 2 and 3)
  • Keep The Saws Running (Floor 2 and 3)
  • Wait For The Explosives (Roof)
  • Take Out The Snipers (Roof)
  • Rig The C4 Charges
  • Move Away From Explosives (Floor 2)
  • Secure the Roof (Roof)
  • Attach The Magnet (Floor 4)
  • Defend The Helicopter (Roof)
  • Escape (Basement)
Specific Trophies
  • Are there more than two?
  • You can run but you can't hide
  • Quick Draw
  • Hot lava
  • Needed For Don't Lose Face

[top]Green Bridge

"Take no prisoners."
  • Locate The Prison Convoy (Convoy)
  • Find The Chinese Prisoner (Convoy)
  • Escort The Prisoner (Scaffolding)
  • Send Up The Balloon (Scaffolding)
  • Defend (Scaffolding)
  • Make The Escape (Bridge Pillar)
Specific Trophies
  • A bridge too far!
  • Darkness
  • Needed For Don't Lose Face

[top]Diamond Heist

"25 million reasons to avoid guards and gunfire."
  • Sneak and Access the Alarm Boxes
  • Plant Tablets on the remaining Alarm Boxes (If Guards saw you)
  • Enter the Codes
  • Change of Plan, Get the CFO (if the Codes don't work)
  • Wait for Bain
  • Get Mr. Garnet's Son Ralph (if the CFO doesn't have the Codes)
  • Wait for the Time Lock
  • Steal the Diamonds
  • Escape
Specific Trophies
  • Shinobi
  • Are those the blue ones?
  • Bomb man
  • Are you ready yet?
  • I pushed the button and lived!
  • Needed For Don't Lose Face


  • Prepare for the Ambush
  • Hit the Convoy
  • Get to the Armored Truck
  • Drill the Safe
  • Take the Gold
  • Hide the Gold
  • Get the Gasoline
  • Start the Smokescreen
  • Prepare a Trap
  • Lift the Gold out of here
  • Set the Trap in place
  • Make the Escape
Specific Trophies
  • Blood in, blood out
  • But how?
  • Gold digger
  • Needed For Don't Lose Face

[top]The Law (Payday Enemies Guide)

[top]The Basic Enemies

[top]Security Guards

Summary: The Security Guard is your most basic enemy that starts off most heists. His shirt is as useless for stopping bullets as his head is. Very easy kill and no threat at all. He will also not cooperate well with other branches of the law.
Weaponry: Pistol
Specific Trophies: Bomb Man


Summary: The cops, the most expected enforcers to come and first to arrive at the scene. They are as weak as security, poorly armed and almost as feeble-minded as security. They rush in and get themselves killed quickly, they are also easy to intimidate into a hostage. Easily distinguished by their blue suit and cap.
Weaponry: Pistols (On rare occasion they will carry Machine Guns or Shotguns)
Specific Trophies: None

[top]FBI Agents

Summary: These guys are your federal cops. Not much to them, they are identified by their white shirts and big FBI stitched across their heart and back. Sometimes they can be caught wearing green ski masks. They have weak armor and are pretty identifiable.
Weaponry: Pistols
Specific Trophies: Federal Crime


Summary: The basic SWAT have light armor and are a bit better armed than cops or FBI agents. They wear partial body armor and a helmet. These will also include Snipers, but they are obviously harder to spot and a pain in the ass.
Weaponry: Shotguns / Machine Guns
Specific Trophies: (Crack-bang, Windowlicker)

[top]The Heavy SWAT

Summary: These guys are similar to other SWAT, but they have full body armor and therefore a bit more health. They are easily recognized by the visors across their helmets and the bigger suits of armor.
Weaponry: Shotguns / Machine Guns
Specific Trophies: Intimidating

[top]The Special Enemies


Summary: These guys give off bright green light from their helmets that is very distracting and often blinding. They have decent armor and a gas mask. They get close and often try and sneak around where they can to take the crew out from behind. Do be warned. their most deadly feature is their instant down from their little baton when they come in close.
Weaponry: Machine Guns and an unreasonably deadly Baton.
Specific Trophies: None

[top]SWAT Shield

Summary: Riot shields are one of the biggest pains in the ass in this game. The only way to get these guys is with an explosive or to run out in mid-battle to get behind them and unload a clip into the back of their head. Their armor makes them tough to kill without being able to put a decent amount of bullets in them because unfortunately it is nearly impossible to hit shoot them from the front, let alone kill them.
Weaponry: Riot Shield + Pistol (And sometimes a SMG)
Specific Trophies: None

[top]Bulldozer ("Space Man Craig")

Summary: The toughest enemy in the game. This bastard can ruin games one by one. On Overkill this guy is an absolute nightmare. He has a huge suit of armor and is similar to a Juggernaut. The best way to take care of this guy is to keep firing at the glass in his helmet till it breaks and then fire away at his face, it will take quite a few shots and he is quite powerful, so try not to get to close and use teamwork to take thee guys down.
Weaponry: Shotgun
Specific Trophies: Cheney? and Dodge This!


Summary: The Taser uses a taser to zap you and fry your nuggets while you lose control of your aim and can fire at him, but you are pretty much shooting randomly. They are easily identified by the bright yellow pieces of armor on their arms. They can do a lot of damage and make you very vulnerable to other fellows of The Law. Take them out from a distance, shoot for the head and pray they don't get too close. If they do get close just try your best to aim at them or start yelling at your crew for some help.
Weaponry: A deadly Taser and a Machine Gun
Specific Trophies: None

[top]Blazing The Path To Platinum

  1. Rob some Banks, Do Some Drug Deals and Go For Gold
    The first step is to enjoy the game, this game is a ton of fun and an absolute blast to play with friends. I recommend learning the heists at the same time and going for Noob Herder as soon as you can. This will unlock some of the more basic and easier trophies right away while giving you experience and more Weapons/Upgrades to help you in your pursuit.
  2. Start getting the Non-Overkill specific heist trophies + Class trophies
    Now that you know the heists somewhat and have had your fun, time to go back and play each heist again going for the trophies that are specific to that heist. The list above will tell you which trophies are specific to which heist. Clear these out to start knocking out the trophies and learn the heists even more before going to do some of the tough stuff on overkill difficulty. Do not go for trophies yet that require you having to be on Overkill, just stick to hard or normal here. While doing this, try and knock out the three trophies specific to each class. Again, I recommend having a good, dedicated group to play the majority of the game through with.
  3. Overkill Difficulty and Don't Lose Face
    These are the big boys here, the ones you will likely spend the most time on and have the most difficulties with. Don't Lose Face is one tough trophy to get as it will take a strong group and a lot of patience. Make sure to stick together and watch each others backs where possible. 2 Ammo Bags and 2 Doctor Bags, save them for tough spots where you have to hold out in an area against an assault wave or two. Since you should have a decent Rep by now, you will have better equipment, weapons and upgrades which will help you a lot.
  4. PAYDAY and Miscellaneous trophies
    Ahhh, now you can relax, go back and collect everything you didnt and just continue playing heists until you unlock the PAYDAY trophies. Other than that, go make sure you have every other trophy unlocked and enjoy your final heists. If you have reached max rep and still need to go back to earn any of the three class related trophies or Noob Herder, than make sure you back up your save file on Cloud or a Thumb Drive. After that, load the game up again and at the Main Menu, go to Options > Stats > Reset Unlocks. This will reset absolutely everything on your file, BE 100% SURE you have backed up your save before you attempt to do this. This is only necessary if you missed Crack-bang, I Ain't Afraid No More or Lay on Hands.
  5. Enjoy Your Platinum, Join The Wolf Pack
    Finally, you've mastered the game to some extent and know everything about it. But wait, aren't their two brand new heists along with many new levels of rep and gear available for download? You got the platinum, you can get the 100%, go download the DLC and keep playing the game even further, trust me, it will be worth it.


Do it all.

Perform a hostage trade.

If a teammate goes down, there will be a countdown before they die. After they bleed out they will go into custody, you will have to wait a little while until Bane can negotiate a trade. You will have to have a tied down hostage in order for this to work. Remember you can also intimidate The Law (Non-Special) and make them handcuff themselves to become another hostage if you don't have any civilians. Once you hear Bain say he can make a trade than go to the tied down hostage and hold R2. Then the law will make a fair trade of a hostage for a guy that will kill another 50 of the law.

Eagle Eyes
Point out a special enemy using the ‘shout out’ command.

A very easy trophy and probably the first trophy you'll get. When The Law starts flooding in just start pressing R2 to point them out and this should come quickly and work on almost any enemy.

Defeat a Bulldozer with a shotgun.

To be able to earn this you first of all need to unlock a shotgun, which will come as you progress through your Rep in your different classes. It will take quite a few shots to kill him. You can have your teammates help you if you're online, but make sure you get the killing shot. Refer to The Law guide if you are unsure who the Bulldozer is.

Get a Heavy SWAT to give up.

Heavy SWATS are the guys full of armor and have a visor across their face, to get this make sure you shoot him in the knee a couple of times and it's best to do this when there is nobody else around to shoot you. Just go up to him and repeatedly tap R2 until he surrenders.

Left For Dead
Finish a heist in custody while all your team mates are alive.

This has to be done online with other players as AI cannot complete a mission and if you are taken into custody and only AI are alive, the mission will end and you will have failed. So to do this, you have to at least have 1 online friend. You have to go down and bleed out near the end of the mission. Now, if you are playing with only one teammate, then you will have to make sure that your AI partners stay up and alive while your other partner makes the escape. This is hard to do with AI because they will try to save you and then either revive you or die themselves, so this is best done with a full group. That way they can go make the escape and you can stay back and die. Make sure that you are in custody and spectating before they finish the mission!

Last Man Standing
Beat a heist after having been the only one alive.

This can easily be done with a group, go on Easy or Normal and when you reach the end, your group can kill themselves and you must wait until they are all in custody, not just in bleedout. This can easily be done on Slaughterhouse as I believe that The Law will not follow you past the crates towards the end, so you will have time to wait for your team to be in custody. If you dont have partners to do this with, again, play on Slaughterhouse and go to the end. Make sure you have your Team AI, obviously, then run through the crates right before the escape point, but don't escape yet. The AI should stand there and continue the fight with The Law, just watch forward and hope you don't get killed. Now at this point, wait for them to die and bleed out, watch forward just to be sure you don't get killed and voila!
Please note that this can not be done solo without Team AI, but can be done with Team AI.

Blood in, Blood out
Trade all the butchers in SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

There are three butchers throughout the entire level of Slaughterhouse. Like most trophies, this is best done with a group of four. The first butcher will be right in front of you when you walk down into the Slaughterhouse along with some guards, kill the guards and tie him down. To the left, there are some hallways, follow those and the second butcher should be somewhere along there. If the second is not their, go up the balcony and look for him above, you'll find him somewhere. The final butcher will be outside to the left of the entrance gate of the shipping yard, he shouldn't be hard to miss. Now, be very careful when killing anybody in white, because of the butchers clothing, they can sometimes be confused for an FBI agent or security guard. After they are all tied down, the next step is to have somebody on your team go down and into custody. Then, you will have to hold out until Bain can negotiate and make the trade then you will have to trade the prompted butcher. Repeat this two times until the three butchers have been traded.

I also recommend doing this one by one, so tying down one butcher while one teammate goes into custody and camp out around your hostage so you can make sure he isn't freed by The Law and so that you have quick access to make the trade when available.
Also note that everybody in the group will earn this upon completion.

This video shows it being completed with Team AI, if doing this, make sure you have Extra Cable Ties turned on as that will be needed to have enough for the butchers.

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Dodge this!
Beat a heist on normal difficulty or above, having killed a Bulldozer without taking damage from any Bulldozer.

This is best done on First World Bank as it is easy for this. Play through and stay back kind of behind your crew and help out while making sure somebody is ready to call out a Bulldozer. As soon as they see one, make sure your group does a decent amount of damage to him and distracts him while you go and get his flank or shoot him from far behind your teammates where he can't see you. After that, the tough part again is making sure that you get the killing shot on the first one and don't get hurt from another one if he comes. This can be tricky, but very doable, just have some patience and this will come in due time.

A Bridge Too Far!
Complete the GREEN BRIDGE on hard or OVERKILL difficulty.

Do not stress about this one, it's a tough mission, but this trophy will be required as you go for tougher ones. Tips above in "The Heists" section.

But How?
Get the armored car to drop without shooting at it in SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

At the beginning of the heist, you will be prompted to shoot at the armored truck, make sure you do this. This will make sure that the truck will fall through the slaughterhouse while hanging from some wires. Now, run down there past the other vans and guards. Once down in the slaughterhouse, dispose of the guards that are already there. Now you will see the truck hanging from the roof. DO NOT shoot the wires and let the truck hang. After some time, the truck will fall down by itself. Waiting for this will take about 10-15 minutes and probably surviving through at least two Assault waves. Don't worry if it feels like it's taking long, it's supposed to.

Defeat a law enforcer planting C4 in FIRST WORLD BANK on hard difficulty or above.

Not too tough, easily done solo or with a group, if done with a group everybody will earn the trophy at once. On hard, their will be SWAT coming in and placing C4 on windows to try and give them an easier entrance. They will start to try this a little bit after you place the drill, but before you erase the security footage. To find them, you will have to run forward from the lobby out the front door and turn left, they will be trying to place C4 on the window at some point, for better timing, refer to the video.

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Civil Disobedience
Defeat 100 law enforcers in a single heist.

One of the easy trophies again. It's almost guaranteed you will get this while going for all the other trophies. In a single heist, you will have to kill 100 of The Law. This is easier to do single player or with a group that is letting you get majority of the kills. Just stay back and make sure to kill as many as you can. You should easily be able to get this without trouble at all.

Things to keep in mind: Thugs on the heist "Panic Room" will not count towards this total. And civilians will not count towards this total at all.

Are There More Than Two?
Find ten money bundles in PANIC ROOM.

There aren't very many tips I can give to help with this trophy. But first of all I recommend starting the heist, breaking in and taking out pretty much all of the thugs, but DO NOT get the key from Chavez. Now, once you've cleared the place out, the heist will not continue until you retrieve the key from Chavez. Now search the place as thoroughly as possible. Search every room top and bottom, floors, shelves, bathrooms and even the roof. Now, once you are 100% sure you searched as thoroughly as can be, there are two possibilities.
  1. You missed one or two. Go back and keep searching.
  2. You have nine bundles and there is one left in the Panic Room. Now, kill Chavez and break in find the last bundle.
Rowdi has given me a great little "cheat" for this that will give you a better chance that will also save time.
Quote Originally Posted by Rowdi
Are There More Than Two has a glitch or cheat of sorts since the patch where Overkill added the 145+ room to the Panic Room Heist. While the 145+ room isn't accessible in the lower difficulties. You can still go to the ground floor and jump at the ceiling below where that room is located and get the prompt to pick up bundles. The best area to search is just in front of the double doors and the room beside it (not the laundry room). Go to these areas and just jump at the ceiling until you see a prompt. Shouldn't be hard because there's at least a dozen if not more. Wait til after all the drug dealer thugs are gone and just jump away. There are a lot more bundles than ten with the cheat.

On GREEN BRIDGE, destroy all the lights in the main scaffolding tower.

After you free the prisoners from the transport, you will be told to lead one to a big tower of scaffolding. In the tower, there will be a lot of lights hanging on each floor. Just shoot every one and make sure they aren't still lighted. Play on Normal so you don't have to focus on The Law as much as the lights. If you are having troubles, please refer to the video in the Spoiler. Skip to 9:00 for trophy purposes. Before that is nothing important for the trophy.

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You Can Run But You Can't Hide
In PANIC ROOM, take the key from Chavez within the first 45 seconds of starting the mission.

This trophy is simple enough, but will take a few tries. Chavez is the guy that holds the key to the Panic Room. This can be done solo, with AI, or with other team mates, with other team mates everybody can earn this trophy at once. Now, I'm not 100% sure when the timer starts, but it's either right when the heist starts or when you enter the building. Just be safe and rush inside. Now, don't bother dropping the money off to start the heist, just go to the stairs and barge right through the guys sitting there and run up to the third floor. Now Chavez can be anywhere on the third or fourth floor, it is completely random. Make sure to rush at him and just shoot him and pick the key up, don't bother tying him down. Now, if you have four real players, this can be easier as you will be able to spread out and all look for him at once which will be much quicker.

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Bypassing all 3 consoles before raising the alarm, beat DIAMOND HEIST on hard or OVERKILL difficulty.

Do not worry about this, I promise you'll want to have this down anyways to complete the heist. Getting caught makes this mission much longer and a major pain in the ass to get through. You'll want to learn the guards patterns and behaviors. Sometimes they can be unpredictable, but it's usually pretty easy to disappear from them. They will usually follow a certain circle pattern and won't venture much out of it. Also be aware that if the party guests see you, it will also blow your cover.

I Ain't Afraid No More
Gain a level in the Assault tree during an assault.

This one if one of the easy trophies in the game. If you hold Select while in-game, it will show you three classes to choose from, obviously for the purpose of this trophy you'll want to be on the Assault class. Then wait for an Assault wave to come in and if you level up your rep while the Assault wave is there you will have this shiny bronze trophy. You'll know an Assault Wave has come when there is a big red triangle at the bottom of the screen that says Assault.

Gain a level in the Sharpshooter tree with your last kill being a Sniper.

This is another class specific trophy. Make sure when you start the heist, or anytime during the heist to hold Select and then choose your class. Make sure for the purpose of this trophy you go to the Sharpshooter class. Now I recommend playing on "First World Bank" or "Panic Room" for the sake of this trophy as those are the best places to find snipers. Now when you reach a part with snipers, make sure you kill one, but DO NOT KILL anybody else. Just keep playing through objectives and let your team do the work. You will see your rep go up each time an objective is complete. Now, just wait until you level up before you kill anyone else, unless you feel like killing another sniper, then go ahead.

Lay on Hands
Gain a level in the Support tree while reviving a teammate.

There are a few strategies I could give you on this one, but there is a popular one that is pretty easy to work with. First of all, before you do this make sure you hold and then choose the Support class. Before you try doing this, make sure you are really close to leveling up in Rep on your Support class. Now, make sure you have 3 Human players on your team. Get one man to jump off the 23rd floor to the bottom right in front of the vault. Now you go down and jump down there from the 22nd floor so you don't die. Have your 3rd guy ready at a sapphire, when you start reviving the one guy, tell the other to grab a sapphire and Voila! If this doesn't work, stop reviving just enough to not revive him, but have the other guy grab more sapphires till you earn it. If he gets caught, restart the heist until you get it. If you reach maximum rep before earning this, back up your save file on PS+ Cloud or a USB Drive. Then go to the main menu and options to reset your stats and earn this at a lower level. Then simply earn it and load up your save file again.

Are Those the Blue Ones?
Steal all the sapphires in DIAMOND HEIST on hard or OVERKILL difficulty.

There are 10 of these blue bastards scattered throughout the two main floors of the Diamond Heist. This requires much stealth and to at least be on Hard difficulty. If you get caught by a guard, all cases will close and be unavailable for the rest of the heist. If you are in the middle of opening a case and get caught, it will continue opening, so if you get caught amidst the last sapphire opening, don't worry, you'll get it. If you want, you can use a team of 4 and everybody can grab as many as they want and when all 10 are picked up collectively, everyone earns the trophy and money from each individual sapphire.

I'll link to a video below as that will be much more clear compared to my location descriptions. The order below is as spawned from the Management section. But, the sapphires will always be in the same spot no matter where you spawn.
  1. Take the left door and turn right, the sapphire will be right in front of you. (Floor 23)
  2. Around the Atrium on Floor 23
  3. Around the Atrium on Floor 23
  4. Around the Atrium on Floor 23
    Now, head downstairs, preferably the enclosed staircase and to the Canteen (Floor 22)
  5. Look down towards the center and there will be one by a pillar.
    Turn right and go into the area under the party
  6. There is another one by a pillar that is visible by facing the helipad.
  7. The room behind the previous one has another sapphire. (Jade Room)
  8. Around the Atrium on Floor 22
  9. Around the Atrium on Floor 22
  10. Around the Atrium on Floor 22

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Gold Digger
Beat SLAUGHTERHOUSE within 15 minutes, taking all the gold.

To start off, I suggest that you do use 2 ammo bags and doctor bags as both will run out quickly. Secondly, make sure you are playing with 4 real players. Since every player can only carry one at a time and AI will not carry any gold, this ensures you are most sufficient in grabbing the bars without wasting extra time going back. At the start of the mission I recommend that nobody shoots at the armored truck or convoy, this will make the truck drop upside down and save you a bit of time and a possible run in with a Bulldozer early on. Drill the safe and have somebody stay close in case it jams. Have everyone grab a gold bag and run to the hiding spot right when the drill is done. Afterwards have two guys run off to find the gas tanks while the others set up fort. Now just stay alive and complete objectives as soon as you can once prompted, waste no time in escaping and you should be able to finish just under the 15 minute mark.

Here's another strategy that probably works better provided by Rowdi
Quote Originally Posted by Rowdi
You want to shoot the armored truck at the beginning. This makes the truck go in nose first. Once you shoot the truck down, you'll be able to camp behind the conveyor belt and have the truck block you from gunfire. Also the drill will be closer to the conveyor belt this way. Once the safe is open and all players have their bag of gold, only two players go to place their gold in the container. The other two stay behind and wait for the gas can objective that will be initiated by the other two players placing their gold in the container. When the other two players get the gas cans they should then run back to the container, setting the smoke screen on fire along the way, where they'll then put their gold in the container also and then set the trap. Once the trap is set, camp in the container closest to the exit. Set you ammo and med bags between the cabinets inside the container then two people take each end and defend the container until the end. This method can consistently get you in the high twelve to low thirteen minute range.

Stand Together
Beat HEAT STREET on normal difficulty or above without anyone getting downed.

This is a pretty challenging silver overall. This will take a lot of ammo and a lot of cover, as well as a lot of health. It's possible with AI, but very difficult and unlikely. So, I recommend having a team and running through. So, this not only means nobody can go in custody, but they can't even go into bleedout. I also believe if anybody gets cuffed, this will ruin the trophy. Take some time and have patience, watch your health and watch your ammo, both highly important in this mission. Look at the Heists for more tips or strategies for Heat Street.

Quick Draw
In PANIC ROOM, kill all armed thugs in and around the apartment building within 60 seconds of you and your crew drawing your weapons.

This will require communication and quick thinking, get a group of four together as usual and the trick is for one person to stay on the first floor, have 3 wait on the stairs and start the heist, have one person take second floor, third floor and fourth floor. As somebody clears out a floor, make sure to ascend until you have covered all floors, this is very possible in 60 seconds, you should earn this soon enough, Be fast, use shotguns or assault rifles for mobility and quick reloads. Check the roof, every room and even the fire escapes. This may or may not include Chavez and the thugs in the panic room, I happened to earn it without killing them but keep them in mind as you may not be so lucky. This is possible with AI, if you lead them into the building and barge through the thugs, while going up the building and killing a few thugs until the fourth floor and you clear out the top two floors while the AI are very capable of clearing everybody else out and very well might.

No Photos
Destroy all the cameras in FIRST WORLD BANK within 10 seconds of drawing your weapons.

This is a tough one, get a group of four together and assign them all some cameras. There are 12 cameras, 4 players, 10 seconds. Make sure everybody knows their part well and are ready. Now the timer starts right when you pull your guns out so you have time to get into positions beforehand. This is difficult to describe, please refer to the video below for all camera locations. You have to be fast and proficient, this only requires the cameras that you can witness in the first areas of the bank. It is recommended you upgrade the Sharpshooter class for this as this will increase accuracy with certain rifles. Wait till everyone is in position until you start the heist. I'll do a quick breakdown to describe the video.

Person 1: The lobby, you take the center of the lobby and take out the four visible cameras you can see standing from one spot.
Person 2: Go halfway up the stairs in the cafeteria and shoot the two visible cameras from there.
Person 3: In the management area above those stairs, shoot two visible cameras, run down hall and shoot camera to the left.
Person 4: Drill Area, shoot the top camera, turn right, then the final one behind.

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Link To Youtube

Hot Lava
Don’t let any law enforcers reach the graffiti on the center of the roof in PANIC ROOM from the SECURE THE ROOF objective until the ESCAPE objective on hard or OVERKILL difficulty.

After you detonate the C4 around the panic room safe, you will be prompted to return to the roof and secure it so Bain can fly in and grab the safe. On top of the roof you will notice a big spot where their is a large piece of graffiti art sprayed to the roof. Best is to have a team of 4 and assign them to a corner of the roof each. The fire escape on the left of the roof, the opposite of that, by the little water tower thing and one guy sitting at the top of the roof access staircase. Now, hold out and don't let anybody get downed and no person of The Law touch the graffiti. Halfway through this, Bain will finally attach the winch to the safe, well sort of. He will prompt somebody else to, I recommend it being the guy by the water tower to run downstairs and hook it up while everyone else stays put and defends your little piece of graffiti. Then have him rush back to take position when done, hold out longer and wait for Bain to finish, once he flies away you will have completed the objective and when the Escape objective appears, you will know if you failed or not.

Federal Crime
Defeat 25 FBI agents in a row.

First of all, the best heists to go for this are either "Slaughterhouse" or "Panic Room" because they seem to have an abundance of FBI compared to other heists. I recommend you play with a crew of four real people as it will make this easier as you can get them to not shoot FBI agents, but watch your back for everyone else. Other than that, only kill the guys with the white shirt that you are sure are FBI agents. You CAN damage other enemies, but you can not kill them. As long as you don't kill other guys your streak will keep up.
If you play this on Panic Room, play until the part where you place saws around the Panic Room. But don't place the saws. You'll keep getting waves of FBI agents and SWAT coming in until you place the saws. Hold out until you get the trophy, make sure to keep your focus on FBI agents and not to shoot anybody else.

One Shot, One Kill - Repeat
Get 30 kills using 30 shots, using only the M308 Rifle.

To earn this you must use the M308 Rifle and get 30 kills. With 30 bullets. Without missing a single shot. Apparently you can use civilians for this and it will count towards the total (Unconfirmed). To unlock the M308, you have to progress through the Sharpshooter class. I suggest playing Panic Room or Heat Street, I suggest Heat Street as their is a little spot you can farm this. Obviously, you'll play on Normal or Easy if available for this. If you wish to play on Panic Room and do this more "Legitimately". You can sit on the fire escapes/balcony at the front and shoot the cops as they mostly stay still. Also, I suggest to stay away from SWAT as they will usually take a couple shots.

Now, the other method is to go onto Heat Street, obviously with the M308 and soon after turn to the right and their will be a spot where normal cops just keep respawning, they are easy kills, so this can be a possible way to farm for this trophy with a few minutes. Try and not use AI, as they will try and take kills, which may cause you to miss a shot.

Bomb Man
In DIAMOND HEIST, defeat all twelve Patrol Guards using only trip mines.

This trophy must be done by a single person, meaning nobody else can kill any of the guards except the player going for the trophy, it's best to either play with friends or solo, no AI at all. Playing with friends can help keep control by ridding the area of other enemies and calling out the security guards with bright red shirts out to you.

This is a tough one, especially since the maximum amount of Trip Wire mines you can carry is 10, even after fully upgrading them. They are upgraded through the Sharpshooter class. Snagging double kills shouldn't be too hard, especially since the fully upgraded Mines have a decent blast radius. Another tip, do not randomly place mines, these will be useless as no guards may walk over them or they may be wasted on other cops once they start flooding in. I also recommend trying to make your very first kill a double or triple kill for sure, as it will be easier to set up when they are unaware of your presence. A good method is also to shoot the mine after you place it, this makes sure it will explode even if the guard doesn't step across the laser.

Best strategy: Place the mine straight on the floor beside a guard and immediately shoot it, this will kill the guard and your mine will not cause you damage. This is very effective in making sure you kill the guard. Also, note that a teammate can shoot one of your mines and kill a guard, this will still count as your kill! As long as nobody else kills the guards and your personally placed mines are the killing shot to do it, you will be fine.

The video below shows a different strategy that is great to use if attempting this solo.

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Link to Youtube

Are You Ready Yet?
In DIAMOND HEIST, get Bain to come back for you at least 7 times on hard or OVERKILL difficulty.

Obviously, start playing on Diamond Heist and continue through the level as you normally would until you actually are in the vault, grab the goods and then Bain will say he's flying in to pick you up and escape. For him to pick you up, you have to be ready to extract with him. For the purpose of this trophy, you're going to make him come in and leave 7 times. The best way to do this is to hole up in the vault and watch the entrances and just keep The Law back until Bain returns. Rinse and Repeat this, best done on Normal with a decent team to keep back The Law. After a while the trophy will pop up after Bain returns for the 7th time. Once your done Bain will make a snotty remark about your accomplishment and tell you to hurry your ass to the heli.

Easy Street
Beat HEAT STREET on OVERKILL difficulty, with your group accuracy being at 60% or higher.

Probably the hardest trophy in the game, nearly impossible to do with AI, take a team of 4, all at Rep 145 as this will help a lot. You can view your Accuracy at the end of the mission on the left side with total group accuracy. Now there is an easy way and a hard way, the hard way is to rush through the mission with your whole team gunning enemies down while having the absolute best accuracy you can. I do not recommend this as this will be extremely frustrating for your entire group and take a very long time to complete properly.

Now the easy way (easy way is a light term, this is still by no means easy) has been shared many times and is commonly used. I take no credit for this strategy and tactic and am not sure who's original idea it is. But, it is your best bet at earning this.

To start off, your group will pick 2 "100%-ers" These guys will start and finish the heist with 1 kill and 100% accuracy. They start off by killing one cop at the beginning without missing a bullet (They should use the M308 or a shotgun to ensure accuracy). After that, those 2 players will not fire a single gun and kill no one. After the "100%-ers" have their job done, everyone runs up the street, past all The Law, ignore everyone and make a run for Matt's car before the Assault Wave starts rolling in. Stay close in case somebody is downed and needs help, make yourselves as hard to hit as possible, run by cover, but do not stop or shoot at anybody along the way to Matt's car. Have the "100%-ers" take the back right corner behind a dumpster and avoid enemies. The other two will take the front, make sure the van is started on fire. Do not make any unnecessary shots ever, at all. As soon as Matt is out and there is no Assault Wave, run him up the hill, if another wave rolls in, run back to the van area and try to hold up without firing any unnecessary shots. Hold back bullets as long as you can, this will shorten the wave. Make your way back leading Matt and continuing through, avoiding taking shots as much as possible. Go in the building and exit behind a SWAT van, this should prevent enemies from spawning there. Keep doing the running back technique until you reach the escape and get Matt to the chopper immediately when Bain is ready, heist complete, good luck!

Some more specific details again from Rowdi
Quote Originally Posted by Rowdi
Two ammo and two health are needed. I also recommend Extra Start Ammo and Big Game Hunter for the shooters if you have it. (somebody besides the shooters will have to equip BGH in order for the two shooters to benefit from it.)
You going to want to camp behind the container right next to Matt's van. People used to camp in the fenced in area around the dumpsters before update 1.02. Pre 1.02 the container was against the wall. Now it's moved far enough away that the entire team can camp behind it. The container provides better cover from snipers and assault waves.

I recommend using one of this heist's two glitches to complete this challenge along with the two and two method. Also, run all the way to the van before killing a cop/civilian with your one shot. The group will take less damage if everyone stays close together.
  • Two guys use the Brenner LMG.
  • The 100%-ers use Reinback or M308 for their one kill.
  • Run back to the van area when an assault is rolling in and hold your shots until needed.
  • Use only 1 ammo bag, but 3 doctor bags, health will be more important than ammo for this purpose.
  • If the "100%-ers" get tasered you will have to restart because the taser will make them fire uncontrollably, ruining the 100%.
  • Fire only when necessary, do your best to make your bullets count.
  • Use Sharpshooter so you have access to body armor for better protection. And obviously better accuracy.

I Pushed the Button and Lived!
In DIAMOND HEIST, get the big diamond and escape on OVERKILL difficulty with you and all your team mates alive.

First off, the big diamond is only available on Overkill, so if you are trying to practice getting it on lower difficulties, that will not work. Also, the vault codes working right away and the secret door being there are both random events, but I have heard the grabbing a few sapphires before opening the vault may increase the chances of the big diamond being there. Now, this is probably the easiest of the gold trophies. On Overkill as you walk into the vault, their will be a big metal door on the right side of the inside of the vault. It's impossible to miss, now be aware that for it to unlock, you first of all have to get through the entire beginning without getting caught until the vault is open. Secondly, you the door will lock if you break any glass within the vault before opening it. So go to the door and push the button before doing anything else. All the while, you should make sure one person in your crew stays at the spawn point. Once you open the door you should destroy the cameras and now you'll need the glass cutter used to get inside the building, which is the reason to leave a teammate behind at the spawn point. He will pick that up and run as fast as he can to the vault and start cutting the case open to the big diamond. Meanwhile everybody else should fend off The Law and grab all the small diamonds so that Bain will be ready and flying in. Now stay strong until the diamond is ready. Try to wait for Assault waves to finish before making your escape as it is very difficult as this map is Cloaker and Tazer galore. Once done, grab it and hopefully Bain will be in a good position so you can run to him and make your escape. Keep in mind that everybody must make it to the helicopter alive or else this will not unlock. Refer to the video for more help.

  • Use the Brenner LMG, Crosskill Pistol and machine pistol for weapons
  • Have your entire team at at least 110 Rep.
  • Do not attempt escaping during an Assault Wabe, the waves are long on this heist, toughen up and hold your ground.

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Link to Youtube

Noob Herder
Beat any heist on OVERKILL difficulty with three other players who are all using the Noob Lube perk.

Noob Lube is a perk only available to players with a Rep of 5 or lower. This requires 3 online teammates and is very tough. I highly recommend using the boosting thread here: Payday: The Heist Official Boosting Thread. To get it for everybody at once I recommend that everybody backs up their save file on a USB drive or on PS+ Cloud and then go into the game then choose Options > Clear Progress. This will reset everybody to a Rep of 0 with all weapons and challenges lost. So be very sure your real file is safe. Afterwards I recommend playing on Diamond Heist as this will be the easiest heist for this on Overkill. keep repeating the mission until you get into the vault with the codes working, destroy as many cameras as you can and grab the diamonds ASAP and get your ass out of there right when Bain lands. The toughest part of this is making it to the end with everybody alive and there. If somebody gets past Rep 5 before you start another mission, make sure they go and reset their stats again until it is earned.

The other way is to find 3 players rep 0-5 in which case they cannot get the trophy, but you will, this isn't fair, but if they don't care that's fine, this will be easier for you, but harder for everybody else and less beneficial. What you can also do for a group is load up accounts that haven't played for one person at a time so that it is safe and nobody will have to reset their stats and it will also make progressing through the mission a bit easier.

Don't Lose Face
Beat all heists on OVERKILL difficulty without anyone getting traded from custody.

This is quite possibly the toughest trophy in the game, it requires you to complete the 6 original heists of Payday on Overkill difficulty with no teammates being taken into custody. Use the tips section specific to each heist for help there, while I recommend following the tips below at all time, no matter what I say in The Heists section. So, for this you have to complete the heists all on Overkill, without trading anybody in. You can go into bleedout throughout the heist and even into custody. But once somebody is in custody, they have to stay that way or it ruins your chances of this trophy. Also, it is very important you keep in mind you cannot complete challenges/trophies while you are in custody.

  • As with all shooters, use cover like it is your lord and savior, because it certainly will be in many cases.
  • All teammates should be at Rep 145 (or higher if Wolf Pack DLC is installed, which I also recommend).
  • Use the Brenner LMG, Crosskill Pistol and machine pistol for weapons on all heists. (Your entire crew)
  • 2 Ammo Bags, 2 Doctor Bags at all times while attempting this.
  • That said, use them conservatively and only when you need to. Best to use them at places where you are securing an area for a long time.
  • If a team mate is cuffed or downed, it is your teams top priority to get him up ASAP
  • Use perks that help the team, don't bother with stuff like extra cable-ties as that will be pointless.
  • Complete objectives as quickly as possible and don't be afraid to claim some land and hold your ground during an Assault.
  • Always remember how unforgiving The Law is on Overkill, Never Forget!

Acquire one billion dollars in total cash.

Basically, your total cash is experience you earn by killing The Law, picking up random cash drops, completing objectives and challenges, and finally completing heists.This takes a long time to earn, it will take up to around the time that you earn rep 145 to earn this and probably even long past. You may earn it a bit sooner or a bit longer, but it's best to keep playing The First World Bank or Diamond Heist (If you get lucky in the vault) on Overkill difficulty with a good team. And also have somebody using the Mr. Nice Guy crew bonus. Also try and complete challenges as that helps to earn you more cash.

I also recommend that you buy the Wolf Pack DLC, so you can continue to earn trophies and go for 100% while working towards your billion dollars all the while

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