PAYDAY: The Heist-Wolfpack DLC is first DLC pack for this intense action packed FPS that lets players take on the role of hardened career criminals in constant pursuit of the next “big score”. Load out with your brand new weapons that includes the Stryker pistol, AK rifle, GL40 grenade launcher and sentry gun as you take on two brand new heists and earn 48 levels for the new Technician Skill Tree.

The Wolf Pack DLC is available on the PSN Store for $9.99 in the NA store and as a full game bundle in the EU store for £17.49 or £13.99 for PS+ members.


Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: All trophies can be earned online.
Online Pass Required: NA
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes.
Estimated Time to 100%: 8-12 hours, mostly dependent on teamwork and communication.
Minimum Playthroughs: You’ll be playing each of the new heists multiple times in order to unlock trophies and earn cash to Rep up and level up your new skill tree.
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None. However, be aware that trophies will not unlock and you will not get credit for most challenges if you’re in custody at the end of the heist.

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Payday: The Heist Trophy Guide by Blazikiller
PAYDAY: The Heist is an action packed FPS game for the PlayStation 3 that lets players take on the role of the hardened career criminals Hoxton, Chains, Wolf and Dallas as they execute intense, dynamic heists in constant pursuit of the next "big score". Use the AI or team up with your friends as your partners in crime and load out with an array of special weaponry and equipment as you take on a crime spree through six high-stake heists that includes bank robberies, prisoner extractions and armored car hijackings.

  • PAYDAY: The Heist is a team based objective game where teamwork and communication are key elements to success. I suggest buying a headset or mic if you do not have one already.
  • Buy this DLC before you've reached Rep 145. You'll top out at 145 long before unlocking your Payday trophy. Kill two birds with one stone by gaining rep and leveling up your new Technician Skill Tree as you earn more cash to go towards your billion dollars.
  • On Overkill difficulty, you can go into bleed out and be revived three times before starting out in the red on health after being revived. Go into a “tactical bleed out” at an opportune time and place to conserve med bags.
  • There should always be at least two players when doing objectives. One to do the objective and the other for support. As a general rule, no player should do objectives alone.
  • Context sensitive actions such as reviving or starting drill/saws can only be done by one player. Even though two players get the prompt, it doesn't speed up the process.
  • Use the Boosting Thread if you're looking for partners. The Official Payday: The Heist Boosting Thread

[top]The Heists


  • Talk to the owner
  • Hack the code locks
  • Get inside the shelter
  • It's a trap! (If shelter is booby trapped)
  • Investigate the safe
  • Drill a hole and connect the hose to the safe
  • Let the drill finish
  • Connect the hose to the safe
  • Go up tho the tap and make sure the water is flowing
  • Turn the water or electricity back on when Bulldozer turn them off
  • Place a C4 charge on the safe
  • Take all the money plates
  • Escape
Specific Trophies
  • Crowd Control
  • Quick Hands
  • Pacifist


  • Preparations (find planks to barricade windows, vents and fences)
  • Deal going down
  • Check the limo
  • Free the limo (if stuck at rooftop)
  • Saw open the limo
  • Take Taxman to transfer room
  • Get the server, plug it in
  • Codes NOW! (total of 3 codes; you have to shout at him to get the password)
  • Keep the power (switch the power back on and reboot computer when necessary)
  • IRS hack
  • Escape
Specific Trophies
  • The Savior
  • Blow-out


  • Play the new heists.
    Jump in at normal or hard difficulties at first to learn the heists and all the random events that can occur. Play with friends if possible, but it isn't a big deal if have to play with randoms. Payday has a pretty good mp community. You may meet a few keepers that'll help you reach 100%. You can also try the Boosting Thread if you're still looking for partners. The Official Payday: The Heist Boosting Thread
  • Start getting the Counterfeit map specific trophies.
    Get a team together and try your hand at Crowd Control, Quick Hands and Pacifist trophies. You'll find these aren't too bad with good team work.
  • Finish up with the Undercover map specific trophies.
    You can actually get The Savior any time, but now's the time if you haven't gotten it yet. Once you've unlocked the 21st level of your Technician Skill Tree, you can start working towards getting your Blow-out trophy.
  • Clean up
    By now the only thing left should be Detective Gadget. As long as you've reached level 29 in your Technician Skill Tree, you won't have any problems with this easy finisher.
  • 100% Woot!
    Don't want it to end? Beat all of the original six maps on 145+ difficulty to get your gold masks.


Crowd Control
Beat COUNTERFEIT without letting any hostage escape or die. To complete this challenge, you will have had to play the heist from the start.

First off, set the difficulty to normal.

Have at least one person equip extra cable ties because the hostages do sometimes free themselves and the FBI will try to free the hostages in between assaults. You should always check out the entire area before starting the heist to find the location of all the civilians. There will always be at least seven or eight civilians. The usual places to find them are in the Mitchell’s kitchen and basement, at the grill, around the pool (including the lounge chair), near the Wilson’s piano and in the Wilson’s living room on the couch.

Start the heist and tie all the hostages down. Try to stealth the first part of this heist by going inside the two houses after you secure all the hostages. As long as all players stay indoors and kill the first four cops on the scene by melee or with the B9-S (if you have it equipped), you should make it inside the shelter before the first assault wave is about to start. Once the assault waves start, you’re team should split into two groups. Two players should watch the hostages and the other two should do objectives. At the end of the heist, everyone needs to run like hell towards the escape point and hope that none of your hostages will be released in the time it takes you to reach the exit.

* Important - Be careful not to kill the hostages and remember that the FBI will try to free the hostages in between assaults.

Detective Gadget
Beat any heist using the STRYK Pistol, AK Rifles, GL40 Grenade Launcher, Toolkit upgrade, Sentry Gun equipment and Big Game Hunters crew bonus. To complete this challenge, you will have had to play the heist from the start.

Complete one heist, including any of the original six, on any difficulty using the all the new gear form the Technician Skill Tree. You must progress to level 29 of the Technician Skill Tree in order to unlock everything needed for this trophy.
  • Player upgrade – Toolkit unlocks at level 1
  • New weapon – Stryk Pistol unlocks at level 2
  • New deployable – Sentry Gun unlocks at level 5
  • New weapon – AK unlocks at level 9
  • New weapon – GL40 unlocks at level 21
  • Crew bonus – Big Game Hunters unlocks at level 29

Quick hands
On COUNTERFEIT, manage to defuse all C4 charges.

This is a very rare random event on Counterfeit. When then code breakers have finished and you’ve gained entrance to the shelter there will only be the gate(s) that keep you from entering the shelter. This random event will be signified by large stacks of cash stacked around the money printer. Try to have a strategy in place where if you’re working on another trophy or challenge, you and your team can easily switch over to defusing the C4 charges within the time limit.

I suggest all four players entering from the Mitchell’s house. There are seven C4 charges.
  • Player 1 takes two charges. There will be one on the adjacent left wall and another on the wall next to the other gate.
  • Player 2 takes two charges. There will be two on the wall to the right.
  • Player 3 takes two charges. There are two on the opposite wall. One is just to the right of the safe below the table and the other will be above the table almost directly across from the money printer.
  • Player 4 takes one charge. It will be on the opposite side of the money printer from where you enter. The charge will be about midway along that side.

The Saviour
On UNDERCOVER, place 20 planks by yourself on windows, vents or fences.

This trophy can be done solo, but I recommend getting a friend to help you find the planks.

The planks look like stacks of 2x4’s and they’re scattered all over the Undercover map. Start looking for planks on the roof and place them on the roof’s perimeter fence first before snipers start to gather on the rooftops of the buildings across the street. Start searching the rest of the building once you’ve finished with the roof. The trophy will unlock after placing twenty planks by yourself.

Beat UNDERCOVER with everyone in the crew only using the GL40. To complete this challenge, everyone in your crew will have to have played the heist from the start. Using melee does not count towards this challenge!

The GL40 unlocks at level 21 of the Technician Skill Tree.

Thankfully there is no difficulty requirement, so set your difficulty to normal unless you just like a challenge.This trophy cannot be done with the team AI, so get at least one other player and make sure your team equips and only use the GL40 throughout the entire heist.

* Important - Do not melee during the entire heist.
* Important - You can use your pistol during bleed out and still get this trophy.
Pearls of wisdom from Kin.....
Quote Originally Posted by KinchasaurusRex
Be careful with the noob tube around planks and don't melee the taxman too much or you'll knock him out and make that part of the heist take longer.

Beat COUNTERFEIT on hard difficulty or above without killing any law enforcers or civilians. To complete this challenge, everyone in your crew will have to have played the heist from the start.

First off, set your difficulty to hard.

I recommend your team consist of four people (can be done with three if need be) with no team AI. The whole team should equip med bags, thickskin, the B9-S and at least two people use the Protector crew bonus and the other two should equip the More Blood to Bleed crew bonus.

Start the heist as you normally would by looking for crowbars and the location of all the civilians.You should then aim to stealth the first part of the heist by securing all the hostages and staying inside the houses. Try to make the two pair policemen that respond cuff themselves by meleeing or shooting them in the legs. Do NOT melee or shoot them more than once because you risk killing them. Once the assault waves start, all players should hide around the map in no more than two people per hiding place. Place your med bags in your hiding spots and try not to draw any attention to you or your teammates. Objectives need to be completed with at least two team members and then they should return to hiding as soon as possible. Once you've made it to the escape objective, you should top off your health if you have any med bags left and run towards your exit. Be aware of a random event where special unit officers may be in the sewer as you run towards the exit.

  • The trophy description says that you cannot kill any of the law enforcers or civilians. That means the entire crew cannot kill any anyone.
  • You may opt to empty all the ammo from the weapon you're carrying at the beginning of the heist to prevent getting tasered and accidentally killing a cop. Make sure this weapon is the B9-S if you're still in the stealth part of your heist as unsilenced gunfire will end your stealth run.
  • Only one player can do the context sensitive objective. The other player should spam in an attempt to distract the cop(s) as the first player completes the objective.
  • You should quickly find another hiding spot if yours gets overrun with law enforcement.
  • Stay still when you're in hiding. Looking around corners alerts the law to your presence.

Hiding places
  • Behind Bodhi's Pool Repair Van and other vehicles around the map.
  • Behind shrubbery (in between shrubbery and the pool house or the tool shed next to one of the exits work well).
  • Behind couches (there's one in the Mitchell's basement and another in the Wilson's living room).
  • Behind counters like the one for the bar in the Wilson's basement.
  • Behind the bed at the Wilson's house. This is one of the best spots for one person to stay as long as they stay put the entire heist. It may be a glitch, but as long as that person stays behind the bed and next to the bed stand, the cops usually won't even enter the room. If they do, they usually only make it to the foot of the bed before stopping.

Good luck!


A very special thanks goes to the following people for their part in helping with this guide.

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