Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes (3)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 40+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 4


This is a port of the popular iPhone/PC game that debuted in 2007. The game has 55 levels, 10 unlockable Peggle master, Quickplay mode, Duel mode, and 75 Challenge levels. The game cost $9.99 on the PSN and it's honestly worth every penny.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Some levels and challenges are designed for specific masters, but, with many of the challenges a variety of masters could work. To choose a master, take a look at the level and decide on the most challenging factor. Are there a lot of tricky pegs? Are there lots of obstacles to maneuver around? Are the pegs evenly distributed? Are the pegs clustered close together? Then, go back to Meet the Masters and decide which master would be up for the particular challenge.

Peg Challenges
Flower Power clears the most orange pegs (proportionately), so Tula is a no-brainer for the 35-, 45- and 55-peg challenges. Hit the green pegs as quickly as you can. With 55 pegs, you can clear 10 or more on one turn.


Catch the Fever
Cure your need for fever with Extreme Fever.

After completing a stage, hitting all orange dots, you'll be given a chance to earn more points. After the completion of the level the bottom will turn into 5 point holes. There's two 10,000, two 50,000 and one 100,000 get it in any hole and the trophy is yours.

Clear all the pegs in a level. It's pretty extreme, but you look up to it.

This done by hitting all the dots in the level. I'd say do this on level 1-1, because as you go up the levels become more and more difficult. Also don't hit all orange dot, since this will end the level. You'll get this as you are going for the Doctor of the Peggle Arts trophy.

Be Cool
Hit the last orange then the last blue to rack up a Cool Clear.

A Cool Clear will also give you an Ultra Extreme Fever, so you can take care of two at once. Do the same thing as Go Ultra but this time leave an orange and blue peg together. The closer they are together, the easier the final shot will be. Good luck this is one of the hardest trophies in the game, unless your very lucky. This tip comes from Carbon: "I used the dragon on first level, if that doesn't help try Unicorn, but try to save one green peg till your last few pegs so it can give you a shot placement." Thanks for the tip and help Carbon
Quote Originally Posted by Blinkin View Post
To help with the Be Cool trophy, in case you can't get it with Carbon's advice. I did it on stage 5-1 pearl clam level.

Using the crab guy master, I immediately went for the green pegs and used the flipper claws to remove all of the upper two levels of the brick arches at the bottom. You can keep the ball in play for very long time. I also tried to get as many of the high random pegs as I could. I then aimed for the third row of brick arches at the very bottom of the screen. That should cost you your first ball.

After that I focused my shots on finishing off that last bottom arch, using the flippers as much as possible. By the time I finished the arch off the flippers were out of play.

When the arch is finished you should only have some high pegs to clear out. Keep one orange & one blue/purple for last and keep them close to each other for the last shot.

Good Luck

Free! Free! Free Ball!
Rack up the score or hit the bucket for 3 free balls in one shot.

A good strategy is to use Jimmy (the Hamster), and his multiball ability. Try to hit both green dots to get three balls on screen at once; then hope for a combination score and balls going in the basket to get you the free balls.

Party Master
Winning a Peg Party is way better than playing with a ball of yarn!

First off you can earn this trophy with any number of players. Pick the Peg Party mode and simply win the game. Boosting is the easiest way to earn the online trophies. This is best to do with People's Ovation trophy to knock-out two in one shot.

Peggle Graduate
Complete Adventure Mode and earn your degree from the Peggle Institute

Simply complete the adventure mode in the game and the trophy is yours.

Peggle Professor
Complete every level in Challenge Mode and even the Peggle Masters will be impressed

Simple, like above but this time complete the challenge mode levels and this will belong to you.

Rock Lobster
Win a PlayStationŽNetwork Duel like a crustacean born. `Ave you tried ze flippers?

First off choose Claude (the lobster), and win a player or ranked match.This is best to boost with a friend. I don't think using the flippers is necessary for the trophy.

Doctor of the Peggle Arts
Clear all pegs and bricks in every level in Quick Play or Adventure mode and gain explodious fame!

The key to clearing all the pegs is getting a lot of free balls. Hit the orange pegs as quickly as possible. Survey the level carefully before choosing a master. Decide on the most challenging factor and then figure out which master would be a good fit.For example, the pegs are very evenly spread out. Renfield is a good choice (early on) since the Spooky Ball takes two passes through the board.
If that doesn't work. TRY THIS! If the going gets tough, hit one peg at a time and land each shot in the Free Ball Bucket. If you take it slow and time each shot, this one-by-one strategy is a sure thing for clearing any board.

Ace of Adventure
In a peg defying feat, score 20 million points in a single play-through of Adventure mode

The strategy for winning the scoring challenge is you can't rely on one trick or you'll inevitably fall short of your goal. Here's what you'll need:
  • The right master. No one can maneuver Pearl Clam like Claude. Hit the green, get the Flippers, and keep flipping the ball back and forth to rack up points. Renfield Pumpkin and Warren are also both great default masters for the scoring challenges.
  • Style shots. It's important to master style shots. Go for Long Shots (25,000), Super Long Shots (50,000), Extreme Slides (50,000) and a Cool Clear (50,000).Crazy Mad Skillz (10 balls in a row in the Free Ball Bucket for 100,000).
  • Ultra Extreme Fever. Clear all the pegs on the board to guarantee 100,000 points.
  • Fever, multiplied. Use the masters' Magic Powers to multiply Extreme Fever by saving one or two greens and the final orange peg for the last shot. To do this, you have to plan ahead. At the beginning of the game, select and isolate the pegs you want to save and be sure to remove any blue pegs in your way.
    • Warren. Save a green 'til the very end. Hit the green on your second-to-last shot and the last orange peg on your last shot. If Warren's wheel lands on Triple Score and you clear the board, you'll score 300K in one shot.
    • Renfield. Again, save the green for the end. Hit the last orange and the green with one shot.
    • Jimmy Lightning. Same trick with Jimmy. Hit a green and the last orange on one shot and you'll have two balls headed toward the Fever buckets.

  • Go purple. Try to incorporate the purple peg in as many of your shots as possible. They're worth 50x the blue pegs.
  • Leftover balls. They're worth 10,000 points each, so decide whether it's worth shooting them.

People's Ovation
Win a 4-player Peg Party by a whoppin' 100,000 points to acquire everlasting coolness.

This is best if you boosted, try for style points and hope to get the 100,000 or 50,000 at the end of the game. Or boost with a friend and take turns winning. This can be a difficult trophy to earn if not boosted.

Stylish Project
Bust out all your Skillz, Bounces, and Slides for 1 million style points!

This one will unlock through progression of the game. For every round won you earn style points, collect 1 million and the trophy is yours. Mine unlocked around the middle of stage 3. When playing the game go for Long Shots (25,000), Super Long Shots (50,000), Extreme Slides (50,000) and a Cool Clear (50,000).Crazy Mad Skillz (10 balls in a row in the Free Ball Bucket for 100,000). By getting any combination of these shots will earn you the points needed for the trophy.

[top]DLC Trophies

Peggle Ph.D
Complete the Peggle Nights Adventure mode. You'll know everyone at the Peggle Institute!

Finish the Nights Adventure mode and this trophy belongs to you.

Complete all of the challenges in Peggle Nights Challenge mode

Same as above but this trophy involves completing all the challenges in this mode.

Purple Necklace
Using Marina from Peggle Nights, hit 13 purple pegs during a single level in Adventure or Quick Play modes.

Finish the levels to unlock Marina, then pick any level in quick play that you'll be able to collect the purple pegs the best. Once you hit a purple peg a new one shows up, make sure you try to aim the balls right so that it goes in the catcher to save the balls.

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