Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-15 hours* *Takes some time to get the last bosses patterns down
Minimum Playthroughs:
Trophy Difficulty: 7/10
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:


This is a Trophy Guide for Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 1. This game is one of the downright funniest games I have played in a long time. If you are a fan of the Penny Arcade webcomic, you will find lots of humor in this game. Even if you aren't a fan, the comedic and roleplaying values will entertain you.

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Stray Cat
Earn a Support Character

You will get this trophy very early in your adventure, by walking up and talking to Thomas Kemper, a cat. It is a normal part of the storyline.

All Together Now
Do a Team-Up Attack Involving all Three Party Members

To perform a Team-Up attack, wait until all of your party members have initiative, meaning they can all act at the same time. Push the Triangle button and select the x3 icon, and you will unlock this trophy.

A Winner Is You!
Successfully Complete the First Episode

As the description states, beat the first episode and you will unlock this trophy.

Nine Lives
Kill an enemy using the feline support character Thomas Kemper

Tougher than it sounds. Thomas Kemper, a support character can be used whenever his inititive is up by selecting his icon, and pushing the X button. He will do a move called "Grooming, or Dooming?" his attack can critical and do a real amazing ammount of damage, but the chances of that are slim. He will usually hit something for one point of damage. To get this trophy, after you unlock him to be used, beat up all enemies in a random battle but one, and weaken him. You cannot die in the beginning of the game until you meet Tycho and Gabe, so just let the game sit there til you can use him over and over again til' you kill the enemy.

Pack Rat
Find and Collect All of the Hidden Collectibles Scattered Around the Game

Sounds simple, it actually is. You will get this trophy by finding all the collectables in the game. Just search everything that can be searched and you will find them all eventually. Check the Hidden section for locations.

Steel Devils
Find and Destroy All the Robots in the Game

To get this trophy, you must defeat all Fruit Fuckers in the game. You will find most of them by linear storyline and quests. The hidden ones can be found in shaking objects that are on the screen, toolboxes, milk bottle crates...dead birds. Kill them all and the Trophy is yours.

Win One Battle Only Using Counterattacks

To perform a Counterattack you must block at a specific point where you would normally block an attack. When an enemy attacks and their health bar flashes white, bush the R2 button to try to block the attack, if you are quick enough you will take no damage, and counterattack the enemy. Kill all enemies this way. This is simple to do at the begining of the game since you can't die.

Silent, but Deadly
Defeat the Last Boss Without Healing

Pretty hard to do for just a Silver trophy. Basically make sure you have a full stock of Hot Toddies, Dynamite, and Clown Noses. Along with a supply of Attack Up, Attack Down, Speed Up, and Speed Down items. The trick is to make sure you block all of his attacks so you don't take that much damage. Keeping his Attack Down will drastically reduce the damage he deals. It will take a few fights to learn his moves and when to block them.

Play and Win the Game Without Allowing a Character to Die During Combat

Just as it sounds, can be easily done. Just make sure you save often and heal when needed. If you are going for all the trophies in one go, which is possible just be precise during fights and watch your HP guage.

Fight Em' With Items
Use Every Combat Item at Least Once in the Game

Simple enough, the combat items are Hot Toddies, Dynamite, and Clown Noses. Just use one of each and the trophy is yours.

Level Awesome
Get All Party Members to Level 15

This will be completed by the time you are near the end of the game. Just make sure to kill everything you fight and do not run from any fights. Find and kill all the Fruit Fuckers as they give a lot of experience. Get everyone to 15 and this trophy is yours.

Clean Sweep
Kill All Enemies in Episode One

You will get this trophy by making sure you do not run from any fight in the game. You will only miss this if you do not go looking for the Fruit Fuckers in the game. You will need to find all of them if you want to beat the game though.

[top]Spare Parts Locations

*Desperation Street

19 Spare Parts Total

Cul-De-Sac - 5 Spare Parts

2 - The first fight of the game.
3 - Milk bottles after getting T. Kemper.

The Old Orange Tree - 4 Spare Parts

2 - Fight where you learn how to use Fruit
2 - Further on after the fruit fight.

Desperation Elementary - 3 Spare Parts

3 - First fight with Gabe and Tycho

Desperation's End - 7 Spare Parts

7 - Fight at the Gas Station

*Hobo Alley

122 Spare Parts Total

Cheswick & Grove - 15 Spare Parts

5 - Fight just before reaching the Mime inspecting goo
10 - Box of robots on north road to West Chestnut Park

West Chestnut Park - 10 Spare Parts

10 - Box in front of the park

West Chestnut & Grove - 20 Spare Parts

10 - Fight with some Fruit Fuckers and Animate Trash on the western end
10 - Box of robots next to a lamppost

West Chestnut Street - 10 Spare Parts

10 - Box of robots next to a lamppost

Grove Bend - 20 Spare Parts

15 - Box of robots at the northern entrance
5 - Fight that appears after The Shithole opens

Warehouse - 47 Spare Parts

10 - Fight at start of room
10 - Fight jsut before Slum Lord
17 - One on each table in the room
10 - Defeat the Slum Lord

*Pelican Bay

450 Spare Parts Total

Tollbooth - 50 Spare Parts

50 - Box on bench next to Flying Pricks, on path to Midway

Midway - 100 Spare Parts

50 - Box of Fruit Fuckers by lamppost to the right of western entrance
50 - Dead seagull by bench in front of Vandalism

Promenade - 150 Spare Parts

50 - Box of robots on the left side of the path to Midway
50 - Seagull before the entrance to the Gates of Silence
50 - Milk bottles at the entrance between Tollbooth and Promenade

Gates of Silence - 150 Spare Parts

50 - Old boot at entrance of the area
100 - Seagull past the Cataract


*WARNING: Once you complete the first Episode there is no going back and collecting items, your game will end and you will have data for the next episode, trying getting these before engaging the last boss!

*Artwork Locations

1 - Mailbox of the house next door to your house.
2 - Mailbox opposite where you meet T. Kemper, on Desperation Street.
3 - Mailbox in front of the house to the right of the Orange Tree.
4 - Picture above window in Anne Claire's Room.
5 - Table with lamp on in Anne Claire's room.
6 - Poster on the wall of the Witch-B-Gone at the start of Hobo Alley.
7 - Cardboard box house to the east of the park in Hobo Alley.
8 - Tar Soap sign on building on south-east corner of Hobo Alley.
9 - Clown picture on the wall inside The Shithole.
10 - Poster on front of Ice Cream shop to the left of Flying Pricks
11 - Pasty Chewing Gum sign on front of shop at the north-east end of the
Forturne Teller area.
12 - Anchor in front of It's Like Fudge! on the Promenade.

*Album Locations

1 - Mailbox in front of third house to the right of yours, where you meet T.
2 - Stampex-7 Industrial Beef Stamper in the Shithole Warehouse.
3 - Click on the radio behind Anne-Claire in her room.
4 - Play a tune for the Fortune Telling Machine.
5 - Finish the game.

This guide is property of sithapokalypsis and originally posted on ps3trophies.com, any form or close replication of this guide will be asked to be taken off the site. This guide may be posted on other sites with my permission. Thank you.

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