Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Time to Platinum: 10-15 hours*

[top]Tips & Strategies



Inspect a Pair of Withered Binoceros Testicles with Genuine Enthusiasm

After you fight the first boss in the game, Wolfington. There will be a...well...you would have seen it when you first met him you will see the binocero in the background. After you defeat him inspect them 5 times and the trophy is yours.

Collect One Million Dollars in cash.

After you find all of the fowers for Pearl, head back to the Riverbook Apartments, there is an ATM machine in the slide just past the Gilding machine. Kill the guy and enter the code "361" and you will withdraw 1,000,000 dollars. Trust me when I say he has cash to spare.

Moving on Up
Find the Key to the Riverbrook Apartments

You get this, when you kill Wolfington in the Insane Assylum. It's on his desk.

Burn Down the Riverside Apartments

After you beat the second major boss, Charles, you will get this trophy after the cutscene as Gabe burns the place down to the ground.

Find a Ticket to the World's Fair

You will get this after you head to the stage after you finish Dr. Whimple's quest, it leads to the third major boss fight in the game. Once done you unlock the World's Fair location, and the trophy.

Can't Nobody Hold You Down
Complete Episode Two

Just as it says, beat the episode and it's yours.

Steel Cannibal
Fully Upgrade All Party Member's Weapons

To do this you will need to gather all parts of the game, and find the items needed for the final upgrades.

Lab Assistant
Complete all Bonus Missions

Complete Dr. Stripe *Wedding Ring* and Dr. Whimple *Pettion* bonus missions.

Reluctant Hero
At the Beginning of the Episode, Refuse to Join Gabe and Tycho 5 Times.

Easy enough, at the begining of the game just say no (2nd choice) 5 times.

The Strength to Rule All
Achieve Level 30 With All Party Members

Simple enough, just reach level 30 with all characters in your party, you will get this as you go through the game.

Max Out a Party Members Hit Counter

Whenever you successfully hit an enemy your hit counter will go up. Once you get your hit counter to 40 you will get this achievement. Whenever you get hit by an enemy you will lose whatever counter that you have achieved, so be careful.

Pack Rat Strikes Back
Only Use Items to Win a Fight. No Attacks or Counter Attacks Allowed

This can be gotten in the beginning of the game when you first meet the fruit fuckers for the first time in this episode. If you have some dynamite, just chuck two of them at them bastards. You'll kill them and gain the trophy.

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