Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Plus Clean up
Trophy Difficulty: 4
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

SLAP SAVE - When the ball is nearing the center drain, hit the flippers in very
quick succession to tip the ball enough to save it.

POST PASS - With the ball in a trapped position, quickly flip and the ball will
bounce off the slingshot post and travel across to the opposite flipper.

TRAPPING - Pinball is all about ball control. Trapping the ball and holding it
on an upraised flipper allows you to plan and aim your next shot.

BOUNCE PASS - Sometimes it's better NOT to flip. If a ball is heading towards
the left flipper and you want it on the right flipper, simply don't flip and
the ball will bounce off of the left flipper over to the right flipper.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits



Unlock All Tables
Unlock all tables into freeplay mode.

To unlock freeplay on the tables you have to either finish the goals for each table or by paying 100 tokens to unlock freeplay on them. Below are the tables which are need to be unlocked to earn this trophy.

Tables that are needed to be unlocked
Space Shuttle
Black Knight
Jive Time
Tales of the Arabian Nights
No Good Gofers.

Beat Williams Challenge
Unlock Jive Time

For the trophy you have to beat the minimum score for each table to continue
to the next table. The higher your score, the more challenge
points you earn and the higher your ranking will be when you
complete all tables in the challenge. You have to beat all 12 table in one run. The game gives you 3 tries per table if you don't achieve this you must start over from the beginning again.

Tasks and Points To Beat Challenge

1. Gorgar Score 100,000 points (#1) 282,460 = 16 pts (completed Goal #2 at @
215,000 pts.

2. Pinbot (#3) 600,000 (1,244,160 = 11 pts)

3. Black Knight (#5) 800,000 (1,654,560 = 10 pts)
Completed Goal #2

4. Funhouse (#4) 2,500,000 (3,668,060 = 11 pts)

5. Space Shuttle (#6) 1,000,000 (1,179,610 = 8 pts)

6. Taxi (#2 / 1,000,000) 2,025,690 = 14 pts

7. Whirlwind (#8) 2,000,000 (6,296,050 = 13 pts)

8. Firepower (#7) 200,000 (326,840 = 9 pts)

9. Sorcerer (#9) 500,000 (639,250 = 10 pts)

10. Arabian Nights (#10) 3,000,000 (12,695,260 = 17 pts)
To enter high score, use Flippers to move the cursor Left or Right
use 'X' to enter letter.
"Don't underestimate your bonus! ... "

11. Medieval (#11) 15,000,000 (26,970,470 = 11 pts)
Goal #2 complete
Enter initials same as Arabian Nights

12. Gofers (#12) 8,000,000 (16,415,630 = 13 pts
Completed Goal #5
"If you drain any balls during multiball... "

Set Gorgar
Set a high score on Gorgar

A score higher than 285,000 is needed to unlock this trophy. Below are some hints and tips to help you with this.


Milk The Snake Pit- To increase the value of the Snake Pit, you just have to hit all the 1-2-3-4
targets before you shoot your ball into the Pit trap near the top.

Extra Balls- Spell G-O-R-G-A-R three times to light up the extra
ball trap near the left return lane. Just hit the lower ball trap to earn it and get the ball.

Set Pin*Bot
Set a high score on Pin*Bot

In order to earn this trophy you need to earn over 1,900,000 points on this table. Below are some tips/hints to aid you in this task.


Skill Shot: You should first try to learn the appropriate length to pull
back the plunger to score the 100,000 point hole on the spiral staircase. Try
looking at the different coils of the plunger's spring. Take note of where a
certain coil is with relation to it's background. Adjust future plunges until
you have a set coil that you can look at and tell if it's in the right spot.

Opening the Visor: Most tables aren't as forgiving of letting you hit the
ball straight up the middle, but that's exactly what you have to do with this
table until you light the entire colored grid which is Pinbot's chest plate.
Once you light the entire chest plate, the visor will open.

Giving Pinbot Eyes: After you open the visor, you need to capture two balls.
One in each of Pinbot's eye sockets. This will start a 2-ball 'Multi-Ball'.

Collect the Solar Value: Once you hear "Collect Solar Value", you only have
about 15 seconds to shoot the ball up under the raised ramp on the upper left
side of the playfield.

Re-Shoot: If you shoot the ramp and are lucky enough to have the ball fall
back into the the Shooting lane, you will get to shoot the Skill-Shot once
again. While not technically a secret or glitch, I have shot the ball from the
end of the left flipper and had the ball pass through the bumper section and up
into the spiral staircase and score a 100,000 point drop.

Set Black Knight
Set a high score on Black Knight

To get the trophy you need a score higher than 1,300,000 points to earn a high score. Black night has an extra control feature called Magna-Save. To use Magna-Save, use the 'X' button. Use this to aide you in your efforts .

Set Funhouse
Set a high score on Funhouse

Alright you need a score higher than 4,050,000 points to get the highest score. Below are some hints and tips.


Keep the ball in control- Since most of your important targets are ramps, you have very good
control over where your ball will end up after each shot. Avoid blind
shots and focus on catching the ball and hitting the ramps. The
minute your ball hits one of the slingshots near the flippers, the
odds of it draining to the left or right increase dramatically.
Survival odds off the slingshots are somewhere between 75% and 50%.
Not good.

Prioritize the extra ball - Your ball is going to drain eventually. In Funhouse, extra balls are
fairly plentiful as long as you take the time to go get them. Every
ball out of the plunger has a chance of being that mega-score ball
where you get 30,000,000 points or something like that, so you need
as many as you can get. It's also never fun to be sitting on ball 3
without a safety net; having an extra ball in reserve will help your

Hit Rudy to light Mystery Mirror, leading to a lit Extra Ball - Every chance you get, hit Rudy in the mouth. This is supposed to light the Mystery Mirror, although in my experience it doesn't always
work (could be a misunderstanding). Always shoot the Mystery Mirror
when lit, since this is probably the easiest way to light the Extra

Set Space Shuttle
Set a high score on Space Shuttle

In order to earn this trophy you need to earn a score higher than 2,500,000 points on this table. Below are some helpful hints to aid you with this.


Skill Shot - There is no skill shot to speak of in Space Shuttle, so let
'er rip.However, you can change lanes (that is, the lit versus unlit lanes)
with the right flipper button so always be aware and try to move any unlit
lanes over to where the ball might pass through next (whether it's going down
or even getting bumped back up). Any time a ball goes through an unlit lane,
immediately hit the right flipper button at least once or twice so that it
moves an unlit lane back to where the ball might get bumped through (and light
another one) again.

Lock Balls for Multi-Ball - Unlike some tables which will spit your ball
back at you even if you're lucky enough to get a ball into a ball-lock, this
table will immediately hold the locked ball and allow you to shoot again.

Set Taxi
Set a high score on Taxi

For this trophy you have to earn over 1,270,000 points to get a high score on Taxi and to earn this trophy as well. Below I have added some helpful hints to help you earn this trophy.


Skill Shot - Taxi starts each ball with a 'Skill Shot'. Every spin around
the 'Spinout' advances the colored meter (1k, 5k, 10k, 25k+auto passenger
pickup, 50k, 75k, and 100k). While 100k obviously gives you the most points,
it is also the most risky because one more click and you're down to a measly
1,000 points. I think it's better to shoot for between 25k & 100k. If you get
the lower end of that range (25k) you will start that ball with at least one
passenger (I think the passenger is chosen at random). If you go above the
blue 25k light, at least you'll get 50,000 points or more. Note: The Spinout
score is also multiplied by the number of the ball.

C-A-B Rollovers - Before the ball drops in the Skill Shot, you should be
looking at and setting up for the C-A-B Rollovers. If it's your first ball,
nothing will be lit, but on future balls, you should set up an empty or dark
letter for whichever slot the ball is about to fall through. You do this by
hitting the Right Flipper. Immediately after the ball passes the rollover, hit
the right flipper (at least once) to darken that lane, as it is very common for
the ball to get bumped right back up through the same hole. This way, you can
light 2 lanes for the price of one. In fact, any time the ball gets up near
the red bumpers, you should be looking at, and moving around the lit and unlit
lanes. If you complete all 3 C-A-B rollover lights three times on the same
ball, the Extra Ball lights up.

Extra Ball - If you are fortunate or skilled enough to light the 3 C-A-B
rollover lights three times on one ball, the Extra Ball lights up. It's
actually just Drac's hole (if you can get it in there). It's pretty hard to do.
It usually just happens by accident.

Joyride Eject Hole - One of best, but most difficult targets to hit, in the
entire game. You score so many different bonuses and jackpots by being able to
hit this target. Unfortunately, it has to be done by going up into it, not by
means of the Gorbie pickup lane, around the top and into the hole. It's also
right next to the Carry Passenger bullseye target, which is also a very
important target in the game, and the most difficult by far, to hit.

Carry Passenger Target - Before you go for this target, you need to light
or activate it. You do that by hitting either all three Lola drop targets (in
the middle of the table) or the three Pinbot drop targets located just above
the right Slingshot (that's the triangular thing above the flipper). Once you
complete either bank of drop targets, the Carry Passenger Target stays lit for
10 seconds. Hit the target and you will carry over whatever passengers you
currently have lit (or picked) up to the next ball. If you're having a hard
time locating this target, it's located just above and to the left of the
upper-left red bumper.

Loops - It's very easy to just keep looping through the large ramps over
and over again. Once you get the timing down, you can do continuous loops from
left to right over and over again as long as you want.

Passengers - At the start of each ball, you can pick up Gorbie or Pinbot
right away. You have to pick up at least one of them before the game will allow
you to pick the next passenger. Gorbie is the easiest to pick up. You will
probably pick him up by accident without really trying. Lola is not too
difficult to pick either, you simply have to hit all three of her drop targets
within 15 seconds or they will reset. Drac and Pinbot are just as difficult to
get. You have to shoot the ball off of the very tip of the flipper in order to
get it into either slot. Santa is without a doubt the hardest because you have
to shoot up and into the Joyride Eject Hole (something the table designer
intentionally made rather difficult since that is the same target you must hit
in order to acquire several bonuses and jackpots.

Set Whirlwind
Set a high score on Whirlwind

For this trophy a score higher than 4,200,000 is needed. Below are some tips and hints to help you.


Skyward Tolls - You get 2,000 points per each hit (max. of 99 times) and if you get it in the super cellar door, the one on the right, you get the amount that is lit up underneath it. If you collect all of the super cellar doors you can unlock the mega door cellar. This will award you 2 million point once you hit it.

Set Firepower
Set a high score on Firepower

You have to get a score higher than 350,000 points to set the high score.

Set Sorcerer
Set a high score on Sorcerer

You have to get over 260,000 points to earn this trophy. It may sound easy but this table is difficult. Below are some tips and hints to help you with this.


Spell Sorcerer- get the letters and spell the word. This will make more things available to get points on the table.

Multiball - There is a ramp on the left that locks your ball. If you get two balls locked this will activate the multiball. While you have multiple balls rack up as much points as you can.

Set Jive Time
Set a high score on Jive Time

First for this trophy you need to have beaten the Willams Challenge to play this table. Second to get the trophy you have to beat a score of 33,000 to get the high score.


Score at least 100,000 points- This table is pure evil, so making it to 100K is pretty hard. There's a few things you can do do make it a little easier.

Try to hit the spin hole on the skill shot -- You get an extra ball if you
can hit it without hitting anything else (except the minor bumpers).

No points scored = no foul -- In the rare case that you didn't score even 10
points when you lose the ball, the table will take pity on you & will refund the
ball. HOWEVER, if you score any points (even a lousy 10 points from a minor
bumper), the table will consider the ball in play, therefore it becomes eligible
for losing.

Try to open the west gate & keep the posts up as much as you can -- These 3
things are designed to prevent ball loss, so try to keep them up as long as you
can (assuming you can avoid the "drop posts" targets)

Get the Ball into the jet bumpers while lit. -- Each lit jet bumper, except
for the red center, one will score 1K per hit. Otherwise, they only score 100

Set Tales of the Arabian Nights
Set a high score on Tales of the Arabian Nights

To earn this trophy a score higher than 1,200,000 points is needed.

Set Medieval Madness
Set a high score on Medieval Madness

A score that is higher than 12,283,000 is needed get the high score and to unlock this trophy.

Set No Good Gofers
Set a high score on No Good Gofers

To earn the trophy a score higher than 8,450,000 is needed to get the high score.

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