Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: 4
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 11-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Glitched Trophies: None known
Collectible Trophies: 0
Difficulty Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0


From the crazy, ambient, mellow world which only exists within the mind of renowned artist and musician Baiyon, PixelJunk™ 4am reflects a huge departure from previous PixelJunk™ titles by putting the power of creation directly into your fingertips. Mix tracks, experiment with audio effects, and stream live to your friends over the PlayStation®Network by using 4am's unique Virtual Audio Canvas to control your composition with the PlayStation®Move's full range of motion. PixelJunk™ 4am, Q-Games' first Move title, gives you the power to make breathtaking music and visuals and perform live to the world. This is the PlayStation Move killer app you've been waiting for.

PixelJunk® 4am © 2012 Q-Games Ltd

[top]Tips & Strategies

Everything you need to know about playing 4am can be found in the Tutorial section of the game. Here is the text from the tutorial for quick reference if you forget anything:

Toggle Spoiler


1. Complete the Tutorial
2. Setup your Twitter and/or Facebook account and promote your event
3. Play your first event
4. Complete the remaining Tutorials that unlock
5. Play another event and concentrate on unlocking Everyone’s Dancing, Tribe Vibe, The Deep Hour, Dress Code and The Sun Can't Compare to Your Light. See the trophy descriptions below for more information on unlocking each trophy.
6. Go to the Live Viewer and give 10 different people kudos.
7. All that’s left now is to unlock all the events. Focus on playing an event until a new event unlocks then move on to the next one. Rinse and repeat until you have all 10 events unlocked.
8. Enjoy your new 100%!


New Venue
Unlock your first new event.

Start off by completing the tutorial. Once you finish that go to Play and choose the Event (banner) to begin playing. After a few minutes a tutorial will pop up teaching you about Dubbing and Song Change. Complete the tutorial and then go to the Co-op Play tutorial that just opened up. Complete the tutorial then go back to Play. A new event will pop up right away as will the trophy!

Equipment Check
Complete the tutorial.

Go to Tutorial at the Main Menu. Follow the instructions until you are complete. Once you have completed the TRACK CHANGE, TRACK LIFE & FADE section the trophy will unlock.

Here is all of the text from the Tutorials for future reference:

Toggle Spoiler

Music Lover
Give someone kudos.

From the Main Menu to go to the Live Viewer. Choose an event that you would like to join. Once you join you can shake your controller to give the performer kudos. Kudos is basically a way to let someone know that you like what they are doing. You can give kudos as many times as you want. You will know that you gave kudos correctly if some green bars pop up on the bottom of the screen. Once you give kudos for the first time the trophy will immediately unlock.

Going Viral
Promote one of your events for the first time.

From the Main Menu go to Options. Select Twitter, press and enter your User Name, then press and enter your password. Press to Enable Promotion.

To enable Facebook promotions you will first need to have your Facebook setup on the XMB. To do so go to Playstation Network > Account Management > Facebook. After you have that setup go to the game’s Main Menu then Options. Select Facebook and press to Enable Promotion. Click Allow.

From the Main Menu press Play. Choose the State/Location where you are currently located. Press to continue then press to Promote Your Event. Press to enter a message about your event. Press to turn the event message on. Press to go Back to the previous screen. Press the Move button over the banner that says “4am presents Baiyon Random” and the trophy will immediately pop.

Everyone's Dancing
Receive kudos while performing.

From the Main Menu go to Play and choose an Event to perform. Practice the things you learned from the Tutorials and try to make something that sounds good. Eventually someone will join you. You will know when someone joins your event when a picture of 3 people in green with a number beside them shows up on the bottom left screen. If they give you kudos a green person and number will show up on the bottom right of the screen. Once you receive your first kudos the trophy will unlock.

Tribe Vibe
Bring two PS Move controllers close together in co-op play and feel the vibe.

Turn on a second PS Move controller and follow the on-screen steps to calibrate it. Choose a different color for each Move controller by pressing , , or . Once each controller is a different color bring the controllers close together. The trophy will unlock within a few seconds.

Unlock all events.

The events are the banners/flyers in the Play section. The events can contain different effects, color variations of visualizers, etc. There are 10 total events. The events will unlock based on your performance time. Some of the sub-events will unlock based on your performance time in a particular event. It should take you about 8-10 hours to unlock all of the events.

Start off with the first event (Baiyon Random) and play it until a new event unlocks. When a new event unlocks you will be taken to the Play Menu and the screen will go white. A new event will then pop up. Keep working on each event until you unlock a new one then move on to the next. Eventually you will unlock all events and this trophy!

Titles of all Events:

1. Baiyon Random
2. Baiyon
3. One day in Kyoto
4. 23:23 2528
5. Feeling of creaking brown
6. Misc.ommuni.cation
7. Odyssey 649
8. Surging Waves
9. Inversion
10. Feedback 0.8 0.8

Note: Kudos and the types of tracks you play does not play a part in unlocking events. It is only based on time.

The Deep Hour
Be playing PixelJunk™ 4am at exactly 4am.

You can either do this the legitimate way and get this by playing at 4 am or you can change your Date & Time settings.

To change your time go to:
  • Date and Time Settings
  • Date and Time
  • Set Manually
  • Change the time to 03:58:00 AM to give yourself time to get back to the game
  • Press to accept the change
  • Go back into the game and go to Play from the Main Menu
  • Choose an event to play
  • Once it turns 4:00 am the trophy will unlock

For this trophy to unlock you must be playing an event. The trophy will not unlock if you are using the Visualizer or Live Viewer.

Dress Code
During calibration, be wearing a green shirt or have a large amount of green in your room

To unlock this trophy you need to be wearing a green shirt or have a lot of green in a well-lit room. Once you have something green to wear get close to your PS Eye (within 1-2 feet is best). Calibrate your PS Move controller and the trophy will unlock.

You can get to the calibration screen at anytime by turning your PS Move controller on and off.

The Sun Can't Compare to your Light
During a performance, touch the PS Eye with the PS Move controller to give it a kiss.

While you are playing an event bring the PS Move controller close to the PS Eye. The trophy will unlock immediately.

Give kudos to 10 different people.

Go to 10 different events in the Live Viewer and give kudos to each performer. Once you have given 10 kudos to 10 different people the trophy will unlock. See Music Lover for more information on how to give kudos.

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