PixelJunk Racers 2nd lap is an updated version of PixelJunk Racers, the first game in the PixelJunk series. This puzzle/racing game involves racing for gold cups in various different game types including Speed Monkey, Rival Racers, Sunday Drivers, Fireball Frenzy, and many more.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes, just 1
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats to affect trophies
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-10 hours, dependant on skill/luck
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Special Equipment Required: Just a regular controller
Online Pass Required: No

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All videos were recorded my Me, Ratchet2425, and are posted on my Youtube account MrRatchet2424

[top]Tips & Strategies

Here's a few tips to help make your experience easier (feel free to send me any others you may have):
  • Be Patient: In many races the old phrase "slow is fast" is the perfect way to describe the best approach to getting a Gold. If you run into a car going full speed you will not only crash, but be slowed down conciderably for a few seconds, costing you precious time.
  • Learn about the 5 lanes: On every track there are a total of 5 lanes you can race on and you can change lanes anytime you wish. Making sure that you remember where these are and train yourself to be able to see which lane a car ahead of you is quicker can be the major difference between a Silver or Gold (or whether you earn a trophy or not).
  • Apex Turns: At any point you are able to move into the closest line near the apex (inside section) of a turn, do it. For anyone who is used to racing games knows that this is a good method to shave abit of time off any lap, and that is true for this game as well.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are no cheats, glitches or exploits for this game that I am aware of.

[top]Ratchet2425's Galactic Trophy Roadmap

  1. Complete Tournament Mode: This should be the first place you head to in order to earn some of your trophies, making sure to earn as many Gold Cups as possible.
  2. Misc. Cleanup: Take the time to go after the trophies requiring you to do a certain task during a race, you should be familiar to the different game types by now so these trophies (at least, most of them) should be very little trouble. Also, except for the trophies that require you to be on a certain track, go to "Oval Express", it's an easy track with few turns that should help make some of the trophies easier on you.
  3. Gold Cups: Here comes the hard part: going back through for the Gold Cups. Make sure you go for events that you know you are strong in and don't be afraid to go for the turbo and master challenges, when I personally went through those events for the Gold's I had 2 regular events without gold but 2 of the master challenges were Gold. Also make sure to remember that you only need 1 Gold in the 2 races in each event.
  4. Ghost Attack: The only grindy part of this game, just start going through your 100 ghosts till you get the trophy. If you have a friend with a ghost on a certain event, you can just repeaditly go after that 1 ghost and still get the trophy, but if not, be careful how much you beat some ghosts, since you'll have to go after a ghost that is around your top time after beating one in the same event.


Bronzed Beauty
Collect ten bronze cups (or higher) in Solo Tournament.

See Golden Glory for more info

Silver Streak
Collect fifteen silver cups (or higher) in Solo Tournament.

See Golden Glory for more info

Golden Glory
Collect twenty or more gold cups in Solo Tournament.

I'd say the hardest trophy in the this game would be this one, since some modes can be really hard. Out of the total 28 races in tournamnet mode (the races that disappear after completing it which unlock new sections of tournament mode don't count) you have to get a total of 20 Gold Cups to unlock this trophy. Thankfully, you can go back to any race and try again for a better cup, meaning that you don't have to go for all these in one shot or keep restarting or any nonsense like that, so proceed through Tournament mode as you normally would, then go through each individual race for the 20 Golds. 2 tips to note; first, getting gold will count towards the bronze and silver cups, so you can get those 2 trophies on your way towards this one, and; Secondly, you only need to worry about getting the Gold in one of the 2 races in each event, so you can aim for the first race's gold, then get at least a bronze in the second race and you will be fine.

I made a playlist of videos for getting Gold's in certain events (11 to be exact) to help give you tips just in case you're having trouble with some events: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...1&feature=plcp

Learned Driver
Combo Racers: Pass ten cars without colliding, on the Oval Express.

In Combo Racers, your goal is to use overtake combos to reach 1st place before the timer run out. For this trophy, you will have to hit a max combo (10 cars passed) on the Oval Express course, which is a fairly easy feat. This will likely be your first trophy since the 2nd event in the 1st tier of tournament mode is combo racers, with the first track being Oval Express.

Pass thirty cars without colliding in Hot Rods.

Definetly the 2nd easiest trophy in this game (second to Learner Driver), all you have to do is pass 30 cars in a row in a "Hot Rods" event. Since you don't have to even worry about completing the event, you can take your time to make sure you don't crash (don't take too much time though, you do have a set number of laps!) and count until you pass all 30. If you can't do this during the Tournament mode, you can also wait until you go for Unstoppable and get it then, since you'll have to pass more than 30 cars without crashing for that trophy.

Oh, I get it!
Absorb 25 cars without crashing in Bipolar or Bust.

This next trophy requires you to play the game mode "Bipolar or Bust" and absorb (pass through a car using the correct colour) 25 cars in a row without crashing. Getting used to this mode will take some practice, especially the changing of accelerating to get both types of car ( is white, releasing the button is black), but you can get this trophy fairly easily during any type of this event, so you can get it done while going through Tournament mode if you do so desire. Your best bet wil be to stay in the same lane and just absorb any cars coming at you in that lane, you'll have more than enough time to get the trophy this way.

Here's my video of me getting the trophy, you'll hear the pop at about 0:38 (you will also notice that this was done in BPOB Turbo, this is the only trophy I know of that violates the "regular" mode only rules for trophies)

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Hot Rods: Get gold with NO crashes, on the Split Courseway

I think the developers messed up the order for the trophies, since this should be the while Unstoppable + should be the , this one is way harder. To get this trophy, you need to get a Gold in "Hot Rods" without crashing into another car. This one is one of the hardest trophies in this game because you move at a much faster pace and instead of just passing a set number of cars (60) you also have to complete a certain number of laps (10), also you must do so on the Split Courseway instead of at any track you wish. Just pull the race up in quick race and start going at it, you should get it after some tries.

To help, use my video as a reference (you'll hear the trophy pop right at the end)

Toggle Spoiler

Untouchable +
Sunday Drivers: Get gold with NO crashes, on any course.

The only non- trophy in this game, to acquire it you need to get a gold cup in "Sunday Drivers" without crashing into ANY cars. This trophy will surely test your patience since you need to go fast enough to get the gold, but also slow enough to not crash into any cars. This will take multiple attempts to get right, but when you finally manage to get through, you'll have your own gold "cup" pop a few seconds after you finish the race.

Here's my video of me getting the trophy, as you will notice, it's on everybody's favorite track:

Toggle Spoiler

Monkey Magic
Use whatever tricks you can to achieve a Speed Monkey combo of 120 or more!

For this trophy, you need to get a combo of 120 cars passed. Due to the speeds you will be hitting, your best bet for this trophy would be to go to quick race and go on Oval Express. Once you have passed 20-30 cars you can release the accelerator and let your constantly building speed carry you the rest of the way. Make sure you study the layout of the cars on the track as you are speeding up and try to stay in one lane as much as possible so you can minimize the chances of you making an accidental crash and messing up your combo

Here's a video of me getting the trophy, notice how quick you are moving by the time you hit 70 and 80:

Toggle Spoiler

The Munchies: Keep yourself alive for over ninety seconds at the Desert Speedway.

Here's a trophy that will take some practice: To get this trophy, you must survive for 90 seconds in a "The Munchies" event at the Desert Speedway. Since a Gold Cup at this track takes only 45 seconds, you're gonna have to string together a pretty long run to get this one. When you "eat" a car, you get a quick boost of speed that lasts about 5 seconds, so make sure you are constantly running into cars and make sure that if there is some distance between the next car and the pack that you absorb that next car or you likely won't make it to the next set.

As always, here's my video of me getting the trophy (the trophy will pop shortly after passing the 90 second mark, although you won't be able to hear it in the video)

Toggle Spoiler

Ghost Rider
Race against 100 ghosts in Ghost Attack.

Likely the most tedious trophy this game has to offer, also the only online-related trophy, for this trophy you must beat 100 ghosts in time attack mode. Just go to time attack, pick any event you wish to race in, and choose a ghost to race against. After that just do it 99 more times and you'll have another trophy pop for your collection.

Tournament Titan
Complete Solo Tournament Mode

To get this trophy, you'll have to get at least a bronze cup on every event in Tournament mode. There isn't alot of difficulty to this trophy, where the only part that will prove to be a challenge will be unlocking the final section of races; to do this you will need to finish 2 sections with all gold cups, so choose any 2 sections to get gold on to unlock it. Once you do that the only other challenge will be beating the "Rival Racers Master" challenge, this is a very quick event and will require multiple attempts to get used to, you will be forced into traffic alot and lose time on the lead often. Just keep at it and the trophy will pop when the credits start to roll after your final event.

Speed Limit
Clear In The Zone with a gold medal, without going faster than 70!

To get this trophy, you must obtain a Gold Cup in a "In the Zone" race, any track, any time. In order to keep track of your speed, just look at the number below your car, making sure you don't go above 70. You should have plenty of time to destroy all these vehicles, so there should be little need to worry, as long as you don't speed

Here's my recording of me earning the trophy, you won't hear a trophy pop since the video was cut off just prior to my earning of it:

Toggle Spoiler

Win Combo Racers without touching the throttle after the first lap, at Redwood Lakes.

A surprisingly easy trophy to earn, this one requires you to win a "Combo Racers" event at Redwood Lakes without touching the throttle after the first lap. This Trophy can easily be earned during Tournament mode, since the 2nd part of the event is at this track. All you have to do is make sure you hit a max combo (or fairly close to it) before the end of lap 1, release the throttle before the start of lap 2, and make sure you don't crash into any cars until you win. Another easy part about this trophy is that you don't need to get gold, although you likely will (I didn't even get gold when I got the trophy) acquire a gold, so that is that much less pressure to put on yourself.

Here's my video of me getting the trophy, the pop occurs right at the end of the video:

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Fireball Frenzy: Destroy 10 cars in a single fireball at the Snow Spiral.

Another of the somewhat easy trophies, for this trophy you have to destroy 10 cars in a row while being a fireball on the Snow Spiral course. To become a fireball, you must make 10 overtakes in a row without crashing, then start driving into other cars to speed up. In order to race on this course in this event, you must do it in quick race mode, since the race is not available in Tournament mode on this track.

Here's a video of me earning this trophy, at about 0:38 you can hear the trophy pop, a few seconds after performing the task:

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Total Destruction
Death Race: wipe out every last car on The Knot.

To earn this trophy, you need to destroy all 48 cars in a "Death Race" event at The Knot. This is one of the slightly more difficult trophies in the game, but can be done in a few attempts. A good strategy for this one would be to keep moving and making sure to destroy as many cars as you drive through the field, but don't take too much time to destroy 1 car or you will lose, you can catch up to it later if you miss it. Also, DON'T TOUCH A BLUE CAR!

Here's me getting the trophy, the pop will occur shortly after completing the race:

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