Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


Welcome to my PixelJunk Shooter trophy guide. This guide will be split up into two parts - a video guide, as well as the standard written guide. Much of this game has to do with finding every hidden treasure item, rescuing normal survivors, and finding every hidden special survivor. Recording video segments for these areas will make things much easier, and I hope they help in your quest for 100% completion.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Remember that this game - like all PixelJunk games - supports remote play, so you can play and earn trophies on your PSP.
  • Watch your heat gauge at the bottom of the screen. If your ship gets too hot and the bar goes into the red, you will lose control of your ship and it will crash. You can still guide it, however, albeit very slowly, so try to aim for a pool of water if possible to restore the heat gauge to normal.
  • If you're not happy with an attempt on a particular area, you can always choose "retry" from the pause screen. This will reload that particular area, keeping any previously collected treasures and rescued survivors intact. A useful tool if you're aiming to rescue every survivor in the game and accidentally kill one.
  • Shield power-ups can be sparse, so be sure to grab one as soon as possible when one appears. Shields prevent your heat gauge from rising, so you can safely fly next to fire, and fire an unlimited amount of heat-seeking missiles.
  • Your spin move isn't only for collecting coins. If timed right, you can deflect incoming enemy fire, and cut through certain breakable materials.
  • When playing 2-player cooperative, one person can save the other from dying due to overheating by grabbing them with the cable. This gives the other persons heat gauge time to cool down.

[top]Video Guide & Walkthrough

*NOTE: All videos used in this guide were created by me. If you would like to use any of them, please ask permission first.*

The below videos will show you where every treasure, secret area, and special survivors are located. Individual boss strategies/videos are at the bottom.


Into the Abyss
(Secret Areas at 1:15 & 2:10 mark; Special Survivor at 4:34 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

(Secret Area at 1:28; Special Survivor at 1:44)

Toggle Spoiler

Rivers of Fire
(Secret Areas at 2:17, 4:19 & 4:27 mark; Special Survivor at 1:14 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

The Volcano
(Secret Areas at 2:31 & 3:53 mark; Special Survivor at 5:04 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Gaseous Exposure
(Secret Areas at 0:41, 2:58 & 3:50 mark; Special Survivor at 6:10 mark)

Toggle Spoiler


Cool Down
(No Secret Areas; Special Survivor at 6:06 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Boom Town
(Secret Area at 0:26 mark; Special Survivor at 1:00 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Trespassers Prohibited
(Secret Areas at 3:09 & 7:25 mark; Special Survivor at 7:28 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Treading Carefully
(Secret Area at 0:14 mark; Special Survivor at 4:52 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Ice Burn
(Secret Area at 6:02 mark; Special Survivor at 6:40 mark)

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(Secret Areas at 0:48, 2:44 & 3:18 mark; Special Survivor at 2:47 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Beyond Repair
(Secret Areas at 0:32 & 5:37 mark; Special Survivor at 5:39 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Lost Treasure
(Secret Areas at 1:44, 1:55 & 6:24 mark; Special Survivor at 1:58 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

Critical Mass
(Secret Areas at 1:12 & 3:08 mark; Special Survivor at 8:34 mark)

Toggle Spoiler

The Furthest Depths
(Secret Area at 0:46 mark; Special Survivor acquired after defeating boss)

Toggle Spoiler


Giant Spitter (Ep. 1)

Toggle Spoiler

Frost Grubber (Ep. 2)

Toggle Spoiler

ALF: 0450 (Ep. 3)

Toggle Spoiler


Treasure Hunter 1
Get all the treasure from Episode 1

There are a total of 79 treasures scattered across the 5 stages. You also receive 1 bonus treasure for successfully rescuing every survivor from a particular stage, for a sum of 84 total treasures.

Episode 1 is more of an introduction to the game, so most of the treasures are quite easy to spot. Remember to shoot all breakable objects and walls, as many treasures are hidden underneath. If you still need assistance in locating particular treasures, refer to the video walkthrough section at the top.

Treasure Hunter 2
Get all the treasure from Episode 2

There are a total of 75 treasures scattered across the 5 stages. You also receive 1 bonus treasure for successfully rescuing every survivor from a particular stage, for a sum of 80 total treasures.

Gathering every treasure from Episode 2 is actually harder than Episode 3's. You are introduced to fire, water, and ice elements here, and many of the treasures are buried in and beneath them. With fire, look for a black outline of the treasure. Ice requires you to either melt it or move it (using the Water Suit) to find any treasures. You'll sometimes have to melt/move an entire wall of ice just to find one piece of treasure. If you still need assistance in locating particular treasures, refer to the video walkthrough section at the top.

Treasure Hunter 3
Get all the treasure from Episode 3

There are a total of 66 treasures scattered across the 5 stages. You also receive 1 bonus treasure for successfully rescuing every survivor from a particular stage, for a sum of 71 total treasures.

Most of the treasures in this Episode are in plain sight. Others are buried in the oil/tar substance that you'll come across regularly throughout all the stages. If you still need assistance in locating particular treasures, refer to the video walkthrough section at the top.

A True Hero (Episode 1, 2, 3)
Safely rescue all normal survivors.

Each area in a stage has a set number of survivors that either need to be rescued, or killed, for the gate to open and let you progress. Because unlocking this trophy requires you to rescue everyone in the game, you'll want to be careful with your shots. Avoid shooting sporadically, and be careful when blasting through rock to reach survivors on the opposite side. Only shoot as much as is needed to break through. If you accidentally shoot a survivor, or have one killed by an enemy or element, pause the game and select "retry". Doing so will reload that particular area so you can try again. As long as you play smart and are aware of your surroundings, this trophy shouldn't give you much trouble.

Art Collector
Collect each and every special survivor to fill your gallery.

Each stage in an Episode houses one special survivor that requires rescuing. They differ in appearance from normal survivors, and will wave a flag when you are near them. Grab them with your cable the same way as the others. You'll know you've got a special survivor because a special screen will load afterward, giving you a brief description and background of the survivor. The stage select screen will also give you the person's name as an indication of rescuing them.

If you still need assistance in locating the special survivors, refer to the video walkthrough section at the top.

Note: The Special Survivor on The Furthest Depths stage in Episode 3 won't appear until after you've defeated the boss.

No Stone Unturned
Discover all secret areas in the game.

There are usually 1 or 2 secret areas in almost every stage. Look for large openings along the walls of an area and see if you can fly into them. If so, you'll hear a special tune indicating you've found a secret area. Some areas are hidden by breakable or combustible rocks/elements that you will need to clear first.

Sadly, there is no way of determining which stages secret areas have been found or not. If you didn't get the trophy after playing through the entire game, you'll just have to go back and replay the stages until the trophy pops.

If you still need assistance in locating any secret areas, refer to the video walkthrough section at the top.

Coin Collector
Pick up 100 coins in one spin

The only way to pull in this many coins or more in one spin is by maxing out your multiplier. Your multiplier increases with each kill, but you only have a couple seconds in between before it resets, so you have to be fast and thorough. The trophy will unlock immediately after achieving the feat.

Below is a video I recorded detailing one method in obtaining this trophy. There are several other areas too, but this is one of the first times you'll encounter a large group of enemies in one spot. The location is Episode 1 - Infestation.

Toggle Spoiler

Note: You want your multiplier to be at 16x after you kill the first bat on the right-hand side. This results in a "Max Combo" chain for the 4 remaining bats.

Sharp Shooter
Build a combo of 16 or over

Unlocking the Coin Collector trophy will also earn you this trophy, if you haven't already got it prior to.

Your combo meter increases with each enemy you kill. You only have a few seconds in between before the combo meter resets, however, and you can only reach 16x if there are at least 4-5 enemies in an area and you're fast in taking them out. Overall, this trophy is easily attainable and you'll probably unlock it without even realizing. If all else fails, refer to the video for Coin Collector.

Cave Cleaner
Kill over 100 enemies

The amount here is cumulative, and you should unlock this trophy prior to finishing Episode 1. Your kill total keeps increasing any time you replay stages, so don't fret.

Cave Cleaner Pro
Kill over 500 enemies

Refer to Cave Cleaner trophy. You should unlock this trophy either by the end of Episode 2, or the start of Episode 3. Your kill total keeps increasing any time you replay stages, so don't fret.

Cave Cleaner Supreme
Kill over 1000 enemies

Expect to replay several stages to get this trophy. The same principles apply here as they did with the other two related trophies, so keep playing and you'll get it eventually.

Liquid Love
Kill over 100 enemies using fluids rather than weapons

You can kill enemies by using their opposite elements against them. Fire and water can sometimes be dropped on enemies by blasting out rocks above them, but most of your fluid kills will come by using the two suits - the Magma Suit and Water Suit. There are a lot of areas in Episode 2 stages that utilize these suits, so if you didn't get the trophy after completing the game, replay some of these stages until it unlocks.

Don't Touch Me
Clear a stage without touching any walls.

This can be done on any stage, really, as long as you're careful and precise with your movements. For best, and easiest, results, choose "Into the Abyss" from Episode 1. Keep trying if you don't get it the first time, but all in all this trophy shouldn't give you any trouble. The trophy will unlock at the stats screen afterward.

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