Players: 1-2
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours

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Platinum Trophy
All trophies have been unlocked.

Earn all bronze, silver, and gold trophies and you'll have another shiny platinum trophy added to your collection.

Welcome to Planet 51
Complete the tutorials.

This will be the first trophy in the game you unlock. You are taken to the tutorial mode upon first starting, and it will walk you through the basics of on-foot and vehicle actions. Once completed, the trophy will unlock.

The Suburbs
Complete all the Suburbs missions.

Story-related and can't be missed. This trophy will unlock after you complete the mission "Let's Get Out Of Here!".

Complete all the Town missions.

Story-related and can't be missed. This trophy will unlock after you complete the mission "Stop Grawl!".

Complete all the Desert missions.

Story-related and can't be missed. This trophy will unlock after you complete the mission "Run To The Ship!".

I've Got Antennas!
Complete all the game missions, including all tasks.

Completing the game requires you to finish all the game missions, so those are a given. Completing every task up to level 10 in the game is incredibly time consuming, but needs to be done if you want that platinum trophy. Refer to the individual task trophies in this guide for tips. The trophy will unlock upon completion of the game, after the credits.

Breaking News!
Complete level 10 in the task "Glipforg News Paperboy".

With each new level you reach, the allotted finish time will gradually decrease. At level 10, you'll already have unlocked the third and final bike in this task, which will make things easier. Press to boost in between deliveries to make up any lost time. I didn't notice any increase in speed with the throwing meter, so keep playing as you were in the previous 9 levels and you shouldn't have any problems. So long as you deliver every newspaper in the time-frame, you're good; perfect throws aren't a necessity.

Lawnmower Master
Complete level 10 in the task "Lawnmower Boy".

You'll want to have the Perfect Gardener trophy completed prior to attempting this (see that particular trophy for tips).

You can complete most of these levels without much worry, until you reach level 7. Here, your goal-time is cut to just a tad over two and half minutes, which means you have to hit the mole at least twice during each session to extend your time. When you see the mole burrowing, make a point of following it until it pops out of the ground, and then hit it. Try and avoid cutting any of the flowers; doing so will lower your progress meter, which means you'll have to cut more grass to make up for the loss.

The goal-time on level 10 drops dramatically to 1:29, so following the mole around while cutting the grass is going to be a priority. Hit it whenever possible, and avoid cutting any flowers at all costs. Don't forget to use the wooden plank in the middle of the flower patch to quickly make it from one side of the large garden to the other.

Glipforg Deliveries
Complete level 10 in the task "Glipforg Deliveries".

There's an awesome trick you can do in these tasks that will guarantee success, and ensure tons of time left on the timer at the end. From the start of each level, avoid the dispenser in front of you and drive to the target location instead. There are dispensers all over the place, including ones by each target location. Once you reach the destination, pull up to a nearby dispenser and press the button to drop the required amount of boxes into your truck. Now, simply drive into the drop-off zone and you're done. This method saves a ton of time, as opposed to using the dispenser at the start and driving slower and more carefully so the boxes don't fall out.

The Dog Catcher
Complete level 10 in the task "Too Many Dogs in this Town".

There really isn't much in the way of tips or tricks that can be offered here. You simply need to catch all the dogs in the required amount of time. Each dog you catch rewards you with more time, so try not to waste any time, and boost after each successful catch to the next dog. When it comes to actually catching them, try and stay as close to them as possible; this will align your targeting reticule faster. Once it's lined up and green, press the button to fire a net.

The only dog I've found that can be a pain to catch sometimes is the one located in the small park, next to the circus tent. To make catching him easier, knock down any lampposts, swings, and bushes that surround the area. This gives the dog less objects to hide behind.

Born to Park
Complete level 10 in the task "Parking Boy".

What you need to do here is park "x" amount of cars. There are a limited amount of parking spaces though, so you need to deliver any parked cars to customers from time to time to make room. As long as you are quick with your actions, and don't bang up the vehicles, the manager's impatience meter won't rise at all, which results in failing the level. The required amount is geared towards parking incoming cars, so make those your priority, and only move parked cars when necessary.

Glipforg Taxi Driver
Complete level 10 in the task "Taxi!".

Not much to say here. All 10 levels feature the same pick-up/drop-off locations, and your starting time is always the same. The only thing that changes as you progress is the reward time for delivering passengers. Boost at all times to reach the target locations as fast as possible, and there should be no reason for this task to give you any problems whatsoever.

Circus Cleaner
Complete level 10 in the task "World's cleanest circus".

This is very similar to the Lawnmower Boy tasks, except you have a smaller area to mow. This time around there are no sprinklers or cut flowers to worry about, just an angry ape in the middle of the arena. In order to add more time to the clock, and to avoid the ape throwing a fit, you need to hit the mole when he pops out of the ground. Use the same strategy with the mole here as you did with the Lawnmower Boy tasks, and you'll breeze through this with nary a problem.

Car Crusher
Complete level 10 in the tasks "Car Crusher", "Battle in the Stadium" and "Desert Battle".

These tasks are separated across the 3 different areas in the game - Car Crusher in the Suburbs, Battle in the Stadium in Town, and Desert Battle in The Desert. None of them really increase in difficulty, only in the amount of opponents you face. Once you unlock the army vehicles, things will go by much faster as they are a lot stronger than the other ones. The Jaws vehicle is by far the best of the bunch, but that won't unlock until you reach the Desert Battle. Refer to Careful Fighter trophy for tips geared towards these tasks.

The Fastest Driver
Complete level 10 in all race tasks.

These tasks are separated across the 3 different areas in the game - Suburbs, Town, and The Desert. The main reason for the 4/5 difficulty here is because of the final race task in The Desert. The first 5-6 levels here are relatively easy, but the remaining levels are an absolute pain and frustrating beyond belief. Skill has nothing to do with it here. The AI is a rubber-band and will always creep up on you no matter how well you drive, or how hard you ram them. The determining part in The Desert races is near the end, on the upward spiral loop. You need to try and exit the loop in at least 3rd place, and boost jump over the cliff edge. The AI seems to hang in the air longer, which can you give you just enough time to land and boost to the finish line. Your car choice here doesn't really matter, so pick whatever you're comfortable with. Good luck, and try not to snap your controller in half.

Car Collector
Unlock all vehicles (excluding vehicles unlocked at the police station).

With the exception of two vehicles, all vehicles are unlocked by completing the mandatory missions and optional tasks. Read below to find out where the two hidden cars are:

  • Parking Garage - Located South-East on your map, opposite the Photo Store. Once you enter, look to your left and you'll see it sitting there. Drive it to the specified location in the given time-frame, and it's yours.

  • Baseball Stadium - Located North-East on your map. Go around behind the stadium, and you'll see it idling in the parking lot. Drive it to the specified location in the given time-frame, and it's yours.

Sticker Collector
Collect all the stickers that you'll earn in the tasks.

Tasks can be completed in any order, so whatever the last one is you complete to its fullest (level 10), this trophy will unlock immediately afterward. Refer to any task-related trophies in this guide for tips.

Comic Fan
Find all the comic frames scattered around Planet 51.

Nearly all 70 of these can be found either during missions/tasks, or while en route to missions/tasks. None of them are very well hidden, so don't think that you need to go out of your way to find any. Many are in plain sight, while others can be tucked behind trees and bushes and in alleys. I finished the game finding 69 of them; the missing 1 was at the top of the Parking Garage in the Town area.

For a detailed map of every comic frame location, click the spoiler box below. Credit goes to the respective creator.

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Curious Boy
Enter every open house and building in the game.

There are only 5 building locations you can physically enter, so don't panic thinking you're going to have to enter every one of them. You'll know you can enter a building by the blue and white glow around the front door. The locations and their areas are listed below.

  • Home - You'll have to return here several times for missions. Make sure you enter the upstairs room too.
  • Police Station - Located just South of where the Parking Garage is; South-East on your map. There's also a comic frame inside.
  • Observatory - Located directly North. Head upstairs to grab the comic frame too.

  • Comic Store - You arrive here upon entering the Town area for the first time. Simply walk back inside after the first cut-scene. You'll find another comic frame inside too.
  • Police Station - Located on one of the side-streets by the baseball stadium. Another comic frame lies inside.

Pro Cyclist
Travel 12 miles by bicycle.

You'll unlock this trophy while going for the Breaking News! trophy. Not hard. Unless you spend the beginning of the game driving around on your bike not worrying about tasks, you can also get this trophy that way too.

Pro Driver
Travel 300 miles by car.

This trophy will come naturally, so don't fret trying to drive around like a maniac. As long as you're using transportation to get to and from locations, the trophy will unlock during the final area of the game - The Desert. Remember that time spent driving during missions and tasks counts toward the total, so as long as you're completing everything during your journey, there shouldn't be a problem.

If, for some reason, the trophy didn't unlock by the end of the game, you can always drive around randomly afterward by choosing to continue your adventure.

Flying Car
Perform a jump of 150 ft or more.

As far as I can tell, there's only one spot in the game where you can get this - The Desert. You'll encounter the location during the first race task against Voorde and his gang. It's at the end of the long spiral loop, and is a huge cliff that you can boost and jump off prior to reaching the finish line. The trick is, you need a car that's both fast enough and can jump high enough. After much experimenting, I found that car to be Jaws, which is unlocked during the "Battle in the Desert" tasks. Once you have it, you can simply drive the route from the race task to that cliff (you don't need to actually start the race task). Make sure you conserve all your boost, and use it to achieve maximum speed before reaching the edge. Jump off the edge while holding down boost, and you'll get the trophy with ease.

Careful Driver
Drive a car for 3 minutes without collisions.

You gain access to vehicles early in the game, and this trophy can be had at any point afterward, regardless if you're on a mission or not. So long as you don't collide with anything, you can drive on the roads, sidewalks, dirt, etc., and unlock the trophy. I'm pretty sure "collisions" refers mainly to other vehicles, as I got this trophy after ramming through several signs and gates while taking shortcuts.

Billboard Breaker
Jump through all the billboards in the game.

There are a total of 10 billboards in the game you need to smash through. Being that this is a game geared more towards kids, none of them are even remotely well hidden. 8 of them can be found in the first area alone - the Suburbs - and the other 2 are in the following area - the Town. You'll end up passing by all of them either en route to a mission, or during one. Simply approach the ramp or tree stump that lies beneath every billboard, and jump () to smash through them.

If you still need help, refer to Comic Fan and check the maps.

Escape 40 times from your enemies by hiding in the trash cans.

There's no way you'll need to escape from the police/military 40 times during the game, so you're going to (unfortunately) have to grind this one out. You can escape with either Chuck or Lem, but it's easier and faster to do it with Chuck. Choose the "Welcome to Planet 51" mission, and simply hide in the trash cans when the police are chasing you on foot. From the start, there are two trash cans in the immediate vicinity - one right next to your starting point on the left, and one across the street on the left hand side. Run around scaring people to alert the police, and wait for them to arrive. Once they do, wait until they exit the vehicle and begin chase. Now, simply jump into a trash can to elude them. Repeat until the trophy unlocks.

Reckless Driver
Destroy 30 pieces of property in 60 seconds.

You can get this using any of the bikes, but it's much easier (and faster) to use a car. See those nice picket fences that line most of the front yards of houses? Mow them all down with your vehicle, moving on to the next house and repeating. 60 seconds is actually a lot of time, and if you stick to running over people's fences, you should get this trophy in about half that time.

Elude the law enforcers 3 times in a row in the same vehicle outside of a mission.

This can be done at any point during the game once you gain access to cars. Ram into a police car to trigger an alert, and then hit your boost to make a quick getaway. Check your HUD/GPS on the bottom-left of the screen - once the single alert star disappears, you're in the clear. Repeat twice more and the trophy's yours.

Achieve and maintain the maximum level of alert for 3 minutes outside of a mission.

The premise here is the same as the Fugitive trophy, except you need to cause a bit more havoc to increase your alert level. Start by hitting a police car and then drive away. Don't boost though - you want them to follow you. While they're in pursuit, start smashing up items. Lampposts, signs, gates, fences, mailboxes, etc.; they're all fair game, and hitting them will increase your alert level one star at a time. You'll know you've reached maximum alert when you see an eye with 3 stars underneath it beside your HUD/GPS. Once there, continue driving around causing havoc for 3 minutes and the trophy will unlock.

Tip: Avoid repeatedly ramming the police and military vehicles. The more you ram them, the better chance they have of breaking down. If they break down, your alert level will decrease by one star due to the lack of pursuit.

Perfect Gardener
Complete the mission "Neera's Garden" without cutting any flowers, touching the mole, or getting hit by water.

It's best to attempt this trophy during the first level of the lawnmower tasks, because you have a larger time-frame to work with. Considering you can't hit the mole to increase your time here, I'd advise the first level. The only other thing you need to worry about are the two sprinklers on either side of the garden. When one sprinkler is on, so will the other one, so cut the grass on those two sides with that strategy in mind. When you see the mole burrowing underground, simply steer away from him before he emerges from the ground. Finally, if you're worried about cutting the flowers, stay away from them! You can complete the first level of this task without going anywhere near the flowers; just focus on the rest of the garden.

Tip: Use boost () to cut large patches of grass faster. If you want to get from one side of the large grassy area to the other, use the wood planks in the middle of the flower patch to save time.

The Coolest Paperboy
Get "perfect" throws for all newspapers in "The Paperboy" mission.

None of the 10 Paperboy missions are that hard, so this can be done on any of them. If you want to feel less pressured, attempt it on the first level. When you approach the blue throwing zone, ease off on accelerating (), or stop altogether (). Press the button once to initiate the throw, and then press it again once the line is anywhere in the large box at the top. This constitutes a perfect throw. Repeat for the remainder of the level, and the trophy is yours.

Careful Fighter
Complete any car crusher mission without taking any damage.

This is easily done during the first set of car crusher missions. I advise either levels 3 or 5, as you only have one opponent. Start by circling around the enclosure, instead of approaching from head-on. The AI isn't too smart, and you can easily come up behind their vehicle this way. Use your boost () to ram him from behind, and keep on him. If you see stars floating around his head, that's an indication that he can be hit again easily. Stay close after landing the first hit and don't let up. He should be toast in a matter of seconds if you use this approach.

Experienced Delivery Boy
Don't lose any boxes in the "A Job of Little Importance" mission.

Refer to Glipforg Deliveries trophy.

Careful Parking Boy
Complete the "Parking Valet" mission without damaging any cars.

I managed to finish this mission, and get the trophy, without the manager's "impatience" meter rising at all. I was actually driving slow and being extra careful too, so that should give you an idea how easy this is.

Park the incoming cars in the closest available parking spot. When you see the blue light beacon over a parked car, run over to it and drive it to the exit gate, parking it for the customer. Repeat this 6 times and you've got yourself a ridiculously easy bronze trophy.

Tip: To make things go faster, you can drive any cars over the curbs that separate the different aisles. Just make sure not to ding any cars along the way.

Sweet Cleaner
Complete the "Cleaning the Circus" mission without making King Klong angry.

King Klong only gets angry if you don't hit the mole when it pops out of the ground. Once the mole pops out, you have roughly 7-8 seconds to hit it before Klong throws a fit. If you see the mole burrowing while you're mowing the grass, make a point of following it so you can hit the mole the second it pops up. The only area you need to keep an eye on is the very middle, where Klong's cage is. Sometimes the mole will burrow into that area, and it can be harder to access at times. You'll need to hit the mole at all times in the later levels of "Cleaning the Circus", so you'll probably get this trophy while en route to completing all 10 levels anyways.

Skilled Driver
Complete the "King Klong" mission without damaging the pickup.

This is an interesting trophy. A lot of people have apparently had problems getting it, claiming they hit no traffic with the truck and avoided making Klong angry and still didn't get the trophy. The bottom line is it's impossible not to anger Klong if you want to finish the mission on time. The only way he stays calm is if you drive extremely slow and avoid swerving - this will not get you to your destination on time. What I did was keep my finger on the gas at all times, avoided using any boost, and countered Klong's actions once he got upset. When Klong jumps on the left-side of the cage, he will kick it 3 times, and you will have to push the right analog stick in the opposite direction 3 times to avoid him sending the truck out of control. Vice versa when he jumps on the right-side of the cage. When he stands straight up, he will begin the rocking the truck from side to side, anywhere from 4-6 times. Counter these actions with the right analog stick as well.

I think as long as you successfully counter each of his actions, you will get the trophy. I did this and hit some traffic along the way. If you're unsure, drive through the repair station at the base of the hill before you drive into the target location.

Fast Rock Gatherer
Pick up all the special rocks in the mission "Singing in the Rocks" before any go down the drain.

This isn't as easy as you would think. Unless you're right next to one, the special rocks are hard to spot against the larger amount of regular rocks. They have a greenish-white tint to them, so if you do see one, avoid scanning and quickly go over and grab it.

Your best approach here is to position yourself at the base of the hill, with your back against the wall where the drain is. This will enable you to scan the entire area ahead of you much faster, as opposed to spinning in circles and scanning frantically. The second you spot a special rock, go over and grab it and then immediately return to your position against the wall. It might take you a few tries before you get it right, but keep at it using this method and you'll get it sooner than later.

Too Good to Compete
Keep first place in any racing mission for more than 1 minute... and win!

This is easily achieved during any of the 10 races in the Suburbs against Voorde. Shortly after the start when you pass through the gates and around the left curve, you'll come to a right curve. If you look straight ahead you'll see a billboard. Smash through this billboard instead of taking the right curve and you'll gain the lead (if you haven't already). Next will be a right and then left curve. After this left curve there's another shortcut you can take by smashing through a small sign and up and over a ramp/bridge. Taking these two shortcuts will pretty much assure your first-place position, and the win.

Perfect Timing
Finish any of Chuck's missions on foot without failing any obstacle nor taking any damage from traps.

Normally this trophy would probably be a 3 or 4 in difficulty, but I discovered a cool little trick that makes this easy as pie. There are only two on-foot missions with Chuck, and I recommend the first one - "A Deserted Place" from the Town missions. There are 4 spots here that require multiple button presses to successfully complete without failing. What you want to do is wait for the first button command prompt and then enter it. The second the next button prompt appears, press the button. Doing so pauses the game, but also leaves the screen visible so you can still see everything. Once you know what the next button prompt is, press the button again to resume gameplay and immediately start mashing on the appropriate button to complete the segment. This works for every obstacle, so all you need to worry about is jumping or bypassing any hazards (electricity/poison gas) and you're home free.

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