Players: 1-2 Offline (2-4 Online)
Online Trophies: 6
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 6/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 4
Suggested Playthroughs: 4
Time to 100%: 10-15 hours+ (depending on skill)

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


-First start out with the weekly tournament if it is available to get to know the controls (if this is not available I recommend doing some Warm-up courses to get to know the controls).

-Next create and publish a hole. Than go for Secret Knowledge and bang out Pioneer and Criticist.

-Finally finish up the tournaments/courses as you wait for Designer.


Hole Creator
Publish a custom hole created by you

- For this one I recommend creating two different holes. One for the Criticist and one for Secret Knowledge. To create a hole go to "My Courses" and select "Create Hole". Select any location you would like and get ready to create your own custom hole. For the Secret Knowledge one I recommend to use two "Endings" and stick them together and place the starting point and hole as close to each other as possible for simplicity reasons. For the Criticist hole go crazy and have fun. Use your imagination but don't make it overly difficult because people that find a hole to be too simplistic or too tough will rate the hole poorly. Once you have finished creating your hole you MUST validate your hole to show the computer that no matter how tough the level may be that it is still possible to get the ball in the hole within 15 strokes (To validate the hole you must press start and go to "Test Mode" and get the ball into the hole). Once your hole has been setup and validated you are ready to save you creation. Press start and go to save and just come up with any name for your hole. Now you have to go back to the Main Menu and go back to "My Courses" and select "Publish Hole". Select an empty slot and load up your hole. After it loads you will get the trophy.

Review 100 custom courses

To play a custom hole, from the Main Menu go to "Custom Courses" and than go to "Browse Holes" and select one to play and than select "Play". There are two ways to get this trophy, either way you will have to play 100 courses or holes. One way is the legitimate way and the other is the quick cheap way. The legitimate way is to play every level and the cheap way is to start the hole and press start and go to "Give Up" which gives you a par of 15 and credits you for playing the hole. You must rate 100 DIFFERENT custom courses (Or just holes). There are a few ways to keep track of this. One way is to just go by the badges you earn for Course Reviewer, (To see your badges, from the Main Menu select, select "Player" and go to "My Badges". The bottom row 2nd one in is the "Course Reviewer" Badge, which you get every 10 holes you have played), or by doing what I would recommend, which is to select a hole and before you select "Play" to press and heart the level. Heart 99 levels and play them through your favorites or just play them from the " Browse Holes". Either way un-heart them after you have played them so that you know you have done them. Alternatively you can simply heart a level and play it and just not play hearted levels.
*NOTE - I recommend having at least 10 holes in your list that have less than 10 plays on them to go for the Pioneer trophy also.

Play 10 Custom Holes or Custom Courses with less than 10 plays

- As said in the above trophy's note, you should do this first to have the 10 holes count towards the 100 played. Simply load up any hole with less than 10 plays and either play it or select "Give Up". Repeat this process 9 more times and you will receive the trophy.

Pro Golfer
Win all Pro Courses

- This one isn't that bad of a trophy. Some of the courses can be a pain but I recommend playing through the full 9 holes on all the pro courses at least once to know what the holes are. Usually at the end the top computer will usually end with a +3 par here.

Participate in a Weekly Tournament

- Select "Single Player" from the main menu on Monday because Monday's seem to be the day that the weekly tournaments usually take place. To select the weekly tournament simply look at the map and select the area where the ! appears. Scroll down to Weekly Tournament which will be located under "Custom". You do not need to do well in the tournament just simply complete it. You can even press pause and select "Give Up" at each hole giving you a 15 par per hole. Once the tournament is complete, the trophy will unlock.

Have a hole rated at least three stars after 100 plays

- This one is both easy and annoying. To get a rating on your hole, you must have 10 different people rate it. Keep an eye on the hole you published and wait until it has a rating of at least 3 out of 5 stars and go for the 100 plays yourself. To get the 100 plays on it fast simply load up the custom hole and press start and select "Give Up". Than choose to play the hole again and keep repeating this process until you are over 100 plays. Than go to publish hole again and view your custom hole and once its rating is above 3 stars and you have gotten the 100 plays on it the trophy will unlock.

Check HERE to boost ratings in the Official Planet Minigolf Boosting thread.

Win all Extreme Courses

- This one is pretty difficult. You will need to complete all 4 courses on Extreme mode. The opponents usually end with a +2 par but some of the holes are a bit ridiculous. Remember to make the best of the bonus power-ups and again learn the different holes and don't give up.

Heating Up
Win all Warm-Up Courses

- This one is the easiest of the course trophies. You will start out here and learn about power-ups. The opponents usually finish with a +4 over par. You can usually complete all the holes in these courses without doing them over but if you are having difficult don't be afraid to restart the course.

Secret Knowledge
Score a hole-in-one on a custom course with a Par of at least 5

- This one is easiest if you have created a specific hole for this trophy (See Hole Creator for a description of how to create the hole). Publish that hole and go into it and use the method in Designer on how to get the plays up. The par on the hole is dependent on how many people have played the hole and what their stroke count is at the end. SO since you are giving up so many times you will have a Par of 15 on the easiest hole in a matter of 50-75 plays. As long as the Par is over 5 on this than simply play the course and get the hole in one and the trophy will be yours.

Goofball Guru
Win all Wacky Courses

- This trophy is where it starts getting a bit ridiculous. The Wacky Courses can become a real headache. Simply stay persistent keep playing the courses to get to know the holes and in no time you will grasp how each hole works and this trophy will not be as bad. If you are running into trouble on some of the more difficult courses look on Youtube for some videos. Not all holes are shown on Youtube but some of the trickier ones are. Once you complete all 4 Wacky Courses you will receive this well earned gold trophy.

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