Players: 1-4 online or offline
Online Trophies: Triple Kill!, Team Sweeper, Friendly Competition, Tournament Fighter, First Blood, Victorious!, This is Living
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 12 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 20 arcade runs
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No, if you miss a chance for a "X Character's Level 3 on X Map", start up a Versus match with AI or Practice mode
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Honor Roll: The dodge roll (+left or right) is a very important asset. It allows you to roll right past an attack unscathed. The same applies for the air dodge (air ), which can also defend you from any attack. Both will prevent you being hit by supers as well as regular attacks.
  • Throw 'Em a Bone: Don't forget to throw with the right stick. It won't gain you AP, but it will knock some out of enemies. The more AP they have, the more that falls out when thrown. Try throwing enemies with supers stored up in the level 1s or 2s to loose much more AP. Throws that can be comboed into (namely most Up-Throws) will loose AP, but Ejecting Throws will yield much more, at the cost of no combing. Pick what's more important: you gaining AP, or your opponent losing it, before throwing.
  • Three-Point Landing: Is the automatic flip upwards from being hit into the air getting you down? Hold in mid-air after being hit to zip right down to the ground instead of flipping up.
  • The More the Merrier: When you hit more than one enemy with an attack, you get more AP.
  • Timing is Everything: You need to precisely use your supers. If you see someone in the middle of a combo, that could be an easy kill.
  • Tons of Options: If you struggle with a certain character, pick a new one to test. Each one plays uniquely, at least one of the 20* should suit your playstyle.
  • Try Before You Buy: Want to try a new character, but want to know their moves first? Test them out in Practice mode to get the gist of their moveset.
  • Organization: In movesets, it isn't uncommon for similar moves to be mapped to the same button. For example, all of a character's melee moves may be linked to , similar projectiles of their's to , etc. Remember this if you're making inferences on your next move.
*With all DLC, up to 24

[top]Related Trophy Guides


  1. Tutorial: The first thing you can do is go through the Tutorial, as go ahead. It's a good briefing on the core mechanics of the game and goes over all the moves you'll need.
  2. Arcade Modes: Running through all 20 Arcade modes isn't hard, but it takes a while. However, it can give you a good idea on how characters work, allowing you do determine your favorite.
  3. Trials/Tutorials: Wrap up solo play with a trial and a combo tutorial. Combo tutorials can give you a good idea on how to perform as your new favorite character.
  4. Online: If you haven't already, take your new favorite out for a spin online to grab those trophies.
  5. Clean Up: Now just clean up any various trophies you have left, like level 3s and certain matches.


All Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything
You have successfully earned all other trophies in the game. Congratulations!

Trial Combatant
Complete a Combat Trial

You can find Combat Trials under Solo PlayCombat TrialsCharacter Trials. Combat Trials are like challenges. They'll have catches to them, like you can only use level 3s to kill, use this move to gain extra AP, etc. For this trophy, you only need to complete one of any character's. The first challenge for everyone is to get kills with unlimited level 1s of theirs. Just do this with any character for the trophy.

The Legend
Complete Arcade Mode on Legend

There are three difficulties to play Arcade mode on in All-Stars: Hero, Legend, and All-Star. Legend is the "normal" difficulty of the game. This isn't very hard to do, you should be able to do this at least once out of the 20 times.

Complete the Basic Tutorial

Nothing like the basics. Right as you start the game, you will be asked if you want to do the tutorial. Hit 'Yes' and complete the 13 tests for the trophy.If you hit 'No', don't fret. Go to Solo PlayTutorial and go to the 'Basic Tutorial'.

Character Mastery
Complete a Combo Tutorial

At the Main Menu, go to Solo PlayTutorial, and go to 'Combos'. Pick a character, then go through their 10 combos listed for the trophy. It must be for one character, no 2 there, 3 here, etc.SlyCooperFan1 has a different approach:
Quote Originally Posted by SlyCooperFan1 View Post
For Character Mastery, no matter what character you're doing the tutorial on, press START to pause the game, then change the current objective to Combo 10. Complete Combo 10 then trophy will pop. You don't need to do the first nine combos.

Showing Off
Show off your Minion during a game

A Minion is like a cheerleader. They will appear after you kill everyone with a super. Each character unlocks a Minion from their franchise upon reaching Level 8. Here are the Minions and the characters that unlock them:
  • Athena: Kratos
  • Worker: Fat Princess
  • PJ Berri: PaRappa the Rapper
  • Dollface: Sweet Tooth
  • Helghast Soldier: Colonel Radec
  • Murray: Sly Cooper
  • Sully: Nathan Drake
  • Zeke: Cole MacGrath
  • Captain Qwark: Ratchet and Clank
  • Keira: Jak and Daxter
  • Monkey: Spike
  • Nix: Evil Cole MacGrath
  • Pierre: Toro
  • Little Sister: Big Daddy
  • Kat: Dante
  • Kuma: Heihachi
  • Kai: Nariko
  • Sam: Raiden
  • Sackbot: Sackboy
  • Kiya: Sir Daniel Fortesque
Once you unlock any of these, go to CustomizeProfile from the main menu, hit "Minion", and select them. Then just get a complete multikill and the minion will pop up and dance, giving you the trophy. You can also buy any of the many minions available for purchase on the Playstation Store.

Triple Kill!
Earn a Triple Kill in a match-made online game

The triple kill is very important move in All-Stars that will help you win a match. Hopefully. You can get a triple kill with any super, even online. It's tough with a level 1, easier with a level 2, and probably a breeze with the level 3. Just collect three kills with one super for the trophy. This can be done in ranked or unranked, so it's open for the boosting thread.

Team Sweeper
Earn a Double Kill in a 2v2 match-made online game

When playing an online 2v2 match, you need to kill the opposing army of two for this trophy in a single super, any level. This can be done in ranked or unranked, so it's open for using the boosting thread. It's probably easier to do this with a level 2 or 3.

We have Overtime! - Working Weekends?
Enter Overtime!


Enter 3x AP Overtime!

Overtime occurs when there is a tie in the score in a Timed game. This where things get tense. Initial Overtime multiplies all AP received by 2, and 3x Overtime multiplies by 3. It only builds from there, but you only need to hit 3x for the trophy.If you need to set this up, you can set up a Versus match with very easy AI or something like that and try not to be killed or kill your enemy(s). If they kill you, try to even things out with a kill of your own. Hopefully you can make it into Overtime and furthermore 3x Overtime.

If you have an extra controller, you can set up a Timed 1v1 and just set your controllers down. If you don't, use the boosting thread to find a partner(s) to help you.

Win a Versus Match against a team of three AI opponents

You'll need to set up a Versus Team Battle with three AI on one team and you forever alone. The difficulty of the AI doesn't matter, which can help you out a bit, since very hard AI all focused on you is deadly. The match type isn't an issue, just win the match against the team of 3 for the trophy. It has to be a Versus match, the final trio at the end of Arcade mode doesn't count.

Combo King
Land a 50+ AP Combo in Practice Mode

See Combo Virtuoso

Combo Virtuoso
Land a 70+ AP Combo in Practice Mode

Now your first thought is probably: 70 AP? WHAAAAAT? Now hold your horses, this trophy is very easy. Because it is in Practice mode, you can make the AP gain higher than usual, which is integral. With that out of the way, you can pretty much use any character to do this. One of my personal favorites is throwing all the enemies in a corner and using Big Daddy's + on all the defenseless enemies to gain 120 AP. Of course, you can use combo-heavy characters like Raiden too. Hitting multiple enemies with also give more AP. The trophy is yours when you can do a combo that nets 70 AP.

Ultimate Power
Perform a Level 3 Super Attack

There are three levels of super in Playstation All-Stars, and the level 3 is the deadliest. Since you need to perform 14 level 3s to platinum the game, this will come naturally, and probably during regular play.

Two for One
Earn a Double Kill with a Level 1 Super Attack

See Three for One

Three for One
Earn a Triple Kill with a Level 1 Super Attack

A triple kill with a level 1 can be tricky. Now, obviously other some characters have level 1s better suited for a triple kill, but any can one. If you're trying to pick a character that's good of a triple kill, I'd go with Ratchet's level 1, it's range is great. It's also good to do this on a small map. If you're having trouble, try going for this on 'Stowaways' with a big kill limit or time limit. The level starts really compact, perfect for multikills. In fact, the tight walls are perfect for bouncing enemies off walls with Sweet Tooth's level 1. If legitimate matches aren't throwing you a bone, just line up three AI in Practice mode and use Raiden's or Ratchet's level 1.

Friendly Competition
Complete a Versus Match against an online player

This trophy requires you to start up a Versus match and invite a friend from the Party Bar (). Then you just have to make a match with any settings and play it to its conclusion. Got no pals? Use the boosting thread to find some.

Tournament Fighter
Complete an online Ranked Match

At the Main Menu, select Tournament, and enter a Ranked match. Ranked matches are free-for-all games only, unless you bring a pal along. Then it is 2v2. Still, regardless, you just need to complete the game, you don't necessarily have to win. Or do you need to lose. Just finish the match and the trophy is yours.

First Blood
Earn a Kill in a match-made online game

Earning a kill is how you win All-Stars games. In fact, you kill lots to win games. Just one in any online mode will get the trophy. Easy.

Win a match-made online game

Winning an online match may be very easy or difficult depending on your skill. You'll want to love that dodge roll and time your supers precisely. You can win a match in ranked or unranked match for the trophy. If you need a good partner, use the boosting thread.

The God of War
Complete Arcade Mode with Kratos

The God of War comes to All-Stars. Mortals beware.
Kratos isn't necessarily a close-range character, but he's close. He's more mid-range than anything, thanks to his Blades. The Olympic Fury (normal ) combo is a good mid-range attack. In that respect, as is the Plume of Prometheus (normal ), which can replace the third hit in Olympic Fury if you wish. The Combat Grapple (side ) is a move you're probably acquainted with. It's not just an attack that goes a little farther than mid-range, it tracks up and down too. Yeah, it's powerful. Another powerful knockback move is the Spartan Charge (side ). The Shield on it will defend you from projectiles too. If you are being swarmed, the two-hit Olympic Storm (+) hits the front and behind of Kratos. Another nice thing about Kratos is his Golden Fleece (normal ), which acts as a parry move for both melee and projectiles attacks. If you block a melee attack with it, try chaining it into a Brutal Ascension (+) or Olympic Ascension (+). If you hold in Olympic Ascension, you automatically rise with your victim. Use this when taking to the air to go into a Cyclone of Chaos (aerial +) or Vicious Maul (aerial +).

Kratos has some powerful supers. His level 1 is a simple Blade of Olympus Dash forward. If you can line up enemies, the slash can take out more than one foe. His level 2 is vertically oriented. This is best for stages with matching verticality, like Sandover Village. It widens at the top, so keep that in mind. The level 3 is beastly. Use to do slashes, to dash attack, and to fire off blasts of power.

Kratos's rival is Sweet Tooth. Sweet Tooth loves his Roadkill Mine and Shotgun attacks, yes sir. He also enjoys breathing fire and uppercuts. The best route to take is using your Olympic Fury combos, then trying to get a Brutal Ascension or Icarus Ascension (+) off of the wall bounce. The Combat Grapple is good, and the Spartan Charge will protect you from mines as you go in for the kill. Stick to level 1 attacks, and don't skimp on the range, the slash is a good length. Sweet Tooth likes his level 1 attacks, and he can store multiple from his level 1 bar, so don't skimp on throws to keep him from his prize. Three kills and we see whom the Gods of Olympus favor.

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I Gotta Believe!
Complete Arcade Mode with PaRappa

It's here we see if PaRappa wants to see what it means to be the man with the master plan, is he the man now?
PaRappa has possibly the closest of any range in All-Stars, but he is a dynamo at close range. A move you should definitely get acquainted with is the Thousand Punch! (mash ). It has some sweet AP gain and the net effect: it can catch other enemies who wander too close. The same principle and style is mimicked in his Thousand Kick! (aerial +). A nice combo is his Trip! (+) into Uppercut! (+). PaRappa's skateboard moves are used with his attacks. His Whack! (normal ) move is a good ejector, but reflects projectiles as well. Flip! (+) is a good move to catch descending foes or take them high. To cover large distances to enemies, Dash! (aerial side ) will take you one quite a trip, and take other enemies down. Come Here! (normal ) is a good move to pull in enemies to start combos or vicious assaults, and Blast it Up! (+) is a good overhead attack. PaRappa can actually generate AP with his +), though it is chancy since others can just take the AP for themselves.

PaRappa's got some just okay supers. His level 1 is a kick-flip with a burst at the end, ultimately close-range and hard to aim right. His level 2 is his killer app, riding that skateboard around the stage. It can easily net three kills, which makes his level 3 a bit null. I suggest sticking with the level 2 through and through.

PaRappa's rival is Spike. Spike makes avid use of his B-Launcher into Double Stun Club combos and Rising Whirlwind combos, which can be hard to counter because of his range advantage over you. Use that Come Here! move into Thousand Punches or combos like Trip! to Uppercut! to Come Here! to Kick! (aerial ). Spike will use chain his level 1s from B-Launcher stuns. Chain your level 1s from Come Here! or when he's mid-B-Launcher. Three kills and we see you become... the man with the master plan.

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Cake, please!
Complete Arcade Mode with Fat Princess

It's Fat Princess! Don't worry, there will be cake for everyone.
Fat Princess is a funny character. Her moves are mainly linked to her scepter moves. Her Scepter Flash (+) opens foes for a Scepter Bash (normal ) or Scepter Dash (side ). Her scepter attacks are remarkably quick, so you can chain a whole lot of them together. A chain that's easy to perform is a few Scepter Dashes in a row, then a Ballerina Glide (+). The is mostly attacks where Fat Princess throws her weight around and gets her body into the fray. Another Ballerina Glide combo is Pattycake (side ) in the Glide. When taking on groups, use the Butt Stomp (+) on land or in the air, or mash for her Ballerina Spin Slam to get in lots of hits. Her Majesty's minions and soldiers assist her with the button. or + will launch a fireball forward or up respectively. Side send out a sword minion to slash out, and + plants a bomb. All of these moves aren't interruptible, so it's good to make good use of them.

Her Royal Highness has some actually pretty good supers. Her level 1 is a powerful dash that kills anyone between her and the piece of cake. The level 2 is good, but you can only get kills by dashing, which can't be done in the air, only on ground. However, the chicken can still attack in the air. Her level 3 sends minions firing fireballs and explosives everywhere. It's like a screen clear, but sometimes some people won't get targeted. I'd say stick to lining up people for level 1s, using level 2s if you can build to it.

Fat Princess's rival is Evil Cole MacGrath. Match-up of the century. Evil Cole with throw a lot at you. He'll toss down Oil Spikes to trap you, frequently use his Firebird Strike, and when you get away from him, he'll charge his energy punch and/or lob grenades at you. Your scepter moves are very necessary in this fight, chaining multiple Scepter Bashes into Scepter Dashes furthermore into Scepter Slashes (+) will really gain you AP. Toss out fireballs with when Evil Cole starts charging or gets far away from you, and drop bombs everywhere in case he gets caught in the blast. Evil Cole will stun you Oil Spikes before going into a level 1. He can store lots of level 1s in one bar, so be careful and throw him a lot. He can also build to a level 2, so be ready to evade out of there. Use your level 2 to get two kills, then try for a level 1 for the win. Three kills and we see if greed for cake is more powerful than greed for power.

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Oh Boys and Girls
Complete Arcade Mode with Sweet Tooth

Everyone's favorite ice cream man comes to All-Stars, showing just what he can do without his truck.
Sweet Tooth is a nice beginning character, but you can still be advanced with him. He is more focused on single moves rather than lengthy combos. Some good examples are his Shotgun (side ) and his Shoulder Charge (side ), which can gain heaps of AP when hit. Try chaining into the Aerial Shotgun from a Land Mine (+) for a good AP boost. The Land Mines stay where they are until detonation, but only one can be out at a time. You can angle his Shotgun down (+) to floor enemies. His Stomp (aerial +) is good for groups, but the ground version forces an opponents into a crumple, which opens them for a nice Machete combo (normal ) or other attacks. All of these moves make Sweet Tooth a good space controller. A move that can rake in lots of AP against groups is his fire breath (normal , can be held), which can be held for a long time and aimed too.

Sweet Tooth's supers can be deadly. His level 1 is simple enough, dynamite strap to a player, kicks them away, they explode. Any other enemy in the blast zone is killed too, to if you can get an opponent up there, it will help you later. The victim also bounces off walls. His level 2 is chancy. The nuke can be aimed, but people will stay away from it. You can detonate the nuke, which can help kill escapers, but you'll find the best results if all your foes group up and you're close enough to catch them all by surprise. His level 3 can either be very deadly or barely deadly, depending on the map. Large and (mostly) flat stages like Hades are the best, but small stages or those with lots of cover make it difficult. It is powerful though, so I won't blame you for going for it.

Sweet Tooth's rival is Kratos. Now Kratos can reach you from farther distances, so you need to have a brutal assault. His Land Mine to Shotgun combo will help gain the AP you need, with some Shoulder Charge to aid you. I suggest using up level 1s, since Kratos is going to do the same, and you don't want him to get an upper hand while you wait for a level 2 or 3. Evade behind Kratos after he attacks, or make sure he's got a wall behind him, and fire off your level 1. After 3 successful kills, we see who was Jaffe's ultimate creation.

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Helghast Commander
Complete Arcade Mode with Radec

Colonel Radec, fearless leader of the Helghast army, comes to All-Stars. Expect no mercy.
Radec plays a great mid-to-long range game. This is mostly due to his firearms and other such weapons, like his StA3 Machine Gun (normal , can be held), much does a good job at keeping foes at bay. Another good move is VC21 Bolt Gun (normal ). You get the AP for the stick, but an extra after it detonates. To go that extra distance, the M327 Grenade Launcher (+) is there for you. The higher the ground is from you, the larger bounce. The bombs will also bounce off walls and all kinds of floors. You can shoot a grenade at a wall in front of you to rebound it behind you, which can get enemies approaching from the rear (snicker).

When you can't get far enough from your opponents to get a clean shot off, there are a few tricks to help. The classic Knife Blast (side+) will launch you current assailant sideways, opening them for a VC32 Sniper Rifle (side+) shot. That sniper's range is the whole playing field, delivering a healthy AP gain. The Surprise Grenade (+) is a good move for ridding yourself of annoying enemies that cling too much. And there's nothing like the VC1 Flame Thrower (+, can be held) to deal damage to groups of foes before you. Radec, being the tactician he is, has a plethora of moves to attack the higher ground. My personal favorite: the LS13 Shotgun (+), delivering a nice AP gain while feeling so rewarding. The TR-X Teslite Grenade (side+) and VC5 Arc Rifle (+) are also good choices. They can even be the setup for a LS13 Shotgun.

Radec's got some "radec-al" supers (get it?). His level one is simple: aim the rocket launcher, shoot the rocket launcher. If you can turn the reticle red, then the rockets will home on the selected player. His level 2 is a horizontal blast from the Arc Cannon, killing all in its wake with no stop. And for the level 3, a hop on the old jetpack. Manipulate the reticle and go nuts with the bullets, as time is the only constraint.

The rival of Radec is Sir Daniel Fortesque. Fortesque will pull from a slew of attacks, but he will always he a Golden Shield out. You can break it, but it will hinder your projectiles until then, absorbing the AP. Sir Dan will also capitalize on his Green Hand and Battle Axe-a-Rang attacks. The Green Hand will stun you, so watch out for that, and be sure to dodge back and forth for miss the Axe. Sir Dan will mostly aim for level 2s, which are easy to roll past, but if he misses and has a level 1 in stock, if he gets you with his 360 sword attack to knocks you into the air, air dodge to avoid his level 1. I'd say stick to using level 1 attacks yourself. You can try to home on Dan, but you don't want it to crash itself, so do what you can. Make good use of the StA3 Machine Gun and Knife Blast to Sniper combo to boost your AP, and throw up some Teslite Grenades. Dan will take to the air for his Green Hand attack, so it's best to get some AP while catching him off guard.

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Thievius Raccoonus
Complete Arcade Mode with Sly Cooper

The last remaining of the Cooper legacy, Sly Cooper, is stepping out of the shadows.
Sly is a risk and reward character. If you can use him right, you can feel smart and reap the rewards. First off, Sly doesn't block. He turns invisible. This may seem hard to use at first, but being invisible while attacking with your cane swipe (normal ) won't make you visible. Cane Swiping behind enemies steals their AP. To easily get behind enemies, teleport (+, aim with left or right) or use your Parry (normal ). The Parry will not only put you behind enemies, but stun them, opening them for more than simple swipes. A combo I like with the cane is a normal swipe, followed by a Cane Swoop (+) and an Overhead Slam (aerial ).

Some of Sly's moves will stun or simply discombobulate the competition. His Alarm Clock (normal ), Laser Dash (side ), Cane Stun (aerial ), and Parry alike all stun enemies. His Smoke Bomb (+) will reverse the opponent's controls, but I suggest using it in the air. It's a cane swipe attack instead, much more reliable. Another good move is the TNT Barrel (+), which will knock enemies and projectiles away.

Sly has some nifty supers. His level 1 involves Murray dashing forward, KOing as he goes. However, he more or less stops forward momentum after hitting, so make sure your targets are close if you're going for multiple. You can do this invisible, and Murray won't be stopped once he's unleashed unless you are supered out of it (but as the super starts, you can be kicked out of it). Sly's level 2 Jetpack is good, but unleash it close to your enemies. If you end up chasing people with it, chances are you've lost your chance. Now Sly's level 3 is good at getting 4-5 kills. Make sure the reticle is red before firing, as you only have 7 photos and 10 seconds.

Sly's rival is Nathan Drake. The key here is to get behind Drake to steal his AP and use it for your own purposes. Make good use of the Parry and Teleport, and use the good old Cane Swoop-to-Overhead Slam combo. Then lay down a Cap Mine (+) or get into a TNT Barrel to blast Drake as soon as he rises. Back Nate into a corner, then unleash Murray as a level 1. You can also stun Drake, then go in for the kill. Drake will go for level 1s, but will venture to use a level 2 if needed. Stay back from the distance he throws the propane tank, and be ready to Teleport out of there. Three kills, and the ultimate thief is proven.

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Treasure Hunter
Complete Arcade Mode with Nathan Drake

One of the luckiest men on Earth tries his luck at Battle Royale.
Nate Drake is packing a whole bag of tricks. He's effective, but oddly goofy. While your first thought will go to firearms, Drake also can be proficient in the fisticuffs. His Brutal Combo (normal ) is a fine example, but a combo that's great is the Slide (+) to whipping around and using a Haymaker (side ). The Drop Kick (aerial side ) is another good move. You can also chain your Run and Gun (normal ) into a punch move by holding it and running towards the enemy, then ending with a hit. Yeah, you can run with the AK for your Run and Gun. You can also close the gap with the Zipline (+), which will kick enemies in the head as you descend.

A good cornerstone move is the Oil Drum (normal ). It barrels (pun intended) into enemies, hitting them upwards, and detonating if hit by any attack, even your Run and Gun or Magnum (side ). Be sure to kick that out for extra AP. When they trip, you can continue the combo with a Run and Gun into a punch attack. The Oil Drum is just one of Drake's "novelty" moves. A lot of the others are in the air, like the Ledge Fall (aerial +), which is great for air-to-ground attacks on groups. The Rope Swing (aerial ) is another one, with Drake swinging from a rope firing forward. A good, yet hard to land move. One of Nate's unique facets is his +, where he hides behind cover. From there, you can do pretty much anything normally, just with the wall restrictions. You can vault the wall by choosing the other direction.

Drake's supers are about timing. His level 1, the propane tank toss, is followed up by a shot. Now you can let the tank sit, waiting for someone to come, or shoot it right away. Either way, it arcs up, so expect to have to aim. The level 2 is a niche move. Use it when all your opponents are very close and can't escape. This super is good, but the blocks will fall on any platform too, so aim wisely. The level 3 is cool, but the enemies can still fight back. Actually, when doing 2v2, player 2 can combat the enemies so Drake has a clear shot. Just hit to fire the gun and the shots will home towards the enemies' directions.

Nathan Drake's rival is Sly Cooper. Sly is a tricky fellow. Sly will teleport to and fro to get behind you, where he can steal your AP. Don't let that happen by dodge rolling a lot. Sly will also use his invisibility to keep out of sight, which can add to the frustration. Use a lot of Haymakers to Slides to Brutal Combos or Haymakers to grab AP. Use lots of Throws too to regain lost AP. Use up your level 1s so Sly won't get more AP for stealing from you. Sly will go for level 1s and 2s equally, especially if he gets a lot of AP from stealing. Three kills and we see who the "real" treasure hunter is.

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Greatest Conduit
Complete Arcade Mode with Cole

The Saint of New Marais is ready to fight it out.
Cole is a good character for any range. His Amp attacks with are good for dealing with up close enemies and groups. One of the things off the bat I like about Cole is he can freeze enemies with his Freeze Rocket (side ). This can open enemies for free level 1s or maybe a combo off the Induction Grind (side ). from the Grind will bring a Gigawatt Blade attack, which launches enemies up (a good opening for an Amp Explosion [+]), an upwards launch with , or just stop with . A Thunder Drop (+) from the air can help deal with groups too. If an opponent is just too close, an Ice Barrier (+) will give you some room.

Cole can also take to a range. His Lightning Bolts (normal , can be held and aimed) will chip AP, but end in a drain that adds to the AP if enough bolts are hits. Cole can even fire bolts from walls by hitting forward+ on a wall. When hanging, any attack fires bolts. Cole's + Redirect Rocket is simple enough: fire it up, then use your bolts. Whatever the bolts hit will be the rocket's new target. The Sticky Grenade (side ) will, as it implies, stick to any opponent or ground it hits and explodes not too long after. Another perk is Cole can make a Frost Shield with to prtect himself from projectiles.

Cole's supers are pretty neat. His level 1 is the Kinetic Pulse, pick up an opponent and throw. You can hold to pick a direction before tossing. Hit anyone else and double kill! The level 2 is beastly, Ionic Freeze that drops platforms and essentially goes cross-screen. Good stuff. The level 3 is great, a speedy tornado that can get lots of kills.

Cole MacGrath's rival is Raiden. Raiden will focus on quick, combo-centric attacks. You can disrupt him if you dodge around and use that Air Dodge too. It's a good tactic to pull out regular Amp Combos (normal ) and/or Grind-to-Gigawatt-to-Amp Explosion combos. The Freeze Rocket will also help you stop Raiden. The real key to beating him is dodging and retaliating. Raiden will make level 1s his primary supers, so you should do the same to not be beaten out. Freeze Raiden, then quickly level 1 to score a kill. Focus on Amp attacks and you'll be fine. A Redirect Rocket or two would help AP gain too. Three kills and we see lightning strike not twice, but thrice.

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Friend of the People
Complete Arcade Mode with Toro

The Japanese Sony mascot is here!
Toro is a somewhat deep character. He essentially has three different "stances". All of them share attacks, but they all have different attacks. + changes into the default Justice Toro stance, side goes to Torobi the Kat, and + changes you to Oni Toro. Each change opens with an attack, so you can use this to your advantage by switching.

Justice Toro is the default Toro. He is a more close-range player with his punches and kicks on his button. His and side+ are both knockback attacks, but his + and + are an uppercut and downward slam respectively. You can chain an uppercut into a slam or vice versa. Use this stance if you want to be in the center of the action. My favorite combo is Define Justice (normal as Justice Toro), into +, and ending in +.

Torobi the Kat is a ninja-style stance. His is a Scorpion-style pull move which actually is quite lengthy. His Sneaky Portal (+ as Torobi) is a good teleport drop that can hit multiple opponents. You can't aim it though, so it's not probably not a good choice when no one's around. I like his side , which is a slide that leaves fishbones in it's wake. If you're quick enough, you can turn around and use the aerial version to build up AP.

Oni Toro is a bit more powerful, but slower. His moves usually revolve around mochi in some way, like Fiery Mochi (normal as Oni Toro) and his Mochi from Hell (+). Another power move he has is his Revolving Wrath (side as Oni Toro), which has multiple, powerful strikes.

All Toros have their moves and normal the same. The moves are usually short-ranged, but their aerial variants are actually pretty cool. Toro can Nap (normal ) in air or on ground. Every Z that appears while he sleeps gives him 5 AP. You can wake up with an attack.

Toro has supers that are alright. His level 1 is probably the best, Kuro launches him forward. Any enemy that hits Toro is killed. This super can easily kill groups of enemies. His level 2 is him wishing on a star, and having it smash into the arena in front of him. His level 3 is a screen-clear, so I'd stick to using level 1s, maybe level 2s.

Toro's rival is Heihachi. Heihachi is a powerful chap. He will use his sweeps and that counter, followed by simple combos. You can really pick any stance for this fight, I personally chose Justice Toro so I could use his Uppercut to Slam combo. If in Torobi stance, use your Scorpion move and slide, with some Sneaky Portal mixed in. If you choose Oni, his Revolving Wrath and + Mochi from Hell will work. Like I said, it doesn't really matter, just choose the one you are most comfortable with. Heihachi will use his level 1s, but they are easy to miss, lucky for you. Toro's level 1 should do the trick. Three kills and we see how cats become fanboys.

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Monkey Catcher
Complete Arcade Mode with Spike

From catching monkeys to beating up fighters, Spike has a full day.
Spike has a lot of gadgets and weapons of the like to get the job done. His Double Stun Club Combo (normal ) gets a good melee job done. A nice combo to pick up is Giant Stun Club Swing (+) into Rising Double Stun Club Whirlwind (+). The Double Stun Dash (side ) breaks blocks, and can be charged to run through multiple enemies. There are a few stun options you have, which open up foes to Stun Club attacks like these. The RC Satellite Laser (normal , steer with left stick and fire with any button) will stun grounded enemies into a heavy crumple. Launch a shot from the B-Launcher (+) will stun enemies too, as will a charged Magic Punch (side , can be charged).The Bananarang (side ) is a good projectile. If you miss, it comes back regardless of direction. Try to indirectly aim it if you end up going wide. Spike also has a Teleport with his +. One of the zanier moves is the Monkey Radar (+, can be charged). When charging the radar, if the light is blue, it's a regular monkey running through. If it's green, a monkey will toss a banana peel. When red, a giant monkey comes out and wreaks havoc.

Spike's super are alright. His level 1 arcs about 135 degrees in around the front of him, so can easily net enemies above you as well as your target in front. The level 2, unlike similar ones, only goes straight, not following the platform it's one. Spike can generate AP fast, so if you only get one kill using it, you can make it up. It's iffy. The level 3 is a screen clear, but Spike's level 2 trouble may warrant saving up.

Spike's rival is Parappa. Parappa has a very vicious close-range game and can attack very quickly. Your Double Stun Dash will mostly be a bit too slow. Parappa likes his Thousand Punches and his Come Here! move. Keep evasive and fight back with Double Stun Club combos and that Giant Stun Club Swing to Rising Club Whirlwind combo. The B-Launcher can help stun Parappa well, and if he gets aerial about it, the RC Satellite Laser can send him flying, as can a well-timed Bananarang. Parappa will go for level 1s if he sees you in the air, but he will also build to a level 2. I'd recommend using level 1s up, as they can be fairly deadly. Three kills and we see if saving the world is better than having fun.

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Intergalactic Heroes
Complete Arcade Mode with Ratchet

The heroes of the galaxy come to All-Stars with their classic wacky arsenal.
Ratchet's attacks are primarily gadget based, though you can't go wrong with the classic Omniwrench attacks that has in store. The standard Multi-Strike (normal ) is always a classic, but you may also grow fond of the Comet Strike (side ). If an opponent is close enough, a Comet Strike into Lightning Ravager (+) into a Warmonger (+) is a good combo to use. If you are under attack by groups, you can try charging the Sonic Eruptor (normal , can be held for charge) to tackle groups. Always have a Mr. Zurkon (+) out to help build AP.For those times you just want to be alone, set up some Tesla Spikes (+) to make a barrier and keep foes away with the Constructo Pistol (side , can be mashed for 3 shots). Send out some Agents of Doom (side ) to help too. Now it is worth mentioning Ratchet's throws. They are are tethered to the Suck Cannon, which has a long horizontal range. Once an enemy is in the gun, move the right stick up, forward, or down to throw away the enemy. Use this range to your advantage when you need to loose an enemy's AP.

Ratchet has some devastating supers. With a level 1 like his RYNO V, I wouldn't blame you for not saving up for higher levels, with its range. Clank take over for the level 2. Swing your Chronoscepter with and throw Time Bombs to slow enemies down with and . The level 3 is a regular shooting gallery. Aim with the left stick, shoot with , and launch rings of missiles with or . Pretty awesome.

Ratchet's rival is Jak. Jak will frequently send out Gyro Bursters. They won't knock you down, but they will chip AP for him. He will also make good use of the Arc Wielder and Blaster. Don't think he forgets about the melee front, as he will deliver you quite a gut punch from time to time. Always have Mr. Zurkon out and use that Comet Strike into Warmonger combo. Send out the Agents of Doom and fire off the Constructo Pistol when you can. Jak will always hang out at mid range, so plan your moves accordingly. Use your level 1s on Jak. When you have one, Suck Cannon him up and fire him at a wall. Then super so he'll have no escape when he gets up of falls down from the rebound. Jak will use his level 1 if you mess up yours, but he will save for level 2s. Be sure to roll out of the way or air dodge accordingly. Three kills and we see who is the ultimate duo.

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Eco Master
Complete Arcade Mode with Jak

The demolition duo returns to take on whatever fate throws at them.
Jak is a character who can act at really any range, if you can manage him. He is very mobile in the air with his JetBoard (aerial side+), which can get him out of precarious situations on the ground. His close range attacks revolve around his classic punches and kicks, like his Spin Kick (normal ), which is good at taking on clumps of opponents, and it even has knockback. His Punch (side+) can be automatically channeled into an Uppercut if it lands. His + is the same in land or air, the ground version adds a jump to the slam down.

Now for the Morph-Gun attacks, the helping hand. His bread and butter is definitely the Blaster (side ), which can be held for up to three shots. If multiple enemies lay before you, break out the Arc Wielder (normal ). Hold it down and steer with the left stick for sweet AP gain. Now while the Beam Reflexor (+) mostly fires down and ricochets up, but bounce it off walls for crazy directions.A good downward attack is the Rift Concussor (+). This can be charged for more area, so I suggest jumping into the air, then charging it during the descent, so you can scorch the earth with a powerful blast. Another good move is the Gyro Burster (normal ). It fires out rounds on its own, netting a nice 5 AP a hit, which adds up. Combine it with the Blaster and you're gold.

Jak's super are very strategic, but can really catch foes off guard. His level 1 powers him up with a Blue Eco vent. This is mainly a vertical thing, so if a few players above are duking it out on a ledge above, it might be an extra kill(s) for you. His level 2 is powerful, yet touchy. Dark Jak leaps forward for a Dark Bomb. Try at this from a short distance or an above ledge, and be sure you're getting all three people. You don't want to start for three and have two escape because you were over-vicious. However, there is a shock at the beginning of the super that will hold nearby foes open for the bomb, provided they aren't knocked away. Jak's level 3 should be used on stages with not a lot of cover. As Light Jak, your Eco Blasts () are only able to go in a total of three directions. Now you can dash ahead with , so do that with a shield activated () and no one can stop you. Press to slow time around you, opening enemies up for kills.

Jak's rival is Ratchet. Now Ratchet will always have a Mr. Zurkon, who will attack you, chipping AP. Still, don't let up on Ratchet, so as not to let him beat you in AP gain. The Blaster works well in these close quarters, and a Gyro Burster wouldn't hurt. Try the Rift Concussor strategy to help gain some AP. I'd say to stick to either level 1 supers or level 2s. Back him against the wall and corner him if you're going for level 1s, try to get him to jump and land on you. Now be sure he is cornered for a level 2, or you'll look like a fool out there. Three kills and we see who was the real king of the PS2.

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Let's Make a Scene
Complete Arcade Mode with Sackboy

Sackboy makes his combat debut in All-Stars, and he's not holding back.
Sackboy is a very "keep-away" style character. He's best used with his projectiles, like his Jam Session (normal ) and Cakeinator (). He can amplify those with his fan (side ). In fact, anything in the fan will accelerate through, which can help for other moves, like his Jetpack Dash (side ). His trap (+) can open foes up for attack, or perhaps a quick level 1. All in all, it's best to stick to the edges of the playing field as Sackboy. He has some good melee options though. His Slap Combo (normal ) gives a quick knock upwards, which can be followed up by a Bounce Pad (+) or Jetpack Jump (+), while the aerial Spinning Slap version floors enemies. This and his side grab can make him an alright air character, but the meat of Sackboy is stunning foes so you can make your retreat, keeping them on their toes with a slew of obstacles.

Sackboy's supers can be pretty deadly if used right. His level 1 is aimed mostly diagonally up, but can defeat enemies on the same level if close enough. It involves our burlap hero transforming into one of three costumes and attacking. For his level 2, Sackboy brings out hot coals from his Pop-It. Steer them around with and place them by attacking. This is good at catching people off guard, and can counter other supers heading toward you if fast enough. His level 3 turns all enemies to bubbles. Sackboy can simply run through them to pop and KO them. Opponents can steer through the air slightly.

Sackboy's Rival is Big Daddy. Big Daddy wants to close that distance so he can deliver powerful blows to Sackboy. The tactic I found useful was to stun him with +, then go into a normal Slap Combo, and follow with a Bounce Pad with +. You could also just fall back on keep away, but Big Daddy's charge will close the gap, so be ready to stun him again. You can stun him to use you level 1 at him again and again, or wait until he charges. Dodge it and he'll hit the wall. Then he will be open. Big Daddy will mostly aim for a level 2. Try to throw him to keep him off it, but if he hits level 2, dodge a lot and stay in the air. As per the usual, get three kills and you move onto the boss.

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Complete Arcade Mode with Raiden

Raiden, former agent of FOXHOUND, is here to show what he can do with a blade.
Raiden is a combo-centric character, but his combos are all accessible and none too strenuous. He can make you feel powerful without having to do all that much. His standard combo will get you started, and add up a good sum of AP. You can chain into the combo from the Leaping Cut (side ) or Charging Cut (side ). You can go into the combo from really any move, even your moves, which are slower in comparison to the ferocity of the . The button maps Raiden's moves with his feet. These can be chained into combos like mentioned earlier, especially single moves like the Ashibarai (+) or normal , which opens up to multiple different combos depending on input. When they all end, however, you can go into your standard . The Upward Sweep (+) takes foes behind you, but if you can turn quickly enough, you may have breathing room for an + combo. Raiden also has a Parry with normal which takes towards his opponent, open for any combo, based from normal or . The Ashibarai is a 360 attack for both sides, so it may help when swarmed. Another nice move is the Hundred Hit Kick (side ), which treats foes to multiple slashes before knockback. The aerial version is a nice dive.

Raiden's supers are deadly. His level 1 is unusually potent, a 360 spin breakdance move with two turns, blade extended. This can be easily interrupted if too early, but just right can yield quite a few kills. The level 2 is pretty snazzy. Time freezes for enemies too close by, and Raiden can either kill enemies in 1 slash or go nuts with the right stick to strategically dice up enemies. Dicing makes the enemies drop AP, slashing does not. Press to send out another wave to stop enemies who escaped the first blast. The level 3 traps enemies in boxes, you can kill them with a slash. After the opponents respawn, they won't be in boxes, but you can kill them in one hit. With other deadly supers, you may never use the 3, however.

Raiden's rival is Cole MacGrath. Cole will use his ranged attacks to hit you, like his Lightning Bolts and Freeze Rockets, and drop some Ice Barriers. Get too close and be treated to Amp Combos. You can go for moves, but they will mostly be too slow. Stick to Parrying or Charging Cutting into combos, with some Hundred Hit Kicks to intercept his Induction Grind. Those quick slashes will really add to your AP. Be sure to throw Cole, ad he can store multiple level 1s within a bar. Cole will stick for tripping you up into a level 1, but give the chance for a level 2 and he'll go for it. If he hits level 2, stop attacking and get defensive so you don't get caught open from trying to throw or attack. Stick to level 1s from parries or when Cole gets up from the ground. Three kills and we learn why you shouldn't be looking for Raiden.

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The Iron Fist
Complete Arcade Mode with Heihachi

The patriarch of the Mishima clan and creator of the Iron Fist tournament, Heihachi, is in Battle Royale.
Heihachi is a character that can make you feel strong without much effort. He's a close-range fighter that can really act powerfully at close-range. His Flash Hands Combo (normal ) is a good example. Heihachi is a good countering character with his counter (normal ), and can open enemies up with his Demon's Wings (+), which attack from either side. His Demon Uppercut to Rising Uppercut (+ 2x) is a good move to get enemies airborne. A single uppercut can go into a Jichinsai (+). His attacks are mainly punches, and his mainly kicks. His Hell Axle (side ) and Spinning Roundhouse (normal ) are good knockback kick moves. Technically a kick move is his Wave Dash (side ) into , and is a good combo as well. The Wave Dash is like a dodge that can be chained into multiple combos. Heihachi has a smallish hit box zone, so use that to chain his moves into one another. You can charge his + to do a powerful move. Heihachi isn't very aerial, but his moves mainly stay the same in the air. A good drop attack is the aerial +. It will hit its mark for good AP, but if it misses, you fall to the ground for a while. You can hit while knocked down for a retaliating kick back up. If Heihachi's + tosses a beach ball, people can knock it into opponents so they lose AP.

Heihachi has some okay supers. His level one is a simple slam. It has a shock upwards, but the slam is the money-maker. It usually only gets one kill unless your enemies are packed together in a corner. The level 2 is golden, a fully AI Kuma runs around killing. There is no use saving up to the screen-wipe level 3 with a super like this, you can easily nab more than 3 kills with it.

Heihachi's rival is Toro. The wily feline will usually stick to his Oni and Justice stances, using his Mochi from Hell and throwing Mochi (Oni) and close range fighting style (Justice). Use your counter into Flash Hands combos or Hell Axles for good measure, and don't forget about the Wave Dash into or the Uppercut into Jichinsai combos. Toro will usually stick to level 1 attacks. I prefer to stick to using a level 2 to grab 2 kills, then finishing with a level 1. Three kills and the cats will learn respect.

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Mr. Bubbles
Complete Arcade Mode with Big Daddy

Oh Mr. Bubbles. He'll make you wish you never looked at his Little Sister.
Big Daddy is a very powerful character. His moves have a lot of armor on them. They also mainly keep him in place, but hey, the armor will help attackers. His standard Drill Punch (normal ) will knock enemies down, which can open them for an Uppercut (+), Sweeping Fist (+), or Drill Skewer (+). A good combo is Sweeping Fist, Jab (normal ), Drill Skewer. Your attacks will be the most powerful, but without the armor. The Drill Skewer is very versatile, and the Drill Slam (+) is great at gaining gobs of AP amidst groups. The Charging Rush (side ) is also powerful, and the aerial version can be chained into a Drill Skewer or Drill Punch. The maps Plasmids. Use Electro Shock (side ) and Winter Blast (+) to stun enemies so you can deal more damage. You can also hop and hold to unleash an Incinerate plasmid that flattens enemies.

Big Daddy has some nice super moves. For his level 1, a Little Sister hops off his shoulder can arcs down. You have to aim it, but if you time it right, you get net a good 2 to 3 kills. The super has an additional hit at the beginning that drops enemies to their butts, opening them for the Little Sister. His level 2 is definitely what you want. You can run around the stage, killing everyone. Your Plasmids also all turn to Insect Swarm, so you can catch escapers. Your speed is also greatly enhanced. The level 3 is great, flooding the stage, allowing you quick dashes up and to the side for kills. This is probably his best super, but choose wisely which you want.

Big Daddy's rival is Sackboy. Sackboy will rely on his Electric Trap and Fan to catch you off your guard. You can destroy these thanks to your extra armor. Sackboy will also try to use his Grabinators on you, so make sure you don't linger up close. Sackboy will also use his Jetpack dash frequently. Outcharge Sackboy with your Charging Rush. Also, try to make good use of your Sweeping Fist to Jab to Drill Skewer combo. Go for the level 2, as you can get a possible 2 kills with it. Sackboy will frequent level 1s, so watch yourself. 3 kills and we see who wins the Little Sister.

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Demon Hunter
Complete Arcade Mode with Dante

The son of Sparda is coming to slay the demons.
Dante is very combo oriented. You can channel any of his moves into his s into , but the side+ Angel Boost can chain into any move. A good base for starting combos is the standard Rebellion Fury (standard ) combo. You can easily direct it into an Arbiter Tremor (+) or High Time (+). Another move to branch into is the Shredder (+). Of course, after a gun attack you can chain. You can even go farther with Aerial Rave (aerial ) off of a High Time. The Parry (normal ) can interrupt an opponent's attack, opening them for a Rebellion Fury or an Osiris Maelstrom (side ).

The button maps all of Dante's gun attacks. Now while the bullets won't "truly" attack by knocking anyone down like a sword attack, they do lots of chip AP damage and can quickly fill your bar. They flow seamlessly in combos. A combo I like is 3 hits of Rebellion Fury, then Gun Flurry (+) or Ebony and Ivory Quick Shot (normal ) to rake in some nice AP. The Quick Shot will auto-aim, so if you're just outside the heat of combat, a few bullets could help.

Dante has some cool super moves. His level 1 is alright, three slashes with Rebellion, the last ending in a shockwave that rolls forward. The shockwave is the money-maker, but it is possible to kill off other enemies with the slashes. The level 2 is the classic Stinger, sending Dante in a horizontal dash with Rebellion extended. Make sure everyone is one the same platform, or you'll look very foolish. And the level 3 is Devil Trigger. It slows time for enemies, allowing you to kill them in a hit. The super doesn't stop there, but after death, the enemies can move at normal speeds. Use the Angel Boost to catch the escapees and dispose of them how you see fit. Use the Inverse Rainstorm (+) to catch people above you, as that's where lots of escapees try to go. The Ebony and Ivory Quick Shot can help home in on enemies.

Dante's rival is Nariko. Nariko has a slight range advantage over you, while you can milk combos more. She will frequently pull you closer to her to perform combos. Be sure to block this game and make good use of the Parry. Focus on Rebellion Fury-to-High Time-to-Aerial Rave combos to really boost that AP. Dodge roll a lot and act defensively. Also use Ebony and Ivory to increase your AP. Nariko will focus on all sorts of supers, but she will climb to that level 2 or 3 if she can. Everything but her level 3 can easily be dodged with rolling and the Angel Boost. I'd say with Dante's large combos, it's safe to stick to level 2s and 3s fi you can't get the empty-cancel level 1 confirm working. I'd actually focus on the level 3 so you can get those two kills instead of reusing level 2 attacks. Once three kills have been done, we see who truly represents Ninja Theory in this game.

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Demon of Empire City
Complete Arcade Mode with Evil Cole

The decidedly darker variant of Cole MacGrath will do whatever it takes to gain power.
If you've played as Good Cole already, you'll find Evil Cole is more blunt. Their Amp moves are practically identical, like his standard Amp Combo (normal ). except all the ending moves eject, not just most of them. He also has the Induction Grind (side ), which can chain into Gigawatt Blades ( from the grind) which launches enemies up, the Shoulder Tackle ( from grind) or just stop with . Another good "close-up move" is the Giga Punch (normal , can be charged). When fully charged, Cole will dash forward and heavy crumple any opponent in the dash zone for a free super. The Oil Spike (+) will lock foes in place with goop, opening them to attack. A cheap yet effective move is the Firebird Strike (side ), which is a Superman move that launches Cole horizontally.

Evil Cole is also good at ranges. His Lightning Bolts (normal ) can do chip damage and if enough hit their mark, then you can a boost. The Double Grenade (side ) explodes on contact, then again in the air a bit. Another good move is the Nightmare Blast (+), which has great knockback. Evil Cole is also a great thrasher for enemies above him. His Tripwire Rockets (+) have good length to hit multiple guys in the air, and the + triple hit is awesome too.

The three supers of Evil Cole are all devastating in their own ways. The level 1 is just like Good Cole's, pick up and toss an enemy. Hold and pick a direction, then release to throw. Any enemies in the path of the projectiles die too. The level 2 is pretty awesome, any enemy in the vicinity of Cole are drained of their life. You can easily get three kills with this, just time it well. You can hold to extend the super's life. The level 3 has Evil Cole gaining the power of The Beast. Press to throw exploding waves, for vertical columns of energy, and to keep enemies from running.

Evil Cole MacGrath's rival is Fat Princess. Her Majesty will command her workers to launch out fireballs that knock you into the air, where she can follow up with her upwards spin attack. Her scepter moves will also make an appearance, with some Butt Stomps to boot. Use those Amp Combos and Nightmare Blasts to your advantage, while dodging her fireballs. Your Double Grenade can pick at her from a distance as well. If you can lift her with the Gigawatt Blades, pester her with your + or . Fat Princess will use her level 1s, and there's no reason for you not to do the same. Stun her with the Oil Spike and use the super for an easy kill. Three kills and we see if Her Highness chose cake or Cole's foot.

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Heavenly Warrior
Complete Arcade Mode with Nariko

The warrior from Heavenly Sword comes to Battle Royale, and not as a female Kratos.
Nariko is combo-centric, you might want to practice with her. Nariko really focuses on mid-ranged combos, and there really is no better place to start than her standard combo, which can be seamlessly linked to any attack, Counter (normal ), or From Father (normal ), which is a four-hit combo that ends in a paralysis hit. From From Father or any move, you can channel into another combo. Each direction+ has their own individual combo if you keep performing them, and you can switch at any time, which can make you control the floor. Compassion (+) is a pull-to-you move, which obviously opens up the enemy for combos, while Aerial Moment (+) can start an aerial combo. You might get the hint that combos are good, no? They really make Nariko a fun and powerful character when used right.

Nariko has a few projectiles if you don't want a strictly mid-range game. Her + projectiles will go up if it is directed, or inversely down if told to be. It can rebound and astounding 8 times max. The Fire Rocket (side ) can be aimed as well, but directly, not just up or down. The best "longer" attack is still Warm Embrace (aerial ) so you can link combos, but the projectiles get their jobs done. The best move is Purgatory (+), which sends out blades from the ground that stun grounded enemies and launch airborne ones. Do it in air for the best effects and less start-up.

Nariko's super are cool, but can be difficult to score with. Her level one has no up close power, but it's just in the mid range. It needs to be aimed, but if you can get it into an unsuspecting group, it can easily net three kills. The level 2 is alright, powering Nariko with a large cannon that can fire bombs at foes. However, it's easily punishable by other supers. The level 3 is worth saving for, turning Nariko into a goddess. Use to latch onto and slam opponents into the ground, to throw out your blades to throw an enemy, and to whip the blades around your head with quite the range. The length and range of the super is what makes it great.

Nariko's rival is Dante. These are both very combo-centric people, but you have the range advantage slightly. Dante will use his Rebellion Fury combos into Arbiter Tremors and throw out Arbiter Hurls, which are rolling versions of the Tremors. Use the Counter to open Dante up to combos of any variety, with some normal s to keep him put. The Counter is very important on harder difficulties. Dante will use his level 1s, but if you use you level 3, it lasts just long enough to actually win it all with the one super. Save up and revel in the victory. Once Dante's killed three times, the blade grows stronger.

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Hero of Gallowmere
Complete Arcade Mode with Sir Daniel

Returning from the grave, Sir Daniel finally appears in another game.
Fortesque is a very animated character. His moves take some wind-up, but in return gather lots of AP. He is actually one of the slowest-attacking people in the game. It's always important to have a Golden Shield (normal ) out. It absorbs projectiles too, and also enhances your Charge (side ). Your attacks are sword-based. The Hero Sword Slash (normal ) can be linked to a Hero Sword Uppercut (+), which sometimes can go into a Magic Bow (+) or Drumstick Toss (+). The Magic Sword Spin (+) attacks both sides of our skeletal hero. Most of Dan's animated technique leads to hitting more than one enemy with his attacks. A good stun attack is the Green Hand (side ), which travels along the ground and heavy crumples enemies. Try getting to this into a Battle Axe-a-Rang (normal ) or sword combo. For chip AP, try the Dragon Potion (+), which ignites the ground.

Dan's supers are hard to master. His level 1 is an aimable lightning spell. By aimable, it means diagonal-up left, right, or straight up. The straight up part is good when getting the drop on people hanging out above you. The level 2 is mainly vertically oriented when the torrent of souls unleashes, but a few break off and track runaways. The vertical part is best, the tracking can be lacking. The level 3 is probably the best. Unleash it when your enemies are right next to you, then try to track down some extras for more kills.

Sir Daniel's rival is Colonel Radec. Make sure you have that Golden Shield out, as Radec likes his projectiles. Radec's attacks will consist of standard gunfire and sniper rounds. Get close enough to get a flamethrower treatment. Take to the sky and expect Teslite grenades and Arc Rifle fire. To get the best results, use Hero Sword Slash combos that include the uppercut slash followed by a Magic Bow. When Radec is hit by the bow, use your level 1 to get him. Just focus on your sword attacks and you'll be good. You can always Green Hand him, and the Battle Axe-a-Rang seems to catch him off guard too. Radec will use up his level 1s, so keep a vicious assault going to prevent him reaching that. Three kills and we see who the best war veteran is.

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This is Living
Win a match-made online game without dying

This seems like a very difficult trophy, and if you aren't that good, it can be. Skilled players, however, will have not as much struggle. You must not only win the match, you can't die. The dodge roll and air dodge are VERY important to do this, and you must time your supers precisely. Pick your best character and good luck. You can pick 2v2 if you'd like a partner to lean on/take the fall for you. If you want the easy way out, sorry, boosting won't work. Bnecker717 has a tip, however, if you just can't catch a break:
Quote Originally Posted by bnecker717 View Post
Type a message ahead of time asking your opponents if they would mind not killing you and letting you win for a trophy. It would also be a good idea to offer to help them out if they need with any boostable trophies. Copy the message. Choose a 2v2 match. When the match-made game is about to start and you can see the other teams psn id's, create a message to them and paste in what you wrote earlier. If you have time I would suggest putting something in the subject such as "help." You may have to do this for a few matches until you come across someone who will actually read the message right away before the game. I had to do it 4x until someone read it, but they were very nice and let me win. Hopefully this will help anyone having problems with this trophy!

I Chose The Impossible
Perform a Level 3 Super with Big Daddy on 'Columbia'

See Palace of the Underworld

Master of the Ray Sphere
Perform a Level 3 Super with Cole or Evil Cole on 'Alden's Tower'

See Palace of the Underworld

Interpol HQ Break-In
Perform a Level 3 Super with Sly Cooper on 'Paris'

See Palace of the Underworld

Kerwan's Capital City
Perform a Level 3 Super with Ratchet on 'Metropolis'

See Palace of the Underworld

Ally of Larry Da Vinci
Perform a Level 3 Super with Sackboy on 'Dreamscape'

See Palace of the Underworld

Calypso's Wishes
Perform a Level 3 Super with Sweet Tooth on 'Black Rock Stadium'

See Palace of the Underworld

The Doctor Is In...
Perform a Level 3 Super with Ratchet on 'San Francisco'

See Palace of the Underworld

Student Becomes the Master
Perform a Level 3 Super with PaRappa on 'Dojo'

See Palace of the Underworld

REX versus RAY
Perform a Level 3 Super with Raiden on 'Franzea'

See Palace of the Underworld

The Peak Point Helmet Blues
Perform a Level 3 Super with Spike on 'Time Station'

See Palace of the Underworld

Samos' Sacred Site
Perform a Level 3 Super with Jak on 'Sandover Village'

See Palace of the Underworld

Sic Parvis Magna
Perform a Level 3 Super with Nathan Drake on 'Stowaways'

See Palace of the Underworld

Autarch of Helghan
Perform a Level 3 Super with Radec on 'Invasion'

See Palace of the Underworld

Palace of the Underworld
Perform a Level 3 Super with Kratos on 'Hades'

For any of the Level 3 tropihes, you can either do it regularly, or go into Practice mode on the right map and as the right character and force the super level to 3.


  • Marccap for the previous banner and boosting thread
  • JagDogger for lots of trophy tips and tipping
  • IGN for making cool "how-to" videos

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