Players: 1 (2 for Welcome Guest )
Online Trophies:
All trophies are online only
Online Pass Required:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to 100%:
50 days
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • If you have done the requirements for them before the patch, A Place to Call My Own , Interior Designer , Wherever I Lay My Hat , Fresh Threads , Brand New Toy and Nice Gadget! will pop as soon as you log into Home after downloading the patch.
  • All the trophies requirng you to get furniture, clothes etc can be done witout spending a single penny
  • Visit AlphaZone4 as it has a complete database of all items, rewards and personal spaces in Home which will be handy when it comes to finding all the available free rewards and spaces if you don't fancy buying anything on Home.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Depending on wheter or not you were using Home before the patch, you should have got half of the trophies (as long as the requirements for them have been met) as soon as you have logged in. If not however then you will immediatley be brought to your Harbour Studio space to customize and dress up your avatar which should net you Welcome Home , A Place to Call My Own and A New You . Next go for all the item and space trophies which you can do without having to buy either of them by going to spaces which have them as rewards or in stores for free. Next do all the other miscelaneous trophies and then just login to Home for 50 days (you should do A Documentary while working towards it) for the final trophy.


Welcome Home
Log in to PlayStation®Home

This will be the first trophy you get. Just simply load up Home and it pops after a minute or so.

A Place to Call My Own
Visit your Harbor Studio apartment

This is your personal space that is given to you when you login to Home for the first time. You are brought there when you load up Home for the first time.

Interior Designer
Use 15 unique, purchased or rewarded furniture items in an apartment

There is plenty of furniture available for free and as rewards so getting 15 pieces of furniture won't pose a problem. You can find plenty for free in the Furniture store ( > Navigator > Shop > Furniture) and just look for pieces of furniture that are priced as FREE. Once you have 15 pieces of furniture go back to your personal space and go to redecorate ( > Redecorate) and just select any 15 pieces of furniture and place them in your personal space.

Wherever I Lay My Hat
Own 3 purchased or rewarded apartments or clubhouses

Some of the free spaces may not be available in your region.

You can purchase personal spaces and clubhouses by going to Estates ( > Navigator > Shop > Estates) and picking any 3 places you want. If you don't want to purchase personal spaces then there are several that you can get for free.

Here are a few free spaces available:

1. Batcave Outpost - Insert Batman: Arkham Asylum into your PS3 and then login to Home (EU/NA only)
2. The Complex - Vist the Aurora space (EU/NA only)
3. The Complex 2 - Vist the Aurora space (EU/NA only)
4. Darla's Den - Visit any Midway space
5. The Casino: Budget Room - Visit The Casino Concourse space (EU/NA only)
6. Salt Shooter Game - Visit the Sodium Hub (EU/NA only)
7. Virtua Tennis 4: Baseline Battle - Visit someone who already owns it (may need to play the minigame before it unlocks)
(EU only)
8. Audi Apartment- Get a score of 3,000 on the Audi Vertical Run minigame (EU only)
9. Audi Sledge Muliplayer - Visit the Audi terminal (EU only)

Fresh Threads
Own 15 purchased or rewarded clothing items

There are plenty of clothes available to get for free so getting 15 clothing items shouldn't pose a problem. Start off by going to the Threads store and then going into the PS Home selection ( > Navigator > Shop > Threads > Male/Female > PS Home) and just browse throught it to find all the clothing price as FREE. If you still need more clothing then there are plenty of spaces that offer clothing as a reward like the Motorstorm Carrier (See AlphaZone4 on how to get them).

Brand New Toy
Own 3 purchased or rewarded portable items

The portables in question are Companions which are animals or characters that follow you around the place. There are a few that are available for free or as rewards.

Here are a few Companions that are available for free:

1. Hellbug Companion - Available in the Stuff store ( > Navigator > Shop > Stuff > Companions > Defiance)
2. Aseman The White Tiger - Visit the Kingdom Of The Skies space
3. Vincent - Visit the Aurora space and go through the teleport and talk to the storyteller straight in front of you and select the first story

Nice Gadget!
Own 15 purchased or rewarded furniture or active items

You can pretty much get this trophy on just furniture alone but just in case you want to get active items for your space but you don't know what an active item is, it is an item that can be interacted with. There are a few active items available that can be purchased for free such the 3D Printer, Lockwood Gift Machine and Sneak Attack all of which can be found in the Stuff store ( > Navigator > Shop > Stuff).

A New You
Change each item of clothing individually on a male or female avatar

Go to your wardrobe ( > Wardrobe) and select and wear an item from the following:


A Documentary
Take a photo on 10 different days

You should get this while working towards There’s No Place Like Home . Bring up the menu by pressing and select the first option which is Camera and just take a photo of anything (doesn't have to be anything specific) and hit to take the photo. Do this for 10 (non-consecutive) days for the trophy

Welcome Guest
Visit a friend’s apartment

If you are boosting this trophy then this will be the easiest trophy you will ever boost for the simple reason that everyone has Home on their PS3 so it's just a matter of asking someone to invite you to their space. You can see which of your friends are on Home by going to > Navigator ? Friends Only and if they are in thir own personal space then you can request an invite by pressing on their name (the other person invites then by selecting on their name) and if they allow you to go to their personal space then you should receive notification that they've sent you an invite which you accept and as soon as the space has loaded the trophy pops.

Grand Explorer
Visit 20 unique spaces

Despite saying you need to visit 20 "Unique" spaces, you can actually do this just by going back and forth between two spaces which is actually better because you have to download the space if you haven't visited the space before and that takes a couple of minutes for the space to download which if you were to do 20 times would be a headache. I suggest doing this with the Harbour Studio space (personal spaces count towards the trophy too) and the Home Square.

There’s No Place Like Home
Visit PlayStation®Home on 50 different days

This will be the most time consuming trophy to get. As Home is online only, it uses an online clock so changing the date/time settings on your PS3 won't work so you just have to do it the long way and login to home for 50 (non-consecutive) days. If you use Home all then those 50 days should fly by otherwise if you just only care about getting the trophy then I suggest to make sure that Home counts your login by logging into Home and go to any space and remain there for a minute (just to make sure your login was registered) and just keep doing this for 50 days.

Born to Dance
Perform 5 of the default dances

Press to bring up the menu and go to the Dance option at the very bottom and select any 5 dances you want your avatar to do

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