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Playstation Move Heroes is a game made exclusively for the Playstation Move.
Choose from your favorite characters, including Jak, Daxter, Sly, Bentley, Ratchet, and (guess who!) Clank, to compete in over 50 challenges in this ultimate crossover story. Use the Playstation Move in new and exciting ways as you Smash, Hurl, and Shoot your way to freedom!
-Whip through hordes of enemies!
-Activate Special Attacks!
-Blast your way to freedom!

Playstation Move Heroes actually isn't that hard to platinum. Wait, yes it can be. With out a guide that is. Oh look! Here's a guide right here! Would ya look at that! How about using this guide to make the easy? Great! Come on!

Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, with some additional clean-up.
Collectible Trophies: Look What I Found, Buckets of Bolts, That's So Haven, Pocket Change, All Together Again
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Required for the Platinum

In order to get the platinum, you're going to need a second Move controller in order to get the co-op trophies, as there is no online co-op.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Tip #1: Listen to these tips.
There are five gameplay types, each with a different strategy, and a number of game types, each with different strategies.

BOWLING-Concentration is key for mataining, well, control of the ball. For some challenges, like Diamond challenges, precision is key. I see Jak as the best choice for most bowling challenges, as the Eco Lightning from his Ultimate infused in the ball can easily do LOTS of damage and break alot, perfect for fueling rockets, and getting those Whibble cages just out of reach. If control is what you need, Sly's Thief Time Ultimate Ability gives great control, perfect for precisely grabbing collectibles.

WHIP-Using the whip is like the melee weapons, only with longer reach. When dealing with a swarm in a row, use left-right Super Strikes. When dealing with a line, use up-down ones. A great whip strategy is to to swing forward, then quickly flick back. It results in a powerful whip attack. NEVER forget the Whip-Grab. It can really help in a tight spot.

DISC-Stay calm, and stay focused. Use wrist rotations to turn the disc, not arm movements. Make sure you've peed before this, so you don't jitter around.

MELEE-ING-Not too different from whipping. If you feel swarmed, just swing alot. Not alot of tips for this...

GUNNING-The gun is the most accurate weapon in the game.
-Combuster-Short, controlled bursts are best.
-Morph Gun/Scatter Gun-Don't ever feel swarmed with this baby. It's practically a one-hitter.
-Bouncer-If you fall short, aim higher. Also, the grenades aren't impact, so using a bowling-esque effect is awesome, and also effective.

SURVIVAL-Try to survive up to three waves of enemies. Blocking (if available) can knock back swarming foes. Always stay on the move (pun not intended). Remember, in regular challenges, you can grab a full-health powerup, so don't be scared if you finish a wave with only dwindling health.

COUNTDOWN -Fuel up rockets with crystals. Go for destruction if it's bowling by being Jak. His Eco Lightning can do tons of damage, meaning faster fueling.

GUARDIAN-Protect Whibble pods from touching the ground (and of course bad guys). Most challenges, you can just wipe out alot of enemies around one pod, then travel to the next, but when you reach Haven City, that philosophy is dead. When you reach the tougher ones, always be on the move (still, no pun intended). Clear out the enemies, heal a little if they are the long respawn type, or all the way if they are the short, then run to the next.

RESCUE-Find Whibbles and bring them to Mama Whibble. Just keep an eye on the time and keep moving. Also, try to rember where you've been by checking if a crystal path is there.

JAILBREAK-Find and destroy Whibble cages. The standard method for this is gunning or disc. For discs, Bentley's Auto-Hack ability can transmit Whibble positions. If you're going for Gold in disc challenges, play as Bentley to learn the postions of cages, then come back as Daxter or Clank for some longer-ranged breakery.


1. Single-Player
Go through the Story Mode, doing your best to medal, going for whichever trophies you can, and collect colectibles along the way. Take this playing to learn the standard ropes for getting Gold Medals.
2.Gold Medal
After finishing Story Mode, try for the Gold Medals in the challenges to get G.O.A.T..
3.Collectibles, Ultimate Ability trophies, 100 Boar Guards, 40 Agorians
After getting all Golds, go for the 200 Ultimate Ability takedowns, collectibles (the best part of the guide), 40 Agorians, and 100 Boars (if you haven't already). Refer to the other sections of the guide for tips for these.
4.Diamond Challenges
Next, work on getting Gold Medals on all Diamond challenges for Diamonds Are Forever.
5. Team Play
Wrap up by playing with a friend.


PlayStationŽMove Hero
Obtain All Trophies

This is the big one. See the whole, "Obtain All Trophies" description? That's the big plan.

Complete All Metropolis Story Challenges

Once you finish all Metropolis story challenges with at least a Bronze Medal in each challenge, this should unlock.

Haven City
Complete All Haven City Story Challenges

Once you finish all Haven City story challenges with at least a Bronze Medal in each challenge, this should unlock.

Complete All Paris Story Challenges

Once you finish all Paris story challenges with at least a Bronze Medal in each challenge, this should unlock.

Unlock The Final Gleebertopia Story Challenge

When you unlock Gleebertopia, you'll see there are six challenges. Complete the first five and this will unlock.

The End
Complete Story Mode

Just complete all story challenges to beat Story Mode.

Fire in the Hole
Destroy 8 Enemies With One Grenade From The Bouncer

In the Paris challenge, 'Show No Merci', this is easy. In Wave 2, just line 'em up and fire a grenade. Or, also possible in Wave 3. Once you fuel up the final rocket, eight pinbots will appear.
Please note, the Diamond Challenge, 'Show No Merci Beaucoop' makes this easier to obtain.

Lock N Load
Destroy 5 Enemies With One Red Morphgun Blast

Given the scarcity of the Morph-Gun (it should be the Scatter Gun technically...), this can be difficult.
Go to the Paris challenge, 'A Mine of Their Own'. Get to where you fight the flying robot on the rooftop. After you explode him once, three enemies will appear. Don't shoot. Two more enemies should appear soon. BAM!
Or, you could enter the large building at the center of the map, and run past the enemies to the Whibblet. About five enemies will be there when you exit the little room.

Simma Down
Complete A Haven City Or Paris Challenge Without Overheating The Combuster

This is simple. Remember: short, controlled bursts.

Line Em Up
Destroy 3 Enemies With A Single Melee Attack

Easier than it sounds. Go as Ratchet, line up 3 enemies closely. Hold the 'T' button, and swing left or right. And it's a hooooooome ruuuuun!!! This can be done in multiple challenges.

Return 4 Whibblets Simultaneously In A Single Haven City Or Paris Rescue Challenge

See Day Care

Destroy 10 Pinbots With One Ball Detonation

This can only be done in one challenge: Pinbot Apocalyspe in Paris. Try jumping the ball a little to jump over the first pin in the set, then detonate the ball. You'll get it.

Chain Reaction
Save 4 Whibbles With One Disc In A Haven City Or Paris Jailbreak Challenge

See Make It Look Easy

Cool Whip
Destroy 8 Enemies With One Whip Attack

At the beginning of Wave 2 in Lash Grasps (or 40 Lash Grasps), exactly eight enemies should appear from the right. Bam!

Just Enough
Get Bronze Medals On All Story Challenges

You should get this after beating the game.
Note: Medal trophies stack

1st Place Loser
Get Silver Medals On All Story Challenges

Not too hard. Just see G.O.A.T. for tips, or see the Tips and Strategies section.
Note: Medal trophies stack

Round of Applause
Get Your First Gold Medal

Easy peasy. Just complete a challenge and receive a Gold Medal.

Get Gold Medals On All Story Challenges

This trophy isn't very difficult when you get used to the challenges. Just review the Tips and Strategies section for tips. Practice makes perfect.

Look What I Found
Pick Up Your First Hidden Collectible

Just find and pick up a collectible. Refer to the individual collecting sections for locations.

Buckets of Bolts
Find All Hidden Gold Bolts In Metropolis

Gold Bolt locations are in the spoiler.

Toggle Spoiler

That's So Haven
Find All Hidden Precursor Orbs In Haven City

The Precursor Orb locations are in the spoiler:

Toggle Spoiler

Pocket Change
Find All Hidden Coins In Paris

Coin locations are in the spoiler:

Toggle Spoiler

All Together Again
Find All Hidden Gold Bolts, Precursor Orbs, And Coins

See Buckets of Bolts for Gold Bolt locations, That's So Haven for Precursor Orb locations, and Pocket Change for Coin locations.

Crystal Clear
Get A 30x Crystal Combo In Team Play

For a crystal combo, player 2 must collect the diamonds within a short amount of time.
See Team Trauma.

25 Is Alright
Get A 25x Multiplier

See 50 is Nifty

50 Is Nifty
Get A 50x Multiplier

Got to the challenge, 'Show No Merci' in Paris. Just get every multiplier you see and can obtain.
Note: It's easier to get "Enemy Domination" bonuses in the Diamond challenge, 'Show No Merci Beaucoop', so if you have it unlocked, this is the easier choice.

Day Care
Return Every Whibblet Simultaneously In A Single Rescue Challenge

I got this in 'Search and Destroy' in Haven City, given it is a small area with the Whibblets bunched close together, but some challenges have only 5-6 Whibbles, so yeah.

Make It Look Easy
Save All Whibbles With One Disc In A Haven City Or Paris Jailbreak Challenge

Now there aren't many tips I can give that aren't in the Tips and Strategies section, but you have two choices to get this: Either get this along with Diamonds Are Forever, given you HAVE to get all the Whibble cages with one disc in order to get a Gold Medal, or choose a Haven City or Paris challenge from the normal challenges, and go from there. I found 'Your Neighborhood Spaceman' in Paris easy.

Can't Touch This
Take No Damage In A Single Haven City Or Paris Survival Challenge

There are really only two challenges you can actually achieve this in: 'Rumble in the Rambshackles' in Haven City, and 'Whipped Creme' in Paris. 'Whipped Creme' as Ratchet is easiest. Here's the way to get it:
WAVE 1-You can get through this wave easy by charging and releasing Super Strikes. When the only enemies remaining are the two red gunner robots a distance away, wait until they JUST fire their bullets, then bounce over. Then shield until they both fire and hit the shield. Once you're in the clear, whip the crates behind them.
WAVE 2-This wave can be a little tricky. Just take out the first gunning robot as soon as the challenge starts. DON'T USE YOUR ULTIMATE ABILITY. You'll need it for Wave 3. Block sensibly, and don't forget about Whip-Grabs/Throws. When the last five yellow robots show up, use a Super Strike (swinging-the-Move-down type one).
WAVE 3-Start by using a side-to-side Super Strike to take out the first four yellow robots. Then use the Groovitron. Make a beeline straight for the Boar guard, Whip-Throwing any enemy in your way. Then take the Boar Guard down with a Super Strike. Then just use the general Survival tactics to the end.

Seen It All
Use Every Ultimate Ability In The Game At Least Once

Easy. This doesn't really require help. Self-explanatory. Very easy .

Dance Party
Get 200 Total Enemies To Dance With The Groovitron

See Sneak Attack

In The Zoni
Destroy 200 Total Enemies Via Zoni Attacks

See Daxter's Whirlwind

Turn 200 Total Enemies Against Each Other With Bentley's Auto-Hack Ability

See Daxter's Whirlwind.

Eco Power
Destroy 200 Total Enemies with Dark Jak's Eco Lightning

See Sneak Attack

Daxter's Whirlwind
Destroy 200 Total Enemies With Dark Daxter's Whirlwind Attack

You have two options, depending on what you have unlocked.
1.If you do not have the Diamond challenge 'Show No Merci Beaucoop', go to the Paris challenge 'Show No Merci'. In Wave 2 and 3, repeatedly use your Ultimate Ability.
2.If you do have the Diamond challenge 'Show No Merci Beaucoop', this trophy got a whole lot easier. When Wave 3 begins, just repeatedly use your Ultimate Ability when the pins start coming. Also a good strategy for All Falls Down.

Sneak Attack
Destroy 200 Total Enemies During Sly's Thief Time

Pinbot Apocalypse and Lash Grasps (and 40 Lash Grasps) have lots of enemies, so just use your Ultimate Ability on them.

All Falls Down
Destroy 20 Enemies During One Ultimate Ability Activation

You have two options here:
1. Go to the 'Show No Merci' challenge in Paris as Daxter. When Wave 2 starts, bunch up alot of enemies, then go all Dark Daxter on them. After getting the ones already out, wait by a enemy respawn portal to get any newcomers.
2. Easier. Go to the Paris Diamond challenge, 'Show No Merci Beaucoop' as Daxter. At Wave 3, the Pinbot swarm is limitless. Just activate the Ultimate Ability and carve through the lot.

Agorian Dishonor
Destroy 40 Total Agorian Bombers

You will most likely not get this in your first playthrough. Now the easiest (and may I add fastest) way to get this is to go to the Diamond challenge 'The Final Shutdown' as Daxter. You'll have to sacrifice the green pod. Just protect the other two for the challenge. At the 35 second mark, a ridiculous wave of Agorians will appear. Use Dark Daxter to tear them up. You will most likely have to replay the level to achieve this.

Pork Chops
Destroy 100 Total Boar Bodyguards

These big guys appear in almost every challenge, so this isn't too hard. You'll probably get this either during your first playthrough, or not too long afterwards. Smells like bacon...

Destroy 2500 Total Enemies

See Space Junk

Space Junk
Destroy 5000 Total Enemies

Just blow up every enemy you see. You can rack up kills fast by going to the Paris Diamond challenge, 'Show No Merci Beaucoop' as Bentley. Go to Wave 3, and activate his Ultimate once you get a good view of the action. Everytime your Ultimate Ability becomes available, use it.
This is also an easy way to get All Falls Down

Party People
Earn 10 Medals Of Any Kind In Team Play

Just earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal in a Team Play challenge, or should I say ten. Keep in mind that's ten different challenges.

Team Trauma
Destroy Any Combination Of 12 Enemies Or Objects With One Team Strike

To perform a Team Strike, both players must bump the spheres on their Moves together.
The best spot for this is in the Paris Diamond Challenge, Whipped Creme Brulee. In the first round, defeat the enemies that aren't the ones shooting at you from the jump pad without raising the force field, then arrange yourself by the field generator holes on the ground, facing between the main platform and the small island. Use a Team Strike to 'splode all boxes. For Crystal Clear, standing there will allow Player 2 enough distance that Player 1 won't have crystals gravitate to him, so pick up all the crystals fast to knock that out too.

Give A Teammate 20 Health Ups In One Challenge In Team Play

In challenges relating to staying alive, Player 2 can use the option on the Move to fire health-ups at Player 1. Doing so 20 times will pop the trophy.

Spending Time With Friends
Give A Teammate 10 Total Time Extends In One Challenge In Team Play

In a timed challenge, when Player 2 has enough crystals, they can use the option to fire Time Extends at Player 1. Simply do so 10 times to get the trophy.

Target Practice
Hit Your Teammate 100 Times In One Challenge With Crystals In Team Play

This trophy is basically achieved by Player 2 shooting, well, one hundred crystals they collect at the main player.
To switch to the crystal option, press the on Player 2's Move. Simply go to a level with lots of crystals, choose the crystal option, then hit Player 1 100 times to get the trophy.

Ultimate Hero
Trigger Your Ultimate Ability 3 Times Within One Challenge

Actually easy . You can get this in pretty much any challenge, especially Countdown challenges.

Diamonds Are Forever
Earn Gold Medals On All Diamond Challenges

Diamond Challenges become available after achieving all gold medals in story. They are harder versions of previous levels.
All I can say here is, "Practice makes perfect". Keep at the challenges, and don't take silver for an answer!
If you're having a little trouble, review the Tips and Strategies section for, well, tips and strategies.

Nothing Up My Sleeve
Get A Gold Medal On A Diamond Challenge Without Using An Ultimate Ability

I recommend doing this in the Haven City Diamond challenge, 'Breakin' 2: Quantum Boogaloo', but you can do this in pretty much any Diamond challenge.

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