Players: 1-4 (Only 1 player can play when getting trophies)
Online Trophies:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 20-30 Hours
Trophy Difficulty: 8
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

The Roadmap lists what you should do in order for each mode, what mode you choose to start with is up to you, although i do recommend doing it in the listed order seeing as it's the best way to start the learning curve of the game.

The difficulty rating for this game is based upon there being no guide for it in the first place, with the guide i would place the game as a 7 instead of an 8.

If there is any questions regarding the trophy guide then please send me a private message or reply to this thread.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Story mode:
  • Complete game on hard
  • Replay chapter 1 on easy for A-ranking as well as not losing any lives
  • Replay stages that misses cages or snowmen
  • Replay stages that misses extra-life
  • Get "Roller Bear" trophy
  • Complete the game on insane

Puzzle Mode:
  • Get AA ranking on 10 puzzles
  • Clear all puzzles

Survival Mode:
  • Survive 5 waves on each stage
  • Kill a trapper with a sliding block over 15 grid squares away
  • Score 1,500,000 points in 1 player Survivor mode


Bear Necessities
Complete the Story Mode

There is a total of 10 chapters, every 2 chapters includes a boss after it's last stage, so in total theres 5 bosses. I can't help out with each chapter but i will explain how each boss works.

Chapter 2 Boss:
This boss tries to run you over with his truck and also drops new blocks from the sky. The new blocks that drop from the sky will include one explosive crate, which is the key to taking this boss down. Once the crate falls walk over to the crate and go on the opposite side of it from where the boss is located, he will drive into the crate and lose one life.

Chapter 4 Boss:
Acts the same was as the boss in chapter 2, but does not drop an explosive crate, so what you need to do is wait for him to shoot out his plow, the plow will follow you in a straight line, so walk behind the boss so that the plow will hit him instead of you.

Chapter 6 boss:
This boss spews out fire in a circular motion, the fire will ignite the squares in the corner. He will also drop crates from the sky as well as shoot out 2 ice orbs which will follow you. The key here is when he shoots out ice orbs, avoid them at all cost, once the last one disappears it will turn into an iceblock. Try to get it to disappear at one of the sides so he does not destroy this. Now wait for him to spew fire and then destroy the block, the boss will be frozen so push him to the corner which is ignited by his fire.

Chapter 8 boss:
This one also spews out fire, but in a line. He will stop for a second and then spew out again, so walk to the other side of the level when he stops. When he drops blocks from the sky it's time to act. Get an ice block on each side or one of the sides and in the middle, then stand on the last switch and the boss will freeze and loose one of his life. Note that during the part where you need to activate the switches he will also toss explosives towards you, so avoid this at all cost.

Chapter 10 boss:
This boss has two stages, both stages is a mixture of the previous bosses so it should be very clear on how to take down this boss, once he is dead you have completed the story mode.

Smarter Than The Average Bear
Complete the Puzzle Mode

Follow the videos provided and you should be getting AA grade on MOST of the puzzles, wich will also net you the "Brainy Bear" trophy. Note that the videos does not provide the solution on how to get AA grade on ALL but solutions on how to clear them in general, so if you want AA grade on all puzzles this is something you need to figure out yourself.

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Bear Faced Cheek
Achieve a 10x Combo bonus (not achievable in Multiplayer)

Best done in Survival Mode - First Stage. Once you progress through the waves there will eventually drop blocks that contains the ability to freeze the trappers, when you see it then wait for a lot of trappers to spawn then break it, now go towards the trappers and get them into a wall or another block and break them, the more you kill the higher combo. It will also help to have an overall multiplier which is achieved by clearing a wave, the more waves you clear the higher the multiplier goes, if you die it goes away so stay alive.

Teddy Bear
Get an A grade for a Story Mode Chapter

After you have completed the story go back to chapter 1 and replay all the stages you do not have an A grade in. The grades are based on points, points is achieved by clearing the map fast, killing trappers, destroying trapper houses as well as getting the bonus items such as snowmen and cages. So while doing the stages in chapter 1 then instantly go for fast kills and take bonus items. Replay the stages until you get A-rank on all of the stages.

Brainy Bear
Get an AA grade in 10 Puzzle Mode levels

Under the trophy "Smarter Than The Average Bear" i have posted videos on how to clear puzzle mode, MOST of these solutions provides an A-rank in both moves as well as time used, follow the videos to get this trophy. Doing it in good time i can not help you with, but if you replay the puzzle enough times it should come easy.

Never Leave A Bear Behind
Collect all the snowmen and break the cages in Story Mode

Once you have completed the story mode go back to each chapter and check which cages and snowmen you have missed. Some of the snowmen and cages requires you to activate switches or blow away some stone to reach, so you need to use some time to figure out how to get to them, time is also a factor here so once you have figured out HOW to reach them then restart the stage and clear the map quickly for trappers and trapper houses, but keep in mind some of the iceblocks should not be moved as they are required to activate the switches or help the exploding crates to reach its destination.

Also note that if you play on hard difficulty and decide to get the snowmen and cages on easy mode, then you have to get all of them again, because the progress does not carry over to each difficulty. Also note that if you have gotten one out of two cages for instance then you only need to get the other one, all of the cages and snowmen does not need to be gotten on the same play.

Roller Bear
Kill all the trappers on a boat level by only using the barrels

Best done on Chapter 3 - Stage 1, set free the barrels and destroy all the blocks you can, it does not matter if you die, as long as you don't lose all of you lives. Do not kill any of the trappers, so be weary of how you destroy the blocks. Time is also a matter here, so you might need a few tries to get it right. See the video for a better understanding of how this is done.

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Housing Slump
Destroy 50 trapper generators

Trapper generators is also known as trapper houses, this trophy should come during story mode playthrough, if it does not then just go back any of the stages on chapter 10, as these stages contains a lot of houses.

No Bears Were Harmed
Complete a Chapter in Story Mode without losing a life

Easiest done on the first chapter, you should not have any trouble doing this if you are careful. Also i suggest doing it on easy. Note that you need to press "Play Chapter", if you only play stage by stage it will not register the trophy.

The Right To Bear Arms
Kill a trapper of each type (not achievable in Multiplayer)

Will be acquired while completing the story mode, in total there is five trapper types, last one appears around chapter 8. The trapper types are:
  • Clubber
  • Shooter
  • Flamer
  • Freezer
  • Explosionist

Trophy Bear
Collect all 10 extra life pick-ups

There is one extra life pick-up for each chapter, the stages they can be found in is:
  • Chapter 1 - Stage 4
  • Chapter 2 - Stage 4
  • Chapter 3 - Stage 4
  • Chapter 4 - Stage 4
  • Chapter 5 - Stage 5
  • Chapter 6 - Stage 4
  • Chapter 7 - Stage 5
  • Chapter 8 - Stage 4
  • Chapter 9 - Stage 5
  • Chapter 10 - Stage 4

Long Shot
Kill a trapper with a sliding block over 15 grid squares away (not achievable in Multiplayer)

Best done on the last stage of survivor mode, as this is an extremely large stage. Try to get one iceblock at one of the corners, but keep 1-2 spaces clear so you can go behind it. Then make sure you have a clear way to the other side of the stage, then just push the block and hope a trapper gets hit by it on the other side. A lot of trappers appear on this stage so it should not be a problem. Also the stage is longer then 15 squares.

Bear Survivor
Score 1,500,000 points in 1 player Survivor mode

Best done on the first stage. When you kill all the trappers before the time runs out you get a multiplier that is stuck until you die. So try to clear the first 3-5 waves for a 3x-5x multiplier. At the fifth wave iceblocks starts to spawn, these are key to an extremely high multiplier. In my experience its best to use it at the top-left or top-right corner of the map, seeing as it appears to be more trappers here compared to the rest of the stage. When you use the iceblock be quick and kill all the trappers at top, if you have killed all then continue until the icing on the timer starts to blink, when this happens stay clear of trappers. Other then the tips given so far all i can say is don't be reckless and die, you have four lives but the longer you have the multiplier that's stuck the faster you will get the points and the easier it will be.

Also note that you should be weary of walking in a straight line as the gunners shoots in a straight line and it might be hard keeping track of the bullets when you have 30+ trappers around you.

Bear Essentials
Survive 5 waves on all 5 levels of 1 player Survivor mode

Surviving 5 waves means that you have to reach the 6th wave of each stage. The trappers to be weary of is the gunners and the explosionists. Both are able to kill their own kind so you should take advantage of this. Also try to kill the trappers from a distance as this will keep you out of trouble from the flamers and the freezers.

A Bear Amongst Bears
Complete the Story mode on Insane difficulty

In order to unlock insane difficulty you first have to clear the game on hard. This is not hard at all as you can die as many times as you want as long as you just press continue instead of letting the timer run out. To rush this just ignore snowmen and cages, as they are no use to you any longer due to the fact that you got all of them earlier (if you followed the roadmap).

In this mode the only difference from other difficulties is that enemies moves faster and bosses gets harder (an example is the third boss wich now shoots 3 ice orbs instead of 2, and one of them is extremely fast).

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