In Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, players will embark upon an epic adventure through the Caribbean during the turbulent 17th century where the naval powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands all fight for supremacy in the colonies.

Players take on the role of a young captain trying to build his fortune and reputation in the new world colonies. The campaign consists of two different paths for the young protagonist to follow: adventurer and trader.

Following the path of the adventurer will lead the player on a naval conquest where they must gain notoriety through raids, piracy, bounty hunting, plundering and conquering cities as they strive to build their new Caribbean empire.

The route of the trader sees the player using their economic know-how to become the most powerful trading tycoon in the New World by setting up trade routes, building production facilities and developing cites.

In free-play mode, the player crafts a combination of the two paths, creating a unique and challenging scenario on the path to increase wealth and power.


Players: Single player only
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None that i am aware
Estimated Time to Platinum: 50 hours at least (about a week if your doing good)
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 playthroughs (Trading campaign & Adventurer campaign)
Collectible Trophies: NoneMissable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None so far

[top]Trade Routes

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[top]Resource guidelines

A chart of when to BUY & SELL

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[top]Problem solutions

This is the place i write up my problems and give the possible solutions. Hope this helps and this is a work in progress, as if i come across any other problems, i will be sure to update it.

Why am I losing money now?

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My ships keep losing?

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Trader Campaign
Your goal: During this "playthrough", you want to avoid attacking other nations and gain lots of money.

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Adventurer Campaign
In this playthrough, you want to only attack pirates, and rarely trade (only for a bit of cash). Keep doing the story missions (which will be different and go over different things), and tasks given to you. Don't really trade for fun, only for a task. Your whole main goal is to stockpile ships for fighting, and start up businesses to fall back upon if you should go into debt.

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Pirate Campaign
Same as the Adventurer but instead attack everything. Start taking over towns, and making businesses on that land. Same story missions, but a more violent path


NOTE: Some of my trophy descriptions are pretty basic, because some trophies are pretty straight forward. Should you require more info, feel free to personal message me and I will get you that info.

All Trophies received

Poseidon: The god of the sea, or "earth shaker" is the greek god of the sea. It would be silly for you to compare yourself to this deity, but just know by earning this platinum trophy you have reached a trophy not many obtain. Congrats or "singariteeria".

Got Ye New Ship
Purchased first vessel

The easiest (and quickest way) to obtain this trophy is to go to the harbor in "Port Royale" and go to the harbor. There you can buy a ship if you have enough money. The cheapest ships is 10,000, while the most expensive is 400,000.

Buying ships is something you will do naturally in this game, so you cannot miss it.

First vessel sold

There are many ways you can obtain ships, but the easiest (and quickest way) to get this trophy is to go to a port (you start off with "Port Royale") and buy a ship from the harbor. Then switch over to sell (still in harbor, one tab to the left) and sell it.

Another way to obtain ships:
As a pirate or fighter, win a battle and board the ship instead of sinking it. To do this, you need to have a ship with sailors and weapons. You also need to win the fight manually

There, I Fixed It!
Perform an emergency repair

An emergency repair happens when a convoy, or ship in a convoy goes below about 3% health. It happens automatically, and the convoy stays where it is till the repairs are done. If this has happened and you didn't get the trophy, you might need to make sure you have that convoy selected.

Also note that a ship will automatically heal itself when it goes below 80% (when it stops at its next stop), so this is more likely to happen to a war ship, unless your merchants are getting bombarded without a chance to get to port.)

Thanks to billyplod for answering this question.

Pray 10 times

A very easy trophy.

First travel to a port and then go to the church (south on the quick navigation) and go to pray.
Now travel to another port and do the same thing (go and pray)
After 10 or more times, the trophy will pop.

The church has other uses, although for this trophy you don't need to know that.
The reason you should travel is that at a port, the days don't go bye so quickly. If you travel to another port, you ensure the days go bye, and you can keep track of how many times you did that task.

As Requested
10 tasks fulfilled

Tasks are like the missions you get from government officials. At each port go into the "town palace" where sometimes officials will have tasks for you. Tasks include going to a location to recollect an item, or to gather a certain resource to sell to a certain port. Complete 10 tasks and you will get this trophy.

To check the requirements for the current tasks, go into logbook, the tab labeled tasks and it will tell you what you need to do to complete that current task and how many tasks you have completed already.

Also note that some tasks are time sensitive. So if you take too long, you will fail that task. Its ok, you don't lose anything but a little respect within a certain nation.

Power Drinker
Visit all 60 taverns

When you start your game, you need to travel around the different land formations to "discover" the different ports.

Before you discover any other ports, go to that tavern! You don't actually have to do anything but visit the tavern.

Here is a interactive map locating each port, and the resources you they have at that location

Treasure Hunter
Find a treasure with the help of a treasure map

To get a treasure map, first you need to find 12 pieces of the map.

You can obtain these pieces by:

*Doing missions from government officials
*Buy it from people that sell it in the tavern
*Finding debris in the water
*Stealing from other ships, usually pirates

Once you have enough pieces, you will automatically get the location of the treasure. Like with any debris in the water, you will see something and you just have to get your ship there. Running over the icon in the water lets you pick it up. Once you find out what you just picked up, the trophy will pop up

Crow's Nest
Discover 10 pirate nests in a single game

Hideout Detecting will come naturally during the game, as many of the pirates that attack your fleets will be locating their nests near ports you frequent. There are a few things you can do:
  1. There's the information in the town-hall. This information isn't always accurate, but it gives you some idea where to look.
  2. There are the occasional informers in the tavern. These guys are able to pinpoint the location of the pirates - or the hide-outs - a lot better.
  3. The flags in the water. These show who've been the strongest force in a particular area - reason why it changes to your flags if you have a lot of ships there - so when a pirate flag shows up, a pirate is somewhere nearby.
  4. The logbook shows the area the pirate is in. However, this is usually as accurate as the information found in the town-hall.
  5. Accidentally running into a pirate-convoy. If a pirate feels bold enough, they attack your trading convoys. This is shown at the mini-map with a red dot and at the world map with two crossed swords, while at the top-left of your screen you get a bar with your name in it.
  6. Mission given by a former officer. These missions are to take revenge at a pirate-feet, which is located in a particular region.However, the pirate is there for a limited amount of time, so you need to act fast.
  7. Patrol. Getting the information of the hideout from the tavern and then leaving my ship close to where the information says in patrol mode always finds the hideout.
  8. Follow them. When you see a pirate ship, follow it to its nest. Lower the speed of the game so its easier to follow, and after a bit of time, it will lead you back to its base.
You can destroy the nests if you like. You don't need 10 nests active at once, just discover 10.

Treasure Chest
Save 4 million gold pieces within one game

For this trophy, you need to have 4 million gold on you at the same time!

Don't attempt this till you have:

Many business on multiple ports
At least 5 trade ships, and at least 3 fighting convoys
About a million in gold, to pay for any supplies you need.

Once you have all the above, let your ships go off on their routes and just defend them. At about 2 million, the pirates will be very active, but do your best to protect your goods. Also try to not buy any new resources, and instead take resources from a warehouse to sell elsewhere.

Always Welcome
Attain the highest reputation in one nation

To obtain the highest rank in a nation, you want to do lots of trade and tasks for a specific nation.

Trading with a port will raise the popularity for that nation, as we as that port. Doing tasks raises the popularity of that nation. When you get that nation to 100%, you will obtain this trophy.

True Hero
Attain the highest popularity in a town

The highest popularity of a town is 100%. Port Royale doesn't count for this trophy.

Pick a port, and trade what they need with them so your popularity goes up. Keep giving them what they need to raise the popularity till its at 100%.

Tutorial completed successfully

When you start a trader or a adventurer campaign, you will start with a short tutorial on how to trade, set routes, etc. Just finish a tutorial, and the trophy will pop.

A tutorial will just be story tasks, leading you up to the mission you have to transport a lady to a port.

Take over a town by peaceful methods

When your popularity of a port is at 100%, and you have a couple of businesses at that port, the official of that port will offer you the city.

Your work force needs to be 75% of all the employees at that location, and your popularity with that nation needs to be at 75%.

once you hit the requirements, the official will give you the "key to that city"

A town annexation by martial methods

To capture a town, you need to have a large fleet (6 warships) full of sailors and weapons. Go around to random ports, looking for one with no ships around. Attack that port, and take out the towns defenses. Once you do that, trophy is yours.

Also note that that nation will be angry with you, so be ready to take those on in the future.

Wedding Bells

Once you take control of a town and become the administrator, build a manor in your town. If your reputation with the nation you took the town from is still high enough, you can speak to the viceroy and ask to marry his daughter/son. You will need to collect a quantity of food and deposit it in the viceroy’s town. Once you have enough visit the town’s church and the achievement will unlock. A good time to do this is directly after finishing either one of the campaigns.

Win a battle against at least 60 guns with a pinnace

A Pinnace is a small ship. Using this type of ship, fight off a larger ship (one with 60 cannons).

Using the combat tips, its doable. Make sure to take healthy ships into battle.

Flawless Victory
Win a battle without taking any damage

Win your sea battle taking no damage.
Tips are in the "Combat" area.

Quick summary:
  • Use quick ships against the enemy, and hopefully your in a slow water area
  • Ambush a weakened enemy that came from a previous battle
  • Soften up the enemy by shooting cannon fire
  • Stay parallel to the enemies back so you can shoot without retaliation
  • Don't board the ship, just sink it

Collector's instinct
Possess all ship types in one game

Rescue 100 sailors from sharks

This is a random event that you will need to keep an eye out for.

When traveling, you will see what looks like a person overboard. If you get there in time, you will save them from a shark. Do this 100 times to get the trophy.

There is no way to keep track of how many you have saved already, but just know that when ever you see this, save them!

Build 250 buildings

WARNING: This trophy will come naturally, so don't go out of your way for this trophy. If you start to just build buildings for the hell of it, you will go bankrupt and ruin your game. Each building has a small daily fee for normal upkeep. Having too many before your ready will put you in the negative, and without money, you won't be able to build more! Just like ships, building structures are part of the game, so don't rush it too quickly. You will need to build warehouses, resource businesses, and residential buildings to succeed at this game.

I suggest that you build up "Port Royale" first, as it is the first place you have access to, and you don't have to pay extra for licenses. When building remember to use this ratio [1 warehouse for every resource that location has to offer, 1 residential building for each business, and build resource businesses by multiples of 4 (what i mean is, buy and leave the surrounding area free, for when you get more money, you build 3 more of the same business near it)

The last one is because you can save room. Some resources (like cotton) have a collection building and a field. 1 collection building can collect up to 4 fields, so doing so would save you room.

This trophy will take a bit of time, because you need to befriend other ports to get the license, pay for that license (its not cheap), and then keep an eye on your costs (so you don't go in debt).

Lean Back
Patrols fought 500 battles

Will come naturally during your adventurer campaign.

Keep raising your money, which the equivalent of experience or success

Davey Jones' Locker
1,000 vessels sunk

A collective trophy that may need grinding.

As a pirate or privateer, you will be in fights a lot. Sink ships and after 1,000 this trophy will pop.

Hunt for Booty
Loot 25,000 barrels

A collective trophy that may need boosting.

When you attack merchant ships, you will loot "barrels" as one of the resources you pick up. Loot enough and the trophy is yours.

Posses 250,000 barrels of goods in a single game

Barrels are another way to say resources.

You can either loot barrels from attacking merchants, or have your businesses produce resources and don't sell the resources. Both will take a while, but the second option is much easier.

Clean Slate
Highest fame as 'Trader'

Will come naturally during your trader campaign.
Keep trading and raising your money and storage space.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Highest fame as 'Privateer'

To raise this, you need to fight off pirates and their nests.

Highest fame as 'Pirate'

To raise this, you need to attack merchant ships.

Welcome To The CArrrrribbean
First time at sea

Easiest trophy. Once you start a game and have your ship float out to sea, this trophy will pop.

Ship Ahoy!
First naval battle

While your current convoy is selected, and you set the maximum # of fighting ships, you will run into a pirate ship. When this happens, the game will ask if you want to automatically run the simulated fight, or to manually fight it.

Select manual fight and win or lose, you get this trophy.

First successful boarding of a vessel

A fight related trophy.

In battle, once you weaken the enemy by shooting them with cannon fire, their sails will come down and you can either sink the ship, or pull up next to it to board. A successful boarding will mean you capture that ship and can now use it as your own.

Just board a ship, and the trophy will be yours.

Name a convoy

When you buy a new ship, that ship will just sit in your harbor. Clicking it will ask if you want to make a new convoy (think of it as a group, you can put many ships into the same group, and they will go around together as one entity). Just change the name manually to something, and accept it.

That convoy can now go around, known as what ever you just called them. Trophy achieved!

The Message is Trading, Dude!
A trading route has been active for 365 days

With a convoy selected, you can mark locations you want that convoy to visit (in order) and let it do its just automatically.

With a convoy in action, just let that group do its thing for 365 in game days. I recommend that you let the ship do its thing and not buy large amounts of things. The reason is if you go bankrupt, it will affect the trade routine.

Once this trophy pops, you can do as you please.

Ambush a trader

Just attack a merchant ship.

Will come naturally during your pirate playthrough.

Walk the Plank
Destroy a pirate convoy

Just attack a pirate. You need to initiate (or go after) the pirate for it to count as an attack (rather than "fending off" the pirate attack)

Win or lose, trophy will pop. Will be done naturally during your adventurer playthrough.

Arm of the Law
Destroy 10 pirate hideouts

Destroy these pirate hideouts.

A good strategy is to go in with a fleet, fight the hideout, then cancel the attack and send in a second fleet.

Also can weaken the nest by attacking their pirate ships. These ships supply the enemy, as well as bring in new pirates. So stopping their reinforcements is a good thing.

Hey Mr. Tallyman
Turn over manually a total amount of 100,000 barrels

Translation: Sell 100,000 resources.

This will come naturally since the whole game is about buying and selling.

Spend 50 hours in the Caribbean

A time lapse trophy!

This just requires you to play the game for 50 hours. It should come naturally, as you need to play at least 2 playthroughs. After the game has been running for 50 hours total, the trophy will pop.

Because this game runs by its self, you don't have to do anything. Just make sure the playstation doesn't turn off (turn power settings off) and that the controller doesn't turn off (also in power settings). To keep the controller from dying, plug it in, and let it run by itself.

Lord of War
Possess 5,000 cannons in a single game

5,000 cannons needed

Just buy up ships that you can afford, and once you have enough cannons, the trophy will pop.

Larger ships have more cannons, but also cost more.

Puppet Master
Occupy 15,000 employees in a single game

Comes naturally as you build your empire

Note that all employees don't die, so as you slowly build up businesses, and transport employees to that port, it will all count.

You can check your progress in your stats, and when at a port, your employees are taken out of the population. What i mean is, If a port is at zero free people, that port needs more employees.

Aye Aye, Capt'n!
Reach the highest rank

The highest rank is called "Ruler of the Sea"

You need a total worth of 6 million gold, a storage capacity of 25,000, and 6000 total employees.

Disposable Weapons
Use up 4,000 handheld weapons in boarding combats

Handheld weapons include both swords and guns.

4,000 weapons means you also need 4,000 sailors on your convoy. It also means you need enough ships to hold 4,000 sailors.

Defend a town from 5 attacks

"There is always a reason for everything"

To be attacked, you must attack! First off get some ships ready for attack and attack a certain nation. This will make that nation angry with you, and they will send people to attack a port of yours.

Prepare to take on attacks!

Just remember one thing: Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

Reduce a nation's number of towns down to two

This is a easy to understand trophy.

Pick a nation, and take up all its towns except 2. It will take a while to take over the cities, one at a time, but you can do it.

Maximize all abilities of a captain

Each Convoy you have has a captain assigned. These captains are random, and if you disband a convoy, you may lose that experienced captain.
Each time a convoy does something (trade, attack, etc) that captain will get better at that specific task.

To check your captain's experience, go to that convoy and go to the right till your over the captain tab (2nd from the right).
There is the name of your captain, and under that is 6 different things that captain can learn.

I am not sure the exact names, but here are the categories.

Canon fight Experience
Trading Experience
Sword fight Experience
Sailing Experience
Repair Experience
Discovering Experience

Your captain can either learn these things from doing, or can go to the tavern and pay to have teachers teach them. Teachers only teach a single captain, so your going to have to pay multiple times if you want good captains, which helps make your fleet beat the pirates.

Take control over 5 towns within one game

See ...Vici!

Take control over 15 towns within one game

See ...Vici!

Take control over 30 towns within one game

This trophy requires you to take over 30 towns. There are two ways to do this: Be good and they will offer it to you (government official gives you the deed), or be bad and take it over by force (attack and conquer).

When you have 30 towns under your control, this trophy will pop.

[top]Special Thanks

I got lots of help from the Kalypso forum.

Thanks to Billyplod, Ivaneatsyouup, Thorin Oakshield, JohnOnTheHighSeas, TheDudeAbides, untamed, Mayo, Weltall, Fortunis, and The Bull for sharing their knowledge through many different thread topics in the Kalypso forum.

I take no credit for the info they gathered, and only use that info as references.

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