Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: Nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 10hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 4 Seasons
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Manager of the month, Domestic Success, Goal Machine, European Success, Invincibles.
Glitched Trophies: 2 Winning streak , 200 club .

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Pick a good team.
  • Put your players in their favorite positions.
  • Use the reload exploit if you don't win
  • Play players that are playing well.
  • If you know nothing of football/soccer research your team.
  • If you are constantly losing change your team around.
  • Sign better players to fill your weak spots.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

  • The game has crashing issues
  • There are two trophies that are glitched Winning Streak, and 200 Club


  1. Unbeaten Season
  2. Clean Up Trophies
  3. Rush through seasons for 200 wins and level 50


Manager Level Up
Increase your manager level to 15.

All you have to do for this trophy is win 33 matches as you get 1000 exp for a win or 250 for a draw. You will also get an extra 2500 for winning the manager of the month. For level 15 you need a total of 33,000 experience points to get to level 15. A trick to winning matches needed for experience points is to play as a naturally good team like Manchester United, Chelsea, Man City or Barcelona. Using these teams will make your job of winning matches a lot easier. Also if you save before the next match you can quit to the xmb if you lose and reload the game to have another chance of winning the match and just keep reloading until you eventually win.

You will get this trophy when you aim for Simply The Best trophy.

Manager Of The Month
You will need to win a Manager Of The Month award to unlock this achievement.

This trophy is missable.

Every month there is a award for the best manager that month, you get this award for winning the most matches in a month. The best way is to pick a good team so that your chances are winning are much higher. You should also pick a team that is in the most competitions, the most competitions a team can be in is 4 and they'll be in the English premier league. So you need to pick a team that is in the English cup, the League cup, the European champions league and the premier league. If you are having trouble with winning matches then you can use the exploit. Just save before every match and if you don't win reload and keep doing this until you win.

Teams i recommend you choosing for this trophy are:
  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid
  • Inter Milan
  • Barcelona

Domestic Success
Win either a domestic league or cup competition.

This trophy is missable

The quickest way to get this trophy is to win the League cup with a English team. Just pick a good team like Manchester United and make sure you win ALL your league cup matches or else you would get knocked out of the competition and will have to win a different cup or league that season or wait till next season. You will get this whilst aiming for the Invincibles anyways. Just quit to the XMB if you lose any matches you don't want to lose and reload the game and try again until you do finally win. As soon as you win the last match in the cup or you win the league then you will get the trophy.

Characters Level Up
Successfully increase your Coach, Scout and Physio by at least 1 level.

For this trophy you need to level up your staff once each. You can see the current experience of your staff by going to the main Hub menu and going into the staffs Factfile and going to the experience tab, . Here you will see the starting level of your staff member, the current level and their level progress. Each staff member has different ways to gain experience points:

  • Will gain experience points as long as they can train the players.
  • Will automatically have a training session planned out so no need to edit anything for him to get experience.
  • Make sure your training center is repaired every so often so the coach can get training and keep getting experience points to level up.

  • For the scout you will need to set him research tasks, like search for an international player, or search for a good goalkeeper.
  • Set as many as possible and they will last forever as long as you don't delete any.
  • He'll get experience points as he adds to his database.

  • The physio will get experience points when someone gets injured and needs treatment.
  • To get more experience points, go into physiotherapy and remove Auto Control. Then set tasks like Team Performance, Team Fitness and Team Lifestyle.
  • Make sure you leave a couple of slots so he can still tend to injured players.

Note: You will have to make sure that your staff are the correct star level for Facilities Level Up . Also signing higher level staff will not get you the trophy.

Facilities Level Up
Increase your Stadium, Medical Centre and Training Centre by at least 1 level.

This trophy is quite time consuming as you need to have your staff the same star level as the building you are buying. See Characters Level Up on how to level up your staff members so that you can start building your upgrades. You will want to chose a very rich club with poor facilities if possible although picking Manchester United or Chelsea will do. Here is a video on the steps you need to take to upgrade your buildings.

Toggle Spoiler

For those on the ps3 browser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EnK_ZAXHkk

Here is what you will need to upgrade your facilities:

  • Money, the stadiums cost anything from 50-90million depending on the club you picked and the stadium you need to buy
  • Chairman's consent, as long as you have the money he'll accept.

Medical Center
  • About 1million for the upgraded Medical Center.
  • You need to have the same star rating for your physio as the building upgrade you are buying. So if you want to buy a 7star Medical Center, you have to have a 7star physio first.
  • Chairman's consent, you will need ot have a good enough physio for his consent

Training Ground
  • About 3million for the upgraded Training Center.
  • You need to have the same star rating for your coach as the building upgrade you are buying. So if you want to buy a 7star Training Center, you have to have a 7star coach first.
  • Chairman's consent, you will need ot have a good enough coach for his consent

Note: You will need to wait until the construction of your upgraded facilities have finished, this could take up to 2 years in game to finish all of the upgrades. Make sure to note the durations of your purchase it'll give you a rough estimate how long it'll take to build

Play A Season
Complete a season with any club.

You will get this trophy as you go for the Invincibles , just complete a season, you'll have to play about 50/60 matches in a season depending on how many matches you win and what team you pick. It cannot be missed, you'll get it through natural progression. If this is the only trophy you want, just pick a team like Wigan and run through the season not trying to win any cup matches so the season will end faster. I recommend you aim for other trophies though.

200 Club
Achieved when you have won 200 matches.

This trophy is currently glitched

You have to play at least 4 seasons minimum for this trophy. This will probably be the last trophy you will get, so i recommend aiming for every trophy in the game other than this first. As this will be a good start towards your 200wins that are needed. If you are a good team you can just rush through the seasons not worrying or make an effort to win matches, plus if you are a successful team in the euro league then you get to play more matches and have a chance to win more matches. You can check how many matches you have won in your career at any time by going to the Hub Menu then going to manager and to My Factfile, here you can see your overall performance as the manager including the amount of matches you have won.

Note: All wins in all competitions will count towards this trophy

Some good teams that play in the European League:
  • Manchester United.
  • Liverpool.
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea.
  • Inter Milan.
  • AC Milan.
  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona.

Goal Machine
Achieved when one of your players scores 40 goals in a Season.

This trophy is missable.

You need to have one player in your team to score 40 goals in total across all competitions in one season to get this trophy. I recommend picking Manchester United and playing Wayne Rooney and Hernandez upfront in a 442 formation. As long as you are winning every match you play in, in the season, save before every match and reload if you lose to make sure you do win every match, then your strikers will score in every match at least once, they might even score 5 in one game if you are lucky. Since there is more than 40 games in a successful unbeaten teams season then your strikers will easily manage 40 goals before the end of the season. If your players get injured make sure to reload the game and prevent this from happening so they can play as many games and have the opportunity to score as many as possible. You'll get this trophy once one of your players has scored their 40th goal in total that season. You can check how many goals your player has scored by going to tactics and highlighting their name.

  • ONE player in your team has to score 40 goals in one season.
  • Make sure to win every match possible.
  • Don't let your players get injured.

European Success
Achieved if you win any European cup competition.

This trophy is missable

I recommend picking a team that will start in the European League in their first season so that you can get this trophy as soon as possible. You will need to win 3 matches in the group stage of this competition and 4 more in the knockout stages to win the cup. The European League is tough to win so you might need to reload game saves a lot if you lose any of the matches, save before hand so you don't lose a lot of progress. The final is usually the last match of the season for your team so if you make it to the final expect to play it last. Once you win you'll get the trophy.

The really good teams that start in the European League in the first season are:
  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea
  • Real Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Inter Milan

Winning Streak
To achieve this award you need to win 10 competitive matches in a row.

This trophy is currently glitched.

You need to win 10 or more matches in any competition for this trophy. I recommend picking a good team as they will naturally win and be on good form at points of the season. You will need WIN 10 matches meaning you cannot lose or draw to get this trophy for 10 matches. The best way to get this trophy is to save before every match and reload if you lose and keeping reloading until you win, do this 10 times for the trophy. I got this trophy without quitting with Manchester United so i recommend you choosing them as they are a good team on this game.

Complete a domestic league season with out losing a game.

This trophy is missable

To get this trophy you can only win or draw in the league, you cannot lose a match in the whole of the season. You can lose matches in cup matches and in the European competitions and still get this trophy though, but you cannot lose a league match. As long as you chose one of the big teams in the league you should win most of your matches naturally but you should still save before every league match just in case you lose you can reload and make sure you win so you'd still get the trophy. You will need to play approximately 40 league matches in a season.

Manager Of The Year
You will need to win a Manager Of The Year award to unlock this achievement.

This trophy is missable.

This award is given out at the end of each season to the best manager that year. You are guaranteed to get this trophy if you win every match and win all competitions as you aim for the Invincibles trophy. Use a good team and the reload game save exploit to make sure you win every match you want to and you'll have no trouble with this trophy. Look at Manager Of The Month for an idea of good teams that you could choose.

Simply The Best
Achieved if you get your manager level to 50.

This trophy is a long grind. There is lots of ways you can get experience points and you should make sure to take advantage of everyone of them for this trophy. You'll need to do the same sort of stuff as Manager Level Up as in win matches and and winning manager of the months to get experience points, but you will need to do more to level up quicker. You will get experience for upgrading your facilities about 5,000 exp per facility upgrade you make so if you can upgrade it do so. You will get the bigger amount of experience points at the end of the season for winning competitions and awards, so you will want to try and win the league and any extra cups for 5-15k experience each, this will give you a major boost in experience points. Concentrate on getting the other trophies first as you will get experience for doing them and as you continue through the seasons by winning matches. By the 3rd season you'll be on roughly level 35, if you have all the other trophies done at this point you can start rushing through seasons gaining as much experience points as possible.

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