Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-15 Hours depending on how well you do
Minimum Playthroughs: 5 Seasons
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: If you miss a trophy the first season you can get it on the next basically
Glitched Trophies: 0
Special Equipment Required: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. Pick a big team, like Manchester united, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barcelona to name a few

  2. If you start losing a couple of games in a row, make a couple of changes to the team maybe replace a few players, change formation stuff like that until you start winning again. Once you are on a streak don't change your team around you will often find that you will carry on winning after that and will do very well in the season

  3. There is an exploit in the saving system as it doesn't auto save at all, this can help you a lot in getting most of the trophies as you can make sure you win every match you play in, the way to do this is to save the game just before each match, if you lost that match then quit to the xmb and reload the game and load, then play the match until you win! once you do win save after and repeat for every match in the season and you will get most of the trophies, or you can try it the legit way.

  4. Renew all contracts you possibly can and replace any good players that retire with people who are as equally as good or better than they were and play in the same position.

  5. Don't be afraid to experiment with different tactics buying new players and playing as new teams as its a pretty fun game.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

The patch should fix all these glitches so you can get rid of any problems by downloading it when prompted its only 16mb

There has been a few glitches popping up, like you can't finish your first season as your game crashes or you get a white screen when loading the game. There has also been rare cases of players vanishing.

Freezing was an issue in the game for some, but i have not had the game freeze on me, it seems the patch (2.01 16mb) fixes all the major glitches of the game, so i would recommend downloading this patch first for those who usually ignore them or play offline

The most major exploit in this game is saving system as it doesn't auto save at all, save the game just before each match, if you lost that match then quit to the xmb and reload the game and load, then play the match until you win!


  1. What you want to do first is start a season as Arles and complete a season with them, you should aim for the Facilities Level Up trophy here.

  2. Then start a new save with a high ranking team such as Manchester united or Barcelona, complete your first season by using the save/reload trick to win both the European cup and the league too. This should leave you with 2 more trophies, Loyalty Centurion

  3. Finally go through the next 4 seasons whilst aiming for any trophies you may of missed and the final 2 trophies, Centurion and Loyalty . Just simulate through these seasons until you get to season 5, by this time you should get your 100%. If your still missing 100 wins carry on playing until you have the trophy, but i doubt you would get to 5 seasons without winning 100 matches as you'd probably get sacked for not winning enough games .


First Victory
To achieve this award you need to win a competitive game, sorry Friendlies don't count.

14th of August is your first chance to win a competitive match, picking a good team like Manchester united, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea etc should make this trophy a lot easier, this has to be a league or cup match for it to count, you don't need to change your team alot to win matches it seems, so find a good team, a good formation that works and stick to it you should get a win especially with a good, high ranked team, you'll find easier teams in the cup and you should win at least 10 out of 20 the teams in the league.

Manager of the Month
You will need to win Manager of the Month to unlock this achievement.

You should try and win as many matches as possible in any one month, you get a chance at this trophy once a month, when i got this trophy myself I only drew once, I was at Manchester United, so when you have a winning team try and stick with the same team, if you can win a couple of times using the same team, its worth sticking with it unless you start losing to many times in a row, usually though after running through a season, you'll get streaks where you are unstoppable and you will not lose a whole month, more so if you a big team. I also reccommend going for this trophy in the first season as, your first season is usually the easiest as your team is already set up with good tactics and a good team, Like I have said before the better team you use, the bigger the chance at this trophy as they will win more often. If you are still having troubles with this trophy i was suggest picking a league that only has 2 or 3 really good teams, like the spanish league and picking one of the amazing teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona for example.

Domestic Competition Success
Win either a domestic league or cup competition.

For this trophy you have to win either a league or a cup, I picked Manchester United as this is a good choice as you have many chances to win a competition, like the English Cup, League Cup, Europe Champions League and the Premiership League. Winning any of these will get you the trophy. Your first chance to get this trophy is to win the league cup which is a knockout based Cup so you have to win every match in this competition to win the cup, this is the same thing as the English cup too and the champions league, if you do get knocked out of these competitions early though you should aim to win the league at all times, this will help towards to the player of the year trophy and the manager of the year trophy too, since usually the team who win the league usually get the awards for player of the year and manager of the years.

I didn't buy any players and still won the league with 6 points ahead of second place too. So I do recommend picking them as you should do well without doing many changes to the team and formations. Remember to stick with the same teams if you are winning and if you start losing try making some changes to the team, use some different players until you start winning again stick with that team. You will have to keep changing your team whenever a player gets sent off or injured too so you don't need to keep changing your teams anyways just wait until you need to change players around.

You can get this much easier by quitting the game and loading it back up if you are lose a match in any competition. This will make sure you win every match and you will no doubt win any league or cup you are in

Characters Level Up
Successfully increase your Coach, Scout, and Physio by at least 1 level.

You will need to gain exp for your 3 staff members to help level them up, you only have to get one extra level for each of your staff members for this trophy, the bigger the team you are the more exp you will need as the better staff the bigger teams have. So there are 3 staff members you need to concentrate on your Coach, your Scout and your Physio. These all gain exp slightly different:

The Coach will gain exp everyday as long as he has someone to have training sessions to do with, you can add more assignments to him that will get him more exp, to do this go into the sub menu by pressing then go to the coach and select Training from here you can assign more assignments like team fitness etc, just add a bunch of different sessions here. For a high rated club like Manchester United, the coaching staff will have 6 stars and around 650k exp already, you will need 150k more exp to get to the next level (7stars) you should roughly level up in around March/April time as it is pretty easy to get for the coach. Approx 500exp more or less a day for a coach.

The Scout is the same that you need to give him assignments to get him extra exp, but you have to keep assigning him jobs like scout Africa or look for a player in a certain position etc, so you may as well use him to look for new players that would replace any retiring players that season or using him to fill a whole in your team etc. You won't have to keep adding assignments if you stack them up in the squares or give him really big tasks like scout the world. For a high rated club like Manchester United, the scouting staff will have 6 stars and around 650k exp already, you will need 150k more exp to get to the next level (7stars) you should roughly level up in around April/May time as it is pretty easy to get for the Scout. Approx 400exp more or less a day for a Scout.

For the Physio, things are a lot different, you have to take control of the assignments for the physio to give him extra stuff to do, so firstly go into his profile and press on the x where it says "Control of assignments" so you can set his assignments for him, then set as many as you can like team mental etc, this will get you a fair bit of exp for your physio in the first couple of season, like 300exp per day, however when a player gets injured the physio will get more exp for looking after the injured player and creating report cards that you have to look at so the physio can get more exp this is like another 200/300 exp added on top. For a high rated club like Manchester United, the physio staff will have 5 stars and around 570k exp already, you will need 130k more exp to get to the next level (6stars) you should roughly level up in around May time as it is a bit harder to get for the Physio. Approx 300exp more or less a day for a Physio

Do take note that your staff will get less exp each day as your game continues and always make sure that they have assignments to do so they can always earn exp.

Facilities Level Up
Increase your Stadium, Medical Centre, and Training Centre by at least 1 level.

There is 2 ways of doing this, you can aim to do it whilst you are doing the trophy loyalty or you can get it on a separate save instead:

  1. So if you pick a generally good high ranking team like Manchester united etc you are going to have fairly good facilities already. Your stadium is going to 7* and your medical and training centers will both have 6*. To get this trophy you'll need to build better facilities at least one level higher, so for a 8 star stadium you have to pay 85million, for a medical center at 7 stars you'll need 2.2million and finally for your training center you'll need 5million. PLEASE note that to do upgrades you will need to have your staff that works in the center to be the the same level you want to upgrade to, So for example you need a 7star physio to upgrade your medical center to a 7star facility. this might take up to 7 seasons or more if you aren't careful.

  2. To do this on a new save and in one season, pick Arles in the french division one as they have a 1star stadium, all their staff are near to leveling up too so it'll only take a couple of days to level them up once which is all that is needed to do all the upgrades. Sell a few players and with the sponsorship money have around 8million. As soon as all your staff go up a level you can start to build better facilities it should be roughly 7million for all the upgrades needed for this trophy, 5 million for the stadium and 1 million each for the medical center and the training center. Your chairman should accept the upgrades if all 3 of your staff has leveled up once. If so then play for a season and you should get this trophy by March time as long as you don't get sacked, which is unlikely.

Pick Up and Played
Complete a season with any club.

Pick Manchester United and do basically as long as you don't fail to meet the expectations of the chairman, which is to stay in the top half of the league, which shouldn't be any trouble to do this will a good team like Manchester United. As long as you don't get sacked you should get this trophy once you have completed your last match of the season (usually in may). Remember meet the chairman's expectations!!!

Player of the Year
You will need to get one of your players to win a Player of the Year award.

Wayne Rooney! for Manchester united, perfect recommendation for this trophy he scored 27 goals in the first season and 35 in the second season defiantly if you can't think of anyone else use him and Manchester United for this trophy. Make sure that your best player of your team or whoever is in good form (star player) is playing as many matches as possible and keep him in his proper position to make him more effective. If you do see someone else who is playing very well for your team other than star players and the best players, do play them to it will increase your chances of winning this award for one of the players on your team. If you see any other players outside of your club maybe you think they are doing better than your players, try and purchase them in the January transfer market, so if he does win the player of the year award it is for your club and you will still get the trophy.

Sharp Shooter
Achieved when one of your players scores 30 goals in a Season.

I got this trophy in my second season, you'll need a high rating striker with a good shot skill, I recommend Dider Drogba, Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney, or Messi. Its all about luck really as you can have one of your players score 5 goals in on game, I suggest playing your best strikers everytime you face a team in the cup or a lower ranking team, you can check how many goals a player has scored by going into club and go into the players fact-file. Also take note of the top scorer of your club and make sure he plays every game they possible can, you can see this on the main tab at the bottom. You will get this trophy as soon as one of your players have scored the 30th goal one season. You will not get this trophy over 2 seasons or more. Your player has to score 30goals in 1 season!

European Competition Success
Achieved if you win any European cup competition.

This is a really hard trophy if you try and do it without the exploit. But you should play as a good team that is already in a European cup already. For example these include Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Inter Milan, just to name a few. Aim to win every European cup matches that you play in, do not bother with any other competition when you are going for this trophy, you'll still need to do fairly well in the league so you don't get fired. Follow the tips and strategy's to have a higher chance of winning

An easier full proof way of getting this trophy is to use the exploit, basically whenever you up to a match in the European cup save before hand, and if you win carry on, if you lose just reload and try again, if you still can't win reload again and change your team around until you can win, rinse and repeat for every European cup match until you get to the final and win Using a good high ranking team will result in getting the trophy quicker as you shouldn't lose as often

Winning Streak
To achieve this award you need to win 10 competitive matches in a row.

You have to win 10 matches in a row, and these can be any type of matches, like a league match, cup match and international cup match. It can be any mixture of these type of matches like 6 league matches 2 cup matches and 2 European cup matches for example, but an important thing to note if you are on a streak and you either lose or draw your streak gets reset to 0 and you have to start your streak up again, this will happen if you lose or draw in any competitive match during your streak. To see your current streak, just go to the second tab on the main screen underneath the news tab and you'll see a box with "competition" inside it at the bottom of this box there will be colors (green = a win, orange = a draw, and red = a loss) you will need 10 Green circles in this box in a row. Your most recent games appear on the furthest left in this section.

Tips to get wins is:
  • Pick a good high ranking team (Manchester united, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barcelona),
  • Experiment with the teams tactics (Formation, Attacking tendencies etc) ,
  • Move players into the correct positions and don't always pick the "best" and highest rating player if you aren't winning with them on the team, sometimes the best players are the younger underdogs of the team
  • Quit the game every time you lose during a streak then reload your game ans try to win again, keep doing this until you have won 10 games in a row

Stay at the same club for 5 seasons.

For this trophy all you need to do is stay at the same club for 5 season, i would advise picking Manchester united or one of the other fairly big teams, and at the start the chairman will talk to you about expectations, say top half finish at this point, Then don't finish or drop beneath 10th position for too long, so you don't get sacked from the club and resulting in you having to start a again with a new club, or start a new game.

Remember to renew any contracts for players and staff. also remember to replace players you sell or retire, for example Edwin Van Der Sar, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville will all retire within the 5 years you'll need to stay at the club, so replace them with as equally good players in the same position as they was. Just stick to the chairman's expectations and you'll be fine, if you do start losing badly make drastic changes to your team until you start winning again.

Simply the Best
You will need to win a Manager of the Year award to unlock this achievement.

Either Manchester United or Barcelona for this one, there isn't many competition in the Spanish league you only need to beat the manager of Real Madrid to the league win, to get the manager of the season. If you pick Manchester United however you want have to beat the managers of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City to the league but Manchester United do have a pretty solid team and have a pretty good squad filled with decent back up players to your main first team players if they get injured or suspended. Barcelona do not however, they do have a brillaint first team, but they do lack in the back up players to fill any positions in the first team if anyone was to get get injured or suspended which seems to happen a lot in this game. So i think it is safer to pick Manchester United or a similar English team or Real Madrid might be a good chance too. Usually if you win the league you will get the Manager of the Year award so concentrate on winning the league as it is the most important for this trophy, it will increase the probability of you getting Manager of the Year award.

Achieved when you have won 100 matches.

You should get this whilst staying loyal to a club for 5 years (see Simple the Best ) There is approx 60 games competitive games that you can win per season, if you are one of the top 4 clubs in England, since you will play in the English cup, the league cup, champions league, and the league and about 50 games in the Spanish, Italian and German leagues. So you'll probably get this trophy around the end of your 3rd season or the start of your fourth. Just pick a good team like Manchester united, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barcelona and you'll win enough matches in the 4 seasons. Just make sure to manage your team efficiently. Using the save/reload exploit you can get this in 2 seasons as you can win a total of 120 games, as using the save/reload exploit you can make yourself win every match you play.

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