Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: 5
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to 100%: 6 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:


Another game based off of the hit TV show, enjoy these crazy, cape wearing whammies as they pop all over the screen just like in the TV show. Play as one of three contestants competing to win prizes by answering question correctly to earn spins on the Big Board. The one with the most points after two rounds is victorious while the losers are left with nothing but broken dreams and a few crazy Whammies.

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Beginner's luck!
Win an online game

Simply win an online game. Finding someone online is a pain sometimes, the best thing to do is get one of your friends that has the game play with you and take turns beating each other.

Rockstar Out!
Win the 4th show

Do as the descriptions states. Play the 4th show and simply beat the computer and you will receive this trophy. Aim to get every question right this will give you a better shot at getting more money than the computer. Aim for the trips these are usally worth more that must things on the board.

Onto a winner!
Win the 8th show

Once again play the 8th show and you will get this trophy when you beat the computer. Same thing again as above aim for the trips or big bucks and answer the questions fast and first this will give you more chances and the computer less tries at the big board.

Too much luck!
Win the 12th show

Beat the computer in this show and you will be rewarded with this trophy. I am must likely sounding like a broken record right now but the more questions you get right equals more shots at the board. If you answer first correctly it gives you 3 spins per question. So that is 12 per round, and when you get to the board take your time and avoid a whammy.

Couch potato!
Win the 16th show

Win this show to get the trophy. Go for big bucks and the trips these will net you the most cash. Avoid the whammys at all costs, just take your time and watch the board. If you get a whammy try getting the plus spins these will bring you back in the game quick.

Press your clothes!
Create a complete custom character

Alright once the game loads up there will be the main menu. Press the square button and make a character, change the name, clothes and facial look of the character to unlock this trophy.

Cheap trick!
In an online game, pass you spins to an opponent who gets a Whammy on your passed spins

Simply play a game online and pass spins to another player. If they get a Whammy while using your passed spins you will get the trophy. The more spins passed the better chances it is for them to get the whammy.

House party!
Host 10 public games

Alright for this you need to host and finish 10 public games. When you host one game and finsh there will be a option to replay the game, you can do this another 9 times or you can just find another 9 people to play the game with. The first way will be a lot faster.

Luck of the devil!
Win 20 online games

Alright for this trophy you need to play at least 20 online games and win at them. The good thing is that the games are very short ( only 2 rounds). Simply win 20 times and the trophy is yours for the taking.

Win the 20th show

Another trophy where you have to simply beat the computer in the show. This is the final show just do as I said for the other show trophies and take your time and avoid those darn whammies.

No Whammies!
Win a show with no Whammy

This one can be kind of difficult. You have to survive an entire game without getting a whammy. I found it a lot easier if you hold you spins to about 3-4 spins per round. A helpful tip is if you want to keep the computer from getting a lot of spins, hit the X button right after the question is asked. Even if you don't know it, this will only allow the computer to get one spin if they get it correct. But the funny thing is that if you just guess they usually follow your suit and pick the same wrong answer.

Buzzer beater!
Win an online game by buzzing first and answering the correct answer to ever question

Play a game online and simply buzz first and answer the question correct. It is going to be a lot easier if you get one of your online friends that has the game to take turns and go at this trophy. But where's the fun in that?

Big Bucks!
Win over $60,000 in one show

For this you want to get as many spins as possible. There are 4 questions in a round with a total of 12 spins that can be earned. So for both rounds that would be 24. When you get to spin pray to the gaming gods that you DON"T get a Whammy. I found 7 out 10 times that if you hurry up and press the X button after it starts spinning on the spin you are less likely to get a whammy. And hopefully you get a good amount per each spin. Helpful Hint: Try getting the big bucks marker on the board of one of the trips, these will give you the must money other than the 5000 + spin and don't forget that there is also a double your money space on the board it is usually in the bottom left hand corner.


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