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Prince of Persia: Epilogue is a sick game and can be pumped through in around an hour once you have developed an understanding of the nuances of this game from the original.
If you want to conquer the DLC in one play through, it is KEY to save often… this will assuredly get you the under 2 hrs trophy and the save less than 20 times trophy.

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Hope you enjoyed this trophy guide. Please leave suggestions for how I can improve for my next one. If you need any walkthrough help or extra advice for this game, contact me… I would love to help you dominate! I think the Prince of Persia DLC is worth the money, if you enjoyed the original game. Take care and check you next time!


All the Frescos
Reach all Ormazd's Frescos in the Epilogue.

This is, my friends, by FAR the hardest trophy to get in the Epilogue. After an online search, I feel like I may have been one of the first people out there to find them all. Most people think that there are 8 or 9. In reality, there are 10 Frescos. DO NOT MISS THEM! If you pass one by, most of the time you cannot go back. This is another place where saving and reloading is necessary.

Fresco #1: Pointed out to you by Elika who says “the Ahura were here.” You can see it high up on a wall after the killer liquid. Climb the wall rings you can see when zoomed out to the right. Wall run and grab your first Fresco.

Fresco #2: In the Watertank area, it is on the ceiling after getting past the nasty traps. There are rings on the wall to your left. Climb up and Elika-jump off the wall to a post. Ceiling run to the 2nd Fresco on the roof and drop down. All of this occurs directly after the first Shapeshifter battle.

Fresco #3: This one is a toughie. In Hamman after you open the gate, see the cut scene and open your first purple plate, you will notice that there is a Fresco underneath the platform you are standing on. Finish the cut scene and use Elika to jump out and wall run to a ring and connect to a far platform. You need the right angle to do this (I reloaded here a bunch and watched the damn cut scene 10 times) about a 30 degree angle from ring to you. Now from the platform, wall run to scaffolding and look down. Wall scratch to scaffolding below to your right and hang on. Now wall run to your right and use all those rings to get to the Fresco. It is a long combo but make sure you miss all of those traps! Take the red plate home.

Fresco #4: The hardest Fresco (and the one nobody seems to know about). At the top of Hammam with the spinning puzzle, there is a post on the right when facing out. If you look on the opposite wall there is scaffolding. Use the post, jump up and Elika-jump to the first scaffolding. Follow the scaffolding pattern through many traps and at the top wall run left. Scratch your way down to a hidden Purple Plate and you are on your way. Wall run, jump and climb to the hidden Fresco in the heights of Hammam. Take your red plate home.

Fresco #5: Use left post in Gardens before solving the puzzle. Use rings and wall jumps to get to a red plate. This will send you to a long ring and scratch pattern as well as to another wonderful Fresco. Red plate your way home.

Fresco #6: Use right post in Gardens before solving the puzzle. Use rings and wall jumps to get a red plate. Ring it and wall run around the corner and scratch your way to the bottom of a long wall for your Fresco. Red plate your way home.

Fresco #7: In the Tomb, after solving the first energize puzzle, you will end up at a platform with 3 new cranks. Stand on the right edge, wall jump up and scratch back down to scaffolding. Follow it to a red plate and follow the rings and scratches to your Fresco. Red plate your way home.

Fresco #8: After solving the first 3 crank puzzle, you end up at another 3 crank puzzle platform. Stand on the right edge, wall jump up and scratch back down to scaffolding the same as you did before. Follow it to a red plate and follow the rings, wall runs and scratches to your Fresco. Red plate your way home.

NOTE: You must do both of these before you reach the bottom of the Tomb.

Fresco #9: After defeating Elika’s father for the last time, you will follow Green and Purple plates out of there. You will here Ahriman’s growl and be afraid (or not) and there will be a short cut scene, letting you know he is after you. Before you jump off the edge to a pole, turn to your right and look around the corner. You will see wall rings. Follow them to a plate, new pattern of rings and wall runs that will net you a Fresco. Red plate your way home.

Fresco #10: After hiding from Ahriman’s goo near plates (just as in the original story), you will follow a pattern all the way to a far wall ledge with a Blue Plate. This a great place to save by the way. Before taking the Blue Plate, look to your right. Wall run and Elika-jump your way around a corner to a ring and then a pole. Elika-jump to rings on the wall, Elika-jump backwards and repeat to get WAY high on that wall. Now you can scratch fall over and around a cement barricade to your final Fresco. Red plate your way home.

NOTE: If you do not get the trophy after this final Fresco, you missed one! Go back and figure out which one you missed.

By the way, for this trophy- you are welcome ahead of time.

A Fresco of Light
Reach one Ormazd's Fresco in the Epilogue.

Find the first Fresco of Light. These are blue plates that have fancy white writing on them. The first is pointed out for you by Elika when she says the Ahura have been there, which is just after the Entrance. See All the Frescos for the main details.

Born Dead
Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn.

There are only about 6-8 common enemies throughout the game. You need to kill them all as they are spawning. Three or 4 of them show up in the first areas of the game. I suggest you save and reload if they spawn quickly because these guys are often hiding around corners where you cannot see them. The hardest of these guys to get to in time comes after a long wall slide around various trap barriers. At the base of the wall, jump to the spawning guy (you will not see him on the screen as he is behind you sliding) and kill him.

You will get this trophy at the completion of the game. This is the second hardest trophy to get, mostly because it is time consuming. Saving is key and reloading is a must in order to successfully get this trophy.

Apparently people are having a WAY harder time with this than I had so here is an addendum from our friend Azakos:
There are 7 soldiers total. The first 4 are after the first fight with the king. I would suggest to save on every flat platform that you land on, not that the first 4 are any hard to get, but mistakes can happen.

The 5th soldier is the hardest. He comes after the first Shapeshifter fight. The closest you can save to this soldier is the last platform you land on when sliding down the vertical tunnel. This platform has a small, wooden door on the wall (not one you go through, just for looks), and a wooden railing surrounding it. Also, you can adjust your camera so that you can look down to the bottom where you should be able to see the large platform where the soldier will spawn. Anyways, save here. By the way, if you happen to fall off here and be brought back to this platform where you saved, you've messed up. If you look down, you'll now notice that the soldier's spawning has been activated, so you'll have to reload your save. Then continue on to a few ledges on the wall, then wall run to a ring grab. This is where you do the early slide down the wall. After you grab the ring it'll take you to a vertical ledge that you're supposed to grab onto, but instead, hit R2 right before you reach it to slide down. Then slide down to avoid the corruption blobs, and jump off the wall a bit before reaching the ground. Slash him and do a victory dance (physically do the victory dance yourself, the Prince is slow as hell and hasn't the skills to victory dance).

The 6th soldier is after the second Shapeshifter fight. I believe he is on the third or fourth platform after the fight. Just be sure to save on each flat platform you land on. You should be able to get him on the first try. Otherwise, it really shouldn't be too hard. And finally, the 7th soldier. He's on the platform immediately following the one the 6th soldier was on. Remember to save on the platform the 6th soldier was on after you kill him, in case you mess up on the 7th soldier.

What Once was There
First use of Energize in the Epilogue.

You will get this trophy after activating the first of the new Purple Plates called the Energize plates (as they create new surroundings for you to climb or run across). This will happen after a cut scene where Ahriman pounds the wall and the Prince decides they cannot give up.

Bouncing From Here to There
Complete the puzzle with rebound in the Epilogue.

This is the puzzle in the Gardens area. You cannot get through the Gardens without pulling 3 posts from barring the door in the distance. This is the same room in which you climb the posts at your left and right to get Frescos #5 and #6.

Here is how to open the bars:

Bar 1: Turn right crank once to angle the center post. Turn left crank twice to bring walls closer. Use center post to go high up on left wall. Follow rings, wall jumps and scratch patterns to first post high above. You release it by pulling ring on wall. Take the red plate back to base.

Bar 2: Leave right crank where it is. Turn left crank one more time so that it is even closer and this time post jump to the left on the bottom. Follow the wall jumps, rings, scratch patterns and posts to the second area up above. Pull wall ring and red plate it back.

Bar 3: Turn right crank back so that is NOT angled but going straight forward again. Turn left crank a final time so that the walls are almost touching. Elika-jump from the post to the vines and wall run, scratch pattern and ring your way to the final upper area. Pull the ring, red plate it back to the main zone and Elika-jump your way across the chasm and to the Tomb area.

NOTE: Do not forget to grab the 5th and 6th Frescos if you solve the puzzle first.

Leaving the Storm
Complete the Epilogue.

You completed the Epilogue and are left with another cliffhanger. Sucks for you… but at least you get a trophy.

I Only Need a Hand or Twenty
Elika saves you fewer than 20 times in the whole Epilogue.

Lots more traps huh? Well, saving and reloading has its benefits… one of which being this trophy in one play through. By naturally saving and reloading because of the All the Frescos and Born Dead trophies, you will not have to do too much extra to make sure she saves you less than 20 times.

NOTE: In battles with the Shapeshifter, if he pins you down and is about to plunge the final strike, you have about 1 second to hit the right button. I hit the right button every time but if you hit it too slow, Elika will have to save you. You will see. Be quick or be dead.

No Time to Waste
Complete the Epilogue in less than 2 hours.

You saved and reloaded your game quite a bit because of those damn traps huh? Well, it was worth it because the areas are not really that long.

Here are the areas (that I remember) in order:

1) Alleyway
2) Entrance
3) Watertank
4) Chimney
5) Hammam
6) Avenue
7) Garden
8) Tomb
9) Promenade
10) Ballroom

With practice, you can buzz through the Epilogue in close to an hour. When I had to go back for more Frescos, it was easily done in an hour.

The Best Offence is Good Defence
Defeat any enemy of the Epilogue by only starting a combo with a Deflect and Counter-Attack.

After the intro cut scene to the Epilogue, you must chase Elika for a bit and then fight her father for the first time. Shortly thereafter you are sent into a new area for wall-running. Be careful as the Epilogue has traps EVERYWHERE.

After the first set on jumps and wall-runs, you will fight a common enemy. This is the ONLY time you should let him spawn. Finish this guy off, either against a wall or throwing him off the cliff, by starting a combo chain right after blocking using R2. This will net you this trophy.

Upon getting this trophy, you will want to reload your game a point before fighting the common enemy so that you can get the Born Dead trophy.

Change Once, Then Die
In the Epilogue, defeat the Shapeshifter with only one shape change.

The Shapeshifter, along with Elika’s father, are the key enemies within the Epilogue. The Shapeshifter is a combination of the Warrior and the Hunter from the original game. The Shapeshifter will start out as the Warrior every time and then when you shove the Warrior version off of a ledge, as you would in the main story, he will morph into the Hunter. Throwing the Hunter off of a ledge from a struggle is also the simplest way of killing him, so I suggest you do so.

This trophy should be attained after your solve the jumping area from climbing post to climbing post in the first primary area. You will confront the Shapeshifter for the first time here and I suggest you get this trophy now as there are open ledges on all sides. In the 3 future confrontations, you are limited to a subsequently smaller area each time. Shove the Warrior off, let him change, shove the Hunter off. My favorite combo is and makes this easy.

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