Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to Platinum: 12 hours

[top]Tips & Strategies


]This installment of the Prince of Persia series sees the return of The Prince from the original games instead of The Prince we saw in the last game. As always, you will be controlling The Prince as he platforms his way across worlds and fights the baddies. Enemies in this game are also more plentiful than in the last installment and always come in groups. The ability to turn back time is also returned to the player as well as some other abilities that include the power to freeze water, the power to revert structures back to the way they used to look, and also four new magic based combat abilities. These new combat abilities include leaving a trail of flames behind you, covering yourself in stone armor, sending out icy blasts from your sword, and creating a whirlwind around The Prince that does a large amount of area damage.

Some have critiqued the story of the game but I think most people will find that it is not so poor that it will take away from the game in any way. When it comes to combat there will be lovers and haters. The combat is fairly simplified with only the addition of magic based moves to keep you interested. The platforming, as always, is the star of the show. Even jumping from wall to wall is fun but when you get the power to freeze water and to revert objects it becomes a blast to use these. Personally, I give the game a 8/10 and I hope you all enjoy it as well. I also hope you all enjoy my guide and find it useful for you during your quest for platinum.

We join The Prince as he attempts to catch up to his brother... Enjoy.


If you use this guide you should be warned before reading ahead that there will be spoilers. Do not use this guide if you do not want the game spoiled for yourself. Many of the trophy descriptions will have some kind of spoiler in them but where possible I did my best to keep them small. I have chosen to not use spoiler tags on the story related trophies either so definitely do not use those unless you have to.

I strongly advice you to read the Road Map first so that you do not miss anything and the only spoilers in there are two names of some main characters. Please enjoy the guide!

NEW: A glitch has been brought to my attention so the following spoiler contains the details on the glitch and a fix for it.

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[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Step 1- This step is very short and simple. Simply start up the game on MEDIUM and when you are actually given control of The Prince, press to go to the pause menu and select the option to lower the difficulty. This will unlock the[COLOR=Sienna]Our Little Secret [COLOR=Black]trophy. Now just continue on the same game for step 2.

Trophy you should get in this step...

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Step 2- This should be your main playthrough in which you play on easy and get almost all of the trophies. You will obviously get all of the story trophies here and it is VERY important that from the very beginning of the game you use the sarcophagus walkthrough that I have under the Got Walkthrough? trophy. In this playthrough you should also make sure to complete all of the trophies that have to do with killing enemies in a certain way whether it be in a row or total, or whether it be killing a certain type of enemy a certain way. There are too many to list here so go down the guide before hand so that you are aware of them. Pay special attention to Stay Dry and Sand Nemesis because they are easy to miss. Most of the other trophies should come natural during this playthrough because they are things that are very hard to get through the game without doing. The first time you meet with Razia and then go back to the Palace and encounter your first group on undead enemies is a great time to do a lot of the specific moves/kills trophies and you can load the last checkpoint after you do one trophy to do another on the same set of enemies. When you get to your first fight with Ratash in the throne room, be sure to read my description for Untouchable and when you get to the final fight with Ratash (after the section of the game called The Final Climb) make sure you read my description for Invincible. Any of the kill trophies that you miss are not a huge deal because you can do them during step 5.

Trophies you should get in this step...

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Step 3- Once you have completed the game go into the challenge arena and you will have to fight eight waves of enemies. This challenge room is far from a challenge so you should not have too hard of a time but if you do, look for my description of each wave in the description under the Prince of Tides trophy.

Trophy you should get in this step...

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Step 4-Now all that you should have left is the Completist trophy and maybe some clean up on specific kill trophies. For this step, all that you have to do is keep beating the challenge room until you have enough experience points to fully level up everything. The challenge room should not take you any longer than 6-8 minutes each time you beat it, and you will gain enough experience each gain two upgrade points. Once you finish this step you should have your nice new platinum trophy but if you don't and still need a few of the kill trophies continue to step 5.

Trophy you should get in this step...

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Step 5- If you still have any of the kill trophies remaining, use the challenge room to finish them up. The specific types of moves are cumulative throughout the main game and throughout the challenge room so don't worry about getting them all in one playthrough of the game or of the challenge room.

Trophies you might still need to get using this step...

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Sand Master
Unlock all other trophies.

Just like any other games, unlock all of the other Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands trophies to unlock this one.

Memories of Azad
Reach the thick of the battle.

This is a story related trophy.
After an epic cutscene you will be placed in the game and ran through a tutorial as you progress. When you get inside and have to start platforming by wall running, jumping, and grabbing banners you will eventually drop down to a square area with a pressure pad. Step on the pressure pad and you will be told how to aerial slash. While you learn this, the trophy will unlock.

A Warm Welcome
Catch up to Malik.

This is a story related trophy.

Simply continue from the spot where you got the last story trophy. This should not be too hard because its all linear between the two points, the enemies are still weak, and the platforming is pretty simple. When you get to a spot in front of a closed door a cutscene will play in which you get shot at by one of your brother's guards. When your brother takes of his mask, you should unlock this trophy.

Solomon's Army
Release Solomon's Army.

This is a story related trophy.

When you go through the treasure vaults and finally catch up to Malik, a cutscene will trigger. In the cutscene The Prince with try to convince Malik to not release the army, but Malik does not listen. Malik will use a key to unlock the large contraption and the army will be released. After the cutscene the trophy will unlock.

Just us and Them
Close the fortress gates.

This is a story related trophy.

Once you meet up with your brother and get to the area called "The Fortress Gates" you are faced with quite a tough puzzle. You can give it a few tries on your own but if you give up here is the sequence of lever moves to use. When I give a direction I mean which direction to push/pull the actual lever, not the resulting moving of the pieces.

Middle: Counter-Clockwise, Right: Clockwise, Left (the one by itself): Clockwise x2, Middle: Clockwise,
Right: Clockwise, Left: Counter-Clockwise x2, Right: Clockwise x2, Middle: Counter-Clockwise x2,
Left: Counter-Clockwise x2, Middle: Counter-Clockwise, Left: Clockwise

You will now trigger a cutscene in which you see your brother again. Just progress through a bit more platforming and the trophy will unlock.

Not what it looks Like
Defeat Ratash.

This trophy refers to defeating Ratash in the throne room. Follow the tips in Untouchable for this trophy.

No longer human
Suffered defeat at Malik's hands

This is a story related trophy

After following Malik for a little while in the Aqueducts, you will see him transform into what is essentially a version of Ratash. Keep platforming and you will come to some castle guards that are still alive. They don't stay that way for long. Malik kills them and then comes after you. Much like when you faced him in the throne room it is just a matter of attacking at his legs and then rolling between his legs when he attacks. When you goes into the air, run behind the pillars on the platform because there is no other way to defend against his next move. Half way through, he will knock you down and make you platform back up. After you take away about 1/4 more health, he will defeat you and you will fall down and the trophy will pop up.

Welcome to Rekem
Arrived in Razia's city

This is a story related trophy

Shortly after you are given a new power you are put back in your own world in order to try it out. After a short tutorial showing you the basics, Razia will tell you that you are in the once mighty city of Rekem. After she tells you about this city and you have control again, the trophy will ding.

Power of the Djinn
Razia becomes part of sword

This is a story related trophy.

Once you make your way through Solomon's hall and pull a new sword from a skull you will need to progress a little bit further in order to get to a portal and meet up with Razia again. A cutscene will now play in which she instructs you that only the power of one Djinn can destroy the power of another and then she will put herself and her power into the sword. After the cutscene, the trophy will unlock.

Eye of the Storm
Reach the final fight.

You will get to the base of a large tower and enter a section called The Final Climb. Once you are finished the first part and get outside, only kill enough enemies to refill health and energy because these enemies do not drop experience. Continue to platform up the tower and you will come to a series in which you fight enemies on one platform, use vultures to travel to another and then fight more. You will follow this pattern several times and get some great sights while doing it. When you finally land on a solid platform, the trophy will unlock.

End of the Army
Complete the game

Defeat Ratash/Malik on the final platform to unlock this trophy. For strategies, refer to Invincible. [LEFT]

Prince of Tides
Complete the Enemy Tides Challenge.

Wave 1- Press on the guys with shields to make them lower them and press to kill them. For all of the other enemies, just will do.
Wave 2- Kill the flying beetles first with a nice Whirlwind and clean up any enemies that might be left with .
Wave 3- This wave is just flying beetles. You should not need more than to take them all out.
Wave 4- Pay attention and watch for the larger enemy to charge while you take out the weaker enemies. If you see him charging, roll away with . When he is all you have left, get against a wall and let him charge at you. Dodge at the last second and he will smash into the wall and go down on one knee. Use followed by to do an aerial slash attack on him. Do this to him twice and at the end of the second time hit hit once more with and he will be dead. Repeat this process again with the second guy.
Wave 5- Repeat the same exact strategy as Wave 4. The bigger enemies will take a few more hits this time though.
Wave 6- These enemies are your standard fare from the first couple of waves with the addition of the slightly bigger and more lumbering brutes.
Wave 7- These enemies are your standard fare from the first couple of waves with the addition of the slightly bigger and more lumbering brutes.
Wave 8- Keep spamming Whirlwind to keep the smaller enemies out of your way while you whack away at the big guy with and dodge his attacks with . Once the big guy goes down on one knee, use follow by to finish him off with an aerial slash. Now just finish off the smaller guys and you are done.

Power Boost
Find and break a sarcophagus.

See Got Walkthrough?

Got Walkthrough?
Find and break every sarcophagus.

Why yes you do indeed have a walkthrough. And here it is...
  1. The Stables- The first sarcophagus is shown to you in the stables. To get there, wall run up any wall in which your back is facing the wooden board above you, jump out of the wall run to the board, jump to the stones, climb up and use the power attack (hold ) to break the sarcophagus.
  2. The Fortress Courtyard- After killing four enemies up on a ledge you will continue into a tall room. In the room you will have to wall run across a pressure pad and can't miss the sarcophagus right under the pad. Drop down and use the power attack to break it.
  3. The Fortress Courtyard- Shortly after facing your first titan, you will get to a part where The Prince with stop and look down at the courtyard and make a comment about the invaders retreating. Ahead of you, you will see a series of spike floors and spindles with spikes. Jump and roll over the spike floors until you get to the room with enemies. Kill them, and then proceed past just ONE more set of floor spikes. Edge yourself off of the ledge on the left and make your way right to the platform that the sarcophagus will be sitting on.
  4. The Prison- In the prison, you start at the bottom of a big room. You have to get to the top of this one to move to another identical room. When you get to the top of this room there will be a pressure pad in front of a series of three floor spike strips and three wall arrows. Once you roll under the door, wall run on the wall on the right, climb the stone, wall run up to the ledge, wall run to another ledge, wall run to the swinging pole and swing twice more to get to your 4th sarcophagus.
  5. The Sewer- A short way into the sewer, you will come to a spot where there are 3 water spouts in a row that go from thick to thin and between the second and third there will be a beam. Climb the first spout, jump to the beam, jump the second spout but do not move to the third yet. Shimmy to the top of the second spout and jump back towards the first and you will land on another beam above the first one you landed on. Now simply jump over to the platform you see holding the sarcophagus.
  6. The Sewer- After you go through some circular rooms with mini puzzles in them you will come to a room in which you have to hang from a swing bar to release water and then use the water to get up to another ledge. On that ledge you use the crank to turn the water and get to the last ledge. After you do this you will go across a few beams to a fork in the road. Go straight and use your freeze ability to get across to the sarcophagus. Wait until the first stream is about to leave and freeze it and then as you jump make sure to release and press it again as you are about to hit the second stream.
  7. The Royal Chambers- After your run in with Ratash outside of the Royal Chambers, you will drop into a room full of enemies with beds on the floor. Clear the room and before progressing in the correct direction (you will see rotating spikes) head over to the other side of the room where you will see a water spout. Freeze the water, climb the spout, jump to one side, wall run across the pressure pad, jump back to the spout, jump to the other side, and wall run the pressure pad. This will open up a secret door containing another sarcophagus.
  8. The Royal Chambers- After another run in with Ratash outside, you will come to a room with some enemies, a fountain in the middle, and waterfalls on both sides. Freeze the water, wall run up the right water fall, jump, swing across to the left water wall, wall run, jump, swing, and now as you are going through the air release and you will land on a hidden ledge. Another sarcophagus will be here.
  9. The Royal Chambers- After another run in with Ratash that we can only hope is the last you will run into some enemies followed by a big water wheel blocking your path. Before dealing with the wheel, wall run up to the ledge on your right, wall run to the stones, climb the stones, jump off the wall, swing across to the ledge, shimmy across the ledge, and drop down for another sarcophagus.
  10. The Throne Room- As soon as the game tells you that you are in the Throne Room look immediately to your left opposite the stairs. There will be some rocks that you can wall run to and then climb. Climb these, wall run to the left, jump, freeze the water, and swing twice and you will land on a platform with another sarcophagus.
  11. The Terrace- During this section, you will come to a part where you must jump to a banner and then slide down a bunch of them. At the bottom will be some enemies to kill. Once they are dead, do a series of wall runs on the wall to your immediate right and there will be a sarcophagus there.
  12. The Rooftop Gardens- After platforming a bit in this section, a cutscene will show Malik fighting some enemies. After it is over, make your way over there and find the sarcophagus behind the tree.
  13. The Rooftop Gardens- After some more platforming you will find yourself on an octagon shaped platform and a lot of enemies will spawn. Kill all of these enemies and when you are done, instead of using Power of Flight to jump across to where the enemy is throwing objects at you from, look to where you see a waterfall. Jump over to the ledge and wall run up through the waterfall. Climb up the wall behind it to find another sarcophagus.
  14. The Aqueducts- After you see Malik again and he transforms you will drop down to a platform with a very large number of enemies. After defeating them, and before jumping to the vultures, go to the left side of the platform and use your freeze power to jump down and swing to the second water spout. Drop down from the second spout and look behind the waterfall for another sarcophagus.
  15. The Ruins of Rekem- You will eventually get to a big open area when Razia will tell you some things, a battle will trigger, and then Razia will come back for a minute. After some platforming you will find yourself using your new power to swing from a regular pole, to two swing poles that you have to re-create separately, then to another regular hanging pole that you must re-create and finally to a wooden beam. You can now go left or right. After re-creating the ledge to the left, jump to it and go down the little hallway while re-creating a few beams and avoiding blades. The sarcophagus is at the end.
  16. The Ruins of Rekem- After returning to the wooden beam from the last sarcophagus, go to the other side and you will have to jump to a banner and slide down. In front of you there will be a door and to the left you will see a railing. Drop down over the railing and press to drop down. Go through the water fall for another sarcophagus.
  17. Rekem's Throne Room- When looking at the throne, turn left and climb the rocks. Now wall run to the re-created poll and continue until you get to the last wooden beam and it will be a regular beam. Jump to the wall, wall run up, jump off to the swing pole, turn around, and swing to the ledge. Re-create the wall to the left and wall run to it. Now wall run to the next solid platform. Wall run up twice until you are at the second ledge, wall run to the left, jump to the other ledge, shimmy to the right, drop to the lower ledge, re-create the platform below, drop to the platform, move into the middle of the platform and hit again to make the re-created platform disappear. You will now be standing on a platform with another sarcophagus.
  18. The Rekem Reservoir- After entering this area, you will have a bit of platforming to do. Eventually you will drop down on the ground and a third titan will spawn along with some enemies. Once they are dead, look to where there are two waterfalls. Jump through the one on the left, and then roll under the wall you see in front of you. You will now be in a small room with a sarcophagus.
  19. The Rekem Reservoir- Right after the last sarcophagus you will need to do some platforming to get across the big gap in front of you. Once you land on the other side and see the lion statue, run to the left side and drop off the edge. Now, drop down to the rocks, climb down on the rocks, wall run to the ledge on the left, shimmy around this ledge, and drop down to a little platform with another sarcophagus.
  20. Solomon's Vault- You will get to a point where you drop down a banner and trigger a cutscene in which Razia tells you that you are in Solomon's Hall. Once you leave the cutscene you will have some enemies to fight off. Once you are done fighting to enemies you must re-create a section in order to get a water pole flowing. Once, you do this wall run and jump up to the pole and follow the logical path from here until you are at the second level of the hall. After you fight more enemies you will find a pressure switch on the right hand side of the hall. Wall run to activate this, jump, freeze the two poles and swing off of both of them to the wall and wall run to the ledge. Now shimmy to the right, wall run to the right until you hit the pressure pad and immediately jump off the wall towards the door. You will need to use to roll under the closing door in time. This one may take a few tries. In the room is another sarcophagus.
  21. The King's Tower- Once you get into The King's Tower, you will have a bit more platforming to do. Once you get to the SECOND set of vultures that you have to use to travel you will need to re-create a platform at the end. Once you are standing on this platform do not jump to the ledge above. Instead, jump to the left that is back and to the right. Now you will see another string of vultures that you can use to travel to your 21st and final sarcophagus. Break this one and the trophy will unlock.

Purchase every item in the upgrade menu.

When you finish the game, you will not have all upgrades. To finish with the upgrades it is as easy as playing the challenge room over and over until you gain enough experience. Refer to Prince of Tides for tips on the challenge room. Once you do this enough times to unlock your final upgrade, the trophy will unlock.

Anger Management
Break 100 vases and sarcophagi.

You don't have to get this out of the way quickly but you can if you want. Vases come in a bunch of shapes and sizes. Just attack them with and they will break. The game is pretty linear but there are some areas off of the path that you can search. I broke all of the vases that I saw and started immediately and I got this right before the big door in front of which The Prince says "there must be another way in." Even if you don't do this right away, it should not be too hard because you will be breaking them anyway to get health.

Sand Nemesis
Kill 50 enemies in a row without being hit and without using upgrade powers or the Power of Time.

Option 1- Option 1 and 3 are near the end of the game. When you get up a little ways in the tower called The Final Climb, you will get to a spot where you must go up a ramp and fight endlessly spawning enemies. If you stay at the bottom, enemies will not overwhelm you but they will continue to come down. Just dodge and attack until you kill 50 enemies in a row. If you get hit, do not worry and just keep going and trying again because the enemies just keep spawning.
Option 2- When you get to the area called The Baths, there will be magic type enemies that continue to spawn normal enemies. Just keep killing the normal enemies without touching the magic type until you get to 50 in a row. If you get hit, just reload or keep going because they will keep spawning if you don't touch the magic type.
Option 3- This option is a one shot deal. When you get to the final section of the game called The Final Climb you will get to a section in which you fight enemies on a platform, use vultures to advance, and them fight more enemies on platforms. There are enough enemies here and they are easy enough where this trophy is possible if you concentrate.
Option 4- This one can be pretty easy in the challenge rooms. Simply use as much as you can to roll away from all attacks. This method may be slightly tricky but the best part is that if you mess up you can just quit to the main menu and retry within one minute.
Option 5 - This is actually a lot easier than it sounds, but it is still not super easy. When you first return to the palace you will encounter your first group on undead enemies. This group will have 20 enemies in it total. Just hack away with and when you see them going to attack (their attacks are very easy to read) just use to roll away. One thing to watch out for are the enemies that are in the process of swinging as you come back to the group. After you take care of this group, you will have some platforming to do. You will soon encounter another group of 20 enemies where you can repeat the same process. Platform some more and you will come to a room with a crank in the middle. When you finish this puzzle, a door will bust open with 20 more enemies. If you can kill all of these groups with this method the trophy will be yours. The hardest part might be the platforming between the groups.

And King of Blades
Kill 500 enemies with the sword.

You should get this trophy through natural progression of the game. Even using a good amount of special abilities I got this trophy during the Rooftop Gardens section.

Jump on enemies 30 times in a row without falling or using the Power of Time.

When you return to the palace that is now infested with undead, you will be swarmed by a lot of enemies. Run around until they get into a big group, and then just press to jump on one of them. While still on that enemy, quickly press again and a direction to jump to another enemy. This may still take a bit because you will miss from time to time but you should not be hit off. It is best to move in all four directions so that you don't end up in the middle where you may jump too far in any direction. After you get this trophy and the Death from Above trophy, load the last checkpoint so that you can have a fresh group of enemies for the Sand Nemesis trophy.

Like Dominoes
Knock down 5 enemies with one kick.

When you return to the palace that is now infested with undead, you will be swarmed by a lot of enemies. Run around until they get in a big group, and then just run at them and press to kick when you get close to them. You may have to try this a few times before you get it because sometimes you might hit less but it should not take long.

Floors are for Losers
Wall run for a total of 1/2 mile (805 meters).

This will come with natural progress in the game. I got this just after my first fight with a titan.

Stay Dry
Move on solidified water for 1 minute without using the Power of Time.

When you first gain the ability to freeze water there is a place that will make you try it out. This trophy can be obtained at this spot. It cant be a little bit tricky though even when you know what to do. Jump out to the stream of water, and as you are traveling through the air, press and hold . Now jump off of this stream of water towards the other one and AS you are flying through the air release and then press and hold it again before reaching the next stream. This little step will ensure that you don't run down the freeze timer. Now, when you reach the second stream, turn around in one smooth movement and after The Prince turns, start holding so you will jump right away. While in the air, release and then press it again before reaching the other stream. Once again, turn around in one smooth movement and once The Prince turns, start holding to jump right away. Keep repeating this same process over and over and after a minute the trophy will pop up. Just be patient if you keep failing and don't use the Power of Time if you fall or it will not count.

Defeat Ratash in the Throne Room without taking any damage.

This trophy is not actually as hard as it sounds if you have a little bit of patience. Personally I played it safe and if I was forced to use the Power of Time I restarted because I was not sure if that counted as taking damage (I doubt it does). The game will save right before you get to Ratash and watch Malik get owned. As far as bosses go, Ratash is no Einstein. Every time you see an attack coming (telegraphed by the flaring of red) just dodge through his legs. Stay close and keep doing this until he gets to half health. If you see his foot go up, you can also jump to avoid this attack. When he goes down on one knee, press to jump and then while you are in the air. A cutscene will trigger. If you get damaged during this fight, it is okay to press and load the last checkpoint.

After the cutscene you will have to do a little bit of platforming to be able to fight him again. Climb the stones, freeze the water to swing on it, run to the next stones and climb them, wall run, pull yourself up, run and jump to the swing pole, and then swing to where he is. Now you will have to wait until the falling water is thick and then freeze it. Maneuver across the water spout and you will get to him again. This will trigger another cutscene. If you get damaged during platforming, it is okay to press and load the last checkpoint.

Now this is the last part. He will summon a small group of enemies to attack you. If they get really close to you they should not be too hard to take out and if you stay close to Ratash, he will take a large portion of them out. As far as Ratash goes, just repeat the same process as before and when you get him to 1/4 health he will go down on one knee again and you will have to use and again to finish him. A cutscene will trigger and you will get the trophy. A cutscene will trigger. If you get damaged during this fight, it is okay to press and load the last checkpoint.

During this entire fight, I found level 2 Ice Blast to work quite well at delivering some good damage to Ratash.

Death from Above
Finish off 10 enemies in a row using only the Aerial Slash.

The aerial slash movie is when you press to jump in the air and then hit to attack. When next to an enemy, jump on his back, and then attack and the move will be performed. Do this to kill ten enemies in a row and the trophy is yours. Make sure you kick down shields from enemies before doing the move. The easiest place I found to do this all in one spot, is when you return to the palace and are swarmed by undead enemies. These enemies may take more than one aerial slash to kill but it will not take you long at all. After you get this trophy and the Acrobat trophy, load the last checkpoint so that you can have a fresh group of enemies for the Sand Nemesis trophy.

Finish the final battle against Ratash without taking any damage.

While you play, I encourage you to level up Stone Armor to level four. If you do so this trophy is quite easy. When you first start the battle, try to take out the first wave of enemies without activating Stone Armor. Also try to evade his first set of attacks without using it. His first set of attacks involve a sweeping motion which you can avoid by pressing to roll under his arm and a slam motion where you can also press to roll away. Both attacks are pretty easy to read. If you make it past this part without using Stone Armor, you should have plenty left to get you through the rest of the fight.

He will continue to send waves of enemies at you, attack you with the little rays and use his own attacks. He will add a double sweep and a double fisted slam to his own tricks. However, you should have enough energy now to just keep activating Stone Armor as soon as the other one runs out.

Keep attacking his medallion and if it takes you a few tries for this trophy, learn what attacks you are good at avoiding and save energy by not activating Stone Armor during those times. When his health is very low you will be able to jump to two vultures and trigger the ending cutscene.

If you do get hit you can load the last checkpoint and if you accidentally defeat him after taking a hit you can skip the credits and select continue from the main menu which will bring you right back to the final battle.

Our Little Secret
Don't worry. We won't tell if you don't

To get this trophy you must start the game on normal and switch it to easy through the pause menu. DO NOT try this when you are in the middle of a playthrough because you can't have multiple game saves.

And stay Down!
Use the finishing lunge 20 times.

The finishing lunge is when you press to stab an enemy while they are laying on the ground. The best way I found to do this was to just press to knock enemies down and then just press to finish them. Also, one you unlock the Whirlwind power, you can use it to knock down enemies. Once they are down, run around stabbing as many as you can. 20 should not take long.

Air Time
Perform 20 Aerial Slash attacks.

The aerial slash movie is when you press to jump in the air and then hit to attack. When next to an enemy, jump on his back, and then attack and the move will be performed. Simple do this 20 times for the trophy to be yours.

David and Goliath
Finish 5 titans with the Aerial Slash.

Titans do not show up in this game until you get to the Ruins of Rekem. They are very large club wielding monsters that do the exact same moves as Ratash and are the only other enemies that receive a health bar like Ratash. Once they get down to a little under half health they will drop to one knee. When they do so, press to jump and then press while in the air to perform an aerial slash. Start this immediately on every titan you see and you will be done with this soon after Razia puts her power into the sword, and right before The King's Tower. There are only 6 titans in the game, so make sure to use the Power of Time or load last checkpoint if you happen to not kill it with an aerial slash.

This is Persia!
Kick 20 enemies off of ledges.

Whenever you have a group of enemies next to an open ledge, either draw them over to the ledge and press to kick them off or just kick them all of the way over there. Try to get it out of the way early because this is an easy trophy to forget about.

Attack from all Angles
Knock down 15 enemies using the aerial kick.

The aerial kick is when you jump with and then kick with while in the air. Just find a group to do this 15 times too and the trophy will unlock. You do not have to kill the enemy.

Swift as the Wind
Defeat 30 enemies using the Power of Flight.

You will gain the Power of Flight ability after you defeat Ratash. After you press to jump, press and you will do a big dash. If you do this on every enemy you face right after getting the ability, this trophy will take you no more than 10 minutes.

Big Finish
Defeat an enemy by doing a power attack in the fifth hit in a combo.

A power attack is when you hold down instead of just pressing it. This one is pretty easy. When it first teaches you how to do this attack just hit until you count four sword swipes and then hold for the power attack. The early enemies of the game will die instantly. If you try it when you first learn the power attack, it might be easier to take out the shield guys first or just make sure you don't hit them and end your combo.

Elemental Control
Upgrade one power to level 4.

If you are in a rush to get this trophy, you can concentrate all of your upgrades on any ability and either health or energy, depending on what is needed to allow you to unlock that ability. If you are going for the platinum, you don;t need to worry about this trophy as you will get it while going for the Completist trophy.

Ding! Level Up!
Purchase your first upgrade.

Very easy. When you return to the castle and are swarmed with undead enemies, you will be introduced to the experience system. Very conveniently, this area has exactly 20 enemies which allows you to gain enough experience for your first experience point. Go into your experience tree, add a point to either health or energy, and then apply changes and exit. The trophy will unlock when you get back into the game world.

Close Call
Save the Prince's life by using the Power of Time.

When you are given the Power of Time, you will soon be forced to use it in order to continue. After you do this, just jump straight back in the same hole and use it again to unlock this trophy.

Not how it Happened
Use the Power of Time 20 times.

Unless you are incredibly good at platforming this will come in the natural progression of the game. Just use whenever you fall or die in combat and you will do 20 easily.

Prince of Fire
Defeat 50 enemies using the Flame Trail.

Your Flame Trail is the one two spots to the left of your health in the upgrades menu. Activate it and wherever you move a trail will follow which will light any enemy who touches it on fire. Depending on how upgraded your tail is and how strong the enemy is, this may take a few activations to kill groups of enemies. Once you kill 50 enemies with fire, the trophy will unlock.

Prince of Earth
Defeat 50 enemies using the Stone Armor.

Your Stone Armor upgrade is the one to the left of your health in the upgrades menu. Activate it to shield yourself and then just start killing. The trophy will unlock after you have killed 50 enemies with the Stone Armor activated.

Prince of Water
Defeat 50 enemies using the Ice Blast.

Your Ice Blast upgrade is the one two spots to the right in the upgrades menu. Activate it and your sword strikes will send out streaks of ice that do more damage and have more range. With the big groups of enemies in the game, 50 enemies should not take too long and you will be awarded the trophy.

Prince of Wind
Defeat 50 enemies using the Whirlwind.

Your Whirlwind upgrade is the one to the right of your energy in the upgrades menu. The Whirlwind attack will pound the ground for area shock damage in its low levels. It is rather weak but attack a lot of targets. Killing 50 enemies with this should not take long and you will be awarded the trophy.

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