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Players: 1
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + clean-up
Collectible Trophies: Secret of Argabah and Sand Collector
Missable Trophies: Master of Time and Game Master
Glitches Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

If you're having difficulty with any of the platforming sections, the puzzles, or enemy encounters, refer to the complete video walkthrough in Prince of Sand .

During certain fights, Farah will be accompany you. Her presence is a double-edged sword, though, because while she does help you in battle by damaging and stunning enemies, she can also damage you with her arrows, and can be killed by enemies, meaning that you have to babysit her (though she's usually pretty good at looking out for herself).

Drink water (from any source) to replenish your health.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

To refill all your sand tanks, while playing hold , then press +++++++.


Step 1 - Play through the game
As you play through, keep an eye out for Sand Clouds and hidden Fountains (or use the provided video guides), while making sure to not use your time rewind ability. When you collect your final Sand Cloud, create a fresh save file at the next save point. Provided you don't miss any collectibles, and don't rewind more than 19 times, all but one trophy will be unlocked.

Step 2 - Rewind clean-up
Reload the save you made after you found the final Sand Cloud and just start spamming rewind (). Use the Sand Tank replenishing cheat to fill up your Sand Tanks once they've all been emptied. After a few minutes, Master of Time will pop, along with your platinum.


Prince of Persia
Obtain all other trophies

Sand Bearer
Obtain the Dagger of Time

The areas up until you collect the Dagger of Time function as the game's tutorials, so pay attention as you play through to learn the mechanics of the game and get a feel for the controls. When you retrieve the Dagger of Time, this trophy will unlock.

Secret of Argabah
Find and drink from all hidden fountains

Throughout the game there are 10 hidden Fountains of Life, which you can find by exploring the levels and seeking out alternate routes. Drinking from them will extend your health bar. Find and drink from all 10 to unlock this trophy.

Note: if, after you drink from a fountain, you die or reload a checkpoint before saving your game, you will need to drink from that fountain again.

Full Circle
Activate castle's defenses

Not long after retrieving the Dagger of Time, you'll come to a large circular chamber, and a palace guard (with a very thick British accent) will ask you to help him activate the palace's defense system. To do so you have to solve a puzzle - a really annoying puzzle.

There are 4 rods, each one marked by moon icon - Crescent Moon, Half Moon Gear, Full Moon, and New Moon. To solve the puzzle, you must lock in each rod by aligning the central platform using the rotation crank and stepping on the trigger plate, and then elevate each rod to its respective slot, using the elevator crank, while navigating the maze.

Got no idea what I'm talking about? Good, me either. Thankfully, you don't need to understand the puzzle to solve it. Here's the solution:

Toggle Spoiler

If you've done it correctly, all four rods should be in their respective housings and a bridge will drop down. Cross it, climb the ladder on the left, then jump up and grab the switch to activate the defense system and unlock this trophy.

To see it being done, check out this video:


One Hard Decision
Defeat your father

King Sharaman, The Prince's father, is the first boss of the game. To earn this trophy you must defeat him and his minions.

First up, Sharaman cannot be defeated until all of his minions are dead. It may seem like the minions are spawning infinitely, but don't worry, they will run out eventually. When all the minions have been taken care of, you can focus on Sharaman himself. This is by far the easier part of the fight; all you need to do is vault over him, slash him once, and then repeat. Vault, slash. Vault, slash. When he finally goes down, press to stab him with the Dagger of Time to end the fight.

Sands of Time
Play the game for over 10 hours

Nice and simple: play the game for a combined total (meaning across as many playthroughs as you like) of 10 hours. Idling does count towards this, so anytime you need a break, just sit your controller down and leave the game running (don't pause, though).

Sword of Strength
Obtain the first sword

You'll get the First Sword, like the other swords, by just playing through. You'll need to solve some puzzles before you can claim it, though, so here's a video walkthrough in case you get stuck.

The Elevator
Survive the elevator fight

As you ascend the main tower (towards the end of the game), you'll walk into a large circular room. Farah will make a quip about not everything being a trap, which of course means that it is. Walk onto the platform to find it's a large elevator. As you ascend, dozens of enemies will spawn - Warriors, Brutes, and Bluespears - and the elevator won't stop until you defeat them all. To get this trophy, you must defeat all the enemies on the elevator and reach the top.

This fight can be a bit of a pain because A) the enemies are tough, blocking a lot of your attacks, and dealing heavy damage; B) you have to look out for Farah (on some attempts she never took damage, others the enemies mobbed her constantly); and C) did I mention that there are a lot of enemies?

Since this one is on you, all I can do is give you tips:

1) Know your enemy - pay attention to what enemies are nearby, which ones you can vault over, what stance they're using, etc.
2) Keep rolling on - mobility is key for this fight; keep up your guard (), but always move around so you don't get surrounded or boxed in.
3) Stay hydrated - if your health gets too low, bait the enemies over to one side of the area, then holster your sword () and make a break for the nearest fountain (there's one on either side of the elevator).
4) Mega-freeze - the Mega-freeze ability will save you a lot of effort in this fight. Tap and together to freeze all enemies for 10 seconds, then zip between them using and attacking with (two hits kill). You must have the same number of Sand tanks as Power tanks to use this ability. You should be able to clear out up to 15 enemies in a single activation.

Once you've killed the last enemy, the elevator will conveniently reach the top of the tower, and this trophy will unlock.

Ultimate Sword
Obtain the third sword

Towards the end of the game, the Prince will wake up from a particularly saucy dream to find himself without a weapon. Run down the hallway and roll past the enemies to find another light puzzle. Solving it will remove the forcefield around the sword in the center of the room. Arrange the mirrors to bounce the light around the room and into the symbol. With the forcefield down, grab the sword and unlock this trophy. To see it being done, check out this video walkthrough:

The Big Fight
Kill the vizier

The Vizier is the final boss, but he's not particularly difficult to defeat - after all, at the end of the day, he's just an old man!
After the cutscene plays out, he'll glide across the room and protect himself with a forcefield. Soon after, he'll create a projection of himself which you'll need to fight. They don't hit hard, or have special abilities; in fact, they don't really do much of anything. The easiest way to kill them is to vault and slash, the same way you defeated King Sharaman. Once you have killed the projection, he will summon another, and after that one, a third.

Having defeated all three projections, run up and hit the real Vizier to trigger a cutscene. He talks a big game, but really he's on his last legs. When you regain control of the Prince, hit the Vizier a few more times to finish him off. Another cutscene will play out, during which this trophy (and others) will unlock.

To see it being done, check out this video:


Prince of Sand
Finish the Game

For an experienced player of platformers, this game won't really represent much of a challenge, even factoring in the trophies. There are, however, some tricky puzzles that might cause you some frustration. Below is a full video walkthrough (it also includes all Fountain locations) that is easy to follow.

Sand Apprentice
Kill 150 enemies

You'll earn this trophy through natural play as you defeat the various enemies and bosses. I unlocked this trophy by the time I reached the Sultan's Zoo (about 28-30% completion).

Master of Time
Rewind time 200 times

It's best to go for this trophy after you have completed the game, since attempting this trophy will prevent you from earning Game Master .
After you have found your final Sand Cloud (meaning that your sand storage is at maximum), create a separate save that you can come back to once you've completed the game.

When you're ready, reload this save and spam the rewind ability. At this point in the game you should have all 9 Sand Tanks, meaning that you can rewind a total of nine times before you run out of sand. When you do run out of sand, use the following cheat code to replenish all your Sand Tanks.

While playing hold , then press +++++++.

You don't need to rewind for long - just long enough to drain a Sand Tank. Do this for a few minutes and the trophy will eventually pop.

Note: if you forget to make a save after the final Sand Tank, you can use any other save you have, but having less than the full number of Sand Tanks will make the process take just a little bit longer. Alternatively, you can start a new game and just play through, rewinding as normal.

Sand Warrior
Kill 300 enemies

You'll earn this trophy roughly half-way through the game since, more often than not, you'll need to kill all enemies within an area before you can progress. Just kill everything you see and you'll get it in no time.

Tips: the easiest and quickest method to kill a regular enemy is to vault over them (hold towards the target and press ), slash them once (), and then stick them with the Dagger (). Some enemies cannot be vaulted over, however, so you'll need to either parry their attack and counter, dart off the wall (while standing next to a wall, hold towards the wall, then press and then quickly ), or vault off the wall (while standing next to a wall, hold towards the wall, press and again, then slash with your sword).

Game Master
Complete the game rewinding the time less than 20 times

Once you have retrieved the Dagger of Time, you'll be able to rewind time by pressing and holding . It's a particularly useful ability that'll help you escape death both while platforming and fighting. Unfortunately, this trophy requires that you complete the game using this ability no more than nineteen times.

Whenever you die, the Prince will go into a temporary downed state, and you'll have about ten seconds to use the rewind ability (indicated by the white circle that appears above your sand tanks). To get this trophy, you'll need to choose not to rewind and just let the timer run out, after which the Prince will die, and you'll be given the option to "retry," which will set you back to the most recent checkpoint; thankfully, the game is very generous with checkpoints and savepoints, so you'll never lose more than a few minutes progress.

For me, the biggest problem was accidentally hitting while playing, so just be mindful of that while playing and you shouldn't have any trouble. Provided you didn't rewind more than nineteen times in total, this trophy will unlock when you complete the game.

Note: as far as I can tell, you are still able to use your various powers (slow time, freeze, etc.) without affecting this trophy.

Sand Collector
Collect all 48 Sand Clouds

Scattered throughout the game are 48 Sand Clouds to collect (which you can do by standing in them and pressing ). Most will be right in front of you, while others will require a little exploration. Every 8th Sand Cloud you collect will add an additional Sand Tank.

Note: if, after you collect a Sand Cloud, you die or reload a checkpoint before saving your game, you will need to collect that Sand Cloud again.


Thanks to the following channels for creating the videos used in this guide:
FastForwardGames, Orase's Gaming Channel, Sidharth Roy, PersianWarriorPGO, and HardlyAstounding.

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