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Players: 1
Estimated Time to 100%: 20hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 + clean-up
Collectible Trophies: Time Adept , Sealed Portals , Healthy , Sand Might , Sand Collector
Missable Trophies: Sand Snake .

[top]Tips & Strategies

Though its never explicitly stated, throwing or knocking an enemy into fire will kill them.

Speed Kills can be used to take out multiple enemies at once, so if there's more than one enemy in the area, wait for them to group up before initiating.

Sand Hounds can be annoying to deal with, but there's an easy way to kill them. Wait until they open their mouth to inhale sand, then attack them for an instant kill.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Though there were cheats for the original release on PlayStation 2, they don't appear to have made the transition.

At one point, my save file glitched. Every time I tried to access it, my console froze. This seems to be random, so all I can say is make multiple saves at different points so you won't have to back-track through the whole game.


Hard Playthrough
Start off on Hard. Compared to Warrior Within, The Two Thrones is a walk in the park, so don't be concerned. Learn the level layouts, get comfortable with the combat combos, and work on nailing your Speed Kills. During this playthrough you'll unlock Horse Racing , Time Adept , Sealed Portals , Sand Might , Mountain Climber , Double Trouble , Revenge , and Shadow Warrior . You can also work towards Silent Prince , Dual Wielder , Berserker , and Dark Warrior . I also advise that you attempt to find all Life Upgrades for Healthy . Once you have completed the entire playthrough, make sure to save your game!

Normal Playthrough/First Sand Snake Attempt
Now that you have a familiarity with the game, it's time to try and unlock Sand Snake while cleaning up any of the above trophies that you might have missed. With some hard work, and a little luck, you should unlock both Sand Snake and Assassin at the conclusion of this playthrough.

Easy Playthrough/Second Sand Snake Attempt
If you missed out on Sand Snake in your previous playthrough, you should have an easier time on Easy. Completing this playthrough will unlock Mortal .

Sand Credit Clean-up
Provided Sand Snake didn't grief you two playthroughs in a row, the only trophy standing between you and a shiny new should be Sand Collector . Reload your save from the end of your Hard playthrough and replay the Mental Realm until you reach 10,000 credits.


Two Thrones
Obtain all other trophies

Complete the game on Easy

Unlocked after completing the game on Easy difficulty.
Note: Difficulties do not stack.

Complete the game on Normal

Unlocked after completing the game on Normal difficulty.
Note: Difficulties do not stack.

Shadow Warrior
Complete the game on Hard

Unlocked after completing the game on Hard difficulty.
Note: Difficulties do not stack.

Here's a complete video walkthrough. It also contains all Life Upgrades.

Silent Prince
Kill 50 enemies with a Speed Kill

Speed Kills can be performed on unaware enemies when approaching from behind or above. To indicate that a Speed Kill can be initiated, your screen will distort, at which point you should press . If you're playing as the Prince, then press when the Prince's sword flashes to stab them (how many times you need to do this will depend on the enemy); if you're playing as the Dark Prince, mash to strangle them.

Once you have performed 50 Speed Kills, this trophy will unlock.

Horse Racing
Compete the horse cart sequences

There are two Horse Cart sequences in the game that serve as transitions between areas. The Prince will be riding in a chariot of sorts, pulled by a pair of horses, and your goal is to steer them to the end of a linear path while avoiding obstacles, fending off enemies that attempt to board your cart, and jostling with other enemy carts. They're not very difficult, though the second is quite lengthy. Crashing your cart results in an instant death, so bear that in mind when you're doing your playthrough for Sand Snake .

Tips: press to attack enemies on your cart.
As for enemy carts, use the weight of yours to steer them into walls and obstacles, or off edges.

Time Adept
Obtain all 6 Sand Tanks

You actually start with 3 Sand Tanks, so you only need to collect 3 more. You'll unlock them by closing Sand Vents. See Sealed Portals for more information.

Sealed Portals
Seal all the Sand Portals

A number of other guides label this trophy as missible, but really that's only the case if you're a moron. Sand Portals are ornate circles on the floor emitting a bright beam of light straight up into the sky. They're guarded by a few enemies, including a Portal Guard that can summon reinforcements if not dealt with promptly, which you can do either by stealthily approaching to set up a series of Speed Kills, or head on for a regular brawl.

The Portals are located throughout the game in plain sight - they're not hidden away anywhere and you won't need to go looking for them. While it's technically possible to leave a Sand Portal open, you'd really need to make an effort to do so. Each time you come across one, kill the enemies around the Portal, then simply walk up to it and the Prince will do the rest. Closing Sand Portals will give you new Sand Powers and additional Sand Tanks, so closing them all will also earn you Time Adept and Sand Might .

Note: Speed Kills can be performed on multiple enemies at once, so when you approach a Sand Portal, wait until the enemies guarding it are standing near each other before initiating so that you can take most of them out at once (the Portal Guard will always be separate).

Get all life upgrades

Throughout the game there are 6 special fountains that, when drunk from, will transport the Prince to a small gauntlet of traps which you must navigate in order to collect the Health Upgrade at the end. Collect all 6 upgrades in a single playthrough to unlock this trophy.

Sand Might
Obtain all Sand Powers

Sand Powers are obtained by closing Sand Vents. See Sealed Portals for more information.

Dual Wielder
Kill 100 enemies using a secondary weapon

Like in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, secondary weapons are dropped by defeated enemies, can be ripped away from live ones, or can be found just lying on the ground. To pick one up, simply stand over it and press . Unlike your main weapon, secondary weapons will quickly degrade and break. Kill 100 enemies with a secondary weapon equipped (use to attack with with the secondary weapon) to unlock this trophy.

Mountain Climber
Kill the Giant

Encountered fairly early on (a few hours in), the Giant is the first boss of the game, and doesn't really present much of a challenge.

Your first goal is to blind the Giant so that you can attack him. Look around the outside of the arena. You should see two platforming paths. Pick one and follow it up to the top, then walk out towards the giant. This will trigger a Speed Kill-style event (at the end of which you'll stab the Giant in one of his eyes. As soon as the Prince is back on the ground, head up the other path and take out his other eye in the same way.

With the Giant's eyes out of commission, all that's left is to cut his legs off. Well, not really, but you're going to try, anyway. Just hack away at his feet (because it's not like you can reach any other part of him...) to deal damage, doing your best to avoid his attacks. The safest place to be in the whole arena is, perhaps counter-intuitively, right behind the Giant, so do your best to keep right behind him and just keep hitting him. All his attacks can easily be avoided by just rolling, so when you see him winding up for an attack, just spam dodge. When his health bar is depleted, the Prince will climb on his back and you'll need to perform a final Speed Kill to end him.

Once the Giant is felled, this trophy will unlock.

Double Trouble
Kill the two bosses

At the end of the second Chariot sequence, the Prince will be attacked by two bosses; one wields a giant axe, the other a giant sword. The one with the axe will attack you with an overhead swing that will get his weapon stuck in the ground for a few seconds, while the one with the sword is a little bit smarter and will attack you normally.

Your goal is to force the axe-wielder into becoming vulnerable, so start by attacking the sword boss. He'll deflect your attacks, but his dopey brother will nonetheless attempt to come to his aid. Dodge his axe attack and then attack him while his weapon is stuck, taking care to avoid the sword boss. When half of the axe boss' health has been depleted, a Speed Kill sequence will be triggered. Completing it successfully will result in the sword boss' health also being halved. Repeat the whole process a second time, including a second and final Speed Kill sequence, to end the fight.

When both bosses lay defeated, this trophy will unlock.

Kill the Vizier

The Vizier is, once again, the final boss. This fight has three distinct phases: the Regular phase, during which the Prince and the Vizier will trade blows; the Speed Kill phase, where you'll need to chase down the Vizier and perform three successful Speed Kills; and the Platforming phase, where you need to navigate some floating debris to chase down the Vizier before you can put an end to his scheming once and for all.

In the Regular phase, stick to short combos to attack, then simply block or dodge the Vizier's attacks. Occasionally he'll float up and throw some debris at you, or fire an energy blast - both can be avoided easily. Once you've chipped away a third of his health, the next phase will begin.

In the Speed Kill phase, the Vizier will fill the arena with rotating debris. The Vizier will then float around the arena, sticking to the outside of it. Your goal is to run up the column he's in front of and initiate a Speed Kill, while avoiding the rotating debris. If you take too long getting to him, he'll move to another column. Once you've performed three successful Speed Kills, you'll move on to the third and final phase.

In the Platforming phase, the Vizier will raise the rotating debris into the air, creating climbable platforms. Your goal is to climb to the top, after which you'll perform one final Speed Kill to finish the fight.

When the Vizier is defeated, this trophy will unlock.

To see how it's done, check out this video:


Destroy 200 objects

Every level is littered with breakable objects, including vases, chairs, chests, etc., many of which you'll be breaking to get Sands anyway. There's probably about 200 such objects in the first level alone, if you wanted to be pedantic. Basically what I'm trying to say is there's no way you won't get this trophy by just playing regularly. If you see a group of pots, smash them; if you need sands, break something and see what's inside. Once you've broken 200 objects, this trophy will unlock.

Dark Warrior
Kill 100 enemies as the Dark Prince

At various points in the game, the Prince will unwillingly transform into the Dark Prince - a faster, more powerful Prince with a totally different set of attack combos (but all the same Sand Powers) and access to different platforming moves. Playing as the Dark Prince is actually quite similar to playing as the Sand Wraith from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, in that your improved combat prowess is offset by your constantly dwindling health. Thankfully, you can regenerate by absorbing Sands, either from defeated enemies or from breakable objects. To unlock this trophy, simply get 100 kills while playing as the Dark Prince.

Sand Collector
Collect 10 000 Sand Credits

Sand Credits can be found in chests, obtained from Sand Portals, and are dropped by certain enemies. Even after the required three playthroughs, you're unlikely to have 10,000 Sand Credits, so you'll need to farm them.

After you've completed the game and the credits have rolled, you'll be asked if you'd like to save your game. On your Hard playthrough, make sure choose 'Yes' (and back-up that save, if you're a bit forgetful or paranoid). Fast-forward to the point where you've completed the game on Easy, Normal and Hard. Load your Hard save. You'll be at the beginning of what's called the 'Mental Realm'. Completing it on Hard will net you 750 Sand Credits each run, and you can repeat it as many times as you need (completing it on Easy will net you 350, and you'll get 550 on Normal).

Sand Snake
Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

This trophy is an utter pain. Unlike Warrior Within, even a glimpse of the Game Over screen is enough to lock you out of this trophy for the remainder of the playthrough. What does and does not count as a death seems to vary from person to person, so the best advice I can give is this: if you think you're about to die, and all your sand tanks are empty, pause your game and quit (or exit via the XMB); every time you make any significant progress, save your game, quit, and back up your save file; take the game slowly, and always go for Speed Kills over regular ones.

List of stuff that will kill you:
Losing all your HP in combat
Crashing your chariot
Failing while attempting to earn a Life Upgrade

It's also been reported that hearing the Prince's 'death scream', even while alive, will count as a 'death' (this occasionally happens, seemingly at random).


Thanks to ERICVOLTAGE for the banner. Check out his work here.

Thanks and all credit to the following channels for creating the videos used in this guide:
NastyLP, FastForwardGames, and HardlyAstounding

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