Players: 1
Online Trophies:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum:
20-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:
3 (and some extra time for Sand Collector)
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Healthy, Sand Snake
Glitched Trophies:
Sand Snake

[top]Tips & Strategies

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are some weapon cheats in The Two Thrones. You'll get them for beating the game on Easy, Normal and Hard and the game will reveal them after the credits. Note that these cheats are different from their PS2 counterparts. Those PS2 cheats you can find all over the net won't work. I put the cheats in the spoiler box below:

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Note: You don't have to beat the game to use those cheats, and using them does not seem to affect trophies. I checked this on another account; after I used the cheats I was still able to get Berserker, Mountain Climber and Silent Prince. I didn't play any further but I'm pretty sure that those cheats won't block any of the other trophies either. Anyway, after using the cheats a couple of times they ceased to work, so they are probably kind of useless anyway.

Apart from the weapon cheats you can also find a sand refill cheat for the PS2 version of this game on the internet:
Hold and quickly press during gameplay
However, this cheat doesn't seem to work for the PS3 version. Either it has been removed completely or it is different from the PS2 cheat (which seems likely, with the weapon cheats being different as well). If anyone finds out more about this, don't hesitate to PM me or post in the discussion tab of this guide.


Here is your way to plat:

First Playthrough:
Play your first run on Normal and take your time to explore the game. Don't bother yourself with a guide yet. Just enjoy the game and it's beautifully told story. This will net you all the story related trophies and most likely also Silent Prince, Time Adept, Sealed Portals, Sand Might, Dual Wielder, Berserker and Dark Warrior.
Second Playthrough:
This playthrough is important, as you will try to get the glitchy Sand Snake Trophy now. Make sure to follow the trophy description below and you will be fine. Note: The PoP save files are not copy protected. If you want to, you can copy your saves to a pen drive from time to time.
Third Playthrough:
Speed run on Hard difficulty. You should know how Speed Kills work by now. Use them as often as possible to make your life easier. You should only have Shadow Warrior and Sand Collector (maybe also Healthy) left now. If you should have missed some of the other trophies (highly unlikely) make sure to get them in this playthrough.

Sand Collector: Even if you destroy every object in sight it is hardly possible to accumulate 10,000 Sand Credits in three playthroughs. But don't worry, there is an easier way to get the remaining credits than starting a forth game. That's what guides are for. See Sand Collector below for details.

Alternative Roadmap: If you are nervous about Sand Snake you could also play your first playthrough on hard. This way you'll have two relatively easy runs left to get this annoying trophy. However, if you follow this guide Sand Snake shouldn't be a problem.


Two Thrones
Obtain all other trophies

Not a particularly hard but a rather time consuming plat will be yours after you've unlocked all the other trophies.

Complete the game on Easy

Beat the game on Easy and this trophy is yours. Note that the difficulty trophies DO NOT STACK !

Complete the game on Normal

Beat the game on Normal and this trophy is yours. Note that the difficulty trophies DO NOT STACK !

Shadow Warrior
Complete the game on Hard

Beat the game on Hard and this trophy is yours. Note that the difficulty trophies DO NOT STACK !

Silent Prince
Kill 50 enemies with a Speed Kill

If you manage to sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy, you will be given the opportunity to perform a speed kill. Press once the screen turns gray to trigger the speed kill sequence. The Prince will attack the enemy and you'll have to press every time the screen turns gray again. There are different speed kill sequences ranging from one to five quick time events. After you have speed killed your 50th enemy this trophy will be yours.

Horse Racing
Compete the horse cart sequences

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
There are two horse cart sequences in The Two Thrones. You will get this trophy after the second one. Both sequences are not particularly hard. However, if you are trying to get Sand Snake you may want to know what is in store for you beforehand. Check the videos by 3208Deviljin hidden in the spoiler boxes below:

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Here are the links for users of the PS3 browser who can't toggle those spoilers:
Horse cart sequence 1
Horse cart sequence 2

Time Adept
Obtain all 6 Sand Tanks

This is missable... at least theoretically. However, if you seal all the sand portals you will get this automatically. See Sealed Portals below.

Sealed Portals
Seal all the Sand Portals

Sand Portals are round discs on the ground sending beams of light into the sky. The first Sand Portal will be pointed out to you in a little cut scene.There is a total of 9 Sand Portals in this game. You will find all of them along the way; they can't be missed and it would actually be kind of hard to skip one of them, as they are heavily guarded.
In order to seal a Sand Portal, you have to eliminate all the guards in the vicinity. There are two ways of doing this:

1. You can do it the cool ninja-style speed kill way. Booyah! It is possible to cleanse all nine Sand Portals without starting a "real" fight. Study the environment to figure out in which order to attack the enemies. If you should screw it up, don't hesitate to rewind. After you've killed the last guard the portal will start to emit a humming sound. This means you can seal it now. Approach the Portal and the Prince will do this automatically.

2. You can do it the I-don't-know-nothing-about-stealth-but-I'm-gonna-kill-you-all-anyway way. You may have to fight some more enemies if you choose to do it that way, though. The leader of the guards (the guy with the glowing chest) will try to reach the portal to call for reinforcements. If he succeeds, the Portal will spawn a set number of new guards. Fortunately, Mr Glowing Chest is the only enemy capable of doing that. If you manage to kill him before he can reach the Portal, you'll only have to kill the "normal" number of guards. Slowing down time may help you here.

You'll get Time Adept after the seventh portal and Sealed Portals together with Sand Might right after the ninth portal.

Get all life upgrades

There are some really great vids by 3208Deviljin. They will not only show you the locations of the six life upgrades but also how to cope with the vicious traps protecting them:
Life Upgrade 1

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Life Upgrade 2

Toggle Spoiler

Life Upgrade 3

Toggle Spoiler

Life Upgrade 4

Toggle Spoiler

Life Upgrade 5

Toggle Spoiler

Life Upgrade 6

Toggle Spoiler

Sand Might
Obtain all Sand Powers

This is missable... at least theoretically. If you seal all sand portals however, you will get this automatically. See Sealed Portals above.

Dual Wielder
Kill 100 enemies using a secondary weapon

You can get secondary weapons from dead enemies or from weapon racks. Use them with .

Don't worry too much if this trophy does not pop until you get to the "Twins", as it is veeeery easy to get once you've obtained your father's sword.
This special secondary weapon is unbreakable and you will keep it for the rest of the game. Wielding it, you can kill every minion with one single hit with , even on hard difficulty. Once you've got it, its power makes the rest of the game a breeze.

Mountain Climber
Kill the Giant

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
This is the first boss fight in The Two Thrones. You really are no match for this big guy, at least not as long as he can see you. That's why you have to take care of his eyes first. There are two spots at the wall of the arena where you can climb up to be at eye level. One for each eye. It doesn't matter with which spot you start; the Giant will kindly smooth the way for you in both cases. Once you are on top of the wall, you can start a quick time event with . Just like with the speed kills, the screen will turn grey a couple of times. Just hit whenever that happens and his proprioception will be history soon. Run to the other spot on the wall of the arena and repeat above steps for the other eye.

Being blind the big guy is no match for you, as you are fast and mean. All you have to do is to make sure to stay behind this big and ugly fellow at all times, as he could kill you with one desperate lucky strike (well, maybe two if you are playing on easy). When all his health is gone, he will stand on one leg for a moment. Immediately strike the other leg to bring him down. Now climb his back for the final quick time event which will end this fight.

Any questions left? Just have a look at this helpful video by lthead:

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Double Trouble
Kill the two bosses

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You will encounter those two guys just after the second horse cart sequence. Ignore the one wielding the axe and immediately go for the one with the sword. After some hits, the axe wielder will come to Mr. Swords aid. Fortunately, he does so in slow motion . Evade his attack and his axe is going to get stuck in the ground. Attack him until he manages to yank his weapon free, then go for the sword wielder again. When the health bar is at 50 %, there will be a quick time event in which you can also hit the sword guy. After this, repeat the strategy I explained above until you'll get a second quick time event which will end the fight.

Watch how andu815 did this on hard difficulty:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Click here for the video.

Kill the Vizier

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
This fight is actually quite easy if you know what you have to do.

First, you fight the Vizier one on one. The easiest way is to attack him with without getting the Prince into a combo. Press - pause - - pause and so on. (See the video in the spoiler box below if you don't know what I'm talking about.) The clue about this method is that the Vizier won't be able to fight back. After some hits, the Vizier will rise into the air and start throwing rubble at you. Evade with . He will do this three times, each time dealing out more rubble.

In the second phase of the fight, the Vizier will conjure up a minefield of swirling rubble while he himself is floating near a column. Try to reach the column without getting hit and climb it with ; this will enable you to trigger a quick time event with . Simply press every time the screen turns grey to mutilate the Vizier for the first time. You'll have to repeat that two more times. The Vizier will be a little smarter now, changing columns from time to time. If you are having a hard time evading those pieces of rubble, just slow down time with .

In the final part of the battle, the Vizier will rise high up into the air, shooting orbs at you from time to time. Considerate as he is, he has arranged all that rubble in a way that allows you to climb up to him. He will keep shooting these orbs at you. They will barely do any damage, but if he hits you while you are swinging on a pole or standing on a narrow ledge you will fall to death. It's better to wait at the middle of a safe (= broad) platform until he hits you with his ludicrous orb before jumping to a pole or a ledge. Once you have reached the top, the final Matrix style quick time event will start.

See how doreless89 did this on hard difficulty:

Toggle Spoiler

Using the PS3 browser? Click here for the video.

Destroy 200 objects

200 objects sounds much? There are thousands of vases, boxes benches and other breakable objects in The Two Thrones. If you destroy everything in sight, you can get this trophy even before you obtain the Dagger of Time.

Dark Warrior
Kill 100 enemies as the Dark Prince

Self-explanatory. Try to find some combos that suit you, button mashing isn't that effective. Press and have a look at the Combo List if you need inspiration.

Sand Collector
Collect 10 000 Sand Credits

Even if you destroy every object in sight it is hardly possible to accumulate 10,000 Sand Credits in three playthroughs. Fortunately you get 750 Sand Credits for beating the game on hard. When the game asks you if you want to save your game after the closing credits, do so. Reload that save file and chase the Dark Prince again for another 750 Sand Credits. Repeat until the Trophy pops.

Sand Snake
Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

This is the most annoying trophy in The Two Thrones. Moreover, it seems to be glitched, so be sure to follow the suggestions below carefully.

1. Unlike in Warrior Within you MUST NEVER, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES see the continue/quit screen. NEVER! If you see this screen only once, your playthrough is spoiled and you will have to start a new game in order to obtain Sand Snake. If you die, press AT ONCE, quit the game and load your last save game. The problem is that the game will auto-save your death to an extra save file (just like the Sand Credits are saved automatically), so it doesn't help to reload a save game after you've seen the game over screen of doom, as your death will already have been auto-saved then. Once your death has been auto-saved, the game will "know" that you died in this playthrough, so it's absolutely crucial to press and quit manually when you die. I hope I could make myself clear.

2. It's okay to rewind. I rewound pretty often and it didn't affect the trophy. BUT some people say that you mustn't rewind when the Prince is already dead. I'm not sure about that; I know that I rewound after crashing my chariot and still got the trophy. However, this trophy seems to be a little glitchy, so just don't do it and you'll be on the safe side.

3. You mustn't die on your way to a life upgrade. You will respawn at the life upgrade fountain and you'll never have seen the GOSD (game over screen of doom) but you're playthrough will be spoiled nevertheless. Think twice before going for all of them, especially the last one is kinda tricky.

4. Try not to fall when chasing the Dark Prince as this may spoil the trophy. Some people fell and still got the trophy, others (Rwede for example ) were not so lucky. If you fall when chasing the Dark Prince it might happen so quickly that you won't have a chance to press to quit. Therefore it might be a good idea to back up your save file before fighting the Vizier. Just in case...

If you want to prepare yourself, watch the video by doreless89 hidden in the spoiler box. He is a true master of the PoP games, and even he falls once, so take good care!

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Thanks for using this guide! Special thanks go to Rwede for providing the trophy images and helpful hints and tips (especially for the glitchy Sand Snake trophy) and to bbbbiiiillllllll for another amazinig banner. If you've got all 5 PoP plats, I'd like to welcome you to this group: Crown Prince of Persia - All PoP Platinums.

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