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Players: 1
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 (difficulties don't stack)
Collectible Trophies: The Art of Sand , Maximum Capacity
Missable Trophies: Secret in the Sand , Time Weaver , Grappler , Executioner , Water Sword , Black Sand , Undefeated
Glitches Trophies: Plenty, see below for more information

[top]Tips & Strategies

This game has a tendency to glitch, so you should take steps to lessen the impact in the event that it does. The best thing I can suggest is that, at the first three save fountains you find, create a new save (so you'll have 3 different saves by the third one). From that point onward, save over the oldest save, ensuring that if your latest save is corrupted, you'll have at least 2 other semi-recent save files to fall back on.

Towards the end of the game you'll be able to collect what is called the Light Sword - an indestructible secondary weapon that glows wicked green, and is also the most powerful weapon in the game, doing 2.5x more damage than the Water Sword. Provided you don't throw it away, you'll be able to keep the Light Sword with you until the end of the game. It's particularly useful in the final Boss fight (whichever you choose). The downside is that attacking with the Light Sword will chip away at the Prince's health. Here's a short guide on where and how to find it.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Though there were cheats for the original release on PlayStation 2, they don't appear to have made the transition.

At one point, my save file glitched. Every time I tried to access it, my console froze. This seems to be random, so all I can say is make multiple saves at different points so you won't have to back-track through the whole game.

There are a number of reports of this game glitching out at various stages. The best advice I can offer is to follow a complete walkthrough to avoid them.
This is the one I used.


Normal/Regular Ending Playthrough
Use this one to learn the game, and get a feel for the new (and often clunky) combat system. You can go for collectibles if you want, but I'd recommend putting in the effort to find them in your next playthrough, where the extra health will be of more benefit. You should, however, be searching for the Hidden Artworks to unlock The Art of Sand . By this end of this playthrough, you'll have Warrior , Land on the Horizon , Rock 'n' Roll , Legendary Creature , and Royal Battle .

Hard/Secret Ending Playthrough
Now that you have and understanding of the game, it's time to beat it on Hard. If you haven't already, you should work towards the five combat-related trophies (Time Weaver , Grappler , Executioner , Dual Wielder , and Throwing Master ). This is also the playthrough in which you should attempt to collect all Life Upgrades, earning you Maximum Capacity , as well as any Hidden Artworks you might have missed. With all Life Upgrades collected, you can obtain the Water Sword and the Secret Ending, earning you Water Sword and Black Sand respectively. Sometime during this playthrough, you'll also probably earn Adventurer . Completing this playthrough will unlock Hero and Secret in the Sand .

Easy/Deathless Playthrough
With both Normal and Hard difficulties conquered, you should only have three trophies left: Fighter for beating the game on Easy, Undefeated for beating the game without dying, and Warrior Within which should pop after you unlock the previous two. By this point you might be getting a little tired of the game, so do know that you can skip certain fights, as long as you remember where to go and how to progress.


Warrior Within
Obtain all other trophies

Complete the game on Easy Difficulty

Unlocked after completing the game on Easy difficulty.
Note: Difficulties do not stack.

Complete the game on Normal Difficulty

Unlocked after completing the game on Normal difficulty.
Note: Difficulties do not stack.

Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

Unlocked after completing the game on Hard difficulty.
Note: Difficulties do not stack.

Here is a complete video walkthrough (it's recorded on Normal difficulty, but really the difficulty is irrelevant). It also contains all Health Upgrade locations, and the Secret Ending.

Secret in the Sand
Obtain the Secret Ending

To obtain the secret ending - and the true, canonical ending that carries into The Two Thrones - you must collect all health upgrades, obtain the Water Sword, and then defeat the Dahaka. This trophy will unlock shortly after Black Sand , during the end-game cinematic.

The Art of Sand
Obtain all hidden artwork

There are a total of 50 Art Chests to collect, located in both the Past and the Present. To collect a Chest, simply hit it with your weapon. Which Chests you have collected is recorded outside of your save file, meaning that you can collect them across all playthroughs, and you do not need to save your game after collecting a chest.

For a written walkthrough, please refer to kakalukiaJay's guide on the Ubisoft forums.

Note: it has been reported that obtaining these Chests in a certain order can cause your game to glitch. To avoid any issues, collect each Chest in the same order as they obtained in this video.

Time Weaver
Use all Time Powers at least once

Though there are technically six Time Powers, two of them are upgrades and do not count towards this trophy. You can earn this trophy once you have obtained the Ravages of Time power. Simply use each of the listed abilities at least once.

Recall: hold to rewind time
Eye of the Storm: tap to slow down time around the Prince
Breath of Fate: while blocking with , press and hold to release an AoE attack
Ravages of Time: hold and tap once to attack with great speed

Grab and throw 100 enemies

To grab and throw an enemy, press towards them, then press twice - once to vault them, and a second time mid-vault to perform a throw. Once you have thrown a total of 100 enemies, this trophy will unlock.

Note: you can control the direction in which the enemy is thrown with .

Decapitate 150 enemies

There are a number of ways to decapitate an enemy, and which is best really comes down to your own preference. The easiest and most fool-proof method, however, is to weaken an enemy which can be vaulted, vault them by pressing , and then, while in mid-vault, follow up with a head-rending slash by pressing . Once you have decapitated 150 enemies, this trophy will unlock.

Note: the above method cannot be performed while dual wielding.

Tip: throwing a secondary weapon has a chance to decapitate a weakened enemy (a weakened enemy will leak sand), so you can make progress towards this trophy at the same time as Throwing Master .

Land on the Horizon
Reach the Island of Time

Following the opening cinematic, you'll find yourself on the Prince's ship, sailing towards the Island of Time. This serves as the game's tutorial. Once you complete it, the Prince will be thrown overboard, after which he'll wash up on the shore of the Island. This trophy will unlock shortly after.

Maximum Capacity
Get all life upgrades

There are a total of 9 Health Upgrades to collect, and you must collect them all in a single playthrough to unlock this trophy. Getting all Health Upgrades will also unlock the Water Sword, and allow you to see the secret ending, earning Water Sword and Secret in the Sand , respectively.

Note: it has been reported that obtaining these Health Upgrades in a certain order can cause your game to glitch. To avoid any issues, collect each Upgrade in the same order as they obtained in this video.

Water Sword
Obtain the Water Sword

To obtain the Water Sword, you must first find all health upgrades. See Maximum Capacity for their locations.
With all upgrades collected, the Water Sword will appear in the Hourglass Chamber. Simply walk over and pick it up to unlock this trophy.

Dual Wielder
Kill 100 enemies using a dual weapon technique

Secondary weapons are dropped by defeated enemies, can be ripped away from live ones, or can be found just lying on the ground. To pick one up, simply stand over it and press . Unlike your main weapon, secondary weapons will quickly degrade and break. Kill 100 enemies with a secondary weapon equipped (use to attack with with the secondary weapon) to unlock this trophy.

Rock 'n' Roll
Defeat the Giant Golem

You'll encounter this fella in the Prisons, during A Throne And A Mask. He's like a regular golem, but bigger, so treat him as such. To kill him, you're going to need a minimum of two full sand tanks, and if you don't have at least one when you enter the arena, you're going to have a bad time. If you do in fact only have one, your first priority is to get a second. From the entrance way, head right into the corner to find a smashable pot that will give you your second sand cloud.

Now, for the Giant Golem himself, start by avoiding his attacks and hacking at his feet from behind (where he's not armoured). When you've dealt enough damage, he'll fall to his knees, allowing you to climb him by pressing . Once on his back, slash him about 5 times, tap to slow down time, and then resume slashing. When the ability finishes, you have two options: stay on, or get off. The Giant Golem is going to try and grab you and throw you off, so you can either dodge his ability (VERY hard to do), or you can jump off voluntarily. I recommend the second option, because if he manages to grab and throw you, he'll regenerate some of his health.

Now that you're back on the ground, simply repeat the process outlined above, and he should go down on your second attempt.

Legendary Creature
Defeat the Griffin

The Griffin might, under different circumstances, be a formidable boss. Alas, when you fight it, you'll have... let's say "certain powers" that will allow you to spam sand powers, making this fight a pit stop in your playthrough, rather than a challenge.

When the Griffin is on the ground, use Eye of the Storm to slow time and just whale on him, making sure to avoid his attacks (his front paws and his tail). When the Griffin takes to the skies, just roll out of the way when it dive-bombs you. Repeat until dead.

Royal Battle
Defeat the Empress - Normal Ending

To fight the Empress at the end of the game (the so-called Bad ending), you must NOT pick up the Water Sword (you can collect all health upgrades, just don't touch the sword in the Hourglass Chamber). When you reach the end, provided that you don't have the Water Sword, you'll fight Kaileena, the Empress of Time.

The battle itself plays out similarly to the first time you fought her, with an exception: when she has taken enough damage, she'll lift off the ground and summon a series of sand tornadoes. She is invulnerable in this state, so just run around and roll out of the way of the tornadoes. When she's on the ground, attack her with short combos; when she's attacking you, try to keep her at a short distance rather than just deflecting her attacks, otherwise she'll trip you over (unblockable). Once you have depleted her health bar, this trophy will unlock.

Black Sand
Defeat the Dahaka - Secret Ending

In order to even face the Dahaka, you must first obtain the Water Sword. See Water Sword for more information.

With the Water Sword equipped, the Prince will notice that the weapon is capable of harming the Dahaka, and so decides to fight it instead of Kaileena. This fight is similar to the Griffin battle in that spamming Eye of the Storm while attacking it is probably the best way to defeat it. Just slash it repeatedly while avoiding its own attacks. Once you knock it down to about half-health, Kaileena will hit it with some kind of ranged attack that will knock it to the edge of the platform. Just run over and start hitting it until its health bar is depleted.

Defeating the Dahaka will also unlock Secret in the Sand .

Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

This trophy sounds harder than it is (though it's still pretty hard). When you die (and you will), one of two things will happen: either you'll rewind time using Recall and escape death; or, if you have no sands left, you'll see a Game Over screen, from which you can either Retry or Quit. Selecting the latter will take you to the main menu, while the former will set you back to your most recent checkpoint and screw you out of this trophy. Basically, what this trophy description should really say is "Complete the game in any difficulty without selecting Retry from the Game Over screen."

If you're following this guide's roadmap, you'll be attempting this on your third, Easy playthrough. Just play the game, and if you die, use Recall to undo it. In the event that you die with no sands left, you need to choose to Quit, and then reload your last save. Choosing Retry even once will permanently corrupt your save file, and you won't be able to earn this trophy during the playthrough in question.

Note: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within save files are not protected, which means you can backup your save onto a USB stick or upload it to the Cloud, just in case you accidentally select the Retry option and need to retrieve a clean save.

Play the game for 10 hours

Much like Sands of Time in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, this trophy simply requires that you play the game for a total of 10 hours, across all playthroughs. If you're following this guide's roadmap, it should unlock sometime during your Hard/Secret Ending run.

Throwing Master
Throw weapon at enemies 50 times

Secondary weapons can be thrown at enemies by pressing . Provided you are near an enemy, the game will auto-target for you. Throw 50 weapons at enemies to unlock this trophy.

Note: while a thrown weapon will often kill a low-level enemy, you do not need to kill 50 enemies by throwing weapons to earn this trophy.

Tip: throwing a secondary weapon has a chance to decapitate a weakened enemy (a weakened enemy will leak sand), so while you make progress towards this trophy, you can also work toward Executioner .


Thanks to the following channels for creating the videos used in this guide:
DefectivePanda, FastForwardGames, novanis, and HardlyAstounding.

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