This guide is full of spoilers. You could say it's spoiler infested! You have been warned!

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Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: The Art of Sand, Maximum Capacity (and the three trophies related to it, see roadmap below)
Difficulty Trophies stack: No
Glitches Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

The last boss battle in Warrior Within will be tough on normal and even tougher on hard difficulty. However, there is a secret secondary weapon in this game that will make you life much easier. Interested? simula67 has provided a detailed description on how to find it. Click the spoiler box below to read it.

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[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are cheats for the PS2 version to refill your life bar and your sand tanks. Those cheats DO NOT work for the PS3 version. Just FYI.


First Playthrough:
Play your first run on easy difficulty and take your time to explore the game. Make yourself familiar with the game's combat system and learn some combos; button mashing may be enough on easy, but you're going to need those combos when you play the game on hard difficulty.
Try to find as many of the artwork chests as possible, but take it easy: You don't have to find them all in one playthrough, so you don't need to refer to any artwork guide yet. You should get the combat trophies Executioner, Grappler, Dual Wielder and Throwing Master out of the way now, so you are free to fight the way that suits you best on your "harder" playthroughs. It's recommended to go for Executioner first, as the enemies become harder to decapitate later in the game.
If you don't get all the life upgrades in this playthrough that's fine, it will automatically lead to the "normal ending" of the game and you need both endings of the game anyway. However, you can also get the normal ending if you've got Maximum Capacity; simply don't pick up the Water Sword.
If you've already played the game on PS2 and still know your way around the Island of Time you could also go for Undefeated on your first run. Otherwise I'd recommend to do this on your:

Second Playthrough:
1. By now you should be familiar with the game's combat system as well as with its level design. Undefeated will still be annoying but not nearly as hard as it may sound. Refer to the trophy description for details.
2. Try to get every piece of artwork you've missed on your first playthrough now. See The Art of Sands for details.
3. If you didn't get it in your first playthrough, make sure to get every life upgrade for Maximum Capacity. This will enable you obtain the Water Sword. With this weapon it is possible to defeat the Dahaka, which will unlock Black Sand and Secret in the Sand. See the relevant trophy descriptions in this guide for details.

Third Playthrough:
Speed run on hard difficulty. It's amazing how many fights you can actually skip if you know exactly where you have to go next. You'll know the game pretty well by now, so run through it and fight only if it is absolutely necessary. You should get all the life upgrades though, to make the final boss battle easier. Most people find the Dahaka much harder than the Empress. If you don't want to fight the Dahaka on hard difficulty, don't go near the Water Sword or the Prince will grab it automatically.


Warrior Within
Obtain all other trophies

Not a particularly hard but a rather time consuming plat will be yours after you've unlocked all the other trophies. If you've got all 5 PoP plats, I'd like to welcome you to this group: Crown Prince of Persia - All PoP Platinums.

Complete the game on Easy Difficulty

Beat the game on Easy and this trophy is yours. Note that the difficulty trophies DO NOT STACK !

Complete the game on Normal Difficulty

Beat the game on Normal and this trophy is yours. Note that the difficulty trophies DO NOT STACK !

Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

Beat the game on Hard and this trophy is yours. Note that the difficulty trophies DO NOT STACK !

Secret in the Sand
Obtain the Secret Ending

In order to obtain the Secret Ending you have to find all life upgrades (see Maximum Capacity). After the ninth life upgrade the Water Sword will become available in the Hourglass Chamber. Go and grab it. With the Water Sword the final boss won't be the Empress but the Dahaka. Defeat him and watch the "Secret Ending", which is actually the ending that corresponds to the intro sequence of The Two Thrones.

The Art of Sand
Obtain all hidden artwork

This trophy is missable!
...but the good news is: You don't have to do this in one playthrough. You unlock artwork by smashing the lids of 50 artwork chests scattered throughout the game. Try to find as many chest as you can on your first playthrough, but don't bother yourself with a guide, as a guide listing the chests "in order" would require you to follow the same route the author of the guide used. This wouldn't be much fun and you can have it much easier.

After you have beaten the game for the first time go to the main menu and click on Extra Features -> Artwork Gallery. Check which Characters and Environments you've missed. (Forget about Illustrations, they are not needed for the trophy). This really helpful list by jhaines will tell you the locations of the missing chests. As many of those chests are hidden in plain sight, you shouldn't have more than about 5 - 10 left. Get them in your second or third playthrough. As soon as you open the last chest, the trophy will pop.

*Note: You don't even have to save the game after unlocking a new chest, it will be auto-saved and added to your collection automatically as soon as you open the chest. Oh, and if (for whatever reason) you want to get all the chests in one playthrough: KarelCV found a guide by kakalukiaJay listing them in one possible order.

Time Weaver
Use all Time Powers at least once

There are six Time Powers in this game, but actually you only need to use no. 1 to 4 for the trophy to unlock, as 5 and 6 are merely upgrades of one of the powers. As soon as you obtain Ravages of Time use the first four Time Powers and the trophy will pop.

Here is a list of the six Time Powers in order of acquisition:

1. Recall - The Prince can rewind time
2. Eye of the Storm - The Prince can slow down time for those around him, he himself remains unaffected
3. Breath of Fate - A ground attack
4. Ravages of Time - The Prince will become incredibly fast while attacking
5. Wind of Fate - A stronger version of Breath of Fate (not needed for the trophy)
6. Cyclone of Fate - The strongest version of Breath of Fate (not needed for the trophy)

Grab and throw 100 enemies

Grab an enemy with and throw it by pressing again. Easy-peasy. Once you have thrown your 100th enemy the trophy will pop.

Decapitate 150 enemies

The easiest way to decapitate an enemy is to jump over it with and press while the Prince is in midair. This will send the enemy's head flying if it was already weak enough. However, this technique does not work when you have a second weapon equipped.
You can also grab a pole with . The Prince will perform a pole move which will instantly decapitate all the weaker enemies in the vicinity

Land on the Horizon
Reach the Island of Time

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Shipwrecked without weapons at the shore of the Island of Time - at least you get a Trophy for it.

Maximum Capacity
Get all life upgrades

This trophy is missable!
There are nine life upgrades in the game. You will need all of them to obtain the Water Sword and get the secret ending. There is a helpful video by buttonleaf in the spoiler box below. It shows all nine life upgrades in the order you'll most likely come across them.

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Here is the direct link for those who are doomed to use the PS3 browser: All Life Upgrades

Water Sword
Obtain the Water Sword

You have to get all nine life upgrades (see Maximum Capacity) and the Water Sword will spawn in the Hourglass Chamber. After that, the only thing you have to do to get this trophy is to go there and grab it.

Dual Wielder
Kill 100 enemies using a dual weapon technique

You can pick up a second weapon by pressing when standing over it. There will be a little symbol at the upper left corner of the screen showing the kind and the condition of the secondary weapon you've equipped. Every secondary weapon will break after some time of use; the symbol will turn red and start blinking to "warn you". It comes as now surprise that fighting with two weapons is much more effective than single-handedly, so you should try to equip a second weapon whenever possible. After having killed 100 enemies using two blades this trophy will be yours. If you need inspiration press and have a look at the Combo List. There is a list of all double handed attacks.

Rock 'n' Roll
Defeat the Giant Golem

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
You'll face this boss shortly after you've obtained the Scorpion Sword. Make sure to have enough sand with you as this will make the fight a lot easier. Go for it's calves first. Dodge the Golem's attacks with and keep poking them. When the big guy gets down to one knee, jump on his back and slow down time by pressing . Start attacking with right away. When the effect of your Eye of the Storm wears off, slow down time again and keep hitting. From time to time the Golem will try to grab you and throw you off its back. If it succeeds, the Golem will regain some of its life this way, so try to avoid it at all costs. As soon as you see with which arm it is trying to grab you, swerve by climbing to the opposite shoulder.

Legendary Creature
Defeat the Griffin

This trophy is story related and can't be missed.
Incredibly easy even on Hard difficulty. Just keep slowing down time with and attack its flanks. Watch out for its tail attack, block it with . After some time it will raise itself into the air to dive at you. Swerve with at the right moment. I found this easier in "real time". After about half a dozen attempts the Griffin will land again. Slow down time again and keep attacking those flanks until it perishes.

Royal Battle
Defeat the Empress - Normal Ending

Again, Eye of the Storm is your best friend. Slow down time with and try to do as much damage as possible. When her health bar is at 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 the Empress will summon sand vortexes that will haunt you. Dodge them; running around the floating Empress in small circles and swerving with seems to work quite well. After some time they will die, leaving new sand for you behind. As soon as the Empress touches ground again, slow down time and start attacking once more.

Note: This battle can be annoying on hard difficulty. You might want to bring the Light Sword to make it a lot easier. See the Tips & Strategies section of this guide for details. Open the spoiler box below to watch doreless89 wield that sword:

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Black Sand
Defeat the Dahaka - Secret Ending

This boss can be a real pain. Don't try to beat him on hard difficulty unless you feel really confident. Use Eye of the Storm and wreak as much havoc as possible. There is an unlimited supply of sand around, just make sure you don't run out of it. After some time there will be a cut scene in which Kaileena will push the Dahaka over the edge of the platform. After this, use Eye of the Storm again and finish the Dahaka while he is hanging there. If you don't manage to kill him at this point, he will jump back upon the platform, get much of his health back and be even more dangerous than before.

Note: This battle can be really frustrating on hard difficulty. You might want to bring the Light Sword to make it a lot easier. See the Tips & Strategies section of this guide for details. Open the spoiler box below to watch doreless89 wield that sword:

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Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

This is the most annoying trophy of this game. It's a good idea to do this on your second playthrough, because you will be familiar with the game's combat system and, more importantly, with it's level design. It's crucial to know your way around the game. You won't die in combat that often, but you will fall, or succumb to traps, or get caught by the Dahaka.

The good news is that you are allowed to rewind time, so as long as you have some sand you are fine. If you should fail, just rewind and try again. That means you should try to carry as much sand as possible at all times. Destroy all vases and boxes you come across, they often contain sand.

If you run out of sand you are screwed. Exit to the main menu and load your last save. If you use every opportunity to save you shouldn't have to replay too much. So save save save, save, and then save again. This trophy is annoying, but it isn't really that hard. The worst thing about it is that you are not allowed to skip the cut scenes.

Play the game for 10 hours

As in The Sands of Time, you don't have to get this in one playthrough. Starting a new game won't reset your total playing time. Thus it's impossible to plat this game without getting this trophy.

Throwing Master
Throw weapon at enemies 50 times

You can pick up a second weapon by pressing when standing over it. Press again to throw it. If there is an enemy nearby, the Prince will automatically throw the weapon at it. If you hold down for about 2 seconds, the Prince will throw the weapon at full force which will kill some of the enemies instantly. However, you don't have to kill the enemy for the throw to count. Throw 50 weapons at 50 enemies and the trophy will pop.


Thanks for using this guide! If you've got all 5 PoP plats, I'd like to welcome you to this group: Crown Prince of Persia - All PoP Platinums.

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