Players: 1 Become a Legend | 1 - 7 Master League | 1 - 4 Online |
Total Trophies: 28
Online Play: YES
Online Trophies: 1 - Mr. Consistency Online
Cheat Codes: NA
Cheats Affect Trophies: NA
Trophy Difficulty: 6.5/10
Minimum Playthroughs: Master League | Become a Legend | Copa Santander Libertadores
Suggested Playthroughs: Master League | Become a Legend | Copa Santander Libertadores
Time to Platinum/100%: 100+
Hardest trophies to obtain: Dead ball Expert
Most Time consuming: 10 years of service | The Super Hero


At first I would like to say that step1 and 2 doesn't matter how you do them and the same goes with 3 and 4 both are modes where the trophies in them ONLY can be earn in that mode. I just feel like playing Master League is best because I gives the player time to get use to the game and decreases the time that might be spend in the Become a Legend mode because you learn the ropes of the game first.

Non of the trophies are difficulty required so play it at the difficulty that suits you. Teams and players can be edit with no effect of the trophies, so if wanted a superstar team for Master League it is possible, but just keep in mind that the more star players that are on the squad the higher the payment is every year, so if what to have star players, take the ones needed and have some talented players so the payment isn't too high.

Step 1: Champions League. Around 2 hours.

Playing this mode is is the first thing that should be done and the mode gives at least 3 trophies, First Glory, Made the Knockout phase and European Champions. There are other trophies that can be obtained and the following is
  • Perfect 10
  • Come back Win
  • Last Gasp Winner
  • The Gentlemen
  • Possession Play
  • Hat trick Hero
  • Long Ranger

It doesn't matter if its the Champions League or the Copa Santander Libertadores that are played first, as they both are almost the same tournament, only thing that are different are that one is played in Europe and the other is played in the South America, and that the Copa Santander Libertadores have 16 matches, where Champions League have 13 matches.

Step 2: Copa Santander Libertadores. Around 2 hours.

This Tournament is over 16 matches. and it doesn't matter if you take this or the Champions league as the first step. as it is almost the same tournament. both are to be picking up trophies in the start. Trophies that can be earned in this tournament is:
  • Perfect 10
  • Come back Win
  • Last Gasp Winner
  • The Gentlemen
  • Possession Play
  • Hat trick Hero
  • Long Ranger
  • Kings of Latin America

Step 3: Master League. Between 30 - 40 hours.

Playing this mode gives you all the Master League trophies over time so there are no need to worry. The only trophy in this mode that are hard is the 10 Years of Service, because if the club runs out of money you fail the mode and have to start over. Trophies that are obtained in this mode are.
  • League Winner
  • European Elite 16
  • King of Europe
  • The Invincibles
  • No.1 Club
  • World Footballer of the Year
  • 10 Years of Service
  • Predatory Striker
  • Dead ball Expert

Step 4: Become a Legend. 50+ hours.

This mode is just like in the PES10 Edition, you control one player, choosing every season what club to play for by accepting contract offers. Trophies that are earned in this mode are.
  • The Debutant
  • International Cup Debut
  • International Cup MVP
  • The Journeyman
  • The Super Hero

Step 5: Picking up trophies. 10+ hours.

There should be many trophies left at this point, there are a chance that the trophy Dead ball Expert is missing and can still be obtained while playing at every stadium, so don't worry. trophies that are earned at this point are.
  • World Traveller
  • Mr. Consistency Online

[top]Tips & Strategies

Master League:

1. Playing in Master League there is one very important thing to remember, and that is to ALWAYS have enough money to cover the payment of staff and players, if you don't have enough you will fail the mode and need to start over.

2. Making a star team from edit mode doesn't disable trophies so you can make the team you always wanted, just remember that the better players on the team, means you need more money to keep playing the 10 seasons to get the 10 Years of Service, so if editing a team, keep in mind that the salary can be paid.

3. Sponsors are important, but is auto set every season, so playing good gives better sponsors, try aiming for getting every sponsors special requirement to get the extra money, some have a certain player to be top score or overall best player in a certain tournament, others have like third or better in league, winning the CL and some have win 10 matches in a row and keep doing after... it is different from sponsors to sponsors on what you get and how much you get from meeting the requirements.

Become a Legend:

1. Growing is about playing well for your club, getting the goals, assists, right position and high % on passes. playing EGO doesn't always pay of in the end, you are still a player that are part of a team, that means you also need to be a teamplayer. Scoring goals is important, but so is the other above mentioned things also.

2. Getting good offers, is all about waiting in the negotiation period. always keep in mind in the start that you wont get a chance to become world footballer of the year, so transfer every time you get the chance when you still are young to eliminate the time spend in this mode, so you get the The Super Hero around the time you also get the The Journeyman

3. Skipping matches doesn't only mean that you wont grow, but also means that you lower the chance of becoming member of the major clubs. So always play as many as you possible can, so you grow into a star player and that the major clubs will be fighting to get your signature.

First off winning matches gives you points that are called GP and these are to buy "cheats" under Extra Content in the Main Menu.

For win offline 10 GP (Champion League | Master League | Copa Santander Libertadores | Become a Legend).

Online win 50 GP.

now these points give you some cool extra things for Master League and Become a Legend. Every item cost 600 GP, Like:
  • Become a Legend 1: Play through the game as a real-life player
  • Become a Legend 2: Players become immune to fatigue
  • Become a Legend 3: Improves your chances of being selected for the national team
  • Become a Legend 4: Improves your chances of getting offers from clubs you want to play for
  • Master League 1: Start the game with maximum funds
  • Master League 2: Improves your chances of signing player you want

I suggest that you buy the Master League 1 first to get max funds so you don't have to focus on winning everything every season, because then you just need to win all the first season to get the The Invincibles and you then you can just leave to coach the rest of the seasons for the 10 years of service.

Next choose the become a legend 1, 2 and 4 to play as for exsample Messi and having the immune to fatigue is also perfect so you can play as many matches as possible, and last clubs offers


Ultimate Player
Perfect Collection

Earn you other trophies in the game... At this point people should know how to unlock [/CENTER]

First Glory
Awarded for your first win.

This is the first trophy that will unlock in the game. Winning a game as the first will unlock this trophy. [/CENTER]

Perfect 10
Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches.

Winning 10 matches in a row is the requirement to unlock this trophy. Playing 10 matches and winning them all will unlock the trophy.[/CENTER]

Come Back Win
Awarded for your first Come Back Win.

Come back is if the opponent is leading the match at any point in the game and coming back to get the win. This trophy can be "boosted" by scoring an own goal at the start of the match and winning the match. [/CENTER]

Last Gasp Winner
Awarded for scoring the Winner in Extra Time.

Scoring the winning goal in injury time to get you the trophy. the match will have be a draw until the injury time, this isn't extra time, the 2x 15 minutes after the 90 minutes, so make sure that the goal is still in the original 90 minutes, but in injury time. The among of injury time a match have depends on the dead ball situations and substitutions, every substitute will give around 30 seconds. injury time can be around 0 to 4 minutes.

World Traveller
A Title awarded for playing at all featured Stadiums. (Excludes ones created in Edit Mode.)

There are 26 stadiums listed in PES11 as the last is the random, and to obtain the trophy play on all 25 of them. there are no requirement that it have to be a win, simple just play on them all.

All 25 stadiums in order:

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The Gentleman
Awarded for committing less than 1 Foul per match on average in your last 10 Matches.

This trophy is one of the harder ones because you can only make 9 fouls in the 10 matches, and offside also counts as an foul. so make sure that you play the ball to players that you are 100% certain that is onside, if you are unsure before the pass if the player is onside or offside, simple don't pass the ball to him.

Don't press the slide tackling, it only increase the chance of making a foul. if you want to take the ball easy simple just use the left stick to run in front of the opponent and steal the ball.

You can call for another team player that the CPU will use by holding down the to make him press the ball carrier, so you can place yourself in a better position to tackle the ball carrier, holding down the makes the controlled player face the ball carrier and it is good to use to back down a bit and waiting for the right time to tackle.

Possession Play
Awarded for having a Possession Rate of 60% or higher in your last 10 Matches.

Having a Possession Rate of 60% isn't the easiest thing to do in PES, because scoring goals alway lowers the chance at having a high Possession, so make sure that the ball is held in the lines of the team, easiest in the back lines, because in your own defence there are not too many opponents and it is easier to hold the ball there. Making the easy pass everytime is best, play the free player instead of trying to find an striker that is being pressured as soon as the ball comes near him and do not take too many chance on those deep balls.

Hat-trick Hero
Awarded for scoring 5 hat-tricks.

A hat-trick is when a player scores 3 goals in a match, using a player that have high stats in dribling, shooting and is fairly good in header to makes this trophy a lot easier than it sounds.

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Predatory Striker
Awarded for playing over 20 Matches, averaging 2 plus goals per Match in your last 10.

One of the more easy in the game, this trophy is bound to come over time when playing Master League, scoring plenty of goals in the mode and making sure that the opponent is crushed every match should be the way to obtain this trophy easy. making sure that the goal score is twice the games played in Master League over 20 matches, (40 goals ) then it is certain that the trophy will unlock.

Dead-ball Expert
Awarded for scoring 5 Direct Free-Kicks.

This is one of the harder I think its the hardest trophy in PES11.

Now there are some ways to score freekicks. First you can make the shoots either hard or weak, this is done by presing for making it hard as the kicker hits the ball, for weak shoot press as the kicker hits the ball. for getting the ball to curl just press to either side as the power gauge is displayed.

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Long Ranger
Awarded for scoring from 35m out or more.

Scoring a goal from 35 meters isn't so easy legit, but very possible.

Having a player that have excellent shooting abillities, power, accuracy and technique is a must here. Keeping an eye at the radar to see where the keeper is standing, edge of the box is best, if the keeper is at the edge of the box while running towards the opponents goal, take the shoot and the chance that the ball will pass the keeper is big enough, so patient here is your friend and taking the time to learn the players shooting abillities.

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League Winner
Awarded for winning one of the top leagues in [Master League]

This trophy is bound to come while playing Master League and going for the The Invincibles, you will certainly unlock this trophy because for the The Invincibles the requirement is to win the league to. Winning the league that the team is playing in with unlock trophy. a League contains 38 matches.

European Elite 16
Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League] .

UEFA Champions League in Master League is played over the season and starting as a group stage, winning 4 out of the 6 matches in the group stage with get the team in the knockout round. remember that this trophy is also under the requirement for the The Invincibles

Kings of Europe
Awarded for winning the Master League UEFA Champions League.

Winning the UEFA Champions League requires the team to get to the knockout stage at first and winning the first 3 knockout rounds played over 2 matches, a home and away match, winning those matches gives entry to the final that are a one match, and the trophy unlocks after the win. emember that this trophy is also under the requirement for the The Invincibles

The Invincibles
Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Winning EVERYTHING League, Cup, UEFA Champions league and EVERY match in the season is the requirement to obtain this trophy, so keep winning, no draw is allowed here. if you should lose or get a draw there are no need to quit to the ps3 menu, because with even auto save on the game doesn't save the matches played only the system settings, so just quit to the PES main menu and load up Master League again to play the match again. if you should find it hard to win matches play on an easier difficulty, but remember playing on beginner isn't as fun. The trophy wont unlock until the entire season is over, season ending.

Matches required to win over the season is a total of 60 matches (excluding the EU Super cup).
  • League - 38 maches, home / away.
  • League Cup - 9 matches, 8 home / away and a 1 match final.
  • Champions League - 13 matches, 6 group stage home / away, 6 knockout home / away and a 1 match final.

No.1 Club
Awarded for topping the Team Ranking in Master League.

Barcelona is ranked as number 1 in the first season.

Your club will be on the world ranking and the better the team is playing and the more leagues, cup and UEFA Champions League succes the higher the team will get on the world ranking, so keep winning a lot and the trophy will get there in no time. The better the team is, like Barcelona, Real Madrid and these major team the higher they are on the world ranking at the start of Master League.

World Footballer of the Year
Awarded if a member of your team wins World Footballer of the Year in Master League.

Messi wins this the first season in December.

Having a player that plays very well in all the tournaments the bigger chance of having a squad member win the World Footballer of the Year. so have a star player score a lot of goals and making assist, keeping a good % on pass succes to max out the rating. the better the team does in the tournaments, winning them and having the overall best playing in one gives a very good chance at obtaining this trophy. The world footballer is announced in December and not at the end of an season.

10 years of Service
An award to honour 10 years of service in Master League.

Playing 10 years takes some time, but with matches you can choose to leave to coach and it will scrab a lot of time of the 10 years, only choose this when the The Invincibles have been obtain and that you are sure money isn't a problem, still save so you can get the sponsor money of meeting the requirements, like coming in top 3 in the league and so on. don't buy too many players and sell a good player if the clubs finances hits the red zone. With the finances you can find your running cost on the meny, to see if the club with have a profit at the end of the season, these money isn't affected by your winnings like league, champions league and cup. Make sure that you still get the money for league and so on.

The Debutant
Awarded for your First Professional Appearance in Become a Legend.

This is the first trophy that will be unlocked in Become a Legend. When starting Become a Legend, you will get some offers from some clubs, when signed contract from one, you will get a chance at playing a match, not starting position, but as soon as you get to play for the team in a match the trophy will unlock.

International Cup Debut
Awarded for your First Appearance in the Become a Legend International Cup.

This trophy wont unlock before you play for you national team at the International cup, it is the World championship, not the European championship nor any of qualifying Matches. when playing the first match at the World Championship the trophy will unlock after the match.

International Cup MVP
Awarded for being named International Cup Player of the Tournament in Become a Legend.

Playing for your National at the International cup (the world cup not the EU cup). now becoming MVP isn't so easy, but it is all about scoring a lot of goals, don't focus on making assist, just focus on scoring goals and make sure that your team wins the cup too.

The Journeyman
A title awarded for playing at 10 different clubs across 6 countries in Become a Legend.

When you start become a legend you will be at the age of 17 and you can get the trophy within 5 season if you move clubs everytime you get the chance, every 6 month, best in the early stage of this mode to change club often as there are mo chance that you get to become World footballer of the year in your youth, so knock down some time regarding this trophy. There are 6 leagues in become a legend, now play at least at one club in the below mentioned leagues and 4 extra to get the trophy. Clubs from other leagues often makes an offer for you in the summer negotiation period.

Now you can set "My desired club" under negotiations, you can set 3 clubs and these clubs will be keeping an eye on you, now just because you are setting these clubs doesn't mean that others wont make offers on you.

The 6 leagues
  • Spanish League
  • English League
  • Ligue 1
  • Italian League
  • Eredivisie
  • PES League

The Super Hero
A title awarded for being named World Footballer of the Year in BECOME A LEGEND.

Becoming World footballer of the year in master league isn't so easy, takes many maches and scoring many goals, playing very well for your team and ensuring the victory in every match. Playing to a rating of at least 7.5 is importent, but try and aim for 8.0 everytime. Now also being a team player is a requirement, you play for a team and that means there are 10 other players on the field that also can carry the ball.

Everytime you choose to rest in a match it lowers the chance of becoming world footballer, so keep playing as many matches as possible.

Winning everything in a season, league, cup, champions league, and not at least becoming top goal score in them all. Also try and aim for the assist leader too, but don't choose to make many assist on the cost of goals.

Important things you can do in a match that give a good rating:
  • Scoring goals
  • Making assist
  • Creating 100% chances for teammates
  • Having a high pass complete %
  • No cards
  • Minimum fouls

Mr. Consistency (Online)
Awarded for winning 75% of your Last 20 Ranking Matches Online.

Now the only thing you need to focus on here is learning the game, every single way to get past the defence, making killer passes and scoring goals yourself and keeping clean sheet too. always look at your opponent before the match to see how many wins he have and how good his is, this is under User list and on the second page.

Now there are no doubt that its easier to boost this and doing so nets you this trophy a lot quicker. when boosting you can add password to ensure that no one not wanted, can join, so it becomes a more private room.

Made the Knockout phase
Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League.

Play this Tournament from the main menu, UEFA Champions League. its a Tournament that starts in a 4 team group stage with 8 groups, where there are played 6 mathces, a home and away match against every team in the group, winning 4 matches will get the team to the knockout stage. Best to win all 6 matches to ensure that the Perfect 10 is obtained in this tournament.

European Champions
Awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League.

This trophy goes hand in hand with the Made the Knockout phase. It is a 13 match tournament. After the group stage, the team will play 3 knockout rounds with 2 matches in each, a home and away, and the Final, one match, scoring goals in the away match count for more than scoring home. Winning the Final is the requirement for obtaining this trophy.
  • Group stage - 4 teams in each with 2 matches against every team, 6 matches
  • Knockout round, round of 16 - 2 matches against one team
  • Knockout, Quarter-finals - 2 matches against one team
  • knockout, Simi-finals - 2 matches against one team
  • Knockout, Final - one match

Kings of Latin America
A title awarded for winning the Copa Santander Libertadores.

This tournament is the same as UEFA Champions League with 2 more maches and have only playable teams from the South America part of the world, Brazil, Argentina ect. ect. Playing 16 matches in this tournament. and winning the final is the requirement here.
  • Playoff - 2 matches against one team
  • Group stage - 4 teams in each with 2 matches against every team, 6 matches
  • Knockout round, round of 16 - 2 matches against one team
  • Knockout, Quarter-finals - 2 matches against one team
  • knockout, Simi-finals - 2 matches against one team
  • Knockout, Final - 2 matches

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