Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: n/a
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: n/a
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30-40 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: See Below


Several people (including myself) have encountered a game breaking glitch that causes missions to stop spawning. The cause has not yet been determined, but the missions that trigger the glitch have varied significantly. At this point, the only recourse is to load an earlier save and attempt to continue from that point. If you do not have an earlier save that will allow you to progress, you will have to start the game over again.

Make sure to save after every mission, rotating between multiple slots, and always check to see if your mission markers are still present on the map before you save. I was forced to restart from "Predator and Prey" after locating all of the collectibles, another person was forced to restart after "Labor of Love" near the end of the game. By taking this precaution, you might save yourself some lost time.


Compared to the original, Prototype 2 is a walk in the park. The challenges that caused so much frustration in the original game do not count towards the platinum in Prototype 2, the enemies are easier, collectibles can be found on your map, and the enemies are weaker. The game is still fun as hell, but it will not cause you to eat your controller in rage while trying to beat "Corners" in 1:45.

: Hard Difficulty

Since the difficulty isn't a factor, start on Hard and complete your first playthrough. Complete all collectibles and side missions to build yourself up, including all Lairs and Field Ops. Essentially, you can complete just about every trophy in the game in your first playthrough. Since none of the trophies are missable, and you have the option of New Game+ in addition to the post-game free roam, you can sit back and enjoy your game, reveling in the destruction.

STEP 2: New Game+
After your first playthrough, you will not have enough experience points to max out Heller's Evolution level, and the small amounts you'll get from random kills in the post-game free roam will not do much to change that. Start a New Game+ and go through all of the story missions again until you reach maximum Evolution. While doing this, you will have lots of free time to clean up any trophies you didn't happen to get in your first playthrough.


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all Trophies.

It's an Epidemic

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy after the initial tutorial stage "Meet Your Maker", right at the start of the mission "Resurrection".

I Want Some More

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy after completing the mission "Resurrection", just after your conversation in the alley.

Religious Experience
Meet Father Guerra.

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. After the mission "Resurrection" is completed, you'll eventually get an objective to go to Father Guerra. You'll receive this trophy after the cinematic in which you speak to him.

This is a Knife
Acquire a Prototype Power.

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. During the mission "Operation Flytrap", you'll defeat your first Brawler to receive the Claws power, and this trophy.

Project Closed
Complete a //BLACKNET operation.

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. The first opportunity to get this trophy will be by completing "Operation Orion's Belt". By successfully infiltrating the facility and escaping with the information, you will earn this trophy.

The Mad Scientist

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. At the end of "Natural Selection" you will fight the first of the "Evolved", an advanced mutation that will slice at you with fast blade attacks. When it does, press to dodge out of the way, which will cause a QTE icon to appear above its head. Press the corresponding button to attack while it is stuck in order to do a powerful attack. Continue to dodge and attack in this way until it runs away. Chase it down and complete the fight in the same way, and you will defeat the mutant and earn the trophy after the cinematic is done.

Something to Live For

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. At the end of "Fall From Grace" you will fight the Goliath, an advanced mutation that you ran away from in the tutorial stage. When it attacks you, dodge and occasionally it will get stuck in the ground or a building. Attack the glowing part of its body until you rip it off, then continue to attack. Eventually you will tear it apart, consume it, and earn the trophy after the cinematic is done.

What a Bitch

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. At the end of "Labor of Love" you will briefly gain access to a Juggernaut Pack. Target the door with and press to have them attack the barricade. You will have to defend them while they work, but if they happen to die, simply fight and consume an "Alpha Juggernaut", a special Juggernaut only seen on this stage with a characteristic red glow, and you will automatically summon another pair. Keep having them bash the barricade until you're through. You'll earn the trophy after the cinematic.

Murder your Maker?
Complete the game.

Story related trophy. Cannot be missed. You will earn this trophy at the end of the game.

Toggle Spoiler

Follow Your Nose
Find all BlackBoxes.

While on the menu, go into the Collectibles screen and press or to switch to the Blackboxes menu. While on the map, move the cursor over each district of the map. You can easily identify which districts or zones have Blackboxes for you to collect. You will see faint pulses that highlight their location in each district. Use to place a waypoint and then move into the area until you reach the location. You can also see the completion percentage of each Zone as well as the overall percentage of the entire game at the bottom of the screen. Once you've found all of the Blackboxes you will earn the trophy.

Up to No Good
Defeat all Field Ops teams.

While on the menu, go into the Collectibles screen and press or to switch to the Field Ops menu. While on the map, move the cursor over each district of the map. You can easily identify which districts or zones have Field Ops for you to eliminate. You will see faint pulses that highlight their location in each district. Use to place a waypoint and then move into the area until you reach the location. You can also see the completion percentage of each Zone as well as the overall percentage of the entire game at the bottom of the screen. Once you've defeated all of the Field Ops you will earn the trophy.

Strike, You're Out
Destroy a Strike Team in 15 seconds or less.

This is easiest to do in the Yellow Zone near the beginning of the game, using either a rocket launcher or if you wait until you unlock the Red Zone you can also use a helicopter. Simply cause enough mayhem to cause a "Strike Team Inbound" warning, then shoot down the one helicopter that responds within 15 seconds of its arrival. Since the YZ only throws one helicopter at you, its very simple to shoot it down quickly and earn this trophy. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Compulsive Eater
5 consumes in 10 seconds or less.

Simply find a large group of civilians and stealth consume them quickly one after the other by tapping the button then the button when prompted. Once you've eaten 5 within the time limit, you will earn the trophy.

Do the Evolution
Acquire 5 Mutations.

This will occur naturally over the course of the game, but if you'd like to speed along the process go into the menu and select Collectibles. While on the map, move the cursor over each district of the map. You will see faint pulses that highlight either Blackboxes, Field Ops, or Lairs in each district. Use to place a waypoint and then move into the area until you reach the location. Once you've completed five sets of collectibles and unlocked five mutations you will earn this trophy.

Just a Flesh Wound
Dismember a Brawler.

During the mission "Operation Flytrap", immediately after you defeat your first Brawler to receive the Claws power, you'll have to fight a second one right away and can earn this trophy immediately. After wearing it down, instead of finishing the Brawler with the button when prompted, just keep slashing until you take its arm off, and you will earn this trophy.

All together Now
10 or more kills with a single Black Hole attack.

Use the menu to assign your Tendrils power to one of your buttons such as , then find a large group of enemies. For best results, attempt this in the Red Zone or in a well populated Lair with a lot of Infected. Target one of the Infected near the center of the pack and hold to unleash the Black Hole attack. If you manage to stick it to 10 or more, you'll earn this trophy. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Back Atcha!
Deflect 5 missiles at enemies using Shield Block.

When you receive the Shield power through the storyline, you will be able to block attacks using the button. If you time it correctly, and press just as a missile is about to hit you, you can deflect it back on the soldier who fired it at you. You will get the trophy after your fifth deflection.

Two for the Price of One
Simultaneously kill 2 Brawlers using a single Devastator.

You can attempt this trophy any time after you obtain the Devastator ability in the mission "Orion Phase Two", but you might as well get it out of the way immediately. While in the stadium where you go through the Devastator tutorial are many normal soldiers, super soldiers, and Brawlers in cages. Once you've consumed enough troops to max out your Mass bar, open some cages to release Brawlers into the area. Soften them up a bit with normal attacks, then when they're near death and close together, press and at the same time to unleash the Devastator and hopefully kill both Brawlers. If you don't manage to kill them both, top up your Mass bar and try again, or you can always restart the mission if you run out of targets. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Lair to Rest
Destroy a single Lair.

See Spindler's Search

Hijiack Be Nimble
Stealth hijack 5 tanks or APCs.

After you have unlocked the ability to hijack armored vehicles in "Enemies and Allies", you can easily earn this trophy through normal play. When you have no alert and while wearing a military disguise, simply approach a tank or APC and press to mount the vehicle, then when the buttons come up on your HUD, press again to enter the vehicle stealthily. These vehicles usually travel in a column, so you'll be able to hold to get out and hijack any other vehicles in the area as well. Once you've taken 5 in this way, you'll earn the trophy. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Road Rage
Destroy 10 Blackwatch tanks, APCs or helicopters using a single hijacked tank or APC.

Your first good opportunity to get this trophy is during the mission "Taking the Castle" where you will have to destroy 6-8 target tanks. There are also a number of helicopters and non-target tanks that roam the areas, giving you plenty of targets to hit. Alternately, when you reach the Red Zone, the area around the upper airbridge has a large number of Tanks and APCs that you can target from a distance, as well as a open area that you can lure helicopters into.

You'll need to destroy all 10 Tanks, APCs and helicopters using the same vehicle, so try to avoid enemy fire by using the terrain to your advantage. For example, popping out around corners to shoot then reversing before they can return fire, avoiding engaging helicopters in narrow streets where they can hit you easily, etc. If you're having trouble keeping your tank in one piece, you can always drop your difficulty to a lower level during your New Game+ cleanup run, and try again at that time. Video reference by PowerPyx.

Who Watches the Watchers?
Consume 10 //BLACKNET targets.

As you progress through the game, you will occasionally see yellow circles on your HUD or minimap that look like a head in profile, with the brain in black. These are //BLACKNET targets, and when you consume them you unlock different components of //BLACKNET missions. Once you've consumed 10 of them, the trophy will unlock.

Hard to Please
Acquire a Mutation in each of the 5 categories.

There are five categories of Mutations that you can earn in Prototype 2: Offensive, Defensive, Locomotion, Predator, and Power Specialist. You can earn these mutations either through playing the story missions, completing //BLACKNET missions, or completing a set of collectibles in a district. Once you have a Mutation of all five types you will earn this trophy.

The Floor is Lava
Travel a half mile using only Wall Run, Glide, Jump or Air Dash.

Simply use the air dash and glide to get airborne, preferably from a tall starting point. Aim towards a tall building in the distance. Rather than landing on it's top, glance off one of its walls, holding to climb up its side and regain some height. When you approach the top, jump then dash again and hold to glide. Continue on in this fashion from building to building, never touching the ground or a rooftop until the trophy unlocks.



20 or more kills with a single Hammerfist dive attack.

When you earn the Hammerfist in "A Nest of Vipers", you'll get an optional objective to kill 30 Infected with them. Looking around in the Lair, there's a lot of them to kill but before you go on a rampage, you can earn this trophy easily. Jump high into the air and hold the button assigned to Hammerfist (defaults to the first time you get it). Aim for the largest group of Infected and hopefully you'll make 20 in a single hit. Repeat as necessary while in the lair. If you don't get it, you can always restart the checkpoint and try again. Alternately, you can try in any other highly populated lair, or try your luck in the Red Zone. Its a little more difficult there, since you don't get as high a concentration of Infected as you do in a Lair. Worst case scenario, you can try on your New Game+ cleanup run, if you've already cleared all the lairs. Video by PowerPyx.


You're the Bomb

10 or more kills using a single Bio-Bomb.

Again, this is easier to do in the Red Zone when you have a large number of normal infected that swarm around you. Pick up an infected with , then when the buttons appear on your HUD, press to create a Bio-Bomb. Find a reasonably tight group of infected and throw the Bio-Bomb at them to trigger the explosion. You will likely get this trophy on your first try, but if not there is no shortage of infected. Video courtesy of ********PowerPyx.

Sic'em Destroy 5 helicopters using Pack Leader.

When you earn the Pack Leader ability in the mission "Alpha Wolf" you earn your first helicopter towards the five during the Pack Leader tutorial. After that, you can easily make use of the ability to take care of the other four any time you have helicopters in range. When your mass meter is full, press and at the same time to summon the pack. Hold to target the helicopter, then press to send the Brawlers after the chopper. If you're finding they don't do enough damage, you can always soften up the helicopter yourself before sending in the pack to clean them up. Over the course of the game, you should have many opportunities to rack up helicopter kills, particularly in the Red Zone where choppers patrol regularly and you can often attack them from above.

Weaponize 10 vehicles.

Early in the game, you'll learn the ability to Weaponize a vehicle, which means that you'll pull off a component of the vehicle to use against them. At the start of the game, you'll only be able to Weaponize a tank or APC by pulling off their TOW missile rack, then later you'll also be able to Weaponize a helicopter's rocket FFAR pod. To Weaponize a vehicle, approach it and press to mount the vehicle and then press repeatedly to tear off the component. After 10 vehicles have been Weaponized, you'll earn this trophy.

The Best Offense
Counter enemy attacks 20 times using Shield.

Just like Back Atcha!, use the button to counter enemy attacks by timing the button press just before the attack lands. This will be a necessity when dealing with the Project Orion soldiers so you will have plenty of opportunity during the main story to earn this through normal play.

Arcade Action
Karate kick a helicopter.

Press right on the d-pad to "disable" your Prototype powers and revert to vanilla Heller. While in this form, climb up a building and target a helicopter that is in range. Once you've got a target locked jump towards it, then press and hold to karate kick the helicopter. You will fulfill the Penny Arcade dream and earn your trophy! Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

I Caught a Big One!
Mount a helicopter using Whipfist.

Once you've unlocked the Whipfist ability, earning this trophy is pretty easy. Simply target a helicopter by highlighting it and holding the button, then press to latch onto the helicopter. Hijack the helicopter and the trophy is yours. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Anger Management
Destroy 5 vehicles using a Finisher.

One of the Evolution powers you can select are Finishers, which allow you to destroy tanks, APCs or helicopters in a single button press. When you press near a vehicle to mount it, the Finisher option will appear on your HUD next to Weaponize or Hijack. Press to perform a Finisher on 5 different vehicles and you will earn the trophy.

So Above It All
Spend at least 25 consecutive seconds in the air (helicopters don't count).

This trophy is best attempted when you have all of your Locomotion Mutations and all four Evolution points in the Movement category, in order to max out the number of air dashes and distance you can glide. Go to the top of a tall building, such as the Empire State Building in the Red Zone, and jump off the top of it. Make sure you do a charged jump to get the extra height, and it couldn't hurt to get a running start either. Hold to glide, and just as you start to dip, press to perform an Air Dash. Continue to press every time you find yourself starting to arc downwards towards the ground, then when you're out of Air Dashes, you can also release and hold it again for another boost of glide. After this final boost, all you have to do is avoid landing on any buildings and keep gliding all the way down to the street below. That should give you more than enough air time to get this trophy. Video courtesy of PowerPyx.

Vitamin B-rains
Acquire 10 upgrades through consumes.

See Finally Full for details.

Eating Your Way to the Top
Aquire 30 upgrades through consumes.

See Finally Full for details.

Finally Full
Aquire all 46 upgrades through consumes.

Occasionally on the HUD or minimap you will see diamond shaped indicators in the shape of a flexing arm. These are usually caged Brawlers in Blackwatch compounds (or wandering in the Red Zone), but can also occasionally be Blackwatch soldiers or pilots. Consuming these targets will earn you an upgrade to various powers, such as your Armor, Claws, Launcher ability, etc. Don't worry if you accidentally kill one before you consume it, they will continue to spawn semi-frequently until you've gotten all of the upgrades.

To keep track of your progress, on the screen, select the Heller menu and look at the Powers, Skills and Abilities sections. For Powers or Abilities, look for Brawlers in captivity or loose in the Red Zone. For Skills look for Blackwatch personnel in compounds or restricted areas. Once you've snacked on all 46 targets, the trophy will pop.

Reach the highest point in the world.

When you eventually gain access to the Red Zone, climb up the spire of the Empire State Building to earn this trophy. If you're having trouble locating it, go to Midtown, climb to the top of any building and look up. It is significantly taller than any other building in NYZ. You don't have to get all the way up to the very top, about halfway up the tower at the top will do. Video reference courtesty of PowerPyx.

Spindler's Search
Destroy all Lairs.

While on the menu, go into the Collectibles screen and press or to switch to the Lairs menu. You can easily identify which districts or zones have Lairs for you to destroy. The earliest one that you have access to is in Linden Park in the Yellow Zone. If you have not yet located it, it can be located by a faint circular pulse seen on your map while on the Lairs screen. Once you get near the Lair, it will appear on your HUD just like a Blackbox does, allowing you to find it easily. Enter the lair and complete the mission. Once you've sought out and destroyed all the lairs in the game, you will earn the trophy.

Complete all //BLACKNET dossiers.

While looking at the minimap or the complete map in the menu, you will see medal icons with a number beside them. Each of these icons corresponds to a mission in the //BLACKNET menu. You will gain access to new missions as you progress in the story and activate the zones, and you can keep track of your progress by consulting the //BLACKNET menu on the screen. Each set has multiple parts, involving hunting and consuming a Person of Interest, then completing a mission which will cause the terminal to update. Once you complete a set, you will earn a Mutation. Once you've completed all 12 sets you will earn this trophy.

One by One
Stealth Comsume 50 Blackwatch troopers.

Approach a soldier, preferably from behind, and stealth consume them by tapping the button then the button when prompted. You will only be able to accomplish this if there are no other soldiers who can see you or your target, otherwise it will fail with a message that you are being watched. By using your hunting ability, you can see who is watching whom if you have a soldier targeted, or with no one targeted it will highlight vulnerable soldiers in yellow, and observed targets in red. Over the course of the game, 50 stealth consumes will probably come naturally to you, but if not just keep eating!

Wanted Man
Trigger 50 alerts.

When your suspicion meter gets too high, and alert will sound. This will happen frequently throughout the game. It's almost impossible not to earn this trophy, with the amount of carnage and devastation you'll be wreaking across the face of New York Zero. If you have trouble triggering 50 alerts, you're playing this game wrong.

All Growed Up
Fully upgrade Heller.

On the menu, go to the Heller screen to see your progress towards this trophy. You will need to get all upgrades to your Powers, Skills, Abilities, Mutations (non-Radnet), and Evolution to earn this trophy. For the Evoluton upgrades, you will have to reach level 23 which requires 2,530,000 xp. This represents about 1 1/2 playthroughs, assuming you do all of the side missions and collectibles at least once. It is much easier to do this in New Game+ rather than in the post-game free roam, since most of your experience points will be earned through the completion of side/story missions.

Master Prototype
Complete the game on HARD difficulty.

This game is significantly easier than Prototype, not only because the insane challenges are optional for the platinum but also the overall difficulty of all the fights has been reduced by several orders of magnitude. There are no shortages of targets to consume to regain life (except in the final boss battle), and any difficulty that you may have is mitigated by the abundance of additional abilities that can be earned through the laughably easy collectibles or the side //BLACKNET missions, all of which will also earn you experience points towards your Evolution level. There should be no reason not to start the game on Hard difficulty on your first playthrough, to minimize the time necessary for completing the game.

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