Online Trophies:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies:
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:
Trophy Difficulty: 5.9/10

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Achieved 00 Status
Achieved 00 Status

Just collect all other trophies and you will be rewarded with the platinum!

Live and Let Die
Takedown 50 enemies

To takedown an enemy sneak up behind them and take them down! Do this at every opportunity if you're going for all the trophies in one playthrough. What I did was takedown this enemy talking on his radio at the start of the mission with a cell phone right next to him. Restart the mission until you get the trophy, otherwise you won't do all 50 in one playthrough.

Diamonds are forever
Hack All Locks

You can't complete the game without doing this, so just forget about it and it will come, but the harder the difficulty the less time you have to press the right button. You should be fine as it's pretty straight forward.

For Your Eyes Only
Disable 10 cameras

To get all the other level trophies you should have to do as many as 10. To disable a camera look at its pattern and then move when its beam of light has moved away from you. Then go up to its box and hold . Another thing, shooting cameras doesn't count as disabling them!

The Man With the Golden Gun
Defeat 50 enemies with one shot each

Okay, by one shot it means headshots, so 50 headshots. This should be compulsory when playing on 007 difficulty. Enemies will kill you if you don't get enough headshots so just always aim for the head when facing a group of enemies. If there is only one I suggest going for a takedown, if you can.

Time To Face Gravity
In White's Estate Open The Cellar Door With One Shot

Again, by one shot they mean headshot. There will be a guy on a balcony above the cellar door; wait for him to pop out and shoot at you then shoot him in the head!

We Have People Everywhere
In Sienna, Shoot All Seven Satellite Dishes On The Rooftops

This shouldn't be too hard, but here is a video to help. Make sure you don't jump onto the next roof without getting the first few!

YouTube - Cw Quantum of Solace Seven Satellites Guide

Opera isn't For Everyone
In Opera house, move through backstage without alerting the guards

This is where you have to start sneaking. It tells you how to sneak up and takedown guards on this mission, so after you make it past the changing lifts part, that's where the "backstage" part starts. From then on, sneak through the mission until you get the trophy.

He's Coming Fast!
In Sink Hole, Kill the pilot while the gunners are still alive

This is pretty straight forward. On Sinkhole, after you wipe out all the enemies by the crashed helicopter, you head your way up the mountain and kill 2 guards. When the helicopter comes, just use the sniper rifle you can get from one of them two guards you just killed to get him. Be careful because the gunners will shoot at you.

I Miss The Cold War
Outside Science Centre, defeat each sniper guard with one shot

This is probably the easiest headshot trophy because you have a sniper rifle, but still you have to make sure you get each one with a headshot. Don't make this more difficult for yourself by going up that ladder and going behind the ad board; just go to the balcony, take cover, and aim out from it. You can miss them and then get them with a headshot, but that makes matters harder, so make sure you get all 6 while they are standing still.

Half-Monk, Half-Hitman
Inside the science centre shoot down all the lights in the main hall

This is a really easy one. When you get to the main hall where you start upstairs, as you get out the lift which shakes to cause tension, you're in the main hall. There are lights hanging from the ceiling. Shoot all 6 down, but try to use them effectively by shooting them down on enemies.

YouTube - Half-Monk Half-Hitman Quantum of Solace

In Airport, save the skyfleet servers without breaking stealth

This trophy can be tricky, as you have to judge the guards patrol patterns and cameras perfectly. The first guy you can just take down straight away and then move on disabling the camera and taking down the guard. After you save the first server, hide to the right of the door and wait for the guard to come in and then take him down. Proceed where you will see three guards; the one closest to you is standing on the ledge. Wait for the other guards to move away and then sneak up and take him down. Now, drop down and go to the left and wait behind cover for the guard to walk back. Then as he turns around, take him down. The last guy should be easy to do. After you save the second server, disable the camera to your left and then take down the guard who comes down from that side. Now you should have a dilemma where there is a guard standing by the camera. Wait for the camera's beam of light to move away from him and then take him down and run to the box to disable the camera before it sees the dead body.

I'm The Money
In Train, only use the P99 while on the freight train

Now remember the freight train is the train you jump on to, so if you do happen to drop down into the train, try not to use the P99. Now just use the P99. Getting headshots is essential here, otherwise you will run out of ammo, so headshot everyone on the train. Shoot the fire extinguishers if you need to get them out of cover, and shooting explosives to kill numerous enemies at once. There is a point where you can pick up some ammo when you get in the crate, so make sure you do that and you should be fine. You will get the trophy when you hop back on to the train you were initially on.

Any Thug Can Kill
In Casino Royale, reach the spa room without alerting any of the guards

To do this wait for the first guard to move out of the way, and then climb over the luggage and wait for the guy on the balcony to peek over. That's your queue to climb over the wall. Now, only go past the windows when the guards aren't looking. When the cut-scene ends and you're back into your normal view, sneak forward and don't stop. Exit the room and sneak up behind the guard as you turn right from the door, and wait for him to move. Then go into the room ahead and wait for him to pass to your left, and then go forward, pushing the washer out of the way. To get into the room, wait for the guard to pass the doorway once again, and then push the wheelie bin that lets you climb up into the vent and you've done it!

Allow Me
In Venice, shoot Gettler with one shot

This trophy gave me satisfaction and made me laugh. In the Venice mission at the very end you get a nail gun, and it goes into slow motion. Just headshot him with the nail gun and get a trophy for it

You Just Need One Shot
In Eco Hotel, Kill the driver of the car

This one is easy, as the trophy image tells you what to do. All I did was unleash bullets at the windshield and he ran me over, then the trophy popped up. Just spray a magazine clip at the drivers side windshield and move out of the way (unlike me). Don't forget to collect the cell phone by the driver from where he flew out the windshield

The World Is Not Enough
Collect all cell phones

I find for collectibles, a video guide is a lot more helpful than a written one, so I'm not going to waste your time and I'm posting a video (this is not me being lazy!). This is a link to a playlist of all phone locations.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Collect all power weapons

Again, I will just post a video as it's a lot more helpful. You will be able to recognize the spots in which they are.

YouTube - quantum of solace - power weapon locations

License To Kill
Defeat an enemy with one shot

Get a headshot. You are most likely going to get this in the very first level - White's Estate.

Complete the game on New Recruit

See "The Name Is Bond, James Bond" trophy.

Tomorrow Never Dies
Complete the game on Field Operative

See "The Name Is Bond, James Bond" trophy.

You Only Live Twice
Complete the game on Agent

See "The Name Is Bond, James Bond" trophy.

The Name Is Bond, James Bond
Complete the game on 007

I recommend doing this difficulty on your first playthrough, as you will get all other trophies for completing the game on the lower difficulties.

Tips for 007 mode: Use the cover system wisely. Move from cover to cover and never expose yourself to a large number of enemies. If you take damage, wait behind cover for your health to re-generate. Also aim for the head at every opportunity and always try to use stealth when possible, as it's the easiest way to get around.

A View To Kill[
Complete White's Estate

See "Quantum Of Solace" trophy.

From Russia With Love
Complete Sienna, Opera House and Sink Hole

See "Quantum Of Solace" trophy.

The Living Daylights
Complete Shanty Town and Construction Site

See "Quantum Of Solace" trophy.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Complete Science Centre Exterior, Interior and Airport

See "Quantum Of Solace" trophy.

Casino Royale
Complete Montenegro Train, Casino Royale and Casino Poison

See "Quantum Of Solace" trophy.

The Spy Who Loved Me
Complete Barge and Venice

See "Quantum Of Solace" trophy.

Quantum Of Solace
Complete Eco Hotel

Like the previous six trophies, just complete the game and you will get these automatically.

Find 30 Cell Phones

See "The World Is Not Enough" trophy.

Online Trophies:

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I know where you keep your gun
Unlock and purchase all weapons

See "Chemin De Fer" trophy.

Quite the body count
Unlock and purchase all attachments

See "Chemin De Fer" trophy.

Ejector seat, you're joking?
Unlock and purchase all gadgets

See "Chemin De Fer" trophy.

Unlock and purchase all golden weapons

See "Chemin De Fer" trophy.

Chemin De Fer
Unlock and purchase all weapons, grenades, attachments, gadgets and golden weapons

For this trophy, and the other 4 above, it will take you 90,600 credits to purchase them all. After this you only have 9,400 credits to go until 100,000; the finish line is now in sight!!! This isn't difficult, just time consuming.

He's Playing His Golden Harp
Melee the player with the golden gun

Personally, I feel that this should be a bronze and the 100 kills with a golden gun should be silver, but anyway. Some people struggle with this trophy, and an easy way I found was to use any sort of disorientating grenade (best is a flash bang). Throw it where they are hiding and run up to them and melee them. The only way this can fail is if there is someone else nearby and they shoot you, or if when dazed that person just holds down the trigger and luckily gets you, which is annoying. Keep trying and you will get it.

You've defused hundreds of these
Defuse a bomb in bond versus mode

Again, this shouldn't be too hard. You're likely to play one match with some players who are new to the game and don't know what they are doing. The best map for this, I would say, is Embassy! I'm not sure why, but that's where I defused 2 bombs and won the round as Bond. If it is on Embassy, I suggest that you run straight to the left bomb plant and defuse it first. Remember you have 2 lives.

Win a round as Bond in Bond Versus mode

I found the best way to do this was to defuse both bombs, but if you're against a team with large numbers, take your time. Try to pick some of them off before you attempt to defuse the bomb. You can see your enemies on your radar, so you will know where is safe and where is not.

I admire your courage
Earn over 1000 in credits

Can be achieved in one game, that's how easy this is!

Life is full of small challenges
Earn over 10,000 in credits

Again, you will get these in no more than 30 matches.

For England, James?
Earn over 100,000 in credits

This will most likely be the last online trophy you earn, and also the very last trophy before platinum. It can be time consuming, but I found this game surprisingly fun at times online!

The Best Player In the Service
Be the top player in an online match

This is pretty simple - just get the best score in one round on Bond Evasion (my choice). You should get the trophy after you successfully escape as Bond.

Yes. Considerably.
Play 100 online matches

Everyone sees this and thinks "Oh, no - 100!" My advice is to play Bond Evasion and it comes quickly, because every round counts as a match.

Shaken, not stirred
Win 5 territory control matches

Just play territory control matches until you get the trophy. Usually your team is bad, so it could take about 15 attempts before you get the trophy. Try to capture the point rather than get kills, to win.

A Licensed Troubleshooter
Eliminate 100 players with the golden gun in golden gun mode

Arguably the worst trophy in the game as nobody really likes golden gun, apart from that minority. :p I recommend that when you get the gun, get to a position where there is only one way to get to your position so you can't get flanked and your in control of the situation. When you don't have the gun, concentrate on the player with the gun and nobody else, unless they shoot at you or are in front of your heading for the gun. Good luck; it just takes patience.

A Measure Of Comfort
Eliminate 1,000 Players across all games played

After you get the territory control, golden gun and 100 matches trophy, then start playing team conflict until you get 100,000 credits, which will earn you this trophy along with the next two.

The Nature Of Evil
Eliminate 10 players while blind firing from cover across all games

The best gun to do this with is the Hutchinson A4! Just hold down the trigger button when someone appears from around a corner, and you could get all 10 in one match!

3030 Was A Double
Eliminate 100 players while in cover across all games

When playing Bond Evasion - to get the 100 games played trophy - you should have about 50+ of these already, so keep playing. By the time you get your 1,000 kills, 10% of them will probably be from behind cover!

Die Another Day
Escape as bond in bond evasion

This is pretty simple, especially with a good team. You will either kill the whole of their team, or make it to the escape point. Remember to use Bond's advantage of seeing enemies on the radar so that you know if the escape point is clear or not, or whether an enemy is heading towards you.

Please rate the guide so that I know how good it is and whether I can improve or not

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