In rain you play as a boy who is lost in an invisible world. The boy, as well as monsters called unknowns are only revealed when their silhouettes show up when they are under the pouring rain. The boy sees a girl who also seems to be stuck in this world and their adventure together begins.



Players: 1

Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + chapter select for memories.
Collectible Trophies: Yes; Lost in the Rain, Twin Shadows, & Rainbow's End.
Missable Trophies: Only the collectible trophies listed above.
Glitched Trophies: Nope

[top]Tips & Strategies

There are not many tips and/or strategies for this game. The game is fairly simple, it's one of those visually appealing games that is not very hard and is great because of its story and graphics.
  • Never run through any puddles when there are unknown's around, as it will attract them to you.
  • Try and stay under cover and invisible whenever possible.
  • Use all the debris that is spread around this world to your advantage to hide behind.
  • Enjoy the story, because it is a good one.

- Jump
- Action Button
- Move the boy
+ Run


Step 1: Complete the story
Play through and enjoy the game. Soaking up the story (get it?).

Step 2: Collect the memories
Go through the game entirely again, collecting the memories along the way, or simply use chapter select from the main menu to get them a bit more quickly.

Step 3: 100%
Enjoy your new 100% on this visually beautiful game.


Rainbow's End
Collect all the memories.

You must complete the game first before the memories will appear.

You can use chapter select from the main menu in order to find them, they will save even after you quit to the main menu. This way you can skip around and not have to replay the entire game. Also, remember you can skip any cutscene or cinematic by pressing the button. There are three memories in each chapter, three memories times eight chapters makes 24 memories total. Here is a brief description on where to find each one:

Chapter 1:
  1. Checkpoint 1: Move forward until you get to the small area with the fountain, then head up the small set of steps with the closed door, and there you will find memory # 1: Daybreak.
  2. Checkpoint 3: This is the part you have to run across a large gap away from a dog unknown to get under a roof. Once you do that and the dog unknown retreats, head back out into the area you just ran across and climb the steps in front of you, head around the corner and here will be memory #2: Dusk.
  3. Checkpoint 4: This will be the very end of chapter 1, where you get the 2 dog unknowns to run into the scaffolding. Do that, then instead of running up the steps, head towards the screen and down some steps to the left. Here will be memory #3: The Town's Memories.
Chapter 2:
  1. Checkpoint 1: Remember this chapter starts off with the main unknown chasing you down. Run away until you go through the small hole and drop down. Then instead of continuing to the right, head left and follow the path until you come across memory #4 The Big Wide World.
  2. Checkpoint 2: You start at the part where you have to save the girl from the 2 dog unknowns by opening a gate for her to escape. Do that and continue on this path all the way to the right until you see a highlighted crawl space. Crawl under the wall and here will be memory #5 The Faraway World.
  3. Checkpoint 4: Head to the right and through the gate to the church, but instead of entering the church go to the right side of it. Here you will find behind some bushes memory #6 Premonitions.
Chapter 3:
  1. Checkpoint 1: Follow the path until you get to the two large unknowns. Head to the second one and then once it takes a step forward, directly in front of it will be memory #7 A Face in Profile.
  2. Checkpoint 3: Continue along through a few cutscenes all the way until you hit your first set of lockers. Inside the left most locker of this first set of 4 will be memory #8 The Wind.
  3. Checkpoint 4: Complete the moving platform puzzle here and continue through into the room with the mud puddle. Once in here climb up and leap across the two gaps. But instead of heading to the left, head to the right and climb up some more platforms. When you reach the top, head to the right and here you will find memory #9 A Meeting.
Chapter 4:
  1. Checkpoint 2: Follow the girl down the narrow alley, but when she turns down a second alley do not follow. Instead head toward the car and pick up memory #10 Metamorphosis.
  2. Checkpoint 3: Run with the girl until you come to the small inside area with narrow hallways. Head to where the key is hidden in a locker, but open up the left locker instead. Inside will be memory #11 Little Lost Child.
  3. Checkpoint 5: Get to the top of the bus and wait to jump off as the rhino unknown rams the bus. Once you jump and the girl catches you, instead of moving forward, head back to where the girl jumped to. Here you will find memory #12 A Landscape.
Chapter 5:
  1. Checkpoint 3: Progress through until the rhino unknown knocks itself out. Then head through the gate and down some steps where you will find memory #13 A Presence.
  2. Checkpoint 3: Instead of quitting to the main menu after memory 13, just continue on past the pain in the ass part with the rhino ramming the car. Then continue along but instead of heading up the stairs, simply go along the river and you'll hit memory # 14 Vanishing Shadows.
  3. Checkpoint 5: Head through the sewers past the invisible unknowns. Climb up the ladder and cross the bridge here, but then head up towards the green barrels and here is memory # 15 Welcoming the Rain.
Chapter 6:
  1. Checkpoint 1: Progress until right before you head into the circus tent, instead keep running all the way to the right and you will come across memory # 16 Into the Night.
  2. Checkpoint 3: Head to the street and go all the way left. Here you will find memory # 17 A Beacon.
  3. Checkpoint 3: Progress until you get to the long cutscene where the girl sees herself asleep. When you regain control of the boy, instead of heading down the stairs, head in the open door at the top of the stairs. Inside the bathroom you will find memory # 18 A Shadow Appears.
Chapter 7:
  1. Checkpoint 1: Continue to the part when you first see the unknowns in cages. Follow the path to the right like you did previously, but this time stop at the part in the middle of the bridge where you see a tree like object. Head towards it and you will find memory #19 The Darkness.
  2. Checkpoint 1: Continue along from the previous spot until you leap down onto a platform with 2 sets of stairs. Previously you took the second set, this time take the first and here you will find memory # 20: Beyond the Night.
  3. Checkpoint 3: Follow along as you did previously until you get to the part where you cross under the overhead bridge. Instead head across the narrow platform and leap to the other side. Then progress to the left until you get to a platform with a fence attached to it, here you will find memory # 21: The Light.
Chapter 8:
  1. Checkpoint 1: Head down the steps following the girl at the start of the chapter, but instead of following her to the right, head left at the bottom of the steps. Pass the main unknown under the block you pushed on it and up a set of stairs just past the unknown. Here you will find memory # 22: Awakenings.
  2. Checkpoint 1: Continue from the previous memory, following the girl as she crosses a bridge right after you see the main unknown stirring from under the rubble. The girl will head up some stairs, but instead just follow this walkway along the stairs and you will find memory # 23: Awaiting the Dawn.
  3. Checkpoint 5: Progress until you open one of the doors and the main unknown collapses. Head through the open door and keep walking until you get this, memory # 24: Daybreak.
Also, here is a video guide for those of you who prefer that:

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Twin Shadows
Collect 20 memories.

Please refer to Rainbow's End for more information.

Lost in the Rain
Collect 10 memories.

Please refer to Rainbow's End for more information.

The Two and the Town
Catch up with the girl, and begin working together with her.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

This trophy will come to you naturally as you play the game and eventually meet up with the girl. You will receive it during Chapter 4, right at checkpoint 2, as you are completing End of Chapter 4.

End of Chapter 1
Complete Chapter 1.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

After watching the opening cinematic you will be given control of the boy for the first time, get to know the controls ( is to walk around, is to jump, is the action button, + is to run...). Jump up on the scaffolding and follow it over and keep continuing on until you get to a part where 2 unknowns burst through a fence and chase you. Simply run across the bridge and in the little doorway out of the rain, the unknowns will disperse. Backtrack to the bridge and a quick cutscene will play where you see the girl below the bridge running into cover to hide from the unknowns as well. Go through the gate the unknowns busted through and follow along the path down the steps.

In this large area you must advance to the right. Go from overhang to overhang while the unknowns are not looking until the game tells you to make a run for the roof. Run for the roof, don't worry about the large area here, you aren't missing anything. Once under the roof, slip past the unknown while it is in the rain. Once you emerge on the other side, here is your first "puzzle." A unknown is blocking your path. What you need to do is jump () in the puddle then head under the awning to go invisible, the unknown will go to investigate the noise and you can head through the vacated gate.
In this area, jump up onto the scaffolding and continue to the right. The unknowns will try and get you, causing the scaffolding to fall and crush them. Continue on to the right for another large area and a quick glimpse of the girl. Go to the top of the screen under the overhang and go all the way to the right, then down a bit under the awning , wait until the unknown isn't looking and follow the path the girl took up the blocks.

You will emerge in a small area with a view of the girl on an overhang. Walk through the hole in the wall, and watch the quick cutscene. On to your next mini puzzle. Next what you need to do is have 2 unknowns crash into the scaffolding so you can climb up to where the girl was. Go a bit to the left and a unknown will begin to chase you, run back under the scaffolding and head out from under there in front of the truck. The unknown will crash into the scaffolding. Repeat this for a unknown all the way to the left around the corner and all the way up. Once the scaffolding is destroyed climb up and head up the steps to finish up chapter one: The Children and the Night.

End of Chapter 2
Complete Chapter 2.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

This chapter starts with the main unknown chasing after you. Run away from the unknown. Do not stop under the balcony even though you turn invisible as the unknown will destroy the balcony and it will fall and kill you. Keep running until you hit the crosswalk lines on the street and head toward the top of the screen through the little gateway. Continue running around the corner and past the overhang into the little hole in the wall where you will drop down and lose the unknown. Head to the right and follow the path until you hit a cutscene showing that you have to save the girl from two unknowns. Hop up on the block and up onto the narrow walkway overlooking the girl and the unknowns, head to the right until you end up ground level again. There will be a door in this small area, open it up using the action button (). The girl will exit through the door and run away, leaving the unknowns with you. Only 1 of the unknowns will go through the door, just wait and it will go back through the door, then close it. With the unknowns trapped, head in the direction the girl went.

Head to the right until you get to the muddy puddle. Keep heading to the right and the game will show you that the only way to get rid of the mud is to wash it off in a rain puddle. Continue on to the right, avoiding the next mud puddle and heading under the scaffolding. Pass the unknown and hop up onto the blocks and climb up on top of the wall. Head down the alley in front of you and use the action button to crawl under the wall. When you emerge on the other side, that damn main unknown will be there waiting... But luckily he will not see you right away. Head under the overhang so you turn invisible, and turn the handle on the little phonograph to make noise. The main unknown will run to the phonograph, allowing you to make a run for it to the right. This will incite another chase sequence once you come out from under the overhang. Run toward the top of the screen and then to the right at the stairs. You can circumvent the steps by just jumping down through the break in the guardrail. Continue on and crawl through the small opening at the base of the wall ahead. You will have to jump in a water basin to continue, washing you off in the process. Continue on and head inside the church.

Once inside the church you will see the girl enter in a door to the right, however that door will be locked and you must find the key. There is a door on the left, enter through there and climb up the bookshelf and exit through the window. Follow the path into another window. Take note of the organ here, as you will need it in another minute. Head across to a room on the right side, you will see the key on the floor. A cutscene will play with the main unknown showing up. Do not pick up the key yet, instead head back to the room with the organ using the overhangs for cover. Play the organ and the main unknown will come running in. Stay in the cover, the main unknown will eventually look out the window you first entered this area in. At that point head back to the room with the key, still using the cover. Be careful not to run in the puddle that the key is near, as the noise will attract the main unknown. Pick up the key and head down through the recently destroyed wall and unlock the door the girl was behind. Climb to the top of the bookshelf and climb out the window. You will find yourself in a small cemetery. Head to the far right corner and you will see a hole to crawl through. Once you do you will complete chapter 2: Raindrops and Footsteps.

End of Chapter 3
Complete Chapter 3.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

Start off by heading to the left and then up, and go past the fence. Head through the mud puddle and make a left when you can. Follow this path until you see some climbable blocks and climb over them. You end up dropping down in a puddle that washes the mud off, and a cutscene plays where a big brontosaurus looking unknown appears. Don't worry, these particular unknowns wont attack you. Head under the roof and through to the other side, where there will be another of these unknowns, under this unknown are blocks you must climb. The unknown will take a step forward allowing you to climb up onto the platform, and jump off the other side. Here there will be one of the large unknowns as well as one of the dog-like unknowns. You must wait until the dog unknown faces the other way, and move so you are under the large unknown and turn invisible. Once the dog unknown turns around again and takes a few steps, move up again. You will head for the area under an overhang in the corner, but be careful not to run through the puddle in this area, as this will alert the dog unknown here. Again, move under the large unknown here. This time it will take a few steps forward and then come to a halt in the next area. Another large unknown will approach and then turn around, once the dog unknown is facing the other way move to under the second large unknown. It will move forward allowing you to move from under it to under an overhang. Continue on and you will see some blocks you can climb over to get over the fence surrounding the factory.

Move forward and a cutscene will play where you spot the girl on top of a bridge. Continue on and the main unknown will show up again. Run down and to the right, and climb the blocks here to get up on the scaffolding. Follow the scaffolding to the left and up and climb up to the next level. From here you will spot a ladder leading inside this building, climb up the ladder before it to reach it and then head through the window. Approach the stairs and you will see the main unknown heading up them toward you, so continue on the top level to the left and follow the path until you can climb out of a window. From here follow the path until you see a highlighted block you can push out of the way of a door. Open the door and head through to a covered area, but be quick, as the main unknown will be hot on your tail. Once you are invisible in this area the main unknown will look around and eventually turn around, when it does push this highlighted block up against the wall. Make sure to only push it when the main unknown is not looking though. Once it is there, climb up on the block and then onto the platform above. Jump off the platform to the left and you will have escaped the unknown once again.

Head through the doorway and you will come out on the bridge where you saw the girl earlier. Head across and through the doorway into a room, and through the doorway on the other side of the room. A cutscene will play showing the girl running away from some dog unknowns. Follow the path all the way around and head down some steps to get to the next level down, then continue on to the ladder you passed and climb down another level to where you saw the girl make a leap across a small gap. Make that leap yourself and head to the small covered area where you saw the girl hide. The girl will be gone, so continue on and you will come to a fence where you will see the girl on the other side. You will see her get chased by a dog unknown, so head to the left and crawl under the highlighted path to continue. Head up and then to the right to see the area where the girl was running, and follow the path to where you saw her run. You will see some lockers here, continue to the left and you will see a dog unknown here. Hide behind the mini wall here and wait until the dog unknown is facing the other way to continue, he will take a few steps up allowing you to follow behind him and hide in the open locker here. Once the dog unknown walks back to his original spot and his back is turned, you may continue on to the left. Head inside the building to a similar situation, wait until the dog unknown's back is to you and head to the locker and open it and hide inside until he takes a few steps past you and then head upwards and to the right. Here a cutscene plays with another dog unknown seeming agitated and chasing someone through a door.

Head through the door the dog unknown did and you will see the girl climbing up onto a high platform. Head up and to the left to see a highlighted lever you can use, a platform overhead will move giving you cover to turn invisible and continue through the two dog unknowns in your path. Again, be careful not to run through the puddle. Head around the corner and a cutscene plays where you scare the girl away. Find another lever after climb up a few blocks and use it again to move the platform again. Run and jump onto the newly moved platform and then after just a few steps onto another platform in the upward direction. Climb up again and then head down the steps into the area you scared the girl. Head through the door through the mud puddle and then wash your feet off in another puddle. Climb the block that is in the other rain puddle and then up to the next level block, then leap to the next block and onto the one after. Head to the left and jump down into this large open area.

Follow the area to the left and into a room with stairs. Head up the stairs and you will have caught up with the girl at last. But of course the main unknown will show up and spoil everything. Head across the narrow makeshift bridge and then pull the highlight block to clear a path for the girl to run. But the main unknown will then come after you. Head across another narrow bridge and open and enter the locker that does not have a hole in its roof. The unknown will open the lockers but you will be invisible thanks to the roof on the locker. The unknown will see the girl and break through the gate. Follow the path after them, leaping across a small gap in the process until you see the girl climbing some scaffolding and disappearing again. Climb under the platform with the roof right in front of you and hide until the unknown leaves the area. Head to the scaffolding and to the left and the girl will push a block down to help you climb up and over a wall here. Head through the doorway and down the steps, then over the wall here and over the wall again to complete Chapter 3 - Separation.

End of Chapter 4
Complete Chapter 4.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

Start off by heading over the wall in front of you. The main unknown will show up again, so quickly head over the wall directly to the right of the boy. The main unknown will climb over as well so continue running straight then around the corner to a dead end. Head in the corner to the left of the gate and the girl will push over a plank to form a roof as cover for you. Hide under there and the main unknown will break through the gate thanks to some noise the girl makes. follow after the main unknown and head under the overhang and follow it down to the end of the overhang and the girl will again help you out with some noise, allowing you to climb a ladder on the back of the truck here and then head over the plank the girl pushed over to the overhang you were underneath a moment ago. Follow it around and hop down into the small gated area, and then through the small crawl area.

A cutscene will play where you finally meet up with the girl, this will lead to The Two and the Town. Now the game gets even easier, as now you get to follow the girl around. Continue following the girl, she will point out a light in the distance as a destination. Follow, follow, follow some more, and you will eventually come to a hallway with the girl. Follow along inside and then head up when you can to an area with three lockers, you will want to open the right locker that has another locker next to it. Inside is a key, pick it up and head back down and then to the right all the way outside to meet up with the girl again. Unlock the gate and open it up to head through.

Head to the right while hugging the wall and climb up and over the wall you hit. Some dog unknowns will be there but you will be protected by a fence. There will be a highlighted doll here, pick it up and move to the right to get the unknown's attention away from the girl, allowing her to move around them. Once she is safely around them, drop the doll and climb over the wall on the right. The girl will want to climb this building, so push the big block here with the girls help to the gap in the barrier on the buildings next level. Climb up then head to the highlighted section of the wall and you will get a "lift" option where you lift the girl up to the next level and she will drop the ladder down for you to climb up as well. Again, follow the girl and she will lead you to the next area.

Crawl through the opening right by the bottom of the steps and a barricade will slide down separating the two of you again. Fear not however, as if you just head to the left a ways until you see a highlighted block, push it over a bit and the girl will hop down onto the block and then down again to you. Now backtrack back and push the large cart that was to the right of the space you crawled through. Climb up on the cart then over the wall here. Head up the steps and you will come across some little bug looking unknowns referred to as critters. Climb the ladder and head to the right, once you're invisible the critters lose interest and run back to the left, allowing you to jump down and continue to the right. Head over the bridge and a dog unknown will chase you back over the fence, run into the small hallway here and when the dog unknown follows, the critters will come kill the dog unknown. Once the critters retreat to the left again continue forward until you reach another pack of critters.

Climb up the blocks all the way up the building and lift the girl up, she follows around and tosses a doll down. The critters run to the doll, so head back down to the ground level. Head through the open gate, and pick up the doll and bring it back to the left and drop it there, attracting the critters. Now with them out of the way, push the highlighted cart under the girl so she can jump down onto it. Head to the right and on top of the circular block and use the lift function to let the girl climb over the fence. She will open the gate for you and you will follow the path for a ways until you get to a truck with a ladder on the back.

You will have to lift the girl up as a pack of dog unknowns close in on you, stay back as the girl drops the ladder for you and quickly climb it when you can. The girl will jump across but a new unknown will show up to spoil things, we'll call this one the rhino unknown. The rhino will ram into the truck pushing it forward, so head to the gap in the barrier around the top of the truck and wait until you are lined up with a close part of the building the girl is on. Head along the rooftop down an alley and hop down onto a crate. Continue forward and a cutscene will play with the boy and the girl running down some steps headed toward the light. The main unknown will soon follow after you. This will complete Chapter 4: The Two and the Town.

End of Chapter 5
Complete Chapter 5.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

Follow the girl as she runs toward the river, and then down the steps to the walkway here along the river. Head to the right and you will see some critters locked in a grate. Keep heading right and you will come to another grate with critters and a dog unknown. Luckily there will be an overhang over the grate so you can open it up while invisible, the critters will leap out and attack the dog unknown. Wait until they move on to the left and continue to the right. Here you will see a phonograph another grate with critters and a dog unknown on the other side of a barrier. move all the way to the right in the upper part and lift the girl up. She will push a platform over, allowing you to let the critters out while staying invisible. Next, turn the handle on the phonograph and the dog unknown will run over and be attacked by the critters. Then just wait for the critters to move on and continue to the right. The stupid main unknown will show up again and chase you until you see a highlighted grate to crawl into. You will land in a mud puddle in this next area.

Move forward and lift the girl up so she can drop down the ladder for you. Climb up and she will jump across, breaking a platform in the process. You will have to climb outside through the hole in the wall and continue on to the right. You will come across the girl stuck through a gate but you cannot unlock it. continue forward and you will see another gate with a rhino unknown behind it. It will bash through the gate and begin to chase you, head back toward the girl then climb up the block to the right of the gate. The rhino will ram into the gate, destroying it and knocking itself out in the process. Head to the right and lift the girl up so she can drop down a ladder for you. The rhino will wake up and run after you guys and the girl will hide in the car.

The rhino will begin ramming the car and you must save the girl. This is probably the hardest part in the whole game. These next few steps must be done quickly, as not doing them quickly will result in the rhino ramming the car into the river and the girl dying. Once the rhino moves forward enough, crawl under the fence at the highlighted spot. Head under the cover and let the critters out of the gate, they will move forward. Move forward as well all the way up and open the gate to let the critters out so they attack the rhino. The rhino and the critters will fall into the river, leaving you and the girl safe for now.

Follow the path around the river and head up the stairs toward the bridge. Start crossing the bridge until you hit a ladder on the left side and climb down it. Continue on and climb up the other ladder, bypassing the critters. Finish crossing the bridge and make a u-turn to the right and follow the narrow path to a block you must push out of your way to climb down a ladder. Once you climb down, continue forward and push the block across the narrow bridge. Lift the girl up and climb up the ladder she drops down. Head into the sewer and follow it around then climb up the ladder. There is a dog unknown blocking your path, so head into the small gated area and jump in the puddle here. The dog unknown will come running in allowing you to exit the gated area and continue on. Keep in mind if you run through the mud puddle the dog will chase you. Climb over the block and jump down into the water puddle.

In this area there will be unknowns that are also invisible so you will have to look for footprints to see where they are. Avoid the unknowns and advance cautiously, climb up the ladder and move forward until you get to the exit gate of the sewer. Exit through the gate and a quick cutscene plays with the girl coughing some more and pointing up the ladder. Climb up and you will complete Chapter 5: Distant Shores.

End of Chapter 6
Complete Chapter 6.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

Follow the girl over to the house with the light and the stupid main unknown shows up yet again to spoil everything. Lift the girl up and she knocks over some bottles drawing the unknown toward you. Run away back to the area you just past and under the small awning. The girl then distracts the unknown and it chases her instead. Backtrack a little more and head inside the circus tent. A cutscene will play showing the girl running from the unknown and doing some trapeze stuff. Circle around to the left and climb down the ladder next to the unknown. Now head back around on this level, pushing the highlighted cart out of your way in the process. The girl will then turn a handle on said cart to have it make noise, distracting the unknown and allowing you to move all the way around the circle and to climb up the ladder where the unknown was originally standing. Climb up another ladder, and head around the high platform until you see a path toward the middle of the tent and lower the ladder for the girl.

The unknown hears the ladder and breaks down part of the barrier to get in the middle of the tent. A cutscene plays showing a large cage above the unknown, lets trap this jerk. Use the first lever, then run around and use the second lever as well. There is a third lever and you must lift the girl over a wall so she can get to it, but once you do the unknown moves from underneath the cage. The girl throws a doll trying to get the unknown back to the middle, but she throws like a girl and misses. Circle back all the way around and climb down the way you came up. Once you are on the main level again, circle around to the right and head to the center of the tent. Turn the handle to distract the unknown, then quickly run out to the right and circle around to pick up the doll. Keep circling around this same way, the unknown will again break through the barrier and chase you. Enter the center of the tent again from the bottom and drop the doll in the middle and move. The girl will use the third lever and trap the unknown.

Exit the circus tent the way you came in and head back over to the house with the light. The door will be locked and a cutscene will play. Lift the girl up the same spot you did before, but this time she will drop a block down to help you climb up. Climb all the way up and head to the balcony with the girl and a long cutscene will play showing the girl asleep in her bed and not invisible. The girl messes with herself and then the main unknown shows up again (what the hell, right?). When the cutscene is over, you will head through the door the girl and the unknown ran through. Head down the stairs and through the rooms, then out the front door. This will end Chapter 6: The Night Circus.

End of Chapter 7
Complete Chapter 7.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

Start off by heading right, follow the path around then drop down a few times to continue to the right. Follow this path until you hit a tree like object, then climb up the steps next to it. Head straight until you hit some steps and turn left down the narrow walkway overlooking the edge. You will pass some cages that have unknowns inside them. Once you pass the two cages with critters and dog unknowns head to the right and follow this path. You will eventually come to some more cages containing a rhino, a dog and one of the large unknowns. Hop down and cross the small bridge, then climb up again and head across the narrow walkway. Climb up the second set of stairs and head to the narrow walkway again and leap across the gap. Continue on this narrow walkway and a cutscene will play where you see the girl again.

Head to the right, leaping across gaps as necessary. Do not jump down to join the girl, just keep following this path. follow it around the corner then straight again until you hit a ladder. Climb down the ladder and head up then to the right again. You will see the girl running from the main unknown all the while. Continue and you will see one of those tree objects again, work around it and climb up the narrow stairs around the platform. Head through the mud puddle and up the staircase. Meet up with the girl at the fence, then head through the doorway for a quick cutscene of the main unknown chasing the girl again. Leap across the narrow walkways to the right. Head up the first steps you see and climb up to the next level. Follow this path around the corner and up the steps again and again. Climb up the block to the next platform head back and turn the corner, then leap across the gap to the left. Make a u-turn to the left and climb up the blocks to get all the way up.

Follow the path right in front of you and a cutscene will play, you must save the girl. push the highlight block forward, then pull it along to keep the girl covered and invisible. She will then crawl under a wall and you must run ahead and pull the next highlighted block so the girl can pass. After she passes, quickly push it back in place to block off the main unknown. Climb the ladder in the area you are in. And follow this path through a narrow doorway, continuing to the right. You will eventually have to push a highlighted block to save the girl. Do this immediately, you do not have to hit the unknown, just destroy the path. Once you do the unknown sets his sights for you instead. Run to the right until you get under a small roof. Here you will have to avoid the main unknown trying to find you until the girl shows up to help. Eventually the girl pushes a block down. Wait until the unknown is facing the other way and then start climbing up quickly.

Head forward and you will see another light that you find "familiar." The unknown will attempt to chase you but the light hurts it. Just wait for the girl to lower the ladder for you as the unknown slowly inches toward you. Climb up to be reunited with the girl, and push a giant block onto the weakened unknowns head. The main unknown will go crashing through the floor and be crushed under the block and a pile of rubble. This will complete Chapter 7: An Unknown Town.

End of Chapter 8
Complete Chapter 8.

This trophy is story related and can not be missed.

Start off the final chapter by following the girl as she charges onward toward the mysterious light. Along the way the main unknown will magically be alive still and start stirring under all that rubble. Once the girl leads you to a ladder, climb down it. Lo and behold the main unknown shows up and forces you into cover. Follow the cover across the bridge and work your way past the unknown when it's not looking, then eventually through the crawlspace. The unknown will see you and chase after you, run across the wooden plank bridge and the unknown will follow you, breaking the bridge and falling into the river, (but at this point do you honestly think it'll be gone for good?). Jump back across the planks and lift the girl to lower the ladder. Head up a few flights of stairs and then down some flights of stairs. At this point there is really only one path to take, so continue following it.

You will see the main unknown show up again, but just keep following the path you have. Once you get to a cutscene where you are looking upward, climb the blocks... upward. Lift the girl up, climb the ladder and keep climbing up. At the top of another ladder you climb up a block and a cutscene plays. You see a house, with yourself sleeping in one of the rooms, just as you previously saw the girl. Then the main unknown pops up out of nowhere and corners the girl. Run after them and push down a highlighted block to give the girl a block to jump down onto. Follow the path to the left and then down. Sneak your way around the unknown and make your way to the girl to help her push the large block out of the way. Follow this path a little bit and magically out of nowhere the main unknown pops up.

Run toward the screen, away from the unknown. When you get to the end of the alleyway and drop down, follow the girl back toward the wall and under a small awning. The unknown will continue onward not seeing you hidden. Wait a few seconds, then follow after the unknown. You will come to him looking over a cliff, sneak past him up some steps. Follow this path to the left, climbing up some blocks along the way as the music intensifies. Eventually you see up ahead you've come to the end of the road. Continue to the end and toward the light.

The unknown is hurt by the light, so it tries shutting the doors. Run and open the other door all the way with help from the girl, the unknown will collapse. The unknown awakes and throws the girl to the side. You must find where the girl is and lift her up. Now run with the girl and open the other door all the way. The unknown collapses again and this time you must grab its feet and drag it through the open door. Now you must close both the doors and seal the unknown inside the other world. While closing the second door the unknown attempts to stop you, but you and the girl overpower it and close the door successfully. But then the unknown crashes through the door and collapses on the boy. Watch the ending cinematic and you will have come to the end of the Chapter 8: Night's End.


Just wanted to thank a few people for helping me make this guide.

ERICVOLTAGE of Eric's Electric Banner Shop for the awesome Banner.

DisturbedGaming, for the Memory Location video. Check his YouTube channel out Here.

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