Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: n/a
Estimated Time to Platinum: 100 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Always prepare yourself for boss battles.
Update your armor and weapons as often as you can and apply attributes to them using the Smith.
Save as often as you feel necessary. I recommend before each boss battle or every 30 minutes to an hour.
Keep your recovery inventory full at all times with the best healing potions and a select few herbs and revival seeds.
If you get lost, open up your map using the button. You can find your next quest location using the button.
Also if you get lost you can review your current quest by pressing and using R1 and L1 to get to your book.
When traveling about Rainbow Moon, stay against a wall to search for the most hidden items. They're everywhere!
Spend Rainbow Pearls as often as possible to keep your characters as strong as they can be.
To keep all of your characters at the same level, share the battles with each other! You earn Rainbow Pearls based on how many enemies you kill and the toughness of said enemy. Spread the wealth or else the other characters will not be able to keep up in the long run.


Rainbow Moon is a large game with many different things to do and plenty of ways to get lost. The best way to get about making Rainbow Moon and the trophies that are tagged along with it an easy game for you with minimal headaches is to do everything at once! Okay, okay, perhaps not everything, but you can accomplish much more multitasking than you would doing things one at a time.

1. Complete the story mode. The story mode is very large and can become very aggravating at some points. The best way to keep your character suitable for the progression of the main story-line is to take a few side routes and have your character leveling up while completing some side quests. The side quests you encounter on the way generally match the main story difficulty. If you spend the time leveling up from these, you can really make the tougher stuff go by much smoother!

2. Complete 40 side quests. After you beat the game you are destined to roughly 10 more side quests if you are jumping in and out of them during the main story. Some of these side quests can offer great rewards for your character and give you plenty of support for the post-game content.

3. Complete any miscellaneous trophies you may have missed during the first two steps. Winning the lottery in S-class twice, accumulating 500,000 Rainbow Coins, camping 25 times and all of them other ones that may have skimmed your mind. Most of them require little effort and can be done without even knowing that you're doing them!

4. Level up to 500! This is one of the final trophies you should earn if it isn't the final trophy. And once you level to 500 your will be yours!


Official Rainbow Moon Hero
Obtain all other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.

Like all other games with a platinum, just earn all of the other bronze, silver and gold and the trophy will be yours! Trust me, you deserve it.

First Victory
Win your first battle on Rainbow Moon.

This will be your first trophy for Rainbow Moon. Simply walk into one of the level 1 Imps that are floating around Cassar Island. A tutorial will play through on how to battle and the trophy will be yours when you complete the battle.

Sarrothrod's Rescuer
Help Sarrothrod in the Southport Mines to escape from the dungeon and return to Cassar Village.


Upon many encounters with the people of Cassar Island you will find yourself in a search for a man who has seemed to have lost his way after a terrible storm. Enter the Southport Mines, a dungeon located just south of the portal you entered Rainbow Moon in. You have to work your way around through the forest as there is no direct path to the dungeon. Always keep your supplies heavy and your characters healthy. After battling through a number of enemies in the Mines you will soon encounter Sarrothrod who will thank you for the rescue and you will be on your way.

Well Boss Killer
Defeat the monster that lives in the well in Cassar Village and get back to Stella.


Next to the well in Cassar Village you will find a blonde haired woman named Stella who is pacing circles inside of a wooden fence. She will ask you to bring her some items to mix up a poison for the monster that lives in the well. After find said items and returning to Stella for the poison she will have you wait for night time to approach so you can fight the monster that lives in the well. The appropriate time to wait for is just after 0:00. If you haven't noticed yet time only moves when you are moving, or you can speed up time at a camp. There is a camp just east of the well you may visit. Be sure to leave the camp just before 0:00 or you will have to wait a full 24 game-hours again for the time to be right again. Once you defeat the monster the trophy will be yours. Don't forget to stay well supplied as battles may suddenly get tough!

Acquire Trisha.


Trisha is the second character you can play with. She uses a bow which comes in handy with long-ranged attacks. I cannot remember the precise details on what to do to acquire her but this trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

Acquire Dozeru.


Dozeru is the third character you can play with. He uses a powerful longsword and creates a great tank in battle. Dozeru is located just east of Orad as soon as you leave the capital. He asks you for a few favors and then he joins the party.

Acquire Gorodo.


Gorodo is a crazy guy who just loves his Mojos! He is the fourth character you earn in the game. To obtain him, he asks that you find his Mojos so he can be a man again. Without them he is weak. Personally I believe he is weak, regardless if he has his Mojos or not. Though his defenses are weak his attacks are strong.

Acquire Serena.


Serena is the fifth character in Rainbow Moon. She is mostly magical with poor defense. She is located west of Orad in the Shadow Wall Mountains. She helps you earn an artifact and then gladly joins the party.

Make Friends
Acquire all six main characters.


The final character's name is Zelorus. He is located a little south-west of the desert and you come across him along your journey twice before picking him up. The first time is to defeat him at his own game and the second time is because nobody likes him and he needs a friend. You are asked to invite him into your group and he accepts.

Mojo of Tears
Obtain the Mojo of Tears.


There are three Mojos which Gorodo needs to feel like a man. Each Mojo is in it's own quest and each quest follows right behind the other. These Mojos are located in completely different areas than each other. Take the opportunity to level up your characters a bit more than you would normally because after giving the Mojos to Gorodo he will only join your party if you can defeat him.

Thank you, skinner49, for the following information:

Mojo of Tears is in a
treasure chest east of a tavern, which in turn is south east of Gorodo's house. You must obtain a garden shears and beat a group of lvl 7 thieves first. (Just follow the eastern coast line south until you see a Smith, than a Tavern if you want to simplify things.)

Mojo of Torture is at the end of the Castle Tremwall dungeon, being guarded by a giant lvl 22 Red Ooze.

Mojo of Trust was obtained by beating up on a merchant due south of the town Orad. The merchant will subsequently gives you the Mojo if you defeat him and is unwilling to sell you anything afterwards. I am not sure if you can pay him what he wants for it, but seeing as it is a ridiculously high amount, it might be easier just kicking his butt for it.

Mojo of Torture
Obtain the Mojo of Torture.


See Mojo of Tears.

Mojo of Trust
Obtain the Mojo of Trust.


See Mojo of Tears.

Charged Magnet Coil
Obtain the Charged Magnet Coil artifact.


There are seven different artifacts you need to obtain which nobody on Rainbow Moon seems to know much about. However each character you speak to knows that they have to deal with leaving the place so they all recommend that you go on this horrid journey to acquire these artifacts.

There is an old man in Orad named Tondraest. He is in charge and knows most of what's going on in Orad and what these artifacts can do. Although he is not 100 percent certain of the power these artifacts hold, he asks you to find each one of them and return them to him so he can study them individually.

The artifacts were split up by the original owner to prevent portal travelling to other planets because of some problems that Rainbow Moon has experienced in the past. Each artifact was given to the most trustworthy person in different areas all over Rainbow Moon. Most of these characters have no idea what they did with their artifacts, but if you can search around and do some errands for them they suddenly remember. Namoris is always one step ahead of you though. In several occasions you have to fight Namoris for the artifact which he had already stolen. In each scenario I recommend that you have your characters well equipped with the latest armors and have a nice stock pile of potions and herbs and revival seeds.

Once you obtain the last artifact your journey will continue to new islands you may be taken to using a ship! I will detail that in Dimension Traveler.

Note: In any situation where you may find yourself stuck you may open up the map to pinpoint the location of your next objective. They are located with an exclamation point and can be pointed out directly by pressing to find the next quest location. To get back to your current position press . If you are unsure of details you may open up your menu by pressing . Locate the "Book" tab using L1 or R1 and you will be given a list of your Main Quest on top of the plentiful number of side quests you have come across through your journey.

Each of these trophies are story related and cannot be missed.

Fused Twilight Gem
Obtain the Fused Twilight Gem artifact.


Thank you to skinner49 for confirming the precise location of this. It is given to you after you beat Namoris for the first time in the Shadow Wall Mountains.

See Charged Magnet Coil for more information on the Artifacts.

Twisted Pole
Obtain the Twisted Pole artifact.


Thank you to skinner49 for the following details: The Twisted Pole can be given to you after defeating Zelorus.

See Charged Magnet Coil for more information regarding the Artifacts.

Ethereal Spike
Obtain the Ethereal Spike artifact.


Thank you to skinner49 for the following information:
Acquire Magic Frog by defeating Namoris for the second time in the main story. Give it to the Mayor of Fjordwik and deliver the Frog, dispel the town's inhabitant's curse, and than go to the basement of the mayor's house. There you will find the Ethereal Spike after talking with the daughter.

See Charged Magnet Coil for more information regarding the Artifacts.

Magic Socket
Obtain the Magic Socket artifact.


Thank you to skinner49 for this information:
I found the Magic Socket by beating Namoris for the third time.

See Charged Magnet Coil for more information regarding the artifacts.

Orb of Delusion
Obtain the Orb of Delusion artifact.


Thank you to skinner49 for the following information:
Beat Xilib to obtain the Orb of Delusion as part of the main quest.

See Charged Magnet Coil for more information regarding the Artifacts.

Crystal Clasp
Obtain the Crystal Clasp artifact.


Thank you to skinner49 for the following information:
Crystal Clasp can be found after talking to Stella. You must first obtain the Orb of Delusion and talked to the Mayor of Ord before Stella will tell you how to obtain the Crystal Clasp.

See Charged Magnet Coil for more information regarding the Artifacts.

Dimension Traveler
Rebuild and obtain the Magic Portal Staff and defeat Namoris for the last time to gain unlimited warp access to the portal.


After obtaining all of the artifacts and speaking with Tondraest in Orad he will hand you the portal staff which does not work. In order to make this work it needs to be glued together. But you cannot use any old school glue, you need to create your own glue!

Tondraest hands you a list of materials you need to grab to make the glue. Each of the materials are a quest of it's own and the list is as followed:

Yellow Ruby from a merchant - 1
Enchanted Sand from Tscha - 1
Singing Bowl from Tscha - 1
Sugar Tears from Arilla - 8
Mortar and Pestle from Arilla - 1
Emerald Scales Powder from Arilla - 1
Dirty Fingernails from Mordan - 10
Pulsating Liquid from Mordan - 1
Wellspring Splashes from Arilla & Mordan - 6

The Yellow Ruby can be purchased from any Merchant on Rainbow Moon.

The Enchanted Sand comes from a person named Iaomy who resides in Taswan. She had lost a ring when she got shipwrecked. You need to find Flotsam and Jetsam which is located all around the isles of Tscha. After about half (give or take 1) she rewards you with the Enchanted Sand, so you don't need to find them all. But you could be respectful enough to find them all for her so she can find her ring.

The Singing Bowl can be found in a dungeon called The Great Labyrinth which is located in the east of Taswan. You will need to speak to Fenore who has lost some items in the dungeon. She wants her old heirloom but she also lost the Singing Bowl she used to possess. If you beat the boss in the dungeon the item is yours; and don't forget to give her her heirloom back, it's the least you could do for the information she provides you!

Sugar Tears are dropped by Green Hornets which are located in Arilla. If you head south-each of Felad they swarm the area pretty well. Fight as many as you need to until you have enough Sugar Tears.

Mortar and Pestle is found in the same dungeon where you help Jalad get the Anthology of the Ancestors. It is located in a chest and a little scavenging will lead you to it.

Emerald Scales Powder is created by a man named Jalad who you find in Barren Jungle, just next to the dungeon, Broad Kennel. He is looking for the Anthology of the Ancestors and after you complete the side-quest he will gladly combine five Emerald Scales that you have gathered and create the Emerald Scales Powder for you.

Dirty Fingernails are dropped by Marauders which are located in Mordan. Simply walk up to them and about half of the time I was able to pick up a dirty fingernail from these enemies.

Pulsating Liquid is created by a man named Min-Fier. He is located south-east of Mordan in a tiny village. He asks you for a Moss Crystal from a shaft. On top of obtaining his Moss Crystal you will encounter the enemies which drop Pulsating Slimes. You need four of them to create the Pulsating Liquid. Return to Min-Fier with the four of them and the liquid is yours!

Wellspring Splashes are located in six different wells loacted all over the islands Arilla and Mordan. There are more than six wells so you will have to scavenge a bit to find them. By the time I have found the last Wellspring Splash I had also already completed the trophy Well Explorer. If you have found all previous wells you may be lucky enough to knock off two birds with one stone as well! Each well which contains a Wellspring Splash may or may not result in a battle with a boss or having to enter the well and fight a couple enemies. The battles are pretty easy and can be done with little to no preperation.

Once you obtain the final pieces to the glue go back to Orad to talk to Tondraest. He will piece together the magic portal staff permanently for you and you are free to leave Rainbow Moon. But like all great games it's not that easy! You need to fight Namoris one last time.

Namoris is level 75 and has 225,000 HP and deals great blows to your characters. I carried on and concentrated on using Baldren most when it came to leveling up and obtaining the best gear. It made things very difficult not having a full team of good players. My other two players were killed long before I could even put a dent into Namoris. I was level 71 when I beat him and it was a struggle on Normal difficulty. I recommend making things easier for yourself and leveling all your characters and high as you possibly can. Namoris will go after your other two characters first before attacking Baldren which leads you to prepare yourself. Set up a spot where he attacks you physically. The less magic he used the better off I was. Prepare yourself before entering the battle, use any remaining Rainbow Pearls that you have accumulated and make sure you have the latest armor and weapons for your characters. Max out your recovery inventory with high quality potions and maybe one good herb. Party healers work wonders! Also they may not do much for you but the gems you can use to enhance your characters abilities for a few game hours do help as well. Save your game before the battle starts and hope for the best.

After about half-way through Namoris' health bar he will begin to spawn evil books which will heal each other and also heal namoris. Do not attack the books as it is a waste of turns for you. Instead keep attacking Namoris and wait for the books to surround you. They do a significantly less amount of damage than Namoris does so it doesn't ruin your battle when they attack you.

The best skills to have are those that give you the most turns. You will easily waste a turn or two using potions so apply the skill that doesn't waste the turns. Also you may want to add the skill that gives you one extra turn. Every little bit helps you and depending on the characters you actually use, you may need to figure out your own technique.

Once you finally defeat Namoris the trophy will be yours and you will have beaten the main storyline. This gold trophy was well deserved, but your journey has only just begun!

Accumulate 2,500 Rainbow Coins in your inventory.

See Half a Millionaire.

Half a Millionaire
Accumulate 500,000 Rainbow Coins in your inventory.

On your way to earning Level God you will find enemies that drop very valuable items. If you have already done the 40 side-quests you need for Side Quest Master then I would tell you to sell all your Materials that you pick up as they would no longer be needed. If you are shooting to be a true Rainbow Moon Hero and decide that finishing every side quest is important to you then I suggest you keep a close eye on your items and be sure to sell only what is not needed. Some items are hard to come by and accidentally selling them can create headaches.

Other than items, most enemies will drop a decent amount of money and having the skill or the add-on which double your rainbow coins could come in handy.

For the real lazy ones, you can buy Rainbow Coins for a small chunk of change at the PlayStation Store. They run for:

5,000 Rainbow Coins - $0.49
35,000 Rainbow Coins - $0.99
90,000 Rainbow Coins - $1.99
270,000 Rainbow Coins - $3.99 *and also some starter packs which give you:
5,000 Rainbow Coins/600 Rainbow Pearls - $0.99
35,000 Rainbow Coins/6,000 Rainbow Pearls - $1.99
60,000 Rainbow Coins/60,000 Rainbow Pearls - $2.99

Crafting Novice
Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 10 times.

See Extreme Crafter.

Pro Crafter
Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 50 times.

See Extreme Crafter.

Extreme Crafter
Improve your weapons or armor at the crafting shop for 250 times.

All over Rainbow Moon there is a Smith you can visit which will allows you to take specific items and combine them with your weapons or armor. Each time you add an item to your equipment that will be one improvement toward the trophy. Do this 250 times and the trophy is yours.

Compulsive Hoarder
Obtain at least 100 hidden treasure items.

Hidden treasures are located around the perimeter all the areas you visit. Simply run your character against a wall until you come across a question mark. Hit to view the item and take whatever is there. Do that 100 times and the trophy is yours.

Side Quest Master
Complete 40 side quests or more.

There are a total of 65 side quests you can accomplish throughout the game. Several of them are only available post-game but I do believe you can finish 40 of them during the main story. Here is a list of the quests I have come across during my play through and their descriptions from the game:

1 - Regaining Trust: Thierney in Cassar Village wants three Sheer Wings from bees in exchange for a Leather Body. You can bring her even more wings, maybe she has something else for you.
2 - Alchemy Experiments: Eccmold is lurking behind Stella's garden in Cassar Village. He wants to do alchemy research and needs some rare ingredients for that. He asks you for an Imp Horn and a Colorful Sting which are rare drops from imps and bees.
3 - A Proof of Strength: Ryshenn is walking along the west beach in Cassar Village. She is asking for three Imp Wings and is able to craft a helmet from these wings. You can bring her more wings for another helmet.
4 - Barob's Belt: Barob, a guy from Wind Coast, has placed his belt in Gorodo's house. A huge skeleton with his friends blocks the way to this belt. Grapple with these monsters and bring Barob his belt.
5 - The Flowers: Gorodo has gifted his dearest Begajia a wonderful Flower Bouquet. Begajia is very happy about it but unfortunately it has started an allergic reaction. An Allergy Remedy would help this poor soul. Maybe you can find one in Orad. Begajia is sneezing at the camp at Wind Coast.
6 - The Beekeeper: Orad has a beekeeper. Her name is Jolaja. Because of the monsters, she can't do her job anymore. Bring her Honeycombs to gain a little reward. You will find most of the Honeycombs in the beehives in Hopper Forest.
7 - Young Merchants I: Duwas and Iatshy are two young merchants. They are trying to set up a shop in Orad. You can help them by bringing them six pieces of Copper.
8 - Lost in Forest: Thoras lost his family in Hopper Forest. Thoras and his wife Vairaina with her daughter got seperated after an attack. He could escape to Orad. Thoras hopes that his family is still somewhere in Hopper Forest. Try to find the family and help them to get out. Thoras gave you a shawl from Vairaina as identification.
9 - The Well: Deep in Hopper Forest is a small house. Nenea, the herbalist, lives there. She worries about a well nearby. A group of dangerous monsters lives inside. Go to this well south-west of Nenea's house. See if you can expel the monsters.
10 - The Herbalist: Nenea, the herbalist of Hopper Forest, is collecting mushrooms. Bring her as many Red Mushrooms as possible. She will always have a reward for you.
11 - The Queen Bee: One dweller is fighting against the imp plague in Ocher Stone Swamp. Jewom needs your help to defeat the Queen Bee, which is leading the imps. Before you are going to attack that beast collect two Imp Horns for Jewom.
12 - Crystal Fields: You have found Darrak in the Moss Stone Swamp. He is a poacher. If you can gain his trust, you will hear something about the crystal fields and their secrets. First, you have to find Darrak's Gear. Later he needs three Strange Oozes.
13 - The Crazy Old Man I: In Dripstone Cave, a dungeon in Hopper Forest, you have encountered a crazy old man. Narrat is talking nonsense most of the time but it seems that he has lost his Hiking Stick in this cave. Do a good deed and bring back the old man's Hiking Stick.
14 - Mountain Hunt: A hunter in Shadow Wall Mountains needs your service. If you bring him Iron Claws from the Dazed Stare monsters, you can get a reward. You can do this job as often as you like.
15 - Desert Hunt: The hunter in Dead Lake Desert is hunting scorpions in this area. For Acid Juices, he will give you a reward. You can bring him this juice as often as you like.
16 - Snow Hunt: You can trade with a hunter in Windy Snowland. For Living Rocks, you will get a reward. Mostly golems will drop these kinds of items.
17 - Confront the Danger: A group of merchants is trapped in the mountains of Windy Snowland. Rafdel is outside the trap and asks you to free the merchants.
18 - The Expelled Person: You have found the only human in Wide Steppe. Tenan is hiding in the mountains. He is thankful for your help and has given you a Ladder to gain access to a camp in the west from his location. If you comb through this camp, you will find a lot of useful stuff. You can keep all the things but Tenan would be happy if you bring him his bag.
19 - The Chameleon: You have met a magician in the Cave of the Ancestors, a dungeon on Green Heart Isle. The magician has changed his appearance to get two objects which are hidden in the dungeon, but the monsters can identify that Qalan is human. He offers you something special for Serena if you bring him the Red and the Blue Fragment.
20 - Robe Hunt: A hunter in Tscha tries to banish some of the evil magicians. You can help him. If you bring him three Cursed Robes, he will give you a very helpful reward! You can do this as often as you want.
21 - The Sailor: The sailor Yeachtan normally ships goods between Euran and Tscha, but due to the monster plague he lost big parts of his packages. These packages are spread all over Tscha, Arilla, and Mordan. When you collect 12 packages for him, you will get a huge reward. You will find Yeachtan near the portal of Taswan.
22 - The Two Friends: Leylon and Royan are two good friends in Taswan, a town in Tscha. Leylon has lots of work to do. Royan misses his friend. See if you can help them.
23 - Lifeless Stones: Ed Orable in the west of Cassar Island is looking for special stones, called Lifeless Stones. The stones may be lifeless now, but long ago... maybe they have been a part of a monster type? And which one could that be? If you find this type of stone, bring it to Ed.
24 - The Great Labyrinth: Fenore lost some stuff in the Great Labyrinth. She especially wants her old heirloom back. She also long her Singing Bowl but it is in the hands of a cruel monster. If you can get it back from Terz, it's yours. This dungeon is in the east of Taswan.
25 - Flotsam and Jetsam: Iaomy from Taswan lost an important ring when she got shipwrecked. Help her with getting back all the lost Flotsam and Jetsam that can be found on the isles around Tscha. She hopes to find the ring in the Flotsam and Jetsam and will reward you for each piece. Iaomy also has a bag of "Enchanted Sand". Maybe she will hand it over if you are nice to her?
26 - The Flower Woman: The flower woman of Polad needs your help. Telija will give you a reward for Mystic Oleander petals. You can find these petals scattered all over Arilla.
27 - Big Golden Statue: A merchant in Polad who supplies the shops of Polad can ask the owners to offer new items. Bring Kri-lo the Big Golden Statue from the Mining Shaft, a dungeon in the east of Mordan. It should be somewhere in the first floor. To obtain access to this dungeon, you have to find Min-Fier in the easternmost part of Mordan.
28 - The Anthology: You have found Jalad in Barren Jungle. He is searching the Anthology of the Ancestors in a forsaken dungeon, Broad Kennel. Jalad would be happy to obtain this collection. He also can make Emerald Scale Powder but needs five Emerald Scales to make it. You can get the Emerald Scales in the dungeon too.
29 - Lost in Darkness: You have met Rouken in Felad. Once he lived with his father in a house outside of Felad but when the monster plague came to Arilla they got seperated. Rouken fled to Felad but lost contact with his father. Rouken thinks that his father Limwar is still alive. You find their house in north-east of Felad somewhere in the Green Shimmer Forest. Investigate the property and see if you can find Limwar.
30 - I have not unlocked this quest.
31 - Protection for Felad: Hunter Kolan is protecting Felad. He has to expel the Rotten Meats. If you help him and bring him ten Rotten Leathers, he will share his profits with you.
32 - Forest Hunt: The hunter in God Ray Forest in Arilla is collecting Frozen Tears. Bring him ten Frozen Tears and he will give you a reward. You can repeat this deal as often as you want.
33 - I have not unlocked this quest.
34 - Insincere Friend I: Opposite Felad is a merchant's camp. This camp is only reachable by boat. Vagrod the merchant can sell you a magic weapon. The problem is that as a token of goodwill he needs a rare ring, the "Titan's Revenge." The merchant might sell it to you on day, but something seems strange about this merchant...
35 - I have not unlocked this quest.
36 - The Cold Winter: The winter in Mordan is cold. The people of Polad need Firewood to heat their houses. Bring the Forester enough Firewood so that Bur-Dalon can make a fire. Bur-Dalon is happy with as much Firewood as you can bring him.
37 - Ice Hunt: A hunter is chasing Backsliders in the west of the Vast Snowland of Mordan. Bring him six Stolen Helmets to support his hunt. You can do this as often as you want.
38 - Hard Liquor: Naf-Tem from Polad offers you good money if you find a special delicate Hard Liquor. This is none of your business but Gorodo is claiming to have a gulp of this drink. Naf-Tem also gave you a hint for your material search. he thinks that the Marauders have "Dirty Fingernails." You can find them everywhere in Mordan but he gives you the advice to start in the Teardrop Mountain region.
39 - I have not unlocked this quest.
40 - Lavender Tincture: You have encountered a cute blonde girl in Polad. She needs a flask of Lavender Tincture, which should be in a well in Mordan. Bring Bri-Tar that flask and she will be very happy. She also gives you a hint for your material collection. Brit-Tar knows that Wellspring Splash can also be found in those wells. You can find them scattered over Arilla and Mordan.
41 - The Boyfriend: You have found Elaanih, Vairaina's sister. Elaanih escaped with Vairaina's little daughter to Mordan. Elaanih and her new boyfriend Juulaan have settled outside the walls of Polad. They are pretty happy but besides the monsters Juulaan starts confusing some things. By the way, where in Lhara the dog?
42 - Love and Hate I: In Polad is one very sad woman. Mal-Pai lost her husband on a journey through the Burning Steppe. Under mysterious circumstances, he didn't come back from the dungeon called Murky Basement. Sol-Sora and Ley-Fryn are trying to help her as far as possible.
43 - Love and Hate II: Bad news: Mal-Pai's husband is dead. Tendo-Na was killed by monsters in the Murky Basement. Ley-Fryn is very sad about this but he confesses that he is still in love with the widow Mal-Pai. Speak to Sol-Sora to see what she is thinking about this.
44 - Love and Hate III: Mal-Pai and Ley-Fryn will become a couple again. It seems that this story will have a happy ending but Sol-Sora, their friend, is suspicious and travels to the Murky Basement. Mal-Pai worries about her whereabouts.
45 - Dreams of Steel: Tondraest sends you to help Noolend. Noolend reports strange things. A monster tribe has started to "change" the surface of the island. You find this island in the north of Double Peak Isle. Noolend is worried about his sister Bodena. He thinks she is imprisoned on the Forgotten Island. Before you are able to enter that island, you have to find an Old Propeller and Battery Pack to get access.
46 - Moss Crystal: In the south-east of Mordan lies a small village. In this village lives Min-Fier. He would be happy if you bring him a Moss Crystal from a shaft. He also knows how to make Pulsating Liquid. For this, he needs four Pulsating Slimes. You will find the crystal and monsters with this ingredient in a mining shaft in the west of Min-Fier's position, in the mountains.
47 - Young Merchants II: In Tafar you have encountered Enisia. She is the aunt of Duwas. Duwas and his friend have started their own shop in Orad, the capital in the west of the Hopper Forest. Enisia has given you a parcel and asks you to deliver it to Duwas.
48 - Improved Toys: Eccmold, the amateur alchemist in the back of Stella's garden has given you a letter for Melfuss, who is standing at the signpost at the entrance to Cassar Village. The letter contains a recipe for an improved bow for Trisha. Also bring some Lumber, which can be found in Ed Orable's garden.
49 - Comic Collection: Dozeru has given you his beloved Comic Collection for his nephew Fais, to safeguard it for him. Fais will be happy with all these amazing stories. he is near the portal in Orad.
50 - Rainbow Medals: Arnefon, an inhabitant of East Cassar, collects Rainbow Medals. These medals are scattered all across Rainbow Moon. They are hard to find but Arnefon will have good rewards if you bring him some of these items. Whenever you have some Rainbow Medals in your key items bag, make sure to pay Arnefon a visit.
51 - The Prisoner: You have freed Noolend's sister. Bodena has returned to Double Peek Isle. Visit her there! She has an item to get access to the hideouts of the new monster horde. After you have obtained that item from Bodena, you will be able to enter their realms.
52 - The Single: Fenore in Taswan in yearning for a partner. Why is it that she hasn't found someone yet? Is it the hat? Or maybe her nose? We don't know but she thinks that the unbelievable Fragrances from Ciolio di Popolio could help. You can find these three Fragrances in the Great Labyrinth on Tscha. You need a special item to pass through the magic fields!
53 - The Box: Leylon in Tscha want to give Royan a little present. This present is in a box in the Warehouse. If you bring him the box, you will get a reward for your efforts. To get to this area of the Warehouse, you will need a special item to pass through the magic fields.
54 - Order of the King: Tingard, a town watchman from Orad, asks you to bring him an old Order of the King. You should find the letter somewhere in the Castle Temwall. This letter tells much about the history of Euran. You will find Tingard in front of the entrance of Castle Temwall in the Hopper Forest. You need a special item to pass through the magic fields!
55 - The Crystals: Min-Fier has found a merchant who pays a good price for three Moss Crystals and a Fire Crystal. You can find these crystals in the Mining Shaft in the Teardrop Mountains. Min-Fier is located in the east of Mordan. You need a special item to pass through the magic fields!
56 - I have not unlocked this quest.
57 - Ice Wings: Rafdel in the north-east of Windy Snowland wants Ice Wings. You can find Ice Wings in the Endless Passage and in the Forgotten Peak in the north of Windy Snowland. He needs eight wings to protect their camp.
58 - Beast Master: Your current level cap is 150. Noolend can show you how to become a Beast Master. If you bring him 20 Imp Wings and two Big Fire Statues, he will push your level cap up to 250. You can get these kinds of materials from the Huge Imps. You will find them in the dungeons in Mordan.
59 - Strategy Master: Your current level cap is 250. Noolend can show you how to become a Strategy Master. If you bring him 20 Living Rocks and four Big Fire Statues, he can show you how to get to level 600! You can get these materials from all kind of golems.
60 - Eternal Master: Your current level cap is 600. Noolend can show you how to become an Eternal Master. If you bring him 20 Cursed Robes and six Big Fire Statues, he will show you how to get to level 999! You can get these kinds of materials from the Wizards and Dark Mages. You should find the six Big Fire Statues in the Ocher Stone Swamp in Euran. Maybe Jewom is hiding them somewhere.
61 - Monster Trainer: Worem is a monster trainer! He was able to tame some monsters on a small isle in the north of Windy Snowland, but now he has to train them to become decent warriors. If you help him with his task, you can look forward to good money!
62 - Big Jade Statue I: If you bring Kri-Lo of Polad five Big Jade Statues, he can instruct the merchants to sell better items! You can find these statues in the dungeons of Murky Basement and Horheim in Burning Steppe (Mordan), Mining Shaft in Teardrop Mountains (Mordan), Broad Kennel in Barren Jungle (Arilla), and at the Warehouse in Taswan (Tscha).
63 - Big Jade Statue II: Bring Kri-Lo of Polad more Big Jade Statues. For eight statues he will ask the merchants to sell better items! You can find these statues in the dungeons of Murky Basement and Horheim in Burning Steppe (Mordan), Mining Shaft in Teardrop Mountains (Mordan), Broad Kennel in Barren Jungle (Arilla), and at the Warehouse in Taswan (Tscha).
64 - Big Jade Statue III: If you bring Kri-Lo of Polad 10 Big Jade Statues, he can instruct the merchants to sell better items! You can find these statues in the dungeons of Great Labyrinth in Taswan, Castle Temwall in Hopper Forest, Zrah's Camp on Vildwar Isle, Stormlord's Den in East Cassar, and in the Cave of the Ancestors on Green Heart Isle.
65 - Big Jade Statue IV: Bring Kri-Lo of Polad 12 Big Jade Statues and he will ask the merchants to sell better items! You can find these statues in the dungeons of Great Labyrinth in Taswan, Castle Temwall in Hopper Forest, Zrah's Camp on Vildwar Isle, Stormlord's Den in East Cassar, and in the Cave of the Ancestors on Green Heart Isle.

If you're unsure if you have completed the side quest or not, there will be a little open scroll with a green check mark next to the name of the quest in your Book. You only need to do 40 of these quests to unlock the trophy.

Bear Up!
Accumulate 40 hours of play time.

You should be able to earn this one just playing through the main story line. No post-game playing is needed.

Everlasting Perfectionist
Accumulate 100 hours of play time.

In order to earn this trophy you must be playing the game, not just having the game turned on. However, there is a way to bypass that.
Most people earn this trophy on their way to the platinum. Unfortunately for my case I had every other trophy at only 84:15 play time. If you end up in my situation you can throw a rubber-band around the two joysticks and go out and enjoy life. When you get back from your 16 hour day of who-knows-what then you should have this trophy. If you want to earn this one before the other, just do that trick earlier on in the game. Perhaps when you lay down for sleep or go to work.

Ocher Stone Swamp
Discover and enter the Ocher Stone Swamp, an optional area on Rainbow Moon.

The Ocher Stone Swamp is located in the southern-most area of Euran. You can travel there by passing just south through the Hopper Forest. Side quest number 11 - The Queen Bee can be found there.

Forgotten Island
Discover and enter the Forgotten Island, an optional area on Rainbow Moon.

You will need to travel by ship to reach this island. The Forgotten Island can be traveled to without the quest but if you plan on completing the quest look up number 45 - Dreams of Steel. The Forgotten Island is located in the north of Double Peak Isle.

Limwar's House
Discover and enter Limwar's House, an optional dungeon in the Green Shimmer.

To earn this trophy you must enter Limwar's House. You can find the house in north-east of Felad in the Green Shimmer Forest. For more details view the side quest number 29 - Lost in Darkness.

Murky Basement
Discover and enter the Murky Basement, an optional dungeon in Burning Steppe.

Go to Polad and speak to Ley-Fryn and Sol-Sora until the side quest number 42 - Love and Hate I unlocks. You will be given a key to enter the Murky Basement which can be found in the Burning Steppe.

Discover and enter the Warehouse, an optional dungeon in Taswan.

The Warehouse can be entered with no questions asked, if you want to follow through with side quest to enter the Warehouse though, look up number 22 - The Two Friends. Talk to either Leylon or Royan, the warehouse is right next to them.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!
Lose three battles.

As the trophy states it is very simple. Just lose any three battles of your choice. That means having all of your characters die and the result of the battle reading "DEFEAT".

Use the camp at least 25 times.

All over Rainbow Moon there are there are fire pits that you can set up camp next to. Setting up camp moves the clock forward faster and you can leave the camp at any time you want during the process. It is a good way to pass by a few in-game hours if you're waiting for shops to open up or having a specific quest be needed to be done at a certain time of day.
You can only use the camp once per game day. The maximum time the clock will move forward is approximately 8 hours. Simply set up camp at any site for as long as you want 25 times and the trophy will be yours.

Noble Tourist
Stay overnight at the tavern 10 times.

Just like the camp, using the tavern will move time forward. But instead of the time moving faster it will jump to the next available 6am, even if you're visiting at 5am. You can only use the tavern once per day and using the tavern 10 times at any point during the game will result in this trophy.

Lucky One
Win 10 prizes in the lottery.

The lottery is not available until you reach the desert. There will be a man standing by a giant colorful wheel. You pay him any of the available amounts and you will earn a prize! It is impossible not to win a prize, but the prizes are varied by class. The lowest prizes are "C" and "B" class. "A" class prizes give you decent items and the best items can be earned through "S" prizes. The odds are in favor of the lower prizes and nothing can be done to rig the wheel, as the wheel does not move. Simply play the lottery 10 times and you will earn 10 prizes which will unlock this trophy. Also, note that the lottery can only be played once per game day.

Gambling Expert
Win five 'Class-A' prizes in the lottery.

These are the second most rare prizes you can earn in the lottery; but they can still be quite common. If you would like to boost the speed of your lottery plays you may save the game at any time between 6am and closing time. Play the lottery for a chance to win then visit the tavern to pass the time to the next day. Play again that morning and save the game again if you have won the prize of your choice. If you did not win the prize then reload to the last save and repeat. After 5 "A" class prizes earned this trophy will be unlocked.

Bulls Eye
Win two 'Class-S' prizes in the lottery.

These are the most rare prizes earned in the lottery. See Gambling Expert for more details.

Well Explorer
Discover and use all wells on Rainbow Moon.

Here is a list of all the wells and their locations:

Cassar Island (2):
Cassar Village (1), East Cassar (1)

Euran (13):
Orad (1), Windy Snowland (2), Shadow Wall Mountains (1), Wind Coast (1), Hopper Forest (3), Moss Stone Swamp (1), Ocher Stone Swamp (1), Dead Lake Desert (1), Tiny Abyss Desert (1), Green Heart Isle (1)

Mordan (4):
Vast Snowland (2), Teardrop Mountains (1), Polad (1)

Arilla (4):
Felad (2), God Ray Forest (2)

Tscha (1):
Taswan (1)

Simply walk up to each of the wells and press to use it, who knows what surprise might be waiting for you!

Bathe in the Well
Use any recovery well at least 15 times.

From personal experience there were wells on Rainbow Moon that when you approach them they make a medium-pitched "bling" noise. Almost like a low-pitched, longer version of the sound a trophy makes. I usually max out my health and revive all characters at the end of difficult battles and as often as I could so I never did see what these wells would do to me if I had low health or a dead character. I've been told that the wells will grant you strength or HP to your characters as well as harm them if you visit the well on the wrong type of day. However, once you find a well that will make that noise, continue to visit it frequently and after 15 times this trophy will be unlocked.

Monster Farmer
Kill at least 300 of the same type of monster.

In the "book" section of your menu screen you will find Bestiary you have encountered throughout your journey. As you get into the post game content you really begin fighting a lot of the same enemies and could easily kill 300 of the same one heading in that direction. However, if you'd like to get this trophy early on in the game I would suggest staying on Cassar Island for a while and killing the level 1 Trial Imps that you first encounter. You can view how many times you have killed a specific enemy in your Bestiary section.

Hit and Run Fighter
Win 50 or more random encounter battles.

Random Encounters happen all the time, though you don't have to battle each one that pops up. Very frequently as you're walking around Rainbow Moon you will be thrown a random battle with a list of the enemies that will be in that battle. All you need to do is press when it pops up and you will enter that battle. Win 50 of these battles at any time and the trophy will unlock.

Passive Skill Fan
Learn at least 10 different passive skills with any of your main characters.

Passive skills are skills you can use to help your character exceed their normal limits. Some of the skills will help boost experience points, double your pearl or coin count, raise your defenses and offenses, even allow you to go one extra turn! They definitely come in handy when progressing through the story. You can view how many passive skills you have acquired by going to your "skill" tab on your menu screen. You can purchase more passive skills at the scroll shop. Once you purchase and place the skill on one character 10 times the trophy will unlock!

Acquire and learn all available skills for any of your main characters. (The skill level doesn't matter)

There are two types of skills your characters can acquire. Active skills and passive skills.
Active skills can be used during battle to improve your attacks and make the best moves for the toughest battles.
Passive skills work as a background defense for your characters and build themselves past their normal limits.
Not every character can obtain the same number of skills due to the specifications of the skill. You can easily tell which skills can be attributed to each character in the skills section of the menu, or you can look at it as you're buying them from the scroll shop. In the top right-hand corner of the skill shows a picture of the characters' face which the skill can be attributed to. The number of skills a player can earn is listed below:

Baldren - 41
Trisha - 39
Dozeru - 30
Gorodo - 30
Serena - 39
Zelorus - 37

Baldren needs to max out the shop level by completing the final Big Jade Statue quest. The rest of them can be maxed out from the third Big Jade Statue quest. I completed this trophy by buying them all for Trisha. You only need to max out one players' skills to earn the trophy.

Level Up
Level up any of your active skills to level 50 or higher.

You will most likely earn this trophy with a popular skill you use during battles. For Baldren that would be the Shield Bash. However, if you want to run this trophy through fast, buy the skill "Magic Light" at the scroll shop and apply it to whomever you'd like. You can button mash the skill until it is level 50 and the trophy will be yours! Be sure to have plenty of money to pay for the excessive amount of MP you will be using.

Another tip is to wait until later when you are able to buy the Skill Master scroll which will triple the amount of XP you earn for using your skills.

Scaredy Cat
Escape 30 times from a battle using the escape option.

When battling an enemy you are given an option to escape the battle. During your turn scroll all the way down to the bottom to find that option. Just escape from 30 battles at any point during the game and the trophy will unlock.

Monster Cutter
Create 100 new monsters by tiling existing monsters with the killing stroke.

"Tilling" a monster happens when you kill a specific monster and instead of going away for good, creates one to three new enemies in the adjacent areas. The only positive side to that is the new enemies have half of the health as a normal enemy would. The first monster that you come across which can be tilled will be the Gelatin. It's a big blob of goo and when attacked with anything sharp he will split into pieces. You should be able to create 100 new monsters from the Gelatin monsters alone, but if you don't there is another monster later called an Evil Book. It's a flying book that heals enemies for fun. This is the only other enemy that I know of that can be tilled. Simply create 100 new enemies like the trophy states, and it will be unlocked!

Rainbow Pearl Collector
Accumulate 200 Rainbow Pearls with any character before spending them at the savant.

This trophy may come off as a bit confusing but it's just worded poorly. You do not need to save up 200 Rainbow Pearls before spending them for your first time. Just at any point during the game accumulate 200 Rainbow Pearls with any character and the trophy will unlock.
Rainbow Pearls are earned by killing monsters. If you have two characters battling against enemies and only one character is killing the enemies, only that character will receive Rainbow Pearls while the other character only receives experience points. Be sure to share the wealth!

Level Fan
Reach level 100 with any of your main characters.

After beating the game you will be rewarded with a level cap of 150! Go on and level your character the best you can while completing the side quest number 58 - Beast Master. This will allow you to take things even further!
To earn this trophy simply battle your way through some tougher post-game monsters. Leveling up becomes much quicker after you had beaten the game and once you hit 100, this trophy will be yours!

Level Master
Reach level 250 with any of your main characters.

Assuming your level cap is still just 150, you will need to finish the side quest "Beast Master". Noolend asks you to bring him 20 Imp Wings and two Big Fire Statues. The Imp Wings are easy but the Fire Statues, not so much. Here is a list of which quests to earn them from:

53 - The Box
55 - The Crystals

See Side Quest Master for more details on the quests.

Once you give Noolend his materials you will go through a four hour lecture on how to level up to 250. From there on is history in the monster slaying. Level up to 250 and this trophy will be yours!

Level God
Reach level 500 with any of your main characters.

It has been a long journey for you and you're probably just tired of it all by now. You just want your level cap raised again so you can reach level 500 and be done! Well your journey isn't over yet but lucky for you it isn't that far off. Find Noolend again and he will grant you a new quest; number 59 - Strategy Master. In this quest he wants 20 Living Rocks which can be earned by any golems and also this time he wants four Big Fire Statues. After you bring the items you will be brought through another four hour lecture on how to raise your level cap to 600! Here is a list of the quests for the Fire Statues:

52 - The Single
54 - Order of the King (grants you two)
*The last one is on a small isle just north-west of Cassar Island. There is a boss you need to battle so prepare yourself.

For more details on the quests see Side Quest Master.

Once you complete this quest you can level up to 600. All you need is for 500, though. Leveling up becomes very quick at this point as long as you're fighting the right kind of monsters. Try the Stormlord's Den, it worked wonders for me. Shortly after you should be at level 500 and have a large grin on your face! Congratulations! If you have done the miscellaneous trophies already then the is all yours!

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